Saturday, 31 January 2009

Knife Crime (again)

Despite the reassurances of Jacqui Smith, who occasionally poses as our Home Secretary, the death rate from knife crime in this country continues to rise. She persistently denies that there is a problem and certainly has done nothing to prevent it. Death after death of innocent family men and nothing changes. No Laws are passed, discussed or even suggested which will cut knife crime.

In the meantime if you are walking down a British street even hand in hand with your three year old daughter en route to visit your new born child then you can be a victim. Slash! Take that Mr ordinary, respectable, family man I can stab you because you are nothing. You are not a member of the political class who pass the laws and unlike 'Mugabe' Brown, you do not have 24 hour police protection which will eternally seal you from contact with the people who didn't elect you.

So why are we facing this problem? Take the awful case of poor Rhys Jones who was shot dead by a gang member in Liverpool. The police eventually caught them, the public convicted them and the establishment let them off. They left the court room wreathed in smiles because they had been given derisory sentences purely because this indolent government cannot provide sufficient prisons. It is shocking negligence and just another example of NoLab control. They are the people who established the Sentencing Guidelines Committee. These nameless, faceless, people tell the judges what sentences they can issue! The shame is that the spineless judiciary has allowed them to do it.

The older that I get and the more that I view our society the more I despair for the future generations. In thirty years we have dived into the madhouse with almost a relish. Since we joined the Common Market we have been destroyed from within.

Every principle that we have ever held dear has been destroyed. Heterosexual, stable marriages have been replaced by indolent single mothers or same sex partnerships. Nothing has ever been done by NoLab for their electorate unless you lie in bed all day and then ask the state to pay for it.

So now we have illegal immigrants with knives, disadvantaged, uneducated kids with knives and because we have closed down most of the mental institutes, we also have the criminally insane with knives. Good luck with you next trip to the just might get lucky!

Friday, 30 January 2009

British Workers

At long last the British worker has realised that they are being screwed by the businessmen, the unions and most of all the politicians. For so long they have believed that they have representation in the form of a Labour government. This slavish loyalty to everything trade union and Labour means that they do not have to bother themselves with that boring subject...politics!

Suddenly...they are losing out to foreign workers... suddenly they realise that the game is up! Gordon Brown did not end boom and bust; Gordon Brown was not the economics guru that they were led to believe he was. Tony Blair has sailed into the future worth millions and John Prescott can afford more Jags that they ever thought possible.

In the meantime if they protest like they could in good old pre NoLab years then they come up against the modern equivalent of the Gestapo. The modern Gestapo even dress like the stormtroopers of yesteryear. Welcome to the new world you socialists who always thought that Gordon and Tony were on your side.

Watch what happens if the new protests built around the slogan 'British jobs for British workers', actually gain momentum and begin to threaten dear Gordon and his mates in the House of Lords. I bypass his mates in the House of Commons because Gordon bypasses them.

I still remember the lorry driver's strike and how quickly that evaporated once someone threatened their leader so what will happen now? Some of these guys have so little to lose if they allow foreign workers to usurp their jobs that one or two might go that tad further.

The working class of this country are under pressure like never before. In former years they were organised and driven by their Union bosses but of course that cannot happen in modern times because the unions financially prop up the very same government which is destroying the British working class. The working class no longer have the safety net which prevents them from thinking for themselves.

Somehow the message is getting through that at long last they must stop believing that Gordon Brown and his morons care a flying stuff for the working class. The working class do not therefore have any representation. Their Union fees have been squandered and ended up in the pockets of Tony, Gordon, Jack (Straw), John and Mandy.

Now they witness the ultimate insult that Italian and Portuguese workers can give them the 'up yours signs' and take their jobs. This is because they did not want to think about politics. The Union were there to protect them from this indignity but of course the European Union ultimately controls everything and will insist that anything worthwhile will never go to British workers.

Now when this fact eventually penetrates the several layers of concrete that makes up the average brain of a British worker the fun will start because they are a potent force which has to be reckoned with. Once they realise that Gordon has betrayed them and that the Unions have no real power and care even less then the backlash will begin.

When the British worker realises that they have squandered the legacy of being British and that they are now the bottom of the pile alongside the likes of the great unwashed of Mumbai only then will they reply. Heh and they may be thick and purposely uneducated but when riled they will be once again become a very purposeful force and NicK Griffin is waiting to lead them. Is that a good thing?

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Social Services

I am continually concerned about the actions of our Social Services. Overall their performance has been abysmal when one considers cases that feature in the press. We have seen the performance of Haringey and the consequences of their actions but I have this real fear that the agenda of the Social Services nationally is approaching levels only tolerated by Adolf Hitler and his cohorts.

None of us wants to read about the agony of relatives fighting to retain some proportion of reason when fighting for their rights to remain in contact with grandchildren or close relatives. How Social Services can rule that same sex parents can be better guardians than the grandparents is beyond belief.

Our Social Services act with unprecedented secrecy. They are out of control. They can do anything that they want and nobody is allowed to question them. It is high time that they were held to account.

The Streets of Paris!

Tonight I watched the French confront their gendarmes on the streets of the cities in France. Their beef? They were protesting about their governments reaction to the credit crunch. They believe that President Sarcozy is giving the banks an easy time despite the fact that they let their nation down. Can you believe that? A million people have apparently erupted with fury because they believe that their government has let them down.

Ha! Mon dieu! Those crazy French have once again demonstrated how latin they are. Have they no restraint? Where is their stiff upper lip? Surely they should all quiver like we do whenever Gordon Brown pronounces that he is the best person to lead us to the promised land and the current financial position of this once great nation has been destroyed by his actions.

We will never rid ourselves of this destroyer unless we physically get rid of him. I cannot believe that his own party are prepared to allow him to continue when he is destroying them and our country. Still I suppose that for most of them another eighteen months of slurping in the public trough will set them up for life.

Why have we all become cowards? It is so shameful that the French are showing us the path ahead.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Revolution!

If you trawl the blogs they reflect a great deal of mistrust of so much of the democratic principles that we have been brought up to trust. Apparently in other European countries people are taking to the streets to oppose the European Union but nobody is telling us about it.

Is this the same main stream media reporting that prevents is from knowing that people are voting for the BNP ahead of NoLab?

Those of you who have the time should visit the 'Old Holborn' blog. Be warned however that this particular blog is not gentile because the use of every obscenity ever imagined appears frequently. I cannot be that free of expression because some people know who I am.It does however call a spade a shovel which I will generally applaud.

Northern Ireland

I am watching the news reports of the problems that have flared up between the two communities in Northern Ireland because they have both been awarded the same amount of compensation for dead relatives. What kind of idiot thought that one up? Why should any of them receive taxpayer's money for something that happened thirty of forty years ago?

Is someone also sitting down and deciding that the relatives of all the British soldiers killed in NI should also get a payment? Should the people who lost relatives in mainland England because of IRA bombings also get a payment? This is typical lunacy thought up by the legal profession (as was the Bloody Sunday enquiry) so that they profit from the grief of so many others.

I served twice in the province as a soldier and it was tragic that the situation between the two communities had been encouraged to fester. When one considers the problems in the Middle East and compares that with the peace that has descended on Northern Ireland then we can only hope that peace will last.

It will last because the people want it to last but to bring the extremists back face to face in front of the television cameras was unbelievable. It is mischievous lunacy because nobody can ever agree who merits what above whom.

Get over it folks! It happened and it is over. Don't let the lawyers use you to open up old wounds.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

John Prescott

If ever anybody should be ashamed of himself it is John Prescott. I saw him on television on Sunday morning and I was appalled that we was being given air time. Here is a bully boy who has probably reneged on any principle he ever espoused, cheated on his wife and in my opinion let down every Labour Union member ever born.

For his whole political career he seems to have posed as an old style Trade Unionist and yet could not wait to join the NoLab movement so that eventually he could end up playing croquet on the lawn of a posh house.

His appearance indicates that he has for years gorged himself, probably at public expense and now he opens a blog. He has listed 50 NoLab achievements for which he seems proud. The problem is that most of them are fictitious or can be purely attributed to spin. OK there is some factual content but it is actually miniscule in comparison to what he says they actually achieved. One cannot believe claims that can only be confirmed by NoLab stats.

