Monday, 31 August 2009

Out of the loop!

I know that the opposition are all on holiday sunning themselves in the exclusive resorts of the world but I am a little surprised that they have not taken time out to comment on the antics of the government following the release of the Lockerbie bomber. They really should be challenging the lack of integrity of the Blair gang but then perhaps they are all in the same club. I have often suspected that.

The one guy who may actually be out of the loop is Gordon. He never was a Blair gang member (rather the opposite) and it would appear that the Libyan connection was set up by Tony and Mandy and they were backed up by Jack Straw. This is the team that has been behind all the jiggery pokery of the recent years.

Maybe they don't tell Gordon anything. Perhaps that is why he has been so quiet. How can he comment when he's not sure what's going on? After all Gordon was so bad that they had to bring Mandy back from Europe to prop him up. I keep having this vision of a telephone conversation between Tony and Mandy:-

M: Hello mate Gordon's been on the phone again.
T: What did he want?
M: He wanted to know what was going on with your mate Ghaddafi.
T: You didn't tell him anything did you?
M: Naw he'd only cock it up.
T: Good tell Jack to keep quiet too. It will soon all die down and then we can carve up the proceeds. This deal will pay for your next house mate.
M: Guess what Gordon has just done?
T: He's not been picking his nose in public again?
M; No he dashed over to Afghanistan to piss David Cameron off.
T: And...?
M: He allowed himself to be interrogated by a squaddie about why they pay taxes when they are on active service.
T: What a prat! He should know by now that we never have contact with the public.
M: Too true mate..remember when I got green paint poured over me...see you soon buddy when you become President of Europe.
T: Yeah too true it's in the bag but don't tell Gordon or he'll do something to bugger it up.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

They deny everything and are guilty of everything!

On 20th August when I heard about the release of the Lockerbie bomber I knew instinctively that it was a stitch up and blogged as such. The behaviour of people like Brown Blair Straw and Mandelsson is entirely predictable. They can be bought by anyone. Now the truth is beginning to emerge piece by piece as everything that they had previously denied is being proven to be true.

I am about as far away from this tawdry affair as is possible but here is how it goes. BP want access to Libyan oil. They approach the NoLab leadership to ease the way. The Libyans demand a prisoner exchange agreement in return and Megrahi is top of their list(just how many high profile Libyan prisoners are banged up in our jails anyway).

Jack Straw then fires a warning shot across the bows of the Scottish Justice Minister Kenny McCaskill who just happens to belong to the Scottish National Party. McCaskill probably realises what is at stake but doesn't want to appear to be a tool of the Westminster government.

He has a brainwave hires a doctor to certify that Megrahi has terminal cancer and then releases him back to Libya under the compassionate clause in Scottish Law. Easy innit...that way Gordon Brown is in the clear, the SNP are seen as merciful, Jack Straw is rubbing his hands, Tony Blair can hug Colonel Ghaddaffi again and it is another victory for the NoLab leaders because they all make money!

The trouble is that the families of the victims are appalled. The American government cannot contemplate the callousness of this bunch and the whole world knows that the British governemnt has about as much integrity as the Russian Mafia.

Come to think of it we seem to have lost our government and gained people resembling mafia leaders.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Chink of Hope?

I have always had a sneaky admiration for Yorkshiremen because they speak as they find. They may be blunt, dour and financially 'careful' but they are not fools. They have a code of ethics, they don't like dishonesty and generally they care for their families. They are however, also stubborn by nature. Once they have decided what is right then it takes an awful lot to change their mind. Witness the miner's strike to see just how stubborn they can be.

For decades NoLab had its heartlands in the north and Yorkshire was part of their empire. Labour was the party of the working class and Yorkshiremen were working class. This is one of the reasons why I could not understand why NoLab was still polling votes in the north because ever since the emergence of Tony Blair NoLab have deserted the working class.

There was an article in the Daily Mail today which made me sit up because it might just be the start of something. Apparently out of disgust with the antics of the NoLab local councillors the voters in Doncaster elected a member of the English Democrats to the position of mayor.

Since then the policies of the Political Class have taken a battering. You see apparently, Peter Davies, has principles. He has awarded himself a pay cut. He also wants to cut the number of freeloaders, sorry councillors, down to a minimum. I was getting interested. Then he wants to untwin Doncaster from its twinning commitments and he has declared war on all the council non-jobs.

