Monday, 28 February 2011

Libya.. very interesting... but what about us?

The rebellion in the Arab countries seems to have stalled. The pictures from Libya are really graphic but we have yet to see the endgame. What I found amazing was the ferocity of the battle which took place in Libya away from the world's media. These people really had to fight for their freedom and were prepared to do so. The wrecked tanks, the destroyed airfields and the aftermath are shocking.

Personally I don't think that we in the comfort zone of western democracy can contemplate the suffering of the people in these situations and THAT is why the fighting is so ferocious. It has taught me a lesson. Events in this country will have to deteroriate so much more before the people will rebel against the EU (for example).

Perhaps that is the reason that the EU is so confident and the elite socialists can march forward with their jaundiced agenda. They dominate us but they know that we are not yet desperate for change. We are still in a kind of comfort zone which makes us grumble and complain but it is not sufficient to make us really object. One day it will!

In the meantime fuel prices escalate, food prices escalate, energy prices escalate and yet, can you believe, inflation is rock bottom. Nothing has risen to an extent that interest rates respond because when they do the bankers will have to reward savers.  How these bankers hate British savers! How they hate pensioners who saved all their lives for a decent retirement and yet now they are being betrayed.

In the UK everyone is rewarded unless, of course, you have paid into the system for your whole life. Your pension is now at minimum wage level. Frankly you probably cannot face your energy bills. Well yes you can pay your energy bills but then you don't eat!

Nobody ever stands up and says 'Hang on the same people are being clobbered for every tax going!' We have a Political Class that gorges itself on our taxes, we have a Bonus Class that invents ways of paying themselves extravagant rewards and we have a Criminal/Immigration Class which is being given every advantage to claim money from the public purse.

What about us? What about the indigenous population that contributes all this money for the Political/Bonus Classs to squander. We elect all these MPs and yet somehow once they get elected we never get even one who complains about the inequality in our society! Not bloody one! Not a squeak, not a protest, not even a whisper that the pensioners are being ripped off! It is a scandal and one day I will take my zimmer frame to London! 

Saturday, 26 February 2011

You just have to admire the Libyan people!

I recognise that life for us will hopefully never become as desperate as it is for the Libyan people. Hopefully and you notice that I don't discount it, it never will, although we increasingly stumble towards an uncertain future. Having said that can you not just admire how the Libyans  have faced a brutal dictator knowing that their lives were at stake.

I routinely watch SKY news which I find is the best unbiased news service available and it is clear that Gaddafi is intent on genocide. He more than anyone will never retreat (until of course he recognises that the game is up and then he will load a plane with riches and disappear to Zimbabwe of another such pariah state). He will expend as many people as he can without conscience because he is frankly a nutter.

It has always amazed me how our elite socialists, like Blair, Brown and Ed Miliband could even contemplate any alliance with Colonel Gaddafi but of course they have, they did and they have repeatedly demonstrate that, in the pursuit of power nothing is ruled out.

The unfortunate issue is that there is video footage of Ed Miliband cosying up to the Gaddafis (well they have got money haven't they) and now this relationship has been exposed for what it is. It has ever been thus with morally corrupt , unreliable people...they always become exposed.

They have all in their time been exposed. Blair ...I don't even need to address that, Brown ditto, Blunkett...women, Prescott...women,, the Milibands...their father, Smith...greed, Johnson...incompetence (and his missus), how many other elite socialists have vanished after they have been caught out. The foot soldiers always fall foul of the law but Speaker Martin, Stephen Byers, Phil Woolass, do you know you have almost go to be corruptible to get elected for our elite socialists. I hear that the orange wonder Peter Hain got booed on Question Time the other evening because people did not believe his take on arms dealing.

This is getting boring because I think that I have demonstrated the point. While the Libyan people are losing lives attempting to gain their freedom our elite socialists have happily supported one of the most corrupt regimes in the world. The most corrupt of course is the unelected, unaudited European Union which has been forced upon the whole of Europe. It is unsustainable because corruption is always unsustainable.

The EU is totally undemocratic. It will collapse one day but then it will bring down so many countries who, prior to the EU, had sustainable economies. That brings me to another question...who would want to bring down the western economies and who has the power to do so? I guess we are back to the New World Order...and then we have the Libyan people...fighting for an ideal! Bless 'em!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Have all MP's lost the Common Touch?

I sometimes wonder when I watch events like PM's Question Time what the 650 MP's actually do? I periodically tune into BBC in Parliament and I am astonished at how few attend the chamber on a regular basis. As in the days of Tony Blair nothing much has changed. Only a handful of the MPs actually seem to matter. Look at recent events because once David Cameron goes abroad then chaos reigns. Nobody else seems capable of picking up the reins of government. We hire one plane which needed  repairing before it took to the air and one condemned naval warship which fortunately was nearby on its way to the graveyard.

Down here on planet Earth we are actually having a horrible time. Fuel prices are rocketing, pensioners can barely afford to heat their homes, food prices are escalating but there are even more pressing problems. A pensioner dare not become ill or incapacitated because a spell in the local hospital could threaten your life. If you do not have caring relatives you may just starve to death or die of thirst and that is if you dodge the other life threatening viruses lurking on almost every ward.

My question is have our MPs lost all touch with reality? Do they really meet and talk to their constituents? Have none of them got ageing relatives who must attend the local hospitals? Are they all so rich that private health care is mandatory? Do they never monitor the NHS Trusts? Do they never visit an NHS ward without a retinue of hangers on ensuring that  reality is camouflaged? I know that not all hospital wards are guilty but far too many are finding their way onto the pages of the Daily Mail.

Why is it that it is left to crusading papers like the Mail to expose the realities of life for the vast majority of us? Why do the MPs not address the issues in parliament? How can they sit there week after week ignoring some of the awful cases of neglect which are regularly featured? Are they all cowards or are they just disinterested? Does the old adage, 'The working class can kiss my ass I've got the bosses job at last', apply to every single MP?

Sadly it would appear so and that is the leadership that we have come to expect from Westmonster. The crisis in Libya has exposed so much about life in our own country. We seem incapable of leadership! We seem to be paralysed at the first sign of a problem. We have become, greedy, vain and  state dependent which is exactly what the EU wants. The youth of this country, in the past hotbeds of rebellion, have been fed a diet of  platitude.

Now we hear that British government officials have been bribing Libyan officials to 'allow' British citizens to leave the country! It just gets worse and worse. David Cameron is currently live on SKY and he sounds like a Prime Minister but what is behind him? He is claiming that the world is watching the situation in Libya and will react to the behaviour of the Gadaffi government. When has Gaddaffi listened to anyone? As a nation all our military assets are tied up in Afghanistan. We couldn't even defend ourselves against Somali pirates if the need came.

If we listen to Cameron it sounds so organised but if you listen to the people on the ground it is chaotic. All over the media however we have the greedy whingers complaining about lack of  government assistance. I am sorry but they took the dictator's money knowing what he was capable of and now it may be their turn. The risks were obvious but greed overcame their common sense.

This is the problem with blogging whilst watching the news unfolding. It is easy to start on one subject and end up on another. I will finish this post by declaring that it is very difficult to feel sorry for those people who were grabbing Gadaffi's money regardless of the consequences when homes for the elderly are being closed down and the aged are dying in our hospitals through neglect. I suspect that many of the so far fit pensioners are hoarding pills and have that bottle of malt tucked away for the inevitable day when enough becomes enough.

What an indictment on a so called civilized country!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Socialist Elite and the Gaddafi Family!

It is now well documented that many of the Socialist Elite had strong links with the Gaddafi family which are now being strongly examined given the stance taken by the Libyan leader against his people. His rantings are showing him to be what he has always unstable tyrant.

Over at the Guido Fawkes blog he is displaying videos which prove that it wasn't just Blair and Brown who pursued the Gaddafi family money. Ed Miliband also ingratiated himself to the Libyan leader and all of them must now be trying hard to wash the blood from their hands.

