Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Granddaughter plays Basketball!

Modern Britain!? Tonight I watched my granddaughter play basketball for her school at a school renowned for being in the heart of the town's immigrant community.  I had to pick her up to take her home after the game.

I was definitely the oldest person in the sports hall of Limehurst Academy Loughborough which made me feel slightly uncomfortable but I was ignored and therefore I could watch in comfort.

This was a scene that is probably being enacted all over the country.  My granddaughter is a year 8 pupil competing with year 10 athletes and she really did well. I was so proud of her because some of these girls know how to fight for the ball and were head and shoulders above her in height.

You must understand that it was an alien scene for me.  This was modern education and modern youth. Clearly it did not matter what colour anyone is because it is ignored, it does not matter where anyone came from because it is ignored.  They all compete equally however .... I noticed that socially they remain in their ethnic groups.

In one corner were the Asian girls/boys, in another corner were the white kids, then another corner housed the black kids but they only came together through sport.  Look I only observed the scene but outside of the team the kids knew who they felt comfortable with. It might take yet another generation before these barriers drop if they ever do.

I felt completely alienated from the scene.  I was there to take my granddaughter home after the game.  There were, actually, no other spectators other than teachers and yet I did not feel comfortable. I should be allowed to watch my granddaughter play basketball without feeling unwanted.  Relatives seem to be intruders in their private education system.  I will however turn up again because she is worth it.  

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What Constitutes a 'Scotsman'?

I see the SNP are getting very worked up about the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence.  They have now decided that only people living in Scotland or 'abroad' can vote. For their purposes Scots people living in other parts of the UK are disenfranchised and don't count.

For the purposes of this referendum the SNP have granted 16 and 17 year olds a vote so does that now means that the 16 year old child of an immigrant living north of the border now gets precedence over someone like me who can prove his Scottish heritage back to Cameron of Lochiel?

The SNP are stitching up this referendum by 'selecting' who can or cannot vote.  If they win the only benefactors will be the English who will at long last get rid of all the Scottish politicians who affect the voting in Westmonster particularly when it has no consequence on them.

I really hope that the SNP win but frankly I still believe, despite the rigging of the vote, that there is still a sufficient number of intelligent Scots who will tell Salmond to go and boil his head!


Monday, 25 November 2013

The Assassination of JFK!

Since the 1960's we have all grown up.  The depths that our Political Class will descend to in order to remain in power have been exposed time after time! In the United States there are so many instances of people who have got too close to power who have 'died' usually 'naturally'.

We have our own skeletons in our cupboards namely, Princess Diana, Doctor David Kelly, Dunblane, Lockerbie, Robin Cook, John Smith and recently the spy in the holdall!! That is all I can recollect at short notice but it makes me uncomfortable. Amazingly both John Smith and Robin Cook died of heart attacks when neither appears to have been unhealthy even though they were confronting the accepted political scenario (Bilderberger and Iraq)! 

So when someone sheds a new light on the assassination of JFK then surely it is worth a look?  The Tap Blog is very controversial and tackles subjects that others steer clear of.  Quite often it uncovers conspiracy theories that the main commentators do not want to air.

There are better videos on Youtube but we cannot rule anything out when trying to uncover the truth.  Did Jackie Kennedy (Onassis) really pass a pistol to the CIA operative who leaped onto the back of the car before she slithered back off the boot to rejoin her dead husband? We will never know. 

Sandy Hook returns to the Mainstream News!

I could not believe that ITV news revisited the 'Sandy Hook' story once again this evening!  Just why have they returned to this nonsense which frankly is all over YouTube.  You have to be really naive not to realise that this was a non event!

So for the last time let me at least  refer you back to Sonia Smallstorm because she more than anyone joined up all the dots. There is a lot more evidence about the fakery concerning Sandy Hook on Youtube but you can take your pick.  I just get totally brassed off that the controlled mainstream media even now tries to influence public opinion with an event that was so badly managed.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

We now know that they are all Corrupt!