Mr Davies has also scrapped the mayoral limousine and ended the Council free newspaper. I was beginning to beam but I almost broke into applause when I read that he had also scrapped the funding for Doncaster's Gay Pride event. Typically he reasoned that public money should not be used to celebrate anyone's sexuality.

He does not support the green issues and is not conned by the global warming lobby. Even better he has banned the cult of diversity because he believes that it is divisive.

He has to provide sites for Romany travellers because it is a government edict but he wants to monitor them for Council Tax payment and check their entitlement to benefits. It is just as if Mr Davies has unfurled the long forgotten flag of democracy and is flying it high over Doncaster Town Hall. He is railing against all the trends adopted by the Political Class and intends to cut the Council Tax bill in Doncaster by monitoring expenditure rigidly.

Could this catch on? Do the English Democrats have anymore like Mr Davies? Could Mr Davies establish a blueprint which could be adopted by other Town Halls? I am convinced that once the electorate got a sniff of democracy again then we could see sweeping changes.

I get the impression that Mr Davies is a tough cookie and he will need to be. Once Gordon the Moron and his Europhile Mafia get a sniff that they have genuine opposition then he will have to watch his back. We all know what can happen once the Political Class feel threatened. Still well done Sir, you have given some of us a chink of hope.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


It is unbelievable! We have lost over 200 soldiers in the war against the Taliban but the Afghan people already know who will win. The so called elections have apparently been a farce. They have not even bothered to vote in the hard line areas.

The cream of our crop are dying for a cause which is useless. We have never won in Afghanistan because their hearts and minds are so different from our hearts and minds.

We revere and mourn our dead but they don't really give a damn about their losses (and that is being polite). It is now clear that our own government also don't give a damn about the dead, the wounded and the mentally disturbed who arise from their ridiculous war.

I cannot speculate on how the NoLab hierarchy will explain away the deaths of so many heroes and the results of the corrupt Afghan elections. Their elections have shown that the game is up! They don't want us! It is an American plot to do what the Russians couldn't do and neither could we and that is to subvert the Afghan culture.

Time we brought the guys home... but that will ruin the Marxist plot to keep the British army occupied while they ruin the country! Hush my mouth!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Muhammed Ali. My Hero!

Today I saw the greatest athlete that I have ever seen shambling about in Manchester like a drunk. When I was a young man he was the most charismatic, athletic, talented, principled man that bestrode my generation like a collossus. He almost single handedly changed the face of the United States.

The reason for my post is that my hero is only five months older than me. We grew up together. I remember him winning the gold medal in the 1960 Olympics when he beat up the European champion. When he beat up Sonny Liston to gain the World Heavyweight Championship I was ecstatic. He then took on the United States government by refusing to be drafted to Vietnam.

By the time that he was allowed to return to the ring his best days had gone. In 1972I was serving with the army in Berlin when we discovered by proxy that there was a satellite communication which would deliver his fight with Joe Frazier into our house.

What a fight! But I must admit I was now thirty and he lost the fight and it was at that moment when I realised that I had lost my youth. This is the reason that Mohammed means so much to my generation. We aged with him but he continued to fight and we celebrated with him as he came back not just once but time and time again.

My wife thinks that in comparison with my hero Mohammed Ali that I have health and he has nothing. I think that nobody can ever repeat what he has done and his plight today is testimony to what he has given the world. Would I exchange my current health with his for the fame? There is only one Ali and I believe that there will ever be only one Ali but today I am in good nick! What a question!

The Scumbags of Upton Park East London!

Well were any of us really surprised at the riots around Upton Park yesterday evening as a precursor to the West Ham/Millwall Carling Cup match. Almost anyone who gave the match a thought knew that trouble would be brewing...that is of course anyone bar the police!

These are the heartland. of the white scumbag. Their uniform is well known, a shaven head, covered in tattoos, beer bellies and the liberal use of the 'F' word in every grunt exhaled. This is the result of the lack of policing, the lack of education, and the lack of an effective deterrent for so many years.

The luxury prisons combined with light sentencing and lack of respect for the police means that there is no effective deterrent for the lowlifes. The result was what we all saw last night at West Ham and we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Is is not about time that we built a large concentration camp somewhere on a mosquito ridden Western Isle and sent them all to live with minimum rations and no home comforts. Sentencing could still be light but would double after each offence!
I bet we might just get a change of attitude once word got around.

