Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Police and their Conduct!

I cannot believe that Sir Norman Bettinson, who clearly interfered with the Hillsborough enquiry, cannot be prosecuted. The group who have fought tirelously for justice for their relatives who died at Hillsborough apparently because of police failure, have always maintained that he was central to their problems.

In the meantime he was promoted and rewarded.  Then when the heat was projected onto him he simply retired and grabbed his gold plated pension.  Now they say he cannot be prosecuted because he resigned before he was researched.

Come on now, if he committed a criminal act and it now appears that he did then what has his resignation got to do with justice?  The Hillsborough tragedy was a major story and the relatives of the dead have long maintained that the police were culpable. They also maintain that police reports were corrupted and the name of Sir Norman Bettinson has for a decade been prominent in the accusations that this happened.

Now he has been indicted by an enquiry and yet he escapes prosecution because he opted for early retirement. That is not justice!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Milibands...A Toxic Brand!

When the Marxist Jew Ralph Miliband managed to get himself on almost the last ferry to leave Belgium scurrying across the Channel before the Nazis arrived in the early years of World War II you would think that he would be grateful for the safe haven he was given.

You would be wrong.  He subsequently dedicated his life to destroying the British way of life,  He described us as 'the worst nationalists in the world and 'almost hoped that we would lose the war'.  Of course that would have meant his incarceration but no matter when you are free to criticize and plot against your adopted country, then your convictions are paramount.

In this country he bred two sons and although they never, ever did an honest day's toil they were rich enough (Labour politicians remember) to climb the political ranks and gain the backing of the various associations that prop up the Labour Party.

When Gordon Brown was eventually defeated most people (who were interested) expected that the elder brother, David, would be elected leader of the Labour Party, but his younger sibling Ed employed his links with the Unions to defeat him.  Classic stab in the back politics.

Now big brother David has resigned his seat in Parliament and announced that he is going to a 'big' job in New York with a charity organisation.  You will notice that it is all about him.  I read that his relationship with his brother is 'strained' but no matter he will disappear over the 'pond' and cut his ties with South Shields.

Now forgive me but any relationship with the Milibands and South Shields is purely coincidental!  For years the citizens of South Shields would vote for a frog if it had a red rosette attached.  To them voting Labour is compulsory but even they must begin to question what that means?

Their MP has suddenly resigned and bunked off to America. He has not given them a second glance.  He is appearing on national television and not once mentioned the voters of South Shields.  He has not apologised to them because to him they don't exist. They were a means to an end. They were given to him as a present for being a good boy and a loyal servant.

Now they face a by-election but this time they face an alternative party.  Labour have let them down and their MP has deserted them for his own ends. They cannot vote Tory and it is a waste of time to vote Lib Dem so what is left? The voters of South Shields are being described as being a 'Rotten Borough' because of their slavish acceptance of everything Labour.  Surely, surely they have sufficient people of common sense to realise that the Milibands are a toxic brand who care not a jot for their constituents!

Vote UKIP and get justice!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 we Know!

People queue up to make a transaction at an ATM outside a branch of Laiki Bank in Nicosia, Cyprus
Bye Bye Laiki!
Well the deal that the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund cobbled together with the Cypriot Government to 'steal' money from rich depositors has finally come to fruition.

If this had been a story  taken from a novel 10 years ago it would have been dismissed as farcical.
Governments and banks forcibly 'stealing' money from depositors to keep a country in an organisation funded by public money but never audited! What a joke!

My question is  what happens now? If I was a Russian oligarch who had just had a huge chunk of money relieved from my account without my permission my wealth would not stay too long in a Cypriot bank!  The Cypriot government still has to pay back the 'bail-out' so how will they do that if their wealthiest depositors withdraw what is left of their savings?

I stated previously that I am sure the Russians will challenge this act of treachery because it must somewhere contradict international agreements.  It just cannot be honest.  It also illustrates that we cannot trust the international banking system.  What they have done once they will do again and again and clearly nobody is safe.

