Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why is London Deserted?

I cannot believe the news flashes which for three days now are showing almost deserted streets at the height of the tourist season. In comparison to normal it is like a ghost town. I have been predicting for months now that I would not go near London during the Olympic Games.

I do realise that a huge army of Civil Servants were advised to work from home whenever possible and many others who work in the city probably thought it advisable to steer clear during the Olympics.  That still does not explain the lack of foreigners. After all figures like a million extra visitors a day were quoted prior to the event.

So one has to speculate that the cock eyed ticket selling system has deterred people but surely there has to be more to it than that? I mean London is all but deserted according to the news reports. You don't suppose that the sight of Surface to Air missiles being mounted on the roofs of private dwellings had an impact?

Then we had the dangerous incompetence of G4S to recruit anywhere near the number of security personnel required. If a venue needs quite so many members of security one has to assume that they are expecting trouble. The whole world saw how easy it was to blow up the underground transport system. The whole world also knows that in and around London are many thousands of people who could have a grudge against western Christian based society.

We, in this country, have been almost brainwashed to accept the influx of incomers rewarded by our mass immigration policy which could be stopped at a stroke but continues unabated. It does not take a genius to work out that life in the UK could be described as precarious.  Then of course we have had marches and riots and huge fires caused by rioters which caused Australian friends of mine to react in horror!

All of this impacts on our reputation. We have to accept that standards of social behaviour have dipped dangerously in this country but those observing us from afar do not need it. It is probably too early to be sure but if this continues then we will know that the rest of the world has rejected the British way of life and I would not blame them!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Why Don't They Upgrade?

After seeing another day of rows and rows of empty 'posh' seats in almost every Olympic venue one has to wonder at the lack of empathy that the Olympic Games Committee has with the British public. When we see the committed public filling up the 'cheap' seats surely it is not beyond the imagination of someone to say 'move them down to the front'.

It is this lack of imagination which is destroying the credibility of LOCOG. Profit has been their only mantra and profit turned into greed. When I see all the cheap seats filled to capacity and then the rows of empty 'dear' seats I wonder where it all went wrong? There are people who were refused tickets for the events that they applied for and are now witnessing vast areas of empty seats for those very events!?

These Olympic Games will be a success because the level of competition is the ultimate on this planet (unless you are a Spanish footballer of course...sorry I just couldn't resist a cheap shot).  We will all get caught up in the hysteria and so we should because all our competitors have dedicated a period of their lives to this competition and they deserve our support.

What a shame that the Political Class has, once again, fouled up their end of the bargain. 'Lions led by Donkeys' comes to mind yet again! I say again ...when they have the opportunity then upgrade the faithful. I don't just mean upgrade, I mean if Andy Murray is playing at Wimbledon and there are seats in the Royal Box then fill it! Come on if people are that keen then reward them!

Swathes of Empty Seats!

There is little doubt that now the events have begun the country will get caught up by Olympic fever and once again our heroes and heroines will go for gold. How splendid it would be if they were to compete in front of full houses. One year ago I warned that the alloction of tickets was unfair to the public.

At the time I thought the the system was crass and was favouring corporate bodies and 'privileged' individuals over the public. Far too many tickets were set aside for prize competitions so that the corporate sponsors could make even more money.

It was an exercise in greed which encouraged almost everyone to hike up their prices for the Olympic Games. Personally I hope that they have caught a cold! The losers however will be the competitors who, from what I saw yesterday, were competing in front of swathes of empty seats. How discouraging is that?

These Olympic organisers are very quick to grab the glory when things go well so it is about time that someone appeared and explained the reason that so many tickets were given to corporate sponsors with no guarantee that they would be used.

What can they do now? Well it is difficult to repair the damage but they could at least advertise that tickets are on sale at the door. The problem then would be how to price them because if I had spent a large sum of money and then discovered I was next to someone with a cut price ticket I would not be pleased. 

One year ago I posted that Coe and his cronies had wrong priorities and nothing has changed. They distanced themselves from the public and now despite all the excellent design features and planning it appears that the competitors have been let down.

UPDATE:  Empty seats for Andy Murray! Unbelievable!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Taxation and our Chancellor

Today the Daily Express took up the cudgels on behalf of the nations' pensioners. It revealed that pensioners in modern Britain are unfairly taxed in comparison with so many others. I find the whole tax issue vexing having earlier this year been pursued vigorously by the tax authorities on a false premise.

What I cannot understand is why are all the rich people are allowed to employ tax experts so that they can find loopholes which allows them to escape paying their fair share? Why are these loopholes not being closed. If there is a weakness in the system why is it not being  investigated?

We even hear that the BBC (bless 'em) employ a system which enables their high earners to avoid paying the full amount due! This must cease but when do we ever get the Chancellor announcing that he is closing down all tax loopholes? When will the Chancellor start addressing issues which matter to the public? Who gives a monkeys about a Pasty Tax when billions are being lost every year through negligence, incompetence and greed.

We never hear that our contributions to the EU are being slashed. We never hear that International Aid is being slashed and we can afford neither until the economy begins to perform. If these largely useless politicians cannot get the economy going then they should be slashing their own pet projects not punishing the public.

I will repeat however that we voted them in. People like Osborne, Balls, Miliband must really wonder how they continue to gain votes after such miserable achievements. One lot ruined the economy and the other lot cannot rescue it. Still why worry when the pensioners have no redress other than to pay more tax to support bankers who are avoiding it. All in it together Mr Cameron? Not from where most of us stand...get a grip of that bloody Chancellor!

Wanted... an Idiot!

Mitt Romney
Given the unpopularity surrounding the Obama government at the  moment one has to assume that there is a good chance that he won't survive in the office of President after the next election.  Let's face it their economy has nosedived and there appears to be social division everywhere. 

It would take a complete idiot to even force a contest. However, after his public comments about the London Olympics it looks as though they have found one! Mitt Romney seems to have made more gaffes on his initial official visit to this country than is conceivable.  He may have opinions on the Olympics (so have I) but I am not standing for the highest office in his country.

His comments on the Olympics could be regarded as inappropriate but to refer to Ed Miliband as a leader is utterly inexcusable and as such he has probably handed the election back to Obama. The 'powers that be' were probably looking for an idiot to make Barack Obama look good and they sure found one!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

On the Verge of the Greatest Sports Show on Earth!

The Olympics is almost upon us. It has cost the earth and has been mishandled from the very start. Despite that I cannot wait for our Olympians to bring our country out of the doldrums and prove to the politicians that the British spirit is still alive and well. They can take their globalisation and their modernisation and shove it up their proverbial.