PS Witness the change of attitude of the two guys from Derby who decided to 'wrestle' with the Latvian police. They are now doing hard 'porridge' and they don't like it. They are wingeing to anyone who will listen and of course the BBC in time honoured, typical fashion are championing their cause. Their defence appears to be that they were just having a 'laugh', just 'playing around' so the bar owners called the police. Ha! Let them rot!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Shock! Our contribution to the EU is increasing!

I have long blogged about the illegality of the European Union. It has been unable to pass an audit for close to 15 years because so much money cannot be accounted for. Despite this NoLab continues to pour taxpayer's money into it at an unprecedented rate. Next year will apparently cost us 6.4 billion pounds. This from a country with a huge national debt to furnish.

We have actually been invaded by a small cartel of European politicians without a shot being fired. Today they are called commissioners. in 1942 these commissioners could have had names like Hitler, Goebbels, and Mussollini. Today one of them is called Catherine Ashton and nobody has ever voted for her (she is ours by the way)!

Yes we do have MEPs like Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP who sits in Europe as an anti EU parliamentarian but who brags that he has claimed over 2 million pounds in expenses since we voted for him because he was anti EU. You will notice that between EU elections we never hear from Mr Farage. Are you getting the picture?

We the British public have been conned rotten. We are paying through the nose for an organisation which laughs at us because, as it increases membership, we pay more and more to encourage others to enter. There is also one final twist. It is being widely touted that Tony Blair will be the next President of the European Union.

Now I will look to the heavens and say "Winston Churchill why did you bother"?

Oops! Don't worry it's only an Administrative error!

The news today that 400 youngsters will not now receive their expected places at University because someone cocked up did not come as a surprise. The only surprise is that this university did not seem to grasp how important these places were to the youngsters concerned. Their perceived acceptance meant that they could not follow alternative courses of action and so now they are left high and dry.

These blunders are occurring throughout our society as the backlash of the modern education system leaves us with young people who cannot carry out simple administrative tasks. In my later days with the Civil Service I was surrounded by young people who could not count without a calculator, could not spell, punctuate or even write legibly. That is generally all covered up by the use of computers but what cannot be covered up is their inability to pay attention to detail or their inability to check their input onto the database.

The consequence is that all over Britain the public are paying a huge price because the government computers are riddled with errors. Even my son recently has had a job put on hold because someone failed to complete forms accurately.

When I was training young people one of my favourite exercises was to place someone in a simulated receptionist position and then have other trainees walking in and giving him/her messages. If the person acting the role of receptionist did not respond correctly to any of the messages the scenario would drastically change.

These sessions invariably ended in chaos but it was a lesson well learned and it was good fun. Admin errors cause chaos and should be punished not tolerated in the good old blokey, jokey manner that they are perceieved today.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Chickens at last coming home to roost!

Oh what a tangled web we weave! There is little doubt that our current government is without doubt the most duplicitous that we have ever elected (or not) as the case may be. They have engineered support of the Lisbon Treaty without public consent. They continue to allow mass immigration without public consent. Everything that they do is dipped in poison so that hardly anyone of neutral employment status will ever vote for them ever again.

So they believe that they are invincible, that they can cover up, con and confuse, they can bully, bullshit and bend the rules until one day they overstep the mark. The monstrous triumvirate of Blair, Brown and Mandelsson who have all made a packet from their shenanigans appear to have made a fatal mistake. They trusted Colonel Ghaddafi!

They thought that if the Lockerbie bomber, Megrahi, was released quietly and slipped silently back into Tripoli that everyone would soon forget and then they could continue their energy talks. The problem is that Ghaddafi had no intention of allowing such a significant coup to pass by without celebration. He therefore organised the largest welcome homecoming possible which included the waving of Scottish Saltires and then publicly thanked Brown, Blair and Prince Andrew. No mention of Kenny McCaskill you may note!

It is now in print that it was the British government who negotiated with Ghaddafi for the release of the Lockerbie bomber Megrahi. The Libyans are saying that every business discussion held in recent times has had the release of the Lockerbie bomber on the table. His release was apparently the precursor to any discussions on energy.

NoLab in turn engineered for the SNP to release Megrahi and stood back to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately they forgot one small detail...Colonel Ghaddafi does not give a tuppenny damn for the reputation of Gordon Brown, Tony Blair or the Scottish people. He holds all the aces or should I say the oil and gas so the very minute his man Megrahi is released he sticks two fingers up and humiliates them all.

