Thursday, 5 November 2009

Lack of clear government...

Lord Ashdown has been touring the studios today talking a lot of common sense and laying our failures and deaths in Afghanistan squarely on the shoulders of Brown and his mess of a Cabinet. It is now quite clear that there is no real plan for the war in Afghanistan. The idiotic statement made by NoLab stalwart John Reid is now etched in history when he was of the opinion 'that we could be in and out without a shot being fired'.

That of course was the attitude of this government so the lads went in half cocked, half equipped, half supplied with no plan in effect. The lack of leadership is shameful and Brown must be ashamed of himself as he never goes near the funerals or the wounded. The only time he visits the soldiers he surrounds himself with minders and the officers have to respect his position.

I find the continuing ceremony in Wootton Bassett very emotional. The people who turn up every time a coffin arrives back in the country place a dagger into the heart of the treacherous NoLab cabinet. Heaven knows what emotion will be generated when the latest five arrive back.

I have continually blogged that the Afghans cannot be trusted and it pains me to be proven right week after week after week.

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