Thursday, 30 August 2012

UFO's and all That!

The subject of UFO's has always been contentious. Personally I cannot believe logically that we here on Earth are the only life form in the whole universe. There have been countless sightings by reliable witnesses of what could be termed UFO's.

It would appear that most of these sightings have been silenced by governments and anyone even challenging the perception that there could be UFO's are labelled eccentric.

Over the years there have even been doubts about the validity of the moon landings in 1969. The pictures shown to us were dissected and criticised because something was not quite right. This week Neil Armstrong passed away. He rarely appeared in public.

I have often wondered why the exploration of space has not been more advanced. We did this over 40 years ago and yet there has been little progress. Why?

Now someone has advanced a theory that rings a bell. Whatever else it is an interesting take on an absorbing subject. There is little doubt that the subject of UFO's has been made taboo. My one question is why would the government of the United States want to deny the honesty of the moon landings...if they did?  What are they attempting to cover up...if they are?

It is similar to the Obama birthright issues. The United States appears to be ruled by BIG government. There are too many instances of suspicious deaths and dodgy dealing. The track record of the American Political Class is, on the surface, not very attractive.

Having said that the presence on the electoral stage of Mrs Romney was very attractive. What a trooper she became with one speech! I think that this lady won Mitt Romney the presidency but it won't change anything because America long since lost any semblance of democracy. I wonder what Buzz Aldrin thinks of it all? 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


We seem to have had a very pleasant time since the politicians disappeared from the scene. So much so that it has been difficult to grumble about much. I am getting withdrawal symptoms!  Then today an article caught my eye which speculated that David Cameron was disappearing down the same road of mediocrity that most of his predecessors had travelled.

It made me think. I agreed with the article that only two of our post war Prime Ministers, Clement Attlee and Margaret Thatcher had imposed themselves on the position. Attlee of course had to rebuild the country after the Second World War and introduced a huge number of radical bills. Not least the NHS and also the nationalisation of transport and utilities. 

You see Attlee was a true socialist. He batted for Britain and the people. He would never have allowed the privatisation of services which the public rely upon so that share holders can profit. Water falls free from the sky and yet we pay through the nose for a service that the government should provide.

The only other post war PM who made her mark was Margaret Thatcher. She took over from Edward Heath, who I believe history will reveal, did not bat for Britain. His tenure in office almost brought the country to a halt! The unions at that time dominated our lives and none more so than the National Union of Miners and Arthur Scargill.

Maggie took them on and defeated them soundly. At the time it was not pretty as the mining communities suffered hugely because they were poorly advised. I remember it clearly because I was a soldier and it was the first time that I rejected my socialist upbringing. We also had policemen billeted in our military gymnasium in triple tiered bunks earning huge sums of bonus!

Since then what have we had? Poodles! Margaret Thatcher was the last PM to truly lead this country. She had at her disposal a strong military presence and used it when the Falklands ownership came under dispute. I cannot think of another subsequent PM who would have had the courage to do what she did.

After Maggie look at them. The EU took control and has neutered every subsequent PM. None of them have actually batted for Britain. Think about it! Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron...two so called Socialists and two so called Tories and nothing has changed for the people in the street for almost twenty years.

We all know that we are being ripped off at every turn. Fuel prices, travel prices and utility prices all continue to rise at above inflation rates. This government does nothing about it! They are not even trying to support the public. They just allow everything to rise and do nothing to help the hard pressed public.

They have allowed the bankers a clear run at opportunism and greed. They never do anything to threaten them. The Bank of England is reduced to printing money to support the economy. They received their lessons from Robert Mugabe. Nothing changes and it does not matter which of our major parties is in power. We need a Clement Attlee, a PM with conviction and integrity, to change the culture of this country.

I am sick of seeing two ex public schoolboys enjoying their weekly debating session every Wednesday lunchtime and nothing changing. It is a very sick joke and for most of us it is not very funny. The country needs a change of direction. We need leadership and we now know that it will not come from David Cameron. We also know that it won't come from Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg.

So if I was a citizen of Corby facing a major by-election what choice have I got? I understand that the Tories are so desperate that Andrew Strauss is being considered as a candidate! What next Jessica Ennis to oppose Nick Clegg in Sheffield? The Political Class don't you just despise them?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Why do we need Drones?

