Sunday, 30 December 2012

In Mourning!

I have always retained a personal aspect to this blog because it is  also my link to families and friends.  Yes I know that I go on a bit but it is purely my way of telling people how evil our mainstream politicians and media have become.

However, on Saturday evening my 96 year old mother breathed her last.  I was regrettably 15 minutes too late but then I could not have made a difference.  It was her time to go. 

As usual our small but close knit family have rallied and supported one another. This is why I believe that the family unit is so important to our society. Nothing can replace a family unit which until the last few decades was the bedrock of our society. 

We hand down moral values from one generation to another. We preach loyalty, responsibility and love. We instill a code of behaviour. In my household nobody swears. Yes we allow the 'bloody' and the occasional 'shit' (if it slips out) but the rest of the vernacular is not practiced. I know that my lovely grandchildren learn the words at school but to teach sex education to 7 year olds is frankly treasonable.

My mother was fortunate. She past to another world without realising what her generation had lost. She was the last of her generation who courted in the 1930's and produced children in the 1940's. They survived the Second World War and most of their parents remembered the First World War.  The Rothschild bankers were alive and well in those days as well as today.

So farewell Mum, you lived through an amazing era. You kept the family together even though both my brother and my father passed away in the 1970's. You set the rules and the standards that I maintain today.  You did your job and I just hope that there is an after world which you can enjoy because you deserve a wonderful afterlife.

I promise you that what you taught me will be passed on. Unfortunately I am faced with an army of officialdom who will do their best to oppose my values. At this moment I cannot trust any politician or public official (Nigel Farage perhaps?) but my lovely family will rally together. I won't need to rally them because my mother left a legacy that everyone will attend. Farewell Mum you were the best! 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Reality of 'Modernisation'

If anyone still doubts the consequences of the politics of 'modernisation' then you only have to witness the hordes of non English faces at the front of the sales queues in London. The character of our capital city has been changed forever and the trend is irreversible.
Today much of the mainstream media are beginning to realise the damage that David Cameron has done to the old Conservative party. Many commentators talk about the 'detoxification' of the party which maintained national beliefs and traditions.  However it was only poison to those wishing to destroy those beliefs and traditions.

I still remember when David Cameron wanted your votes he made a great play on his belief in marriage and promised tax concessions for married couples.  He omitted to state that he meant 'gay marriage'!  Just a small matter but it would probably have lost him so many votes that clearly it was intentional. I am afraid that this is the measure of the PM.  He is a wonderful orator as was Tony Blair but both have the priceless ability to make a statement that is entirely misleading with a straight face.

It is very naughty. But when your job depends on your ability to deceive the public so that others can change the character of a nation then I have to admit that the farce being enacted in Westmonster is admirable in its duplicity.

So whenever the PM talks about the EU, Foxhunting, the freedom of the press, Immigration or in fact almost anything that the average Englishman might view as sacrosanct then try and look beyond the words and the gestures. He is not on our team.  He isn't even on the substitutes bench and I'm not the only person to believe it!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Today we had a pre Christmas pub lunch with my family from Derby. This is what Christmas is all about for me because families make a real effort to join together. Actually there was no lunch we just shared time together (and a few drinks) before my sister in law, my niece and the impressive father of her daughter departed to visit my mother.

Regular followers of this blog know that I am family man who hates the Political Class because I regard most of them as traitors to their heritage. My mother is in her final days (I hope) because her quality of life is negligible. We can only hope that she is comfortable and that is why we all visit regularly.

My mother was the bedrock of the family but today she is unrecognisable. Even my beloved daughter was shocked at how different she has become.  It is time for the end.

So everyone Christmas is a poignant time of year. On one hand we celebrate the birth of a new member of the family and yet we may have the death of a much revered person who, in her time, has been a genuine mother and grandmother to us all.

Today, it is past midnight, the girls will delight us all by their reaction to their presents. They are always spoiled but we can do it. Nobody in my family goes into debt for Christmas (to my knowledge). I love the family atmosphere and the togetherness and I hope that my family in Derby keeps in touch. They are the family of my late brother who tragically died aged 38 many years ago.

Despite that may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and let's hope that next year we take the fight to the politicians again. Did you really expect me to wish you anything else? Celebrate our lives because they end too soon. Merry Christmas1

Thursday, 20 December 2012


The Andrew Mitchell saga is taking some very unusual twists.  It has already embroiled Number Ten as he was after all the Chief Whip who the PM was forced to sack. Now the Chief of the Met, Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe, is also getting embroiled as he has entered the fray by supporting the original statements of the police officers who were allegedly threatened by the former Chief Whip.

The whole affair is becoming so convoluted that it is difficult to know who to believe and who the public can trust?  Clearly a police officer has apparently committed a misdemeanour by claiming to be a member of the public and penning a false witness statement.  Why would he do that?

But then there was CCTV evidence that has subsequently emerged on news programmes showing quite clearly that there were no 'visibly shocked' members of the public witnessing the confrontation between Mitchell and the police at the gates of Downing Street.  So the original log written by the officers concerned, supported by the Met Commissioner, was also false.

Why has it taken so long for the CCTV evidence to emerge? Surely that would have been the first evidence to be scrutinised? Perhaps it was and the PM has known all along that the police statements were false. Have the politicians been playing a waiting game hoping to flush out members of the Met who were stitching up the politicians?

Whatever the facts something is amiss.  Apparently the Cabinet Secretary investigated the incident albeit, in hindsight, not very thoroughly. I have no sympathy for Andrew Mitchell because I remember his performance as International Development Minister and anyone who loses his temper so readily that he swears at the police has no right to high office but who is behind the campaign being waged by the MET?

Recent events seem to suggest that the top brass at the Met appear to be very 'accident prone' and the the Police Federation made huge capital out of the incident. So the issue appears not to be 'who is telling the truth' but more about 'is anyone telling the truth'.  It does not surprise me that so many organisations so expertly infiltrated by Common Purpose are now in disarray. It is nothing short of shocking!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Revolution in Europe?

There are reports that groups in Spain are plotting a coup against the EU.  There are riots in Greece and I personally saw the graffiti in Athens.  We 'Brits' tend to let bygones be bygones and we tolerate the fuel poverty and the food banks because we have become a cowed nation.

Today England is East Germany because everybody fears the government. The letters in the post from the tax man, from the local council and from any government body have adopted a threatening vocabulary.  My mother's local care home recently threatened me because I had not paid one paltry bill which I had not received. When I rang the lady concerned and complained about the tone she agreed but pleaded that the letters were just standard procedure. Why can't standard procedure be 'nice'? Why does she not insist that it is nice?  

Everyone is scared! Everyone is threatened by authority! Everybody realises that if they challenge authority then they face lengthy and costly legal cases which the council/government/authority can afford because if they lose it costs them nothing personally. If you win it is not their money it is your own money. If you win then you just win your own money back because government errors are never culpable.  In government circles they never get surcharged if they make a mistake. That is a recipe for disaster or autocracy or both.

