Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cowardice... stand up to them!

I believe that when history evaluates this decade then two men will feature heavily as being frankly traitors to the country of their birth. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have systematically taken decisions which were frankly undemocratic. Blair invaded Iraq which was probably just vanity and greed but Brown has destroyed the economy of a major western power.

Why have we allowed them to do this? Why has parliament just acceeded to this heinous pair? Have we all become cowards? Why were they not challenged? Why do MPs from all sides not strip bare the ineptitude of the NoLab leadership? They are useless and we all know it and yet MPs are prepared to tolerate the stupidity of PM's Question Times where the opposition ask inane questions which are regularly ignored.

We really need a revolution. Pop across to the OLd Holborn Blog and he is advocating all kinds of civil revolution. He is right! We (that is my family) recently refused to pay parking tickets because they were unfair. We stated categorically that we were coming to court armed with legal representation and they backed down.

We should all do exactly the same. Do not allow this government to cow you down because frankly it works! Challenge the bastards and they will back down because the system is so stretched that they have no option. Go on try it!

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