Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A New Year or More of the Same?

The New Year across the world has continued on the same theme of the previous year.  Hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on fireworks whilst people are apparently starving in Africa despite the huge input of Foreign Aid!

I intend to change my life in 2014 and become a UKIP activist.  It is very easy to sit here at the keyboard and pontificate but I have got to get up off my arse and DO something.  Locally here in Leicestershire the political party UKIP is quite weak but we have a man who is trying to correct that.

A few enthusiasts are quietly meeting and we are plotting to upset the apple cart.  We are going to attack Loughborough and meet the public.  We are going to demonstrate to the people that there are people out there who care about this country.

I am really enthused by this because I think that the only way to prick the conscience of the public is to demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm.  We will pleasantly be in the faces of people hoping to make them think about politics. I don't know how many years that I have left on this planet but I have to do something to protest about the Con/Lab/Lib conspiracy where they support the multinational corporations against the public.

They are all at it!  The Labour front bench is bloc-a-chocked with champagne socialists, the Tory modernisers are all Liberal/Socialists and the Lib Dems are...well...ahem...a bunch of social misfits! Bent, twisted, perverted, weird, criminal and traiterous the Lib Dems will be demolished in the polls because the public has recognised that they are not batting for Britain and never will!

So that is my New Year resolution.  I want to make a difference.  In my declining years I want to try and make a change. I may fail but at least I have tried.  

So on that note may I wish anyone who stumbles across this humble blog a very Happy New Year!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

What Has Happened to our Public Services?

On the even of one of the largest and potentially dangerous influx of economic migrants arrving from Rumania and Bulgaria we got a glimpse of the future following a few December storms. It is clear that already the public utility services cannot cope in emergency.

Threre appears to be no continency plans set for unusual weather.  Airports close, trains are cancelled, electricity companies cannot be contacted, roads are cluttered with fallen trees and accident and emergency wards are creaking at the seams with the elderly waiting hours for attention.

Everywhere you look we have incompetence and an inability to cope.  It is Christmas so they all run away and hide.  In the meantime families have been left withour essential services and are just offered apologies and compensation.  That compensation comes from us the, rest of the general public, who got away with it this time! 

But why are so many houses being regularly flooded?  The simple reason is that in their desperation to cope with the wave of economic migration they have been quietly building on flood plains.  They are called 'flood plains' because they bloody flood!

My serious complaints are however, always reserved for the transport industry.  The lack of planning, the lack of essential resources, the filth, the overcrowding, excessive prices and a total lack of empathy for the paying customer would be challenged by any politician with an ounce of integrity.

They continue to fatuously argue about HS2 and a third airport when what they should be doing is modernising our existing railways, cancelling franchises and cleaning up disgusting airports like Gatwick!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Marks and Spencers!

You might comment 'predictably' but I will never again shop at Marks and Spencers.  I will never again visit an M & S store because of their spineless response to yet another Muslim problem. Apparently an M&S employee refused to serve a shopper with alcohol because it was against his/her religion!

This employee was employed to sell the goods stocked by the shop. That employment had nothing to do with any form of religion. Their religion is irrelevant because if you do not want to sell alcohol then do not join a company that sells it!

This is clearly yet another ploy to wind up the British Public and show them that actually they have no power whatsoever!  Some utter clown from some spurious Muslim organisation was allowed to gloat live on SKY television that it was all about multiculturism and inclusiveness and all the other platitudes that these parasites are allowed to use to explain their abusive behaviour!

It is all of course predictable because the British public just have to suck it all up and have absolutely no recourse to any form of national justice.  All we can do is boycott a stupid organisation which has allows itself to become embroiled in this disgusting charade!  Will M&S become the new Ratner...I bloody hope so!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas - christmas Wallpaper

And in the spirit of Christmas have a laugh with this little effort!

Friday, 20 December 2013

New Target - South Sudan!

File:Generals of South Sudan.jpg
Senior military commanders in South Sudan!
The regime changers are rattling their swords again and this time we are back to the Sudan region.  In only 2011 the people in South Sudan voted almost unanimously to secede from Sudan and only became an independent country in July 2011.

Now the Americans are rumbling on the border 'in order to protect the American nationals in the country' and anybody with half a brain can see that trouble is, yet again brewing and the people will be the ones to suffer.  They could not complete their tyranny in Syria so let us have a go somewhere else.

I am absolutely sick of this Obama  administration and their continued thirst for war.  It is becoming clear now that it is America that is the bringing terrorism to the world at almost every occasion. Perhaps the South Sudanese need a brand new American Central Bank!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

David Icke? Nutter or Hero?

David Icke
For many years David Icke has been vilified by the mainstream media.  He has been pilloried and satirized and demonized and yet he continues stoically to promote his almost one man campaign against the international corporations and the Illuminati!