This was the man responsible for the Lockerbie air disaster. He supported the IRA for years. He was ever a pariah cocking a snoop at the rest of the world and never has been a friend of the UK. Why then did the Socialist Elite go out of their way to court his largesse. I sometimes think that there is no depths that this crowd will not descend to discredit their country.

There is something inherently rotten about the Elite Socialists. They have an agenda which knows no bounds when it comes to ruining the country that has supported and nurtured them. After watching Guido's clips from YouTube I actually googled Ralph Miliband, the father of the Miliband brothers. He escaped Nazi persecution and came to the UK; the country which saved his life. In return he became an international socialist and appears to have spent the rest of his life trying to tear down the very society which allowed him to survive.

Ralph Miliband appears to have had a warped sense of values which he passed onto his sons. They support a cause. They don't support the country. They have an ideological belief which seems to pervade rational thought. Frankly they are not friends of us the British people and ever since they came to power they have torn down the fabric of our society.

The Elite Socialists have warped British Justice. They have warped British Education. They have warped the NHS. They have warped British Society. They have been responsible for mass immigration, two wars in which our soldiers have been slaughtered and the creation of a benefit culture which enslaves our poor.

They have also created a culture which makes the elderly fear old age. They have created poverty for the people who paid into the system all of their lives. They throw our money at an unaudited, undemocratic, organisation created by the likes of Ralph Miliband to ruin us all. They have no loyalty, no moral scruples and no shame. They don't really know what they want apart from power.

The Socialist Elite are actually the scum of the earth and I will go to my grave trying to expose them! Everything about the Elite Socialists screams don't trust us! The problem is that so many people depend on them for their jobs. They have, like the Rothschilds did many years ago, created a society which is dependent on the government. This is modern is rotten, corrupt and must be reversed.

In order to reverse it we must fight hard. I really don't think that, we the indigenous population, have the stomach for it. We have become soft, complacent and corrupted. We have lost the will to fight but the incomers are different. They know that what we have is worth saving. They have risked loads to come to the home of democracy and now they are faced with another fight.

The difference is that these people know how to fight!  I have the feeling that in the end the immigrants will actually have the courage to save the country from the sons of Ralph Miliband and their ilk.

Is it just me....?

Should the government be held responsible for laying on transport at taxpayer expense to lift the very many ex-pats who appear to have been living and working in Libya supporting the Ghaddafi regime? Surely these people made an informed choice when they decided to go and take the gruesome despots cash in return for services rendered?

Everyone knows Ghaddafi's track record of unstable behaviour so in my book if you take the cash you take the risk. After all the minute that they made their decision to work in Libya they became part of the problem. I just hope that these people paid well over the odds for the government sponsored flights and Royal Navy accommodation because most of them could probably afford it. I can think of no other reason for working in Libya.

We are fast becoming a nation of greedy whingers with little moral compass. We have far too many grabbing money from anywhere and on any pretence regardless of the merits of their salary. I suppose that this stems from the Political Class and The Bonus Class but the nation is suffering as a result. When are we going to see some moral leadership?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Socialist Elite

They do make it easy for someone to expose them!
For a brief and inauspicious period somebody (Gordon Brown) thought that Jacqui Smith would make a good Home Secretary.

She was of course an absolute disaster (like most of the elite socialists) and eventually was outed for claiming expenses for sleeping in her sister's back bedroom but claiming copious wads of cash by lying that she was elsewhere. Then she followed it up by claiming for her husband's porn films and her SKY TV subscription (Gordon put her up to that one).

For some reason, that I will never comprehend, she was allowed to apologise to the House instead of facing a court of law. Perhaps it was thought that it would be bad for the country if a former Home Secretary was nicked but now she has reneged on the deal. Instead of quietly retiring to her country pad thanking God that she had escaped what she really deserved...she now turns up to front a television programme on porn!

This is the modern Labour party in action. Sooner or later they are all exposed for what they are. Without exception they completely lack moral scruple. From Blair to Brown to Mandelson to Prescott to Smith to Blunkett..need I go on...all caught up in scandal after scandal and the the footsoldiers...Devine, Illsley, Chater..the Labour party is a shadow of the party which my grandfather and father supported to their graves.

It has been corrupted by the socialist elite because of greed and avarice. Their moral compass is no more...power is there only aim. They do not have ONE SINGLE POLICY WHICH WOULD BENEFIT ANY HONEST WORKER IN THIS COUNTRY! Please prove me wrong!

Now it will get tough....

Well nobody expected that it would be easy but the reaction of Colonel Ghaddafi was probably predictable. Clearly the rebellion in Libya will cost lives and is already doing so. The trouble with that is that every death turns a whole family against the regime.

Typically back here the immigrants take advantage of the situation to advance on Downing Street complaining that the UK is not doing anything to help!  Perhaps the politicians will begin to fear a backlash of their irresponsible and damaging immigration policy. The British don't take to the streets but the Arabs do...the Africans do...and now thanks to the irresponsible and in my opinion, the treasonable actions of successive socialist administrations there are now sufficient aliens in this country to threaten the very people who brought them here.

Today in the Daily Mail Andrew Green confirms what I have been posting for almost three years. The mass immigration policy was planned. I just hope that when the balloon goes up and thousands of arab demonstrators descend on Westmonster they have an insight into their folly before they are thrown into the Thames!  

Derby County

We lost again tonight at home and once again failed to score. This run of poor matches has taken us from 4th in the league to hovering above the relegation zone. In the loan signing window all but the desperate are turning Derby down. At the moment we either sign players from much the lower leagues or players who cannot hold down places with teams that are below us in the league.

Our manager Nigel Clough is casting around desperately hoping for a miracle and in the championship they don't happen. You get what you deserve! He has bought badly probably because of financial constraints and at the time when we should be looking for experience we are signing cast offs from other teams below us in position and stature. It won't work.

Letting Commons and Moxey leave in the transfer window and not replacing them with like for like was disastrous. I feel so sorry for the genuine fans who follow the team around the country. It is not the end of the world; it is not Libya or Christchurch, but when you are passionate about your hobby it is disappointing, particularly when you are shelling out your hard earned hoping that someone will spend it wisely.

The fans have been let down. Next year our attendances will probably nosedive. The club is in disarray and the American board continue to believe that they can operate without spending money. We need investment. We need to be able to compete with our near neighbours but the gulf in the managerial backgrounds of our manager compared with those of Billy Davies at Forest and Ericsson at Leicester is becoming a worrying concern.

Monday, 21 February 2011

It is irresistible...!

Can anyone have ever believed one week ago that the all powerful Colonel Ghaddafi could be on the back foot? Can we really believe that his people have turned against him? What has caused this Arabian uprising? More importantly who has caused it? An uprising of the people does not happen country after country unless it has been planned, prepared and financially backed.

Did the oil rich sheikhs become too uppety? Were they trying to upset the New World Order? Did they anger the real masters of the world? I am really beginning to suspect that everything is pre-ordained. The mass immigration into the UK was definitely planned so what else has been planned? The destruction of the Euro? It could almost be a quiz show.

So what will happen next? A World War/? China overtaking the States as the foremost world power? The people of Britain becoming poorer than those in Ethiopia?

I reckon ITV could make this a game show. Simon Cowell could organise it. Guess the World Game! Who will fall next? Is Iran safe? What will they do with North Korea? What will happen to Israel (sorry no prizes for that punt)? Will the rebellion reach Mugabe? I tell you what I believe that I have just lost millions by declaring my hand!

I reckon that Ladbrokes could almost be now on my case! World Politics could be the next Waddingtons Board game (oops there I go again). I look forward to tomorrow but then I have to visit my mother in law for the first time in many years. I will never forgive
the New World Order for organising that!

The Banking Exposure!

I have just spent a little time watching this which is a quite scary YouTube video exposing how the Banking Industry and in particular the Rothschild family have inherited the world. I found myself just shaking my head because frankly it makes us mere mortals seem so utterly insignificant.