A drone!

I read reports that unmanned drones are the next surveillance system to be hoisted on the long suffering British public. So if you see one of these hovering over your house then
you know that your blog is under surveillance!

I really cannot believe that any democratic government should need  this type of surveillance to keep the public in check but clearly 'Call me Dave' feels that they are necessary! My question is who are they seeking?

Friday, 24 August 2012

Anders Breivik is not right Wing!

The left wing media have already labelled Anders Breivik as a right winger even though he is clearly a nutter. He committed an unbelievable act of atrocity and no matter his reasons what he did was unbelievable!

The problem is that he had a cause. He could see that his Norway was being changed by a tidal wave of immigration. Hell we have all seen that and none more so than the UK. I could be termed a right winger (and some) but could I commit an atrocity like Breivik committed. Well hardly!

The Norwegian socialists had commandeered an idyllic island to 'educate' some of their most prominent young people into their political doctrine. Breivik clearly knew that. He targeted that island because he knew what was happening.

The left wing of the political spectrum are guilty of so much. They have corrupted the education and industry of the UK and somehow we nationalists will have to find a retaliation. I know that we have the support of the majority of the people but we just have to find the politicians to harness it!

Anders Breivik should not tarnish nationalism. What is done has been done. We cannot turn the clock back. We must now work to convert the incomers into the British way of life. Most of them came here because that is what they wanted. In the end they may be the people who will defend democracy because we Brits have not done it.

Democracy in the UK is dead in the water. The incomers may produce the leader that the country needs! It is about time but please don't call them Vaz or Khan or Patel because they have already had their chance!

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Am I alone in being appalled that education grades have been manipulated by an elite few for many years and they are apparently still at it? For years they have ensured that the grades were better than the previous year so that they could claim that their system was 'world class' (this description attributed to Tony Blair).  In reality we all knew that they were faked because the kids actually knew very little.

When they embarrassed themselves by awarding too many 'A' grades they invented the 'A*' grade so that standards could continue to rise. It meant that, regardless of ability, almost every child could qualify for university and commit themselves to a long term debt.  Then of course many of them could not get jobs because not only had the GCSE been devalued but the degrees had also been devalued.  The whole system has been rotten for years and naturally the people who suffered the most were the people being educated.

Now these arrogant elite socialists have meddled again with their own system.  Results could not rise indefinitely so they decided to 'adjust' the bar again and today they announced that they have toughened up the exams so that the results could be fractionally lowered.

Now I applaud that in principle but why did they not announce it beforehand? We have come to the point where nobody can trust the grades announced. We don't now know what they mean. Employers and even universities are often baffled by young people who on paper are intelligent but in practice are frankly pitiful! What the politicians and the governing bodies have achieved is a mistrust in the educational grades that our children achieve.

I don't trust any of them. I would like to trust Education Minister Michael Gove but I can't. If you want to destroy a nation then you attack education because that is the most important aspect of our society. In the fifties it was almost perfect. I passed the eleven plus and went to a grammar school. I was a useless pupil but the education I received has defined my life.  

Even at 58 I was so ahead of the competition that I re-entered the Civil Service! The standard of the entrance test was so simple it was almost laughable. It has since been abandoned so now you know the calibre of the lower level Civil Servants. I bet you knew that already!

The exam governing bodies have a responsibility to sort out the mess that they have created. The politicians also have a responsibility to educate our children properly so that anyone can believe their results. We are a long way off recreating the fifties! Of course if you dumb down education to the extent that most of the public have lost the ability to think logically then you stand a great chance of fooling them to re-elect you! Job done!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Prince Harry!

I am no supporter of the Royal Family because frankly I believe that, in a democracy, no family deserves such privilege  and reverence. Prince Harry is being portrayed across the internet as someone with absolutely no judgement.  My wife disagrees.

In my opinion he has followed a long tradition of family failure. We should not have one family who are above suspicion. It is, in this modern world, out of context with democracy. When people like Oliver Cromwell (what a hero) was challenging the Royal Family then he was trying to establish a code of conduct for the people.

When somebody like Prince Harry with all his security and privacy allows a demeaning sequence of photographs to be aired in public then I am sorry but I have no sympathy. What a prat! 

