Saturday, 30 July 2011

What is Happening?

I have always known that my lack of techincal expertise was a handicap in this modern world and so it has become. When I construct these posts I have edited the font size but when it is published the font become so small. As yet I don't know what the problem is so please bear with me. I am hoping that someone will come up with a solution! It is probably really simple.

Derby County

Can it get any worse? During the week we lost to Burton Albion in the Bass Charity shield. That can be explained by the fact that the team was partially made up of rising 'stars'. Even so no Derby County team should ever be turned over by Burton Albion. To the Derby fans it is an insult.

The Derby chairman, an American called Tom Glick, said that those fans who had bought season tickets would get their money refunded if they were not happy with the summer purchases! Apparently something like 16000 committed Derby fans bought season tickets!

Today we fielded a team which must closely resemble our first team. We travelled south...not to London...or the south east...we went to ... you guessed it ...bloody Exeter City. Well obviously if the manager wanted an easy fixture to boost confidence then he would choose Exeter City. I don't even know the league that Exeter has descended to but will you not be surprised to learn that Derby lost 1-0.

At the same time 15 miles down the road Leicester were running Real Madrid to a 1-2 defeat. For the past so many years a mate and I have had a fun bet on which team will finish the highest in the league. I will not accept this bet this year because Derby will probably be relegated. It is almost certain. I really hope that I am wrong but ever since Nigel arrived at Pride Park it has been a disaster. Those 16000 fans should take up Tom Glick's offer... they SHOULD ask for a refund!

Foreign Aid

Just when you think that it cannot get any worse, just when you believe that you have seen and heard it all a story appears to cap every other corrupt activity related to this government.

It is bad enough that so much money is being directed at African despots without any monitoring programme but to pay an individual so much money for dereliction of duty is inexcusable. It is not surprising that the individual concerned had close links to Tony Blair. Every time I open a newspaper something rotten emerges which had its roots to 'Teflon' Tony.

David Cameron can no longer complain that the taxpayer has to understand why we are currently in a period of austerity. It is becoming clearer by the day that the austerity only concerns the general public. Gordon Brown took the country to the brink of bankruptcy and despite their protestations of innocence the Coalition are finishing the job. Two expensive wars, a European Union which pours money into a black hole and an Aid budget which allows African leaders to buy up Paris is sufficient evidence that there is something deeply threatening about the intentions of our mainstream politicians.

Add in our huge welfare bill which has its links to mass immigration, the continued reluctance of the government to award contracts to home based companies (Bombardier for example) and the lack of will to police the benefits system and you may begin to get the picture. Throw in the enormous salaries of the Town Hall fat cats and the quangos who are appointed by Common Purpose and sometimes it appears that the world has gone mad. But never mind we pay in so much in tax that it will take an enormous effort to completely ruin the country. They will manage it in the end but we may cling on for a few years yet.

They are lucky though because the English won't monitor their behaviour. 'We' still believe that the Tories are the 'toffs' that Labour represents the working class and that the Liberals are nice guys in sandals. 'We' still don't discuss religion or politics in the pub.  'We' even believe that the Queen is still head of state even though there are some who explain it otherwise!

I have always thought that what happens in the USA is a precursor to what will happen in the UK. From what I read they are about to go bust!! What will happen when the day comes that we are so in debt that the pensions that we have all earned cannot be paid! You will all listen then I'll bet.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Foreign Aid

Andrew Mitchell
I have repeatedly posted about how successive British governments, all who have sworn allegiance to the European Union, continue to squander taxpayer's money by handing vast sums to African despots and then failing to supervise how this money is being spent. I regret to inform you that yet another report has emerged on how this 'Aid' is being diverted into the pockets of African leaders.

Time after time I see International Development Minister, Andrew Mitchell, appear on TV reiterating that this aid is badly needed and we must continue to pour our money into Africa. I don't doubt that it is needed and we only have to look at the pathetic creatures in the Horn of Africa for proof. Women surrounded by hordes of kids that they can't even begin to feed!

My point is that we have contributed vast sums of money, which we could be using on our own elderly and children, and yet the situation on the ground never changes. None of them are educated on contraception, irrigation or modern farming methods so at the first sign of drought (and it is Africa) the only response is bring out the begging bowl. Surely it is not beyond our International Development officials to devise a system whereby any aid granted should be supervised and monitored and if they can't do that then stop it!

I cannot understand how Andrew Mitchell can tolerate an African despot, in this case Denis Sassou Nguesso leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who has diverted money into buying 16 of the more desirable properties in Paris! He is not the only one either because these African leaders appear intent on buying up Paris with our bloody money. Mitchell must be aware of this corruption and yet steadfastly ignores it. He gets even worse because whereas most government departments are having to adjust their budgets downwards good old Andy Mitchell will by 2014 get a 34% rise. He will then have a mere £11.4 billion to award to the African property developers.