So clearly we now have a situation where we have a Political/Government Class that can do anything that they want and are backed by legal representatives at no costs to themselves.  On the other hand we have the public who have grievances but who can never afford to prosecute!

Are you getting the picture?

In some places in Europe they have got the picture. How long before the 'English' also get the picture? The 'British' have already got the picture but they understand power. We English have always had power but we are about to realise how difficulty life can be without it! You heard it here first! 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Where are our Politicians leading us?

There is a rump of the Conservative Party who are trying to reign in their party leader, David Cameron, who seems determined to destroy so many of the basic beliefs upon which this country was founded. 

I watched him this afternoon skilfully dismissing challenge after challenge from his backbenchers on the issue of the European Union.  He is an astute parliamentarian.  He knows the rules and he manipulates them. Consequently he dodges all the difficult questions by astute replies which deflect from the original question.

It leaves me and many of his own politicians with a sense of frustration. I have said many times that this country is under attack from our own politicians who are in thrall of billionaires who have sponsored them into Westmonster. 

In the meantime the Tories are losing credibility and membership but actually does David Cameron care?  He is in the 'modernisation' club so he cannot lose.  If he loses the next election then the baton is passed to Ed Miliband who continues with 'modernisation'.  They continue to promote 'modernisation' policies when the economy is actually in meltdown.

We have thousands in 'fuel' poverty and yet we give away our tax revenues to Africa. In this twenty first century under the auspicious of that paragon of trade virtue, the European Union, we have food banks in England.  I ask banks in England!!

Have you ever heard one politician in Westmonster question why, in this country, do our people require 'food banks'?  It is a devastating indictment on the Political Class. Red Ed has never stood up at PM's Question Time and raised the plight of the 'working class' who require food banks to survive.

It does not concern him because most of the people who need food banks to survive do not vote. They are the poor, white, underclass  and therefore do not have any sort of representation. The days of Keir Hardie have long gone as the millionaire front bench of the Labour party dismiss the concerns of the underclass.

So now we have fuel poverty and food banks?  What else will they heap on the poor in order to pay homage to the bankers and the EU? They are despicable! When will we find a true leader?

Friday, 14 December 2012

Norovirus on the Oriana

Tonight on the news I listened to a Director of P&O blaming passengers for the outbreak of the norovirus on their cruise ship Oriana.  It has been well documented in the mainstream media but I think that we are not being told the whole truth.

My wife and I had a wonderful cruise on the Oriana which began on 17 October and ended on 16 November.  On the third day out we learned that norovirus was on board and that people were being taken ill. I got the impression from the staff that it was not the first time.

Immediately the crew swung into action and the passengers all cooperated and although we lost some luxury items like salt cellars and other condiments the captain kept people in touch and they contained it. They put into operation an extensive cleaning plan.

Two days before the cruise ended everything went back to normal but we were surprised that they had not continued their 'austerity' programme until the end of the cruise.  P&O turn their ships immediately around.  As we got off they were preparing for their next cruise that day. There is no time for extra maintenance.

Therefore to maintain that the new passengers had brought that virus onto the ship only 10 days ago is rather disingenuous.  Clearly the ship has a problem as this norovirus has returned yet again.  Would it not be more realistic to look closely at the crew.
They are very professional but they are a league of nations from many different communities. They are also the only constant factor of this repeat outbreak.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Northern Ireland

Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane
Pat Finucane
I see that David Cameron stood up today in 'Westmonster' and apologised for the farce which followed the murder of the solicitor Pat Finucane.  An enquiry led by Desmond Lorenz de Silva has long since been described as a 'disgrace' and many more adjectives.

I am always concerned when a politician calls for an 'independent enquiry' because I suspect that someone from the legal profession will be hand picked to ensure that nobody who belongs to the Political Class will be indicted. 

I served in Northern Ireland both in the seventies and the eighties and it always amazed me how close we were to the protestant community even though we should have been neutral. I personally witnessed a British Staff Sergeant almost attacked because he 'forgot' to stand up for the National Anthem at the end of a social evening in the Sergeant's Mess of the local UDA!

It was an unreal situation but there was little doubt in my mind that we, the British Army, sided with the protestant community even though we always knew they could cut up rough if we did not adhere to the official policy.  Don't get me wrong I liked them but I was working undercover and they were not the target.  I always thought that they were capable of a violence that would probably exceed that of the IRA...which says it all!

So can we trust 'independent inquiries'? In my opinion none of the Political Class and that includes politicians, the judiciary and the police will ever be 'independent'. They all have agendas and so we cannot trust them.  The inquiry into the death of Pat Finucane proves just that!  

The millions spent on the Leveson Inquiry also proves it. He has jogged off to Australia leaving behind him an unsolved mess. The only winners are always the lawyers.  It is time that this ceased.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Someone Like Me!

One of the great joys of blogging is discovering that you are not alone!  Like most of us I read the mainstream media and I listen to the BBC (my wife disappears into another room at the mere sight of Andrew Marr!) because his presence is almost akin to self harm.

It is my contention that we are fed a diet of unadulterated claptrap. Our society is under a huge threat from 'modernisation'. Every one of our mainstream politicians have signed up to a policy to change the traditional British society. Yes I know that there is a rather large rump of the Conservative Party who keep making a nuisance of themselves but they are not serious enough to defect to UKIP.

So when I discover a like minded individual who is actually clever enough to pen for a national newspaper and does not mince words then I rejoice.  Step forward James Delingpole in the Daily Telegraph because he writes it as it is.  He has the ability to translate my thoughts into words.

James Delingpole is clearly identified by the barmy socialists as a 'fascist', if my comments mattered I would be similarly labelled.  It is meant to be an insult but personally I would replace it with the word 'patriot'. 

I particularly like his link to '' near to the end of the article because he has exposed an example of why this country is in such a mess.  I had never even heard of Bogpaper's hero George Monbiot, late of Burnley Polytechnic, but 'Bogpaper' probably doesn't realise that the modern Bedouin camp is a tourist attraction.  The Jordanians are selling holidays in them! 

The non de plume was apt! This 'fascist' has 25 years military service on his CV and I do wonder what 'Bogpaper' has on his CV. Well we do know one item on it don't we?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

We Could All be 'Fracking' Rich!

This morning former Chancellor Nigel Lawson has penned an article in the Daily Mail which promises us all a very bright future owing to massive layers of shale which contain a huge amount of natural gas and oil  According to Lawson the breakthrough of technology which now allows us to extract this fossil fuel could change the balance of power in the world today.

This feat has already massively reduced the price of gas in the States and China is planning a huge operation to extract their share of the new find.  What a difference this could make to our economy and you would think that with the absence of good news in recent years it would be welcomed.

You would be wrong.  Step forward the Minister for Energy Lib Dem Ed Davey who claims that it won't cheapen the price of gas, it won't happen tomorrow and it is too early to predict the amounts involved.  After all we can't let the people be happy about anything can we?