The right wing mainstream media are now all in hot pursuit of those members of NoLab who are guilty of this calumny. The Americans are quite rightly horrified and I suspect that Gordon Brown will not be welcome in the court of King Obama for some time.

Finally I find it quite predictable that the Scottish Labour Party have jumped on the bandwagon and are attacking the SNP for the decision to release Megrahi when it was their colleagues in London who engineered it all. What on earth were Salmond and McCaskill thinking of when they agreed to this NoLab plot? Were they asleep?

Gordon where are you? What is your pronouncement now that we can all see what you did? Speak to us Gordon and don't forget to girn will you!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Ashes v the World Athletics Champs

Well we eventually did it... we stuffed the Aussies at a game which so few people play. It was great theatre...Freddie ran out their talisman Ricky Ponting just at a time that we were beginning to falter. I have been a sports fan for all of my life but somehow I cannot get excited about this victory.

The Aussies have lost all of their superstars in a few years (Ponting excepted). Our cricket team is stuffed full of people who learned their cricket in far flung lands. How many of them were actually bred and born in England? Food for thought!

Now on telly at the same time was the Worlds Athletics Championships. I watched two sessions of the worst coverage of the Worlds Marathon championships that I have ever seen. It must have been some kind of German joke but it wasn't funny. However I digress...because we gained six medals at these championships. That is six medals against the very best in the world.

Jessica Ennis and Philips Oduwu beat every other person on the planet. Jenny Meadows and Lisa Dobrisky were beaten by just one/two people and our relay squads also excelled. What is the value of their medals when tomorrow in the popular press it will be all about Freddie and the boys?

Sorry I think this is all about values...well done the lads at the Oval but hell it cannot compare with what the lads and lassies did in Berlin.


The News of the World had a photograph today of a so-called BNP supporter urging a child to burn a gollywog on a fire. It was apparently taken on a BNP Family Day.
I have always taken the view that the white working class need representation ever since the Labour party deserted them but this was monstrously idiotic.

I am afraid that Nick Griffin has really got to stamp out this crass behaviour and frankly he doesn't seem to have the will to do it. I really thought that the message being sent out by the BNP was that they were becoming a broader church and that they were victims of the mainstream media. I could believe that. However, the photograph today has done irreparable damage.

To be fair the BNP website has distanced themselves from this action and are investigating the incident with a view to disciplinary action. Their stance is that it was a great day out and it was an isolated incident which very few people saw. The problem is that is not enough. That man should be paraded before the media after he has been thrown out of the party and nothing else will do.

The suspicion of racism has, for most people, been proven by one photograph. I am definitely not refuting that there are racists in the BNP. Every political party has problems with people who go, shall we say, off message, but the mainstream message from the BNP is an anti immigration stance.

Now don't get me wrong, because most of my generation abhor the mass immigration which has changed the character of large areas of our country by importing so many people of alien cultures. Yes I admit some of these people have settled well and are contributing to the economy. There is also the other side of immigration...the bad side.

The British people are either very stupid/complacent or very tolerant. We have 'welcomed' all of these people into our society and so many have taken advantage. We now must deal with organisations like the Muslim Council of Great Britain and the Black Police Officers Association when most of us don't understand why they have to exist. If you want to come here and contribute to our society then you are welcome but don't try to change us.

So that is it in a nutshell. The BNP have disappointed me greatly by being so stupid. They gave the News of the World a coup and they also made me think again. I await their response.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bad news...always bad news!

Have you noticed that the news and the newspapers are always full of bad news. Some days I can turn page after page of my daily and all that stares out at me bleakly are bad news stories. Everywhere we look we are under an assault from the government.
They never create good news. Well there was that one chink when Lord Mandelsson had to be admitted to a hospital but then I'm sure he will recover.

Day after day our boys are being killed or wounded in Afghanistan. We don't even know why they are there because the reasons keep changing but there is no obvious exit strategy and the lack of mine clearing equipment is costing us dear.

Then we have that amazing mess which ended with the Lockerbie bomber being released where he was immediately greeted as a hero back in Libya. It was shudderingly distasteful but at least it let the rest of the world, including the Americans, see just what a total bunch of cretins are running this country. If Brown and Mandelsson think that we believe the rubbish about this being a 'Scottish' decision then they take us all for fools. The problem is that we are all fools for putting up with them.