But then he is the son of a philanderer and a mother who took lovers and it is all in open source. His brother however knows what is expected of him and so far complies as does his wife. That is admirable considering the temptations open to them. Wills and Kate know their position. 

The main players seem to be above criticism but the underlings are not worth the public purse. Sorry Ma'am but they should be on their own and Harry has just confirmed it!  These photos appear to be the result of inefficiency rather than desire...the tarts in Las Vegas are well aware of the pulling power of Harry but what were his security staff doing?

However, really must be difficult when your raison d'etre is compromised (!) He has let everyone down because he is an indulged pretty boy!

HOME economics!

I see that they are all back. The euphoria of the Olympics will soon evaporate once the 'Political Class' begin to appear on our screens once again. Surprise, surprise today we had some young, photogenic females lecturing us all on why the economy is nosediving into the dirt! As if we didn't know...the problem is that they don't know because they have accepted the basic principle that we can borrow unlimited amounts just to keep them in power.

None of our political parties have grasped the basics that borrowing money cannot  raise the country out of the mire. If the taxes that the government collect, which are gargantuan, cannot meet the bills then the bills must be reduced. We can no longer afford the ambitions of our politicians.

It is no good parading Chloe Smith (apparently a Treasury Minister) on the TV screens claiming that we have no other options than to continue on the path to disaster. We do have options it is just that they cannot bear to  use them. To start with we cannot afford our contributions to the European Union. We are hemorrhaging almost £50 million a day on this undemocratic disaster which gives us, the British public, very little. It does prop up all the quangos which enforce European Law but we could do without it.

Then we have Foreign Aid which I have often posted is a national scandal. We are somehow committed to foreign aid for so many countries. I believe that it is a bribe to retain a foothold on world power.  It should be slashed at a stroke so that only emergency aid is considered.

I believe that these two expenditures would probably put us well into the black. If we refused to cooperate with the EU and denied the African and Asian communities of their kick backs the British people would have a wonderful life! We could afford anything. We could afford excellent schools and more importantly care for the elderly. Nothing would be unaffordable so ...and here is the big question...why are our politicians so keen to deny the public by misusing our tax revenue?

The answer is that the politicians who inhabit Westmonster are by and large paid to deny the British people of a decent standard of living. They are all in the same club. That is why we never hear common sense politics. That is why they will not give us a referendum on the EU. That is why David Cameron 'ringfenced' international aid as a priority!

If you believe that the British economy is on a downward spiral then you should not be surprised. The British people are working harder than any other country to afford their life style. We could, at a stroke, repair our economy but the politicians have their little game to play out. They all appear on TV with gravitas but none of them will even consider basic home economics! It is a very unfunny joke! 

Yesterday evening they were arguing on Newsnight that we cannot pay our bills and that the state is too large! Bloody hell of course the State is too large! The Welfare Bill is enormous but that welfare bill has been created by a government of all the parties...that encouraged young, uneducated, girls to have babies just to improve their social status and young, fit, men to receive money and then stay at home and not apply for jobs. None of the political parties have ever managed to turn the clock back even though the public disagree with them. If we ever want to change any of this then we will have to change our politicians.

If we don't change our politicians our lives will always continue along the same lines. It is up to us and if we don't then we only have ourselves to blame.  It would be nice to have a government with a sense of decency and a basic knowledge of home economics.

Monday, 20 August 2012

The State of the States!

For some time now I have been receiving 'trending' themes from the 'Beforeit'sNews' website many of which are disturbing. Of course from this side of the pond and without any local insight it is difficult to judge the accuracy or even the integrity of the articles. However there are so many that they are difficult to ignore.

To summarise there are many people who are predicting the collapse of the American economy. I don't just mean a little collapse I mean people fighting on the streets for food! Now if you like me have visited the touristy attractions and seen the opulence of American hotels and lifestyle then this is very difficult to believe.

Then there is a continuing theme that President Obama is plotting to introduce martial law to halt the next election so that he can remain in power. This has been an ongoing theme for some months now.  These conspiracy theorists are predicting some kind of government created catastrophe similar to 9/11.