In my opinion John Prescott is a bad 'un and will eventually be outed by history. In the meantime I only hope that he will disappear from public view and enjoy the millions that he has made from being a public servant. Not a bad lifestyle for someone who was once a ship's steward.

I have been very careful on how I have worded some of this because old style Labourite bully boys can be very vindictive!

The Motor Industry

Today I hear that Lord Mandelsson has announced financial aid for the motor industry. Now don't get me wrong because I understand how many people rely on the motor industry for jobs but is the principle right?

In this country we have paid over the odds for cars for as long as I can remember. The same vehicles that we bought here cost thousands less on the continent. As a serviceman I bought a new car in Germany just prior to attending a promotion course in UK. I collected the car on my journey home and the customs people nearly had a dicky fit at Dover. The reason being of course that it had cost so much less and they thought that I was trying to import it illegally.

When we first dipped our toe into the Common Market many of us were led to believe that we would have parity with Europe on prices for vehicles etc! Ha! We soon discovered that the UK would never benefit from the Common Market and ultimately many of our traditional industries would be decimated.

That apart the Motor Industry has benefited for a long time by our decent standard of living and throughout continued to produce sleek machines which gobbled fuel, were for a long time insecure but could reach speeds unsuitable for our over regulated road system.

No attempt was made to produce cheap, urban friendly, environmentally acceptable people carriers. No they continued to support the OPEC countries and overproduce their monsters. Now they are faced with a crisis largely of their own making. They have acres of car parks filled with vehicles that they can't sell because of their short sighted policies.

I get no joy from seeing people lose their jobs. Things are not going to get much better under a PM who has lost the plot but sometimes... hard times carry a message.
I do hope that the banks, our major industries and most of all the politicians are learning from their mistakes in the recent past.

Monday, 26 January 2009

The Gaza Strip

Now I may be criminally naive about the hatred that currently exists between Israel and Palestine. It is obviously at a level that I cannot ever understand but surely this is the chance for someone, somewhere to suggest to Israel who are obviously the senior partner in this showdown, to go back into Gaza.

This time they should transport doctors, builders and engineers. The new task force should quietly begin to rebuild an area so that the people have somewhere to go. When your family has nothing it is difficult to ignore shelter, food and medical supplies. The task force should ask nothing but demonstrate to the world that all they wish for is a peaceful outcome.

They have the resources, they have the means but do they have the will. This is purely a hopeful suggestion which could build bridges in more ways than one.

New Labour Lords

It is so predictably depressing that when some Sunday Times journalists decided to test the integrity of some members of the House of Lords it was the four NoLab peers who tried to grab the money. When these journalists try out a scam of this nature they do not just randomly select their targets. They must have had a fair idea that this bunch were known to be on the take.

Now comes the predictable cover up. Baroness Royall, NoLab Leader of the House of Lords, appeared on the Andrew Marr Show (with stern and serious face) stating that she did not know the details of the story (yeah I'll bet) so she could not comment until all avenues had been investigated (you know the usual guff)... yawn, yawn!

Then of course there will be the usual 'independent' Inquiry which will be carried out on narrow lines set down to ensure that the truth can never be uncovered. They will of course be adjudged to have been been negligent but not dishonest. They will have misunderstood the implications of the questions that they were asked and then everybody will apologise to everyone else and nothing will change. The four will continue to enjoy the good life until the next 'opportunity' comes along.

Champagne Socialists stick together like glue because I believe that they have so much to hide. History will judge them.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

BNP News

Everyone who visits this little blog knows that I am absolutely desperate to change the so called democracy of this country and frankly I don't care how it is done. The traditional parties have everything stitched up so much that if anyone challenges their core values then they are vilified.

The main stream media have representatives in all walks of life. They pose as neutrals but whenever an alternative source of democracy arrives then it is all hands to the pump. This new challenge has to be destroyed in order to maintain the type of government which has brought us almost to the brink of destruction.

Do we need a change of direction? Do we need a change of attitude? Do you crave to be part of the past in order to look to the future? I wish I could do links but I cannot. If you want to hear a different point of view, if you want to hear someone suggesting something so obvious that it is painful then visit the BNP news blog and click onto the Nick Griffin video.

Now look, you will need an hour, so just sit back and listen. Yes I know that he still has the racial overtones but can we argue against anything that he says. Can we argue against his family commitments, his views on the bankers and the community spirit he wants to instill?

If I sit back and listen to Nick Griffin's commitment and then I watch Gordon Brown's pathetic performance at PM's Question Time then I have no qualms about where my loyalties lie. Does anyone want to argue against me?

Friday, 23 January 2009

The above website is almost compulsive because it is so repulsive! They attack anything that is not NoLab simply because they cannot control it. These people are beyond belief in a so called democracy. They wish to destroy any opposition that means destroy debate or challenge or even respect.

If you disagree with any pronouncement that emits from 'Mugabe' Brown's mouth then you are a non-citizen, you are worthless, you are therefore probably a racist, sexist, fascist bastard hater of anything ever imagined. You probably spawned a child with Maggie Thatcher and your views count for nothing because they have the power, the glory and will continue to rule for ever more.

It is unbelievable that there are people, who are still not drawing their salaries from NoLab, who subscribe to this bile. Now I hate to bang on, because I am not a paid up member of the BNP but I want a group of people, any group of people, to shake up the complacency of the political establishment. If the BNP are the only ones who have the organisation, the clout and the balls to have a go then they have my support.

I will reiterate my position. I believe that we should withdraw from Europe, repatriate any person who is here illegally, cease the ancient practice of Foreign Aid, pull the troops out of both Afghanistan and Iraq and then pull up the drawbridge.

We should them concentrate on US! We should forget everything else and concentrate on our very own citizens. Our taxes will then pay for our salvation. Our elderly will live as they should. Our children will be educated everywhere to the same standards that the children of NoLab cabinet ministers are educated.

Criminals will respect the laws of the land which will be upheld by judges who are not squeamish or subject to 'Mugabe' Brown. That means that our police will actually tiptoe back onto the streets and attempt to protect the public which was originally the role envisaged by Robert Peel.

The judges will punish the criminal. That will require a punishment feared by the criminal; you know something like the stocks, in full public view, flogging (Yeah I know that the establishment abhors this practice but it works} and for the bastards who abuse children/kill police and bomb a civilian population then they are gone forever.

Well now you have heard it and so I am now officially an enemy of the state. Everything that I have espoused is against the principles of 'Mugabe' Brown and his cohorts. None of these proposals will ever find their way onto the statute books because 'Mugabe' Brown, wants you to live in fear.

Can you imagine a land where our children can play free from the attentions of their parents? A land where nobody carries a knife for defence? A land where every householder leaves their house unlocked? A land where police were our trusted friend and walked unmolested and respected through the community. The same man who was so trusted that you could actually walk up to him and ask him the time?

That was my childhood folks and I want it back for my grandchildren. That is the only reason that I support the BNP (and I do not contribute to their cause but I should) because they are the only party who will make the unpopular decisions which will turn the clock back.

Britain is no longer a democracy, it is run by Europe and the NoLab lackies who deny us democracy will eventually learn their fate. Beware however because this crowd who drink at the fountain of luxury will not give it up easily. I think that eventually we will have to fight for our freedom. Prepare to Arm!

UPDATE: Yeah it was late when I blogged this but in the cold harsh light of dawn I will change nothing.

East Wickham, Bexley, Kent

Most of us probably didn't know it but a By-Election took place in a part of Kent yesterday and I haven't seen anyone reporting the results. Now I know the reason for this because the result was as follows:-

Conservatives 798
BNP 790
Labour 700
Lib Dems 564
English Dems 128

In recent times this trend has been confirmed elsewhere but is not being reported. For the BNP to beat NoLab and fail by only 8 votes to topple the Tories could be described almost as a sensation! I wonder how many of those who voted for the English Dems now wish they had had the guts to go all the way.

I still believe that there will be three parties fighting the next election but the third one will not be the LibDems who are now almost irrelevant since Nick Clegg came to power. The third party will be the BNP and once they get a toehold then the band wagon will start to roll born out by the frustration of the native electorate!