Contrast the optimism of Nigel Lawson with the attitude of an environmentalist from the Guardian called Damian Carrington.  Already the battle lines are being drawn but my thoughts are that if this technology has been successful in the States and is being explored by the Chinese we cannot ignore it.

Yes it might upset the europhiles and the environmentalists but the benefits far outweigh their concerns.  We must just ensure that this time the public enjoy the fruits of this lucky find and the profits do not all end up in the pockets of shady shareholders and even shadier politicians.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Care for the Elderly

I am currently watching the Politics Show and Ann Clwyd MP is reciting the story concerning the death of her husband.  It is a tragic episode and a scandal which taints the NHS. Firstly I have to respect the views of Grumpy RN and other medical professionals who inhabit the blogosphere but we cannot ignore the torrent of complaints that are in the main justified.

I have seen with my own eyes nurses only doing the very minimum which often includes dispensing medication and routine checks on blood pressure and heart rate.  After that they do not go near the patients and care involves mental as well as physical care.

Communication is minimal.  They don't even inform the nearest relative if they if the relative moves wards or even hospitals!  I find it difficult to get someone to give me a progress report. Something must change.  It may be staffing levels and it may be time but it is also attitude.  I do wonder if the number of nurses obtaining degrees affects attitude.  Is it now beneath them to attend to the needs of the patient. Whatever it is something has changed the attitude of nursing staff, not all of them of course but...far too many!

Perhaps a leaving proforma would be the answer but only if it is not ignored.  If the family or the patient is concerned about their experience whilst in hospital then we should be able to name and shame.  It would also highlight the nursing staff who are doing a good job which is just as important.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Stripping the Public of Wealth!

Watching George Osborne yesterday and later Ed Balls I was minded what a huge game our politicians are playing out on behalf of the masters that they serve.  They appear to be absolutely determined to strip the public of wealth.

We had thirteen years of 'New Labour' during which time they involved us in two long term wars, sold off our gold reserves and borrowed so much from the Rothschild Central Banks that, by the time they left office, the country was broke!  That is to say not quite because the markets still have confidence in our bonds!  No wonder because when you can tap the public at every opportunity you will never run short of funds.

The Coalition have followed on from 'New Labour' and have continued to rob the indigenous population of their wealth.  We still have mass immigration and no hint of a policy to restrict it.  Don't believe the propaganda because the EU are determined that we become the dumping ground for the dregs of their domain.

People have descended on this island from probably every country in the world.  They have entered legally and illegally and yet the UK Border Force or the Home Office seems to be incapable of  accounting for them.  This has put an enormous strain on Education, Housing, the NHS and the Prison Service. The worst of it all is that so many can almost instantly claim benefits. Who decided this? Who voted for it?

I don't need to mention our contribution to the EU or our Foreign Aid commitment because the first thing Davis Cameron mentioned on taking office was his ring fencing of 'Foreign Aid' just before he reneged on his promise of a referendum on the EU. Did he tell us that before he 'shared' the election.  I did not vote for Nick Clegg and I would rather slit my throat than support him.   

So now our 'Planning Minister', Nick Boles (remember him), wants to build on Green Space despite the fact that there are 'Houses to Let' in every city in the land. What planet is he on?  I'm afraid he is on planet 'Bilderberger' but most of us Brits still believe in independence and democracy.  We are still free thinkers but not for so much longer if our politicians have their way.

In the meantime my car tax has now reached £250 per annum and the price of my whisky has gone into orbit. Every utility imaginable has been increased as have fuel prices, train tickets and Council Tax.  The politicians are stripping us of wealth at every conceivable opportunity. 

I planned my old age many years ago. I should have just gone on the dole. Every year I am being slaughtered by tax because the tax authorities ignore Starbucks, Google and Amazon but jump on me at every opportunity!  We are systematically being stripped of our wealth and it is being distributed to the new incomers.  We are likely to be stripped of our countryside for the benefit of the new incomers. 

I don't know anyone who voted for mass immigration.  I don't know anyone who voted for anything other than a trading market in Europe.  I don't know anyone who votes for increases in taxation. I don't know why we have over 600 MPs when most decisions that affect the country are made by unelected commissioners in Brussels.  I do know that the Political Class is destroying the Paying Class!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Care for the Elderly (Continued)

So my poor mother who is 96 years of age broke her hip and had to have an operation!  You remember the plot?  She is now in the care of the NHS.  Lucky Mum!  She was operated on yesterday after 30 hours of pain from a broken hip.

I got a call from Leicester Royal at 10.40pm asking ME for the number of her care home because she did not have a fracture and they were sending her home!  Consequently I went down to her home on Saturday morning to be told that she had not arrived!  Leicester Royal (bless 'em) were keeping her in because at 11pm Friday evening (she arrived at 8am Friday morning) they discovered at the second attempt that she actually did have a fracture!

Of course nobody thought we might be interested.  In the end the Care home rang me and eventually there was a follow up call from the Royal. By now it is well into Saturday.

We live in Loughborough so there was no point in visiting Mum in Leicester after she had been operated on late on Saturday afternoon.  We arrived today armed with evidence that I was her Power of Attorney which had been requested.  I handed it over to the charge nurse to be photocopied.

We then discovered my mother lying in a lot of discomfort (she is 96) and she cannot swallow pain relief tablets. We suggested liquid pain relief but we were informed that there was no liquid pain relief on the ward and it had to be requested!!! I repeat this lady is 96!!! Eventually we suggested soluble pain relief and eventually ... and I mean 30 minutes ... somebody decided that they would put themselves out to help her!

In the meantime the document proving that I was her Power of Attorney had been given to the charge nurse to be photocopied. Oops the photocopier was not working and so they set off to find a photocopier that was working. It was Sunday so they tried office and office to find a photocopier that was available. This is one sheet of paper folks! You cannot believe that this took almost an hour!

I have yet to comment that when we arrived my mother was lying in bed with no false teeth. Now what does it take to ask an old lady if she wanted her teeth back in?  Did none of them realise that this little bit of dignity was important?  To be honest this was the straw that made me realise that the NHS has forgotten how to care. They actually don't care!

They have been taught not to care.  They ignore all the important aspects of care.  Don't get me wrong because they are all pleasant and they are all courteous but they don't actually care. They don't know how to care because they spend most of their days either in front of a computer or on the end of a phone. Please don't ask them to go and talk to a patient because that is beyond their remit! No it is not because at a designated point they deliver drugs!

They have a delivery system when a senior nurse actually comes around and you your pills.  The other point of contact is when a consultant, first thing in the morning, comes around with his entourage and that is your only chance to actually talk to a human being.

It was bad when I was seriously ill but I that was 12 years ago. My mother has me and my wife to cater for her.  We ask questions and try to ensure that she is looked after.  In the next room to my mother today was an old lady who clearly had nobody.  She was deranged and was  continually asking for some kind of assurance.  It was pathetic but nobody considered that she needed any kind of consideration!

Care is clearly a dirty word in today's society!  

Why will they not follow public opinion?