Now I do not pretend to be able to compete with his extensive knowledge of history and bloodlines but more and more I am being drawn towards him on YouTube primarily because predictions that he made years ago are coming true.

David Icke was a sportsman and a prominent mainstream media commentator and he threw it all away to become a 'lone' figure of fun!  He alone went against the tide of global modernization when it was fashionable to support the EU, Foreign Aid and mass immigration.  It is all on YouTube.

The predictions of David Icke that appear in his books, his films and his opinions that were once vilified are unfortunately coming true.  He has a healthy interest in the occult and the history of family bloodlines.  That of course marks him out as a nutter

Now look I am not into religion or the occult but the fight between good and evil, the white swan and the black swan, the cults that exist within the freemasons, the paedophiles and the Illuminati families have been recorded for centuries. It is ongoing!

I sometimes believe that we should be a little more open-minded? Perhaps the century old debate about the occult and the followers of the occult is true!  Perhaps the documented evidence that someone like George 'Dubya' Bush was a member of an organisation called 'Scull and Bones' when he was at Yale University should make us say well ...'Why'?

In the meantime how has David Icke survived?  Perhaps he does not threaten the trillionaires from the Rothschild  family who clearly rule the world (apart from North Korea and so far Syria).
He has probably ruined a normal life for himself which of course is his choice but that took courage.  That took dedication and belief.

If you believe in Christianity then you have to believe that the Occult exists. If you believe that the Occult exists then you must somehow come to the conclusion that you are currently on the losing side! If you have a religious conviction whether you are Christian/Muslim/ or any other religion you are losing out to the Occult.

I am not per se a religious person.  I do not believe in the accepted church vision of religion.  I do however believe that there are forces of good and evil.  David Icke preaches this. David Icke has deep beliefs and he has courage.  Look him up on YouTube because he has been talking for many years.  For example he predicted the current rash of volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes over 10 years ago!  It is food for thought and if you get more curious then check out the families who he believes have the reptilian bloodlines!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Do You Know... I think That you should See This!

An actor called Keith Allen was not happy about the outcome of the aftermath to the Princess Diana death.  He has put together a film called 'Unlawful Killing' which we here in the UK are not allowed to see.  

Anybody else can see this film.  It can be shown all over the world but cannot be shown in the UK.  So it was shown in Ireland and here is the reaction of people exiting the cinema in Galway after they had seen the film. I don't seem able to direct you to the exact clip that I want you to see but hey ho view it all!

I am mortified.  If my conclusions are the same as the conclusions that anyone else could make...given that they have banned the film in the UK.  Then just where does that put the monarchy and almost anything else that we have been taught is sacrosanct!

Where do we go from here? 

Muslims in Iceland?

I do like to research my subject and I had no sooner posted my last when I dropped upon this little beauty!  Why on earth would Muslims want to go and live in Iceland?  Do you remember when they first came to Britain in little inoffensive groups and then began to push for more and more autonomy.

In fifteen years they battered our borders down and now dominate most of our inner city ghettos.  They have completely changed the demography of large areas of our country and I cannot see anything positive that they have introduced to the country.

Now the city of Reykjavik has stated that it can only give one plot of land for the building of a mosque and lo and behold they have two groups of Muslims who both want a mosque.  It is laughable but then we have seen it all before here.  They have done it in Australia as well and in most major European countries.

This is the very beginning of the attack on Iceland which I warned of in my previous post.  These people are probably all professional agitators well versed in law and politics.  I just hope that the Icelanders have learned from what has happened elsewhere.   Vikings pay homage to your heritage and do not take one step back!

Iceland ....Leaders of a World Free of Multinational Corporations?

Back in May last year I posted about the situation in Iceland where in 2008 their banking system had been looted and their financial sector had collapsed with debts beyond belief.  The people and their elected politicians not least their Prime Minister, Sigmundor David Gunnlaugsson, responded by disbanding some banks and jailing the bankers.

Since then they have opted out of the European Union, they have formed only three relatively small domestic banks to keep the economy going and have gone from strength to strength.  They also adopted sensible and pragmatic economic measures to ensure that their economy recovered and prospered.  They now appear to be a very wealthy little nation.

Now here is the crux!  Their politicians served their people.  Their politicians showed a sense of national pride and their politicians were not on the take from the international corporations who have brought such misery to the people.  Their Prime Minister is a Prime Minister and not a furtive corporate leader.

They do not squander millions every day on the EU.  They don't ignore public opinion and continue to donate our money to China, India, Pakistan and Africa amidst outrage. They put Icelanders first and their country first.  Iceland is therefore an example to us all and it is going even further.