The case of the Reverend Paul Flowers, who until today was the CEO of the Co-Op bank, was aired at PM's Question Time. The PM took full advantage of the embarrassment of the useless Labour front bench but it was the response that was interesting.

Ed Miliband exploded with a string of accusations that the PM either could not defend or chose not to. Miliband exposed the 'dodgy' funding behind the Conservative party and personally I believe that someone should now challenge his accusations.

We all know that the Labour leadership cannot be trusted with finance. They proved it over a thirteen year period of banking disaster.  Ed Balls and Ed Miliband cannot be trusted to buy sweets from a corner shop. They don't even trust each other!  However what about the Tories who are the friends of big business?

Surely someone (UKIP?) should take up the response from Ed Miliband and examine it?  If Ed Miliband, in his desperation to respond to Cameron's accusation, exposed the dodgy aspects of Tory funding. then surely someone should be following up?

Ed Miliband is politically a child!  He inadvertently gave away the game of 'modernization' trying to be smart when confronting David Cameron not too long ago.  If you watch his lips move then he exposes his masters continually.  He is actually a political liability but so far UKIP are trying to win support at ground level. Someone, somewhere should be looking at the under belly of these political parties. 

This week I met a few UKIP members over a pint and I began to realize the extent of the problem.  In our local area we have a leader who is desperately trying to garner support.  His heart is in the right place but nobody is willing to step forward and do the dirty work on the doorsteps which might bring results.

I am one of those because at my age and with the health problems that accumulate over years I have to be sensible. I am unwilling to commit my remaining years to a project which requires commitment and energy. Real politics requires dedication, commitment and ambition.  I feel bad because I am too old to do this ground work.  I must rethink how I can help.


This Takes Courage!

I stole this theme from 'Captain Ranty' who has always preached that if you challenge the courts firmly and resolutely then they are actually a fictitious invention of the ruling class.  Our modern judiciary can be challenged but most of us are too scared to even try.  Here is what happens when you have the guts to challenge the system!

This is the follow up!  

It really makes you think that we are being ruled by people who actually have no authority. They have corrupted the Magna Carta to suit their own needs.  Just another reason to vote UKIP. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Is Labour in Last?

Following on from the Falkirk electoral fraud now we have the prospect that the Cooperative Bank that bankrolls the Labour Party has been run by a 'cokehead' with a serious sexual appetite.  Then we have the 'news' that Ed Miliband thinks that his Shadow Chancellor is a 'nightmare'.

Congratulations Ed because you have discovered what most of us already knew!  Never mind let us concentrate on the financial position of the Labour Party.  In reality they have been losing public support for years so they are entirely in the hands of the Trade Unions.  They could not exist without the Trade Unions but, even so, they owe considerable sums of money to the Co-op bank which is now under pressure.

So how can any Labour MP be anything other than a Union puppet?  No wonder they back the EU because without the EU they could not exist.  However, is that not also the situation of the Conservative and LibDem parties? They are continually losing support.  Nobody believes them anymore.  Democratic voting is nosediving because everyone knows that it is not democratic!

Step forward UKIP.  Today they announced that their membership has exceeded 32000 for the first time.  People are tuning into the corrupt political system even though is has taken time.  Today a prominent Yorkshire businessman, Paul Sykes, announced that he was bankrolling UKIP for next year's European elections.

This injection of capital, for what was once a fringe party, could project UKIP into the mainstream. In politics money talks and that is why it is so corrupt.  The EU is funneling the taxpayer's money back into the political parties that support the EU.  It comes back via quangos and through a variety of regional projects. Consequently our politicians rely on this funding to keep them in luxury.

On the first of January we will get an influx of scum never seen in this country before.  The Roma communities of Rumania and Bulgaria will be allowed access to the UK and will probably have instant access to public funds the like of which they have never dreamed of!  They would be mental not to arrive here in droves!