Give yourselves a little time but stick with it. It sometimes launches into technical language which would have normally switched me off but it really tells it how it is. The only way that we could stop this chicanery is for everybody to take their money out of the banks almost simultaneously. If we all, in a coordinated exercise, marched on the banks and withdrew our cash then I believe they would run out of money (well they would if the fraud that they have perpetrated on us all is true).

The present people's rebellion in the Arab world must have a lot of 'untouchable' people glancing a little tentatively over their shoulders. They have every right to be scared of the people. They are not scared of anything else. Their 'middle management' is being deposed in one corner of their empire. It is just a chink but quite a significant chink when dealing with people who normally control everything! 

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ed Court?

Ed Balls

Ed Balls has been summoned to appear in court for non payment of bills. Apparently he left his constituency office in such a state that it had to be professionally cleaned. Reports state that he has offered to pay the landlord part of the money but the offer was declined; the landlord sounds pretty cheesed off!

Of course it is difficult not to point out that this is not the first time that Balls has left an office in a mess. He really doesn't appear to be very good at sums either personally or professionally.

The point of this post however, is that this man is the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Has he no pride? Even if he believes that the landlord is out of order he left the mess and so he should pay. The very fact that he is quibbling over a few hundred pounds suggests that he is a bit short of cash. Should we really have a man touting for the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer who cannot manage his own finances?

The point that I don't get is that Alan Johnson was clearly useless even before his wife played away, even Ed Miliband's brother  won't serve with him, Ed himself and wee Dougie Alexander and Jim Murphy couldn't recognise a British army uniform and Yvette Cooper is married to Ed Balls!

These are the elite socialists who want people to elect them to run the country! They succeed Gordon Brown and Tony Blair who were supported by people like Peter Mandelson and John Prescott. All of them have track records for misdemeanour as long as their arms and all of them are elite socialists. I won't go on but the message is obvious...the opposition front bench is without doubt the weakest in the history of our nation.

It is escalating.....!

Time is up mate and not before time!

The rebellion in the Arab world continues and is escalating all the time. There are reports on SKY news that the people are now on the streets in Morocco and even Iran. There must be some very scared people around and the guy above should be one of them. He has been a murderous tyrant for decades and has been the force behind many of the atrocities in the world. Only somebody like Tony Blair would think of think as an ally.

Talking about Tony Blair isn't he doing a grand job as peace envoy in the Middle East? One by one his mates are being rounded up and toppled (I actually wrote 'topped' in error but come to think of it...!). Mubarak has gone and Berlosconi has been charged with paying an underage prostitute.  Didn't he keep charming company and you know what they say...judge a man by the company that he keeps.

Reports from Libya state that the people have taken Benghazi despite the importation of African mercenaries by Ghaddafi. The army apparently fled!

It is the situation in Iran however, that interests me. Iran is the major Islamic power in the Middle East. I cannot believe that the Islamic fundamentalists are rioting against their own regime so perhaps it really is a people's revolution. Whatever, I would suggest that what is happening could change the world as we know it.

I just wonder quietly what it might take for a similar event to arise in Europe. I know that the situation is quite different but an illegal, unaudited, organisation cannot subdue the people for too long before some event could trigger off a response from the people. What the arab world has demonstrated to such effect is that the ultimate power lies with the people. It does not matter what the bankers, the polticians or the media think because once the people take to the streets then no army in the world can resist their will. It is a really comforting thought!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Our third world roads...!

Considering the cost of road tax these day are we not entitled to drive on half decent roads? There are holes in the streets of my local town that will damage cars if you drive into them. There are streets where the surface has disintegrated so badly in the bad weather this winter that they require substantial repair. All we are getting are botch jobs when the hole is really serious (you know a couple of guys and a bowl of tarmac).

There appears now to be little appetite to repair the damage caused by the severe weather before Christmas. I know that this will be blamed on the financial situation but I live in a town particularly bedeviled by traffic apparatus. It is clear that for many years the Highway authorities were struggling how to spend their budget so they invested it at our inconvenience.

In my town we got traffic lights, speed ramps, mini roundabouts, bollards every ten yards and parking restrictions. We cannot drive for traffic restrictions. The traffic crawls through and around the town if we are lucky. Mostly it doesn't go anywhere because at every junction there is a restriction.

Last year my wife did a spell of jury service. Every morning I drove her to the railway station and every morning we stopped at the same point while the traffic lights dictated the  traffic crawl. On the Thursday there was no queue and jokingly I quipped, 'The lights must de down'....and they actually were!!  The motorists were so overjoyed that they were being courteous to each other and everyone moved freely. I will never, ever need further proof that traffic lights are unneccesary.

Traffic restrictions cost huge amounts of money. They are unnecessary and expensive and they only serve to ensure that the Highways authorities can rule over you. It is a socialist malaise. They yearn for control. I have a suggestion guys...forget the restrictions and repair the bloody roads. Let the traffic flow! We are all adults and we can make our own decisions. Get off our backs!

The Non Jobs

The Daily Mail is doing a splendid job by relentlessly pursuing the Town Hall lunatics who waste your money by advertising a variety of  shamefully imagined positions while closing down vital services and then blaming Coalition cuts.  It is hard to believe that these elite socialists (and it is generally socialist councils) have such a non existent moral compass that they seriously believe that these are appropriate actions from people elected for public service.

The trouble is that their actions are hitting the very people who they claim to represent. It is the elderly and vulnerable who need public toilets and care homes. The poor and the students use the libraries. The kids use the swimming pools.

The elite socialists, will always buy books, join gyms, purchase private health care and consequently most of them get by without weak bladders and colostomy bags.  The rest of us will have to pee our pants so that they can hire A Roller Disco Coach! it is time that Ed Miliband was asked the blunt question...'Why do you support this lunacy?'
The trouble is that he probably doesn't even realise that he is responsible for all this misery. After all it wasn't him and Ed Balls who advised Gordon Brown to wreck the economy!

The Political Class - the Elite Socialists!

If never ceases to amaze me how thick politicians are if you take them out of their comfort zone. I suppose it manifests itself in their lack of real job experience. So many of the socialist MP's have been privately educated firstly at an exclusive school and then ushered through university courtesy of Daddy's money.

They then sign up as bag carriers for their political masters (they can afford to do it for peanuts) and eventually, if they follow the party line and don't rock the boat, they are handed that golden ticket to a safe seat. They probably haven't met a real person unless they are protected by a lackey who ensures that they don't commit any serious errors of political etiquette.

After all look what happened to Gordon Brown in Rochdale when he decided to actually meet someone in the crowd. He couldn't even remember to de-mike himself!

Well it has happened again and exposes how unreal the socialist elite are when faced with a real situation. It is covered here by Guido Fawkes and is actually quite a shocking indictment on their perception. They couldn't even recognise a British army uniform never mind a British accent! It beggars belief!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Wind of Change!

I think that the mainstream media are protecting us from the full effects of the revolution in the Middle East and North Africa. We have witnessed events in Egypt but the genie appears to be out of the bottle. The oppressed majority are revolting against their elite and they appear to be revolting everywhere. Is this the beginning of a revolution against the New World Order... if it means that some camel dealers decided that they wanted to take over the oil wells... oops!

OK...but it is a nice thought!

How bad can it get?

Every headline is lunacy! Every pronouncement an attack on our society and every day it happens. Today we had those guilty of sex crimes being allowed to appeal against their entries on the sex offenders register. Do their victims get a say on this? You already know the answer.

A guy employs someone who steals from him. He marches him to a police station and he is angry. He now faces financial ruin while the thief gets a caution. Some idiot lawyer quotes that 'You can't have people taking the law into their own hands' ...What f***ing law? Sorry but steam is coming out of my ears!

The apparently crooked leader of Manchester Council who are robbing their citizens blind then claims that the cuts are worse than the IRA bombings. They are so blinkered, so steeped in their personal greed, so bereft of loyalty/patriotism/honour or any of the traditional characteristics of the British people that they have totally lost the plot.

