Sunday, 23 February 2014

Seeking the Truth!

I have always been curious.  I inherently believe that the British people have been persistently betrayed by a cartel of leading members of our society.  It has been going on for years but because they are supported by the very people that they have placed in power we are left to discover the truth for ourselves.

We will never learn it through the mainstream media.  They owe allegiance to their paymasters.  Most of our politicians have the same paymasters so we are left to search the Internet which is the final redoubt for freedom of speech and expression.

Every now and then I stumble upon an alternative opinion which sheds some light on my theory that Britains have been betrayed.  With this in mind I discovered a web site called 'TheTruthseeker' which covers many of the stories that interest me.

This site uses many authors but it was only when I read an article by an author called T Stokes that I really sat up.  This man Anthony Thomas Trevor-Stokes actually died last year aged 93 after leading a remarkable life.  It is my opinion that he was actually an old fashioned patriot and as such he emptied his head before he died.

Clearly he had suffered much in his life but he had to have a vivid imagination to fabricate most of his opinions.  If you look back on history with an uncluttered mind and deal in plain fact then I reckon this guy had an insight which explains many of our modern problems.

I would welcome comments on his opinions on Winston Churchill for example!  If T Stokes is correct and he seems to have remarkable sources then when do we begin to rewrite history and reeducate the public? 


Anonymous said...

Yep, been there, it's all if, buts and maybe's. Just proves that you can put on the Internet anything you want with no comeback. A fools paradise. I'm out of here

Kind regards


bryboy said...

Neutrino, Tks for your response. You have attached yourself to this blog for some little time. You know what I do. I uncover mysteries and then I inform people of different opinions. Most of the people who visit this blog are just as curious as me. So what really upset you about mt most recent post? You pop up here and there. I have my suspicions but then I tolerate all opinions because I know that I am controversial.

Anonymous said...

Morning Bryboy, as you are aware I visit many other sites and the tap, is very interesting, but everything is unprovable. As I have always banged on about, if you want to believe it you will, however outlandish it appears. I think I had had enough of the tap after particularly heavy traffic regarding our friends the Joooooos. Your piece on Mr Stokes was a piece that had been on the tap.

Harbingers broken record about the jooos and kill the police and the army is just pointless twaddle and as for shirlz007, the person needs help.

There are no suspicions about me, I am not a jew, not that that should matter.

I may have said this before, You can make anything up and you can try and prove it by looking on the internet. Like the bible you can take anything from it to make your point, but it wont be provable.

I have an enquiring mind like most, and use the internet to help me understand things, but I seem to get bogged down in Jew hatred and conspiracy theories as soon as you try to look for the truth. I have no agenda.

I think Ukip is the way to go as they might kick the libconlab in the balls, which they truly need.

But they will have to be a coalition to get anywhere, which will then dilute their purpose.



bryboy said...

Hi Neutrino, I did not expect you back but I am pleased you did because you have things to say. You are right I found 'The Truthseeker' through 'The Tap' but I cannot remember T Stokes being highlighted. Perhaps I am wrong.

You are also correct that nothing can be proven but there is a consistent theme particularly where the Jewish bankers are concerned. They have been disrupting the world for centuries but that is by the by.

We must look to the future. I now believe that I can identify the politicians who have sold their souls and time after time they prove my theories.

UKIP are on the march. They are taking to the streets because they are the only party that does not lie and have no affiliations to big business (that I know of)! They are concentrating on getting people out to vote again. If they succeed then who knows?

I agree about 'The Tap' but they challenge the mainstream as do so many others. I always welcome your opinions. Like so many others we know something is wrong but we are elderly and cannot take to the streets! Tks for your interest.