Iceland is as aware as most of us are that we are being snooped upon by 'big' government like never before.  They have therefore introduced 'Unseen.is' a rival to 'Skype' and 'E-Mail' based in Iceland.  Potentially this is a huge stride forward in an effort to release the shackles of the huge tax avoiding multinationals.

In my opinion this is genuine leadership.  It is the first instance of genuine, independent, national leadership since the EU was hoist upon us all through the back door.  The Icelanders seem to be determined to make their mark.  I wish them so much luck because I fear that they may need it.  If you have mercenary tendencies you might like to fight for an independent Iceland!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Cheer!

In a radical departure from my normal anti-government and anti-corporate rants let me give you a gift for Christmas.  This remarkable clip was sent to me by my daughter.  I do not know who first thought it up but it was pure genius!  I still feel sorry for the guy who wanted socks and pants!!

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Lies and Obfuscation within the Mainstream media!

They just can't bring themselves around to tell us the truth!  News has been breaking that Nelson Mandela actually died way back in June but for reasons better known to the South Africans they decided to pretend that he was still alive. 

Perhaps too many people actually knew that he was dead to promote the myth of his survival further. This where I got it from and 'The Tap' is also reporting it.  So it has been out in the open for some time but nowhere have I heard it reported within the corporation controlled media.

The BBC at lunch time was still burbling on about the queues of people lining up to view the body.  I believe that if something like this has occurred, for whatever reason, the media has a duty to investigate the reason.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we should throw away the newspaper (apart from the football reports) and seek the truth from the Blogosphere.  I have therefore done something that I should have done years ago.  I have updated the list of the blogs that I visit most often.  Most of them are in some way or other trying to inform you about what is happening in the world.

Add them all together and there are plenty more and you have the beginnings of a truth seeking exercise.  I apologise that my lack of IT skills do not put you directly through to the blogs but Google Chrome in every case has found the right one. I shall be working on this. 

After seeing the spectacle of the three state heads playfully taking 'selfies' at a state funeral I have decided from now on to dispense with titles like President and Prime Minister and call them all Corporate Heads of State because they sure have lost the right to represent me.  The only thing about that funeral that rang true was the beautiful sound of the South African leader being roundly booed by his own people.  Even the corporate media could not drown that out!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Syria the Lies are coming home to Roost!

It is now being revealed that the Obama regime lied to the American people about the sarin attack which killed hundreds in Syria!  Most of us remember Senator John Kerry touring Europe trying to drum up support for an attack on the Syrian government on the basis that they had crossed the 'Red Line'.

Now and most of us knew it at the time the sarin attack was carried out by the rebel forces.  The UK was saved from joining in on yet another illegal invasion of a foreign power by a cock-up in the Westmonster electoral process.

So the point of this post is why were David Cameron and William Hague SO convinced that bombing Syria was such a good idea?  In particular did William Hague not betray his position of Foreign Secretary in his desperate attempts to stage manage a scenario which would please his banking masters?

The problem with trying to cheat on the public is that eventually the lies will be outed.  Eventually the intrigue will be exposed and eventually everyone will know that you were not playing with a straight bat.  You were elected to represent the British people not some group of investment bankers. Time to apologies guys and hope that most of the electorate will forget by 2015! 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Was Mandela all he appeared to Be?

Today at the funeral of Nelson Mandela we saw a round up of all the worlds' thieves and crooks.  In short all the servants of the world's bankers could not resist the opportunity to parade behind the bullet proof screen and pay homage to a man who the mainstream media deify as a saint but who the independent bloggers see in a different light!

People forget the history behind Mandela and his former wife Winnie.  They are tainted by murder and torture this is only one example from informed blogs who refute the legacy of Nelson Mandela.  Here is yet another! I don't know the truth because I am just a researcher.

When I look at the guest list of the people who attended the funeral it made me shudder and when you look at the people that Mandela cozied up to even in later years you begin to think that dark forces are winning the war against the forces of light hands down.

How can Mugabe still attend an event like this? How can the vicious African dictators appear in public when 'Save the Children' appeal on behalf of children who's Presidents have been given billions in  foreign aid from Britain and spent it on fashionable properties in Paris?

Then how can our own PM and President Obama appear taking 'selfies' with the leader of Denmark (a particularly attractive Danish girl that did not please Mrs Obama).  Do they not realise how unpresidential this appears to the public.  Even my imagination went a little awry!

The bankers allowed their servants this event to enhance their profiles.  To some of us it flushed them out.  None of the people behind the bullet proof screen represent the public.  Curiously Tony Blair sat alone at the back.  Well if you sh** the bosses wife you have a limited shelf life Tony!