Just remember we (here in the UK) have been printing money to manipulate the economy for some considerable time now.  They have given it a high sounding name 'quantitative easing' but it is still cheating the people. As a result of what has happened in Cyprus I no longer trust banks.  We all need bank accounts but I shall only be keeping sufficient in my current accounts to meet the bills because I believe that one day it will all come crashing down.

In addition is the proposed 'Mansion Tax' not another way to forcibly confiscate wealth? It is not directly robbing bank accounts but it is indirectly confiscating wealth. We must begin to oppose this morally bankrupt political class or else we will all lose our savings one way or another!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

More of the Same!

I have refrained from posting recently because I have been waiting for something to happen.  We have two scenarios affecting us and they are the scenarios in Syria and Cyprus.  Nothing has happened in Syria so I must conclude that the 'regime changers' cannot budge the government.  In fact the head of the rebels has just resigned! Oops!

In Cyprus their politicians are now grovelling in Brussels to maintain their gravy train. Every politician who supports the EU is being well rewarded so they will sacrifice their integrity to continue to belong to the very people who have wrecked their economy.  It is madness!

The EU will eventually accept a deal because if they ever cut any country free it will prove that a country can prosper without membership of their corrupt regime. Cyprus is on the brink but they will be offered a deal and the people will continue to suffer.  Their politicians will continue to prosper because they will not lose their gravy train.  People you must look at history...this bribery of weak officials has been going on for centuries!   

The recruitment of clever but morally weak individuals continues unabated. In the UK we have probably more than most.  I have never seen a more corrupt and useless bunch of politicians in our entire history.  We have a Chancellor who cannot budget properly because he serves controllers who restrict him from a sensible budget.  We have an opposition who are so in the pockets of almost anyone who will pay them that they cannot even announce one coherent policy.

It is incredible that an opposition party cannot tell the public what they would do if elected! In the meantime UKIP have announced clear and unequivocal policies that would save the economy of the country. They (we) have two years to convince the country that we must vote UKIP to save the future of  our children and our grandchildren.   

We must vote for ordinary people who are currently out of the influence of the bankers and regime changers. Some will bend to the temptation but most will step forward out of duty to the country.  Duty to the country? What an astonishingly outmoded concept!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Cyprus and George Osborne!

So the crunch in Cyprus is being played out.  How they must wish that they had never agreed to join the European Union and that must also apply in Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Italy. Now Cyprus is actually having to cosy up to Russia and may even yet give Russia a toe hold in the Mediterranean.

All the economies of the above mentioned countries have been wrecked by their membership of the European Union.  Their politicians have been corrupted by the same money that has corrupted our own government.

In 2010 a Coalition was cobbled together to attack the National Debt caused by Gordon Brown who is also a servant of the 'regime changers' and probably so many other rabid organisations.  Our politicians are no longer our representatives they pay allegiance to the bankers.

Since they were elected George Osborne and David Cameron and Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have continued to pursue the public spending that was introduced by Gordon Brown and Ed Balls and Ed Miliband.  These people are hell bent on ruining our economy but they get so much air time on the BBC and all the other mainstream media organisations that an alternative proposal never gets aired. 

So on SKY news they allowed Nigel Farage a few minutes of air time. Wrong move guys!  Nigel advocated an exit from the EU (billions saved) an end to the EU supporting quangos (more billions saved) and an end to Foreign Aid (even more billions saved) which never seems to find the children of Africa or any other people of impoverished country! Let alone pulling out of and keeping out of any future wars.

David Cameron and George Osborne cannot make the decisions that they need to make because they have allegiances to billionaires that the public cannot access.  Our votes have no significance if we continue to vote for these people who do not represent the people.

The bankers continue to profit in an excess which makes most people want to vomit.  Honest faced celebrities are being used to 'con' honest people to cough up their savings to support causes that the government should be supporting.

