Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Leveson Inquiry

Leveson inquiry: Sue Akers
Deputy Asst Commissioner Sue Akers
When this inquiry was announced I have to admit I was less than enthusiastic. We in the UK have seen this type of thing before and frankly they have a predictable habit of achieving very little. However, very suddenly things have started to warm up. It now appears clear that the extent of criminality between the press and the police was quite widespread.

The accusations are flying thick and fast but when someone of the standing of Sue Akers has to admit that there is evidence of police wrongdoing then we should all sit up and take notice. 

The parade of 'celebrities' that have taken the stand in this inquiry and the amounts that News International has paid out in 'compensation' illustrates that phone hacking appears to have been common place even though the people at the top deny all knowledge. I find it very difficult to believe that people who revel in power and control really did not know what was happening.

I think it would be foolish to deny that the police and the press should have some contact but the depth and extent of the contact between the police and the press in the UK seems to have exceeded all reasonable bounds. It would also appear that the press also penetrated many levels of public service. In many cases large sums appear to have changed hands.

I think that the public have become cynical with the conduct of the British police. There are far too many examples of poor behaviour by members of a force often lacking in empathy and common sense. The public are also wary about the conduct of the press who often harass people unmercifully when seeking a story.

I do wonder what will now happen now that the cat is out of the bag? Will anyone ever become accountable for this poor behaviour? Will we ever see court appearances? I'm afraid the current climate would indicate that once again the facts are in the public domain but nobody will have the political will to ensure that the guilty will be punished. The stench of corruption is almost becoming unbearable.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Endemic Corruption!

Many of we bloggers began our protest blogs because we recognised that honesty in our UK society had been overtaken by endemic corruption. This can be linked to the rise of the European Union. I would go further because I would suggest that the corruption which is exposed daily is almost unstoppable.

Today the family of singer Charlotte Church received compensation of £600,000 from News International and this is ongoing! On Sunday, News International, launched their new paper the 'Sun on Sunday' which was a just a mirror image of the 'News of the World'. News International is such a powerful influence that they can 'bribe' all their 'victims' with 'compensation' but it does not conceal that they have been engaged in criminal activity.

Today at the Leveson enquiry in London Asst Commissioner Sue Akers of the Metropolitan Police exposed the link between the press and the police but she also exposed another sinister link between the police and public servants which up until now has not been revealed.

If Sue Akers is an 'honest copper' then I worry for her health. If she is chasing corruption in the police then she will face a huge malign opposition. To tell you the truth I am amazed that an 'honest copper' has been allowed to travel that far up the ladder. The influence of 'Common Purpose' is particularly prevalent in the police.

The proprietors of News International appear to have allowed their employees to commit breaches of the law. The fact that they are willy nilly paying off the victims of their illegal activity is evidence of their profligacy. What we need is for someone to refuse the money and demand a prosecution...so what about John Prescott? He was wronged! He is a socialist! He will bat for the people. Good old John will never accept blood money from the capitalists when he has them on toast? Yeah right! (He is currently on Newsnight! Blah blah!)

It is quite clear that criminality has taken place. Someone senior at News International has apparently sanctioned that criminality. It now appears that the heart of our democratic system is at risk. We bloggers know that to be true. We all know that corruption is endemic in our so called democratic society but the guilty cannot be brought to court.

Look at Tony Blair! He took us to war on a false premise. His kitchen cabinet apparently cooked up the case for a war in Iraq. Since then he has been brought before enquiry after enquiry and according to the press he just bats them away but we all know what actually happened. Until we insist that a member of the New World Order appears in court and faces charges then it will continue... but then apparently even our court system is illegal and only applies to the vulnerable.  

Charlotte you should not have accepted the money you should have taken them to court! Until someone has the guts to face down these corporate empires and get one of them jailed then we are all at risk. 

Greece and the future?

European Union
I would never claim to be knowledgeable on international finance but it never fails to amaze me how wrong those that claim to be seem to get it. Way back in the nineteen seventies almost every western European country seemed to be well placed to face the future. Then someone decided to sign us all up to a Common Market and from that moment on it has been a race to the bottom!

Suddenly we in the UK were hearing about 'wine lakes' and 'butter mountains' where huge surpluses were being stored. Our fishing industry suddenly had competition from Spanish fishermen who with smaller nets were scooping everything out of the North Sea with no regard to the future. Quotas were introduced which all but wrecked the UK fishing industry.