UPDATE: I have since discovered that a similar result happened at the other end of the country in Cumbria and was again not reported by the mainstream media. I am thinking that if we ever get a national ballot then it could be very interesting. The political establishment must be quaking in their shoes. Apparently the BNP are so aware of electoral fraud that they are guarding the ballot boxes from the poll station to the counting house! Can this really happen in Britain? My coining of the nickname 'Mugabe' Brown may be much closer to the truth that we ever could imagine! Could the BNP be the only party in this once great democracy that is honest and open? If so why are the British press not supporting them? The term 'racism' has too long been used to stifle democracy.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Kids are being paid to stay at School!

There was a remarkable revelation that appeared on Iain Dale's Diary this week! Apparently his ageing mother was being paid £35 a week to stay on at school! Obviously this was the usual cock up by the NoLab subserviants most of whom can probably barely read, write or think.

What is interesting is that this government has concealed that they are actually paying kids to stay school! It used to be called YTS but they destroyed all that and some of it was actually introducing kids to the world of employment. I know because I was managed a really successful IT training scheme which was destroyed by Leicestershire County Council because they were cost cutting. At school they learn no new skills which will give them an advantage when it comes to getting a job.

Education was at one time an advantage but NoLab also destroyed all of that. They dumped the grammar school. which was the most genuine route to social mobility. They never replaced it because they didn't want jumped up clever kids from council estates challenging their authority and challenging the warped values of the unions.

Paying kids to stay at school! What a testimony to this cretinous government! Can they get any lower?

The British Soldier

Anyone who visited this BLOG will know that I have a military background and one cannot ever lose the loyalties that military service brings. I still meet friends occasionally that I hold very very dear and I also know that if I was ever in serious trouble I could turn to them and they would help. It goes with the territory.

There is little doubt however that the current generation of servicemen have challenges in excess of anything that my generation confronted. Yes, we had our challenges like the Falklands and Northern Island but when we did our emergency tours our goals were very clear.

In addition we had a solid and lengthy career path which was known to all. Serve for 22 years and you retired with a good pension and a lump sum which would be a down payment on property. Many of my generation are still living comfortably because of the sensible decisions that we made the mid twentieth century and because we escaped the injuries and fatalities which some of our colleagues received

The boys and girls who serve today are no different apart from one or two little details. Under this NoLab government the service accommodation has been allowed to decay. Marry the girl of your dreams and it is highly likely that she will be billeted in a slum.

If you want protective equipment then it is best that you buy it! The QM is a mite short since Tony and Gordon came to power. The public will not really understand why you are fighting the wars that you are fighting and so when you come home from the sand dunes you don't always get the welcome you deserve. That is changing (I hope) but it has nothing to do with Gordon Brown. I have still not heard of a Cabinet Minister who has visited injured soldiers in hospital.

Now comes the latest blow to the morale of the British soldier from this hopeless and inept government. Imagine this...someone has blown your legs off and you begin the first stages of your recovery to find that the surgeon who treated you has also been forced to treat the guy who blew your legs off... and ... he is lying in the next bed to you!!

This is utterly beyond comprehension. NoLab has taken the Geneva Convention to a new high! The paragraph which says one must treat enemy wounded with respect has been totally misinterpreted. It is an insult to our trooops to award the enemy the same treatment as we reward our own. This is even more insidious becuse the Taliban do not represent a country. They are bloody terrorists who represent a religion not a country and they are fighting their own version of a holy war.

How our military surgeons subject themselves to the policies of a madhouse I do not know. I cannot however attack any surgeon because they do such a wonderful job but I do attack the people the allow the Taliban to contaminate our stretchers!

The Taliban are lowlife and many of them have parents and grandparents who live here and draw social security. If we respect our soldiers then this utter nonsense has to be halted. Patch them up and send em' back but only on the battlefield. For heaven's sake don't give them bed and board because then they will want a war wound like their parents want their dole cheque!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Economy and Gordon Brown

Not everyone agrees with this humble little blog but I have just checked back at what I blogged in February last year (check it out). I am really not that happy to have been proven such a clairvoyant but it emphasises that Gordon Brown is incompetent and WILL ruin our economy. He is now moving closer to not only the worst PM in our history he is almost close to the worst politician!

The British Economy

I am becoming increasingly concerned for my family when I read the economic forecasts that are being bandied around the blogs. Some of them are forecasting dire times ahead for this country because Gordon Brown and the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alister Darling seem to have got their figures wrong.

I know nothing about high finance but experience tells me that the level of personal debt in this country is unsustainable. A whole generation has been encouraged not to worry about money and just stick it on the credit card. Student debt is horrific and someone has to pay for the armies of Civil Servants and non productive quangoes who have been recruited to protect the policies of the discredited and incompetent NoLab politicians.

It is my opinion that, apart from the fuel moguls, the High Street banks are probably the biggest enemy of the general public . For the past twenty five years they have sold things like endowment policies and then just opted out of the the agreements when the Stock Market did not perform as expected. They have charged their customers at every opportunity even though it would appear that some of the charges are now illegal. Their profits are disgraceful and only go to emphasise their greed. Now some of them have blown a lot of our money on an American scam which seemed like easy money but in effect left them in dire straits.

I think that the banks should fund their own disasters but in this instance the government has stepped in and apparently they have committed all of us to a desperate gamble in an effort to save a bank (Northern Rock) from a fate brought on by it's own greed.

This is the crux of the problem. Gordon Brown has been a disaster as a PM. He is all rhetoric and no substance and I cannot think of any other term of government where anyone has fiddled for so long and done nothing. We have desperate social problems! Young feral gangs running around killing honest men trying to protect their families. Cheap booze flooding the streets and in every direction a breakdown of our society never before seen in modern history.

House repossession is sky high, we have rampant unchecked immigration, an absent police force, an incompetent Civil Service, Social Services who cannot save abused children, a transport system close to gridlock, filthy hospitals and all they waffle about is climate change and recycling!

For ten years Gordon Brown has boasted about his financial competence and we have believed him even though we are taxed to the hilt and pay over the odds for almost everything. What happens if he was lying? Everything else is almost catastrophic so why do we believe him on the economy? I hope that I am wrong, I really do, but I have a horrible suspicion that by the time we get rid of NoLab it will be too late. Gordon will dash off to his job in Europe with his gold plated pension in his back pocket and we will be left to pick up the pieces.


The BBC committed itself to supporting NoLab. Even though they had a duty to continue the tradition of neutrality they opted that one of the most prestigious broadcasting authorities in the world would decide to row in with NoLab after Alistair Campbell had his tantrum.

They fear that this government will withdraw their support for the licence fee which allows the BBC board to lavish luxury on themselves. They have unlimited funding thanks to 'ancient' rules of broadcasting which allows our traditional service to claim from the public.

Consequently the BBC lost its neutrality and therefore lost its independence and therefore lost its right to claim taxpayer's money. If they want to support just one political party then fair enough but I do not want to pay for it.

How do the journalists at the BBC live with themselves? For example the BBC's business editor Robert Peston is an embarrassment. He is no broadcaster and he stutters and hesitates throughout any broadcast which takes prime time. He may be an expert in his field but unfortunately he comes across as someone who cannot cut it on television.

I think that the time has come for the BBC to go commercial. They will then learn that the day they compromised their precious neutrality was the day that they lost the right to public money.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

One thousand Visitors!

Just a little smirk before I go to bed. I have just realised that I now have received over one thousand visitors since I began this BLOG a year ago.

I find that absolutely amazing because I carry no advertising, no gimmicks and generally I do not get many comments! All that I do is try to be honest and tell it as it is. I realise that my views can be contentious but they are born out of experience and they are what I believe.

Thank you all for your interest. I am nowhere near as frustrated as I was before I joined the blogosphere! Long live the revolution!

Derby County v Man Utd

OK we lost as we expected. Nigel Clough has been welcomed at Pride Park almost as enthusiastically as Barack Obama was welcomed in America. He has a huge job because frankly many of the players signed by Paul Jewell cannot play in the Championship.