The British people will rise above their political leaders and stick two fingers up to them. I still believe that Londoners will suffer from these Games but I must support the athletes. Most have trained all of their lives for one crack at glory. From now on I don't care about ticket sales, accommodation prices, food and drink scandals and foreign criminals. Now it all about the athletes and their aspirations.

However, here we go again. The organisers cannot even get a controversial flag correct. I ask you how can someone get a flag wrong? Our lack of attention to detail will come to haunt us. In particular how can anyone confuse the flags of North and South Korea? It beggars' belief!

I wish everyone well but I doubt the ability of some organisers to come through unscathed. So far they have done well but now we are down to the nitty gritty. The slightest failure will be highlighted and crowd attendance  will be top of the agenda.  And I have not even mentioned security!

This Result is Hilarious!

Recently in St Ives (Cambridgeshire) a By-Election took place for a seat on the Town Council. The result is here. As you can see only 16.5% of the electorate bothered to vote which probably emphasises the contempt that the public have for The Political Class. Having said that one can assume that those that voted actually took the time to think about who deserved their vote.

That said I am relieved to see that an Independent won the day which is a kick in the teeth for the main parties. Predictably the Conservative party came second and UKIP third. After all these are the shires of England but then we come to the funny bit. 42 people still think that the Labour Party should rule the world; 2 more than voted for Lord Toby Jug of the Raving Monster Loony party!! I think that this truly reflects the mood of the country.

It is further emphasised when Nick Clegg reads that his leadership and his obsessions with gay marriage and Reform of the House of Lords won the support of 26 people. His candidate, John Oliver, surely has more relations and friends than that? Clegg has destroyed this party for personal ambition but no doubt he will stride off into Europe for a lovely well paid sinecure where he can continue to ruin lives.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Should we Trust the CPS?

Isimeli Baleiwai at home
Isimeli Baleiwai and family
I have long had the opinion that the Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) should not be trusted and had a politically correct agenda which had little to do with justice. Today they courted the public when they charged a plethora of journalists for phone hacking. I now fear that these high profile charges are just a publicity side show.

I do not believe that high ranking members of the Murdoch Empire will ever be jailed. It will not happen! They do not sacrifice their own so it is quite an exercise in public scrutiny. Once again the lawyers will benefit as these Murdoch disciples appear before a sideshow which has no relevance. 

More importantly we have a case of a Fijian soldier who served in the army for 13 years being forcibly removed from the UK on a spurious (Home Office) decision.  He is of course likely to be loyal to the traditional British way of life and so is an undesirable where the modernisers are concerned. He was featured this morning on the 'Wright Stuff' but they still refuse to recognise the Home Office agenda. The British cannot bring themselves to believe that the Home Office mandarins are effectively...how do I put this... not batting for the country! 

The CPS enjoy publicity but hardly ever come through with justice. They also promote high profile cases which cost fortunes but rarely bring results. The CPS are not what those of us want in this country to guarantee justice.

Is the Tory 'Rebellion' Escalating

Douglas Carswell MP
Douglas Carswell MP
I see that 'Conservative Home' one of the leading blogs has named 143 Conservative MPs who have at one time or another rebelled against the Coalition.  At the same time one of the leading rebels, Douglas Carswell, posts that he objects to be termed 'a rebel' as he considers that he is only doing his job holding the Government to account. I note that my local MP, Nicky Morgan, is unsurprisingly not among them.

I have spoken about this before and been taken to task for hoping that there may be some measure of democracy within the walls of Westmonster. There is a strong lobby who reject all politics in this country and sometimes it is difficult not to agree with them. I happen to believe that we need conviction politicians. We need people who are not intimidated by government whips and who will voice public opinion against those who give the impression that they have been bought and paid for by the bankers.

I may be naive but I am heartened that these numbers appear to be rising. When the numbers increase so significantly then surely is it not time to ask the question who is in charge? Is the Coalition actually paralysed and they are all keeping shtum to avoid a General Election?

Monday, 23 July 2012

Syria...the rebels are suddenly fighting like the SAS!

I cannot believe that in the space of a couple of weeks the rebels have gone from a rag, tag, bunch of ill equipped civilians to a force capable of pushing back a well armed, well motivated government force. It was the same in Libya. The rebel forces have suddenly swung a battle and are knocking out government tanks willy nilly!

It is my contention that they were so out gunned and so out manoevered that it would be impossible for the rebel force to raise its game to the required standard in this relatively short period of time. I would contend that someone is doing their fighting for them.

President Assad has stated more than once that foreign troops are fighting on Syrian soil. The continuing close involvement of William Hague in this matter, which has nothing to do with the UK, makes one wonder if some of these troops are not British.  Assad has also stated that he is prepared to use chemical weapons on foreign troops. Someone is playing a very dangerous game!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Not One Conviction!

On 07 April 2009 (yes that long ago) I reported on the death of Iain Tomlinson during the London G20 protests when he was struck down fiercely from behind as he ambled along with his hands in his pockets.  He subsequently died. It was all caught on camera by a visitor from New York so there was never a doubt that the policeman had at the very least contributed to his death.

Then rumours began to appear in the press and on the blogosphere that this particular policeman had 'form' and that this was not the first time that he had been violent. It was with some degree of disgust that I learned last week that he had been found not guilty of manslaughter.We all saw the video but he is 'not guilty'!

Today in the 'Mail on Sunday' leading columnist Suzanne Moore has highlighted this problem and it is much worse than I ever thought. She has uncovered 1433 deaths after contact with the police and not one conviction. I think that the next time someone dies after contact with the police we should all remember this statistic. 

We all know the other side of the coin where we praise police heroism but if this seamy side of policing is not addressed then it will be one more step towards a totalitarian state.  Police make mistakes and not all are like Simon Harwood who bashed Iain Tomlinson, but they must be made to take more care and follow procedures. 

The killing of Jean Charles de Menezes was a massive cock up caused by confused command but the people who just shot him in such a violent manner must bear some responsibility. As far as I can see nobody was held to account even though the whole operation was a farce and an innocent man lost his life. A well connected senior policewoman was apparently in charge and since then she has been promoted to Assistant Commissioner of the Met. The message is that the deaths of the public are not a concern. It must change.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bradley Wiggins!

Bradley Wiggins
Bradley Wiggins...British!
I have been following the Tour de France for about 50 years now as it is the ultimate test of endurance. During that time we have had relatively few British cyclists who have been able to make an impression. The first that I remember Tommy Simpson died on 'Le Tour' after a flirtation with drugs and the tour has been plagued by drugs ever since.

For a while I followed the little Scots climber Robert Millar who came fourth in 1984 but generally we have had little success. Professional Cycling was for years dominated by the Europeans who scorned the efforts of other countries until Lance Armstrong from the States put them in their place.