This madness has continued year in year out until now most of the countries trapped inside the European Union have stored up huge debts which they will never be able to service. It is clear that this monstrous political exercise has been devised to make a few people a lot of money.

In the UK we now have a one party political system (and I suspect that the United States is the same) because European 'modernisers' are leading all three of our main parties. At every election they all make promises but then they break those promises and nothing ever changes. That is the reason that we here in the UK will never get a referendum on our membership of the EU because they know what the outcome would be.

This corrupt political system is backed up by a secret organisation called 'Common Purpose' who recruit for the myriad of quangos funded by the EU to carry out the wishes of the EU. Consequently the economies of the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have all suffered. Every one of these countries owe world bankers eye watering sums of money but the race to the bottom has been clearly won by Greece.

Poor old Greece was never placed to sit side by side with an economic power like Germany and now they are suffering. Don't get me wrong this country was always run like a basket case but it suited the people to dodge paying taxes and take early retirement. Almost every financial expert predicts that Greece will eventually default on its debt so what do the EU leaders do? They are proposing a massive bail out fund which once again is predicted to fail. They will not face the inevitable. Their political experiment, just like the Soviet Union is doomed to fail.

It only remains to be seen how much money it will cost the taxpayer as this tortuous charade continues to affect country after country. They won't go you know because they are very deeply entrenched. Someone will have to 'persuade' them that they are not good for the rest of us!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

What has it got to do with us?

I wonder just how many other people this morning are throwing objects at the television after listening to Andrew Mitchell, the International Development Secretary, blethering on about international aid.  Once again Andrew Marr, after nailing him to the mast, allowed him to wriggle out of the main question...why are we still throwing money at India which they do not need or want?

They briefly touched on the question of Somalia where a journalist had reported that once again Somalia was being 'assisted' because of a discovery of oil. This slippery character failed to address the question and was allowed to waffle on. Whenever I see him I am reminded of photos of him cosying up to some of the worst despots that Africa has to offer.

He presides over the abject waste of taxpayer's money and is one of our PM's 'friends' who never has to deal with austerity like everyone else. Like most of the 'modernisers' he is very good at wasting our money and will continue to do so at every conceivable opportunity.
This country will never get back on an even keel until we get rid of Andrew Mitchell and every politician who thinks like him.

Friday, 24 February 2012

David Cameron

An arch 'moderniser'
I remember when I was growing up I was once told that if you really want to discover the true character of a man then you should take a close look at his friends. The argument being that a man will surround himself with people who will reflect his true character.

Now it has been well documented that our Prime Minister in his youth was a member of the Bullingdon Club which included such prominent political figures like George Osborne and Boris Johnson but then we are all allowed the mistakes of youth. But what about since he became PM?

I was drawn to this by the plight of his 'back to work' tsar, Emma Harrison, who has just resigned for her appoointment after being accused by the press of a string of fraud allegations. This follows his appointment of Andy Coulson, the press officer, closely linked with the phone hacking scandal and his friendship with Rebekah Wade who presided over the News of the World when it was at its 'pomp'!

Then look at his political allies. He appointed Ken Clarke as Justice Minister. Now only someone deeply embedded in the culture of the EU would make such an appointment. Ken Clarke is the last person that should hold such an appointment if the PM was committed to British justice. Then of course we have Nick Clegg who has no right to hold a government appointment if votes were to count. If the people had been given another election instead of a Coalition then I am sure a proper Conservative government would have won the day.

David Cameron knows what the public want because he promised most of it in his election manifesto. Remember the referendum on the EU and the British Bill of Rights? He is conning the British people particularly over the EU. He is totally committed to the EU and is only in his role of PM because he is an arch 'moderniser' who will perpetuate government from Brussels until we get rid of him.

It is no accident that some of his friends appear to be of the 'sleazy' variety. Like Tony Blair he is a very good orator and like Tony Blair he is a slippery character. I suspect we will discover how slippery as he proceeds to get us involved in events in Somalia...a country about as far removed from the UK as Afghanistan was!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Absolute Madness!

I have been in Scotland for the past few days attending the enquiry into the death of my son. I have been staying with his close friends so priorities dictate that family and friends come first. We have had a sad time but a great catch up. In the meantime the political circus that we are being  educated to accept as normal is actually in full flow. Let me just highlight the past few days.