Our first half performance was symptomatic of the problems that we have faced for almost two years. We are weak at the back. Every time that Lewin Nyatanga plays then we seem to be quite solid but drop him and we leak goals. He is a young man who has already gained a lot of international caps for Wales and yet successive managers drop him at the first sign of a challenge.

How any professional coach/manager can rate Gary Teale ahead of Nacer Barazite is a mystery to me. Teale tonight cost us two goals and has been anonymous match after match. He must be a helluva talker in the bar!

I still believe that Bywater is better than Roy Carroll but there are also 'green shoots' to coin a phrase. Giles Barnes is gradually returning, Barazite and Davies are promising and Addison has had a good season so far. We need a leader at the back and predator at the front.

I don't think that we will go down but Nigel has a huge challenge to turn us into a promotion team. The fans deserve so much better and if the owners of the club cannot deliver then they should step aside and allow someone else the chance.

Spinning the Truth!

The market view is that we are all going to hell in a handcart. Everything is collapsing. The Stock Market, the pound and many industries are all going to the wall. All this from a PM who built his reputation on his management of the economy. NoLab must get rid of this imposter but who have they got to replace him?

The truth is that none of them have got any relevant experience. They are only well versed in politics but that is a superficial skill. When the going gets tough we need people with experience and proven quality and NoLab only have people who are good at spin.

Spin can be unravelled and spin is dishonest because spin, the pride and joy of NoLab, will not get you results. The ability to be clever at politics, to bury bad news on any given day, when for example people are dying, will only postpone the hard truth.

Eventually the spinners have to face the facts and then they seem to disappear. Let's look at education. Education is the bedrock of any country. If education fails then the country fails. Many years ago 'someone' decided that the grammar schools were 'elitist' and consequently they were closed down.

The grammar school was the key in the fifties to social mobility. Many kids passed the eleven plus on their way out of council house estates. I know because I was one of them. My parents brought me up in a Council estate but I passed an exam which propelled me to the top grammar school in Derby.

Now Harriet Harman talks about social mobility. What a joke! She of the poshest of posh schools wants social mobility? She knows nothing about struggle and that bast**d Ed Balls who interferes with any attempt to educate our children properly. What a disgraceful crowd of pseudosocialists they are.

They are only good at spin and the markets know it. They have been found out but they still cling to power even though they have been complicit in the worst financial performance that this country has ever seen. We are going bankrupt for heaven's sake and yet what do the do? Do they reign back the banks, jail the directors of the said banks come up with any original or even vaguely interesting ideas? Er no... we just borrow more.

We must get rid of them folks!

Barack Obama

I have refrained from joining the hysteria which surrounded the election of Barack Obama to the office of US President because frankly I cannot see a great deal changing. All though my life I have hear politicians talk about 'change'and rarely does it happen.

The bottom line is that Mr Obama is a politician. If he was going to change the way that America was governed then he would not have got a crack at the presidency. The people who really wield the power tend to steer clear of the headlines. They are certainly not going to allow a maverick, a man who wants to 'change' the way that the people are governed, to upset the applecart.

Yes he may close down Guantanamo because that has run its course but then who gets the inmates. I know who will get most of them because we have already become Europe's dumping ground for undesirables many of who reside in three of our prisons dedicated solely to foreign crooks.

After that what then? A new middle east policy? What does he do about Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan? How can he really change the inttractible positions of those concerned?

I tell you what I wish him well but I do not think he is the next messiah. I don't care that he is black I just hope that he is good!

Monday, 19 January 2009

'Great Britain' and Foreign Aid

I am currently watching ITV news and they always report disaster as 'disaster' because they are not controlled by NoLab as are the BBC. We are drowning in debt like never before and the government have no idea how to save the financial future of the country.

The shares on our major banks have collapsed and we can no longer pretend that we, as a country, have any viable financial future. I know nothing about finance but my gut instincts tell me that NoLab are so far out of their depth that we are all drowning and will soon have to rely on the International Monetary fund for salvation.

And still Nolab pretend that they have clout! Wee Douglas Alexander appeared on TV yesterday pledging to give twenty millions pounds to help to rebuild bloody Palestine! Well to start with 20 million is a flea bite but not when we are told continually that if a British citizen needs something then we are now in a credit crunch.

Even David Cameron promised to 'ring fence' Foreign Aid (along with Education, Health etc etc). The question that I would like to ask is ...if NoLab bankrupt Britain will Europe come to our aid? Will our friends and partners in the European Union charge forward and come to our assistance? Yeah right... of course they will!

We have only ever been important to the European Union as long as we pay billions to support their profligacy. If our economy fails and we can no longer support the economies of Greece, Portugal, Eire, Spain and Italy thenm what happens?

How many countries will go bankrupt because we can no longer pour billions into their economy? In some ways this crisis has been a long time coming and may in the long term steer us into a new era of government and banking.

I really wanted to comment on the above BLOG tonight because I would really like to get involved in their so called 'debate' but as usual there is a catch. To comment on this particular blog one has to 'register'. Well OK I don't mind submitting my E-Mail address and a password BUT...this is NoLab and of course they also want your postcode!!!

POSTCODE!? This is the blogosphere for heaven's sake but NoLab have proven time and time again that they want to control everything and everyone. I cannot comment on their BLOG unless I tell them who I am and sorry Mr Kate Garroway but you can stuff your BLOG where the sun never shines.

I would happily tell you how to harness votes but you would never understand so I won't revisit because you are not worth it! At any rate you have proven time and time again why NoLab spin will never replace honesty. We out here know that this government will go down in history as the worst ever and they continue to stifle debate.

You want my postcode before I can comment on your sacred BLOG.. yeah right!

The Banking Industry TV Show - You decide!

I've just watched Vince Cable speaking in the House of Commons and I must admit he appears to be one of the few people in parliament who has got a grasp of the fundamentals of economics. In order to disguise their part in the economic downturn this government has consistently concealed the extent of the banking demise brought about by the incompetence and greed of the bankers.

They cannot however hide from the fact that they were the government in charge when this was happening and everyone knew that they encouraged personal debt to an unsustainable level. Gordon Brown also begged, borrowed and stole from any source that he could raid to feed the army of supporters that he has recruited to prop him up.

I find it appalling that we, the taxpayers, are being asked to pour billions into this black hole and yet nobody appears to know how deep the hole is. The government should bring the leading bankers to the House of Commons armed with their balance sheets and make them confess live on television what exactly their losses are, how they accrued and what they should have done to regulate it.

We should get a look at these people and then have a public vote, like a real live reality show, to decide who we believe and who merits more money. It is crazy that they have not been exposed and made accountable before they were bailed out with thirty seven billion pounds! It could get better because we could even vote who should go to jail!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Labourlist blog has become the biggest joke in the Blogosphere and is attracting all the rottweilers and quite rightly so. Derek Draper seems to believe that if you do not worship at the feet of the great Gordon then you are not fit to inhabit the planet.

Every adverse comment is therefore consigned to the 'trash can' which has now become, almost like an ASBO, the place to be for the activists of the blogosphere. The 'trash can' on this blog is huge but it is also very interesting.

Every reason that NoLab has lost the confidence of the electorate (unless of course that you 'owe' them) is displayed in the trash can of Labourlist. There are so many complaints, exposures and jibes that our democratic system of government is being turned into a joke. As a country we are rapidly losing our global authority because the real players will soon know that our PM, our Home Secretary and our Foreign Secretary are simply lacking in moral compass.

The banks already know it. They have been bailed out by us the taxpayer and yet they still continue like never before. They have been given money to lend to businesses and prospective homeowners and all they have done is stuff it into their trousers. Gordon is so weak he has allowed them to do it.

This NoLab blog could be the final nail in the NoLab coffin because they obviously cannot handle the reality of exposure to the electorate. There are none so blind as those who cannot see. They must realise that they are all dead in the water but as we all know this crowd will do ANYTHING to retain their power.

In my opinion this government is close to the most corrupt organisation since the exposure of the mafia. They refuse to debate major issues in parliament, they change the Freedom of Information Act in order to exclude disclosure of their expenses and they ban any form of honest debate. Their so called public enquiries are a farce and they have stuffed all government departments so full of NoLab lackeys that nothing is judged any more on meritocracy. Everything is judged on what is good for Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, Mandelsson or Hoon.