Who decides these things? I am sorry but if you are going to ignore this size of obvious criminality then how much more are you ignoring. There is a rottenness at the heart of Westmonster which beggars belief! But then and I will never stop saying it if you support and unaudited organisation with public money (The EU) then you are already supporting corruption.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


What an utter mess our politicians have made of the Libyan crisis! I blogged months ago that we should have gone into save the lives of the rebel forces in Benghazi. They were heavily outgunned and they deserved some support but we then went over the top. We had to leave at the very moment that we had evened up the odds.

Western European powers cannot get involved in arab affairs. We don't understand them and they will shaft us at every opportunity given the chance. Our economy is in ruins courtesy of Gordon Brown and the bankers and yet, for whatever reason, David Cameron, William Hague and heaven knows who else decided that British aircraft would be committed to a useless bombing campaign which has gone on for months.

It has achieved nothing! It would never ever achieve anything because you cannot bomb people into submission unless you do what the American did to Japan in 1945. Do these people never read history? Remember what happened in the East End of London in 1941/42! They bombed the crap out of the East End and the people just hid in the underground.

Now whoopee after all this expenditure they have decided to kick out Ghaddafi's men from their embassy and deal with the rebel diplomats. Well fine... but why now? Why not way back when? This should have been the first step not the last step. Ghaddafi has won all along the line so far and it has cost us huge sums of money. I still believe that this whole pantomime is being conducted from on high by a fairy godfather who is manipulating our politicians.

Perhaps we would find the answers on the Rothschild yacht which Cameron, Osborne ande Mandelson seem unable to resist!

One year to go....

So on this day next year the London Olympics will begin. As usual the government publicity machine, the BBC, is playing it up wheeling out all their former athletes who are now  BBC presenters to crank up the excitement. Only one presenter however, dared to ask Lord Seb Coe the burning question...'did he feel that the public were disconnected from these games?'  As usual His Lordship gave the predictable response and politically pointed out the 'legacy' that the Games would leave.

Fifty per cent of the buildings would be converted to 'affordable accommodation' after the games. My question is what about the other 50%? Who will be making money from them? The ticket allocation still rumbles on. Clearly the British public were all but excluded from the glamour events by a cockeyed system that demanded payment but could not guarantee what you would be allowed to see. This was a good way to fill up the more mundane events but who wants to watch a football match between two obscure nations?

I hear that the parents of some of our sportspeople have not managed to get tickets for the very event that their sons/daughters are in. All these years of support and this is their reward. It could only happen in Broken Britain.  I have blogged before that I am an Olympic fanatic, I love it, but this ticket scandal has tarnished it for me. I want to see the Taxpayers given a fair deal but I reckon when those in the shadows are compelled to walk into the sunlight and take their seats we will see who managed to beat the system.  You can bet quite heavily that they will be senior police officers, NHS executives, quango members, politicians and Town Hall fat cats. The very people who always beat the system.

It would make an ideal crusade for an investigative journalist. The headline could read 'So who did get the Tickets?'

Derby County

I have, for a long time. refused to comment on the performance of my beloved team because frankly I have had nothing to be proud of. I live in an area where most of my friends are Leicester City season ticket holders. They are signing players for large sums and their pre season programme includes fixtures against teams like Valencia.

Derby County have signed a plethora of players on the cheap like they did last year. Many of them are free signings from clubs that were happy to get rid of them. Some of them have been priced at a few hundred thousand pounds when teams like Leicester are signing proven Premiership players. That is what we need and we have come up with only one fringe premiership player Jason Shackell (a million possibly) who immediately gets injured.

Nigel Clough is sending a plethora of teams to lower division and non league outfits and guess what they cannot win a game! We are being defeated at Matlock and Crewe (this evening), I am sorry but Derby County is a big club and we should have ambition! What the hell are we doing even playing these teams in pre season? How can any Derby County XI lose to Matlock Town?

None of our summer signings has raised a ripple of interest in the mainstream media. We have a couple of signings from Scotland a few free transfers and players who need a club like Nathan Tyson and Theo Robinson. So suddenly we have eight more players who then lose to Crewe and cannot beat Macclesfield or Morecombe. Nigel Clough has had people who should be in the first team squad playing at Eastwood Town for heaven' sake.

What is his first team? Does he know it? Are they training together? Who are the new signings who cannot beat division two teams? I am appalled at the pre season results. Things will have to get a whole lot better if we are to even stay in the championship.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Norwegian massacre!