The banks are still robbing us blind, the police continue their war on the motorist whilst the thug reigns unopposed in most areas (particularyly if they are of the roving Irish variety.

The local councils continue to terrorise the very people that they should be serving. Last Thursday my local town always hosts a market, it has been established something like eight hundred years but in the year 2009 the town was teeming with the traffic Taliban. We had ticket wardens everywhere hovering and hoping that the laden shopper would return to their vehicle seconds too late. It is so blatant that it is nauseating.

The 'A' level results arrived as usual and as usual they were record breaking! This con trick perpetrated on our children has so devalued their education that it is monstrous that any government should be allowed to continue to act in this manner. The kids think that their only real path to success is the university route but the really clever ones are turning their backs on the universities, the debts that go with them and they are learning trades.

Pubs are closing, shops are closing, people continue to lose jobs and the welfare bill contiues to rise enormously. In the meantime in this huge crisis the girner in chief is enjoying his holidays. At least he is happy. After all in less than a year he could be out of the mess that he has created and be off to Europe for his ultimate pay off. The rest of us will still be on Planet Earth trying to get by.

Oh well at least my team won today! Anyone seen Oliver Cromwell?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Integrity and our Government

There comes a time when one seriously feels that this blog repreats itself serially. The problem is that the same questions keep returning serially. The government which I will serially repeat is the most corrupt, venal and destructive group of people that have ever had their hands on the tiller of the good ship 'United Kingdom'.

Today a Libyan murderer was released from jail. His crime was so heinous, so evil, so inexplicable that he should have been sent directly to any form of gallows available. Today he was released to spend what life he has left with his nearest and dearest, a luxury not allowed to the people who plunged to their death over Lockerbie.

We have all known for days that he would be released. Despite the anger of the United States (even Hillary Clinton) this deal had been done weeks ago. The only thing that this government is good at is double dealing. The minute that the Scottish Judiciary began to talk about the government of the UK being involved then we knew that the triumvirate of Brown/Mandelsson/Straw had been at work.

They did a deal with Libya and oil was involved! I am a simple and uninformed member of the public but we all know that anything duplicitous has the hand of that evil trio stamped all over it.

Integrity and New Labour are so diammetrically apart that it is painful to continue to report their abstinence from the truth. They are so bad that they could almost make the devil apply for a transfer to heaven! One day day...

PS He got a hero's welcome when he returned home. Yeah I hope that the 'boys' feel pleased with themselves! He could of course be on 'Strictly Come Dancing' this winter along with Ronnie Biggs!

Can you really believe how low we have sunk in the eyes of the world. We are the scum who will do anything for money and it is pervading our whole society.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Child Poverty

Well is that not predictable, that in cities like Leicester and Nottingham child poverty rates are sky high! Here we have of course the most vulnerable communities in our society probably outside of London. For example nowhere has the multicultural experiment been more embraced that in these two East Midlands cities.

The NoLab socialist approach to multiculturalism, education for the masses and state intervention in all cases has led to many, many families dropping below the poverty line. These communities are largely dependent on NoLab for their future which of course is nil just as long as the Political Class continue their experimentation.

Child poverty should not exist anywhere in our country. It only exists because our current government is useless and our future government will also be useless. Child poverty in Britain is an indictment on every politician in our country. Child Poverty ...are you really joking? We have a tax bill which should ensure that every child in our country is provided for many times over but billions are regularly being allocated to provide for children from many other countries.

It is little surprise that amongst the lower echelons of society that the BNP will make inroads. At least the BNP have a programme for the future. They have to appeal to the indiginous population and if you forget the rhetoric of the controlled press then they represent what so many of us want.

Child poverty in Britain could never happen under the BNP.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Guy Burgess

I was intrigued by the BBC item on the news tonight about Guy Burgess who was the sixties spy-in-chief for the Soviet Union. He was of course a product of our Oxbridge system of education which has produced generation after generation of dissidents.

If one researches the background of the present day Cabinet then it soon becomes clear that these people are really not patriots. Their goal, their target, their ambition has never been the good and benefit of the country in general. In fact it is rather the opposite. Most of them in their youth did not want their home country to prosper.

Today they still harbour their youth time ambitions and that is why this country is in the jam that we find it. It does not take a genius to recognise that the rebels of the past are now in Cabinet. Brown, Darling, Harman, Hain etc, etc. None of them have ever, ever, wanted the British people to prosper. We have been one of the richest countries in the world but under NoLab they have squandered our wealth and given it hand over fist to the European Union and also to the millions of squatters who have been encouraged to invade our country.

