Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Another Apology...

A little boy gets bitten to death by a dog which should have been outlawed and yet again the police come onto the media to confess that it should never have happened if they had done their job.

Once again they prove that the current policing policy which was introduced by the NoLab government is frankly not viable. Once again we discover that people are dying because the police are not protecting us. Once again some PC senior officer is wheeled out to apologise that they ignored vital intelligence and as a result a little boy died in the most horrible manner.

I cannot help but think that the political police wheeled out a female black officer to face the flak. I am sorry but it is so obvious that the spokesperson could not be
attacked because she was so utterly PC! She could not explain why the police did not investigate the report that this family were breeding dangerous breeds of dogs. She simpered, apologised and whined and she looked good in uniform but like Cressida Dick who was in charge of the communication room when Jean Claude Menezes was murdered in London... she is only there for the media! Ugh!

Sorry litle boy but you died horribly because our PC police are totally incompetent and every night when they return to their loved ones these NoLab senior officers should reflect on their role in this slaughter. Is your salary and lifestyle worth the life of this little boy? Obviously so! Bastards!!

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