I am really interested in the way that the mainstream media are spinning the actions of Anders Behring Breivik. Already he had a hatred of Muslims, he was a racist, a right wing extremist but nothing about the real purpose of the activity on Utoya Island.

What he did was unbelievable but as I said before why did he pick on Utoya Island? What is going on at Utoya Island that sparked his wrath? Why did the Daily Mail publish a photograph of the Norwegian Foreign Secretary visiting these young people the week before they were attacked? Hell if these young people were attending a normal camp for young people why did the Norwegian Foreign Secretary feel the need to embrace them?

Nothing can excuse the actions of Anders Breivik but we must question the political implications of the use of Utoya Island. What he did was hugely wrong but did he point a finger at an even greater wrongdoing? No, I agree the deaths of those kids cannot be excused. It does not matter how frustrated, how disenfranchised, how grieved he felt it took the actions of a madman to do what he did.

Of course madmen have changed history!

Why did he target Utoya Island?

Shows: Norway attacks suspect Anders Behring Breivik
Anders Behring Breivik

Brian Gerrish UK Column

The murder of so many beautiful young Norwegians by one deranged individual Anders Behring Breivik has horrified all of us. There is little doubt that the Norwegians are one of the most photogenic races in the world so the pictures of so many lovely young people will race round the world. One cannot ever condone what this person did but there are aspects of the act which puzzle me.

Why did he choose Utoya Island for his act of atrocity? What attracted him to this group of people? He apparently detonated a bomb close to the government HQ in Oslo and then immediately targetted Utoya Island. Now the mainstream media have reported that the camp, in an idyllic setting, was actually a youth camp run by the Norwegian Socialists.  Their PM Jens Stoltenberg actually succeeded Gordon Brown as the EU's climate change coordinator (Yeah right!).

I look at the situation that we have in this country. The destruction of education, so that even teachers (this was on TV last night) don't know who abdicated the throne in 1936 and have no idea where caviar comes from, demonstrates the dumbing down of everything valuable and the rise of everything puerile. People think it is clever to be ignorant but back to the point.  Common Purpose, the organisation which seems to appoint almost everyone to the top Public Service positions have a youth programme called 'Your Turn'.

In the past twenty years it would appear that thousands of young people have attended the 'Your Turn' programme. This programme seems to entitle many of them to leading positions in quangos and lucrative positions in public services.  To me, and I know nothing about it but others like Brian Gerrish do, it seems to promote indoctrination. Whenever secret organisations run courses for children it cannot be healthy.

Listen to Brian Gerrish, his talk took place in 2009 but ask yourselves has anything changed? What Anders Behring Breivik did was inexcusable. This violent act against innocent people entitles the mainstream media to brand him a right wing extremist. He is clearly mentally ill but in this dreadful way has he not highlighted a cancer in European society? If beautiful young children are being prepared for the future by socialist inspired propaganda then are we not back to Adolf Hitler?

Sit down, take a deep breath and listen to Brian Gerrish! Unlike Anders Behring Breivik he has no history of mental illness. He is an ex  Royal Navy officer and appears to be fighting a one man battle against the European Union.  He too will be branded a right wing extremist but his opinions cannot be refuted because everything he exposes has happened. It is all true! We are all too comfortable and too complacent so we choose to ignore it.

Friday, 22 July 2011

How much longer will this go on?

It is clear to almost everyone that the European Union is a wounded animal and it will only be a matter of time before someone has to put it down. The Eurocrats are pouring billions into trying to save Greece from a fate of their own creation. In the history of world finance I cannot ever remember witnessing so much spent on such a worthless cause.

I have often blogged that this financial mess has been engineered deliberately by the banking fraternity. I still suspect that somewhere in the higher echelons someone is gleefully rubbing their hands together watching so many economies of so many countries in dire need.

I recently read a report that the economy of the Unted States is also in trouble and if that is true then someone on high is really manipulating the books. I suspect that we only have to read our history books to discover who. There doesn't appear to be a politician in the western worold who can hold the bankers to account. Most of them should have been closed down when Gordon Brown allowed them to bail themselves out with public money.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Doesn't Bilderberger count then Mr Cameron?

George Osborne
George Osborne Chancellor
David Cameron gave an impressive performance in Westmonster today as he promised to root out the sleaze and insisted that openness would be a priority from now on. Fine because that is what the public want but then I read a letter in the Daily Mail today which rather casts a doubt on his integrity.

Apparently the annual Bilderberger meeting was held in St Moritz last month and the Chancellor attended along with Peter Mandelson. The Bilderberger meetings are ultra secretive and the 'guest list' usually contains media moguls, bankers and politicians. For very many years Ken Clarke was involved on a regular basis.