We have never, in my recollection, found a traitor emanating from the Northern grammar achools so they were destroyed. They were destroyed deliberately because at long last kids from the poorer families had access to the top universities and they did not belong.

Please when the political class and remember that means the three Westmonster parties ask for your precious vote then remember these are the people who have brought this country to its knees and it is not just NoLab. The Tories are equally culpable. Think on!

Afghan Elections

So now we know, that the prize elections in Afghanistan, the elections that our best soldiers are being killed to defend are actually a very poor joke. BBC reporters are picking up voting slips for a few dollars and many of the Afghans admit that they vote for the guy who gives them the most money!

Now isn't this typical of everything that we have ever read about this country? I am sure that there are decent, well educated, well intentioned people living in the country but nowhere near sufficient to change centuries of conflict and culture.

Afghanistan is not worth another soldier's life. They should be brought home unless of course this government can discover yet another reason to keep them there. Surely even they cannot justify much more of this slaughter.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Democracy NoLab Style

I used to be a real fan of the blog run by Guido Fawkes but he is almost becoming mainstream and so now I have swopped alliances to the 'Old Holborn' blog who is making giant strides to being one of the most incisive blogs in the country.

Today he emphasises that under the NoLab regime democracy has been sidelined. It has been so sidelined that today we have lost our moral compass. Our elected PM was actually Tony Blair but he did a deal with a guy who nobody would ever have elected and so Gordon Brown, unelected, strode into number Ten.

The problem was that he was, is, and always will be, useless and so the men in grey NoLab suits decided that the only person who could save them was Peter Mandelsson. Nobody will need reminding that this guy is poison! He had to be twice removed from office because he was and is untrustworthy. The only way they could shoehorn him into power was to ennoble him and so it was done.

You may also remember that our lone European Commissoner is one Catherine Ashton who I have previously blogged about. She is arguably our most powerful modern day politician and yet she is unknown and nobody has ever voted for her.

This is democracy NoLab style. Never mind the voter; we will bypass them to get what we want. Dear people that means your vote is worthless! Your vote is worthless at local elections because the local councillors have almost no power. Even at national level our MPs have no real power unless they are renegades and then they are punished for their temerity.

Everything is stitched up right across the board. The only way you can change it is to get behind people who are not part of the mainstream system (or march on the streets of course) and they are few and far between.

So does your vote count? Look at Brown, Mandelsson and Ashton and make your own decision. They have destroyed democracy in this country. Please do not vote for the mainstream Westmonster parties, anyone of them, find anyone else and PROTEST!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Is it worth it...?

The other morning I heard Andrew Castle of ITV ask the most crass question of the year. Facing a military member who had survived a triple amputation and despite that was displaying an amazingly positive attitude the erodite Castle asked. "Was it worth the sacrifice"? The silence from the other end was priceless! Silence! How do you answer a prat like that?

That is now the question which faces us all with regard to Afghanistan. Daily the
body count total grows and this discredited and disorganised government continues to attempt to convince us it is all worthwhile. If they had a grip on our borders then our boys/girls would not be dying so regularly everyday, every week, every goddam news report.

The problem is that nobody believes anything that Gordon Brown/Peter Mandelsson utter. If their lips move then they are lying. When we have so little (no) reliance on the integrity of the government how can we believe them on the their stance regarding Afghanistan. Our soldiers are dying in a foreign land and for what?

Our Political Class, it matters what which persuasion, have no integrity left. How can they try to persuade us that our sons and daughters have been killed or maimed so that some Afghan warlord who is (today) pro western can win a dodgy election.

This is unfortunately a war which we have been dragged into and our armed forces are paying a terrible price. We are losing the cream of the crop. Is there an end game? Has this abject government got a plan to end this war? Think on... did you see Bob Ainsworth on BBC today? That is the man in charge of our war effort amd frankly he is barely literate.

Can you imagine... we need a boss for war... must be a socialist...Gordon and Mandy must like him.. does not need experience... Coventry shop steward preferable!

Sorry but the sacrifice is not worth it, never has been and I would hate to be the parent/wife/partner of anyone who has gallantly given their life for this NoLab project. They are valiant but enough is enough... we cannot win a war where the minds hate us.

