Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What Can We Believe?

I visit YouTube frequently because it is uncensored and 'nutters' can post their thoughts on this medium. In amongst the dross and the conspiracy theorists are genuine attempts to expose the authorities who are seemingly bringing down the America which so many of us have visited and loved.

We must however examine the facts. The United States was the richest country in the world at one time and then Barack Obama came to power. That is fact. 

The right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of their constitution is enshrined. That is a fact. The Americans have had access to arms since the birth of their country but it is only recently that they have suddenly had a spate of people walking into schools/theatres/cinemas and gunning down their citizens. That is also a fact.

Now why has this so recently become a problem? Has someone got a secret agenda? Most of us who think about it realise that something is not right in America. Family units have all but been discouraged. The morality in the country has all but been destroyed.  Someone has attacked the very core of their beliefs. 

How can this bastion of democracy be under such attack?  It is all over YouTube. My job is just to bring it to you. You must make up your own mind about what to believe and what is nonsense. If you have time on your hands and are curious here is one of the links. Of course that is not YouTube so here is another.

I promise you that you will get hooked.

Mali is Madness!

What drives a man like David Cameron to insist upon our armed forces (our depleted and abused armed forces) being constantly involved in wars year after year? Surely he cannot believe that the public will once again fall for the lies that we won't be involved in combat?

If you enter a war zone in uniform you get involved in combat. Firstly we were told that it was only administrative support. You know a couple of planes to help out the French and then it was 40 'advisors' to train the locals and suddenly hundreds are involved!

This is madness!  We are not out of Afghanistan yet and he is lining us up for yet another round of bodybags. Our 10 year war in Afghanistan of course has been so successful that this is now happening. It does not make me proud of our useless politicians!

I am personally convinced that someone, somewhere is pulling the strings that make our PM tick. We can all read the history books. The problem is that much of our history has been sanitised.  The older I get the more that I understand and the UK is being systematically taken apart.  The one organisation which could not fall into the arms of 'modernisation' is the Armed Forces so it has been sidelined.

If the British public has any sense they would be protesting against the financial cost of this war and the abuse of our troops but who cares when Ryland has just won Celebrity Big Brother!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Orly Taitz...Rocks!

Let me introduce  you to Orly Taitz! She is a lawyer, dentist and real estate agent who lives in California but her speciality is being a thorn in the flesh of Barack Obama. She is the arch 'birther' in the United States which means that she is conducting a campaign to prove that President Obama never had the right to be President as he was not born an American citizen.

For some time now she has been campaigning against the eligibility of Barack Obama to actually be the President of the United States. I tell you what she is one very brave gal. When one considers the force and money behind Obama then it takes a special kind of courage to attempt to uncover his duplicity.  

The campaign in the States is huge. The public at large are beginning to realise that they are under threat from big business and big government. This lovely, wonderful country is being brought down from within and their President is part of it. I know yet again that I am a conspiracy theorist so bear with me.

Just Google Orly Taitz and then get onto Youtube and search 'Sandy Hook' because the nonsense being perpetrated by the Obama government is incredible.  Big things are happening but the public are being kept in the dark so...just focus on one aspect of world government. Why are all the western European governments so in debt and to whom do we owe the money?

It brings me yet again around the the most famous quotation in history.  It came from Mayer Amschel Rothschild. 
 1790: Mayer Amschel Rothschild states,
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."
That continues today. We have been bought down by the banking dynasty and they are now trying to control everything. So what don't they control? Well actually Syria and North Korea. They have conquered Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. 

Never mind one day things will get that bad that the people will rebel. No they won't because the welfare bill will mean that those who might rebel will always have enough for their basic needs (you know booze.drugs and fags).

In the meantime we all suffer from austerity and our useless governments (note the plural) seem unable to break the chain. Of course they can't because modernisation is the modern disease and all the Con/Lab/Lib candidates have been bought and paid for and they don't even know it! 

Today I received a copy of David Cameron's speech on Europe from my local MP Nicky Morgan. I will reply tomorrow.  