Clearly Mr Osborne was going to rub shoulders with the very people that David Cameron was talking about today! I just wonder if he declared this meeting in the new spirit of openness? I wonder because none of the participants in the past have spoken about the agenda.  So, as the Daily Mail letter (which was signed) suggests, will the Chancellor provide a full and detailed report of his meetings with media moguls at Bilderberger or doesn't that count?

I would also like to suggest that the PM and the Chancellor give full details of any past or future meetings with Nat Rothschild on his yacht because until these meetings are aired publically it is difficult to trust the politicians.

They were swatted away like flies!

Once again our MPs let us down. I watched much of the Murdoch inquiry yesterday and I wasn't disappointed because I expected nothing and that is what we got. The questions were swatted away like flies from two people who in my opinion had been superbly primed.

One comment from Rupert Murdoch was never pursued because he said that he had been let down by people who he had trusted. Well the first person who had let him down had to be his son James. James Murdoch was the local commander of the family firm because his dad was claiming to be above the routine decision making process.

So given that James had not let him down then who was the next person in the management chain? Well surely that has to be Rebekah Brooks? I missed most of her interview because of bowling commitments but early on she began in very much the same vein.  She knew nothing! She was the captain on the bridge but knew nothing of the pay offs, the phone hacking, the blagging and actually any of the scullduggery associated with former members of the News of the World staff.

The questions continued in a rather benign manner. Everyone was very polite and gosh wasn't it
awfully nice? The Murdochs manipulated and manoevered that committee to such an extent that it was embarrassing. These people are so smooth and prepared that everyone else appears amateurish. They ruled that room from the minute that they sat down.

The bottom line is that IF Rupert Murdoch believes that he was let down by people he trusted then that question should have been pursued so that by the time Rebekah Brooks sat down her backside should have been scalded by the hot seat bequeathed to her.  It was such a waste of time!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

North Leicestershire ITEC

I am deviating from my usual themes because a remarkable event is currently happened in my life and I must refer to it. For ten years, after I left the army, I was involved in an organisation called North Leicestershire Information Technology Centre. It was in effect a youth training scheme run by Leicestershire County Council.

I was actually referred to this local ITEC by the Job Centre because of my instructional experience in the army and it was the luckiest day of my life. The manager at that time was looking for a stooge because he had no interest in the trainees and only wanted to use the centre for his commercial ambitions.

Consequently he delegated the recruitment of trainees to this scheme to the one person who wanted the job.  Me! Now I had the power to recruit the people who would enhance the scheme and benefit from the community that I wanted to develop. So I encouraged, pushed and plotted to design a scheme which would enhance the development of young people who were not getting the support from mainstream education.

You must remember that in the early nineteen eighties/nineties the schools did not have  computers. We had 90 networked computers which the lads and lasses could experiment on. Every year I recruited people who for whatever reason had not impressed mainstream education. Generally they were guys and gals who needed some encouragement and advice.

They came in their droves! In the interview season I was faced by wonderful, eager, young people who wanted a chance... I was also faced with insecure youngsters who needed additional support. In those days in our ITEC they were not singled out. They were part of the community.

I will cut to the chase. I left these people in 1997 by which time I was by default the Manager of the scheme.  In 2011 an ex trainee (Kev) decided to form a Facebrook group of ex ITEC trainees. I never thought that the environment that I created would survive all these years. Today I am receiving messages from so many successful young people that I can hardly believe it! Not just successful young people but happy, well adjusted young people; people who contribute to society. I am so proud of the ITEC legacy.

The fact that so many ex trainees want to relive their teen years is testimony to my policy and to the efforts of people like Paula, Becky, Colin and .....Dipak! Your memories live on people.

I will now pass away really happy that so many people feel connected to the training model I designed. Am I out of order to suggest that the ITEC model should be brought into schools and colleges?  I know it is the right model and that is why the educationalists and the politicians will reject it. None of my boys and gals went to university we just cared for them... and I really cared for them!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Will this reach the PM?

I never thought that I would be posting this but I am beginning to believe that the current police/media scandal could bring down the PM.

There is little doubt that like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown before him he does have strong links to the Murdoch Empire and Rebekah Brooks in particular. His appointment of Andy Coulson (apparently at the behest of Mrs Brooks) was an awful mistake which will now come back to haunt him.

Also niggling at the back of my mind is his visit to the yacht of Nat Rothschild. I know that he may have been acquainted with Nat Rothschild in his early university years but as PM or even a leader of a political party, that is a link which should remain distant.

There is an old saying that 'there is no honour amongst thieves'. If the Murdochs father and son are about to lose their stranglehold on 'The Political Class' I would bet that they could dosh an awful lot of dirt. If they decided on oath to tell the truth I think that there will be a lot of backsides squeaking.

