Thursday, 28 October 2010

The European Union...yet again!

Whenever David Cameron talks about the European Union he likes to give the impression that he is sceptical and that he will challenge the EU particularly with regard to our contributions. In reality I suspect that we have been, as usual, stitched up so that we will always have to ante up despite the obvious profligacy of all concerned with the EU.

How in hell did we sleepwalk into this nightmare where all the EU countries are cutting their budgets to meet the challenge of the banks and the EU blithely decides that they want to spend more? The MEPs are claiming ridiculous expenses as ever and the EU has become a byword for extravagance.

I will repeat yet again that they cannot be audited...the Commissioners (the only people with any real power) are unelected (like Cathy Ashton) and the MEPs have no real authority. The whole show is a charade. It is almost as if Moscow has been moved to Brussels and yet every one of our politicians cannot bring themselves to grant the British people a referendum on this farce.

The EU budget will continue to rise. Year after year we will pay more and more even though our own budget will have to decrease. Someday, one day, we will have to refuse to pay. It has to happen because we the British will not sacrifice our families for a political cause. Sooner or later somebody will emerge to lead us out of the EU and I sure hope that it happens before I pass on.

Our politicians will one day have to decide what they want. We have been sadly let down by the Political Class but one day someone will realise that they have to give the public a referendum on the EU. Oh where is that person? What will they lose by asking the British public what they really want?

When will they spend our taxes on us? When will they consult us? When will they abide by their election promises? In short they cannot rule without our consent even though they are doing it. Remember the verbage of the last electoral contest. They did not mean a word of it. In other words they all lied and we let them lie. We have accepted that our politicians lie and because of that we now have the EU.

We deserve all we get!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Housing Benefit

Ha! The Coalition are turning the tables and focusing on 'fairness'. At long last somebody is concentrating on the unfair system which allows immigrant/unemployed families to enjoy a standard of living not afforded to ordinary working families.

Tonight on 'Newsnight' an immigrant family (the father of course on sick leave) are complaining of the unfair system! Another unemployed family compalin that they have just got their kids into a really good school and might now have to move. The BBC are as usual trying to make a case that the immigrant and workshy are being penalised.

And about time to! How fair is it that working families cannot afford these luxury apartments/houses when under the NoLab government they were handed out willy nilly. They campaign that the Tories are gerrymandering the housing to gain an electoral advanatage.

It is a desperate ploy and as we have seen tonight live on BBC 2 their 'clients' all believe that they can just sit back and claim their 'entitlement'. I seriously hope that the Coalition will continue to educate these workshy no hopers that their days of an easy life has just suddenly disappeared.

Unless you have integrated, got a job and contribute to our economy then you can face life on a housing estate where you can join people with a similar outlook/aspiration/ambition because life is about to change for you.

If you don't like it then how about life back in Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan....etc! Yeah I thought not!

Where are we on the EU?

I am intrigued by the stance of the Coalition and David Cameron on our relationship with the European Union. I am an implacable enemy of the EU because my generation were railroaded into what has become a Socialist conspiracy when they proclaimed that is was a trade agreement. I actually voted for the propaganda way back in the seventies and have regretted it ever since.

David Cameron gives the impression that he is not the greatest fan of the EU and that he will fight for our cause. I wonder just how far he is prepared to go? Watching PM's Question Time there is little doubt that his backbenchers are being primed to ask the questions. I believe that the Coalition government are preparing for battle. I really hope so because this corrupt, unaudited, organisation needs to be challenged!

A referendum would help. No fudges, no deals, no promises...just do we want to contribute to the EU or not? Why is that not an option?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Talking down Britain...

Generally the people who I speak to agree that we have to give the Coalition an opportunity to get us out of the mess that NoLab left us in. Most of us realise that the economy had been wrecked by incompetence and an immoral disregard for common sense. The public had been to led to expect a standard of living that they could not afford and reality has to kick in at some time.

Despite this I am amazed at how many groupings are talking the country down. I can understand how Her Majesty's Opposition, after their abject performance in power, would hope that any future plans from the government failed. I realise that a certain section of the media have vested interests so hope that The Coalition fails but surely in the interests of the country at least a fair hearing is in order.

I have already in a previous post castigated the miserable BBC for their lead in hoping that the Coalition fails but the disease has also spread to SKY News who appear to highlight any morsel of bad news and begrudge news which most of us would welcome.

