Friday, 6 November 2009

What did happen to the Royal Prerogative?

A letter in the Daily Mail today made me sit up and take notice. The letter was submitted by a lady from Wolverhampton and questioned the right of Gordon Brown to hand over the Royal Prerogative to foreigners.

She wrote that the power of the Crown is held in trust by the executive to be passed onto the next executive and that the power of the British Crown is the ultimate authority or sovereignty behind parliament. Interesting eh? Can it really be that Gordon Brown has made Her Majesty subservient to the EU? If so can he really give The Royal Prerogative away to foreigners? Is it his to cast aside? Now he has done it does that mean he is guilty of sedition against the state.

Does sedition against the state still carry the death penalty? Can't the Queen demand her Royal Prerogative back? Maybe Gordon is really in hot water, oh I do hope so!!

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