The EU in essence is dumping the worst of the worst into the UK.  It must be a huge joke in the Blair/Brown circles but it has been perpetuated by Cameron/Clegg.  When it comes down to the bottom line nothing separates the mainstream politicians.

Tomorrow evening I meet some local UKIP people for discussion. I don't know any of them or their ambitions but I will report back.  In the meantime Labour is imploding, the LibDems are a joke and the Tories have reneged on their remit.  I keep hoping that I will live long enough to see the British people rebel and win back their freedom.  At the moment we are a disgrace to our ancestors.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Falkirk was Electoral Fraud... Is that not illegal?

Time after time we are witnessing a Political Class that flaunts the law.  They now appear to be above the law because they are routinely committing crime and it is being ignored.

As I understand it Falkirk is a safe Labour seat.  How any constituency in this day and age can be a safe LABOUR seat after 13 years of bedlam defeats me but then the Scots appear to have a tendency not to think about politics.  That is why the lowlands choose between the fascist SNP and the communist Labour.  No middle ground here then!  The Highlands however cop out completely because they are almost single handedly propping up probably the most dysfunctional of all the mainstream parties namely the LibDems.

I do not know why the Highlanders vote LibDem.  Possibly it is because they cannot see the point of either the SNP and Labour and who could blame them?  Scots do not toleratte minority parties.  Nigel Farage was almost physically assaulted in Edinburgh when he popped in for a pint (Ok that is facetious) but it illustrates the point that the Scots are almost disenfranchised if they believe in a middle ground.

So when it is now clear that Labour party officials routinely signed up people as party members without their consent and with the intention of using their membership in favour of the Labour party...what can we call that?  The fact that the leader of the Labour party, Ed Miliband, refuses to acknowledge that this practice is synomynous with electoral fraud tells us so much about the modern Political Class.

The whole Falkirk incident happened because the Unite Union was trying to engineer their candidate into Westmonster.  This time they were caught out .  How many other times have they succeeded? Were the bundles of votes received by the Labour party in Birmingham from Muslim families another example of how this desperate party clings to power?

So now do we have three main parties who are ruling the UK by electoral fraud?  The Tories rule in the south of England but are rejected North of Sheffield and ignored in Scotland.  Labour rule in lowland Scotland, the north of England and the inner cities. The LibDems have some success in the southwest and the Highlands and of course in Sheffield.  Nowhere do we have a national party that appeals to everyone.  

The reason for this is money! If you do not have money then politically you cannot exist.  That is why so many MP's have been coerced into re-renting and cosying up to the lobbyists and the European Union.  They are desperate!

So just how does a political party like say UKIP challenge the mainstream Political system?  In reality they cannot challenge the Rothschild funded political system!  It cannot be challenged unless people with values, convictions and principles get together and defeat the money men.

You see the Rothschild system has been funded by weakness. They find people who are weak and exploit them.  I would like to bet that many of our mainstream politicians are actually being blackmailed in one way or another.  There are rumours on the Internet that so many of our leading members of society had links to Jimmy Savile and were therefore open to accusations of sleaze.

We need a new party for the people who want to clean up the sleaze. That means family people who cannot be blackmailed or corrupted. In this modern era can we find sufficient numbers to form a party of decency and values.  I suspect we will never find the numbers required but perhaps we should at least try. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Re-Renting is Surely Criminal?

Yesterday the Guido Fawkes blog named 62 Labour MP's who had been discovered 're-renting'.  I must admit that the term 're-renting' meant nothing to me until I opened the newspaper this morning and read that this practice was not just limited to Labour MP's.

What these disgraceful charlatans have been doing is renting their offices from unions and local constituency associations and paying for this accommodation from public funds.  In essence this means that they are funnelling public money into the coffers of their political backers.  Generally the rents are of course higher than the norm because if you are going to cheat the public you may as well make a good job of it.

Apparently and this is the rub, all of this is quite within the rules that the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) applies to their 'clients'. Now morally we would all recognise that using public money to fund your own backers should be regarded as being 'criminal' but of course if you have been morally corrupted then that would not apply! 