They have become ogres and I cannot believe that they have reduced our country to this nonsense. Make no mistake about it the credit crunch is global but it will bite more fiercely here than anywhere else because we have the most incompetent government.

I fear that eventually we will have to resort to social disobedience to get rid of them (we should have done it years ago) but that is because I will be too old to join in. I am still convinced that they will find an excuse to cancel the next election which will mean we will have to seize parliament by force.

OK, OK I am an old fool who knows nothing and but at the end of the day we accept everything and please remember our army is abroad fighting a fatuous war. The army officers are however just political appointees (well do you hear them complaining about the conditions that their soldiers live in) as are the police chiefs who routinely attack the law abiding and ignore the criminals.

The judges are a joke and we must accept that the appointment of a judge means that they accept NoLab policy for financial gain. So now we know that the Civil Service is NoLab, the police are Nolab, the Judiciary are NoLab, the NHS must be NoLab (sorry Mr Adam Scott Consultant Surgeon currently at Leicester General) and because of that we are all being run by people who are happy to be paid to support Gordon Brown.

Everything, everywhere has been subverted to ensure that Gordon remains in power. The opinion polls show that Gordon cannot possibly win the next electon and it doesn't matter when it happens. I hesitate to forecast that the next election will be rigged but I think that it will be.

They control everything so why will they throw it all away!

Gordon Brown - The Jinx!

On his now quite famous blog Guido Fawkes many moons ago began a campaign to illustrate that Gordon Brown was a jinx. It is quite extraordinary that when the PM visits anywhere or meets someone in public then they appear to be cursed. They are numerous examples of it so of course now we are keeping an eye open every time he visits somewhere.

Yesterday photos began to appear in the press of Gordon with Harry Redknapp the manager of Tottenham Hotspur and it transpired that for whatever reason he had been entertained at Tottenham.

I tell you what you couldn't make it up because as I write the Spurs have slipped to the foot of the Premiership and there are reports that Sir Alex Ferguson is trying to hijack a transfer deal that Tottenham had negotiated for Wilson Palacio from Wigan.

Beware the curse of Gordon!

Friday, 16 January 2009 and Expenses for our MP's

I suspect that Kate Garroway is becoming somewhat neglected since her husband has single handedly joined the Blogosphere on behalf of the most hated parliamentary party ever seen in the country. He must be on permanent watch because so many people see him as a target and that even includes some of the NoLab faithful.

A rival blog has emerged this time apparently run by supporters of old Lab and now 'Dolly' has a real problem. Now he is hated by everyone! Not him of course because he is just a servant of the Blair/Brown/Straw/Mandelsson (not always in that order) conglomorate which has served the country in such an extraordinarily destructive manner.

Just think since they came to power everything that we held dear has disappeared. We no longer have decent education for our children, the NHS depends on a post code lottery, NICE means NASTY, banks have become unstable, our army is involved in unwinnable wars but it keeps them busy and our MPs can spend anything that they wish without us knowing about it.

Yes that is it folks, the worst bunch of MPs we have ever elected are milking public funding before they are ejected. Yesterday just one of them saw his election prospects disappear because his own government decided (no public vote you understand) to destroy at least two villages to accommodate a third runway at Heathrow so that the world's rich can change planes.

At the same time this miserable bunch of crooks decided that it would be too much trouble to publish their expense claims! They have decided that the much vaunted Freedom of Information Act which they introduced in a blaze of publicity cannot suddenly include any free information on their expense accounts. Can you believe that hypocrisy?

I have just one answer. If we ever get a free election (not a Mugabe one) then ask each prospective MP to publish his/her expenses (with proof of course)before you cast your vote. If they refuse then you know that they are on the take. Some of the worst are some of the leading players because they believe that they are bombproof.

They make me want to throw up and it is much, much worse that even I can contemplate!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Craig Murray

Tonight I downloaded a book by Craig Murray from the Internet called 'The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and other conflicts'. This is not the first time that I have found Craig Murray but then his blog kind of disappeared and we lost contact.

Mr Murray is that rare being because he became a high ranking Civil Servant with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the Blair years and was not corrupted by the power and economic advantage of his position. He has been threatened so much by NoLab and other related individuals that he has been forced to release the book on the Internet for free. The reason for this is that his publishers have been threatened by lawyers acting on behalf of a millionaire individual, who apparently made his fortune from the Blair instigated war in Iraq.

I have just started to read it and already I realise why those in power must regard Craig Murray as a major threat. He was there in the Blair years when so much happened. I look forward to reading the rest of it and I will update you all but please buy it or download it because we have at long last found an incorruptable man.

Craig Murray is the first person that I have ever discovered who was recruited in the Blair years as a high ranking Civil Servant and was subsequently disgusted by the establishment and who is clever enough to expose it.

Have we at last found a leader? Would Craig Murray form a political Party? Are the people who are honest, law abiding and transparent about to discover a solution?

I fear for his future. He must not shave, swallow pills or go for lone walks in the woods but I wonder if he knows Andrew Gilligan. Perhaps they should walk into the future hand in hand. That way the subsequent reports of their joint demise would be difficult even by this government to deny.

When a very prominent individual has died quietly in the woods then it is surely difficult to repeat the act. After all people might get suspicious that a sane scientist and family man who upsets the government and then takes a quiet walk into the woods and suddenly commits suicide might just be a mite suspicious.

Craig Murray gives me hope for the future but then HIS future is as suspect as any that I have ever met. He is campaigning single handedly about endemic corruption and he needs to be supported. Support him boys and girls log onto his webaite.

Unlike the advertisement he IS worth it!

LOG ONTO THE CRAIG MURRAY WEBSITE AND READ HIM. DOWNLOAD HIS BOOK AND THEN PAY FOR IT! He is the most courageous man that I have ever heard of! Then let us ask him to form the Murray party for people who are honest and cannot be corrupted.

It is a really contentious issue but frankly I want honesty, integrity and accountability in my government. Craig Murray epitomises everything that I hold dear. Unfortunately I am so computer illiterate that I cannot direct you to him but just 'Google' Craig Murray and if you feel that nobody cares then be assured that someone of substance does.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Baroness Vadera

Suddenly an Asian baroness has appeared on our screnes! Who the bloody hell is she? Has anyone ever voted for her? What are her credentials to preen in front of the cameras and pronounce about her vision of green shoots?

How the hell did she become a baroness? What has she done to deserve this honour? Is it an honour any more or just a NoLab way to reward their 'friends'? Baroness Vadera is symptomatic of the way that Blair/Brown/Mandelsson have degraded the honours system and dishonoured the country.

As I watch Lord Mandelsson evades all the questions on 'Newsnight' about the pronouncement of 'Baroness' Vadera that green shoots in the economy are appearing; I shudder for the future.

Lord Mandelsson

I read with interest today that the same journalist who met Dr David Kelly prior to his unfortunate walk in the woods has been investigating the finances of Lord Mandelsson. He seems to believe that there is a considerable shortfall between what the eminent Lord earns and what he declares.

Thanks to Andrew Gilligan the spotlight has been firmly trained on the good Lord who, after all, has form for financial shenanigans in the past. I must admit whenever I see Lord Mandelsson he reminds me of a phrase once used to describe another politician. 'There is something of the 'night' about him'. In other words I wouldn't trust him to help my mother across the road.

This bunch of NoLab leaders, the actual founders of NoLab, are in my opinion a pretty dodgy crowd. Tony Blair had very little when he became leader of the party and somehow has gained millions in his property portfolio. Where does it all come from? Yes I know that they earn quite good money and they cream off disgraceful expenses but to be able to afford property worth millions smacks of something else.

I wish Andrew Gilligan good luck! Just a word of advice mate, keep your pills in the medicine cabinet, your razors in the bathroom cabinet and don't go near the woods!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tony Blair

I have just seen that preening warmonger, Tony Blair, receive his medal for something or other from George Bush! They both know that they have brought misery to millions and yet still the International Authorities refuse to question their illegal war in Iraq.

