Monday, 12 October 2009

MPs Expenses (continued)

I cannot believe what an horrendous cover up this is becoming. These thieves are being whitewashed when they should be in court. The excuse that they were 'just following the rules' just does not wash. They all knew what is right and wrong and what would not stand up in any other walk of life.

The fact that we have a Prime Minister who falsely claimed over £12000 is a disgrace. It does prove once again however, that he has no moral scruples whatsoever a trait that we have seen repeatedly since he came to power. The finances of the country are in such a state that he is selling off government assets at rock bottom prices just so that he can cling to power until the last possible moment.

When will we get rid of this bunch of crooks? My big worry is however that party politics will transcend the next election so that the voters could have no option, if they wish to return the party of their choice but to vote for a person who they know is untrustworthy. There are unfortunately far too many of them who took advantage of this strange set of rules which were so lax as to allow them to switch the status of houses in order to gain maximum financial advantage.

This included far too many prominent politicians including Jackie Smith, the former Home Secretary, who has only had to apologise to the House of Commons for deliberate and wilful fraud. No wonder the public is disgusted!

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