It does demonstrate however that if you offer people enough money then most will succumb to temptation. If you offer kids wonderful exam results for nothing, if you then offer them a great job for nothing then the response will be total loyalty because society will regard them as a success. They will however, deep inside themselves, know people who are genuine successes, people who they can never ever emulate. They know but then they must hope that the king will never be in the altogether.

On the credit side Eric Pickles, the Communities Minister, has proposed a bill to limit local government salaries to £100,000. I just hope that they get it through. Any government fighting against the vast army which the European Union has created in this country has a really difficult fight. I'm still not sure that I trust the Coalition but it is all we have got.

We must fight for an independent United Kingdom...we must fight every day just like Churchill did against Adolf Hitler. To be honest the European Union threatens us just as much as Adolf Hitler did in his day but this is the irony. The European Union also threatens Germany as much as Adolf Hitler did in his day!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ministry of Defence...caring for our soldiers?

Even in my soldiering days and I have now been out of the army longer than I was in it the Ministry of Defence was a byword for incompetence. The principle reason for this is that it is an old boy's officers club. If you have the 'right' background, the 'right' connections and you don't rock the boat then you can engineer a  job at the MOD.

Obviously if you qualify for that job on the first two accounts then you probably don't even want to work at the MOD so only people who generally have failed to make their mark fall back on the largesse of the MOD. Consequently we have a government department generally staffed by a mediocre, but well spoken, population who are used to a level of command.

They have no motivation other than to maintain a certain standard of living and respect so they will generally agree with most stances if the 'right' people propose it. They are pliable and accommodating because it keeps them in gin and tonics. Do you know I suspect that it was one of these people who pushed the wrong computor button and sent redundancy notices to 38 'real' soldiers at the tail end of their military careers.

I too was offered this one year 'permanent' extension to my military career but regarded it as an insult and my second civilian career now supports my wife and I handsomely.
I was fortunate that I had the guts to get out.

The MOD has always been incompetent because the people who staff it are demotivated, complacent and have been protected by their society. The procurement teams at the MOD have long been held a joke because they can be bought for an afternoon on the lash and in particular the Arabs/Africans/Chinese/Japanese/Russians...oh hell have I made my point!!

Nothing will change because these past over Majors need a pasture in which to graze. Occasionally they make a catastrophic error like they did yesterday which affects so many people. Who cares because the people affected are only Warrant Officers and their families who have dedicated their lives to the service of this country? However in my book it brings 38 more experienced guys for the revolution! In the meantime I would hate to enter civilian life in the current climate...particularly if I was over 40!

Care for the Elderly?

What is happening to this country? Have we lost all sense perspective, of honour, of compassion or of common sense? How can people sign up to become nurses, go through the training and then abuse and neglect the people that they are paid to care for. What has happened to the matron, the sisters or the system? Who trains these people and why are they not weeded out?

I am sorry but I have witnessed it with my own eyes and as in education the system has been corrupted to an extent that any decent society would not allow. It is happening in every walk of our society but it is more shocking when it happens to the infirm and vulnerable. Try the NHS method of care for the elderly in Africa and they would be amazed!

Our society is under attack. I blog about it to the point of nausea but it is not getting through. The attack comes from the European Union (I know here I go again) but our society was sane and sensible until this bunch of lunatics got together and organised a governmental coup to undermine everything that we took for granted. The trouble is so many people are still living in the past . They still vote Labour even though the elite socialists have wrecked our local government system by their greed and ineptitude.

My daughter removed my mother from Leicester Royal Infirmary (without any objection from the ward) because she could see that my mother was not being cared for and could be in danger. My mother was at that time 93 years of age. I was on holiday on a cruise ship but my daughter is a veterinary nurse and is nobody's fool. She looked around and realised that the nurses on that ward were frankly incompetent and uncaring. If she could see it then where was the matron, where were the ward sisters and where was the Union to remind the nurses of their duty (Ooops sorry for a moment I was back in my father's time when unions upheld standards and were not purely a political tool).

I personally have great care from the local hospitals but then I am still lucid and articulate. One day I may not be but then that applies to all of you. If you don't challenge the system now then one day you will be sat there peeing your pants because the nurse on reception is chatting to her mates!

Monday, 14 February 2011

My First 'Gig'

Can you believe that I actually did my first ever 'gig' last Friday when I took my keyboard down to my local Sports and Social Club and played all evening (well until 10pm).

It was really daunting and I very nearly chickened out. Fortunately a couple of early evening friends (thanks Evelyn and John) encouraged me to set up and play. It was a daunting experience particularly as the club became packed and the noise level grew throughout the evening.

I learned a lot. In the end I enjoyed it after I had settled but it was really stressful. After a deep breath... I would probably do it again (why?) because I want to entertain. I like the feeling that I have a talent to entertain and at my age that is quite precious. I just hope that I am not overrating my ability. I would hate to become embarrassing but then I would hope that my friends would tell me and I have great friends!

The European Union...yet again!

On Sunday 17 January 2010 months prior to the last election I posted a warning. Now I sometimes think that I go a teeny bit over the top to emphasise my feelings but at that time I wrote that the next election could be our last chance to reflect a referendum on the EU. For example I warned that all our three major parties were in league with each other and the only question that really mattered was ... in or out of the EU!

This of course meant that the British public had to ignore the propaganda which they were being fed on a daily basis by the mainstream media. They had to ignore the hysteria whipped up by the MSM and they were to ignore the mock hostility of the political parties. It continues every Wednesday at Prime Minister's Question Time because in fact all the principles are disciples of the Bilderburger Group an undemocratic new world order power base. Please read it and follow it up because your mind will boggle at the progress they have made.

I honestly believe that people like me are the last bastion of democracy in the UK. Within five years England will cease to exist as an independent country. The writing is on the wall. Political blogging will defintely cease because it will not be tolerated. I have often stated that Brussels was the new Moscow and I had never read this.

From day one I thought that the war in Afghanistan was a stitch up. They were trying to distract the British Army into a war that they could not win. They knew that the guys had limited resources but what do Tony Blair or Gordon Brown really care about the British 'Tommy'. They had their eyes on a far greater prize. Look at their take on the heroic bomb disposal technician 'Oz' Schmid! He was exhausted because the government did not provide sufficient of his ilk and yet at his inquest some total bastard tried to link his performance on a message from his stepson.

I have a funny feeling that we have more in common with the Taliban than we have with the EU. They are in essence freedom fighters and one day our guys will also have to become freedom fighters. I am personally ashamed of what my generation have hoisted onto future generations. We have let them all down.

You have seen what happened in Egypt. I predict that one day it will happen all over Europe. One day Europe will erupt against the EU I just hope that I am still alive to witness it will not be pretty!

One day the guys will return from the 'crusades' in Afghanistan battle hardened and angry. One day things will explode. I have to keep believing that democracy will return for my grandchildren and then they will enjoy the freedom that I had. It may return in time for my great grand children and then I hope that they read this blog and say 'Hey really tried!'

Town Hall Madness! (continued)

Is she worth it? Andrea Hill's £218,592 salary as head of Suffolk County Council prompted angry residents to start an e-petition

    Andrea Hill - CEO Suffolk County Council earns £218,592 per annum

The profligacy of the Town Hall fatcats is fast becoming the scandal of the decade. The sheer waste of council tax income is clearly massive and although the socialist councils are probably the most ingenious in thinking up crazy non-jobs the malaise is not confined to them.

Local government salaries have gone through the roof as the Dail Mail articulates today and there is little doubt that some of the larger city councils are hell bent on scoring political points at the expense of the people who pay their council tax.

The pay off culture is clearly another avenue which allows council staff to milk the public purse but to compensate staff for redundancy with six figure pay-offs is way beyond the bounds of decency. What on earth are the auditors doing these days because I see this as a massive fraud being perpetrated on the public? Someone in government authority must impose some rules. Come on Mr Pickles you said that you would tackle them; it is happening on your watch!