Here are the details.  The amounts involved are not peanuts.  It is no surprise to me personally that Ed Davey, the LibDem Energy Minister, appears to top the list.  He appeared on Question Time last night and he does not support the British public. He makes me queasy but he is not alone.  In effect they are all without scruple  and they have now been outed. In my opinion they should all be behind bars but if you continue to vote for them then you will get what you deserve.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

It Beggar's Belief!

We are losing our grip! In Sheffield today Pakistani immigrant communities are complaining about the lifestyle of Roma people who are not adopting the British way of life! Life has surely gone a full circle because what... twenty years ago, we were all complaining about the behaviour of the Pakistani community who were not adopting the British way of life.

They still support the wearing of the burka. They still want the sounds of the mosque echoing across  our inner city communities so do they now understand how we, the English, viewed them changing our inner city lifestyle? 

Now it has hit them.  They live the English lifestyle and suddenly they have a Roma community that does not understand the English way of life and consequently they are now being affected.

This is a graphic warning about the future.  On the first of January hang onto your hats! Literally hundreds of thousands of the poorest and most ignorant people in the world will be allowed to descend upon this country and practice their life style!  For them it will be Utopia because they will squeeze every penny from our welfare system, our benefits system, our health service and our education authorities.

This is being allowed by the EU who are actively trying to destroy the British way of life.  We have been under attack ever since Edward Heath (now widely regarded as a PM with a really unhealthy sexual lifestyle and a close friend of Jimmy Savile) conned the British public to join a European Common Market.

This will continue until we elect politicians who will place the welfare of the public above the ambition of the New World Order. Today we have a PM telling the public at a white tie dinner that austerity is here to stay!

Of course it is here to stay until we ignore the mainstream media. It is here to stay until we ignore television, radio and the Murdoch press.  We only have one option. It scares me to say it because I don't want a single option but Nigel Farage is the single option.  

If we don't get out of the EU we are dead as a nation.  It is probably too late but it is not my world anymore.  The world belongs to my granddaughters... heaven help them because we have really have left them a mess! Most of us are cowards. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Oops Cover it Up!!

A report has emerged concocted by some form of Bradford Social Services, which apparently states, that a child died and was hidden for two years and none of the social services implicated in the case, were guilty of negligence!

We have all seen photographs of the house inhabited by Amanda Hutton in which her son died.  It is appalling! No decent human being lives in such chaos and filth.  If the social services. who apparently were alerted about her, (she was on their radar), could not recognize that this woman was incapable of rearing children then why are they being paid?   

This is happening all over the country but only the most extreme cases are being brought to the attention of the public.  Time after time the most appalling cases of child neglect come to light far too late to help the children involved.

Why is this happening?  It is happening because all our public services have been corrupted by Common Purpose.  People who have little knowledge of their subject matter but are willing to obey a higher authority so that they can bask in the glory of an immense salary and elevated position are to blame. They were recruited as children from deprived areas like London, Coventry, Plymouth and Hull and almost brainwashed to carry out the wishes of their masters the commissars of the EU! 

Every local authority have these slaves in position to carry out orders and ultimately receive their inflated salaries.  They winge about the government cutting finance but the problem with the people who are cutting public services is that they are being paid too much!

It won't stop here.  They are now deeply entrenched and nobody in the mainstream Political Class will be able to tackle the cancer in our society because they are all receiving pay cheques from the same source.

In the meantime kids who should be protected are being neglected and of course nobody will ever be to blame!  All the doors will be closed and they know it.  Nobody will ever be to blame because they are all in the same game.  They all owe their salaries to the EU and their morals have consequently disappeared. 

Hamzah Khan and Peter Connelly are just 'accidents' in the overall plan.  Oops a kid has been murdered but who cares...cover it up. The elderly are being murdered in negligent hospitals...oops... cover it up. We are, as a country, losing our care for the vulnerable but oops cover it up!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lest we Forget!