Today we had the same old, same old, Andrew Marr Show when a long list of socialist sympathisers were, once again, paraded to air their prejudices when clearly people are bored with the whole issue.  In amongst them, a lamb to the slaughter, was a Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, but not before Marr had his usual spat with Ed Balls.  It is all so contrived that frankly it is a waste of air space.

Then on came George Osborne spouting the same old claptrap. Amazingly the austerity plan that he has personally authorised may have to last longer than he anticipated!  Big deal! Big surprise! The billions they pour down the drain on their EU supporting policies cannot be undone but...wait for it...we can tax more people more often!

When will this bunch of EU supporting Politicians listen to to what the public want?  Clearly it will not happen and so the electorate will once again give up on them.  That is what they want!  They want you not to vote. They thrive on their 15% vote because they know that they can get their core supporters out to keep them in power. These are the very people who are government employees and profit from the non vote.

I will continue to campaign because you should not spoil your ballot, you should not refuse to vote because this is what they want. You should vote against Con/Lab/Lib. They are all against the public. I do not exonerate the Right Wing Tories because if they were honest they would defect from a party that they can no longer support. 

People like Bill Cash clearly does not agree with his leadership but he cannot divorce himself from the gravy train! Neither can David Davis both are dishonest men.

Until some of them find a conscience then we are stuck with a corrupt system.  What we need is a major defection to UKIP from the Cameron led Tories and until we get it things will remain the same and the so called 'eurosceptics' will continue to enjoy their subsidised lifestyle without any conviction.


Friday, 30 November 2012

Care for the Elderly

This morning my 96 year old mother did what she has done frequently in the past 10 years...she forgot to use her walking frame and fell over.  The system then kicks in.  She is in a Nursing Home that she pays for but no member of staff is ever available to take her to a hospital.

In our case the nearest hospital is the notorious Leicester Royal Infirmary. Don't get me wrong the staff are really helpful but they have to deal with probably the most multicultural society in the UK.  They also have the most multicultural staff in the UK and probably would not survive without them

I arrived at the hospital at 8.30 am having battled through the early morning traffic and my mother was in X-Ray. By 11.30 no doctor had been near her...she is 96! A couple of nurses did their best to alleviate the situation but when a doctor did arrive he then decided that her skull required a scan.

I had to leave.  Four hours in A&E is enough for anyone and I could do no more to assist. So I had to leave her requiring a scan to see if she had fractured her scull (her head was spectacular). She has a sort term memory problem but communicates well. That means that she sounds lucid but in five minutes cannot remember what she has said! If you don't know that then she sounds remarkably good for a 96 year old. 

She has conned people for years with her act so it was no surprise when I get a call at 10.40 pm to inform me that she is being sent back to her Nursing Home. Outside the temperature is well below freezing. The hospital rang me to find out the telephone number of her Nursing Home (no directory?) so why are they discharging her now?  Can she not remain until breakfast?

I am pleased that she is not seriously injured. She is my mum but she is not the mum that I remember.  She is paying for care but they let her get out of bed without supervision. When they fail in their care they ring me. Can anyone tell me when this responsibility will end?  When do I become too old to care for my mum?  

Am I alone in this?  I suspect not but it is a problem that is part of the modern society which frankly sucks. Our elderly are being treated with contempt and what worries me most is that I will be next!  Sorry but this post came from the heart.

By Election Turnouts

So although UKIP did better than previous results they could not contest how the Labour party still manages to get their vote out.  Labour won all three of yesterday's by election so it would appear churlish not to congratulate them. However there is an underlying trend which is not being reported.

The turnouts in all three constituencies were abysmal.  In essence the three Labour candidates were returned to Westmonster by polling well under 20% of the electorate.  That means that over 80% did NOT vote for them and in the case of Middlesbrough and Rotherham it was 85%!

How can the Political Class expect respect from the public when they are claiming that they have won an election with the support of only 15% of the electorate. You can argue that it is the fault of the public for not voting but I do wonder if voting became compulsory what the results would be.

I do wonder how Nick Clegg can face his party this morning.  His stance on so many unpopular and unnecessary policies has wrecked his party. No doubt he is already lining up his next job within the European Union!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

'Leveson' versus Cameron?

In this image from video, News Corporation chairperson Rupert Murdoch appears at Lord Justice Brian Leveson's inquiry in London to answer questions under oath about how much he knew about phone hacking at the News of the World tabloid. (AP)
What has he started?
On the surface Lord Brian Leveson has come up with the perfect solution to the problems that beset our press. He states that we need an independent authority to regulate the press but we must ask ourselves who will appoint that authority? Who is so independent and so without question that we can trust them not to have an agenda?

On this blog I have asked many times who can we trust? I know that I trust my instinct. So for what it is worth I will explain my instinct. On one side we have the people who have been called before Leveson to illustrate a case.  The Dowlers (innocents), The McCanns (in my opinions questions still need to be asked) and the landlord of poor Joanna Yeates, Christopher Jefferies. are I think being used to illustrate a point Every one of these cases was deeply shocking but I believe that they are being used for an alternate reason. Then we have the celebrities who generally have an axe to grind.

We have within us a group of people who are being paid handsomely to change our society. They call themselves 'modernisers' and in old fashioned language they would be termed 'traitors'.  They are trying to change the fabric of the country. That is wrong, because they have actually done it as we can witness by  mass immigration, political correctness, health and safety, foreign aid, the European Union and so much more!

The last bastion of our society is a free press. Don't get me wrong the press have behaved disgracefully.  They have far exceeded their   brief but who allowed them to do it?  The politicians allowed them to do it.  Leveson got it right when he said that the politicians recognised that the press could win them elections. It was the politicians who gave the press their freedom! 

So what now?  The people who the Daily Mail believe are behind Leveson have powerful friends.  These friends are in a position to appoint the 'independent  committee' that they want to regulate our 'free press'. They are also aligned to 'Common Purpose'.

This is the aim of the 'Modernisers'. They want to regulate our press so that we might end up with Pravda or a French newspaper which cannot indulge in investigative journalism.  My main problem is that all the people who are against the decision of David Cameron are known modernisers and sympathisers with 'Common Purpose'.

When you work it out and realise that people like Nick Clegg (Lib Dem), Chris Bryant (NoLab) and Nicky Morgan (MP for Loughborough) are actually all in the same camp then you realise the extent of the corruption of our electoral system.  I won't even mention postal voting. This story has a long way to run and it is really important.

Take you want from this post because I will always say what I believe is right. That is my prerogative.  I just cannot square the stance of David Cameron because I believe he is in the same camp of the 'modernisers'. Perhaps they are playing with the public. 

Nothing would surprise me!


By Elections!

I have spoken about this before but today we have three by-elections being held in what have been Labour strongholds.  It always amazes me that, after their 13 years in government, any place could still be described as a 'Labour stronghold'.  Surely there are sufficient people with some common sense who realise that the modern Labour party stuffed with 'modernisers' is vastly different from the days of Clement Attlee or even Keir Hardie.