Enough! But where was Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg, Cathy Ashton, and so many other servants of the New World Order?  Sorry guys only the most villainous were allowed to attend this particular funeral.  Vladimir Putin I understand was not there!  Is that significant?

UPDATE:  Apparently Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg were there!  I should have known.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Why do the Public not understand that Labour has Lost?

When we witnessed the plight of Ed Balls trying to reply to the Chancellor's 'triumphant' Autumn Statement last week the media will have you believe that his career has been destroyed.  When we read of the so called coke snorting Rev Flowers heading the Co-Op bank which has for decades funded the Labour Party.  When we read that Labour and Unite tried to rig the Falkirk By-Election.  When we read that 13 years of Blair/Brown took us into illegal wars and almost destroyed the economy of the country then surely,surely nobody left would be stupid enough to vote for Labour led by a man who politically destroyed his own brother.

Every fabric of my political acumen tells me that nothing about Labour and the Unions is trustworthy.  They are a party of sleazebags almost as bad as the LibDems. Therefore the next election should be fought out between the Tories and UKIP?

Hoewever a recent poll for two key marginals paid for by a UKIP supporter arrived in the mainstream media.  In Great Grimsby Labour are miles ahead (40%) and in Dudley North they are even further ahead (45%) with both the Tories and UKIP toiling approx 20% behind! The LibDems are suffering from the leadership of Nick Clegg (2% in Great Grimsby)!

Just who are these people who are ignoring all the evidence of electoral fraud and sleaze to continue to vote Labour.  Well they don't read the papers, most of them cannot follow politics closely so do we have a lot of people fearing that they may lose benefits?

Many of these traditional working class Labour supporting areas have also been heavily affected by immigration. So  perhaps the immigrants are voting to keep their avenues open and their benefits intact. The Conservative candidate for the 2015 elections is Afzal Amin and since 2010 the Conservative vote has collapsed in Dudley North by 12% where UKIP has advanced to 14%.  The Lib Dems have lost 9% and Labour has gained 6%.

If the polls of these two key marginals are typical then, despite their appalling record, Labour will win hands down and we will once again been confronted by the political lunatic asylum!  It is clear that to prevent this UKIP and the Conservatives will have to fathom out a plan for unity. It will not happen however with David Cameron supporting the EU. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Derby County

We Rams fans have been through the mill for some time.  We had a manager (Nigel Clough) who was appointed from the lower leagues and actually did quite a good job.  He had little financial backing and had to keep the team in the Championship by scavenging from the lower leagues and developing the Academy team.

In that aspect he did a really good job BUT and it is a big BUT, once he had put a team together that was the limit of his ability. Time after time Derby County gained the upper hand and threw it away by negativity.  If Derby scored a goal then Nigel's response was to defend and he never wanted to push forward the advantage. 

His negativity was almost legendary.  He never seemed to have a promotion ambition, he only had a, let us not be relegated, ambition so Derby have stuttered forward for some years since Clough was appointed.  Give him credit but let's get real because under Nigel we would never have reached the Premiership.

The Board were therefore dead right because they sacked him. Step forward Steve MacLaren.  His CV is exemplary.  Look, wherever you want, because football management is a precarious occupation, but Steve MacLaren is one helluva coach/manager.  He was a respected No 2 to Jim Smith and he set up the Rams academy . He moved onto, would you believe Manchester United, where they then won the elusive treble.

Yes Steve was the first team trainer under Alex Ferguson when they won the treble.  He then took on the England job which is a kiss of death and ended up with the 'wally with the brolly' jibe. He then took bloody Middlesborough to the UEFA Cup Final and then guided  FC Twente in Holland where they became Dutch Champions for the first time in their history! 

Suddenly he went wrong (was it money)? He joined FC Wolfsburg who amazingly had won the Budesliga the year before and could not repeat it so he next emerged at Nottingham Forest where he had apparently misjudged the 'situation'.  Steve Maclaren then disappeared out of sight until he turned up as first team coach at QPR under no other than Harry Redknapp! No matter what you think about Harry he REALLY knows his football. If Steve MacLaren is chosen by 'Arry as his first team coach then he is a special coach.

Suddenly Derby County are fifth in the Championship! We are only half way through the season!  The difference between the squad inherited from Nigel Clough comes down to three players. Steve signed Simon Dawkins (who?) and Kalifa Cisse (who?) and then loaned Andre Wisdom from Liverpool!  We have recently signed Michael Keane from Manchester United who is widely expected to replace Rio Ferdinand but I cannot see how this talented central defender can replace Jake Buxton (ex Burton Albion).

Suddenly we are looking up and not looking down.  The record of Steve Maclaren is already impressive but he will add to his record when the Rams get promoted this year. You heard it here first!