In the meantime our useless Chancellor (who is continuing the policies of Gordon Brown) has to abide by the orders of the people who fund his party.  Of course that also applies to the Labour and LibDem parties.  However if you are funding all three parties then you win whoever is in charge.  That of course negates our vote!  So when we vote, as we should, it is a waste of time unless of course you ignore the bought and paid for politicians and vote for ordinary people.

Cyprus has the problem today but if we continue with this Political Class then I am afraid we will be tomorrow. Think On!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Billionaires, the Government and the Press!

This blog could be on its last legs because the 'Hacked Off' campaign to restrict the freedom of the press also includes independent bloggers.  The internet is the last vestige of free speech.  We have had nothing to do with the 'Dowlers and the McCanns' (well we have pitched in when necessary) but the intimidation that they received from the mainstream media  was nothing to do with the blogosphere.

Now all three of the so called major parties have ganged together to restrict the freedom of the press but I think that this is a misnomer.  The hidden clause in their so called Royal Charter was also to silence the blogs.  That was their main aim!  The mainstream media has always been controlled by people with money (I choose my words carefully) but the mainstream media is not the problem.

Up until the secret meeting of all three parties in Ed Miliband's office in the early hours which contained representatives of 'Hacked Off' who have never been elected, the only uncontrolled, free speaking community, left in the UK was the blogosphere.  We don't blog anonymously because Google knows everything. Google my blog and you discover who I am.  I have nothing to hide. The photograph on my blog is me.

So what happens now? It is fine for firms like 'Guido Fawkes', who has played a 'blinder' by the way, because he can blog from beyond these shores.  The mainstream media has access to millions of pounds but the individual blogger is being shut down. Our voices are being threatened by the very people who have behaved badly and been caught out. 

Our politicians used to have a duty to the public. This has long gone. We are entering into a Stalinist era.  We have been heading into this era for possibly the past forty years.  Our banks are corrupt, our mainstream politicians serve masters instead of their communities and public service is an absolute joke. Public Service unions are destroying the fabric of our country. They are being paid to do it.

All of our public services have been corrupted. The NHS is killing people, the Education service is NOT educating our kids and they are inflating grades, the police have disappeared from our streets, mental health patients are killing people on our streets, the prison service has retreated into obscurity allowing the drug gangs to rule prisons, immigration is STILL uncontrolled.

Nobody is representing the British public. Nobody is looking after our children. Nobody seeks to oppose the billionaires who have bought our politicians so that the corruption is perpetuated and maintained and consolidated. 

Our only possible escape is Nigel Farage and that is unhealthy.  He is not a saint and we are all corruptible. He may yet sell out to the Tories and then we will stay in the EU.  Before this blog is closed down I have to tell you that only a complete break down of the banking industry (which will happen because it is corrupt and has been for centuries) will restart any economy.

There will be' in the future, need to be a destruction of the banking industry and it will come.  It will mean that the paper currency which has been manipulated and therefore not credible will eventually implode. Buy gold folks!

Nobody can print money to manipulate the economy. President Mugabe of Zimbabwe did that and look at Zimbabwe! I am sorry but have we become Zimbabwe? Our government is actually printing money to maintain our economy and they then borrow that false money to retain power.

The Labour party did it and now the Coalition is doing it (all three parties then agree that printing money is the way forward)! This is the politics of madness but at least we are beginning to understand the fraud that they have perpetrated upon us. These amateur economists have so far rung up a trillion pound National debt upon us!  A trillion pounds!! Thank God that it is only paper money and is therefore not worth a jot!  

It Is Getting Tense!

The Cypriot Government have rejected the outrageous demands of the EU  and now the 27 billion euros deposited in Cypriot banks by people like the oligarchs of Russia is under threat. 

Now that is huge finance. The piddling amounts that British squaddies have in their current accounts pale into insignificance when compared with the investments of the Russian Oligarchs. They control international finance and under the terms of the EU deal that they suggested they would lose an enormous amount and Russia will not allow that.