Today a British rider, Bradley Wiggins, not only beat the rest of the world, he slaughtered them! He had already built up an unassailable lead but then came his speciality...a time trial and he did not disappoint. His only challenger has been a team mate Chris Frome who is a wonderful mountain climber but this year he has been working for Team Sky and his leader is Bradley Wiggins. 

Mark my words this has been one of the greatest sporting victories of all time.  He has so dominated this stellar event that it is almost embarrassing...for the others. Bradley Wiggins is a star amongst stars. We may never see his like again and shhh...he is an Olympian and there is an Olympic Time Trial!

Derby County

I will now indulge myself and comment on my beloved Rams. Actually I am beginning to appreciate what the Derby board are trying to do. They have decided on an austerity programme and when we see the state of British football (Glasgow Rangers for example) we do have to appreciate that perhaps this Board have got their priorities right.

We must remember however that Derby County are one of the best supported clubs in the country. They command amazing loyalty and yet we are consistently outbid by clubs with just half of our support. To the South of us (Leicester) we have Thais with millions to spend and now to the East (Nottingham) we have Kuwaitis who also have millions to spend. In the middle we have a parsimonious American owners who want to 'develop the club'.

It is now becoming apparent that the Rams are 'cherry picking' the better players from the lower divisions and Scotland and hoping that they can improve them into Championship players.  It could be success on the cheap but an even more important aspect of the club policy is the academy. 

Darren Wassall is in charge of the academy and his success rate is astonishing. Last year the academy promoted five players into the first team squad. Andy O'Brien, Callum Ball, Mason Bennett, Will Hughes and Jeff Hendrick all came through the ranks of the academy which is a remarkable record.

So what is left? We need a twenty goal a season striker. We seem intent on moving Stephen Davies on to Ipswich, Callum Ball has been loaned to Coventry so we are left with Theo Robinson, Nathan Tyson (who never ever scores a goal) and whisper it 16 year old Mason Bennett.

We need a presence up front...a bully who puts himself about and who upsets the hard men. We will not find him cheaply. I get the impression that we broke the bank for Richard Keogh (the new captain signed from Coventry) but decent strikers don't come on loan. We want much much more from Nathan Tyson and I think that Jamie Ward could be better employed other than a winger. He is a clever player.

Nigel Clough has staked a lot on his imports Jacobs from Northampton and Coutts from Preston. Jacobs is expected to give us craft and Coutts strength. We do need an enforcer in midfield. Other than that the closed season excitement has been minimal. Personally I don't feel tempted to buy a season ticket on the strength of the performance of the Board. I expect us to remain competitive in the Championship but unless a few raise their game that will be the extent of our ambition. I so hope that I am wrong.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why ARE People concerned about the Olympics?

I stole this from Captain Ranty's blog!
I suppose it is because I do not trust Lord Coe, the Coalition Government or LOCOG that I am constantly snooping around trying to discover the truth about our Olympics like ticket sales and security. Ever since the very first tickets went on sale there has been an element of secrecy and mistrust. Huge sums of money have been involved and as each step has been taken nobody seems certain what the eventual cost will be.

Now other agencies are becoming concerned. The Chairwoman of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, has weighed into the argument. Here is what she has to say about the lack of transparency.

Then an unsold ticket scandal is emerging. Much of it concerns football but unsold tickets are apparently being returned from foreign Olympic agencies. The scale of it has not been made public but estimates are discussed here and these are not inconsiderable numbers.

Then comes a suggestion that the Games might be cancelled on security grounds and estimates about what it might cost. These doubts are escalating and may just be scare stories but it does not bode well. I hope the Games go well. I hope that they run like clockwork and that we win lots of gold medals. I hope that the legacy from the Games enhances sport in this country. The problem is that I am aware of the type of person in charge of it all. 

I do not predict a disaster but I do predict chaos and suddenly we will all face a huge bill once it is all over!  

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Barack Obama... the Doubts Continue!

It matters little to us this side of the pond but in the States there is a hot topic of debate which concerns the legitimacy of their President Barack Obama to hold the office. Apparently there are claims that he was not born in the States and according to their Constitution that makes him ineligible for the office.

Now can you believe that? This man has proceeded up the various stages of politics and nobody bothered to check that he was eligible for the highest office. I get a constant feed of the trending stories from 'Before It's News' and as I have said before they feature some very odd items which are not carried by the mainstream media. Amongst them however are gold nuggets and this is one of them.

The American establishment is trying to ignore the efforts of a few dedicated investigators who have been beavering away attempting to establish the truth. If they are right then the consequences are staggering. It means that those people who engineered the ascendancy of Barack Obama to the White House have breached the American constitution.

In the States the Constitution is everything. It is the basis for their democracy. If they ignore the Constitution which was designed to stop any attempt to debase democracy then what have they got left? The problem seems to be that the people behind the President are VERY powerful and there are a lot of them. Some people term them the New World Order and frankly I don't think they give a damn for the Constitution.

I really admire the people who are pursuing this investigation. The courage to take on the NWO is astonishing. In the States bodies are littered everywhere of people who have displeased the NWO. Take Barry Jennings who got caught up in 9/11. He only told the truth of his 9/11 experience. He is just the tip of the iceberg. You will need some time to take on the implications of these clips.

I do not have that kind of courage but it is all on Youtube. You just need to search for it. Then you must decide if you believe it. Here in downtown suburban Britain it matters very little but sometimes it is interesting to broaden one's horizon. Happy viewing folks!

Do We Need Three More Years of Coalition Warfare?

It was only last Thursday that I speculated on the state of the Coalition. Now Graham Brady the Chairman of the influential 1922 Committee, a group of Tory backbenchers, has also stated that he does not think the the Coalition can survive until 2015. Live on the BBC however the Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, stated that he thinks that they will hold on until 2015. I think that he was warning that hell would freeze over before David Cameron would call an election prior to 2015.

This will probably mean that nothing significant will happen before 2015 because everyone will vote each other's proposals down. The only winner will be Ed Miliband but then he has yet to profess an opinion on anything. He is against almost everything but steadfastly refuses to be drawn into what he would do? The problem is that we know what he would do. He would spend money that the country has not got and bankrupt us...end of story.

I cannot think of any other era in the history of this once great country when the political scene has become so convoluted. Every one of our front bench politicians, on every side, is a supporter of the European Union. They all call themelves 'modernisers' and 'progressives' but their stated aim has always been to change the face of the country and they have done it. By and large the public do not like or agree with the changes in our society but what does that matter?