If Rebekah Brooks is facing criminal charges she could probably bring a lot of people down with her. She told her colleagues at the New of the World that in a year they would realise why the paper had to close! A Year!? Is this the year that the whole pack of cards comes tumbling down? Is this the year that all the sleaze which has surrounded the Political Class ever since the inception of the European Union bubbles to the surface?

Ah well tomorrow is another day but if we can lose Sir Paul Stephenson and Yates of the Yard in two days what price a Prime Minister?

How many more...?

They are tumbling like dominoes! I posted on the day that John Yates appeared before the Home Office Select Committee that his performance was so abject that he would be lucky to survive.

I concede that his resignation does not bear comparison to Sir Paul Stephenson because as yet there is no evidence in the public domain that he accepted hospitality from the Murdoch Empire. He did however, fail to examine 11,000 pieces of phone hacking evidence which needs explaining.

Just for fun I am currently examining this list of Common Purpose graduates to find out how many members of the police are included and how far up the ladder they have risen since joining the ranks of the those sponsored by Common Purpose. Sky News has just announced that Cressida Dick will be replacing John Yates. I am not surprised at that. 

I emphasise that this corrosion of police officers will continue until someone examines how some of these people leap up the ladder faster than their counterparts who didn't acquire a Common Purpose 'matrix'.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Well it is a start!

Sir Paul Stephenson

I am staggered! After the performances of the Assistant Commissioners in front of the Home Office Select Committee last week I began to think that the Met Police hierarchy were so poor that I wondered how they had been selected.

Then of course it has since transpired that they all seem to have accepted hospitality from News International!

This is beyond belief but I wonder about the culture in the Met. How did they think that they could do their job when they were actually in hock to a media mogul? My angle is who appointed them? Where did they come from? Apparently Andy Hayman for example arrived in London from the backwoods of Norfolk. How did he do it? Who was pitching for him and (on his performance before the Select Committee) why?

When the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has to resign then it is obvious that he has issues. It is a humiliation, a degradation because if he is corrupt what does it say about his force? Who else has been corrupted? Who else cannot be trusted? I ask a further question is Sue Akers an honest copper? There is no reason to doubt her but if she has come off the same production line that gave us Stephenson, Yates, Hayman et al then what happens when we discover that she too has close links to a media mogul?

Sorry but the whole lot must be swept away and the next generation should have a different criteria applied to them. Of course it won't happen and the system will continue to generate the graspers, the vain, the degenerate and the corruptible. This is the outcome of allowing Common Purpose to select the top policemen for its own ends.

Let's start at the very beginning.....

The Sunday press is so full of sleaze, accusations of corruption and exposures of top police brass that it feels as if the world is collapsing! I began this blog in 2008 because I was sick of not having a voice. A blind man could see that our politicians, our top police and our our mainstream media had agendas which were less than honest.

I have been posting all this time about the corruption in our society. One can view any of my posts going back the whole three years and can verify that I began with the secretive organisation Common Purpose and its links to the European Union. In my opinion everything corrosive stems from that link and yet to this day journalists will not tackle that subject. Common Purpose appears to have such a grip on our political society that nobody mentions it. I would bet a pound to a pinch of salt that all the top police brass who have so recently been exposed as being too close to the Murdoch Empire have been appointed through Common Purpose.

Until the media tackle this thorn in our society then nothing will change but then of course if they do then their careers will finish. I would suggest that almost every important public position is in the hands of a Common Purpose recruit. This includes the schools, the hospitals, every quango and every local authority. According to Common Purpose Exposed the Police Chief in charge of ACPO, Sir Hugh Orde, is a Common Purpose recruit and so is, Cressida Dick, the person in charge of the bunch that killed Jean Charles de Menezes.

I ask you, just 'Google' 'Common Purpose' and say to yourselves, if this organisation is so important to government then why does nobody write about it in the mainstream media? If our politicians really want to tackle corruption they should start at the very beginning and I for one won't believe they are serious until they do.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Who can we trust?

Nicky Morgan
Nicky Morgan MP

Tonight at my local club a rare event occurred. People began to discuss politics and in particular the News International crisis. Many of them know that I write a blog and they also know that I comment on controversial subjects. Some of them actually read my scribblings but in general they prefer to adhere to the old adage that one never discusses politics or religion in the pub.

Of course this is actually what the Political Class would prefer...they would far rather that we dumbed down our opinions because they can then just get on with their shenanigans. One aspect however did prevail and that was the general mistrust of our politicians.

Politicians today are held in contempt and the name of our local politician, Nicky Morgan, cropped up and local people are aware of how little she represents the constituency! She is first in line when it comes to David Cameron loyalists and she recently was one of 257 politicains who voted for an increase to our EU subscriptions. I ask you who would want to increase public subscriptions to an unaudited, unelected organisation unless their thinking was askew?