Nicky Morgan MP

A couple of days ago I received a communication from my local MP Nicky Morgan. She actually posted to me through Royal Mail a copy of David Cameron's speech on Europe! Why did she do this? A little while ago I am afraid that I sent her an E Mail asking her why as a 'Conservative' she was supporting the EU which is clearly a Marxist organisation which wants to enslave us all. 

Acyually I was more polite than that but the point is valid. She stood against Andy Reed (a very good constituency MP) as a Conservative and yet now she is supporting a far left undemocratic organisation.  

I  must admit that I was surprised that she had remembered my opposition. I admire her organisation for remembering that in her constituency she had a dissenter, an unbeliever and someone who had a voice. Unfortunately her support of David Cameron cuts no ice with me. I suspect that she is committed and pleasant. She is however in a dishonest and difficult game.

If I can depose her with a UKIP candidate then she is gone because her support for the EU ensures that she has been bought and paid for and that is shocking for a local Loughborough MP! Sorry Nicky but you backed the wrong horse!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Derby County

I can no longer expend the physical and financial effort to go and support my team but from afar and though the medium of SKY I still care. After all I have now been involved with the Rams for longer than I have been retired and that puts one's sense of loyalty to the test believe me.

Yesterday for the umpteenth time we were knocked out of the cup by a team we were expected to beat. Recently we have indicated that the policy of the American owners to buy cheap and rely on the academy has had some success.  It is indeed heartening to watch locally grown talent break into the first team and it is also rewarding to watch players from the lower regions improve into Championship players.  It is a recipe to keep you into the Championship but it is unlikely to get you out of it.

Yesterday evening I listened to Radio Derby after the Rams had been beaten out of sight by a run of the mill Blackburn Rovers and to a man the supporters were criticising the tactics and team selection of manager Nigel Clough.  

It is clear to the vast majority of fans that we have a talented squad of young players but it is also clear that playing one very moderate non scoring striker up front is not giving the team a chance to threaten the opposition. They are playing matches with one hand tied behind their backs and I am beginning to wonder if it is deliberate.

I get the impression that the limit of ambition of the board is to remain in the Championship. Mid-table is fine thank you Nigel! He will remain in his job as long as he does as he is told. His tactics are repeatedly timid and he ignores some of the better young players and overplays others. I have become frustrated with his repeated mistakes and attendances are dropping (apart from the Forest game) so I am not alone. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Have we Destabilized the Middle East and North Africa and if so Why?

We must start to question the action of our recent governments and their foreign policies. In recent years we have interfered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt  and they are itching to get involved in Syria.  During that time we have got rid of Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi and President Mubarak. I pose the question are any of these countries better off?

So why did we get involved with these countries? Who demanded that we sacrificed the lives of our troops purely to fail to impose any semblance of change in Afghanistan. Don't be fooled we have completely failed. When our troops pull out of Afghanistan I believe we all know that the tribal warlords will take back control like they always have. No foreign power has ever conquered Afghanistan and I repeat history tells us everything.

I recently toured Egypt, Jordan and Israel and I speak to the people.  I want to know what they think and I can tell you now that their view of the future does not agree with ours. The United States and its baby partner... us... are blamed for so much. We have an agenda 
to dominate the world.  I agree but I personally do not want to dominate the world and I don't want our troops to die for no good reason.

Our days of colonial occupation are long gone. What the hell has Mali got to do with us? Who is conducting the orchestra? They have moved from Syria to Mali so does that mean that President Assad has hung on? There has been an orchestrated campaign against Syria which has now moved to Mali.

Has President Assad beaten them off?  If so I have to ask who is behind the interference in so many 'Arab Springs'. Why have there been so many 'Arab Springs' that have subsequently failed. Libya is in so much turmoil that British subjects have now been advised (no ordered) to leave. Iraq is in disarray and they are still blowing each other up. Nobody blew anyone up when Saddam was in charge!

Egypt was interesting, because when I went there my guide had lost his job thanks to the removal of his President Mubarak. He was still fiercely nationalistic and a committed Muslim. He was a really nice guy who had a great command of English but I realised that we westerners had made his life difficult and it was nothing to do with his clients.