So how do they garner votes? Why do we vote for them? Well it has been done by a con trick. David Cameron only endorses 'modernisers'so that most of the Tory rebels in 'Westmonster' are long standing Conservatives. The new gang follow the party line rigorously. They include Chloe Smith, a so called young Treasury Minister, who was recently savaged by Jeremy Paxman live on Newsnight. They also include my own MP Nicky Morgan who's voting record is not that of a Conservative MP. This is the reason that they are called TINO's (Tories in name only).

The problem in modern Britain is that the public are still hung up on labels. When Nicky Morgan stood as a Conservative nobody bothered to ask her what she really thought. They voted for the label! Until we can find a way of educating the lazy public and ask them to do some research on their MP then this will continue.

I do not know why the 90 odd rebel Tory MPs do not defect to UKIP. It is clear that they cannot support the Coalition but there must be something else which prevents them from leaving their corrupted party.  Could it be money, power or influence? We desperately need right wing leadership in this country to combat modernisation and the EU.

Whatever else in this state of political paralysis only the country will suffer. Unless the PM can find a way of uniting his party and that appears impossible we need an election. This will not solve the problem either because only one third of the electorate bother to turn out regularly and then they vote for a label without bothering to look into the packet! We get what we deserve.

Can the Troops and Police keep their Jobs Now?

Philip Hammond Secretary State for Defence
The other evening the Culture Minister. Jeremy Hunt, was looking very uncomfortable as he was being interviewed by Kirsty Wark on Newsnight. I got the impression that he did not have a clue. It is now clear that G4S was a cowboy outfit who should never have been granted sole custody of security at the Olympic Games. Their employees are paid peanuts and we all know what you get for that.

Now it is becoming evident that security for the athletes was being compromised because G4S employees were not reporting for work in huge numbers. The police were having to fill the gap.

We are 11 days from the Olympics and these incompetent politicians are squabbling over security. As usual the very people who will steer the politicians through their self imposed ignorance are the police and the servicemen. These are the guys who will save the reputation of the country. Then. of course. it is likely that they will be sacked and some of them will be seen sleeping under the stars a year from now.

It is high time that the forces had a Trade Union. I hate trade unions  but the British Legion is not doing the job. The soldiers and the police, who will clearly save the London Olympics from a political disaster, will never receive their reward. Many will be sacked and forgotten. 

I acknowledge that I preach heresy but the time is now. When tube drivers and bus drivers and every man and his dog are blackmailing the government then surely those that are essential to the mission should also be rewarded.

This Coalition Government is destroying the police and the forces. They are cutting front line national security at every opportunity. They have destroyed the military pension scheme because they dismiss personnel long before they qualify for a pension. They consistently devalue the performance of the lower ranks; the guys who do the work that matters.

It is time for the lowly paid to revolt. This time they have got their paymasters by the goolies. They are the ONLY people who can make these games successful and yet they are not only the lowest paid but the least appreciated. They are only squaddies, Lance Corporals and soldiers, but they are the men who will ensure these Olympics survive.

The millionaire Philip Hammond does not believe that these men deserve a bonus. He is a front line moderniser and as such someone we should not listen to (and I am being VERY kind!).  His attitude is that they knew when they signed up what they were in for. Let me tell you Mr Hammond nobody knows what they are in for when they take the Queen's Shilling. They are looking for adventure but most encounter so much more. They deserve more than bonuses but at the very least they deserve to retain their jobs!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

G4S is an Omni Shambles!

Today the Chief Executive Officer of G4S was grilled by the House of Commons Select Committee on his non performance. Clearly he is a joke! He is a not very funny joke because this company was relied upon to ensure the security of the 2012 Olympics. My question is why this particular company, which clearly is a cowboy outfit, was trusted to such an important event?

I cannot believe the ethos of this particular company. They rely heavily on a migrant force. The television crews are circling around people who are desperate for jobs! This company relies on a low level of expertise. Their staff clearly have no great skill and yet they were granted the contract for security for the LONDON OLYMPICS! We are sacking police and soldiers by many thousands and then we are granting a contract worth 57 million pounds to a cowboy outfit who cannot meet the terms of their contract.

It emphasises the complete farce that LOCOG has made of our Olympic Games. I believe that the corruption which has pervaded our politics and our banking system was allowed to invade the Olympic Games. We now face the accusation that London has been the cross on which the Olympics floundered.  When the London Olympics were awarded to this city then security was surely paramount? It should never have been handed to a cowboy private company. It should have been purely a government concern. So...how much money changed hands Lord Coe?

So many people have tried so hard to be ready for the London Olympics. We have so many people ready to win medals for the UK. There were so many people with goodwill carrying the torch through so many towns and villages cheered on by their friends and family. This is how the UK public want the Games to happen.

Our politicians however tried to turn this high profile event into political advantage. They have ruined this spectacle because the same people who have ruined the country were in charge of the Olympics.

Step forward McDonalds, Coca Cola and the other international corporatocracies  who control everything. They have manipulated the whole event for their profit making empires and they used the name of Seb Coe to ensure their legitimacy.

However, when the starting pistol fires, I will be the first person to roar our guys and girls home. We have so many superb athletes who are ready to perform on their home stage. I just pray that they will all leave safely. The cowboy empire which now want their management fee for failure cannot guarantee that they have employed the right people. It will take just one G4S security cleared person to change our society forever.

Are the British Public Rejecting the Olympics?

I am getting the impression that there is an air of desperation emanating for LOCOG. The highly charged atmosphere of optimism which pervaded every launch of Olympic tickets seems to be evaporating.  They are now admitting that the football stadiums will not be full.

I can understand that because there is rarely interest in foreign countries playing each other on neutral territory but there has also been a parade of paralympic stars talking up disabled sport during the last fortnight and asking people to support them.

Tonight Lord Coe surfaced talking up their performance so far but hinting that certain sections of certain venues may have to be closed down. He fell back on the old chestnut that some venues were still being constructed but I could not help but feel that the mood was changing.

I am beginning to wonder if the British public are a little more shrewd that the politicians took them for. I may be wrong of course and I often am but...sky high accommodation prices, rip off food and drink charges and abysmal travelling facilities are not an attractive proposition. People are not stupid and London is not regarded as a safe venue in the modern era of mass immigration and an incompetent UK Border Agency.

Top that off with the army of criminals from Eastern Europe waiting to pounce on our pockets and purses, the major doubts about security epitomised by G4S and watching Alastair Brownlee stuff the triathlon world on TV becomes a much better bet!

I recently read that thousands have followed the Tour de France free of charge but if you want to watch the same cyclists in the Olympic Road Race it will cost you £240! How can they close off such a large section of public highway beats me but they can't let anyone have Olympic fun for free!