They predict that the people will be so angry that they will pour out onto the streets which is when Obama will play his trump card...wait for it...Russian Special Services troops! I know it is fantasy land because it could not happen but when one reads report after report then you do begin to wonder what is afoot.

It doesn't stop there! There is speculation that the Russian troops are in the country because nobody could guarantee that American servicemen would fire at their own countrymen when the mega disaster occurs.

This is a strange philosophy to me. I cannot get my head around any of it. The United States is a huge country, a massive land mass containing millions of people who live by a united code of conduct. I cannot believe how anyone can import a sufficient number of troops' Spetznas' or whatever, that could contain a public if that public were desperate.

So I contest the claims emanating out of the States but then I was the guy who posed the question 'what happens if Gordon Brown is wrong'?  Too many people are forecasting that President Obama is hell bent on ruining his nation. Somewhere there has to be a warning to the American public but for the life of me I cannot see Mitt Romney as the answer! If anything kicks off in September then you heard it here first but then what do I know? 

Sunday, 19 August 2012


This blog needs refreshing so I am returning to my first love football. I apologise to all my non footballing friends who regularly tune in to see what the mad old sod is gibbering about but football is important. It is the national sport which brings so many people together so it is imperative that we can comment upon it.

I watched or half watched a game between Leeds and Wolves this lunch time. It was a Championship game between two well supported sides so I hoped for some football. What I got was legalised thuggery where any attempt at skill was immediately destroyed by people impersonating runaway band saws.

The referee was always happy to condone the most murderous assaults with a casual wave of a yellow card. Each player then realised that they their outrageous assault on their fellow professional had been excused. No wonder we don't have any skilful players on show because they have all been kicked out of the game.

The day drifted onto me listening to Radio Derby while my mate was in North Wales putting up curtains for his daughter. When I worked with him he was a Forest season ticket holder and even though I support the Rams I respected his loyalty. So on the first day of the season he tells me to text the score to him?? What has happened to football? Perhaps the empty stands at Leeds tells us something! Does North Wales not have radio or has he lost some interest?

Back at Pride Park (Derby) my Rams easily gain a two goal lead because they are actually quite a good team. Cue the management to want to contain that lead. 'Don't lose the lead lads because we cannot afford another disaster.' Result 2-2! Yet another 90th minute goal! They have put together a really promising squad but the psychology is a disaster. They really should attack and sod the defence because their defenders are more profligate than the attackers.

In the Premiership the honours on the first day go to the minnows. Swansea and West Brom have attacked the Premiership with gusto! We could have a surprise here because some clubs are still finding players who can play. West Brom 3 Liverpool 0 and QPR 0 Swansea 5 is somewhat vengeful considering that during the summer Liverpool tempted the Swansea manager away from the club that he had built into a premiership club.

There has been a plethora of foreign players being imported into the premiership. Some of them are unknown to us but all are keen of premiership money. In the meantime British players are finding it difficult to break through to the highest stage. It is not good for our international prospects.

However finally last week a united England beat Italy 2-1. We achieved it without Hart, Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Glen Johnson, Ashley Cole, Gerrard and Rooney. Has new manager Roy Hodgson found a magic formula or is the fact that he was rejected by Liverpool actually a good sign? I feel much better now!

Friday, 17 August 2012

The By Election at Corby

Margot Parker UKIP candidate for Corby
The resignation of Tory glamour girl Louise Mensch has possibly created the most interesting by election for some considerable time.

The result in 2010 was a gain by the Conservatives from Labour by a mere 1,951 votes.  The turnout was almost 70% and a Labour minister, Phil Hope, lost his seat. This appears to mean that the people of Corby are politically aware and that at the last election they were well brassed off with Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.

There is a good chance that many of them are previous Labour supporters who may use the defection of Ms Mensch (nee Bagshawe) to a family life in America to return to the fold and forget the damage done by the Labour politicians prior to the last election. They should remember however that this Labour front bench of people educated at posh schools are very different from the politicians that their parents and grandparents voted for.

The Conservatives seem to believe that they will not be able to retain the seat as the current Coalition is not proving successful and the Lib Dems may also have a candidate so what do the good citizens of Corby do? Like most of the country they have swung between the three main parties and nothing has changed. Corby is a working class town. Many of the people are descendants from hard working Scots who came south to work in the steel industry.  They like straight talking.