So once again I pose the question who is conducting the orchestra?
Our mainstream politicians are purely reacting to their sponsors and all our politicians have sponsors. They could not survive without sponsors and they then must obey their sponsors. So our politicians have all been bought and paid for and who buys them? The only people who can!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

They Only Want our Money!

The events of today only go to prove that our politicians are beginning to understand that the public are brassed off. David Cameron is becoming scared of the nationalist vote. He knows that he will lose the next election because of UKIP and so he is proposing a compromise.

The problem is that the hard line European leadership will not relent. We will NOT get any negotiations on our relationship with the European Union. That means that, according to Cameron, we will eventually get the referendum that so many people want!

Yes and pigs might fly! 

Just remember that Ralph Miliband, father of David and Red Ed, described the British people as the most nationalistic that he had ever encountered. The British people are just that! Among the rank and file there are no traitors. In the working class there are few dissenters. They only exist within the political classes desperate to cling onto their inheritance.

We the people who care actually will never be Europeans because it has been imposed upon us and we all know it. Our grandparents and parents did not go to two world wars for our politicians to hand over the powers of Westminster to Brussels without a fight.

Somehow we never adopted the euro and I personally believe that it was because Gordon Brown was trying to spite Tony Blair. I can think of no other reason because Gordon Brown never in his life backed Britain.

So back to the referendum and it is hardly surprising that many Europeans want the UK to leave their concocted political union. You see we are dissenters, we call a spade a shovel and we recognise fraud when we see it. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the most famous banking family in the world just shifted Moscow to Brussels and woops they were in business again.  The rest is history.

So back to the present. The United Kingdom is alone. We are not in the euro which actually (thank goodness) separates us from the rest of Europe. We are actually therefore not full members of the EU. I travel regularly and so I am fully aware that the euro is the currency of Europe and we are not part of it. Of course when you see the previously independent and solvent countries of Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Ireland virtually bankrupt then one might speculate on the toxic brand of the EU.

We must escape from this Nazi/Communist style of government which of course is financed by bankers who control and manipulate everything. The solution is frankly frightening but our fathers and our grandparents had to fight for their freedom. Today it is your turn!  Are you listening?   

Here We Go Again!

I simply cannot believe that David Cameron thinks that he can resurrect the fraudulent promise he made prior to the last election of an in/out referendum on the EU if he is returned to power in 2015. We have heard it all before and most of us know that David Cameron has absolutely no intention of pulling the UK out of the EU. 

He is so committed to this useless behemoth that he will, once again, find any excuse to renege on this one particular promise. Only UKIP would follow through with a fair referendum on this issue. Cameron is trying to stave off the threat of UKIP because they may not win many seats in our redundant parliament in 2015 but they will stop him from winning an overall majority.

Nobody who thinks about politics (and far too many don't) believes that the people will ever get an opportunity to opt out of the EU.  By the timescale that Cameron is indicating I suspect that, of the leading players in Europe, only Germany will still be solvent.

In the meantime we will have been inundated by benefit seeking Rumanians and Bulgarians and English speaking Europeans will be ahead of every job market in the the UK because are own children in general are so badly educated that many are unemployable!

I watch PM's Question Time every Wednesday and what always amazes me is that nobody ever debates the matters which affect the people.  They trade insults across the despatch box but the matters which we want addressing are never aired in an adult manner.  

We have allowed hundreds of thousands of foreigners to arrive here, many of them illegally, to fill our prisons, alter the appearances of our city centres, groom young girls and claim our benefits.  Now our politicians are demanding that we build houses for them on green belt land!  We have got to forget human rights and once and for all sort this situation out because until they have the guts to tackle this cancer in our society everything else will become secondary.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What is this Crazy Coalition Doing with our Money?

Today I read a report that, despite all the so called austerity measures, our ridiculous government is borrowing more and more to give to the EU and other foreign powers all over the world. They are once again cutting our military to the bone and yet will not contemplate cutting back on foreign aid.