Illegal immigrants allowed benefits....

The Daily Mail is highlighting the practice that was introduced by the elite socialists of allowing illegals to claim sickness benefits and maternity pay despite the fact that they were not eligible for it. This is just another example of how they squandered public finances without a backward glance.

Iain Duncan-Smith, the Works and Pensions Secretary claims that he will outlaw the practice in his new Welfare Reform Bill. Well so he should but he should go further and outlaw the people. 

I must admit that for a short time in my latter working life I spent time on the front line of the local Job Centre. It was never an enjoyable experience but I learned a lot. For example if any foreigner (some with very little English) decided that they wished to apply for a job (any job) we automatically generated them a temporary National Insurance number which legitimised their employment seeking even if we did not check their entitlement to be in the country! I questioned this practice but was told that it was the standard procedure which I was obliged to follow.

This was in 1999 and we now know that it was the practices like this which ignored the invasion of our shores and made Britain the soft touch that attracted such an influx of foreigners many of them so alien to our way of life. We really should be making a bigger effort to weed the illegals out and send them on their way. If the records now show that 155,000 received benefits of any kind that they were not entitled to they should be asked to repay them and in return be granted a one way ticket home. I would go further and surcharge the architects of this policy. It has to be traceable back to someone and it would be a lesson in  the prevention of crime.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Derby County

Sorry here I go again. On Saturday evening over 26000 people witnessed a team representing Derby County play a fixture against Leicester City a team which just happens to be a near neighbour. Ok it is really insignificant when one considers all the other problems that we face as a nation but we all need a recreation and mine is Derby County.

This so called team assembled at hardly any cost did not manage in 94 minutes at home one single shot on the opposition goal. They were humiliated at home! It was appalling! At least five of the team are many eons away from championship standard. I trawl through Nigel Clough's purchases from the nether regions and apart from John Brayford I cannot find another purchase that has proven successful. Bailey, Buxton, Pringle, Anderson, Porter, Roberts, Cwyka, Deeley, Ben Davies etc etc... none of them are up to scratch.

In addition the academy is in disarray. Since he arrived at the club not one lad has managed to break through! Not one kid has been given the opportunity to break into the first team squad. This year they were kicked out of the FA Youth Cup  at home ... by wait for it ...Southend United!

The press ignore Derby County because frankly they are insignificant. There is no news because there is no club. They have traded on the Clough name and we have now all realised that it was worthless. I fear that what these Americans actually wanted was the real estate. They have no interest in the heritage, the passion or the town. Derby County has been sold down the river to people who are refusing to invest in the club.

I expect that this year we may remain in the championship because frankly we have probably three worse clubs than Derby. Next year however will be different. Nigel has signed (cheaply) players who probably won't even survive in Division One. Perhaps he feels more at home in the nether regions but a club with such spectacular attendances deserves so much more.

On Saturday evening we were dire. He had no clue how to change events and anyone who really believes that Ben Pringle (formerly Ilkeston town) is better than Alberto Bueno (formerly Real Madrid) seriously should have a look in the mirror. When I view the passion of managers like Billy Davies, Owen Coyle and Ian Holloway and then witness the sulks of Nigel then I know that we have the wrong man.

However he is not solely to blame. This board is unfortunately unrealistic. They seem to believe that they can accept the glory and the fame and yet not spend any money. Derby are surrounded by patrons who are pouring money into their clubs. We appear to have limited resources but then we have wonderful support . Surely we can attract a patron who will reward this loyalty?  These Americans are poison.

No Alternative.......?

I am becoming increasingly concerned that the public will be unwilling to accept the cuts which the Coalition will impose upon us and forget who caused the problem in the first place. There is no doubt that the bankers have to bear some responsibility for the position that we find ourselves but never forget that the real villain is the European Union and the advocates of their slavish dogma...the elite socialists. The public school educated socialists who for thirteen years have recruited and overpaid an army of councillors, town hall slaves, trade unionists, quangos, NHS trusts, media bosses and police chiefs.

In the process they have also created an army of voters who must vote Labour in order to maintain their standards of living. In some of our more urban areas almost a majority are employed by the state and then of course we have another army who rely on benefits to survive. These include the unemployable, uneducated significant section of the young who have been dragged through a parody of education created by the socialist elite purely so that they can remain in power.

They have also invited a huge army of potential voters into this country from far flung lands and rewarded them to such an extent that we cannot afford to care for our own elderly. Geographically we had a natural barrier to anyone trying to enter our country illegally but somehow the elite socialists managed to weaken our immigration barriers to such an extent that millions of unwelcome visitors were allowed to arrive and stay. It was organised and sustained by our own Home Office.

They destroyed the wealth of the country. They have thrown billions of pounds at an unelected, unaccountable, socialist cartel which has no democratic right to even exist. According to our British Constitution even to sign up to support the EU is treasonable. This organisation follows the same dictat that socialism everywhere buys support. The European MP's make a fortune. It buys silence.

They have ruined the country by perpetuating a myth. They have rewarded milllions by ensuring that they are well paid for jobs which are meaningless. It is unsustainable which brings me back to my first concern. If we decided that the Coalition is not what we want then where do we go from there? To vote the elite socialists back is surely not even a consideration unless of course you have access to their 'free' money. Stand back and look at them. They have no policies to aid the recovery of the country. They do not support the working class who I dub 'The Paying Class' but they do reward the non working class.

If they get back into power this cannot continue. As they admitted 'the money has all gone'. Without public money there is no socialism for this elite group. They only have one plan. They want power. We must resist with every breath that we have and that is my gripe with The Coalition. You have the power and you may only get one shot at this. You could be our last chance. You are not doing enough! Get a grip and fight harder! We have no alternative! 

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Town Hall Madness!

No sooner had I finished complaining about the excesses of the socialist elite who are running local councils across the country than the Daily Mail detailed the depths to which some of them are sinking. You can read it here. It is quite clear that these councils are waging a war against the Coalition government and are quite prepared to make the public suffer to make a political point.

They are beginning to make the MPs look like amateurs in the manner that the socialist councillors and officers are helping themselves to public money. At one time if a councillor or an officer spent money unwisely they could be surcharged and the District Auditor would stringently monitor the expenditure of councils.

Clearly that is not the case in our modern society. We all know that IPSA ensures that the expenses claims of MPs are genuine and necessary but who is monitoring the councillors? If they are going to play this dangerous political game then they have to be censored and the government should set them targets to protect the public.

If a council such as Manchester City Council has proven themselves to be irresponsible then the government should step in to ensure that the public have toilets, libraries, homes for the elderly, swimming pools and decent transport. That is why we pay council tax. I have no objection to paying good officers a reward for good management but firstly they must reach an acceptable target. The attitude of Manchester is crass. We have got to find a way to punish them severely for letting their electorate down even though their concrete brained electorate probably deserve their fate!

The point is that there has to be a minimum standard beyond which councils are not allowed to fall. The Coalition should now fight back, establish that minimum standard and then come down like a ton of bricks if these idiots don't achieve it. It is called government.


What a result for the people but it is only the very beginning. What happens next is much more important. This is the dangerous stage because Egypt is such an important country in the Middle East. Mubarak got the backing from the west because he tolerated Israel. For tolerating Israel he of course got buckets of cash but now he is gone and what happens next?

Everyone in the oil rich states have witnessed what has happened in Egypt. The modern communication system and the Internet means that every goat herder and camel driver has access to this people's revolution in Egypt. There are rumblings in Jordan, Libya, the Yemen and even Saudi Arabia. These oil rich sheiks will need to have a very large army to restrain  their public.

Their political elite have abandoned their responsibilities in the pursuit of greed. However is that not a similar situation in the UK? The difference is that we are not goat herders or camel drivers... but we night as well be because we are being robbed blind by the socialist elite.