After the disastrous premierships of Messrs Blair and Brown how do the electorate still believe that voting Labour is not just a idea verging on lunacy? Take Rotherham, their former Labour MP has been sacked for misappropriating public funds and a council official punished a local couple for being members of UKIP by taking away their foster children! 

MP's in Westmonster prove time after time that once the party machines wrap their tentacles around the new MPs independent thought and representing their electorate disappears almost overnight. Today only a very small minority of MPs really have any power and the rest just do as they are told!

So once again the public can make a difference.  Once again they can give these political wasters a bloody nose. This is their chance to shake up the political scene and to make their votes count.  I still believe that if UKIP got one voice in parliament it could open the floodgates. 

Every time that 'normal people' gather and discuss politics they express disgust at the political system that we have been hoist with but somehow their bottle goes when they arrive in the voting booth. Will it happen again today?  I expect the results will stay the same and 3 more useless members of the party machines will be collecting their expenses and enjoying their subsidised meals and wine by next week!

I can only hope that I am wrong!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Common Purpose and Money!

I see that Lord Patten was today quizzed by a Select Committee and got a bit shirty.  I really am not surprised because Chris Patten has probably got a lot to worry about. On my recent cruise I read the Alan Clark book which I hated.  Alan Clark was everything that I despise in a human being but he hated Chris Patten claiming that he was nakedly ambitious. He called him a p***k and he was probably right!

Lord Patten is apparently a paid up member of Common Purpose but then he would be wouldn't he?  He was named in a recent Daily Mail exposure of Common Purpose and of course I am therefore not surprised that he allowed the former Head of the BBC George Entwhistle to walk off with a huge pay off.  A reward for failure.

This is of course how they operate. Have you noticed how all the disciples of  of the EU and Common Purpose are actually hosed with money that they have not earned? It is actually naked bribery. In every area that Common Purpose has invaded, salaries have gone through the roof!  It doesn't matter if it is Local Government, the Police, the European Union, the BBC or Westmonster they all survive on public money and none of them appear to be accountable. Whatever happened to District Audit?

Every one of them have their snouts in the trough. So where do we go from here? I notice that Nigel Farage refuses to have anything to do with David Cameron.  There is a reason for that. David Cameron leads a divided party (probably the only thing that young Miliband has got right) but more importantly his loyalty is not actually to the UK.  He is a europhile trying to con the British public into maintaining membership of the EU.

David Cameron is part of the 'club'.  He was elected as leader of the  Conservative party to stop David Davis who is a conservative.  He has his loyalties but they are not 'our' loyalties. That is why he fitted snugly into the Coalition with a Liberal who is actually a Socialist. He is conning the country and Nigel Farage knows it.

David Cameron is happy to support the inflation of living standards which only support the supporters of Common Purpose.  The more that we pay for public services the more the salaries will increase.  He talks austerity but the only people who suffer are the general public.

Nigel Farage inherently knows that he cannot trust David Cameron.  He clearly wants a man at the head of the Conservative party that he can trust (Michael Gove).  UKIP is growing and will be the death  of Cameron's false conservatism.  In the end the public always win. It usually takes time (far too much time) but in the end the fraudsters lose. Lord Patten may think that he is a winner (he probably has won) but his legacy may eventually rival so many other BBC 'legends' like Jimmy!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Derby County

Will Hughes - Derby teenager Will Hughes attracts Premier League interest as he makes England debut
Will Hughes in Action

This is just a personal view because although, I cannot get to see my beloved Rams, I do still watch from afar. I cannot make up my mind about Nigel Clough or the board. To some extent I agree with their youth policy but then if you want to compete at the top level then you have to invest.

Yesterday evening I got my first glimpse of the new team live on SKY. I was well rewarded.  The Rams have uncovered a talent which I could not believe.  I was fortunate enough to watch the debut of Roy McFarland in a Derby shirt.  I went home and told my father that I had just seen England's next centre half. His reaction was derision but then he was a Scot!

Yesterday evening I watched Will Hughes who at 17 years of age is a sensation! He has everything, vision, timing, strength and intelligence.  This 'boy' controlled the game against Birmingham by his crisp passing and involvement in the game. His timing is amazing. He has everything and I suspect that gives the Derby board a problem.

They should keep him! They won't keep him because they are greedy and parsimonious. This American company are only in the game to make a profit so Derby will never get into the Premiership under their stewardship.

The next target will be Michael Jacobs.  What a great acquisition he will become from the nether regions of Northampton Town. Give this team just two seasons of Hughes and Jacobs and the Rams fans could be dreaming again.  My plea is to give the team a chance.  Someone has done a great job of scouting the lower leagues for talent. 

Please don't sell them before they have a chance to develop. Let the Rams season ticket holders enjoy a rare talent for a couple of seasons.  It is inevitable that Will will move on and so will Michael but that is the nature of the game.

So live on this blog let me announce the arrival of Will Hughes and Michael Jacobs. Hughes in particular will be a sensation!

UKIP against the Modernisers!

Something has to give!  UKIP has to defend their own and drag the officers of the Rotherham Borough Council into the courts.  This nonsense about defending the cultural and ethnic needs of the children hides a multitude of sins.  These people live on a different planet.  They are so obsessed with their 'agenda' that they care not a jot about the kids or the foster parents. 

These local government zealots are, in my opinion, the modern equivalent of what the German people had to tolerate in the nineteen thirties.  They have the  power and they are determined to use it.  Frankly I find them frightening because nobody in politics seem to be able to dent their shield.

I have always spoken about the hidden agenda of the modernisers.  I rail repeatedly against the European Union and Common Purpose and of course I suppose I am regarded as a conspiracy theorist who is verging on section but...what if I am not? What happens if these possible lunatics are really trying to enslave the public and create a Moscow type society in the UK (which they are)?

Apparently a minority political party can be instantly branded as being 'racist' if it does not agree with the agenda of modernisation. Racism is the new heinous crime that supercedes murder, rape and armed robbery.  The police will hesitate to attend any of the aforesaid but if you are accused of 'racism' then someone will press the 'manure' button and the whole pile will land on your head.

In my opinion UKIP has to defend their membership.  They must take Rotherham Borough Council to court and challenge their charge of racism.  This cannot continue but I suspect that UKIP know the courts are so skewed against the public that they would not win.

Personally I care not about the election of police commissioners but an election of judges may just bring the voters out! 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The European Union (again!)

Ever since I began this blog I have railed against the unelected and undemocratic commissioners of the EU.  The whole concept is absurd and yet every one of our mainstream politicians is in league with them.  It appears that in many parliamentary constituences an individual will not be supported for candidency unless he/she supports the EU.

In recent years the economies of almost every member state are on the verge of collapse.  In many of them the people have taken to the streets protesting about this cabal which has ruined their economy. Certainly in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Spain there are serious economic problems which cannot be disguised and now I read that one political party in the Spanish region of Catalonia will hold a referendum on independence from Spain if they win an upcoming election.