In the meantime digging away at the foundations of the country are the evil unions who seem to spend their whole time spreading alarm and despondency and creating situations designed to harm the government and the public at large. Their latest guise is to threaten that firefighters will take strike action on Bonfire Night! They beggar belief!

What is it about Britain and the British way of life which engenders such hatred and disloyalty? Why is it that so many of the so called intelligentsia, the media, the politicians and the unions appear to hate the country that spawned them?

In the meantime the general public, in the guise of the taxpayer, continues to have this unshakable faith that everything will work out in the end and that they won't need to riot on the streets to defend their faith and their way of life. I hope that they are right but there does appear to be far too many forces for evil around us for comfort.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The BBC and impartiality...

I am amazed that the BBC has not been taken to task from the Government about their coverage of everything political. Their blatant bias continues unabated even to the point that their presenters and journalists are mounting a far better opposition to the Coalition than the official opposition.

The difference is of course that NoLab left the country in such a dreadful state that they really cannot really mount an effective attack on anything that the Coalition proposes. The Brown/Blair/Darling axis has drawn the teeth from any realistic opposition. It is therefore unsurprising that the BBC have taken up the cudgels but it is not their brief.

The brief of the BBC is to report the news accurately and not to bend their coverage to support the views of any individual political group. Unfortunately during the Blair/Brown years the BBC decided that socialism was their given bias and almost without exception their staff have been recruited with that bias in mind.

Perhaps it is time for the government to sort them out. If I was David Cameron I would be gently suggesting a few changes to the funding of the BBC unless they begin to fulfill their role. I for one do not wish to support anything even vaguely socialist so my licence fee is given reluctantly.

If the BBC want to follow their socialist path then so be it but they then forfeit my licence fee. To my mind they should be fed to the competitive market and then they will discover reality. It has to come....

Friday, 22 October 2010

The European Union

Are we beginning to see the death throes of this socialist conspiration to enslave Western Europe to an unelected, unaudited, political elite who tried to bind so many diverse countries together to provide a world power.

It is becoming so obvious that this power grouping is falling apart at the seams that the major players, France and Germany, are beginning to realise that they alone cannot prop up Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Eire.

Apparently Angela Merkel (The German Chancellor) is asking for French support to change the constitution so that the weaker countries can default on their debts without countries like Germany and France bailing them out! Yippee! At last the truth is beginning to emerge because the Germans are starting to feel the pinch. That means that the whole EU concept, which has been at fault from the start, is now in the balance.

Already the EU has voted for an increase in the contributions from member states despite almost every member state cutting everything to survive. Only the EU politburo can consider an increase in membership contributions despite the economic realities. As usual they ignore the obvious as Gordon Brown and his socialist partners did in the UK.

Historically every time a Socialist government has grasped power the result has always been economic disaster. It is always the same and has been so for the past 50 years. The EU is a financial disaster. The finances of countries like, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and Eire cannot be saved by France and Germany (and the UK). They must find their own salvation.

For whatever reason the weaker countries have sat back and relied on the EU. It is a socialist principle but in practice it does not work. The State cannot employ everyone even though in the UK they tried to do it. The EU is deeply flawed and when it unravels so may people will suffer.

Watch closely because as usual any Socialist power grab normally fails in the end because they are all about dogma and have little experience of reality. Time will tell!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Trade Union Movement

It is typical that the Trade Union movements should rail against any effort to curb public spending by anyone. They would oppose spending cuts by the NoLab movement because they think that the state should support the public because in that way the state rules everyone.

Their leaders cream off huge salaries and in return cause mischief at every turn. Most of them are bully boys trading on so called working class roots and they are diametrically opposed to anything which would enhance the British economy. Their absolute goal is to ruin the British economy which they demonstrate at every turn. Every time that we have a prosperous, iconic, British company then along come the Unions to bring it to its knees.

I cannot think of one union triumph in the last fifty years. I cannot think of one union intervention which has made life better for their own workers. The unions of today, unlike the unions of yesteryear, are the parriahs of today's society. If you value fair play, honesty and even handedness then forget your local union representative. He or she is programmed against the British economy and will never contemplate any form of reasoned thinking.