Who in the EU really thought that this would happen? Frau Merkel is under pressure at home from the Germans.  They actually want to go back to the German mark and they are the only beneficiaries of the euro 'experiment'. All the other countries had their economies destroyed.

The European Union has destroyed every economy in the western Europenanmworld 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cyprus Could Just be the Start!

International finance is not my forte so I consult articles and economists to form an opinion.  This is one of the best at explaining the situation in Cyprus.  Today on SKY news Daniel Hannan the Tory MEP also came up with an interesting suggestion.  He thinks that it would be less painful for the Cypriots to return to their own currency and default from the EU.

That means that they would become a test case.  If they succeeded in escaping the clutches of The EU and once again became an independent country and weather the consequences then surely countries like Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy would be tempted down the same route. The EU has actually only been good for Germany.

The situation that has arisen in Cyprus however, has illustrated just what a duplicitous bunch they are at the heart of the EU.  They have shown their hand.  It may just cause a huge run on the banks among the hard pressed nations because everyone now knows what could happen.  They can no longer trust their banks.

I just have a terrible feeling that Cyprus is just the start and the EU could collapse like a pack of cards once the people rediscover their power.  Now the people know the truth they have been alerted. The banks are in a bad way.  They have seriously fouled up and when they ask the European Central Bank for assistance the reply came back...only if you raid the private accounts of depositors!

Nice one! Game On!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Cyprus! Yet Another Reason to Vote UKIP!

I have been diametrically opposed to the unelected commissars of the European Union ever since I began the blog.  I have continually emphasised that any organisation must pass an audit if it is funded by public money.  For eighteen years the EU has failed to meet the demands of an audit and yet all our front bench politicians from Con/Lab/Lib continue to support it.

Nick Clegg goes even further because he would take us into the discredited euro zone even though we all now know that the inevitable collapse of this ill-conceived currency will cause immense hardship to many people living in the southern countries of Europe.

As country after country has to secure bailouts from the Central Banks it proves that almost all of the EU supporting economists and so called experts who man the financial institutions were either incompetent of fantasists (these are the nicest descriptions I could think of).

Never however, did I think that they would resort to theft from personal bank accounts to maintain the euro as is apparently about to happen in Cyprus. It shows the level of depravity that these EU officials are prepared to stoop to in order to keep the euro in place.

Of course Cyprus is home to a lot of rich Russians and Russia, unlike the fawning politicians of the EU, is usually prepared to back up its citizens.  It has caused such an outcry that they may have to rethink but it does illustrate what a ruthless group run the EU.  It is clearly another warning that voting Con/Lab/Lib is just another vote to keep the EU in business.  Only UKIP will take us out of the EU so surely you don't need any further evidence.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Freedom of the Press

Anyone who has read my ramblings over the past year or so will know that I am not a fan of David Cameron.  I believe that he is trying to please too many people and as a consequence he has lost his credibility. Having said that he has done us all a favour by defying the Stalinists from the Lib Dems and the Communists from Labour and insisting that the press regulate themselves.

If we ever submit to any sort of 'independent' authority regulating the press it would soon be stuffed by the usual 'Common Purpose' recruited suspects and we would end up with the British equivalent of 'Pravda'.

Don't get me wrong the press have, in many cases, acted disgracefully in the past.  Their pursuit of individuals, the 'doorstepping' and the phone hacking should have had no place in our society. Some of these individuals should rightly be punished and probably will be.

However, the celebrity stuffed group 'Hacked Off' has been given far too much prominence in the media which always makes me suspicious that something nasty is afoot.  Amidst them are genuine people who have been treated badly by the press and the Dowlers are probably the most high profile.  I do however seriously object to the McCanns being continually linked with the Dowlers because their cases are vastly different.

When I see Gerry McCann being used as a victim of the press when the only victim was his daughter I get angry.  Nobody yet knows what happened to his daughter because there is a lot of conflicting evidence but what we do know is that he left his daughter alone and unprotected because he and his wife preferred to socialise.  In the case of the Dowlers their daughter was murdered by a beast.  Where is the link?

