Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Should People Know This?

I have been becalmed for some time now because I have been reading and researching and discovering and some of what I have been reading is really not nice.  Now I am probably a naive old man who is likely dipping his toe into things that he should stay well clear of but I can't ignore what I am reading.  So.... I am going to steer you into my world and allow you to make up your own minds.

I do this in the full knowledge that I may be opening a can of worms.  I do not know if the authors of the clips and blogs are nutters but what I do know is that something is definitely wrong within our society. 

So the commercial is over... go to Aangirfan then scroll down to 'I saw Joseph Ratzinger...' then go to this YouTube link.  Now perhaps if you have watched the lot you will know why I am really concerned about the mainstream media.  

The Met Police are currently running, in the wake of the Saville scandal, an operation called 'Yew Tree' where they are arresting many 'celebrities' on historical charges.  They are all quite inconsequential when it comes to what many people regard as the major players.

I know nothing! I have no evidence and no knowledge but these accusations keep appearing time after time on the World Wide Web.  You just have to seek them out. I think that some of it is thought provoking. It is only the tip of the iceberg!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Where has Charlotte Leslie been Hiding?

Charlotte Leslie appeared on Newsnight this evening on a programme where she criticized the disgraceful pay out to Sharon Shoesmith for her abject performance in the baby 'P' case.  This was a woman who headed the team that failed to recognize that a baby was being blatantly tortured to death.

In her very short appearance on 'Newsnight' Charlotte Leslie came across as being intelligent, articulate and attractive. She was educated at Millfield and Balliol Oxford so she is clearly a really clever sod. She became a member of parliament for Bristol North West in 2010 so why have we never heard of her?

Is Charlotte Leslie slipping under the net because she has a brain?  I do not know why she supports the EU because it does not sit with her profile.  This lady needs to be watched because I was impressed by her performance.  If only she was a eurosceptic!

I will probably end up being totally disappointed by her but then what is new? I just cannot understand why this articulate, presentable MP seems to be ignored by a party that desperately needs a positive profile. 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Democracy has become a Joke!

The electorate have been so switched off by the recent duplicity of our main stream politicians that they are refusing to vote.  For example, recently in a by-election held in Govan for a seat on the Glasgow City Council only 20.05% of the population bothered to vote.

They were faced with an array of candidates, 14 in all, and resulted in a victory for Labour who polled 43% of the turnout.  In real terms it means that the winning candidate was elected into office with the approval of less than 10% of the people of Govan!

This is becoming a farce.  Yes I know that Govan ranks alongside some of the more deprived constituencies in the country and yet the people cannot be bothered to vote for change because they have probably gathered that it actually does not matter who they vote for because nothing will change for them!

In recent years turnouts have been generally decreasing as many more and more realise that all three main parties in Westmonster bend their knee to the unelected commissars of the EU so nothing will change.  In effect any British parliament is largely ineffective and therefore it is not worth voting.  The British people are waking up because so much is out there in the ether on how we have all been effectively cheated by generations of politicians.

The chickens are coming home to roost and not before time!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Derby County

I have consistently praised the appointment of Steve McClaren as Head Coach at Derby County replacing the former manager Nigel Clough.  As a geriatric fan I have not been so excited about a managerial appointment since Brian Clough and Peter Taylor arrived in the late nineteen sixties.

In his own way Nigel Clough did a good job but when push came to shove his tactical nouse and decision making ability was weak.  We now have a proper, premiership coach and manager with a strong backroom staff and the effect has been immediate!

He is wasting no time in solving team weaknesses.  Under the care of the academy coach the first team went 1-4 down to Ipswich at home at half time!!  He descended on the dressing room and changed the team.  They drew 4-4!  We then clearly beat Leeds 3-1 and then went south to a very skillful Watford team sitting fourth in the table and won 2-3!  

At one time we were 1-2 in charge and I know that at that point Nigel Clough would have packed his defense and hoped to hold on. More often than not it failed.  On Saturday Paul Simpson (first team coach) decided to attack by bringing on a forward (Conor Sammon) and we won 2-3.  That is the difference.  This new team of coaches want to win rather than just survive.