They came to power complaining that the Labour government had left the country is the worst financial mess in history.  So what do they do? They continue to ruin the economy to such an extent that the country will is threatened with the loss of its AAA credit rating.

This has already happened to most of the countries under the umbrella of the EU and still our mainstream politicians refuse to accept the inevitable. We cannot keep borrowing money so that we can give it away. The EU is a corrupt, wasteful, organisation robbing all its members blind so all I can conclude is that The Coalition is deliberately following on from Labour and will bankrupt us all in the end!
Do not be fooled! The figures are astronomical and unless they change direction austerity is not enough. They need a complete change of direction

The Trial of Chris Huhne

The trial involving Chris Huhne and his former wife Vicky Pryce both accused of perverting the course of justice is likely to set records for being the longest legal process ever. It took Essex police eight months to investigate the charge before the case even came to court and now it had been postponed until January 2013! It begins again tomorrow.

The press keep quoting 'legal reasons' for such a lengthy delay but nobody seems to know what these reasons could possibly be? Forgive me for suggesting that someone is hoping we may all forget about this and then it can be quietly forgotten.

However, 'perverting the course of justice' is a pretty serious crime and carries with it a maximum punishment of 'life imprisonment'. Given that I read an article which stated that his wife could not have possibly been driving the car at the time of the offence I cannot understand what defence the lawyers can be concocting up that would take over a year!  

There are suggestions that Mr Huhne is a pretty slippery character. If he gets away with this then those suggestions could be confirmed. He may yet pay a high price for his infidelity!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I am Addicted!

I began my blog five years ago and I thought that I could walk away and never again comment on the nonsense that we repeatedly see aired through the Mainstream Media (MSM). Sorry but I am addicted and I have also been supported by so may people who follow me, many of whom do not comment, that I have decided to take a deep breath and plod on.

This blog is my voice in a world where the individual generally does not have a voice. The blogosphere is the last sphere where an individual can voice honestly held opinions which differ from government and we need that voice.

There is so much evil in modern politics where, in my opinion, every modern day politician appears to be sponsored by someone who supports modernisation that democracy vanished years ago.  Year after year the same stories appear and yet nothing gets done. For example look at the chaos at Heathrow when only a couple of inches of snow arrives.  Look at the benefits issue where foreigners can arrive and somehow immediately qualify for huge benefits without any check.

Nothing ever changes!  Bankers and politicians almost bring down the economy of the counrtry and always the public are punished. The European Union have decreed that very soon hundreds of thousands of Rumanians and Bulgarians, who are not already here, will also get access to our benefits system.  Everyone but everyone realises that this could be the final straw which breaks the back of our education system, our health service and our prison service but how many of our front bench politicians on either side of the house are expressing concern?

In the States Barack Obama and his administration are beyond belief. So much that their media puts into the public domain is being questioned. There is a petition currently doing the rounds that favours impeaching the President on the grounds that he is not and never was an American Citizen. I am one of those who believes that his background is so shrouded in mystery that something is wrong.

We must continue to question and probe.  I know that sometimes I get things wrong but at least I keep questioning because I do not trust anyone with an agenda. Our politics stinks so somewhere we will uncover wrongdoing we just have to keep trying.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Is this Dynamite or is it a Hoax,,,You Decide?

The Sandy Hook incident has really taken off on the Internet. It has become way beyond a conspiracy theory. There are serious doubts about the whole affair.  It now seems that it was a 'drill' which has been turned into a major horrifying incident. Look, if you are interested there are so many videos on YouTube that you can make your own mind up.

I however, have come up with something else which might make you think. Do you remember the Texan Representative Gabrielle Gifford who was shot in a car park near Tucson Arizona when holding a public meeting? If you don't no matter because here is a reminder.

By the way the Casey Anthony trial was huge in the States. I know that we knew very little about it here but in this context we need to know the background to appreciate the the video that I am about to reveal. 