This whole episode is being led by the Media Standards Trust which despite the high sounding title is full of people who do not have our health at the heart of their objectives.  They are using actor Hugh Grant as a front man and he of course has his own reasons for hating the press. 

If the Lib Dems and Labour gang up on the Conservatives then surely the Coalition is finished for ever and we are all back to square one.  If they win the vote on Monday and then a General Election should follow because it is clear that the Cameron/Clegg alliance has collapsed.

Subsequently however, if the moronic public vote for a Miliband/Clegg alliance then you will see a collapse of public freedom the like of which will never have been seen before in this country!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Alcohol and the Government and other things!

There has been a lot written and spoken about the price of alcohol.  I find it amazing that this government continues to find distractions that guide the public away from their nefarious activities.  We have had House of Lords reform, we have had gay marriage and now we have the price of alcohol!

In the meantime of course we have the potential of a Third World War emanating out of Syria, we have lost our AAA credit rating, the EU is in financial meltdown and the cost of fuel, heating and food continues to rise away above anything that the government will admit.  So all together now who cares about minimum pricing for alcohol? 

Today the news is being dominated by the election of a new Pope and Mick Philpott!!  I admit that I am a news junky but when our nation faces such horrendous challenges how can the news be dictated by an appointment of a religious leader who none of us have ever heard of and a pervert from Victory Road Derby who was known to everyone as 'odd'.

Our news is controlled by the 'regime changers' and recently they slipped up in Denmark. People must understand that our news which we take as gospel is manipulated by people attempting to distract us from what is actually happening.

Some of us who Captain Ranty describes as 'Awkward Sods' must continue to uncover the truth as we see it.  We all do it in different ways but we all try to hold our government to account. This government, this Coalition government, is not OUR government. Somehow they have manipulated our democracy to their advantage.  We are no longer a democracy because the politicians no longer represent the public.  They are more interested in the 'regime changers'.

The panic that these people are feeling over the situation in Syria was today illustrated when Prince Charles and Camilla were despatched to Syria to be 'heartbroken' over a situation which the 'Regime Changers' caused. Read into this what you will but do not be surprised by actions which may be distasteful to your beliefs. The Royals are part of the club and they always have been.

I remain concerned that President Assad is winning this war.  The news media is controlled. They will tell you anything except the truth so let me tell you what I believe (for what it is worth!).  The regime changers have met a buffer.  This buffer is well supported which spells danger.

Today our politicians represent the three wise monkeys. We need to keep our noses out but then I said the same about Libya and Afghanistan, However I am not being paid a shed load of money by people who want 'regime change!

If Assad defeats the 'regime changers' then what then?  They have never been defeated! They go back to the Napoleonic Wars and they have always been victorious, Their money is paramount but today at last they have backed the wrong horse.

It could get very nasty but then who cares when we are more concerned with a minimum price for alcohol or gay marriage or who destroyed the economy of the UK!  Our politicians reflect the intellect of our society. You get what you deserve!

When we descend into the abyss I will probably be dead but you can still read my blog as you march onto Westmonster and throw them all into the Thames. Then you can redistribute the tax system, throw out the illegal residents and reward marriage. We can also regulate  Facebook and the Porn revolution and reward servicemen for their sacrifice. Just for starters!

The Mainstream Media!

I do wonder how long the British mainstream media can continue to lie to the British public before people cotton onto their conduct. Time after time they have been proven to be biased or, shall I say, manipulated.

Our mainstream media are hugely controlled and organised. The BBC for example, who are publicly funded, have an agenda that favours socialists.  We have now had a Coalition government dominated by Conservatives and yet still this publicly funded organisation continues to espouse Socialist policies! So all those people who voted Conservative at the last election had their votes ignored by David Cameron?

We have a situation in Syria (never mind Afghanistan) where ALL of our media outlets encourage the public to believe that President Assad has caused the grief in Syria.  Before the so called Rebels/Jihadists were all of a sudden, armed and motivated by people unknown...just like Egypt, Iraq and Libya...they had a peaceful society.