I am just reminding our corrupt politicians that they should tread carefully. As yet the young have not been educated on politics but if they can be persuaded to take the interest in their own education to another level and encompass a more, say, general interest, then they could be persuaded to take to the streets...however their leaders at the moment are all part of the socialist conspiracy wrapped around the EU.

The Egyptians gained their victory because they thought independently about their future. They wanted something different and they won. It was not doctrine or dogma which won this victory it was the will of the people and I personally know the will of the British people is not to be ruled by Europe. We must get this message across to the young, fit and able.

They are the ones who will be fighting for everyone's future. The problem is that so many have already died or been maimed in Afghanistan! Funny that? But then why on earth do you think that they were sent there in the first place? It sure as hell had nothing to do with a threat to us here in the UK.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Best Commercial in Europe!

This was voted the best commercial in Europe!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lawful Rebellion

My blogging brother has uncovered a very interesting concept being pursued by some people who are as brassed off with modern politics as most of us are. He has done some research which is mind boggling and you can find it here .

Basically, according to the British Constitution which grew from the Magna Carta, if we believe that Parliament or the Queen are acting unlawfully then we can put them on 40 days notice to put it right. If they don't out it right then it breaks our contract with the state and our allegiance to the Queen. We then enter 'Lawful Rebellion' where we have declared that they no longer have the right to demand, for example, taxes from us!!

This tenet cannot be repealed and stands today as the basis of our law. People are actually going into 'Lawful Rebellion' because according to the constitution the handing over of this country to an unelected body like the EU is actually treason!  The details are all on Julian's blog and he deserves the credit.

I just wonder if it says anything about education being free!! I will be revisiting this concept because it may just be something which even the socialist elite cannot ignore. Could it just be possible that our whole political system is being run illegally? Surely the Judiciary are also aware of this? Have they all just ignored the very basis upon which the law of this country was built?

Jim Devine MP....Guilty!

Jim Devine, yet another Labour MP, has been found guilty of false accounting. According to his colleague John Mann MP there was quite a widespread culture that expenses could be used to top up pay so I ask the simple question.  Why are so few of them facing criminal charges?

Not so long ago the Daily Telegraph conducted an extensive campaign detailing huge expense excesses by our MPs. John Mann is right was widespread and yet somehow so very few have been in court. It would appear that only those who have been unable to cover their tracks have been charged. Some have paid back huge sums. Some have had weak apologies to the House accepted and clearly house 'flipping' and Sky subscriptions are not regarded as criminality.

It should not be covered up but it will be!

Votes for Prisoners!

Defiant: Axe killer John Hirst said he had taken Parliament 'hostage' and boasted MPs were powerless to block his campaign to win prisoners the vote
This is John Hirst, a former axe murderer, who has led a proposal to ensure that prisoners are allowed to vote. He has been given air time by The Daily Politics Show despite being an arrogant, abusive pig. Today he refused to apologise to Priti Patel, a Conservative MP, for labelling her a 'Paki'.

He is actually doing everyone a favour because his objectional behaviour is highlighting the flaws with our membership of the European Union. He was followed onto the screen this lunchtime by someone every bit as arrogant and abusive as himself, Lord Prescott. I cannot think of anyone from the Political Class who epitomises the arrogant bully so well as John Prescott. In his time he has ditched more socialist principles than any other man alive and yet he still gets air time. He was positively gloating today that the prisoners would win the right to vote because the Strasbourg judges can overrule British Law. Our Justice Minister Ken Clarke also agrees with him.

So there you have it, three men all with the same agenda. All three positively delighted that the Human Rights Act has hammered one more nail into the coffin of British Society. All three of them in the same boat and all three reflecting personal characteristics which would horrify decent people.

I cannot think of a better reason for demanding a referendum on the EU and in today's debate our politicians should be concentrating on this issue and nothing else. David Cameron says he fells 'physically sick' about giving the prisoners the vote but he still won't do the decent thing. What is he scared of? What prevents him from broaching the key issue in modern politics?

UPDATE: The Commons has thrown it out! No votes for prisoners. Now the fun will start when the EU commissars try to exact their revenge!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Socialist Elite

jane todd

This is Jane Todd the CEO of Nottingham City Council who are refusing to tell you how they spend your money!  Yet another example of the Socialist Elite who believe that they are above the law. No doubt she also has a salary which exceeds £200,000.

This is an astonishing example of arrogance! It is time that the Coalition got a grip of them! 


I fear for the Egyptian people particularly those in Tahrir Square. The impetus has gone out of their demonstration. President Mubarak is still in power and every day that he remains in power gives him time to recover. According to the Human Rights organisations hundreds have been killed and many more are still being tortured. The freedom fighters in the square are stuck, they are actually 'kettled' with the media and elsewhere Mubarak is retaining his grip.

I have no inside information and no evidence to back up my feelings. I have just witnessed history. If you are going to unseat a brutal dictator then you must be as ruthless as he is. In the Daily Mail today the British proprietors of an hotel in Sharm el Sheik are almost pleading for visitors. They claim that life is back to normal and nobody should fear the situation in Egypt.

That unfortunately is not good news for the opposition. I fear that, when they least expect it, Mubarak will attack and the scene will be very bloody. I sincerely hope that I am wrong. I really hope that I am totally barking up the wrong tree. If I am right however let future generations know that if you rebel then there is no going back. If you rebel then you had better have a plan and you had better mean it.

There was an Egyptian on the news who lives in Bristol. He related that his wife had told him not to come back until Mubarak was gone. I hope she doesn't regret it.

It is my belief that long after I am gone the British people will have to rebel against the European Union and the rebellion will be fierce and prolonged. Let them learn from past failures because when the crunch comes there is no going back. Commitment is vital! A rebellion has to be quick and decisive. Once your momentum has begun then it must never slow down. It is all or nothing. If you hesitate for one second then the state will regather.

I await the end game in Egypt with baited breath.

The Socialist Elite

Sir Howard Bernstein
Sir Howard Bernstein CEO Manchester City Council

There should be a crime on the statute books which deals with the reckless squandering of taxpayer's money. It was, at one time, dealt with by the District Auditor but it would appear that the National Audit Office has fallen into the wrong hands.

Hardly had I completed my post on Town Hall lunatics closing vital public services to protect their excessive salaries and the myriad of inconsequential jobs than this appeared in the Daily Mail this morning. I could not have wished for a better example of the public suffering to preserve the socialist elite in power.

Typically the CEO, Sir Howard Bernstein, earns the usual £230,000 per annum salary (almost double the PM) and has refused the call from Communites Minister Eric Pickles to cut his salary by 10%.   The Council Leader refutes accusations of political opportunism but one only has to examine the reckless expenditure to know that it can only be political opportunism. As usual they protect the 'stupid' and dismantle the 'essential'. It is verging on the criminal but while people in Manchester support this nonsense then I suppose they get what they deserve.

Even so they will pay ever higher taxes and receive just what Sir Howard Bernstein and his socialist elite think that they merit which clearly in the case of Manchester is very little indeed. Fair! Ha!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


This is Meryl Streep portraying Margaret Thatcher in a film soon to be released. It is a stunning likeness and hopefully the film will live up to the hype. The Iron Lady was flawed but she was courageous. She tackled every problem head on, she represented the British people (I know that she confronted the Unions) and I just wish that we had her ilk today.  

The Battle Lines are Drawn...and we are in the Middle!

Even the most apathetic amongst us knows that the local councils are out of control. The salaries of the Chief Officers have soared into the stratosphere under NoLab and the non jobs mainly advertised in the Guardian and all well paid have increased year on year.

This is part of the strategy of the socialist elite to fight The Coalition cuts. It is actually quite a cunning tactic given the average intelligence of the public. They wreck the economy by overpaying their state stooges with money they haven't got, they then deny that we have a deficit and when someone else arrives to clear up their mess they make the public suffer.

None of the overpaid political zealots are losing anything, the non jobholders continue to be employed but the public... well the public...the very people who puggy up the Council Tax which these socialists waste on their cunning schemes..lose public toilets, libraries, swimming pools and anything that these socialists can close to make the public believe that they are being forced into the action.