David Cameron continues to promote the preposterous theory that he can change the EU from within which judging by the recent arguments over finance seems to be a forlorn hope.  Up and up go our contributions to an organisation which has not been audited for something like 18 years.  There are a plethora of videos on YouTube featuring Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, berating the EU leadership.

Apparently we give over 50 million pounds a DAY for the EU to squander in any way that they want which is highlighted here by Mr Farage.  The EU today seems to be split between givers and takers.  We give and the grasping hands take.  Think what we could do with a legacy of 50 millions pounds a day?  Our pensioners could even get a decent pension.  I know that I am beating my head against the concrete brains of those who still vote Con/Lab/Lib but who knows one day common sense may prevail and perhaps the EU commissioners will end up in prison charged with the bankruptcy of Europe. I can only dream!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Modernisers against Patriots

I have banged on loudly about the campaign of the people who describe themselves as 'modernisers' but who, in effect, are trying to bring the country to its knees. Their goal is to tear down the fabric of everything that we 'oldies' believe is the ethos of the country which binds us all together. They are attacking our beliefs and our life style which has served us so well for do many centuries.

So let me examine their success and they certainly have succeeded! After this attack on our society, family trees will be almost certainly become extinct apart from those patriots who have instilled decency in their children. Believe me, in years to come cousins will marry cousins without the slightest idea that it should not happen. Hell brothers could even marry sisters and not know it.  Copulation reigns OK?

The female bishop row is an example of the modernisation plan in full flow. They have brainwashed the female brigade to believe that they can do anything and have it all. How foolish is that? Very few are super people and the rest of us just have to cope but many women believed the propaganda and have suffered as a result. If women get it all then someone will suffer in exactly the same way as if men try to have it all. Common sense rules OK?

The BBC has been at the forefront of modernisation. Their whole staff preach 'diversity' and 'political correctness' so that this influence reaches far and wide. Then along comes Jimmy Savile who it would appear was encouraged by the BBC and protected for decades despite a life style that disgusts most of us. 

In every living room in the UK the public disagree with what is happening. We hate the absence of British humour, we hate the mass immigration that has turned many of our inner city areas into alien civilisations (Leicester). We hate the absence of the police supporting the public. We hate that some of our doctors do not understand our concerns and they do not even speak our language.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is that the 'modernisers' led by Cameron/Clegg/Miliband are leading us down a path which we, the people, do not want to go! So what happens? What happens is that people stop voting. We have just seen it with the recent Police Commissioner elections but that is what they want. If you do not vote, if you do not support anyone then the major parties will always win.

They were delighted with the turnout. There are no rules which discriminate on turnout. If seven people voted and a major party won they would rejoice. Not voting is not an option. FFS vote against them!  Corby had the ideal opportunity to create a precedence and they bottled it... Shmucks! Sorry that means bloody idiots! They had a chance to vote UKIP and they voted for a party which totally wrecked the economy of their country. You prats!

The people all agree. We don't want what we have got. The problem is that the Political Class has stitched up the voting system.  It costs too much to stand against the major parties so it would take a rather rich person to make a stand. We do not necessarily want a rich person because we want someone who understands what it is like on Planet Earth. 

Currently the patriots do not have a party. We used to call it the 'Conservative Party' and we don't really want to be 'BMP' but what is the alternative? Why can't we find a patriot that we respect?

Nigel Farage?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christians 1 Politicians 0

I am not a Christian but my beloved daughter is and so are so many of her lovely friends.  They all follow the teachings of the bible. They believe in their faith and their bible is their faith. Apparently the bible says that only males can be 'bishops'. Please excuse my ignorance because I do not know the intricacies of this subject but if you are a Christian surely you follow the teachings of the bible?

So today the motion to circumnavigate the bible was defeated. Most thinking people know that committed Christians in this country are actually under threat. The undercurrent of political pressure ensure that people who follow the scriptures are today a political target.

How many cases have we seen of Christians who insist on wearing their crosses at work being victimised? How many cases are brought against women wearing burkas?  They are even allowed to pass through airport security. It is a joke! 

Today common sense prevailed. So much wailing from the discredited BBC but of course the public now know (courtesy of Jimmy Savile) what their agenda is! At long last Christians have fought back despite the protestations of the politically correct high profile politicians (just how many politically correct, female, black vicars exist in the Church of  England?).  So at long last the Christians defeated the Politicians! Not before time.

Plea Bargaining in the UK?

Yesterday I commented on the plight of the SAS Sergeant who had been sentenced to 18 months in a military prison at Colchester for importing an Iraqi pistol illegally.  Today his father spoke out on SKY news and intimated that his son had been a victim of 'plea bargaining'.

This has become a major part of the American legal system and it means that if you plead 'guilty' you may get a much reduced sentence. If you do not plead 'guilty' and get found 'guilty' then they throw the book at you for being uncooperative.

I cannot believe that a British army military court would use this method of extracting a conviction and if they did is it legal?  I admit that I am speaking from a platform of legal ignorance but there is so much slithering going on in our courts which would not have been tolerated years ago that I think it should be challenged.

I don't yet know how this case came to court.  The pistol arrived in a box packed by Sgt Nightingale's mates. Apparently he did not open it for 2 years.  He intended to present the pistol to a museum.
So what was wrong with a wrap on the knuckles for a technical breach of the rules? He has served for 17 years and is an elite soldier so why is he being treated in this abysmal manner?  I still believe that there is an underlying reason for this sentence because it is blatantly unfair!

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Law and the Services

I have posted about this before but there appears to be an undercurrent of antipathy from the Home Office or the UK Border Service towards any individual who has a service background.  Time after time a person who has any type of service background is treated unfairly when involved with the law. It is just as if an edict has been secretly issued that anyone who has a service background is not likely to one of 'us' and should therefore be taught a lesson.

Currently there are two cases in the public domain. A survivor of the 7/7 bombing, Professor John Tulloch, a 70 year old university lecturer was told that 'as a British subject without citizenship' he was no longer entitled to remain.  His crime appears to be that his father served as a major in the army and he was born in colonial India! He has been in England since the age of 3 and can trace his family back to the 14th century.

Considering the number kids (including my own) who were born while their parents were serving overseas do they all have to worry now that they are 'British subjects without citizenship'. Professor Tulloch almost had to beg for justice which, considering the number of potential terrorists we have in our prisons and on the streets, is hardly reassuring.

Then we have the case of Sergeant Danny Nightingale an SAS sergeant currently banged up for 18 months for apparently being in possession of an illegal firearm! He didn't even bring it into the country himself. Now he may have technically committed a crime but for heaven's sake...people get less for violence!  He has served with the colours for 17 years but now his wife is forced to publicly plea to the PM!  Something is very wrong in this country. There are very evil people in our midst and we should all be on our guard.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Health and Safety in Cairo!

Health and Safety Egypt Style!
I just had to show you these two photographs that I took from our tour car on the route from Port Said to Cairo!

I could not believe my eyes particularly when I saw the little girls wedged between the two helmetless lads on the motor bike!