During the shooting of Gabrielle Gifford,  a 9 year old girl Christina Taylor Green. was also killed. It prompted a call to reform the gun laws in the United States.  The Sandy Hook episode has also been used to allow the politicians to reform their gun laws.  Now watch this video!

I hope that it is opening eyes to what is happening in the States but please don't think that it can't happen here. I am beginning to suspect Lockerbie and the London Tube bombing never mind Dunblane and Hungerford! 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Houston I Have a Problem!

I run a gentle but challenging blog. I set it up in 2008 just because I was sick of not having a political voice.  I had decided that the mainstream media and all the politicians were under the same umbrella. We did not have a voice for nationalism.

Nationalism, patriotism and loyalty has become a dirty word. Ralph Miliband warned us all that we were too patriotic when he caught the last ferry out of Ostend prior to the arrival of Adolf Hitler.  He immediately began to thank the nationalists for saving his skin, from his safe haven in the UK by attempting to destroy his host country.

Our social structure, is being destroyed  by person or persons unknown. Our three main parties have morphed into one large Social Democrat party.

Our kids are being corrupted. I have three lovely granddaughters but they are being corrupted by the state. The state is depriving them of their childhood! My 9 year old granddaughter recently asked my wife and I if we still kissed! When we kissed and said yes she went Yuck!

She loves us and we love her but she has been taught about sex and she now imagines her grandparents having sex! That is the result of the sex education for the very young. Our society is being broken down. The government does not think that porn on the Internet is a problem. It is a huge problem but the New World Order is in charge of everything! They set up Facebook and other social networks and so they want a social breakdown.

I recognise that our politicians are by and large the scum of the earth. They are hell bent on destroying our country in every way possible. They are the crooks of the century. Forget that they appear every Sunday on what was the Andrew Marr show they all should  have their collars felt!

I want to remain a small, independent, family orientated blog but it has been invaded by a political activist. Don't get me wrong I will continually probe and ask questions. I am however not a political activist. Perhaps I should become one on behalf of UKIP but that is another question.  Someone has to challenge the mainstream parties but someone is also trying to disable my blog.  Byeeee!

Global Warming?

Apparently over the Christmas period the Met office issued a report admitting that 'Global Warming' had after all receded so that all the politicians who had tried to make capital out of this mythology have been proven woefully incorrect.

I seemed to remember a televised interview where Ex Chancellor Nigel Lawson had a spat with Ed Miliband (who was I believe Climate Change Minister at the time).  I remembered it because Red Ed was particularly rude and belligerent and I have found it on YouTube.

Of course, at that time, nobody could have believed that this arrogant chappy would ever become leader of the Labour Party but this interview on the 'Politics Show' underlines his ignorance and the dangers of ever thinking in terms of him as a Prime Minister.  Isn't hindsight marvellous when you want to prove a point?! Almost everything that spewed out of his mouth was actually BS and it continues today.

He should have researched here before committing himself to such conviction of a flawed concept.

Sir Jeremy Heywood Investigates?

Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood was awarded a knighthood the day before he took up his post
Sir Jeremy Heywood
It is a very long time since I witnessed such an inept performance from a Senior Civil Servant.  In a very short time Sir Jeremy Heywood, who was responding to questions from a Public Administration committee. this morning regarding his investigation into 'Plebgate', proved himself either utterly incompetent or he was misleading the committee.

There were almost gasps of astonishment that he admitted to ignoring the police log and the TV evidence and that he only looked at the relevant E-Mails. What I find incredible is that David Cameron believed that this investigation was in anyway credible. Andrew Mitchell resigned even though there appears to no proof of wrongdoing!

I cannot help but wonder just what the Cabinet Secretary was hiding? He hid behind the excuse that almost everything was 'beyond his remit'  and he should not be investigating the police so why bother with an investigation at all.

Considering this man is a public servant his performance was arrogant and inept and he should be held to account.  No wonder the Political Class are held in contempt!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Nest of Vipers?

A Nest of Vipers?

I sometimes believe that it is only people of my age who would recognise how different the modern Britain is from the Britain that I grew up in.