Since the last election another candidate has emerged from UKIP. Her name is Margot Parker who is a local business woman. Her policies reflect what most of us want and she is from Corby and the very environment that I have already described.

The voters from Corby have the very best chance to shout at our politicians that they are not happy. They have tried all the other main parties and look what they got? It is a by-election so it is an opportunity to put Corby on the map and vote UKIP! If she is no good then she can go in 2015 but what a chance to cause an absolute furore!

UKIP seem to think that she has a chance because they are gearing up for a massive push. If they don't make a splash here then I doubt if they ever will so I just hope that the people from Corby will think long and hard before voting for the same old tired cliche ridden parties who never succeed in anything apart from failure.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Julian Assange

I have no brief on the case of Julian Assange but my gut instinct is that he is fighting the New World Order almost single handed. He founded Wikileaks which of course is regarded by the NWO as the highest form of treason. Anyone who takes on the powers that be (TPTB) realise that the freedom of speech and the freedom of activity is becoming increasingly rare.

Way back a year last February about 800 people gathered at Birkenhead to support a certain Roger Hayes who months later was arrested and tried in a court which was apparently not listed in the normal manner.

I always get twitchy when I see William Hague on television spouting for his masters. He, like most of the Cabinet, are acting not in the best interests of the country but in the best interests of a corporatocracy that has little to do with we the public.

We, the public, have just been granted an extraordinary fortnight at the Olympics when the EU flag has been absent and we have 'been allowed' to support the Union Jack. The British Public have come forward with an unprecedented display of national unity which illustrates just why we will never get a referendum on membership of the EU.  

We don't want their euro, we don't want their silly flag and we would totally reject their artificial proposals for anything in the future.  The Olympic fortnight must have convinced our politicians that they are on a hiding to nothing. Clearly our democracy and our parliament have been subverted by people who care not one jot for the people that they represent. They have all been outed by Olympic fever.

The British people have made their choice. We support the Union Jack! The Cameron/Clegg/Miliband/Salmond bandwagon was destroyed as gold medal after gold medal was shrieked home by ecstatic crowds (in the cheap seats of course). We have had a rest from politics and what a wonderful time we have had. In September these oppressive bastards arrive back. Have we missed them?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Iain RIP

Sorry folks but I just have to record this on my blog for the family. My blog is personal to me and this was a hugely personal tragedy for our family. I think that the Edinburgh Evening News did a great job and I have thanked them.

One day little 'T' will want to understand what happened? The truth is that he worked himself to death to support her. Now perhaps people will understand how I am so keen to stop this benefit culture which the politicians support so readily.

Iain worked through the night to enable himself to study a Masters degree. He did this from nothing. When he met 'J' he had nothing because all he wanted to do was join the army. He had no qualifications...not a single GCSE. When he decided to go for a law degree he first had to attend foundation courses. 

At that time he was living in a one room flat in the East End of London. I visited him once and on the walk to Stockwell tube station I was a conspicuous white face. Iain qualified by studying during the day and driving all night.  He worked for anyone who would pay him.

Eventually he arrived on the steps of Edinburgh Napier University and gained his law degree. Everyone who ever met Iain knew what a special person he was. He was a computer whizz kid, he installed our family kitchen and erected our garden shed. His knowledge of electrics was immense, he could fix anything and did it willingly. 

He was also a gifted sportsman. He wasn't bothered about sport but he was a physical specimen. At the age of 12 he was the goalkeeper for a German state (county) and they did not overlook German goalkeepers lightly! He was under the eyes of Borussia Moenchengladbach who at that time were a top, top German team.

My Iain never failed at anything apart from relationships and money. If anyone had 'it' with the ladies it was Iain! I have been with him when we walked into bars and every female head turned. In the States even the waitresses tried to chat him up.

He was useless with money! He spent it as soon as he earned it but he did earn it. Unfortunately he did not have his sister's acumen with money and it caused him problems but...I never remember him on the dole. He would not do it! Iain could talk for England and would always come up with a plan before he would succumb to free money.