Over the weekend I spent time with many old comrades and their wives as we honoured our war dead.  My own particular ceremony was held in Old Woodhouse, Leicestershire and it was so well attended.  The church was full of so many generations.  My wife remarked to a very young soldier from Welbeck College that I was once like him... which amused everyone!

For me it was an opportunity to meet guys that I grew up with and we are now old men and our wives (so glamorous in yesteryear) are now old ladies but we have lived a life to the full.  Soldiers who complete their full term of service are rewarded with a good pension BUT they have seen a lot of suffering and sacrificed their youth in the service of their country.

These are some of the reasons that I write this blog with so much passion.  I am sickened by the mainstream politicians who routinely disregard the service of the military and let them down. People like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband  routinely appear at the Cenotaph laying wreathes and then go back to their hideyholes and plot to dismantle, destroy and destruct the very people who they purport to support.

The country however still pays homage.  The country know the reticence of the Political Class to recognize the military because the military are the backbone of the country.  They will never bend the knee to the Banking Class (Rothschilds) and so they must be humiliated and destroyed.  It is sadly strange that in some quarters the Rothschilds are linked very strongly with the Windsors!  When we all sung 'God Save the Queen' I did wonder if it was somewhat incongruous.

Today was our day. I would like to thank Dennis, John, Pete  and Bob  for their work to keep our British Legion going. It was also great to meet old friends particularly Tony who was once my partner in 'crime'!  Lest we forget!

Friday, 8 November 2013

They Are Trying to Destroy the Country ...but Failing!

We the public must recognize that we have a parliament of charlatans who have been bought and paid for and who are hell bent on destroying the public services.  We vote for them as individuals and suddenly discover that they are all part of a huge EU package.

Take my own MP... Nicky Morgan who I have often criticized because she is typical of this generation of our MPs.  She supports the EU, she supports Common Purpose and she stood as a Conservative!  Her opponent Andy Reed lost his seat on a false premise.  She is an out and out socialist! She was hoist on us as an opposition candidate to Gordon Brown! Well frankly Andy Reed never stood a chance because even the British public realised that there was something seriously suspect about Gordon Brown. 

So what has happened since? This Coalition Government is destroying us socially.  People are still dying in hospitals, the schools are still failing so many of our children, the elderly are being abused too often.  Far too many local councils are cutting back on vital services while we squander money on Foreign Aid. 

Nicky Morgan does all the right things.  My wife is amazed at how many letters that I receive from the House of Commons! Let me make it clear that Mrs 'Meldrew' is a slave to the mainstream media. If you tell her that the Royals and Margaret Thatcher were 'friends' of Jimmy Saville then she goes ballistic!

She would never contemplate that the Royals were possibly involved in the death of Princess Diana because it would not happen.  She does not find it strange that the evidence from the 'Dunblane Massacre' was buried for 100 years!  The parents of Madeleine McCann are innocent victims. Doctor David Kelly committed suicide?  There is significant comment on the World Wide Web to 'hint' that many of our senior politicians are 'bad' people.  In these modern times we have far too many 'mysteries' that cannot be explained away by officialdom.

If I talk to my wife about Justin Fashanu, Gary Speed and Stephen Milligan then I am being ridiculous!  She is probably right but I cannot help myself.

Never mind.... the economy is improving and I suspect that is much to the chagrin of the EU. How can our economy be improving when every effort has been made to destroy it? How can the economy of the UK be improving when all the other countries in the EU (except Germany) are dying on their EU feet?

I sometimes amuse myself by imagining an Illuminati boardroom meeting when Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Miliband are being carpetted... 'We told you fools to ruin the economy of the UK and it is growing.  How is this happening?"

"We don't know because we are doing our best and the public hate us."

"Then you are just as stupid as the people think you are! We need a person with attitude who lies with a smile on his face.  We need a servant who has proven that he hates the British.  We will replace all of you with Ken McLusty because he KNOWS how to damage the economy and get away with it!"