A night club bouncer rapes and murders a heavily pregnant woman; he then decides to kill her unborn child and then just to compound the crime he burns her body. His DNA is everywhere so he is as guilty as hell. He is sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison which we all know is a misnomer. Under our present sentencing policy he will be out and about before he is 40. This is a clear case for capital punishment and generally the public would support it.

Members of our 'emergency services' are ordered not to try and save a drowning man. They all stand back and watch as the guy drowns! They are paid a good salary to protect the public and yet they are 'ordered' to stand back and...they do it! The Fire Officer  who gave the order clearly works for the EU and should be sacked. The officers are cowards and it proves that if you and I are in trouble don't expect help from the emergency services.

Another splendid result of our mass immigration policy. Will any of these beasts be deported? Don't hold your breath because they will enjoy the luxury of our legal system and then continue laughing at the British public. This photo sums it all up!

Lastly Lyn Homer, who has a track record as long as her arm, has just been appointed head of HMRC.  This woman is so useless she appears to have destroyed almost everything that she has touched! Clearly she is the most modernised of all modernisers. Obviously she is the right person to head an organisation which is completely out of control! Lyn Homer epitomises everything that is wrong with our political system. The scam continues and will continue until you dear people decide that enough is enough!

Oh by the way the most important subject for the PM today seems to have been the sexuality of the professional footballer! They have been unable to find a 'gay' footballer and they wonder why!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Olympic Tickets on sale!

Today the  Daily Mail revealed that 4000 unsold Olympic tickets are going on sale but as ever there is a catch. They have been given to people described as 'American fat cats' who run hospitality packages so that the rich can get to the best events and the agency involved can make a killing. The mark up on these tickets would apparently make the eyes of our own ticket touts water. A further 3000 tickets have been allocated to a sister company for sale in Australia.

Ever since the Olympic tickets went on sale the system has been convuluted and secretive. Every ploy has been used to mask what is actually happening. Nobody can access the truth because amazingly, LOCOG, who control the allocation of tickets, is a private company. So much public money involved and utterly no accountability.

This scandal began by being shambolic but as each day passes it is becoming sinister. As usual the politicians have taken every advantage to line their pockets. I suspect that the truth will eventually emerge but by then the thieves will be back undercover. We are being taken for a ride and I'm clearly not the only person who thinks so.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

When thieves fall out! It is quite clear that the police are hot on the trail of the journalists who used to work for News International and were allegedly involved in criminal activity in order to keep that organisation ahead of the competition.

However when one is protecting a job, when you are seeking to get an edge which your company will approve of, then you will push the boundaries back. The real people who should be in the dock are the proprietors of the company who have twice appeared before a parliamentary committee and now it seems that they lied! 

The problem is that they have, with the consent of the government, dumbed down the culture of the British people. They have entertained the people through scandal and inuendo and  are therefore at the beck and call of the European Union and the Political Class.

The popular press are what I call the mainstream media. They have an agenda because they are controlled by the New World Order which includes the EU. News International (the News of the World, the Times, the Sun) have huge influence and have maximised that influence by allegedly hacking into the voice mail messages of certain celebrities.

We all know the guilty parties. We all know that the Murdochs and their associates have apparently lied to a parliamentary committee live on television. It appears that they have corrupted our democracy and there are stories that the former editor of the News of the World, Rebekah Brooks and the Cameron family, are friends and party together. There is a rottenness at the heart of our government which I cannot fathom.

 I envy the people of Scotland for having a politician (Alex Salmond) who appears to put the people first. He may be grandstanding but it clearly works. I cannot think of one person in Westmonster who puts the people above party loyalty even when the party has totally disregarded their traditional manifesto.

I tell you what... we ain't seen nothing yet!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How can anyone justify this?

As most of you know I often despair at the state of our Justice system. It is most definitely skewed towards the criminal. We seem to have acquired a group of the most liberal judges anywhere in the world headed by a Lord Chief Justice Judge described as Britain's most senior judge.

This judge has just presided over a case reported by the press as utterly horrific. The criminal is 21 years of age and clearly a danger to children. Only the most depraved would act like he did. He was sentenced to life which we all know under British justice is a misnomer. In reality he received 15 years with a considerable chunk off for good behaviour. He could be out on the streets again long before his sex drive diminishes and someone as rotten as this is almost bound to repeat his behaviour as he has a string of offences to his name already.