It is so cynical. It is so disgusting. It is however typical of the socialist machine which is slowly and surely grinding the country into the ground. The strategy is so improper and I just amazed that the public still continue to support them. A new swearword has been coined which seems to be far worse than all the 'f' words and 'c' words put together. The new vile word is 'Tory'. If you are a (spit) 'Tory' then you are pure scum.

A couple of days ago a Tory MP who suffers from cerebal palsy was mocked and abused by Labour MPs at Westmonster. How low can they get but he was fair game because he was a 'Tory'! What on earth the Speaker was doing at the time I don't know but then he has his own personal family problems!!

You must remember however, that the Labour leadership is a very narrow group of ex Public School scholars. They are all toffs! Now that Alan Johnson and Prezzie have melted into the background the rest of them know nothing about the life of the Paying Class. They are all paid up members of the Political Class where anything goes. At the moment many of them are being paraded through the courts for abusing their expenses but they are just foot soldiers.

Our Labour Party are the local officers for a much larger socialist movement run by the European Union. It is a huge and rather scary organisation and we must continue to fight it while we still have this facility because one day blogging will cease. One day it will be outlawed because it is the last refuge of the free. Blogging is the last bastion of democracy so we must use it wisely.

In the meantime don't be fooled. The councils could maintain all the services if they lost their grip on their greed. Everything they close could be maintained if the Chief Officers accepted reasonable salaries. I know that there are reasonable well run councils but they were not the ones that squandered all the money. In the meantime you can bet your sweet bippy that we, the Paying Class, will be the ones who will suffer. We always do but don't complain because you might get arrested.

Monday, 7 February 2011

House Arrest....brilliant!

SKY news has just had a young, black ex-offender on the programme discussing ASBOs, tagging and the government's approach to crime. He is type of lad who the government should be listening to. He was scornful at the idea of confiscating mobile phones and Ipads because as he said they would just go and take somebody elses.  Not realising what a diamond that she had on the programme it took the presenter far too long to ask him the obvious question..."Well how would you limit crime?"

"House arrest", he replied. She still couldn't get her head around his suggestion so he repeated it. "You turn their house into a prison. They are tagged and cannot leave. No meeting mates, no bragging about ASBOs, no causing trouble for the public. Their parents would get the joy of their company all the time."

I laughed because it is so simple! They would go stir crazy! I reckon three months of moping around the house unable to see anyone else would be a hard lesson to learn and when they are eventually released I doubt if they would want to repeat the process. I guess it wouldn't be a joyride for the parents either.

Yes it may have flaws but until we turn our current holiday camps into proper prisons it is one of the better ideas. Today I viewed a list of 105 political 'think tanks' all claiming charitable status and one lone black lad from the streets comes up with a better idea than any of them. I hope someone co-opts him. Sorry but I don't have a name yet.

Lying to Parliament...!

To those of us who are political neutrals and attempt to comment on political matters without prejudice it has been clear for some time that the NoLab administration under both Tony Blair and in particular under Gordon Brown were a pretty shoddy shower. It has now come into the open that they 'facilitated' the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi by negotiating with Libya behind everyone's back and then attempting to cover it up in the House of Commons.

Today, as befits a PM, I think that David Cameron was restrained in his comments although his demeanour reflected anger. As usual Ed Miliband refused to accept the obvious because he was of course involved in this charade. This is the problem with the Labour leadership. Every revelation that trickles out now about their conduct and behaviour during their years in government condemns all of them. They were all in the Cabinet when this travesty of justice was enacted so they must all accept the shame which will surely follow.

I still believe however, that protocol apart, Gordon Brown has some explaining to do. I suspect that someone even now is trawling through Hansard to discover his exact words on this matter. Most of us remember that he constantly washed his hands of any responsibility for the release while we now know that he was doing everything possible to make it happen.

He is still an MP so when the facts emerge someone should insist that he makes a statement. If he had any honour he would resign but of course this is Gordon Brown we are talking about!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Police Cuts!

I see the lefties are making a huge noise about the cuts to the police force.They moan and wail about the loss to society of a police force that they neutered years ago. In my little town (well not so little now that they allowed the university population to explode) we never see a policeman unless they are whizzing back to base in their vehicles.

In the town centre we may occasionally bump into one one of those community whatzits, but an actual policeman...nah...they are rarer than rocking horse manure. At the weekends when the students are in town my generation rarely venture near the town centre in the evenings because it resembles a war zone.

The police long since abdicated their duty of protecting the public. They don't respond to callouts and these days seem to act as uniformed social workers. I spoke to a local shopkeeper two days ago and he confessed that he had no idea who the local copper was and his shop is located close to the most notorious housing estate in the town.

Sorry but until we get rid of the politically correct zealots who run most area police forces then we may as well get rid of all of them. We could then install a machine on the High Street and we could generate our own crime incident numbers by pressing a button!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

The End of Multiculturalism...yeah Right!

David Cameron has his finger on the pulse. I know that because he regularly addresses the fears of the public. Today he spoke about multiculturalism and apparently stated that it was flawed. How long has it taken for him to recognise something that the rest of us have known for years? It is a powder keg! When Enoch Powell so many years ago warned of us 'Rivers of Blood' he could never have envisaged the modern society.

To be honest Enoch would never have recognised the modern UK. He would wander around blinking uncomprehending how his society could have nosedived into the depths into which it has descended.

He would wonder how the Christian faith could ignore its disciples and how the Archbishop of  Canterbury would allow himself to  become a peripheral figure in his home country. He would never understand how a collection of judges from inconsequential and unimportant countries could supercede law in this country. He would never understand how the children of this country could not play on the streets for fear of criminality.

He would laugh at any other government superceding Westmonster because in his lifetime we had fought a war to prevent it. That war had cost millions of lives and nobody but nobody could conquer the UK!  We had a UK Customs Service and a UK passport was a prized possession. Looking back we were so arrogant and so complacent. We were so secure in our history, our heritage and our trust that we never would understand how a Political Class, educated and protected by our class system would ever want to destroy it. What can they possibly gain from the destruction of this society?

We had already had the warnings. Burgess and McLean, Kim Philby and  Blunt were all outed as spies against this country and without exception they were from the privileged class. We also knew that the trade Union movement were linked with the Soviet Union and yet we were still shocked that the TUC commissar, Jack Jones, was outed as a communist spy when the Berlin Wall came down.

Enoch Powell would not have been surprised that the protege of Jack Jones, Gordon Brown, when given the opportunity, actually wrecked the economy of the UK. What he would have been surprised about was that his party, the Conservative Party allowed all of this to happen!

It is late and I have yet to talk about the EU, Common Purpose, New Labour and the mass immigration which would have taken people like Enoch onto the streets. David Cameron knows how to manipulate the media. He routinely addresses issues which concern the public but somehow nothing ever changes. I want to see the Coalition address the problems which concern the EDL. Don't just talk about it change it!

It will not happen because behind all of our ills is the EU. They all know it. Until we get that crucial referendum then nothing will be resolved because until we get out we will never again be in control of our own destiny. For EU read Adolf Hitler! Until we are prepared actually to refuse to pay, for example, our council tax then nothing happens. Gulp! I have to examine my conscience. How many of us complainers will face prison for our principles or for our grandchildren?

I must seriously think about that.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Emmerdale and that theme!

Most people who read this blog know that I am a straight down the middle boring traditionalist. Yes I have strong views about government but generally I like to live and let live. I understand and realise that what rocks your boat is different for all of us. In that respect I will accept any kind of behaviour as long as it doesn't offend.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the homosexual theme which is now pervading Emmerdale. This is a family soap for heaven's sake, broadcast at 7pm when my granddaughters are watching... well actually not watching anymore because mummy is angry.

Now I can understand how minority groups wish to advance their cause. I can understand how these minority groups want us to understand their plight, their feelings and their cause. But... will they not understand and acknowledge that the very thought of any sexual advance from a same sex person is actually totally abhorrent to most of us. We don't want to watch it! We actually wince at the thought of it!