Today it was announced that the captain of the England under 21 team, Andre Wisdom, was coming on loan to Derby from Liverpool.  This boy is a beast with a brain and is just what the doctored ordered for the Rams. I predict that Steve McClaren will at long last, in leading the Rams, demolish his nomenclature 'the wally with the brolly'!  This is his time with his club and the outcome has been written! 

How Safe is the Flu Jab?

I have now been poorly for about ten days.  I visited my local GP on an unrelated matter and he casually offered me the flu jab which I accepted.  After all we know about the flu jab because it keeps the elderly protected from the awful winter illness.

Within a few hours my skin began to itch.  I felt abnormally fatigued and was disorientated.  Then a rash appeared on my chest and later it appeared on my back. I felt as if my skin was crawling.

After four days I asked to see the practice nurse and she forwarded me to the nurse practitioner (senior nurse).  She immediately recognised that I was suffering from a reaction to the flu jab!  I was told that if it got worse I should report back.  Within two days I was back with a doctor who immediately recognised that my immune system had been attacked and offered me antibiotics and skin cream.

So far I am still suffering so I googled the flu jab!  This is what one blog reported.  Out of curiosity I googled the Stevens-Johnson syndrome and look what I found.  I know that I probably do not have the full blown syndrome but hell I was fit and active when I was 'jabbed' and my skin has been 'crawling' ever since.  

I now have to ask is the so called 'flu jab' doing more harm than good?  The medical authorities seem to be well versed to the fact that the 'flu jab' has the capability to break down immune systems because they all immediately recognised my problem as being linked to the 'flu jab'.  I will never have the 'flu jab' again if I ever recover.  I just thought that you all should know that this vaccine is not all that it is cracked up to be!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dysfunctional Families?

I recently posted  about the state of the people arriving back at East Midland Airport whilst the baggage handlers redirected the luggage of my wife's flight to the wrong carousel!  Needless to say there were no apologies and no information for waiting families.

So I saw the 'cream' of the general public arriving home from their foreign holidays. It then struck me what pressure the education system faces when  dealing with the kids of these 'people'.  I saw one guy drunk as a skunk who had to dive to the toilet and he was accompanied by two adult females, both pregnant (or obese) and a phalanx of children.

They eventually trooped out of 'arrivals' which made me think what school must accommodate the children from such a 'group' (I hesitate to use the term 'family').  Our education system is being forced to accommodate children from disfunctional families even though it is clear that these kids cannot cope with any form of normality.

Our Political Class has created this situation. It does not matter which Political Party has been dominant because they have all combined to destroy the British way of life. I know this because my wonderful grandchildren come home with nits! They know all the swearwords and my daughter once even filmed evil little toerags exposing themselves in front of her house!

These degenerate kids are still in mainstream education!  I know that every generation have had their 'poor' kids but this generation seems to have an even more evil input because on line porn makes everything so much more explicit. 

I have a 'normal' loving family but I fear that our young girls are being exposed to a culture at an age when they are far too young to cope with it. I have a really beautiful elder granddaughter who has been blessed. She already knows why she attracts male attention but she is still only twelve years of age.

There has to be a system that weeds out kids from families which are dysfunctional from those 'normal' respectable families who really try.  They can be identified at a very early age but then the useless Social Services, who have consistently failed vulnerable children, never seem able to get their act together.

If the Public Service Trade Unions, who regularly rail against anyone trying to improve the  future of the children, REALLY want to improve the education system then they MUST weed out children from dysfunctional families.  Everyone knows who they are and yet nobody seems to have the political will to deal with the problem.

We cannot ignore children who arrive at school age unable to cope with normal decent standards.  We cannot allow the families of these children to pollute the education of all the other kids.  Headteachers must be given the power to exclude these kids and then take the parents to task.