There are still tickets available for the Opening Ceremony but they will cost you £2000! I shall be very interested in any empty seats when it comes to the flagship events. There have been stories that foreign countries have been returning tickets by the cartload but we will not see the full extent until the games begin.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Is the Government preparing for War over London?

Last Thursday I posted a piece that I entitled  'The Paramilitary Olympics'. To some extent it was tongue in cheek but since then events have taken rather a nasty turn. More and more soldiers and police are being called up to protect the Olympics. There is apparently an aircraft carrier on the Thames and we all know about the Rapier missiles on the tower blocks.

What are they scared of? There is almost a state of panic amidst our emergency services which manifested itself when passengers in a bus were recently treated like terrorists all because a replica cigarette malfunctioned.

In the past 15 years mass immigration has turned Britain from being a safe haven to being a nation constantly under the threat of terrorism. During this time the Home Office has constantly failed to cope with the threat and Home Secretary after Home Secretary have proven to be incompetent. Now we are on the verge of the modern Olympic Games and all the portents suggest that the authorities fear an atrocity. They seem to be preparing for an aerial threat and what concerns me is that so many others are suggesting that something unpalatable is about to happen. Why are they so sure?

Recently this caught my eye and it is scary.  If they genuinely think that London is under threat then surely these Games should be cancelled. Nothing is worth this huge security blanket. How can people enjoy a sporting event when the government are preparing for Armageddon? I will be quite relieved when it is all over and all we have to do is worry about the hidden cost of it all.

Finally if Theresa May is correct then surely Nick Buckles and the board of G4S should face a court of law for lying to the government. I cannot contemplate a disaster but I don't trust our politicians. In the meantime I will head for Scotland to visit my granddaughter with my fingers tightly crossed.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Olympics (continued)

It has now been revealed that our useless Home Secretary, Theresa May, was informed of problems at the G4S 'security' company 10 months ago! Typically she and her Home Office officials decided to do what they always do...NOTHING! They should all be sacked! They should not even be given the option of resignation. What they have done is inexcusable because it has put the London Olympics in jeopardy.

How David Cameron can tolerate this ineptitude from within his own Cabinet defeats me. The Home Secretary can only be tolerated because politics and power supersides everything else. It would be inconceivable for him to get rid of his Home Secretary two weeks before the Olympics because the timing would be disastrous. After all they are all on holiday!

What I hate about all of this is that I am a sports nut. I love the Olympics and I see some of our athletes on the verge of huge achievement. As usual however, they are being let down by our inept politicians who have allowed cronies of Lord Coe to hijack our games. Their performance can only be matched by our sprint relay teams both junior and senior who seem incapable of passing a baton! It seems that they can all run but cannot think rationally!

And now even worse news...the rotten weather may force the beach volleyball girls to cover up! What else could possibly happen to ruin the Games. I just don't want to think about that.

Friday, 13 July 2012

So Football Wins?

It is my opinion that everyone knows that John Terry called Anton Ferdinand a 'black c***! He did it in the heat of the moment and in a male orientated physical battle. If a guy has played a physical game like football at any level then we know that aggression physical and verbal is all part of the game.

It is a male world and certain behaviour is accepted even though it is politically incorrect. Verbal aggression is part of the game. It has happened throughout the years.

I knew a guy who used to pinch the bum of his opponent to get him riled. The guy would react and get himself sent off. The CPS has once again made an arse of itself. If Anton Ferdinand was offended then he should not be playing football. I am quite sure that he has been embarrassed.

Everyone knows that in this incident John Terry was guilty even though his lawyers found an ingenious defence. He is however not guilty of being a racist so justice has been done. I am, sure that he has learned his lesson. Next time Anton will just be a c***! And yes John Terry did sh*g his mate's missus so he too is a c*** which means that Anton had a point! 

Lawyers win again!


I see that the mainstream media and the Rothschild supporting politicians are still building a case against the Syrian government with ridiculous rumour, innuendo and poor video footage. In this day and age of high quality video on every mobile phone why do we keep being fed the vague and unsubstantiated grainy images?  It achieves and proves nothing.

Nobody seems to know that, if an atrocity has been committed, which group did it and what has happened. The United Nations troops amazingly cannot ever get close to the scenes. They don't even seem to try. We never have any proof. 

Hilary Clinton who of course is part of the problem has immediately jumped on the bandwagon and declared that all this rumour is further proof that the Assad regime is murdering their own citizens. She will inevitably be followed by William Hague because it is likely that they are employed by the same company. William just belongs to the British branch.

In the meantime the Russians hold a different view. They don't appear to be so easily convinced that the images emanating from Syria are kosher. The vague references to government militia do not convince me either so let me gently remind you that Syria is holding out against a Rothschilds owned Central Bank. They follow on from Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadaffi...and of course Afghanistan!

The trouble is that when you have pulled the same stunt time and time again one or two people begin to understand what is happening.  I look forward to the next instalment of the wavery, grainy images of life in Syria with the next 'horrific' slaughter of women and children which will never be proven.

It is all building up to the introduction of British mercenaries (sorry soldiers) entering Syria like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan because British soldiers are expendable. In our modern society if you volunteer for military service you are a mug. You have no career prospects and you will be used and abused. If you get close to a government military pension you will be sacked. If you don't you will be deployed on sandwich duty at the Olympics.

Don't believe a word that you hear about the situation in Syria. It is being engineered by bankers and politicians. This scenario has been repeated so often by the mainstream media. You should look forward to the next appearance of William Hague with his Yorkshire gravitas deploring the slaughter of women and children with no proof whatsoever and suggesting that Britain gets involved.

Don't believe a word of it folks!

The London Olympics (continued)

The so called security company G4S appears to have let the country down. They failed to recruit the numbers required to provide adequate security for the public and to ensure that nobody brings in their own sandwiches. Now with only two weeks before the London Olympics kicks off, they appear to be in a last minute panic and are recruiting schoolchildren on low wages to protect the public.

This comes hard on top of the additional recruitment of 3500 soldiers many fresh out of Afghanistan. I hear that the squalid living accommodation provided by the MOD for these servicemen is in places worse than Camp Bastion!

These Olympics are tottering from one crisis to another. Nobody appears to be in charge. Why on earth has nobody been monitoring G4S and been asking pertinent question? I get the impression that the whole quest of the organisers has been profit which has transferred itself to greed. I have a friend who volunteered to assist. He is an experienced athletics official and attended an interview. Since then he has heard nothing! They didn't even give him the courtesy of a refusal.

We already have traffic problems and empty lanes. We already have chaos whenever the rail service practices emergency drills. Civil Servants have been instructed to work at home during the Games.