So does the judge think of the children or the parents of the children? Well I am sure that you can all anticipate the answer because as always seems to happen in these cases he has reduced the sentence even further by 18 months! The reason? So that other paedophiles would be encouraged to plead guilty! What arrant nonsense...they will plead guilty now that they know they will receive such a bloody light sentence!

It was the responsibility of this senior judge to protect the public. He has singularly failed to do this. He is allowing this dangerous young man another chance to inflict himself on other unsuspecting youngsters in the future. One day it just might be the grandchildren of the judge who are the victims !

Is this the best he can do?

When I think of the problems that our PM, David Cameron, should be addressing I find it rather strange that he is concentrating his time on booze! Perhaps he should be wondering why the British are drinking so much?

At one time we had regulations which saved binge drinkers from themselves. Our pubs closed at a reasonable hour and outside of the pub we bought our alcohol from off licenses which were regulated. Then along came Tony Blair and sold the British public his continental cafe style culture which has actually ended up with hordes of British kids staggering around the streets all night.

If you want cheap booze then we all head to the supermarkets and seek out the offers. None of it is regulated. Now the PM wants to address the problem which is costing the NHS millions. The issue is that if we regulate alcohol we can end up punishing those who drink recreationally and responsibly.

Perhaps we ahould all carry an alcohol card! If we are treated or arrested on alcohol related charges then our card gets stamped. Three stamps and you are not allowed to buy alcohol for a period of time. I know that opens the door for alcohol card abuse but I believe it would act as a deterrent. If you have 'lost' your card, your licence to drink, and are found inebriated then that would be punishable, not only for you but for the person who bought you the booze.

I personally think that this would also save lives. Some of the young drinker are storing up problems for themselves. I would also like to 'kill' off 'happy hours' which are responsible for so much of the aggro that happens later in the evening. Cheap shots cause cheap shots.

Drunk cells and booze buses will not cure the problem. They will become badges of honour amongst these idiots. We must bring back sensible regulation to this country and not only where alcohol is concerned. We should start with government expenses and government bonuses and when the PM sorts that out (which still has not been addressed) then he can look at the rest of us!  

Monday, 13 February 2012

This disgusting Olympic Committee!

After watching the Channel Four 'Despatches' programme I am completely disgusted. Every aspect of the ticket selling system has been geared so that a few individuals with dodgy reputations can make a killing. I think we all suspected that our Political Class could never manage anything honestly but this is far beyond what I suspected!

I cannot for the life of me understand why the people organising this Olympic Games can form a private company (LOCOG). If nine billion pounds of public money has been pumped in then surely it is the responsibility of the government to protect that money.

To award so, so many of the best AA tickets to just three private companies seems very strange. It almost has to lead to corruption. It is giving sharks carte blanche for a feeding frenzy. The results of course will appear on television when the occupiers of these seats  appear in person. I just hope that 'Despatches' is geared up to expose the people who have bought the legacy that should have belonged to the British people.

One promising swimmer claims to know 200 other competitive swimmers and only one has managed to obtain tickets for....the swimming! What does that say for fair allocation. Lord Coe promised the public that 75% of the tickets would go to the public but in the high profile events that promise has been halved. He should now resign and disappear in disgrace. 

One of the companies that have been allocated these elite AA tickets are also selling access to the Olympic lanes ostensibly guaranteed to transport the athletes and officials to the Olympic Stadium. Did anyone actually believe that if they created a fast lane then the spivs with the money would not endeavour to use them?

Unfortunately it has only confirmed what some of us always suspected. These Games are in the hands of  scum bags. So who is responsible? Well we all know who! Unfortunately he was a wonderful runner and Olympian, a unique freak who will eventually destroy his image and reputation. I do not believe that when so much corruption is clearly evident that someone will not slip up. 

This betrayal of the British public is always bubbling under the surface. We all know it and the culprits are being identified. I reiterate I love the Olympics and I know one competitor, at least I know her family, but I hate how these Games have been used for massive profit. It appears to me that when a major event like this occurs in this modern era in Britain the 'robber barons' converge and at the final of the 100 metres they will all be on show!   

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The London Olympics (again)

Once again, the underhand activities of the London Organising Committee of the Games (LOCOG) are coming under the spotlight. Their efforts to ensure that the political elite benefit over the general public have caused outrage but every time someone scratches the surface another smell emerges.