It is time that we punish the feckless.  We must instill a parental standard because if we don't then all our kids will suffer.  It is time to stop the race to the bottom.  We must isolate the feckless element of our society, remove the kids from the schools and then ensure that any child benefit is also removed from the family.

We must then introduce a pathway to deal with these poor children from broken homes. Their parents are usually the drunken, porn addicted, drug abusing class that cannot cope with parenthood. We really cannot continue to ignore them. Our social services have been seen time and time again to follow a politically correct agenda and ignore gross home conditions because they have to adhere to politically correct theories imposed by our political authorities.

It is high time that our useless social services began to earn their pay.  I want to protect my beautiful girls from the children of the scum who produce children by the dozen and then they want everyone else to pick up the tab. We must sort this out!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The British People Today!

I sat for an hour last Wednesday waiting for my wife to return from her one week break in Jersey. The reason that I sat for an hour was that the luggage from her flight was directed to the wrong conveyor belt. Welcome to Britain because nobody announced the error, nobody told the waiting friends/relatives and apparently nobody has taken responsibility.

It gave me a chance to observe the arrivals at East Midlands airport and I could not believe my eyes!  Remember I recently observed holidaymakers in Skegness and yet here I was again observing British travelers arriving back in the UK from their foreign holidays!

I have never seen such a motley crew! They were totally devoid of style and decorum.  Most of them traveled as if they were still on the beach. Far too many were overweight and even the downright ugly can improve themselves with dress sense and style.  Probably ten per cent that I saw would meet genuine approval.

We have lost our pride.  We have lost our national identity.  The English have forgotten or have never been taught what is expected of them.  We have now become a third world nation devoid of pride, devoid of decent education and devoid of a sense of value. So many of the English indigenous population have been so ground down by a lack of care that they have lost the ability to parent.

So many have resorted to fags, booze and drugs that they have given up on responsible citizenship.  My granddaughter's school is plagued by nits and they are not allowed to expel the carriers!

I despise everything that Ed Miliband stands for, but his phrase 'the race to the bottom' has a ring of truth.  Our schools are racing to the bottom!  Our public is racing to the bottom!   Nobody cares any more and that is the responsibility of the politicians.  Everyone with one ounce of common sense knows that, until our kids can play safely on our streets, then we do not have a civilized society.

That is the challenge to any modern political party and  should be the maxim of the electorate.  The question to every politician should be 'What will YOU do to ensure that our kids can play safely on the streets of the UK'?  Until we solve that equation everything else is superfluous.  

So when they next step forward asking for your vote ask them! Only UKIP will give you an honest answer because until we get representation on the so called sentencing guidance committee will the public ever gain control of their future. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Congratulations to Nicky Morgan!

I have often criticized my local MP Nicky Morgan for very good reasons.  She has always been a 'Cameroon' which unfortunately makes her a socialist.  That means that at the last election the voters from Loughborough and a choice between Andy Reed who WAS a Socialist and Nicky Morgan who stood on the ticket of being a Conservative.

So effectively the people of Loughborough had a choice! Do we vote for an open socialist (who never stood a chance after his party adopted Gordon Brown) or a closet socialist like Nicky Morgan. Our MP has supported the PM on probably every issue and today she got her reward.  She is now a government minister.

I have often stated that if you play the game and keep your mouth shut then politically you will get the rewards. I want to be represented by someone who is not a political pawn. Nicky has classically done all the right moves but what is the point?

She has no power. The only power over us is the EU. Nicky Morgan actually has no real influence apart from her personal prestige. She is not alone so why do we have 650 pawns in 'Westmonster' claiming vast expenses, being generously subsidized and actually achieving nothing!

Congratulations Nicky but your promotion really does not impress people who want a better future.

Friday, 4 October 2013

UKIP is not Racist!

Yesterday Lord Heseltine declared, on the Daily Politics, that UKIP was a racist party. It just goes to show the desperation of the mainstream parties, particularly the Tories, when they have to wheel out on the BBC an ageing failed politician paid to make ridiculous accusations live on the box.