I dread to think what will happen when we unleash hundreds of unskilled British teenagers on the unsuspecting foreign invasion. You must remember that these visitors have never, ever met a modern British teenager. I know that some are really good kids but then we have the others! They are a joke! Some of them can't even tell the time let alone use a knife and fork properly. They think the 'F' word is the most common adjective/verb/noun in the English language!

GS4 in its own blethering incompetence may give the visiting world a first hand glimpse of how far down the social scale Britain has fallen. When will the authorities realise that if they had recruited the same number of fit pensioners the security would have been guaranteed? They might however, have turned a blind eye to the odd pasty in the pocket and we can't have that can we?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Can (Should) the Coalition Survive?

The recent revolt by the 'honest' Conservative MPs which halted the progress of the LibDem flagship 'Reform of the Lords' proposal has introduced a new conundrum to British politics. If the 90 odd conviction politicians are happy to defy the Conservative whips and will even resign from ministerial positions then David Cameron has a problem.

He is, in effect, leading a split party. On one side he has the Tinos (Tories in name only) who embrace the European Union and say 'Yes' to every Coalition proposal putting ambition above ability. Then we have the conviction politicians who support traditional conservative values and are not afraid to demonstrate their integrity. They also include some pretty powerful and able MPs who could cause considerable embarrassment to their leader.

This poses another problem for the embattled David Cameron. If he cannot persuade his full party to back LibDem proposals then what is the point of the Coalition? The Lib Dems have this sandal wearing image but they have some pretty nasty pieces of work in their ranks (not least Lord Oakshott). They won't hesitate to retaliate.

That should signal the end of cooperation between the Tories and the LibDems which might be greeted warmly by local party activists. There are large swathes of England where Labour supporters are as rare as rocking horse manure. The only fixture in town is Tory against LibDem.

Will that mean that any meaningful government will be paralysed until the next election in 2015? If that becomes the case then surely the question is not will the Coalition survive but should it? This country cannot afford three years of fratricidal warfare.

The Paramilitary Olympics!

I do sometimes wonder what it will take to reorganise the Home Office. Since our Civil Service was politicised by New Labour the performance of many of our goverment departments has plummeted but nowhere is it quite as inept as the Home Office. For a government department to be unable to guarantee security at the London Olympics to such an extent that they have to call in 3500 troops is a national scandal. 

These games start in a little over two weeks so they have two weeks to train and organise serving soldiers who must be somewhat resentful. Why has it taken until now for LOCOG to discover that their security contractors are incompetent? What has the Home Secretary been doing? Of course anyone who can foul up the UK Border Agency should not be trusted with security at the Olympics but then Theresa May is a moderniser so that excuses everything

Many of these soldiers have just arrived home from Afghanistan and apparently have been told to cancel family holidays to shore up the Home Office incompetence. I never thought that I would ever write this but they should go on strike and refuse!

How can it be that all those politicians and senior Civil Servants who receive perks beyond the comprehension of most of us (and most soldiers) continue in their jobs after this shambles. Theresa May should resign in shame. Why is Ed Miliband our political opposition not demanding her resignation. Oh I forgot he is on holiday along with all the others.

I have long posted that these Olympics are verging on a shambles. We have surface to air missiles mounted on private residential property. We will have security guards checking that the public don't intend to picnic or even eat their own food. McDonalds have a concession which allows them alone to sell chips. I should correct that to French Fries because they can't cook chips!

The organisation of the Olympics is likely to be flawed. Something will go wrong. The only guarantee is that only the general public will suffer. Those incompetent senior officials and politicians will continue to enjoy their bomb proof lives receiving their bonuses and enjoying the best seats. Perhaps we should rename this event the Paramilitary Games!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What Can We Believe?

One of the points of this blog is to challenge the perceptions of the man in the street. You see I recognise the power of the mainstream media. If you are in charge of the mainstream media you can manipulate public opinion. Take just one example the BBC which shamelessly promotes the cause of the European Union and the left wing socialist MPs.

For example their flagship Political Sunday morning programme the 'Andrew Marr show' is spectacularly biased towards modernisation. If you are not 'progressive' or 'mainstream'  then you stand no chance of exposure. So they serve up a constant diet of Cameron, Osborne, Balls, Hague, Brown, Blair, Miliband etc etc. The problem is that they are all in the same club. They all support the EU and they all support Bilderberger which is the the club that issues their orders.

None of us want to believe that our political hierarchy could in fact be traitors. None of us want to believe that the world that we have been educated to accept is corrupt. For example how could we believe that our Queen is actually no longer our monarch. She signed her Coronation oaths away in 1972.

That is the truth but even my wife cannot contemplate that fact. She goes ballistic every time that I mention it. She loves the royals and their mainstream media personification. Airmiles Andy is a saint!

So why is that? Why do the public refuse to believe that royalty is beyond reproach even when we have witnessed the Princess Diana murder? I have discovered a video which if you have 17 minutes to spare may explain so much. It deals with 9/11 but it also has so much relevance to the British people and the monarchy.

We live in a changing world and we must learn to deal with it. Listen to people who are qualified to help us come to terms with the unacceptable.

By the way this 'Before its News' website will frighten the life out of you. They tell you how it is in real life. You will not want to know what the mainstream media is hiding. If you really want an insight into reality, the facts that the media do not want you to know, then wire into these boys! I cannot possibly expose all their issues. I am privileged to get a trending feed from them. 

Reform of the House of Lords

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg MP
I have no doubt that there are some aspects of the House of Lords that requires reform. To start with I would investigate every one of the Labour peers who were stuffed in there when Tony Blair was steering the country towards disaster. In my opinion the investigation into 'cash for peerages' carried out by the failed Assistant Commissioner Yates was, shall we say, not the best example of investigative police work.

However the last person who should be leading any reform of the House of Lords is Nick Clegg. He is a dyed in the wool arch moderniser who will take every opportunity to strip bare any pillar of our society which we have relied upon for centuries. I sometimes think that people like Clegg have one simple aim and that is to bring the country down.

We have a myriad of financial problems. We have a myriad of serious social issues. Our justice system needs a serious overhaul. Everywhere you look the British people face challenges but the leader of the Liberals selects reform of the House of Lords as his flagship policy. I have little doubt that somewhere in his proposals will be some clause which will include proportional representation and some political advantage for his failing LibDems.

I will by the way raise a glass to all the Tory MPs who vote with their conscience and defy the Cameron whips. I just wish they would do the right thing and move to UKIP!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Onwards and Upwards...Nick Boles!