Today in the Mail on Sunday they have warned of a 'Despatches' programme on Channel Four (scheduled for tomorrow evening) which exposes a scandal where companies like Thomas Cook, have been allowed to purchase 300,000 tickets for £25 million (now you know why you only got the minor sports) and are now including access to the VIP lanes which will whisk their clients past the public struggling to cope with the extra volume of Olympic traffic.

I remember Lord Coe (Chairman of LOCOG) promising on television that the public would receive 75% of the tickets. I do not know how many tickets are available but when one commercial company creams off 300,000 of the best tickets surely it renders his promise untenable.

The Olympics is a great sporting occasion but in my opinion LOCOG have demeaned it by concentrating on profit above fair play. There was always been a taint connected to the ticket sales and connected to the eventual destiny of the accommodation built to house the athletes. I will watch 'Despatches' with interest but I suspect that I will not to be too surprised with the findings.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


This really caught my eye because it encapsulates the modern world! The printer will probably complain about the lack of midwives or the birth pain!

It so sums up the modern world!

Friday, 10 February 2012

More nonsense from the 'justice' system!

Damilola Taylor was only 10 years old when  he was stabbed by a local thug and bled to death in a stairwell on a Peckham council estate. The police caught his murderers two brothers well known to them and after a series of legal errors they were convicted 6 years later of manslaughter. They received a paltry 8 years in youth detention for a crime which shocked the nation and had homophobic connotations.

One of the brothers Ricky Preddie was then released after only four years (half way can that be right?) but was returned to prison after breaching his release conditions. Now surely that should be that? Surely that should disqualify him for any further early release opportunities? Well no not in the justice system run by Ken Clarke and his 'modernising' chums because Rickie has just been given a second chance to casually wave two fingers at the public. Predictably he repeated his original behaviour and has just been returned yet again to his cell.

Now Damilola's father is asking for a public enquiry into this early release and so he should. What's more we should all be shouting from the rooftops about this nonsense. I want to see if we have any politician worthy of the name who will tackle Clarke head on in the House and demand his resignation now that Preddie has exposed his policies as being useless and a danger to the public.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

When will we react?

It is reported today that robbers prized the wedding ring off a 97 year old woman! What will it take for the politicians to sack Ken Clarke get the police back on the streets and punish the guilty with sentences which they will fear!

Since I began this blog the sentences have become weaker, the crimes have become more despicable and the politicians have become increasingly deplorable. When is someone going to protect the public?
This is all down to our membership of the EU who rule everything as was clearly demonstrated over the case of Abu Qatada. They have hoisted us with the European Human Rights Act thanks to the appalling Blair and his even more appalling wife but ...David Cameron promised his British Bill of Rights which clearly was just a vague election promise and never meant seriously. I suppose like his promise to hold a referendum on our membership of the EU.

When you lead a party that actually has an internal party that nobody knows about (Tory Reform Group) then your vote is gained on false premises and you have no right to lead. When you then form an alliance with a rival party with leftish tendencies and call it a Coalition then where is the right wing, nationalist party that many of us voted for? Any loyalty to Queen and country is then dissipated and now does not exist.

And the 97 year old ....well the police sent her flowers ...so of course all is well again! You could not make it up!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Another Fine Mess!

This morning Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric were found not guilty of tax evasion. Now I don't know if their actions were intended to dodge tax but what I do know is that the case appeared rather flimsy. Now I read that this was a police investigation that lasted five years and cost wait for it...eight million pounds! What!?

This is happening far too often. How many times do we hear that the CPS is bringing cases into court that are badly researched and far too costly. I do not know if the reported figures are accurate but bearing in mind the result it does appear that somebody is defrauding the government.  It is high time that the competence of the CPS came under the spotlight and their success rates investigated.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Civil Disobedience!

The only civil disobedience that is allowed in this country is conducted on the blogosphere. Hundreds of bloggers are freely expressing their thoughts so far without government censorship. This is the only playground left for the free thinking, the rebels and the democrats. Stories are exchanged, information is exchanged and intelligence is exchanged.

Many of the blogs I have never read, but one I continually read is Captain Ranty because he is genuine, dedicated and honest. Over the years he has sought out the truth and tried at every turn to educate the public. Today he uncovered a UKIP video which just has to be given a wider viewing. 

