Monday, 5 October 2009

National Service or Community Service?

If we are to believe the government and the Americans, winning the war in Afghanistan is vital for the future of world security. If that is the case and I don't know if I believe them, then the western world must throw everything that we have at the Taliban. To my mind that means ALL our partners in Europe offering up every available troop that they can muster but it means more.

The Defence Minister, Bob Ainsworth, on a recent visit to the war front was told, by a Staff Sergeant in the Bomb Disposal team that the most vital requirement was more troops on the ground.

According to David Cameron we have millions out of work, many of whom have never contributed to the country's economy and have no intention of doing so. We all know that this is true and the likelihood is that they are actually unemployable. So what do we do with them?

I personally don't think that any able bodied person should be allowed to sit at home sponging off the state. The fact that they are doing so, in a time of war, when some of their mates are being killed and maimed is even more disgraceful. The problem is that this government is not acting as if we are at war. There is no war cabinet, there is nobody briefing the press, they don't seem to be aware that our boys and girls are really in action. Back in 1982 when Maggie went to war it was done properly; we were at war and we all knew it. That is the difference.

We need more troops on the ground and yet the Generals are repeatedly saying that we have not got the troops. Troops need rest and recuperation. This war appears to be intense and reading between the lines we are struggling to retain any ground that we have won. It is surely time to up the pace.

The NoLab government have spent billions on quangos and committees most of whom have been formed to assist the government. If The Tories have any sense and want to save money they will disband all these useless committees and make them redundant. Fine but what do we do with them then? Some of them are very capable who have just been helping the wrong people.

We now have two groups of unemployed but they must be put to work so what do we do with them? Well we are at war so we should give the workshy an opportunity to contribute. Many of them are tough guys who just don't want to work or who prefer to work out of the system and not pay taxes. We should give them all a choice. We are at war and so you have two choices you either work for the country or you work for the forces but you do not sit on your backside doing nothing.

All the people who will lose their jobs because they are non-jobs created purely to prop up the NoLab government should be offered the chance to work for the country. They should be offered the chance to join the National Community Service.

The workshy and those who work on the Black Market plus the illegal immigrants who do not have the skills to assist the Community Service should have the option of joining National Military Service. There can be no hiding place. This scheme would also ensure that any military member who has served the country has an automatic roll to play in the Community Service thus ensuring that nobody who has put their lives at risk for the sake of the country will ever have to sleep out rough in despair.

The choice is clear. We are at war. Everyone, bar the severely disabled, should contribute. Nobody should be exempt national duty. National duty has always been a pre-requisite in the time of war (remember the Land Girls). This could be the final solution to our problems. We would have no unemployed, apart from the severely disabled, because everybody could do something. Even if they can do nothing then they should be enforced to attend a centre for the totally useless!! Then they pick up rubbish!

In this time of National Emergency we can enforce employment for everyone but then why have the Political Class not gone down this route...and the answer is...???

We are at war. We therefore can mobilise every person like they did in 1939. If we do not mobilise everyone available then we are reneging on the lads and lasses who have lost their lives. They are fighting this war. It is not a joke. The problem is that only the good citizens of Wootten Basset seem to have understood the significance of the war in which our young guys/girls are being killed.

If this bloody war is so important then why are we all not being required to contribute? It is either important or we bring the guys and gals home. If it is important then we all get involved. That means all of us... all the shysters, the uninvolved, the rabid street rats and the illegal immigrants. Hell we have never had a better excuse to sort out the country! How many people who want to come here would want to come if their first act was to sign up to fight the Taliban?

It is time to give the takers a choice. This country is at war and you have a part to play!! Ha! No more camp at Calais then!!

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