How can Blair sleep at night? More than anyone else he began the decline of this country and he does not deserve a medal he deserves a jail sentence.

Some day soon the inquiry into the background of the Iraq War must begin. If this country has any self respect or integrity left then Blair, Goldsmith, Campbell, John Scarlett and Gordon Brown should be dragged kicking and screaming in front of a court of law and be forced to explain how they lied about weapons of mass destruction and then they should be...sentenced!

Four Musketeers!

This afternoon I spent something like three hours enjoying myself purely because I was in the company of friends. When one talks about a lifetime of friendship these are relatively new friends. They are locals and have been all of their lives and I am not. They have known each other for all that time and they have so much in common.

I have survived in life's jungle because I had a good education which served me well but these guys have survived through their practical ability and integrity. They swop stories about their lack of academic ability and can laugh at the world because they successfully brought up decent families and made provision for their old age.

There was not one silver spoon at that table, no dark secrets about dirty business methods, none of them I am sure have ever made money by cheating their mates and here we are happy and relatively comfortable. This is the difference between those who are greedy and those who were honest and made families their priority.

I think that our gathering was testimony to a generation who have been lucky but who deserved their luck. We came from a background of toil and endeavour. We can now watch the world recover from hypocrisy, greed and dishonesty. Is it not time that any subsequent government harness the working class ethic that was the platform for the success of our country in the past?

Someday, somebody will ask our surviving did you do it?

The Economy and New Labour

I am ever more concerned that a haggard looking Gordon Brown is losing the plot even more than I ever suspected. He is committed to a course of action which appears, as each day brings fresh bad news,to being a disaster for the country.

On 14 Feb 2008 I blogged the following

'For ten years Gordon Brown has boasted about his financial competence and we have believed him even though we are taxed to the hilt and pay over the odds for almost everything. What happens if he was lying? Everything else is almost catastrophic so why do we believe him on the economy? I hope that I am wrong, I really do, but I have a horrible suspicion that by the time we get rid of NoLab it will be too late. Gordon will dash off to his job in Europe with his gold plated pension in his back pocket and we will be left to pick up the pieces.'

How bad can it get before we the public start to demand a General Election? Why is David Cameron so committed to giving NoLab an easy time? We MUST get rid of NoLab before this country dies on it's feet. Our grandchildren will probably look back on this period of history and say 'What the F*** were our grandparents doing when that Scottish conman was destroying our inheritance? What will history say about us?

Monday, 12 January 2009

Alliance and Leicester

Less than two years ago my wife and I looked around for the bank that was advertising the best rate of interest so that we could deposit money with them. Thank goodness we didn't know about the Icelandic interest rates but that is by the by.

When we opened our account we were categorically told by staff at the Alliance and Leicester that if we did not touch our money for two years they would guarantee us 6%interest. That was a lie and is typical of our banking industry. Today we are barely getting 2% on the same account and so they will lose it. I hate liars!

Gordon Brown has given billions to the banking industry to regenerate the economy and the very people who have almost collapsed the western banking system have grabbed the money and ignored his wishes. He is so weak and his policies are devoid of productive ideas. Today he announced another vaccuose initiative to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for people who have been unemployed for six months or more. Nothing to save the jobs of so many people who are currently losing their jobs!

Where do we go next to protect our savings? Well I know where I am going. I will go directly to Alliance and Leicester and close the two accounts I have with them. The place is run on a showstring and gives no customer service whatsoever. The adverts run by Nationwide who have exposed the banks who 'hoicked' people in with advertised interests rates which they have intention of honouring.

I will now look for a bank I can trust and frankly I will also seek customer service and in my home town the NatWest staff are light years ahead of anything that Santander offers.

The Army and Political Correctness.

The Prince Harry clanger, albeit a snippet of film taken three years ago, took a step forward today with almost every current affairs television programme and all the papers revisiting it. Most of them clearly have no relevant experience of forces life but pride of place for drivel must go to GMTV for their interview with a young man apparently representing a group called The Ramadan Society.

Not even Google could enlighten me on the nebulous Ramadan Society. Now I generally like Ben Sheppard, he is a bloke's bloke but this morning he gave this guy a very easy ride. He allowed this disrespectful young man to rant on about a member of our Royal Family which included a reference that Prince Harry was a racist and should be made to visit Muslim groups in person and apologise!

Now I am not a particularly avid royalist. I often think that Prince Harry behaves like a prat but he is part of the leading family of this once great nation and I objected strongly to the tones that this 'oick' was using (and that is a derogatory term)!

His own racist rant completely backed up my claim yesterday that many of the Muslims in this country, particularly those emanating from Pakistan, have no idea what makes us tick and have never bothered to find out. They have their own agenda and the oick could not wait to take advantage of a situation created by the weak kneed idiots who believe that political correctness can replace efficiency, loyalty and bravery.

Political correctness has never really touched the army. Yes I know that Colonels refrain from mentioning 'Bongo-Bongo' land these days when briefing the troops but the personal friendships are still laced with the most horrendous references of any weakness that can be detected in the guy who sleeps in the camp bed next to you. It is called army humour and is born out of extreme hardship. The kind of hardship which would cause the supporters of political correctness to cry like babies.

One only has to read the Andy McNab books to uncover frequent references to Ragheads and Pakis. It is standard army vocabulary and let's face it the soldiers are fighting Ragheads and Pakis so when the Ragheads and Pakis stop protecting Al Quaida and joining the Taliban then they may gain some measure of respect.

I suspect that the Officer Ahmed referred to by Prince Harry as 'our Paki' had names for Prince Harry which were every bit as rude but then only they know that. If some of these moaning Muslims would contribute to this country instead of attacking it at every opportunity then they might earn some respect. Yes and I do know that there are many thousands of Muslims who have integrated into our community and are contributing. Clearly this post does not refer to them.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Political Correctness

I see Prince Harry slipped up again and the idiots who have ruined our native humour have once again jumped on their own particular bandwagon. What I want to know is when and why is the term 'Paki' deemed to be derogatory. If a person originates from Pakistan is it not reasonable to refer to him as a 'Paki'. What is wrong with that?

I can quite understand that if one is a Hindu or a Sikh then being called a 'Paki' would definitely be offensive. This is because only the people originating from Pakistan would want to be associated with the country. The rest of us generally regard it as a haven for lunatics, not merely because of the conduct of many of their citizens but because their beliefs, traditions and dress are so alien to the British or even to the rest of the world.

I believe that the reason that 'Paki' became an unwanted term was purely down to the alien behaviour of their citizens when they arrived in this country. So many were just unable to understand the new culture that surrounded them that they massed in ghettos and were subsequently rejected. I am sure that this spawned the hatred that emerged in the Bradford race riots and the attack on the London Tube.

The problem is that their alien way of life continues even after all these years. We still see their girls being forced into marriage and they have also been allowed to set up their own councils which hardly encourages them to integrate. Making the word 'Paki' politically incorrect does not change the situation one jot. They are still strange people in a strange country and they hate us for it even though we didn't ask them to come here in the first place!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

A new NoLab supporting blog emerged today. It is being run by Derek Draper, who if my memory serves me right is the husband of GMTV's Kate Garroway, and it has already been panned by the blogosphere.

The reason for the initial bad press is that it was launched with no actual content. It has a long list of people who are expected to contribute but were not ready on launch day. Is that not typical of NoLab? Someone has an idea and usually at great public expense the idea is launched in a blaze of publicity. Then comes Day Two and nobody quite knows what to do next.

This has been the hallmark of NoLab initiative and spin. In the past Civil Servants would have been briefed to ensure that policies were put into place and then administered. The problem for NoLab is that they subverted and politicised the Civil Service so the experienced career Civil Servants were put out to grass and replaced by NoLab supporters.

Now one thing a NoLab supporter can seek out is the main chance to feather their own nest. They will smile, nod and agree at every turn as long as they pick up their fat pay packet at the end of the month. They will slavishly worship at the throne of President Gordon and do everything demanded of them but... please don't ask them to do any work! Don't ask them to impart policies, manmanage, plan ahead, organise or direct because they will not have a clue what you are talking about.