He hated modern politics. He instinctively knew that something was wrong but conceded that if he got a job he would probably have to swallow his tongue. Perhaps he got that from me but then his essays on law were always posted to me for correcting. The trouble came when I did not understand the content! So I read up!

Good bye my son. It is all over now. We will never get over that horrendous Saturday and now even the legal system have finished with you. I just know that there will never be another Iain Cameron Boyle and God help the parents if there is!

Love Dad xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Derby County

Tonight for the fourth year on the trot Derby County (the twelth best supported club in the country) were beaten by a lower league club in the Carling Cup despite being 4-1 up well into the second half! 

They had destroyed Scunthorpe (yes Scunthorpe) and should have been so far ahead at half time that the result would have been a joke. But typically they fell apart at the slightest hint of a challenge. The problem is now becoming psychological. The manager seems to  instil an anxiety into a team which should be good enough to put Derby back on the map...but is it?

The pre-season was a disaster! We could not cope with lower league opposition. A Derby team, packed with promising players, was beaten by Belper Town and the performance was apparently abysmal. Don't ask me what league Belper play in!

Now we are out of the League Cup for the fourth year on the trot to lower league opposition. One day it has to stop. One day the pain of the Derby County fan will cease. However, it is apparent that it will not cease under Nigel Clough and this American Board. 

Cheap is cheap! It is fine to save money but then you have to safeguard your position. Derby County are living on hope. They hope that their academy and their dependency on lower league talent will save the club. Nigel Clough keeps hoping for a McFarland, a Gemmill or a Hector but today in this modern game they have already been snapped up.

Tonight the remaining fans must have been devastated. They will not retain their fan base until something changes.  I am so angry!

Don't Go Near the Water!

I have just been sent this astonishing video clip. The clue to what happens is the seal pup which swims up to the man. So if you ever see a seal pup in the water at your feet...get out quick!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Now That it is all Over!

I think many of us are sitting down and reflecting about the London Olympic Games now that it is all over. One only has to sit down and mull over my posts prior to the Games to realise that I was highly sceptical about the ability of this country to succeed in coordinating such a large venture. I don't think that I was alone either.

We have to give credit to the planners, the architects and the builders who got all the new buildings up and in place well on time. Clearly with our record haul of medals the athletes and coaches also played their part and the British public were magnificent. 

I make no apology that I did not like the hawking of the Olympic torch around the country and allowing people of all creeds to run a few hundred yards with one of the thousands of torches manufactured for the job. The public however, turned out for it so perhaps I was wrong. We have not yet seen the bill for this publicity exercise but with all the police cover it will not have come cheap.

The drawbacks have all centred on the performance of the politicians and the greed of the entrepreneurs. The ticket selling fiasco which was highlighted by rows and rows of empty premium placed seats was always going to be a disaster. The price hikes by London hotels for accommodation coupled with the ridiculous prices for food and drink and the restrictions placed on the public bringing in their own food was also a public relations disaster.

The hiring of G4S was also a political gaffe of such magnitude I am surprised nobody seems to have paid a political price. Who hired them? Who is involved with that company in the background? How many palms were greased? Why did they think that we needed 25,000 security operators when we already had thousands of unpaid, friendly volunteers? Why were the army not used in the first place? A lot of money was wasted but was the real reason that the politicians did not want the army rubbing shoulders with the public?

Servicemen in uniform are rarely seen on the streets today because the service people have been told that it is unwise to advertise that you serve the country. At long last the government had to let them loose in public and apparently the people came forward in droves to thank them. of course they did because this is Britain not East Germany...yet.

Prior to the Games they placed, in a blaze of publicity, surface to air missiles on the roofs of private residential buildings. Why did they do that? They did it to scare you. It certainly scared the foreign visitors because London was 'deserted' for the best part of 2 weeks. However, once the British people realised that the London underground could cope, that there WERE tickets to be had and that we were capable of picking up medals they responded like they always have.

For two weeks now we have seen a remarkable renaissance of the British spirit and national pride. It must have been like a kick in the crutch to the political 'traitors' who would sell us out to unelected commissars at the drop of a hat. The British people have suddenly realised that we really have nothing to fear. Where were the Muslim terrorists? We are shackled to 'Security Experts' and 'Health and Safety' moguls because they want you to live in fear. 