We must understand that the political propaganda about the EU is deceitful. Today in parliament our Home Secretary openly admitted that we have lost self determination. Can you imagine if we had read a genuine headline that today 'Douglas Hurd has just signed away your freedom' or 'Today the Queen reneged on her Coronation vows' and it would appear in reality that is what has happened! I know we don't want to hear this...hell my wife does not want to hear it but under the British Constitution this has happened!

Under our traditional laws most of our Parliamentary members could be described as 'traitors'. Their true allegiance is actually to a group of unelected European plutocrats and not to the British public and they call themselves 'modernisers'. The public are now in the grip of the same philosophy which spawned East Germany. We are a one party state (modernisation) backed up by a political police force and a controlled mainstream media led by the BBC (Isvestia).

We have been lulled into this condition by a very well oiled machine which began in Moscow and ended up in Brussels. These people know exactly how to subdue a public and we have allowed it to happen. Nobody wants to protest. We all know that what is happening is wrong and in every living room in the land we secretly grumble but what will force us to forge a future for our kids? What can happen that will make us say 'that is it no more' and are we willing to make it happen before we SERIOUSLY protest?

Abu Qatada and the European Union

Abu Qatada
I am alone in deploring the sight of our  Home Secretary standing in front of our national Parliament wringing her hands and confessing that SHE had no poser to defy the European Court in Strasbourg in a case that directly affects national security?  If ever a case illustrates that we have tamely and cowardly handed over our national security to foreign and it has to be said alien powers it is this one.

They are all in this together. These 'modernising' politicians wanted this to happen. They caused it by selling out to Brussels and Strasbourg and now they are embarrassed that their calumny has come back to bite them so publically.

Now even the densest amongst us can understand that we no longer have any say in our national security. It has gone and unless we pull totally out of the European farce it WILL get worse! We should ignore this appalling decision and just deport him. What are they going to do invade us? Personally I doubt if many would care a jot what happens to this horrible little man in Jordan.

At the same time we should emphasise that we did not sign up to the Schengen agreement which allows freedom of movement amongst member countries and once and for all seal our borders against the tide of humanity from Eastern Europe signing on at our benefit agencies. Then we should weed out all those not working and return them from whence they came.

The Home Secretary won't do any of this. She has a public persona to protect but her mock anger does not placate those of us who have thought it through. It does however once again illustrate the need for the British public to be consulted via a referendum. If these evil political modernisers don't get a grip we will one day face a calamity which will affect us all.

Foreign Aid

Anyone who has read my posts over the years knows that I am implacably against the scam that we label international aid. We have poured billions into this huge black hole much of it I suspect has never reached the intended target. Now at long last one of the recipients of these 'bribes', India, has admitted that they don't need or want this aid as it is demeaning.

Now currently our debt is reported as being one trillion pounds. Annually we pay billions purely in interest so we are borrowing money purely so that we can give it away! This is the economics of insanity. They are debating this subject currently on the 'Wright Stuff' and predictably Lembit Opik, a former MP, supports this colossal waste of resource justifying himself by suggesting that we owe India because of our colonial past. What monstrous rubbish!

How does he justify the money that we give to Russia or China? We, the public are always being told that we must tighten our belts and yet the politicians continue to squander huge sums on dodgy projects. Look at the proposals for a high speed rail link from London to Birmingham. The cost and destruction to the countryside will never justify saving a few minutes on travel for the lucky few who could afford to use it.

When will we breed a politician who recognises common sense?

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Annual Snow Farce!

A snow-plough clearing the runway at HeathrowThe race to the bottom is hotting up! Last week we got almost a week's warning that come Saturday evening we would be under a great heap of snow. Everyone knew it was coming and for once the forecasts were right on target!

Prior to that, amidst a blaze of publicity, Heathrow announced huge sums of money spent on modern snow removing equipment. This was after all the apologies for the chaos they created last year when one of the largest airports in the world could not function because it had snowed.

Now we do have cold snaps in this country but let's be honest this is not Scandanavia, it is not Russia and conditions recently right across Europe have been far worse than they have been at Heathrow. So to cancel flights in two consecutive years because of a snowfall smacks of incompetence.

If the people who run Heathrow cannot cope even though they have had ample warning then may I suggest that they step aside and let someone else try. This country is rapidly becoming a laughing stock across Europe. They are making jokes at our expense. These management boards claim huge salaries so it about time that the government insisted upon competence and regulated to ensure it!