Nicky Morgan appears to be just a political animal hell bent on ensuring her future by sucking on the teet of Westmonster. The people of Loughborough are beginning to realise that their hatred of NoLab and Gordon Brown which reflected badly on Andy Reed, was possibly not a great move. But then who can we trust? When all our mainstream politicians, our mainstream media, even our policemen are suspected of elements of corruption then who can we trust?

I keep reiterating that you cannot trust any politician who supports the European Union! The EU is a cancer at the heart of our society ( a bit like climate change) and until we rid ourselves of this catastrophic blight on our country we will never again be a democratic/respected/honest civilisation.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

David Cameron

I have recently been a critic of David Cameron so I was very watchful about his handling of the current News International crisis. To be fair he has done exactly what he should have done so I must give him credit.

He has fronted up! He has admitted his failings over the appointment of Andy Coulson and tried to rectify them. He has appointed a judge led enquiry to investigate the hacking we are on the right lines.

I still have questions. In the pre-Blair days Civil Servants used to advise the PM. We all remember the hilarious 'Yes Prime Minister' series which highlighted the battle between the amateur politicians and the professional Civil Servants.

Tony Blair (as ever) broke the mould when he politicised the Civil Service and appointed Special Advisors (SPADS) to replace the experienced (and neutral) Civil Servants. Nobody has ever reversed this trend. None of our mainstream politicians has ever corrected this misadventure.

So David Cameron appointed Andy Coulson and Ed Miliband appointed Tom Baldwin both of whom are tabloid journalists. These party leaders shout at each other over the Despatch Box but they are both culpable. They employ these journalists on enormous salaries because they are familiar with the sewer. They swim with the sharks. Until we abolish the Blair culture of the SPAD  (Alistair Campbell) and revert to the professional Civil Servant (if we can find one today) then none of these politicians can ever claim to be clean. After all they support the EU which is still the worst example of corruption in our entire history!

Gordon Brown

View Image
The cross party agreement on the enquiry into News International is currently, with the connivance of the Speaker, being ruined by Gordon Brown who has now been on his feet trying to excuse his past behaviour for over thirty minutes.

This disgraceful individual, who has neglected the House of Commons for months now is taking this opportunity to monopolise the debate not yielding to anyone. His monstous ego is fully on show even though he has been discredited so often.

Everyone knows that he was in the pocket of News International to such an extent that he hosted parties at Chequers for both Rebekah Brooks and Elizabeth Freud (nee Murdoch). He is adopting a high moral tone completely forgetting the close relationship that both he and Tony Blair had with Rupert Murdoch. I believe this relationship only floundered when Murdoch realised how utterly useless he was!

He completely failed during his time as PM to tackle the phone hacking scandal and is now trying to excuse his failure. He failed in that in the same way that he failed in everything else not least by ensuring that he wrecked the economy before he left office. This is my one hundredth post on Gordon Brown and I hope that I never have to mention his name again!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Keystone Cops!

Andy Hayman
Andy Hayman

I am afraid I have been left incredulous by the behaviour of the former Assistant Commissioners of the Met during their appearances before the Home Office Select Committee. Their attitude and moral standards at times beggars belief!

Their apologies rang very hollow and in the case of Andy Hayman he seemed  very flip with his answers. He seemed to think there was nothing wrong to accept hospitality from the very company that he was investigating and from which he later accepted employment .

How can he possibly imagine that people would regard this behaviour as acceptable? At times laughter rang round the room as he protested his innocence. Sky News has done a great job exposing the Keystone Cops who frankly have lost all credibility. I got the impression that these top police brass went out of their way to sweep the hacking scandal under their plush carpets. They seemed frightened to confront News International and one wonders why?

I think that in a quirky way Rebekah Brooks and her dodgy cohorts may have done us all a favour. They have exposed what happens when the wrong people are pushed to the top of the heap by organisations like Common Purpose. I will know that the government have grasped the problem when they investigate the power of Common Purpose. This is the real problem and the rest is frankly window dressing.

I don't believe it!!!

Assistant Commissioner John Yates warned that elected officials would be tempted to siphon off resources from the fight against terrorism

I have just watched Yates of the Yard embarrass himself live on SKY news. He was exposed as at best a lazy policeman and at worst incompetent. In 2006 he took one day to decide that the Guardian did not have any new evidence in the phone hacking scandal which justified further investigation.

This despite the fact that somewhere in the police vaults lay bags which contained 11,000 pieces of evidence taken from the phone hacker's house. He had a staff of 4000 people and yet still did not think that someone should trawl through the evidence to see who had been hacked!