If we have not got a threat they will invent one. Now we know that the British public can actually move around freely and that our national unity is still in tact. We don't need the European Union, we don't need idiotic 'Elf and Safety' rules and as long as our national security services are effective then we should be safe. A few highly visible police on the streets would also mean that our kids could also play outdoors.  It now appears that we probably have more to fear from the Political Class and their masters than from anyone else!

There will be more on this.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sorry but I am so Proud of our Athletes!

Tonight two young British girls delivered the ultimate accolade for Team GB. They both won gold medals in fighting sports which have previously been denigrated by people like me! I hated the very idea of female combat sport but I am afraid I do have to accept it.

I must also remember that there was a time when the 'ladies' were not allowed to run above 800 metres at the Olympic Games. Today two girls, both of them who have charming and engaging personalities have broken down barriers.

I woke up this morning annoyed at the accolades delivered by the BBC on 29 year old Nicola Adams who, because she was small, black and female she suited their diversity campaign. I remember thinking that Hazel Irvine would probably get an extension on her contract every time she mentioned Nicola's name.

Then along came Jade Jones| How many of us had heard of Taekwondo before these Games? How many of us had heard of Jade Jones? Both of these girls have beaten the world in combat sports. Both girls should be treated with equal prominence. I await with alacrity how the agenda driven BBC will treat both gold medallists but we all know who will receive the most publicity.

Jade Jones will not meet the criteria of the multicultural, multiethnical state sponsored scheme because she is a normal girl from a normal family who have supported her through thick and thin. That also applies to Nicola and both girls have performed at the highest level and gained gold medals. I want equal opportunity!

Already BBC Newsnight are lauding Nicola Adams and not a mention of Jade Jones!! I knew it! They are already lining up Nicola Adams as a downtrodden heroine so that their programme  can proceed. Poor old Jade has rather upset their agenda because she too won and yet her family has had no more adversity than Nicola's family.

What a shame that nobody is even debating these issues! We just accept them and then and pay our license fee.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Story that Refuses to Die!

For some time now I have been following the 'History of Barack Obama Show'! I have frequently commented that surely this story cannot have legs. In this modern era a man cannot ascend to the highest office in the land without a proven personal history.

Every time that I have broached the subject I have had comments that this is old news and that it is a non event engineered by his political enemies to discredit the President. Now from this distance I can understand that line of defence and yet something is niggling away at the back of my mind.

Now I read this and the whole discussion rears its ugly head again. Why does nobody remember Barack Obama or even Barry Soetoro (don't ask me why he had two names!) when he graduated from Columbia University in 1983? Somebody is not telling the truth but like I said the last time, it is so easy to defend the President. Every class in every year had class photos taken. Nobody could go through the whole of their university life without being photographed!

So just to put this to bed once and for all let someone find a photograph of the young President with a group of classmates in 1983 at Columbia University. I have read some conspiracy theories but this one is the strangest tale because it is so unlikely and I cannot understand why the Republicans did not challenge him earlier when he first came into prominence?

Nick Clegg in his True Colours!

While the rest of the nation has been gripped by our medal rush at the Olympics Nick Clegg has been demonstrating his contempt for his own country. At a time when we are rejoicing at the magnificent performances of our leading athletes he is consumed by a political hatred.  He is proving what I instinctively thought about him. He does not bat for Britain.

His political timing has been destroyed by his all consuming rage that he can't take another step towards constitutional destruction. At this very moment who gives a tuppenny damn about House of Lords reform or boundary changes? The country is in a state of euphoria which only someone totally disconnected from the public would fail to understand.

Nick Clegg is a dyed in the wool europhile. He is so steeped in back door politics that he clearly will never understand our national pride at the achievements of our athletes. He can jump up and down all he likes because while he is trying to ruin the country the rest of us are enjoying a rare moment of national unity. Nick Clegg has made himself irrelevant.

Monday, 6 August 2012

What a Wonderful Show!

Like most people I have been caught up in our Olympic Show. It is amazing that once the politicians had to butt out then Great Britain emerged in all its glory.  I have never seen such a show of national spirit. It is almost as if the people decided to show the politicians that despite their efforts to ruin the country we are all still here and we will still sing the National Anthem and you can stick the EU up your proverbial.