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

India Enters the Space Age!

Well isn't this nice to know.  India have launched a satellite into space and so many people appear to be overjoyed! Isn't it nice to know that our foreign aid has been so well spent? At least they are not buying up the more fashionable areas of Paris!  They are at least more novel in squandering our tax payer's money.

In the meantime back here in the real world Nottinghamshire County Council will be laying off 800 workers and inevitably services will be cut. The elderly are having their remaining care homes available cut to the bone.  The services which some of us have paid for all of our working lives are being destroyed to make way for the Indian Space programme and the greed of African despots.

I remember when that arch socialist David Cameron first came to power that one of his first promises was that Foreign Aid would be 'ring fenced'. At the time I did not realize the significance of that promise.  It is criminal, almost traitrous, that tax payer's money should fund a the space program of a foreign power.  I cannot prove that this is a fact but why are we giving money that is desperately needed at home to a country that can afford a space program

People... you are in the hands of politicians who are spitting in your face.  Sit back and accept it if you want!  They are incorrigible, they are laughing at you and most of you will still vote for Con/Lab/Lib at any subsequent election even though most of them appear to qualify for a sentence normally associated with Norman Stanley Fletcher (Ronnie Barker).  Foreign Aid just squanders our money and should be stopped now!

Monday, 4 November 2013

David Cameron is a Patron of Common Purpose?

I began this blog in 2008 after I read about the scourge of Common Purpose which I still believe was set up to undermine British society as it once was.  When today we older English people view our society we can see that their evil aims have succeeded beyond all their wildest dreams.

Their ultimate and possibly final aim is to curb the freedom of the British press so that our media will one day resemble Pravda the official organ of the Communist Party in the old, failed Soviet Union.  Of course the old, discredited, socialist philosophies are today driven by the unelected commissioners of the European Union which is precisely the primary reason that we should leave as soon as possible.

Common Purpose portrays itself as a 'charity' which promotes leadership development potential which is possibly the most misleading statement ever concocted.  What it has done is place a web of devotees in all of the most influential government and public positions so that the aims of the EU are slavisly enacted.
The damage has been almost irretrievable.

So the news today, carried by the Daily Mail, that our Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, is a patron of Common Purpose,which he has previously failed to declare, ranks as one of the worst betrayals in our national history.  Now I have always believed that the PM did not bat for Britain.  He has always supported the EU and his 'modernisation' of the Conservative party was a scandal too obvious to ignore.

Now we know the truth.  He follows a long line of front line politicians who for the past 50 years have been selling the British public down the river! Now that we know I am not even disappointed. I have long since ceased to be disgusted by the actions of our mainstream politicians.  They are shameless!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hungary Cuts the Ties!

In a modern world where it often appears that the International Bankers hold all the cards news that a sovereign state is opting out of their clutches merits consideration.  The nation of Hungary has a proud tradition.  In 1956 they attempted a heroic rebellion against the tyranny of the Soviet Union and fought the Soviet tanks on the streets of Budapest.

Now apparently they have severed connection with the Rothschild banks!! They have said no more we want out!  Here is a short clip from the Captain Ranty blog which illustrates what they have done.

They are determined to be a government for their own people. They do not want international control of the Hungarian nation because they have paid off their debts and now want to go alone.  Good luck to them but you can bet your country that the Rothschilds will do something to bring them to heel!

Why can't we try that in this country? We cannot do it because almost all of our politicians are on the take from the EU.  Nationalist politicians like Nigel Farage are destroyed by a mainstream media controlled by a cartel of international bankers.
Everything is controlled by the hierarchy, the New World Order, the Vatican and royalty who apparently commit horrendous acts of depravity. 

It is high time that we broke our country free from political and so called royal control and became a republic serving the indigenous population but welcoming incomers who want to contribute to our society and not want to change or destroy it!  I would happily get rid of anyone who wants to dress contrary to the norm of our country.  If they don't want to respect our society then why stay here?