The impression left for me is that he has somehing to hide. There has to be a reason that those bags were left alone.  I do not believe he has risen to the ranks of Assistant Commissioner without a better track record than the one he displayed before the House of Commons Select Committee today. No wonder Chairman Keith Vaz (yes that Keith Vaz) warned him that he would likely be recalled.

There does appear to be a link between Yates and News International. Nobody can yet speculate how close the link was although the mainstream media are poking about in the mire. The current person being grilled is former Met Asst Commissioner Peter Clarke and he sounds just as incompetent as Yates. Nobody can explain why those 11,000 pieces of evidence were overlooked. It stinks!!

Who is going to jail then?

Milly Dowler: Rebekah Brooks won't resign over News of the World phone hacking claims
As the storm clouds continue to gather around the senior executives of News  International I think it is fair to ask which of them stands a good chance of going to jail? Now that the royals are involved and the privacy of Gordon Brown has been breached the police may have to act however reluctantly.

It is clear that officers of the Metropolitan Police have been involved and for that alone prison sentences should be demanded. Their officers  also appear to have been covering up corrupt behaviour which I find criminal. There is little doubt that some of their senior officers have not been acting in the best interests of the public.

Somebody, somewhere has now decided to leak these indiscretions to the public. Who is doing it? Is it the Guardian? How long do we have to wait before the full extent of this media carnage is known? If News International has been routinely hacking the phones of well anyone with the assistance of officers from the Met the potential for blackmail is enormous!

I have long blogged that endemic corruption was at the heart of our political society but it now seems as if it is much worse than even  I could ever have imagined. Can we trust any of them to tackle it properly or will they find a way to weasle around it? Will we find a judge who doesn't have something to hide? To be honest we may even have to face a General Election where we will once again have the prospect of voting for politicians who will offer false manifestos and carry on regardless of the result.

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Metropolitan Police- who is in charge?

I have been bowling throughout the afternoon and I am just now catching up with the news but the whole story is horrendous. A royal protection officer paid by the News of the World for information about the family he was protecting? How much lower can this story get? How much lower can the Metropolitan Police sink? If this is true how can Sir Paul Stephenson remain in his position as Met Commissioner?

For the whole time that I have been writing this blog I have constantly ranted on about the conduct of the police and the Political Class. I have particularly concentrated on the police because they have been corrupted beyond belief. Time after time I have highlighted how they have fouled up and then apologised believing that this would be sufficient to placate those who had been wronged. It was happening everywhere and all the time.

The worst examples always came from the Met where wrong practice seemed to be routine. The Territorial Support Group were always the most violent and vicious and gave the impression of being hired thugs. However the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes really exposed the incompetence of some of the senior officers. Clearly the whole operation that day under the control of Cressida Dick was a shambles. She is a Common Purpose recruit and was later promoted!

David Cameron is seriously on the defensive. Red Ed has been given a heaven sent opportunity to wound the government fatally. If David Cameron is to safeguard his position then he must sack Sir Paul Stephenson, he must sack Yates of the Yard and announce a root and branch reform of the Metropolitan police. Nothing else will suffice. The problem is, if his banking and media masters prevent him from saving his skin then we will eventually end up with an election. However this time even the stupid British might realise how they are being stitched up!

What an absolute shambolic mess courtesy of the corrupt Political Class who have betrayed the British public for their own gain. It is high time that treason came back onto the statute book! The corruption emanating from the Political Class, the Bonus Class and the Police has been evident for some time but it has been proven by the conduct of News Internatiional with the connivance of the aforementioned. The question is what do we do about it? They are all guilty! Some have been caught out in the open but they are all at it. It has become a culture without shame and without boundaries. Unless we the public do something positive it will only get worse because until we sweep them away they will continue to spit on us.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Manna from Heaven for Red Ed!

Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip and MEP for South-east England

Ever since Ed Miliband beat his brother to the leadership of the tragic NoLab party he has died a death. He is routinely humiliated by David Cameron at PM's Question Time because it is akin to the Luxemburg tennis players trying to beat Andy Murray in the Davis Cup!

Suddenly he has been given an unprecedented opportunity to traduce the PM who at the moment is wide open to a left hook. David Cameron has so many questions about his friendships with the Murdoch Empire that even Tony Blair is apparently intervening on his behalf. Well that is the clincher...when Teflon Tony is on your side then you are on the skids! Please remember David = Conservative and Tony = Labour so are you now getting the picture. David loves News International and Tony loves News International so Tony and David must be in love!

Perhaps that is why David got his side of the House of Commons to give Tony a standing ovation when Gordon eventually kicked him into touch. They represent opposite sides of the political spectrum but actually they are mates!! How does that work!