This is the crux of every problem facing NoLab. They can try and change the world but if you don't have anyone of substance who can put your plans into fruition then nothing happens.

The marvel of blogging is that you have freedom of expression. You choose the subject, you state your opinion and then you publish it! I am still amazed that somewhere out there people come and visit this blog. I do not expect people to agree with my views but it is my express right to voice an opinion and if I have not done enough for my country in the past then in this small way I am trying to rectify it.

The problem with Labourlist is that it will be controlled by NoLab. Derek Draper will always be a servant tasked with ensuring that the New Labour Project is forced onto the public. He will have no personal freedom so if he ever has a bright idea then he will not be allowed to publish it until he has run it past the Mandelsson's of this world. Blogging is just not like that... it is spontaneous, fun, outrageous but it is not suited to political manipulation.

I wish Derek Draper well but as I commented on Iain Dale's Diary one cannot defend the indefensible. Some of the bloggists are real extremists and now NoLab have given them an opportunity to release the rottweilers of the blogging world. Poor old Derek will be exposed to real public opinion and not the garbage that he probably hears on a daily basis from NoLab party HQ.

Just remember if in today's climate of economic disaster caused by a PM who once said that a weak economy is a sign of a weak government, you should hear someone praising the New Labour Project then in my humble opinion you should step back a few paces. They are either indebted to the government for an over inflated wage packet, in need of the services of a very expensive psychiatrist or tragically they have lost all sense of reality.

Perhaps tomorrow Labourlist will release content!

UPDATE: The rottweilers have found it and already Mr Draper is fighting a losing battle to keep the comments moderate. The problem is that the more he bans and condemns the unsympathetic comments to the trash can the more fun it becomes! If you
start a blog from such a unpromising position then you just have to accept what is coming and you can't stop it! Blogs cannot be controlled and that is why NoLab will always be useless at it. They don't understand freedom you see.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Sensible Savers!

Tonight at my local club I was asked to Blog about the pensioners and savers (who are largely pensioners)because we are the people who were prudent, lived within our means and frankly we have been shafted by the banking industry.

Good old Gordon and Alistair who, remember got elected on the Labour ticket, have poured billions into the banking industry to save the very people who got so greedy that they almost pulvarised the economy (they probably did pulvarise it but we don't yet know it).

In the meantime the people who have always conducted their affairs prudently (remember that word 'prudence' because it has vague connotations to someone quite close to the heart of the government) are now suffering the consequence of a government that has persistently let down their core supporters. The people who saved for their old age and were promised that this was a bomb proof guarantee of life without penury have been disgustingly let down.

This NoLab government have proven without any doubt that their brand of socialism is purely for the rich and famous. We have never ever had a policy to benefit the savers, the workers, the family or the prudent. It is a national disgrace and should drive so many people into the hands of the BNP.

I would just gently remind Mugabe Brown that there are a helluva lot of us pensioners who have a vote. We are living longer and are healthier than ever before. You are dead meat you Scottish fiend because we did not come through your socialist education system advocating the trashing of everything decent. We are still trying to keep familes together despite your NoLab policies and we will prevail.

In this country freedom is still cherished. The European Union with the collusion of Gordon Brown is systematically wrecking this country and we are paying billions every year for the privilege of their economy wrecking policies!

Gordon stands up almost every week at parliamentary Question Time and trumpets that he will not let people go to the wall. He doesn't mean the pensioner, the family man, the worker or anybody who has played the game because he is only saving the very people who got us into this mess in the first place! He is hell bent on saving the bankers! Is that a Socialist Government?

But then has there ever been a Socialist who actually believed the cause? Can anybody ever remember a Labour member of parliament who believed their socialist principles? Yeah right! Even that great Socialist Tony Benn has his son in Parliament.

I was brought up in a Socialist household, you know people of the Clyde who bought the concept and yet never thought about the reality. Well today now that they are pensioners let them think about what being a Labour supporter has led them. The pensioners of this once great country should have a standard of living second to none.

It has been stolen from them by people like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair who have ruined the country, ruined their pensions and ruined the future that they have planned for years. Every time that the grinning idiot appears on the TV PLEASE remember that Gordon Brown has ruined far more lives than the Israeli army and I do not say that lightly!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Economy and Gordon Brown

I have watched the PM a few times recently and have resisted damaging the telly by throwing something large and heavy at it. I have also resisted the temptation to vilify him simply because it would get a mite tedious. However enough is enough because somehow this egotistical prannock (the nicest non-word I could think up)seems to be on television day after day reciting the same rubbish every time he appears.

Yesterday the great demotivator entertained a guy who calls himself Mr Motivator live from Number Ten. He was trying to portray himself as a decent normal guy but he always comes across a little strange. The false smile, the uncomfortable posture and ths constant references to the GLOBAL credit crunch are never far away(I also see that the tie tying lessons have not materialised).

Today the mainstream media and the blogs are all full of the threat of 'quantitative easing' which is just another term for printing more money. The first person I know who picked this up was Guido Fawkes but I followed up on 6th December when I alerted people that Gordon and Alistair had scrapped a clause in the Banking Bill which forced them to publish how much money was being printed.

I never thought that they would contemplate the economics of the madhouse but here they go, desperate to save their skins and at long last proving that they have no economical acumen whatsoever. It is Mugabeesque in it's stupidity but this is what happens when every policy that they have introduced has cost billions and then failed. There are even plans afoot to tax savers!

It is not the only comparison that Gordon Brown has with Robert Mugabe. Both are ruining their countries, both are power mad dictators who avoid elections at all costs and both in substance and style are utterly repugnant.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Derby County

Now I have been the first to criticise the team I have supported since I was five years of age. We have had highs and lows during that time and I reckon that the lows have far exceeded the highs. In recent years it has been really tough being a Derby fan because despite new owners, new managers and new players we have continued to plunge down the league.

During this time we have suddenly had a remarkable run in the Carling Cup (the old league cup) because we have stumbled and stuttered to the semi finals. We almost lost to Lincoln City and then Brighton, Leeds played us off the pitch and we were then awarded a late penalty to beat Stoke City. In the league we are dropping like a stone so it was really disheartening to be drawn against the World Club champions Manchester United.

Let's face it they have at least two teams of international players who can run us off the park so tonight I watched behind splayed fingers. It did not happen! We at times played them off the park. If I had not known which team was which I would have thought that Derby were the better team. Our goalie did not have a difficult save to make and that was testimony to the defence. With twenty minutes to go they brought on Ronaldo and Rooney and then on came Carrick and remember Tevez, Anderson and Nani were already on the pitch.

To face this galaxy of stars step forward our back four, Andy Todd who never got a game under Paul Jewell and recently returned from a loan spell with Northampton Town.
Paul Connelly signed from Plymouth on a free transfer who has recently been injured. Lewin Nyatanga who came through the youth scheme at the club and at left back Camara who recently was on loan at Blackpool!

The real stars were however in midfield. Miles Addison who also came through the youth scheme was immense all night. He played Paul Scholes out of the game! Paul Green also dominated the midfield and badgered Anderson and Nani at every opportunity but the stars were Chris Commons, Stevie Davies and Rob Hulse.

If you were on another planet and saw the performance of Chris Commons tonight then you would be convinced that he played for the World club champions. Unfortunately he doesn't do it every week. Stevie Davies battled all night and showed that Paul Jewell was right to sign him from Tranmere. Rob Hulse at long last earned his transfer fee.

Nigel Clough, the new manager and son of the legend, must be pinching himself! How can this group of players be in the lower reaches of the Championship? He has inherited a squad of guys desperate to justify their existence. Somehow Paul Jewell could not motivate his signings but he did sign them. Tonight the Youth Academy director David Lowe did what Paul Jewell and Chris Hutchins failed to do - he achieved a miracle!

Perhaps the spirit of Brian Clough lives on! Oh I do hope so!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Nurture Classes

I find that as I get older the more I value the concept of the nation's education. I apologise for revisiting this subject so quickly but I was directed towards it by a Channel Four programme called 'Dispatches' who attempted to highlight the problems in the modern education system through the kids who disrupt classes. They placed this as currently three quarters of a million kids!