The legions of refugees were not caused by President Assad. They were caused by the people who I euphemistically term 'regime changers' and what sickens me is that it appears that people like David Cameron, William Hague, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, the BBC, SKY news and almost every mainstream politician over the past 20 years are on the payroll.

The people in Syria have had to flee their homes because the west has supported thugs and criminals. The Assad government were apparently well prepared for the assault by the bankers (oops sorry 'regime changers') and can now mop up the Jihadists because unlike in Afghanistan and Iraq they are not constrained by some weird rules which make it almost impossible for a soldier to kill someone without facing a court.

President Assad was well prepared because he had kept the banks at arms length (sorry 'regime changers') but he must have learned from the fates of the despots Ghadaffi and Saddam that he was next on the list!

The mainstream media continue to propose the ridiculous theory that the rebels need support from the west. How can we not afford public toilets and libraries and yet arm Jihadists in Syria? We now know what is important to ALL of our front line politicians! 

They do not represent you and me but I guess all the votes flooding to UKIP acknowledge that. The people are beginning to understand that we have been undermined (I hate to use the objective words like 'treason') by so many of our front line politicians who continually sell us down the EU river! 

Onwards and upwards people!

Cameron Under Pressure!

David Cameron is quite rightly coming under fire from multi-sources within his own party.  I am just surprised that it has taken so long because he is clearly losing much of the grass roots support. In my opinion he is also losing the plot.

Not only has he failed to implement much of the Tory manifesto prior to the last election he is now flying in the face of public opinion so let me tell him what the public want and if he doesn't deliver prior to 2015 it will be useless allowing him to lead his party into that General Election.

Most of us want that all important in/out referendum on the EU.  We want an end to immigrants and criminals hiding behind Human Rights legislation.  It has gone on too long and has hugely damaged the country.  We want proper qualified police back on the streets supporting the public not the state.

We want the army out of Afghanistan now and not when it is convenient for him and Barack Obama. We do not want to spend money on arms to Jihadist rebels in Syria and we do not want anything other than emergency aid to leave this country.

We want the bankers regulated properly. We want an end to thousands of Town Hall fat cats receiving salaries far greater than his own. What happened to the 'bonfire of the quangos'? He must regulate government spending without the public suffering any further and there has to be an end to utility companies fleecing the public on behalf of shareholders.

Most people with a brain would agree that Gordon Brown was the worst PM in the history of the country but nothing has changed.  In fact the loss of the AAA credit rating probably makes it worse.  Food prices continue to rise faster than inflation rates.

Transport is becoming a major problem.  Fuel rockets at every opportunity and train prices are prohibitive for most working class people and yet we have High Speed Rail hoist upon us at huge cost to the Treasury and the countryside.  It is madness.  Airport taxes have increased in fact we are now taxed on everything over and over again to pay for our membership of the European Union.

We need to see some effort being made to ensure that the public are being treated in a fair manner.  We are overtaxed and under pressure and yet we are rich in resource and enterprise.  Where are the politicians who genuinely want to raise standards and not just smash the working class into the ground?  I don't see very many but UKIP have done one good thing at Eastleigh they have scared the Tories who are in turn turning their attention on their leader. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Is Syria the beginning of World War Three?

President Assad 
I am becoming concerned.  The war in Syria is apparently not going according to script. Normally regime changers throw so much money at a problem that no individual can oppose them. When the conflict in Syria was engineered 'they' expected the same result that they achieved in Iraq and Libya.

This time however the ruling President has not caved in as expected and he has powerful allies.  The Russians, the Chinese and the Iranians do not want regime change in Syria. In addition the government troops seem to be winning on the ground.  Amateur Jihadists cannot cope with professional soldiers even though the British government, for some unaccountable reason, seems hell bent on giving unknown strangers vast quantities of modern arms which could disappear into a big black hole! I also read that a large proportion of the so called 'Syrian rebels' are actually not Syrian!