The standards of driving and road sense were largely non- existent.  I'm afraid the tragic accident where all the kids were killed at a level crossing further to the south of Cairo did not surprise me.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Low Turnouts!

When I left this country for a 30 day cruise my voting cards had not arrived.  When we returned a day after the elections for Police Commissioners we had a huge pile of mail but nothing explaining the difference between the local candidates. Nothing about who they were and what they stood for so not only did we lose our vote we would have had little knowledge of the candidates even if we had stayed behind!

This has been a political conspiracy to defraud the public. It will not matter who gets elected we will only get more of the same and guess what...the public know it.  Clearly right across the country the public have ignored this farce.

I cannot think of one credible modern politician. I can think of many that should be in prison.  They are exposed almost daily and Dennis McShane is just the latest example of politicians who appear to have helped themselves to the public purse and then escaped the full force of the law.

So what do the public do?  They ignore these farcical elections and what do the Political Class usual they ignore the public. Some time ago I posed the low does the turnout have to go before an election is declared null and void?

In Leicestershire today they elected a public official when only 16% of the people had voted. Surely that does not give the winner a mandate to rule and if it does how long before it gets less?  Bloody hell 16% that means his friends, family and probably his dog managed to get him a very powerful and lucrative public position.

In an age of so called austerity the Political Class thought up a plan which cost the public a shed load of money.  All the public want is protection from the criminal element.  We don't want crime numbers for insurance purposes we want crime stopped!  The police have become a state sponsored force more interested in diversity crime than violence.

If I ever see one of these newly elected Police Commissioners change the Common Purpose/EU policy of no police on the streets then I will sit up and take notice.

When will the news outlets and the politicians realise that the public have rumbled them.  The turnouts will continue to tumble and when they do they humiliate the idiots who follow the Common Purpose/EU diktat. I say humiliate but frankly they don't care.

On holiday I read many books and one of them was 'Alan Clark-the Early Years'. It is quite staggering that this individual was elected for a Plymouth seat when he hated his constituency and was a serial philanderer. I have never read about anyone so vain, spoiled and so utterly devoid of moral principle.  The problem was he also fingered so many politicians who were made of the same moral fibre. The people that he wrote about exist today.

These Eton and Oxford rich kids know nothing.  They are born to privilege but then in modern terms the Labour front bench are almost identical.  So we now have two parties of identical class who are engaged in their own private debating society. The days of Keir Hardie are long gone.

That is the reason that the public cannot be bothered with the latest idiotic waste of money. You won't find that on the news.

Common Purpose...Exposed!

I have just returned from a 30 day break cruising round the Eastern Mediterranean with my wife.  We had a wonderful time but it was very difficult not to post a comment when the bad news continued to beleaguer the Political Class.  Anyone who has remotely followed my ramblings in the past five years will know that so many of my least favourite topics have been exposed as being rotten to the core.

Today however, the Daily Mail broke the ultimate taboo when they exposed Common Purpose which was one of the main reasons that I began this blog.  In a huge investigation they have outed Sir David Bell and Julia Middleton and to my knowledge this is the first time that a national newspaper has exposed the involvement of Common Purpose in our public life and the extent of their influence.

I have to admit that it takes time to wade through it all as their investigation is very thorough but it also 'outs' some of our major public figures.  Some of our most respected (by some) politicians appear to be involved with this secret organisation. The Mail investigation mentioned Lord Patten, Chris Bryant MP (he of the underpants pose), Cressida Dick of the Met (remember she headed the Jean Charles de Menezes shambles and got promoted).  Her sometime successor Sue Akers and many other high ranking police officers are also implicated in involvement with Common Purpose. 

I have never before seen a mainstream newspaper tackle this insidious organisation but it would appear that the Mail is suspicious that Lord Leveson is being manipulated into creating a situation where Common Purpose supporters will get an opportunity to impose their own terms on the freedom of the press. I have long warned of just how powerful they have become but if the Mail has been forced into this exposure of Common Purpose then someone, somewhere, is finally albeit belatedly, realising the threat!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Time for a break!

Tomorrow my wife and I disappear for 30 days as we cruise around the Eastern Mediterranean. We have decided that at our late life it is time to explore the world. We love travelling so the prospect of Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and Greece to name but a few excites us. 

I cannot believe that in something like 8 hours I will be boarding the Oriana (P&O) for a real adventure. If I get the opportunity I will report back but I have had serious lectures from my son in law (Seanie) about the difference between the Internet abroad and Wi-Fi and the cost implications!

So in my half ignorance I must be careful how I use the Internet so please bear with me. My daughter is also looking after our recently adopted cat. She already has 2 rescued cats (a veterinary nurse who loves her job) but our little Dan seems quite at home. 

You see this avid blogger is really just a person! I am not a political animal but just a member of the hard pressed public. I have my personal views about the performance of our politicians and this blog gives me an opportunity to voice them. This and my ability to write English. 

So goodbye everyone...I will be back on 16 November please continue to tune in but then I began with nothing and you all found me so perhaps it will happen again?

Monday, 15 October 2012


I cannot believe that our political hierarchy have actually done a deal to split up the UK! I cannot believe that our mainstream politicians are even contemplating this action. It is even worse because the SNP politicians have decided that they will use the votes of 16 year olds to make this happen!!

What is going on? How can this nonsense continue? If 16 year olds can vote on this issue who decided that? Who agreed that people of (I am sorry) limited intellect and experience could sway an election of such importance.

I am sorry but this is a stitch up. These seamy politicians are organising a break up of a very strong alliance. Don't get me wrong, my parents were Scots and I had very many arguments with my father about my heritage. The Barnett formula that gave the Scots so many advantages and the popular animosity that the Scots rejoice in still make it acceptable. 

The reason it is acceptable is because when the chips are down we have always put aside our differences and fought together like lions.  The Scots are a major part of our armed forces.  Someone, the very people who are trying to destroy our society, are stoking this issue. Alex Salmond, that paragon of virtue, is taking advantage of national pride.

However, I really don't believe that how many 16 year olds Alex Salmond drafts into the equation the real people of Scotland will know that the break up of the UK would be disastrous. England would survive but Scotland would become a dependent of the EU.

Of course that is why the servants of the bankers Alex Salmond and David Cameron are shaking hands. The unthinkable is happening because they have been told to break up the UK. Otherwise it would never happen... think about it!

How about that for a controversial post? Answers on a postcard or on my comments list! 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

How Can They Do It?

Do our politicians and our lawyers know nothing about warfare? They have arrested five Royal Marines and charged them with murder! What exactly to they train them and pay them to do? If you send a trained soldier into battle, or into a 'difficult' situation, then you cannot impose civilian rules on them. They are trained to fight. They are trained to kill. They face an enemy who will kill them given an opportunity. 

What do they expect from our troops?  They cannot go to war with the thought that 'if I get this wrong I could be charged with murder'! It is ridiculous. If you have just lost your best mate in action then frankly you are not acting rationally. They are not out shopping in  Windsor on a Saturday morning.