I often wonder how a nation of stable family units with a well defined moral code could have descended so quickly into a multicultural nightmare.  I have long sought clarification as to who had been responsible for the serious attempts to  destroy our society because it is intentional and then I discovered the The University of Frankfurt am Main and the Institute of Social Studies.

It was led by a group of Jewish Marxists who just happened to have a different view of the world from most other people.  They were all intellectuals and academics but when Adolf Hitler rose to power he must have realised the threat that their theories posed and closed them down.

They were probably, unlike so many of their poorer brethren, aware of the threat of Mr Hitler and to a man they fled. Most of them ended up in either Switzerland or Columbia University New York and later they moved to California.  It is my belief that they promoted a plan to destroy what we knew as western civilization.

They were joined in the UK by yet another Jewish Marxist one Ralph Milband.  He apparently caught the last ferry out of Ostend before the Germans arrived.  Was he grateful for a safe haven which probably saved him from a concentration camp? Well no actually he wasn't This is what he wrote in his diary,
  "The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world...When you hear the English talk of this war you sometimes almost want them to lose it to show them how things are. They have the greatest contempt for the continent in general and for the French in particular...England first. This slogan is taken for granted by the English people as a whole. To lose their empire would be the worst possible humiliation".

I stole this from Wikipedia because I find it a very strange 

conclusion from a man who had fled from his homeland.  It is also 

somewhat scary that one of his sons is leading the Labour Party. 

You see I cannot understand such disloyalty but then Mr Miliband 

senior clearly had no loyalty to his adopted country.

This is a subject that is vast. These Jewish Marxists are everywhere. 

They even had links within the CIA and they have infiltrated almost 

every academic organisation that the States has to offer. It almost

makes you believe that, apart from his annihilation of 

the lower level elements of  Jewish society that Adolf Hitler

actually knew what he was dealing with.

Ed Miliband always talks fondly about his father.  I would worry 

about him becoming Prime Minister because his family background 

is so anti England.  By the way the photograph features Max

Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno and I would bet that Red Ed does 

not have to 'Google' them.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Sandy Hook Shooting!

They are still asking questions folks!  It would appear that nothing adds up.  It would also appear that the people who want to reorganize the gun laws in the States along the lines that has already occurred in the UK (Dunblane) and Australia (Port Arthur) are under criticism.

All I would say is that if they are prepared to go to these lengths to get their own way then what price civilization?  Have we really got a cabal of politicians so depraved and so decadent that they will support this kind of action?

Nothing is emanating from Westmonster...they have no opinions, no views, no interest.  Apparently a class full of kids and their teachers are slaughtered by a guy who nobody has seen for a couple of years, his mother is suddenly murdered and his father is due to appear before a LIBOR inquiry but nobody is interested?

Nobody bats an eyelash. Are our Political Class not even curious about the speculation? Does nobody even want to question the facts that everyone else questions? Is it all cut and dried? There is still no proof, only a bunch or weirdos posing on the mainstream media. Where are the parents, where are the friends and family of the dead teachers? If my child had been murdered by a nutter then I would be distraught and I would demand explanations! 

Where is the video footage? What happened on that day because the original police and TV footage is what the public want to see. Do you know I have heard rumblings about so much that the States have bragged about in the past half a century and I beginning to wonder if anything is above board! Then I also wonder about the shooting of Jean Claude de Menezes who was shot dead at Stockwell tube station and all the video footage suddenly disappeared!

They have done it so often that we are beginning to recognize their DNA. We now begin to suspect the government sponsored murders and we can link them with the government sponsored politicians. They love their expenses, their government sponsored lifestyles that just perhaps they have lost touch with reality.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The British Drinking Problem

OK the pictures appearing in the mainstream media are typical and we have all witnessed the inexplicable behaviour of our young people. I must declare an interest because in my time I have sunk some stuff!  I remember some of my more extreme exploits in the army which today make me wince.

The difference is that no matter what state I was in I always got myself to safety. Not once in a career of over indulgence in alcohol have I ever needed the assistance of the police or the medical profession. 

