Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Death Penalty

There are three cases highlighted in the mainstream media which merit attention. All concern people who have been found guilty of murder when the cases are open and shut. There is no doubt, no debate and no danger that these people committed the crimes for which they have been charged.

Peter Tobin has murdered many, many, women and now he will be held in jail for years at taxpayer's expense. He has totally forfeited any human right that he once had and so why are we keeping him alive?

Similarly we have had the case of the three drug addicts who shot dead the Post Office proprietor who was purely defending his property and thirdly the father who murdered his daughter for dating a guy who in his eyes was not suitable. Now we English have been lectured ad nauseum about diversity and when we get a murder case where ancient customs are blamed for the act then we are told to turn a blind eye.

If we are to admit into our country all these people who have their barbarous traditions then I am afraid we must revert to what some people claim are barbarous punishments. In my opinion crime in this country has become so serious that we must bring back the death penalty for crimes where guilt is uncontested.

Why should we keep an animal like Peter Tobin alive in luxury for the rest of his life? Why should we indulge dreadful Irish drug addicts who are the scum of the earth? Why should we keep alive a man who purely for his 'honour', murders his daughter?

I will vote for any party who advocates the reintroduction of the death penalty!

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