Today the toxic Jo Cockburn, who is the BBC's leading attack 'dog', against any minor politician tried to bully the UKIP's spokesperson on Small Businesses, Amjad Bashir.  Undaunted Jo continued along the 'racist' theme projected by Heseltine even though she had the antithesis right in front of her! 

I could not believe her naivety because Amjad  clearly mocked her 'racist' accusations in his broad Yorkshire accent!  She never once approached Amjad on UKIP policies because she knows that the politics supported by the BBC have been discredited forever.

Once and for all the mainstream media are shitting themselves about the emergence of  British people in politics.  UKIP represent the British people. I cannot imagine the pressure that Nigel Farage must be under from those on high.  I sometimes fear for him and remember he has had to survive a plane crash to lead his party.

More and more even the BBC is having to recognize that UKIP is a real threat to the 'Westmonster bubble' because once they gain that vital Westmonster seat then the people will realise that they are a credible threat to the 'big three'. I say 'three' but UKIP have actually overtaken the LibDems in popular support thanks to the pathetic performance of Nick Clegg and the discovery that most LibDems are actually blaggards, Huhne, Rennard, Laws, Hancock and it goes on!

They can call UKIP 'racist' but hell so far they cannot even compete with the LibDems.  Godfrey Blooms 'Bongo Bongo'  reference is not criminal or sexual. It is only indiscreet and that is if you accept the current politically correct stance which I mock.

UKIP are taking the fight to the three main parties because they are an honest party. For the past, what fifty years, we have seen the mainstream parties pander to their backers because they have prostituted themselves to big business and big politics.

The recognition of UKIP will purely be down to the general public. We have no backing from the establishment because we oppose the establishment.  The people must recognise that they cannot trust mainstream media or the BBC which is part of the problem.  People must become independently minded yet again which is difficult when they have been almost educated out of independent thought!

Let me tell you Nigel Farage is real! He is fighting a battle on behalf of all of us.  The mainstream media are desperate to destroy him and his party. That is why Jo Cockburn could not recognise the threat in front of her because she was programmed to destroy UKIP and here was an Asian with a Yorkshire accent laughing at her argument.

We will get much more of this crap but if UKIP hold strong and continue to advance then one day the people will realise how our country has been sold down the river by the servants of the New World Order.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Did Ralph Miliband hate Britain?

I have spoken about this before.  I am personally really concerned that the leader of the Labour party is still in thrall of his father  Ralph Miliband.  As everyone now knows Ralph jumped on one of the last boats out of Belgium at the onset of World War II and Britain aloud him to escape the clutches of Adolf Hitler.

He subsequently served time with the Royal Navy but after that he dedicated his life to Marxist theories which unless I misunderstand the ethos of my home country contradict our national identity. OK so far so good.  He wrote books about Marxism and made his name by supporting every left wing cause in the country.  At that time, as we may recall, Russian troops were raping German women in Berlin. 

You see socialism is a dead concept. It has failed time after time because all it means is that the state pays for whatever you want and of course the state can never afford it.  It goes round and round and lo and behold the latest advocate is Ed Miliband.  They all live off the state because few of them have ever contributed to the economy.

The Daily Mail has flushed out Ed Miliband. He uses the image of his dead father to boost his campaign.  Anyone who has read about Ralph Miliband believes that he hated everything about the British character. Ralph wrote about it, he spoke about it and he was unequivocal about his disgust of the British attitude to nationalism. If Ed Miliband continues to exhort the virtues of his dad (which he does) then he cannot oppose the subsequent scrutiny!

He has brought it about himself. Most of us are proud of our fathers but then very few had a 'Dad' like Ralph Miliband and very few of us are trying to become the Prime Minister on the back of it! Beware this 'brother' because he is a wrong 'un as he showed when he stood against his brother in the battle for the leadership of the Labour party. 

He has no loyalty to anyone but himself which makes him an ideal leader of the Labour party.  His dad taught him very well!