The photos in the papers are horrific mainly because it generally involves scantily clad females.  I cannot understand the culture that insists that the young have to drink until they are utterly incapable. It must cease but our politicians just ignore it. They actually created it with the introduction of Tony Blair's 'cafe culture' 24 hour drinking Bill.

This cannot be allowed to continue.  It is not the price of alcohol that is the problem.  It is the attitude of the young to alcohol. They don't just go out to get drunk they try to empty their brains. They want to act in an irresponsible manner so that it excuses disgusting behaviour and the next day they glory in it!

It is time to call a halt. We must stop them harming themselves and inconveniencing everyone else. They must be made to pay for the treatment that they receive.  I would suggest that if they cannot control themselves then they should face a fine. 

If the police or the medical services are involved in any capacity then I believe that a £200 penalty should be imposed. It then gets doubled for every subsequent offence until they get the message! 

We must get tough for their own good. Once they fear the fine they may just get responsible.  Then they can brag that they are on '£800' so they cannot afford a further offence!

It is the only language that they understand.  It will give them 'street cred' and possibly save their lives. We just need some action from those 'plebs' in Westmonster!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Would our Politicians REALLY Do this?

I have spent some time today trawling round the Internet mixing it with conspiracy theorists. Now I know that there will always be nutters out there concocting mischief but what I have read today is really disturbing. All over the web people are challenging the official versions of some of the most despicable acts of treachery imaginable.

I first picked this up on Captain Ranty's blog. Scroll down to his article entitled 'The Guns of Neverown' and follow up on his links. You will eventually arrive at an article by Niall Bradley . Clearly there are many questions which need to be answered.

Then go to 'YouTube' and Search for 'Sandy Hook Conspiracy'. It is of course very likely that the United States has a large number of lunatics who mistrust their politicians but I must admit that if my 6 year old had been murdered at Sandy Hook Primary School I would not be acting like some of these 'parents'. 

I also question the confusing evidence of a Gene Rosen, a so called resident of Sandy Hook.  He apparently discovered 6 children, survivors of the catastrophe, in his driveway. For some reason he did not report it to the police and kept them for an hour feeding them fizzy drinks and giving them soft toys to play with!!

Something is disturbingly wrong!  It goes on and on. I then discovered a similar incident that happened in Tasmania and was responsible for the Australian gun laws to be revised. It happened at Port Arthur.  There is much on the web which suggests that this episode was also a government cover up. This sums up the apparent abject actions of the authorities to blame the event on a boy of very limited intelligence.

Then my research took me back to Dunblane because that was the horrific event which changed the gun laws in the UK.  Surely this was not another PsyOp condoned by our government to further the ends of an authority which none of us has ever voted for?  Surely Tony Blair who was the PM at the time would never be a party to the killing of children to further the aims of any political grouping?

Read on folks!  They could not let the public know what really happened but Google it.  The so called killer, Thomas Hamilton, was heard to scream before he 'committed suicide'! I think that in the whole history of suicides nobody has ever screamed in fear!

Personally I know nothing.  I only rely on my instincts of human behaviour. I know what I would feel and what I would do and as Judge Judy would say if it doesn't make sense then it is not true.

I suspect that somebody who is behind the elected governments of the western world is prepared to go to any lengths to ensure that the public cannot arm themselves against their governments!  If they ban all weaponry then they hold all the trump cards. They have managed it in the UK (Dunblane and Hungerford) and in Australia (Port Arthur) but the United States is a much tougher nut to crack.

The people in the States are also onto them.  I hope that it doesn't mean yet another massacre of the innocents blamed on some poor sap who probably doesn't know his arse from his elbow! My question is how can these elected politicians condone this activity because it is quite clear that something is wrong?

I know... it is actually unreal. My wife thinks that I am losing my mind but the evidence speaks for itself. It is only in the past 20 years that we have continually had these atrocities inflicted upon us. Someone is trying to change the gun rules in the western world but who could possibly believe that it merits this degree of depravity? 

Am I mad? Comments please!