What I fail to understand is why is our PM and the Foreign Secretary are so keen on regime change? What is is about Syria that concerns us? Have we not learned anything from Iraq, Libya and Egypt?  David Cameron is so desperate that he is prepared to ignore EU rules on arms distribution to ensure that the jihadists are better armed. Suddenly we become an independent country again!  When did that happen?

Let us consider the facts.  On one side we have the United States, the UK, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and on the other side we have Syria, Russia, China and Iran.  I don't know about you but I don't like the scenario or the odds! The big boys are squaring up to each other and that is not good for you and me or our families our kids or our grand kids.

If President Assad wins then he will defeat the regime changers and they do not apparently like to lose.  I just wonder how far our government, particularly our PM and our Foreign Secretary, would go to ensure victory for whoever they are representing (it sure isn't me!) because I cannot see the point of flirting with a major war in an area that does not concern us. 

As usual PM's Question Time did not even throw up one serious question on this issue which sums up how cowed they all are.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Syria-is this the Truth?

Anyone who has stumbled across this blog will know that I am deeply sceptical about the roles being played by the British and American politicians when it come to regime change in the Middle East.

Ever since Tony Blair took us into what was, in my opinion, an unjust war in Iraq there have been a series of regime change activities which in almost every case has resulted in victory for Islamists.

I will never have the resources or the authority to challenge the 'tosh' that they voice with regard to Syria and President Assad. I do however still have personal judgement so I am directing you to this article which I received recently.  If you read an alternative point of view and then really think about the recent records of our puppet governments then we might just see what they are really up to!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vicki Price and the Destruction of the LibDems!

The Liberal Democratic party (nice words!) are currently polling nationally at about 8%!  Today the wife of their former deputy leader faces a jail sentence after pleading not guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice and being found guilty.  Her estranged husband has already pleaded guilty to the same charge.

This comes only days after the Lord Rennard charges which broke in the final week of the Eastleigh by-election but it goes further...much, much, further.  This party has faced scandal after scandal, Laws, Oaten, Opik (and the cheeky girls), Hancock (the teen fondler), and it goes back to the gay Simon Hughes attacking the gay Peter Tatchell for being gay!!

Their history is frankly abysmal.  The fact that the Tories under Cameron were prepared to form a government with this sleazy crowd speaks volumes for the Political Class. Power is the only game in town.  We had 13 years of an abject Labour party which of course meant that the Tories were almost certainly sure to win. But they didn''t and instead of insisting on a new election the Tories did a fudge.

They brought the sleaziest party ever known in history into government. That meant that the most despicable politician in our history is now our deputy prime minister. Nick Clegg presides over an actual sewer. The recent disclosures about Rennard and the Huhnes makes an honest man shake his head.

The Lib Dems held Eastleigh only because the LibDems were so entrenched and the other parties were so disorganised (UKIP apart) and chose such abysmal candidates that it was only the postal votes which defeated democracy.  Nick Clegg is a sleazy europhile opportunist who has never in his life given a thought for any person described as English.  He has been given the job of  DPM and that sums up the Political Class.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Man with No Shame!

I am astonished at the support that The Political Class is handing to Sir David Nicholson , The Chief Executive of the NHS, who presided over policies which appear to have led to the premature death of thousands of patients.  Yesterday he appeared before a Health Select committee at the House of Commons who, with a couple of exceptions, were largely toothless.
One again our parliamentarians proved themsemves pretty much useless when attempting to pin down a rogue administrator.  I get the impression that some of them simply had not done their homework.  They had little fact to throw at him and he was allowed to deny, fail to remember and obfuscate to his heart's content.
Something is very wrong here.  I get the feeling that if the politicians dismiss this man and they should, then a huge can of worms will be revealed which will involve so many more people.  The NHS is massive.  Parts of it still work really well but under this man an unhealthy culture of neglect, pay-offs and corruption were in evidence.
Yesterday he had remarkable lapses of memory which sometimes made me wonder how he got the job in the first place.  I'm afraid that, once again, the public are probably facing a scandal which is so large it has the prints of the EU all over it.
There is little doubt in my mind that we are facing a huge cancer involving so many of our leading politicians who are serving someone other than the British public.  It did nor surprise me in the slightest that four former Labour Health Secretaries, Milburn, Johnson, Hewitt and Burnham have come out in support of him. Clearly they have lost all sense of reality bearing in mind the number of deaths due to neglect that have come to light.
I shake my head and reiterate thank goodness that we still have Julie Bailey and her associates who still remind us that there is a human face behind this issue.  People died unnecessarily and somebody was responsible!  Apologies are not enough!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