Now I know that I have banged on about the sub culture pervading our country and the lack of support/interest shown by our MP's but this is beyond even my belief!

The problem is so severe that the more progressive schools have introduced 'Nurture' classes run by BSAs (Behavioural Support Assistants) and these people run what they call early intervention programmes. In one school 120 kids needed this kind of support.

Now don't think that I am going soft because when I was at school when we 'nurtured' the most disruptive kids with the cane and guess what; it had guaranteed results. If you thought that you were a smart arsed kid then your arsed soon smarted and you realised quite quickly to keep your mouth shut. After that the rest of the class got on with learning.

However we are in modern times and teachers are not allowed to smart the arse of the disruptive kids so how can we ensure that the most disruptive pupils are removed fron the class and reeeducated. I tell you what I was so impressed by the people who have the patience not to clonk the little b******s but to persevere and guide them back into the classroom. It was brilliant!

Then the clincher. The NoLab government who are personally responsible for the little brats who subvert the classrooms are refusing to recognise the heroic work done by these paragons of virtue. The teachers/people who are manning the battlements, the people who are on the front line of failed government initiatives cannot be afforded!

Can you believe it? The people who run the 'nurture classes', the very same people who are teaching vulnerable parents (modern language not mine) to parent... are now being told sorry...we cannnot afford you!

I have a message for all the local authorties and in particular for Gordon Brown. You have caused this mess and now you must pay for it. If, dear Gordon, you want to create one hundred thousand new jobs then here is where you start. You don't start with the non-jobs advertised at huge public expense in 'The Guardian' you recognise the people on the front line who are repairing your faiiled policies. Support the people who now require support. Put the money in where it is required. But then that was never the New Labour Project was it?

There are apparently three quarters of a million kids in need of the 'Nurture Classes' which for any civilized nation is a national disgrace. NoLab will not support this initiative because it does not enforce their aims to subvert the country and will never impose any intiative which will guarantee the decent education of our kids.

They support every crackpot idea which distracts kids from an education but they will never support innovation, enterprise and initiative. The very necessity of 'Nurture Classes' in Britain is an indictment on many years of failed government.
We are rapidly becoming accustomed to mediocrity which will soon destroy us!

Get real people we are under attack like never before!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

English Education

Anyone who has ever visited this blog will know that I am no fan of Gordon Brown or his New Labour project. In my humble opinion this government is hell bent on ruining the country who I love and have served.

Everything that we hold dear is being destroyed. When I was a child I trusted the police. When I was a child I knew that my doctor and the hospitals would treat me regardless of pressure. If I wanted an ambulance it arrived very quickly.

I travelled extensively by rail because my father was an employee of British Rail. The service was never perfect but we knew how much it would cost to travel from 'A' to 'B'. Today I don't even know how to discover the price I would have to pay to get to for example London. Those who have to travel are being milked and I suffer with them.

The government service however that I am really concerned about is Education. I doubt that any aspect of NoLab interference has suffered more than education. Education is paramount to the progress of any country because our children are our future.

Fot forty years now we have seen the decline of English education. Standards have declined so steeply that today the education of our children would have been viewed in the 1960's as a farce and of course it is. The educationalists, the trendy left wing idiots, who have imposed their destructive theories on our children have succeeded because they have never been challenged and it is the fault of me and my generation.

We have allowed this nonsense to continue because neither the Old Labour theorists or the Tories (who of course send their kids to the private schools to thus maintain the differential) seem to care too much about our children. It is a political scandal that none of our current political parties are prepared to address.

We all know that standards have declined to such an extent that the exams of today are a very unfunny joke and that as each generation gets educationally 'better' then grades have to be manipulated to such an extent that 'A' grades have now become 'A' Star grades. The reason being that not all students could be seen to achieve 'A' grades. Despite all the evidence we have allowed it to happen and why?

It is obvious that each parent wants the best for their child. We also know how bright or otherwise our children are, so imagine when the family pain in the neck has just achieved grades beyond our wildest dreams! Instinctively we all celebrate because it reflects on the family and we cannot question the achievements of our kids can we? Nobody questions the people marking the rubbish.

Now the family pain in the neck goes to university. We all know in our hearts that this kid is frankly no student but we have to go along with the New Labour Project because it keeps him/her off the unemployment statistics. He/She then racks up a debt that he/she will be unable to service for very many years to come unless he/she is lucky enough to be employed by Common Purpose (see previous blogs) at a rate of pay beyond his/her wildest dreams!

In the meantime this not very bright child is being exposed to the challenges of life. Now he/she is being 'educated' about drugs, sex and alcohol and of course it has been so successful. The educational programme of sex education has resulted in our kids having the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe. Sexual disease is rife because the kids have been taught about sex by New labour. Well is it not nice to be the best in Europe for something?

Our university students seem to drink themselves silly and the drug culture is something beyond my comprehension. What I cannot understand is that this NoLab government never even addresses the problem. We have twenty four hour drinking(a NoLab Bill) our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan.apparently to prevent the drugs from coming into this (Yeah right) and the alchohol industry revels in 'Happy Hours'.

Two of my three granddaughters have just entered this madness. We are already seeing the results of state education. These two girls are much loved, they come from a stable family/Christian family and now they are being exposed to the New Labour Project. The kids who use the 'F' word, those poor mites who have never been potty trained at the age of five, the nits, the total abscence of table manners even kids unable to use cutlery.

My grandchildren are now being exposed to the result of the New Labour Project and frankly I would like to assassinate people like Ed Balls but then I am much too old and I must just hope that somebody replaces him and reverses the trend. Why is nobody addressing this problem? We now know what Tony Blair meant by his priority, 'Education, Education, Education'. He meant to destroy it!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Derby County

Well we survived! I honestly believed at about twenty past three this afternoon that Forest Green Rovers from the Conference League were going to blast the Rams out of the cup and tomorrow we would get the inevitable headlines like 'Forest smash Derby'! Ho! Ho!

It still does not conceal the problem that the club has brought upon itself. I tend to agree with the Chief Executive when he says that we have a good squad although clearly our new American owners do not like parting with money. I think that we do have a fair squad and we now require somebody to pull them together but our new owners have just taken over the club and it is clear that we are light years away from the premiership with the current team.

Next Wednesday evening live on television we face Manchester United, the world club champions, in the semi final of the Carling cup. This is the chance for every player to show what they can really do. The problem is that Paul Jewell has left us woefully short of quality defenders. We therefore have the prospect of Jason Beardsley who has just returned from a loan spell with wait for it... Notts County... facing Cristiano Ronaldo! That is one one side and the other side we have Kamara newly returned from a loan spell with Blackpool facing any one of a dozen international players.

I think that I will just shut my eyes and pray!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Israel v Palestine

Frankly I am a bit fed up with the coverage of this issue but there is little doubt that it has the potential to disrupt world peace and for the life of me I cannot reason why. Israel has now been in existence for about sixty years. During this time they have shown, quite superbly at times that they, will defend themselves fiercely.

They have time after time proven that they wish to live in peace even to the point that they have, under international agreement, handed back land to the Palestinians even when it meant moving their own people from their homes. The Israeli government is a democracy which wishes to live in peace. It is not being allowed to.

Day after day, week after week, a terrorist organisation called Hamas which claims to be representing the Palestinian people, have been firing missiles indiscriminately
into southern Israel. It is absolutely unacceptable that a democratic country should be attacked by terrorists and Israel has responded accordingly.

Of course that is what Hamas wants. They care not a jot for their own people as they have shown time and time again by siting missile launchers in highly populated civilian areas. They know that there are enough Israeli hating arab countries who are just waiting for any excuse to pour their bile onto the Jews.

I think Israel should be allowed to put a stop to Hamas once and for all and then if they had any sense they would help to rebuild Palestine so that they could they live in peace with people who in return would have a decent standard of living for once in their poor miserable lives. It is very difficult to continue to hate people who are feeding you and in addition are putting your country back together again.

One final thought. I thought that there was a special envoy to the Middle East called let me think ... ah yes ... Tony Blair. Has anyone heard a peep from him? No I thought not proving once again that substance is not his forte.