Daniel Hannan or Alan Duncan

It has been very difficult since David Cameron sprang a surprise on the Tory Party to beat David Davis to the leadership to actually pin him down. He is a very smooth character but it is extremely difficult to get him to commit to anything. I have always suspected that when he gets voted into power and he will, unless there is a seismic shift in the attitide of the electorate, then all we will get is more of the same.

I have always thought of him as the Tory Tony Blair all smiles, casually relaxed but behind the shine is a keen political brain and I don't think the public would like what they would see if he was cut open.

However suddenly he has slipped up. In the past few days two of his prominent Tory members have upset the apple cart. Firstly as I have already stated Alan Duncan made a bit of a prat of himself but then across the Atlantic, Daniel Hannan who up until a few months ago was almost unknown, criticised the NHS live on American telly.

Now Daniel Hannan is well know for terrorising Gordon Brown on the floor of the European Parliament in a belter of a speech which flashed around the world on U Tube. Now he criticises the NHS the 'holy cow' of the political classes because it employs many of their mates, pays them huge sums out of the public purse for doing nothing and despite major efforts to clean it up kills far, far too many of its patients.

Of course it is unmanageble and monolithic and it would take radical thinking to modernise it. These Westmonster parties do not do 'radical'.

Now I wondered who Mr Cameron would support now that he was being outflanked by his members and it didn't surprise me one jot that Duncan got the vote and Hannan was described as 'eccentric'. Daniel Hannan had one shot at bringing Brown to his knees and he did it in three minutes. Cameron has many, many opportunities and week after week he allows Brown to wriggle free.

I suspect that the Tory party under Cameron is a 'lie' so perhaps some of them should take a good look at the effect that Daniel Hannan has had on the public and join him. It is nice to hear someone speak the truth even if it does make them 'eccentric'!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Alan Duncan MP

I bet that at the moment Alan Duncan is about as popular as a sexual disease in the corridors of Westmonster. Just when the outcry had quietened, the MPs were off on their publicly funded jollies, the heat was dying and so many, who should have been ditched, were beginning to peak above the parapet again along comes little Alan.

In an ill conceived interview with a bloke who had already dug up Alan's lawn to protest about MPs expenses he babelled on about rationing and bemonaed that MPs were being treated so badly. His comments were ridiculous but they were more harmful to his colleagues because it proved that many of them still believe that the theft they committed from the public purse was their right.

They are not sorry. They are mad that they have been caught out. David Cameron proved it today because he refused to get rid of the idiot and why...he is not an insignificant backbencher. That is the criteria amongst these politicians because some of the worst offenders still reside in the cabinet. It only proves one thing that none of them can be trusted.

Nothing significant has been done to change the system by which they almost all plundered the state purse. We must slaughter them when (if) we are allowed an election next year. I wonder what the British public would do if Gordon came on television, flashed his most sincere smile, and announced that because of security reasons he would not hold another election and that him and David and Nick Clegg were going to form a government of all the parties!

I don't put anything past Gordon Brown. I will bet that he and Mandy have an exit strategy worked out already. They will not lose power gracefully that is for sure.

We must find a new honest party with the stated aim of dragging the country back so that the public are well served. We must find a pathway to some good news. We have a plethora of minor parties all of whom cut their own throats. Someone must unite the anti European groups which would be a good start. Then we could begin to plan for a strategy which would monitor government spending and try to repair the damage done by so many poiticians from the main parties.

From there...well it is nice to dream...but we are still a democracy and we could do it if we found the right people.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Today's Youth

I detect that the youth of today are beginning to realise that the Political Class have placed them in a position which puts them at a severe disadvantage. They have been encouraged to take up university places, to place themselves in heavy debt and expect jobs which would lead them into a career path. None of this has happened so we have got a generation of youngsters with degrees which are worthless.

They are now belatedly beginning to realise that the rosy future, the giggling social acceptance, their transparent university life has now disappeared.

Young people have always been the core of any revolutionary force. Our youngsters have been cushioned by our welfare system but they should wake up and face the fact that the European Union and NoLab and the Tories are killing their chances of a future.

At the present moment the government is printing money as fast as they can which is exactly what Robert Mugabe did! We all know what happened to Zimbabwe. Eventually the inflation led to nothing on the shelves. This is getting tougher and perhaps that might shake the kids out of their lethargy. Somewhere there is a new revolutionary leader... somewhere... somewhere...where are you?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Muslim kills British woman ... so what?