Just to emphasise the point I wrote this last year (and other posts) so I guess nothing much has changed. Are we really surprised?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Are they trying to stop the public travelling?

At my age it never ceases to amaze me how much the British public will accept from a morally bereft government. It does not matter what government we elect the assault on our standard of living continues. For example the cost of travel is escalating at an unsustainable rate. I have just legally repeated the annual robbery which allows me to tax and insure my car.

Somehow the government has quietly raised road tax from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Somehow the government has increased the MOT fee many times above the inflation rate. The scandal regarding 'whiplash' injuries and false claims which pass undefended by insurance companies continues unabated. The slightest 'knock' results in thousands of pounds in 'compensation' and a subsequent huge rise in premiums.

Then we have the spiralling cost of fuel which should be the responsibility of government but is used as a stick to beat the public. The tax on fuel is a disgrace to a modern society but the real disgrace is the lack of regulation on the fuel providers. If you allow them every advantage they will take it.

So let's get rid of our motor vehicle and travel by public transport! Well at one point in our history we had a wonderful rail network which served us all and for a few pence we could board a tram or trolley bus. Today? Well thanks to one Doctor Beeching in the nineteen sixties many of the local rail stations disappeared. Many rural areas do not have public transport because the routes are not profitable. The costs are becoming prohibitive. Rail fares increase annually to the point where annual season tickets must be taken into account before offers of employment can be accepted.

Quite often it is cheaper to fly than to travel by rail but then someone in government invented airport tax and 'green' fuel charges to ensure that you had to think twice before lifting off.

I have a relative who recently had to give up her job because the cost of travel had overcome  her desire to work. She was better off staying at home! Now this really is a national scandal. There has been a huge debate recently about a 'cap' on benefits and some lunatic suggested that the national average for a working family was £26000! What planet are they on? £500 a week is not a cap it is a luxury! They are rewarding the feckless with a decent salary.

So the 'modernisers' continue their evil work and eventually only the rich will be allowed to travel. The working poor will be better off on benefits so they will stay at home. As ever we will sit in our homes watching the destruction of our nation and the loss of our values and shrug our shoulders. Meanwhile in Syria.....oh never mind!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Race to the Bottom!

frankie cocozza fake Frankie Cocozza Fights With Girls At X Factor Party While Winking At Big Brother SlotIt is becoming difficult to weed out a worthwhile subject from the misery that is being heaped on the British public. Day after day we are subjected to humiliation from all quarters. Yesterday I watched the weekly Punch and Judy Show called PM's Question Time where the opposition asks a series of meaningless questions which the PM avoids answering. In the meantime the nation is facing a crisis in industry, the young (those that are employable) cannot secure a job, foreign criminals are committing unspeakable crimes and nobody is even addressing the social breakdown that down here on planet Earth we are witnessing.

We, as a nation, still 'bung' India foreign aid which apparently is expected to encourage them to award us lucrative contracts. It is being reported that India in return for our generosity has just awarded a major new 'plane' contract to France (who don't give them anything!).  Astra Zeneca has just announced the astonishing news that 7500 skilled people will soon lose their jobs. The bad news continues unabated.

In addition we now discover that the war our troops have been waging in Afghanistan which inherently most of us knew was not a great idea has all been a waste of time. So many brave lads killed or maimed and the Taliban (with the support of Pakistan) has won the battle of hearts and minds! We will eventually leave when the American and British politicians want to gain an electoral advantage and nothing will have changed.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary the UK Border Force still find it too difficult to prevent lawless individuals from strolling into this country and committing crimes against us. Even when we catch one he dies in his cell before he can be brought to trial. What is going on? Can we not do anything right? This freedom of movement throughout Europe clearly disadvantages the UK and should be brought to an end. It is yet another example of the EU doing the British no favours.

Everywhere we look the standards that we have held dear for centuries in this country are being eroded. Nothing seems to work like it did particularly in the public sector where some civil service departments appear close to collapse. Common sense has left government and been replaced by hand wringing, apathy and self serving greed.

Everywhere we look life has become a race to the bottom. The problem is we don't yet know how deep the bottom is. I get the impression that it will be a long, slow, painful descent into the abyss. Never mind folks Frankie Cocozza found his way onto the 'Wright Stuff' earlier this week! At least there is some good news!