The people have spoken during these games and the competitors have responded. The commissars of the EU must be frowning.  They must wonder what they have to do to crush this spirit but then Hitler thought that too.

I have been amazed and I admit that my doubts have been unfounded. Once again this magnificent nation has risen to the occasion. The rest of the world rejected our Games so the people came out and stuffed them. In my opinion these Games could change the face of the nation. 

Our wonderful lads and lasses have proven that the lack of competitive sport in schools was a tragic error. The selling off of school playing fields was a tragic error. Failing to allow our kids to compete was a tragic error. More than one generation of bought and paid for politicians have been brought to their knees by gold medal after gold medal.

They try to justify their bias by reminding us that the father of Jess Ennis was originally Jamaican not that she is a Sheffield lass produced by this country. Mo Farah is held up as an example of incomer success and of course he is and he was brilliant... like many others. us a favour...look at the rowing and the cyclists! Do we have to apologise to be white, British and successful?

The big loser is football. Once again the overpaid, uncouth, louts failed at the simplest of tasks...taking a penalty. Captained by a proven marriage cheat and led by an over age violent, over tattooed, psychopath, they fell to South Korea because they could not master the basic skill of taking a penalty.

The player that failed, Daniel Sturridge, is paid an absolute fortune by Chelsea, compared to many of the people who won medals and did not not wilt under pressure. He had to convert one penalty (in a qualification tournament) and yet Peter Wilson in the clay pigeon shooting had to hit both targets to win a gold medal.

I have despaired for my country for five years now and suddenly we have been reborn. Suddenly we did not have to rely on the EU and their judges and our shocking politicians. Suddenly the British people rose up and bit the bum of the people who thought that they could sell us to the New World Order! I am really emotional. These Olympics, despite the efforts of the politicians, have been claimed by the people. I never thought that I would see it happen.

It is perfect!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Olympic Ticket Scandal!

You will forgive me for returning to a constant theme. I am like a dog with a bone but then I know people who originally applied for tickets and were awarded nothing.  Now we have rows of empty seats in almost every event (including Andy Murray) and ticket touts and illegal web sites seem to have access to almost everything!

Many British families applied for tickets at the first round of bidding and for some apparent reason received nothing. Now we have almost empty stadia (at times) and London is deserted.  Clearly Lord Coe (he of the smug expression) has failed to ensure a  fair distribution of tickets particularly to the British public. Everything was astonishingly overpriced!

Today the people came out to support Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome when almost every yard of the (free) Olympic time trial route was lined with excited spectators.  The rowing fraternity have also been well supported but then is that because they are an up market clientele?

One final moan in typical Victor Meldrew style...our soldiers are living in conditions not fit for pigs!  The politicians keep (over) praising them but their accommodation reflects how the government value them. We have a deserted London in which many up market hotels have empty rooms. Why does the government not commandeer these empty rooms and move the troops into luxury accommodation. They could then send the bill to G4S and then we would all be winners. 

Why do we never get joined up thinking from a politician? The reason is that most of them have an entirely different agenda from the public which you may have realised if you read my last post. I still want these Games to be over without a 'false flag' incident. I fear something awful from the New World Order and I really hope in two weeks time that you can all say that 'Bryboy' was paranoid!

The New World Order Explained

As a blogger I tend to zip around the blogosphere picking up tips and theories and the more I see the more that I learn. I then go out for a pint on a Friday night with my mates and I am sometimes surprised that none of them have a clue what is happening in the world. Without exception they generally believe the mainstream media and would not even contemplate that they are being treated with contempt.

They will believe the spin on all the catastrophic world events and never think that someone is probably telling them lies. The truth can normally be found on Youtube but most of my friends would not waste their time on 'conspiracy theories'.

Recently I found an article explaining the concept of the New World Order. In one article it debunks most of the myths peddled by the mainstream news barons and politicians. It explains what is behind the state of the world and what some people are trying to achieve.  It also describes the lengths that these people will go to to achieve their aims.  It really is worth some time although you may never believe anything you hear or read again!

Once you begin to question everything that you ever took for granted then you will find it difficult to believe anything that any government ever tells you. This explanation needs a wider audience.