Nick Boles MP
Some time ago I alerted everyone that Nick Boles had attended the Bilderberger annual meeting. In reality Nick Boles is the MP for Grantham and Stamford so he is actually the heir to Margaret Thatcher. That however is where the similarity ends. You see in order to attend the Bilderberger meeting you must be a paid servant of the Bankers, the Media magnates and the Industrialists.

In the past the MPs who are in thrall to Bilderberger have been Ken Clarke (many times), Tony Blair, Ed Balls, Gordon Brown, George Osborne and William Hague. However they were all quite prominent politicians so you can imagine my surprise to see the name of a relative nonentity included in the guest list of this year's meeting. That name was Nick Boles!

I have therefore been waiting for him to emerge into the limelight and tonight it happened. The BBC described him as an 'ally' of David Cameron when they highlighted his policy of withdrawing  national benefits to rich people. Of course we will never know what he describes as 'rich' but watch Nick Boles because in my opinion he does not bat for Britain. He is yet another British politician who appears to have sold his soul to the devil.

Watch his rise to the top of the pile because it is inevitable. If you had previously never heard of Nick Boles then credit me with this first!

How do we Reverse the War on Youth?

For almost five years now I have been expressing my thoughts on modern British society. I have commented on the endemic corruption which has invaded Britain. It is everywhere and in the past thirty years none of our governments has ever tried to reverse it. Ever since we entered the Common Market which was engineered by a despicable Prime Minister, Edward Heath, our national sovereignty has been usurped.

Since Heath we have only had one Prime Minister truly batting for Britain and we all know that Margaret Thatcher was deposed by the europhiles in her party. Since then the traditional Conservative Party has been in the hands of well, frankly, communists. The so called centre left has invaded The European Union but they are not centre left they are far to the left. 

The corruption has spread to all our traditional national services; those services which the tax payer relies upon to protect their interests. Look at the police, the fire brigade, the civil service and more importantly the legal system. They are all under the influence of the PC brigade. Their raison d'etre has been undermined by a unknown influence which cannot be identified. It is a hidden presence buried into the background of our traditional culture. Everything that has been the bedrock of our society has been wrecked by this hidden presence which continues to invade us all.

So where are all heading? We have a largely wealthy older generation who all of their lives have paid into the national pot and are now receiving pensions which the younger generation can only dream about. These old people are living the life of Riley because they have paid for it.

The youth of this country have been let down by a ridiculous education system and now they are being invaded by an army of educated foreigners who actually speak better English than they do. Many of them have manners and recognise responsibility and so these incomers jump into every decent job that appears on the market. They know what is required and nobody has told our kids how to conduct an interview.

The result will be a burning resentment which exploded in the riots of last year. Thousands of dysfunctional young people descended onto our unprotected streets and destroyed a variety of businesses. Many of them have since been jailed but will soon be back onto the streets armed with more knowledge gained from their time in prison.

One day someone will band them together and convince them that might is right. Our police will never cope, our army has been neutered, our legal system fails to punish the evil and our prisons achieve nothing so what will prevent an army of young people taking what they want. It can only be a matter of time.

When will the time comes that those of us who have bought our houses, raised families and contributed to society lose everything to feral gangs.  

The young have no conventional future because it is being taken from them. There will come a time when they will have no alternative but to take what does not belong to them in order to survive. I know that this is a grim scenario but what else can the youngsters do? Even those gaining degrees begin their working life mired in debt.

Many are ignorant of conventional decency. they have been corrupted by a lack of natural justice. Their world has no boundaries and no direction. If we continue along these lines one day a gang will appear on my street and occupy my house and I will have no redress. We already have little police presence and no army so when someone organises the immigrant underclass then beware of the consequences. Unless we challenge the people supporting this war on the youth of today we have a very uncertain future!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Unpredictable Joy of Sport!

Jonny Marray (right) and Frederick Nielsen celebrate with their trophies

Yesterday evening we witnessed a sporting phenomena.  In an age where sometimes it appears that everything is preordained and predictable a pair of tennis players turned the sporting world upside down.

Unseeded and unheralded Jonny Marray and his Danish partner Freddie Nielson won the Wimbledon Mens Doubles title. Typically of the inept British mainstream media they had crept unnoticed through round after round despatching seeded pairs unceremoniously one after the other. It was only after they beat the Bryan brothers in the semi-final that the press corps woke up to the fact that Britain, in this case England, had a Wimbledon finalist.

I have been seeking a sporting comparison and the best that I can come up with is Loughborough Dynamo beating Chelsea in the FA Cup Final! After all Marray is no young kid; he is 31 and has been around for a while. I had never heard of his partner but they qualified as a wild card pairing. They are so scratch that Nielson was not even Marray's original partner!

It is so unlikely, so wonderfully unpredictable, that it epitomises the joy of sport. I hope it changes Marray's life because his temperament alone deserves this success.

Oh and one final thought on this tennis day of all tennis days...come on Andy!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Secret Courts in Britain?

Mr Roger Hayes
In March 2011 about 800 people descended on a court in Birkenhead to 'arrest' a judge for not acting in accordance with his sworn oath. The leader of this mini rebellion was Roger Hayes, Chairman of the British Constitution Group, who had been charged with non payment of council tax. Here is a reminder of the attempt to arrest the judge.

Now comes news that is going viral that he has been arrested, charged and jailed in a secret court which seems to have been convened for this one case. Many of the leading bloggers are making this very public because this is Stasi style justice which we have been warning about for some time now.

I personally don't know the details but they can be found here  along with some pertinent questions that need to be addressed. This is justice under Ken Clarke and a political party which purports to represent Conservative thinking in this country.

If this is not addressed in Westmonster then our fears for democracy in this country will have been substantiated. It also opens the door for anyone who protests against governmental actions to be treated similarly.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

'I've Become the Story'...local Sleaze!

Councillor David Parsons
Councillor David Parsons...
Today in rural Leicestershire the people had a small victory. The Chairman of our County Council who has been in league with Brussels for many years, despite being a Conservative, has resigned! At last he has been ousted after discrepancies with his expense claims had been questioned.

This is the man who in the past five years  has claimed a million pounds in expenses. This has come out of the council tax that we pay for public services. Councillor Parsons resigned today prior to facing a vote of no confidence from his own party. He has clung on for weeks despite mounting evidence that he had cheated the system.

What now? His resignation is an admission of guilt. He knew that he was at the end of the line. Is it not now the duty of the County Council authorities to pursue an enquiry into everything that this councillor has claimed and put him into a dock? He must be made to repay every penny that he swindled out of the public purse.