They have only one ambition and that is to wreck everything that we hold dear. The Trade Union of today is purely designed to bring down the country that they should serve and I cannot believe that so many people are so blinded by their ultimate purpose.

At last there is a plan....

I do not blindly believe that the Coalition is the panacea to all our troubles but hearing George Osbourne today I have to admit that at least he had a plan. For years we could see our National Debt rising unchecked by NoLab and nobody offering any form of coherent plan to rein in spending.

Today the same bunch of chancers under the guise of the Shadow Chancellor, Alan Johnson, had the temerity to challenge the government plan even though in thirteen years they had not proffered one radicle proposal to tackle the National Debt. They are clueless when it comes to hard fact and the fact that the Coalition has hit the ground running emphasises their lack of action.

I am beginning to get the impression that NoLab was all about personal infighting and the country has suffered as a result. Whatever, listening to a Chancellor with ideas, enthusiasm and intention contrasted sharply with the lack of energy depicted by Brown, Darling and Co in their closing years. The NoLab front bench is a busted flush and I think today demonstrated that Ed Miliband suddenly realised he now has to play with the big boys and he has very poor cards to play with.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Taxpayers Alliance

The Taxpayers Alliance are currently circulating their own version of the National Debt. They admit that much of it is speculation but it looks pretty accurate to me. Some of the figures are terrifying not just because the deficit is SO large but it proves that both banks and the government during the past few years have been utterly incompetent.

Firstly it nails the NoLab lie that the banks were solely to blame for the rise in the National Debt. For almost a decade not only did they allow the Debt to rise by £500 billion but they also failed to check the rise of the unfunded public sector pensions which climbed unchecked by £800 billion.

That is unbelievable and it proves that the public sector has burgeoned under NoLab to a point where we clearly cannot afford the resulting public sector pensions.

What really shivered my timbers however was the extent to which we had to bail out the banks. I had no idea that according to the TPA figures we had to find in 2008/9 £3439 billion pounds! Now these are supposedly professional finance experts but they must have been gambling with such disregard for consequence that it had to be criminal.

How on earth can any responsible government allow them to continue to milk bonuses considering their abject performance in the past. This is another lie nailed because if these are the same guys who benefit from the bonus system because they are the best in the business how come they lost all that money?

The last lie exposed by the TPA is the size of the official National Debt. The government owns up to an official debt of£890 billion but the TPA have added on unfunded public sector pensions, unfunded state pensions, the RBS/Lloyds debt, PFI (capital only), Network Rail debt, deficit on Local Government PS, nuclear decommissioning and sundry other deficits and the total national debt rises to £7873 billion!! A government has to be either extremely incompetent or corrupt to mass that kind of deficit.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Emergency Services

The current enquiry into the 7/7 disaster committed by Muslims against the British public at large has highlighted that the emergency services have been hamstrung by ridiculous Health and Safety regulations which have cost lives.

It must have been really galling to have survived this catastrophe and then walking out to discover emergency service personnel skulking around waiting orders to go in and save lives.

What are we doing? Why have we not allowed these natural heroes to do their jobs? Who decided that they could not save lives? I have to tell you that my instincts tell me that they are the same people who voted for Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. None of the above have the people of Britain as their priority...they aim only for power and I just hope that the Coalition will reverse this trend.

How can anyone introduce a policy which will stop the emergency services from piling in and rescuing those who need their help? Only the very people who want to wreck a country that should offer their taxpayers a wonderful, luxury,life if run for the benefit of the taxpayer. The very people who consider that our money is better off in the hands of African despots, European Socialists and Chinese and Indian superpowers!

My mother should be living the life of Riley having paid into our corrupt system for over 80 years but her CareHome is closing down and she needs to be removed to save money. None of our politicians (particularly NoLab) appear to think that the profligacy of government spending is the problem.

It is not the income that is the government's problem it is the expenditure. We, the taxpayer, do not generally agree with our successive governments on how they spend our money. They should listen more to the electorate and just remember the Coalition have NEVER given us a vote on the two most important issues... the EU and Foreign Aid.

Saturday, 16 October 2010


In my heart of hearts I really want our Coalition to work and repair the damage inflicted on the taxpayer by the NoLab years of incompetence. There have been plenty of newspaper headlines, lots of enthusiastic rhetoric about reversing NoLab misrule but in actuality very little appears to be happening.