I cannot even contemplate kissing (never mind anything else) another man (other than a Gary Neville embrace) and at my age no other man would even think about kissing me. I will accept that there is a minority group who have different sexual values to the rest of us. Who cares? But I do care when someone tries to parade this in front of my granddaughters as normal behaviour. Someone on the Emmerdale production team has an agenda but it is the wrong platform for most of us.

There it is... I await the flak... but someone had to object. To promote a campaign of same sex sexuality at 7pm in the evening is wrong but that is probably the point. They are waiting for a pleb like me to object. Well ... I walked into the trap because I am almost 70 but I still know what is right and what is wrong and I really do bloody object!!

Side by Side...a warning to all newly weds!

Some guys are just funny!

The English Defence League!

On Tuesday evening I blogged about a young man who, in my opinion, took Jeremy Paxman to the cleaners. He is called Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) and despite a strong, London working class accent he is articulate and can handle the media with aplomb. He is said to be the founder of the English Defence League who are planning to march through Luton town centre on Saturday.

Today Mr Lennon faced Adam Boulton of Sky News and once again refused to be intimidated by the voice of the establishment. In my opinion Boulton is particularly smug and although I love Sky News I don't like this particular journalist who has a rude tendency to talk over and bully people when he thinks he can get away with it.

I know nothing about the English Defence League. I know nothing about Stephen Lennon but he does have the mainstream media concerned and I am not surprised. The problem is that anyone who openly suggests that the rise of Islamic extremism in this country is a problem that must be addressed is immediately attacked by every weapon at the disposal of the mainstream media.

Already I can predict the outcome on Saturday. The EDL will march and hold a rally. They will at one point be attacked by the socialist backed 'United against Fascism' and associated Muslim factions; in the resultant melee the police will arrest as many of the EDL as they can and ignore all the rest. At least that is what they did the last time when the Muslims began openly burning poppies in Luton. Lennon was charged with assault on a police officer but it was clearly a trumped up charge because later it was quietly dropped!

It is this heavy handed, one sided response to a grave problem in this country which is building up support for the EDL. Lennon stated today that we needed a debate on the Muslim issue because it is a real concern to many people who are seeing whole communities turned over to Muslim occupation. The white non-working class have nobody representing them. They are the Ignored Class, left to their own devices with no prospect of advancement and therefore no aspiration.

These are naturally tough kids. Many of them form the basis of the British Army (one avenue of escape from poverty). If they find a voice, if they find a genuine leader and if they begin to unite then I suspect the BNP will soon cease to be a problem. One day Trafalgar Square may become our Tahrir Square unless someone in government has the courage to broach the problem. Someone, somewhere ought to start listening before it is too late.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Council bosses still feeding at the public trough....!

There is growing anger on the Blogosphere at the inability of David Cameron and in particular Communities Minster, Eric Pickles, to impose any form of pay restraint on local council bosses, many of whom still pay themselves in excess of £200,000! I well remember the publicity received by Cameron on the run up to the last election when he committed himself to a review of the salaries that are making a significant dent in local services.

Many of the socialist councils are cutting public transport rather than persuading their leading officers to cut their salaries. It is still one of the worst scandals in the country and yet another Tory promise that has bitten the the bonfire of Quangoes!

These council bosses are really spitting in the face of the public because frankly they contribute very little to the economy in comparison to the private sector and nobody in local government should be paid more than the PM. It is a waste of council tax particularly in this age of austerity which came about because of people like them.

And Politicians talk about fairness....!

I have just received the following E-Mail which is obviously doing the rounds. I have no idea if the figures quoted are correct but why circulate this type of protest if they are not correct? It is obviously being kept secret by the mainstream media because frankly it is a scandal of such epic proportions that it shames every politician in the country.

'Where did we go wrong ?
We're "broke" and can't help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc.,?????????
Are you aware of the following?
The British Government provides the following financial assistance: -

BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONER Weekly allowance £100


BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONER Weekly Spouse allowance £25


BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONER Additional weekly hardship allowance £0;00

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS / REFUGEES LIVING IN BRITAIN Additional weekly hardship allowance £100


Please read all and then forward to all your contacts so that we can lobby for a decent aged pension.
After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years.

Sad isn't it?'

Can anyone confirm these figures?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Egypt...will it catch on?

My goodness the images from Egypt are horrific! The people are desperate and the dice have been thrown. It would appear that the treacherous President has thrown in a 'rent-a crowd' after days of dithering. He is buying time but if he continues this policy he will definitely end up keeping company with the crocs in the Nile.

Some day soon the people will decide that they have been restrained too long. They have tried to be reasonable and I reckon they will soon descend on Mubarak himself. When the people build up the courage to take to the streets then anything is possible.
I see David Cameron live on TV condemning the violence but he does not condemn the reason for the violence.

What is happening in Egypt can happen anywhere..if people get angry enough, if they are frustrated enough, if they are denied legitimate democracy and if nobody listens to them!

We have had students on the streets but what would we do if a million pensioners descended on our capital and refused to let the traffic move? Pensioners probably have more to gripe about than anyone. The average pensioner has contributed sufficient tax in their lifetime to ensure a decent standard of living but in return they receive a pittance.

I salivate over a pensioner's revolution in our country because what would the police do? If Aunty Gladys linked arms with Grandad Barry how would the police react? They couldn't beat them up, they couldn't arrest a million pensioners and they couldn't allow London to grind to a halt! If it happened one day a month then it would actually constitute a threat almost akin to Cairo but with no violence.

Just thinking out aloud...! Sorry!


I have often blogged about the malign influence that was achieved when immigrants from Pakistan were allowed en masse access to the UK. Now it has been proven that the Tube bombers were actually receiving orders from Pakistan prior to this atrocity.

I gain no joy from blogging the bleeding obvious. I would just like to know who it was who decided that people from Pakistan would be an asset to the UK? Who decided that people from this particular country should come here? We are poles apart in ideology, culture and history. We have absolutely nothing in common so why did they arrive on our shores in droves. The answer is simple ...somebody decided that they should have our taxes thrown at this alien group in the form of benefits.

We really have to get real. There has been a malign influence alive in this country for the past...well how many years?  I have often blogged that someone is trying to wreck our society and our economy. Well the economy is easy but one doesn't have to look too far further to discover who is also behind the attack on our society as well.

The very people who suffer from mass immigration are the same people who gain very little from the so called Labour Party and yet they have a culture which insists that they also vote for them. You see it saves them from actually thinking about politics and the two Eds know that this vote is guaranteed.

I will say it once again! My father and grandfather were  committed socialists and they would turn in their grave if faced with the two Eds! The tube bombers achieved exactly what some people wanted them to achieve. The concept was planned in Pakistan but it was conceived here at home.

I do not blame the immigrants of Pakistan. If I had been offered the deal in their position I would have jumped at it! What a result! I blame the people who conceived this idiocy which frankly means that this country can now never reverse history. We are now stuck with a massive group of people who are inately alien to our culture, our history, our religion, our clothing and our way of life.

I would bet my last sou that the people who engineered this preposterous attack on our society came from the far reaches of the Labour Party. They are no friends of this country.

The Final Frontier!!

This guy is playing with his pet! His name is Chico and the croc is called Pocho! Chico is a Puerto Rican fisherman who saved the croc's life after it had been shot and left for dead! He took it home, like you do, slept with it and fed it up! Chico reckons that he just loves all animals (well he would say that wouldn't he!) and apparently tried to return the croc to got out and followed him home!

Apparently his family was aghast when he first took to the water with his pal (really?) so he had to gain confidence in the croc when nobody was around!! I he was with a huge croc so he sneaked into the water with him!

Surely this is the final frontier? Already we have bonded with lions (remember Elsa and George Adamson ) gorillas and bears. it just goes to prove that if you are kind to animals then they will respond.

It is just that first step which is kinda risky!