Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Nimrod Culture

If ever a report damns a government and its priorities. This is yet another example of how the NoLab cabal ignored the reports, the recommendations and the advice purely to save money. Our servicemen were sacrificed because these arrogant and ignorant politicians decided that the lives of our servicemen were expendable.

If this disgusting and disreputable bunch of traitors have ever been exposed then it is in this report. Will our elected representatives hold them to account... do not hold your breath. Take PM's question time...what a farce...Gordon Brown just ignores all the questions and blethers on about what he perceives the Tories would do. He is allowed to destroy the finances of the country and then smugly ignores the questions.

In my past life I actually had a flight on the Nimrod. We circled Ramsgate airport seven times as the trainee pilots practised their land and takeoff procedures but I think it was just an exercise to make the Pongos throw up! In the main it worked but the point is that where Intelligence gathering was concerned the Nimrod was essential. That was in the early nineteen eighties.

It should have had priority consideration because the servicemen manning that aircraft were highly trained. It takes thousands of pounds to train top quality Nimrod operators. To destroy a whole crew because of finance is typical of NoLab and their approach to the destruction of everything that we hold dear.

The scum who are responsible should be outed. The people mentioned in the report should they actually should be shot! It is long past the time that these people with their snout in the trough should be protected by the NoLab culture. Gordon Brown is ultimately responsible. Once again apologies are not enough...we want resignations and the first one should be that of Gordon Brown.

So many of our servicemen died and yet nobody will lose their jobs. So typical New Labour so typical of the Political Class. Get real folks this bunch of NoLab politicians do not give a flying f**k about the welfare of our forces. The only reason that we have soldiers fighting in Afghanistan is poverty. Poverty in our society means that the young guys and girls will volunteer for active service because they have no choice.

Nice one Gordon!

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