They were going to burn quangos but how many have disappeared? They were going to cap immigration but still they flood here from all over the world. All we ever read is yet another amnesty for illegal immigrants. The criminal justice system needs a major overhaul but we still cannot jail offenders.

Apparently it costs £38000 a year to keep one criminal in jail. Why? I am convinced that many of the criminal class live better lives behind bars than they could afford on the outside. Now this is a real opportunity to save some money by removing some of the luxuries that the career criminals enjoy on the inside.

I'm afraid I have my doubts about the Cameron/Clegg double act. Both have far too easily shed the principals upon which they were elected. I keep seeing them and behind I also see the spectre of Tony Blair. How we all thought he was the great saviour and the subsequent outcome still haunts the country.

I want to see a genuine attempt being made to reverse the socialist mistakes of the past 13 years and not just more smoke and mirrors. Our political system has never been under so much scrutiny and the public want action. If they don't get it this time then all confidence in the British democratic system could disappear. This is almost last chance saloon and if the Coalition don't grasp the nettle then what next? I dread to think.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Is Danny Murphy right?

Danny who... I hear you ask so let me tell you how important this guy is. He is a professional footballer who has preached heresay by criticising certain football managers for sending out their players so 'motivated' that they are committing tackles which have caused major injuries.

Predictably the football industry has ignored the obvious, they have ignored the broken legs and they have ignored the serious injuries caused by certain players from certain teams who continually wade in tryinmg to intimidate the opposition. Danny Murphy is a good technical player who knows how to look after himself. He is no softy but he has recognised that our national sport has fallen foul of thugs.

Some of the tackles which have broken legs have been nothing short of physical assault but the real courage belongs to Murphy. The football industry is a closed shop to all but the 'precious' few who have 'played the game'. Only they who have trodden the holy turf of professional football can ever have an opinion on football. They are of course protecting their jobs and their profession hence the predictable diatribe from all and sundry lining up to castigate Murphy.

Murphy has courageously criticised his profession and he is right. If football continues along the current trend of intimidation and aggression then more and more players will be maimed. The managers and professionals should be encouraging skill and technique because without those prerequisites the national team will continue to flounder at world level.

Instead the footballing world once again closes ranks and refuses to acknowledge the obvious. At least Murphy has forced them to once again look inwardly but until the footballing authorities have the courage to address the real issues clouding the game then they will continually ignore the facts.

In the meantime I will ask just one simple question. Does Mick McCarthy, the Manager of Wolves, feed his captain Carl Henry on raw meat, or is that just my perception?

The Political Class

Mrs Meldrew and I have just returned from 16 nights on board the most recent of the P&O cruse liners the Azura during which time we met a real cross section of the British public drawn from right across the country. There were 3000 people on this cruise around the Adriatic which for me was a little impersonal.

At every meal we tended to chat to a different couple and hardly ever saw
them again which if course may or may not have been coincidental. Almost without exception however the conversations turned to the state of the country. Now it has to be said that most of the cruisers were retired and so tended to represesent only one cross section of the country but the one factor which remained constant was the total despair and disgust at the conduct of our politicians.

Most appeared to agree that elections have ceased to have any relevance. The reason being that every party promises the earth and frankly deliver nothing that the electorate need or want. For example who promised us in the run up to the election that we would be locking up fewer criminals? We keep hearing about the destruction of the unelected quangos but in reality how many of them will actually go?

The criminal justice system jogs merrily along without change, the socialists who wrecked our education system are still all in position (supported by the teachers unions) to ensure that any proposed change will be met with very strong militant resistance and soldiers returning home are still ignored by housing authorities.

Nothing has changed in the immigration world, The EU continues to seize taxpayer's money without responsibility and we are still giving money to country's like India who immediately buy fighter aircraft made in China.

The vast majority of the people who I spoke to on our cruise only wanted to see common sense introduced to government policy. We want to see the wicked punished properly, we want to see grown up education policies and we want to see our money spent wisely. We are not asking for the Earth but somehow I cannot see any progress towards the common sense goals from any of our present day politicians.

It really all boils down to one concept. Do you believe that all government departments should be subject to audit? If you believe that principal then you disagree with almost 100% of the modern day politician regardless of the party they proclaim to support. The European Union remains unaudited and yet enjoys the support of all our leading politicians. Nuff said!