He must be pursued with the full force of the law just as an example to so many others who think that they are above it. This is the man who made the taxpayers pay for limousines for the weddings of his children. We also paid for him to attend local theatres and to motoring events at Silverstone. He has milked every opportunity to steal from the taxpayer. He MUST now face a judge!

Endemic Corruption...Is It Everywhere Now?

This morning I watched Treasury Secretary, Danny Alexander, squirming on the BBC news programme when he was grilled by presenter Charlie Stayt. He gave the impression of a man staring into headlights knowing that his world was about to collapse. He stuttered and stammered and refused to address questions or even profess an opinion. It was the performance of a condemned man, someone who is hiding a lot of information he does not want the public to know. 

Surely the Bank of England could see what was happening with regard to the Barclay's fraud? But then in their own way are they not complicit in a fraud to keep interest rates so low that savers are being penalised? Are they not printing money using the term 'quantitive easing' to ensure that interest rates remain low? Is this not a dangerous practice and a fraudulent deception?

I fear that this lack of integrity by a few politicians and bankers will eventually impact on us all. Our financial industry could be much closer to the brink than most of us know. It will only stop when someone is jailed and made to repay the bonuses that they have earned during the period of malpractice.

The public are angry. We don't need more lengthy, expensive enquiries where the guilty can hide behind a curtain of civility. We want fraudsters in the dock being pilloried by sharp tongued barristers. We want to see them suffer and before this story breaks even further I will bet now that the guilty will include as many politicians as it does bankers. 

Everywhere we look we stumble upon corruption. Last night Channel Four took a murky peep behind the scenes of the Olympics where overinflated prices and dirty accommodation were highlighted. There seems at present a total absence of integrity in modern Britain and that stems from the top.

Monday, 2 July 2012


Today yet another three solders were murdered by their so called allies; killed by the very people that they are employed to train. The farce being enacted out in Afghanistan continues to cost the lives of brave British soldiers. I first began to post on Afghanistan three years ago and nothing has changed.

This venture into Afghanistan was meant to keep the army busy so that events at home could proceed without interference. Every sane and sensible nationalistic principle has been neutered and destroyed. The ethics of the British Army that I joined in 1965 was based on the principle 'For Queen and Country'. 

Our whole 'raison d'etre' was that we would put our lives on the line for our friends and family. We were fighting for our country. We were defending our traditions and our values! We fought alongside our mates and that was the motivation which drove my generation on in the Falklands and conflicts before.

Since the onset of Blair/Bush the role of the British army has changed. They are now mercenaries for the 'corporatocracies' and their political servants. The Al Qaeda garbage has probably been the biggest scam ever. The 9/11 incident in New York has been questioned all across the blogosphere.  There are so many anomalies about the collapsed twin towers that it has ceased to be a conspiracy theory.

If someone can stage an incident of that magnitude for political advantage what else will they do? What else is in store for the public? There are rumours from across the pond that the States face turmoil beyond belief. Many believe that they have lost their beloved constitution. Here in the UK we have many others who believe that our heritage has been usurped so read this (scroll down to Trust No-One') and then also read this from people who command a much wider audience than I do!

Every politician who has backed the invasion of Afghanistan is not backing Britain. These soldiers never had a chance because their hands were tied. Afghanistan is and always has been a warlord society...it will never change. The people who have put the American and British soldiers into this invidious position have so much to answer for but then they knew it. Nobody with one eye on history would ever agree to an invasion of Afghanistan. It was political madness and of course that was why the decision was so crass.

Once again the families and friends are grieving for soldiers who should never have been sent to Afghanistan in the first place. The real villains are the people who engineered the Al Qaeda problem. Afghanistan is not the problem. It was never the real problem. The problem with Afghanistan is that it did not have a Central Bank owned by the Rothschilds!

Pakistan is the problem. Most of the terrorism emanates from Pakistan...and by the way I do not believe for one minute that Osama bin Laden was killed by American Special Forces and we never saw his body. It is a joke.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Did anyone know this?

One of the many joys of having a blogging voice is discovering the truth when the mainstream media are trying to cover it up! When people who are protesting against the banks and the politicians are denied the oxygen of publicity then their campaign falls flat.

This is the reason that so much news is controlled and neutered. For example how many people know that a protest in May in Germany gained the support of the police? Can anyone imagine the police in the UK taking off their protective helmets and marching in front of protesters to confront a Rothschild Bank?

You don't think it could happen? Well unlike the dumbed down youth/police of this country it is happening in other countries. We must remember that the only country in the EU not embarrassed by the EU bail out system is Germany. Unfortunately their citizens are having to pay for the profligacy of the other countries!

So fast rewind to the 19th May in Frankfurt am Main, a city in Germany. A demonstration occurs and the demonstrators march on a central Rothschild bank. They are policed but suddenly the police join the demonstrators. They remove their headgear and lead them towards their target and it is not reported. I had to seek this out for confirmation but if you want to witness this extraordinary event then here it is.

The people are unhappy. They are discontent but they lack leaders, they lack direction and often they lack courage. In the UK we don't expect the police to join the demonstration.  We expect to get what Ian Tomlinson got. Our police do not have any sympathy for protesters. They are the heirs to the Gestapo/Stasi but the difference is that they demand a risk assessment before they do their jobs.

That is why and how the riots of last summer occurred. The authorities cowered into the background hiding behind their risk assessments. Until we begin to demand a code of conduct from our emergency services (and that includes nurses) then we will continue to be unprotected.

The Sunday Joke ...William Hague!

William Hague is currently appearing on the Andrew Marr Show. Marr has a habit of wheeling out the nation's least favourite politicians with monotonous regularity. This morning he is quizzing William Hague on the European Union particularly now that David Cameron has, once again, vaguely promised a referendum on our membership of this undemocratic, unelected cabal of Socialist politicians who have sytematically wrecked the economies of most of its member states.

Given the facts I was astonished to hear Hague articulate that we should not hold a referendum until we can see the direction in which the EU is going!  Surely by now we all know the direction in which the EU is going. It is going downhill fast, so fast that most member states require huge bailouts just to keep the politicians in power.

How on earth can he and all the other disciples of the people behind the EU continue to pretend that it is not happening? The EU has been a disastrous failure costing hundreds of billions. Not even Hague can sweep that under the carpet. David Cameron is preparing for his divorce from Nick Clegg and so he is trying to conjure up some Tory principles.

Don't be fooled folks! He continues to bluff the public by talk of a referendum. There is absolutely no chance of Cameron holding an in/out referendum on the EU. His bosses, the people who pull his strings, won't allow it until every last brass farthing has been spent trying to prop it up. Once all the money is gone and most western governments cannot even afford pensions then up will pop a politician to suggest that the EU was not a good idea. We must get out before that happens.