UKIP the Follow Up.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage - British Hero?
UKIP are following up after their dramatic performance at Eastleigh.  They appear determined to maintain the personal touch with the activists in their party.  Unlike the three main EU parties who are happy to sell the country down the river they are now personally thanking those who gave up their time to achieve such an improvement in results.

This evening all party members received a thank you from Party Chairman Steve Crowther. He even named some activists who really made the difference.  Make no mistake this was the election which proved that a vote for UKIP was no longer a wasted vote.  Make no mistake that this was the election which gave the frustrated electorate, those who cannot be bothered to vote because there was no alternative to the Westmonster 'bubble', a real voice in future elections.

UKIP want what most of the public want. UKIP want an end to the unaudited European Union which diverts and squanders billions of pounds principally because some of that money end up in the pockets of our front line politicians.  They want to control the large scale immigration inflicted on us by the EU which very shortly will allow hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians who are so poor that they would be stupid not to come here.

They want proper justice free from EU law which appears to prevent us from deporting criminals. What will our judges do if they were deprived of the convenient 'Human Rights' act?  

We really need good old fashioned British common sense free of interference where our politicians will once again be held accountable and can no longer hide behind the laws of the EU.  All of this is what UKIP is fighting for.  They are fighting for a return to our freedom. They are fighting for a return to the standards that existed prior to 1970.

If you are fair minded, if you value the freedom of your children, if you want to become an independent and self determining country then get rid of these dictators and their paid servants who lead every major party in this country.

UKIP is on the march and the whole EU industry must be on alert because it is an industry which is destroying our society. All of our front line politicians are absolutely determined to ignore the wishes of the indigenous population and inflict upon us the wishes of their political masters.

There is only one way forward for UKIP.  In the south Labour hardly exist. Nationally the LibDems are discredited following their serious scandals and the Tories are split from head to toe.  The Lab/Lib/Con conspiracy has at long last been exposed but more importantly the people have a home for their protest vote.  We must now use it and end this EU political conspiracy!     

Friday, 1 March 2013

Half of Them Couldn't be Bothered!

Well it is all over at Eastleigh and once again UKIP almost pulled it off!  It is really quite frustrating even though they are making huge progress. What I find even more frustrating is that, in a period when this country is really under threat from front line politicians following orders, so many people can't be bothered to walk down to a polling station.

The LibDems must have been acting locally in Eastleigh in a much better manner than their national counterparts because despite the sleaze wafting out of Westmonster they still clung onto a majority. Clearly the split down the middle Tories got what they deserved and the Cameron led socialists, who pretend to be Tories, have been rumbled. 

I have long thought that outside of the immigrant areas in the south Labour is an irrelevance and Eastleigh aptly demonstrated it. They are relying immensely on the votes from the incomers in the major cities. Most of us can see right through their policy devoid leadership who continually sound like broken records and boring ones at that.

I am somewhat disappointed but there is little doubt that for the LibDems Eastleigh is a one off.  They are reportedly only polling 8% nationally which considering the recent dreadful performance from Nick Clegg is far too high.  The only party with consistent momentum is UKIP.  I suspect they would do better if the postal vote racket was investigated.  I still believe that the only people who should qualify for a postal vote are those living abroad on government service.

Onwards then towards the European elections in May where the people can give another demonstration of apathy!