Is it not about time that our lawyers departed to Afghanistan and hunted for the people who have killed over 400 of our soldiers in this utterly pointless war and asked the CPS to charge them! It is that stupid! 

How the hell can our soldiers fight a war against a very aggressive enemy with one hand tied behind their backs? I have consistently maintained for a few years now that there is an element of our Political Class/Civil Servants who do not support our armed forces.
They are hell bent on the destruction of the troops and this is just another example of their agenda.

I know that we must maintain a service code of conduct but when soldiers go to war and could be killed then, believe you me, normal ethics disappear. If you are faced with someone trying to kill you then you don't think twice. You kill him/her! 

The enemy of the British Army are very safe in the knowledge that if they are captured then the British Army have so many rules to observe that frankly they will have laugh at us. So many have donned friendly uniform and then reneged on the deal it is not surprising that they are not trusted. 

Our problem is that the British Army face not only the Afghan warlords, who have not actually lost an ounce of their power since the joint British/American forces invaded their territory, but they are being stabbed in the back by the British ever!

The enemy is not in Afghanistan it is actually in Islington, Tower Hamlets and surrounding suburbs. Most of them travel into Westmonster by bicycle!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

So Many People Knew!

So it is all coming out now...the barmy eccentric who fund raised for so many charities was actually a dangerous weirdo. No... that is too mild because apparently he was the worst type of paedophile and so many people knew about him.

I am part of his generation and I must now confess that I found him strange. He was really not normal. He courted publicity ruthlessly and now we are discovering the extent of his calumny. His ability to fund raise apparently put him on a pedestal. Staff at various hospitals were so scared to 'out' him that he was allowed to abuse young patients.

What does that say about our culture and our morals and about the ability of NHS managers and BBC managers to protect the vulnerable? What has happened in our society to judgement and discipline? Why was it that staff who knew how sordid this man was did not feel able to report him?

The truth is that there were so many young girls who actually glorified in being 'groupies'; there were so many young women who pursued fame and fortune through the sex market that the male 'personalities' thought that they could do anything and did! 

I suspect that Jimmy Savile was the tip of the iceberg. It has actually happened throughout time.  The shock in this case was the access that this man had to VERY vulnerable youngsters.  I don't mean the girls who put themselves up for it like the girls who marry ageing billionaires. I mean the young and disabled. The very notion that this guy was able to approach and 'stick his tongue down their throat' of paralysed girls must be investigated.

I do not know where this is going? Girls have always been available to famous men. So who can judge who was abused and who was available?  It could get very nasty but the bottom line is that they all let him have his way because he raised money. He raised lots and lots of wonga so who cared about a few abused girls! 

The government have since then introduced sex education for the very young. The children are now aware of the sex act and must be curious so our teenage pregnancy rate will probably increase. It has all been planned so do not moan. Jimmy Savile was a product of his time. He took advantage of his situation like so many before him and I just hope that the lawyers don't make a shed load of money out of it because what is done is done!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Turkey and Syria...who is pulling the Strings?

In one week from now my wife and I will be setting off on a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean. It has long been planned to visit countries which we have previously never experienced. They include Sicily, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Turkey. We are really looking forward to traversing the Suez Canal but suddenly I am beginning to wonder if it will happen?

Today Turkish jets forced a Syrian civilian flight flying from Moscow to Damascus down onto their territorial soil. They illegally intercepted this flight which is a direct challenge to Moscow. Who is escalating this conflict? Who is widening the Syrian scenario?

I think that we all know by now who the aggressors are because they have been causing wars for centuries. It is always the same scenario. The 'people' suddenly rebel against a government (usually 'a dictator') who refuses to allow a 'Central' bank to invade their country. This revolution is supported by every media outlet and every prominent politician that can influence western public opinion.

The rebels are then armed and supported by NATO troops who ensure that the 'dictator' is removed.  Simple innit! Unfortunately  the Russian and the Chinese governments don't appear to agree with this action. So we seem to have a scenario where the Americans and Israelis are squaring up to the Russians and Chinese. 

That is really unhealthy. I cannot countenance a situation where someone, somewhere, in Turkey decides that it is a good idea to intercept a civilian flight from Moscow and force it down unless they are trying to escalate a conflict.

Fasten your seatbelts folks! 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Conservative Party Conference.

They are clearly under pressure. I await the speech from David Cameron tomorrow. Today we had bumbling Boris. How can this total idiot be described as a future leader of a party? There is nothing of substance in this guy. He is a product of the media who continually talk him up. In reality he is a weak, privileged serial marital cheat who, without his family's money, would be classed as a buffoon.

Chris Grayling was the star turn today quoting stats which prove that the mass immigration policy has been a disaster for this country. Many thousands of foreign criminals are incarcerated in our jails and cannot be repatriated because of this ridiculous 'Human Rights Act'. He also give us permission to defend our homes against intruders...well thanks Chris but you didn't go far enough. As usual you fudged it because if anyone comes into my home uninvited then he will be stabbed if I get the opportunity.

Do these politicians really believe that we will not defend our loved ones with everything at our disposal? Do they really believe that if a burglar enters a home we would not hesitate to destroy them? What is reasonable force when they could attack your wife? Nobody knows the outcome of an intruder. They could be simple druggies or they could be psychos...who will take the chance?

Our politicians are gambling with our lives. Once again they are handing the advantage to the criminal.  Once again they have refused to protect the public. So what is left?

I just hope that UKIP refuse any approaches from this nest of vipers. The Tories are beginning to realise that many of the people still prepared to vote in 2015 are lining up behind  UKIP. The LimpDems are dead in the water because they broke all their promises ( Huhne, Clegg, Laws...what did you expect?).  Labour will always have their blind loyalty but the Tories are in crisis because their voters are often educated thinkers.

Far too many have now come to the conclusion that the Conservative leadership cannot be trusted. It is not because they  are a 'bunch of posh boys who don't know the price of milk' it is because they have been corrupted by their legacy. The people who have had their wealth created by the bankers must now pay homage.  They must now protect their heritage.  It has happened throughout the past three centuries.

The bankers control every country in the world except North Korea, Cuba, Syria and possibly Sudan. They have bought up all the  major western European politicians who just follow orders. This is not just at national level it is also at local level. Witness the position of the Leicestershire County Council Chairman (David Parsons) who lost his job because he had manipulated his expenses when he visited Brussels! Why did he visit Brussels? What has Leicestershire got to do with Brussels? 

He was clearly receiving orders but about what? Sorry but this country will never get back to normality until we vote for a government who will represent the people and not vested interests. We want a return to local MPs who want to represent their constituents not the ambitions of bankers who have caused so much damage.

So can the Tories deliver? Of course they can't! Their Chief Whip actually ducked their conference today because Andrew Marshall is toxic. They have buried the little git and they should because he is political poison. If UKIP ever, ever, support this cabal of opportunistic posh boys then I am sorry but I will resign my membership!