Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful day today having a real British Christmas with our daughter her husband and our two lovely granddaughters. I sometimes think that my family are the backbone of the country because everyone is and has been hardworking, respectable and live their lives on Christian principles.

Some of us believe in God and attend church regularly and others like me are not convinced by religion but I would never decry those members of my family who believe because that is their right and frankly they are better people for their belief.

Mother is 93 and three days before Christmas she fractured her pelvis stepping off the bottom stair in the house. She has not responded well but she is being well looked after in the local Community hospital. I believe that things will change from now on but my theme is family.

My brother died back in 1995 but his family keep in touch. They are really supportive and have regularly visited my mother/mother-in-law/Grandmother even though they have to travel from Derby. My son rang from Edinburgh and my only cousin rang from Hong Kong. We are small but close knit.

We do not have arguments even though we are all educated, independent in thought and qualified in something or other. All my family work nights but all bases are covered even by my wife who often sleeps over to look after our grandchildren, even though the cats sleep on her head!!

Today was magical and lovely and far removed from what is happening in the country today. We are all deserving of government support because we all pay our taxes but regularly we see our money pissed up against the wall by a ridiculous and incompetent Marxist government. Even the granddaughters boo when Gordon Brown appears on television.

This Cabinet will never understand how much they are reviled by the genuine familes of England. If we had a backbone somebody would arise and erect a gallows very close to Downing Street!

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