Monday, 7 December 2009

What next?

I have not posted for a while because quite frankly I have been almost repeating myself for the past two years. Since I began this blog I cannot believe that things in Britain have got so much worse. Everything is disastrous. It does not matter where we look things cannot be worse. The Marxists of the seventies are in charge of the asylum and we are all paying for it.

People who were supported and sponsored by known traitors now rule the roost and are determined to make us pay. One cannot ruin the economy of a major western power unless you are devoted to doing it. Throughout the past two years I have been banging on about this and yet they have still managed to get us to the point of 'almost' bankruptcy.

The problem is that we all know it and yet we let them time after time to ruin us. Mass Immigration, loss of financial control of the banks, the NHS, Education and Welfare all run by Quangos instead of the professionals.

When Gordon Brown at last visited the military ward of Selly Oak three quarters of the soldiers refused to meet him. That was actually a mistake they should have throttled the living daylights out of him. It would probably have made them feel a helluva sight better for their grievous injuries. This week the British Legion once again asked me to increase my monthly contribution to the cause because so many soldiers require not only physical but mental help. We have now been in Afghanistan longer than it took to win the Second World War!

It goes deeper because apparently the very mention of Peter Mandelson brought boos from an audience watching 'Countdown'! Now that gives me real hope because if the audience of 'Countdown' wants to protest then perhaps the wounds of the country are beginning to really annoy the silent majority.

It illustrates the innate sensitivity of the British majority. We all know that we have been cheated, reviled and disregarded. We do not want the political situation that has been forced upon us. I can only suggest that whoever we vote for at the next election we disown the scum that currently occupy and have disgraced our Parliament.

Oh dear I have been told to lighten up but it is so, so, difficult when so much damage is being done which will affect my lovely granddaughters and their friends. I am currently watching the widow of SSgt Olaf Schmidt and I am in tears. It is Newsnight and she is doing a grand job. She was superb! Sorry I am too emotional to continue..

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