Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Climate Control

Have we ever in this world seen such an absolute nonsense as the current climate change meeting in Copenhagen? It is a junket and nothing more! They arrive in their limosines and their jets in an age when conference calls are routine.

Climate change is a political ruse and if it isn't then they have sold it very cheaply. In the meantime we freeze earlier than usual and the cycle of unusual events which have been recorded throughout the ages continues.

How can Gordon the Moron throw so much money at 'climate change' when his front line soldiers are dying for the lack of essential equipment. A fraction of the money that he throws at his political causes would probably save lives but he refuses to even countenance that...and we should know why... but we all know why...Gordon does not respect or want our country to succeed. He is a product of Jack Jones and we should all recognise it!

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