I am afraid that it is now happening almost on a daily basis. Cowards are committing the most awful crimes and are being handed derisory sentences. The guys who killed an innocent woman crossing the road were racing and had reached speeds twice the speed limit.

They then, of course, left her dying in the road and disappeared without giving her a second thought. They of course revealed no compassion, no care, no interest in the condition of their victim who they had in effect, murdered.

What a group of callous brutes! They should surely have been taught a mighty lesson, something like 15 years each, banned from driving for life...burned at the stake!! But no this is England in 2009 where nobody ever gets punished unless they are white, middle class, tax paying, law abiding citizens who prevously have no known form.

What did they get? The driver got three years and his passengers got scot free. Can you just imagine if the lady who was killed was a member of your family? How do they feel to discover that the person that they loved and cherished was not worth a light.

The government and the judiciary are continuously signalling that we, the public, are worthless. We do not matter. We vote but it matters not a jot. There are forces at large which have reduced this country to a fascist state. Fascist/Communist give it a name but is it not about time that we redefined the term democracy in this country.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Hazel Blears

Is he really surprised that her car was vandalised? I am just surprised that her ego allows her to appear amongst the working class. She was so lucky that it was only her car. She is a major part of an organisation which has conned, ignored, abused and reneged on the British working class.

Little 'Chipmunk' seems to believe that she is immune to the link to Brown, Blair and Mandelsson. She is as part of their abuse, the racket designed to keep the British working class in their place. She was very lucky today, which is probably why she was cowering in her car, because some of the others who think that they have a 'connection' with a public may fair far worse.

They have created this culture of fear and violence because of their ignorance and their inability to recognise that most of the public don't want their policies (what policies).

I have just visited, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal and nowhere did I find the Soviet style authoritisation that we face in this country. The police in this country have become an arm of the state and even us at a local level face the problem. The Meldrew family are about to become embroiled in a legal battle against Council harrassment.

Watch this space!

Norwegian Cruise LIne

Today's exchange rate is as follows £1.00 = $1.6586.

You need to keep that figure in your head if you are to appreciate the finer points of my first post since Mrs Meldrew and I returned from our Mediterranean Cruise. In two weeks we sailed to Malaga, Barcelona, Cannes. Livorno (Pisa), Citiavecchia (Rome), Gibraltar, Lisbon and Vigo. The ship, was clean and the staff were delightful so why do I feel somewhat disappointed?

The weather was excellent and many of the places we visited could only be viewed at their best We met some old friends and made some new friends and yet...NCL employ such a rigidly cut throat commercial operation that I left the ship feeling very uneasy.

We soon discovered that all on ship payments were made by an NCL credit card so unless you were prepared to sift through the copious receipts that one collects throughout the day then it was almost impossible to track your expenditure.

This cruise cost us over £4000 and I always thought that we then ate free but you can only do that with NCL if you visit three of the restaurants/cafes. The rest will cost you a surcharge of up to $25 per person.

NCL also do organised tours at every port. Some of them are quite short but if you wanted to take advantage of the large 'all inclusive' tour then you will deeply out of pocket. If you select the most extensive tours at each port (not the VIP tours) it would have cost you Malaga $189.99, Barcelona $85.99, Cannes $97.99 (visit to Monaco), Livorno (Florence and Pisa) $239.99, Rome $259.99, Gibraltar $75.99 Lisbon $429.99 (Lisbon and Fatima), Vigo (Santiago) $189.99.

Now I have omitted the more exclusive tours but as you can imagine it totals an additional $1569.92. That means, for the average family of four, finding an extra $6000 for tours alone!

Then we have the question of gratuities...I know that the Americans regard this as a legitimate charge but it is contrary to the British culture to tip for every beer brought by guys and girls who are being paid to serve. For example every beer cost about 5 bucks and the gratuity was 0.75 cents. On one occasion I ordered a large beer and a small beer and it cost me $12.54 in total!

When every purchase that one has made on board is subject to a gratuity it become an even greater shock to learn that NCL expect every passenger (over the age of three!)to pay wait for it $12 dollars per person per day! This means that we have to pay $336 before we pay for everything that we have consumed and to my mind that is not small change!

I loved the cruise, the weather was great, the itnary superb, the staff excellent and the ship beautiful so why do I return home feeling well...ripped off!!