The Political Class have somehow contrived to neuter our electoral process so that they are both the same and both support News International and the European Union. Wow! It makes you proud to be British. Can you remember how, when he was campaigning, David Cameron spoke about capping local government salaries, the bonfire of quangos and the British Bill of Rights? Yeah right!

If Ed Miliband cannot get this right then he may as well forget any bid for PM. The problem is that 'Red Ed' does not have the clout to challenge the Murdoch Empire. He is a weak leader and almost everyone knows it and at any rate he is a puppet of the Unions.

So that brings me back to the crucial issue. Who is backing Britain? We have the Murdoch empire which at every level appears to be on the side of the European Union and we have the Trade Unions who also are backing anything which supports the European Union! So where does that leave you and me?

You guessed it! Perhaps we should try Nigel Farage who does not appear to have any links to News International or the Trade Unions. ARE YOU LISTENING! We have ONE active politician who stands up and shouts for Britain and has NO LINKS TO NEWS INTERNATIONAL OR THE TRADE UNIONS!!! He bats for Britain... !! Food for thought!

Iain RIP

Today is the first anniversary of the death of my son Iain who was killed on the A1 whilst driving his HGV home to Edinburgh in the early hours of the morning. We will never forget the shock of this unexpected accident and the dreaded knock on the door as the police came to inform us.

We are a small compact family so to lose someone who was such a larger than life character was tragic. However out of his death we met many of his friends from his HGV days and his university friends as he had just completed his law degree.

Today I received Facebook messages and I was genuinely surprised at how many people remembered him. His housemate and best friend Dan even took flowers and laid them at the accident spot. They will never know what a comfort these little acts of kindness have made to the family.

David Cameron and his friends!

When a scandal as big as 'Hackinggate' hits the fan many people are drawn into the spotlight from the sidelines. Some of these people probably thought that they were in positions of strength and suddenly discover that their lives are being exposed to a wider audience. I have often posted of a New World Order which includes certain prominent families who run the banking, energy and media worlds.

Clearly the Rothschilds are the most prominent of these families but the Murdoch group must now be closely associated along with the Astors, Rockefellas etc, etc. I was always dubious about Tony Blair's association with Rupert Murdoch because I do not consider that Mr Murdoch is a force for good. I would rather that my politicians were independently minded and not in thrall of any banker or media mogul.

There is little doubt that
the European Union was established by very powerful people because so many international politicians fell into line and opposition was minimal. Only an enormously powerful influence could have got away with it. So I am afraid that anyone who supports the EU I regard as suspect.

I have always regarded David Cameron as a politician who could guide this country away from the lousy days when Gordon Brown was blundering around Downing Street and so to some extent I welcomed him as PM. However since the
hacking scandal broke the mainstream media are linking him closer and closer to the Murdoch empire so that his judgement seems to be impaired.
It now appears that his social circle in Oxfordshire is immersed with the Murdoch empire to such an extent that he cannot avoid accusations that he is flawed. According to the press he shares the same friends as Tony Blair. His Christmas dinner with Charlie and Rebecca Brooks, his links to near neighbour Matthew Freud (married to Elizabeth daughter of Rupert Murdoch), a PR guru closely linked with the News of the World and the employment of Andy Coulson are at best remarkably naive for a person of Cameron's background and experience.

Reports also place him on board Nat Rothschild's yacht at one time with George Osborne and that does concern me. I realise that he is an Old Etonian and that it is highly likely that he has known some of these people socially for years but he is now the PM and should be serving the people. Mixing with these notorious bankers and media moguls is very poor judgement for a serving British PM.
Finally the Mail on Sunday detailed the political guests who attended the 40th birthday party of Elizabeth Freud (nee Murdoch). Named were David Cameron, George Osborne, Tony Blair,  Peter Mandelson, David Miliband and Tessa Jowell which makes you wonder if our vote counts at all.  I pose the question are not these leading politicians are far too close to the powerbrokers for comfort.?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Even 'Yates of the Yard' has to apologise!

Assistant Commissioner John Yates warned that elected officials would be tempted to siphon off resources from the fight against terrorism

At last proof is emerging that 'Yates of the Yard' was actually a Common Purpose stooge promoted to ensure that the 'Political Class' were protected from the law. Remember Tony Blair appointed this guy to oversee the  cash for peerages scandal and of course nobody was found guilty. That alerted me that 'Yates of the Yard' appeared to be a 'wrong 'un'!

Then he was appointed to investigate the hacking enquiry which any interested parties knew was a 'whitewash' appointment. Today he has, as the police always do when caught out, apologised for his inept handling of the original hacking enquiry.

How many more will be outed as incompetent before the government orders a total clearout of Common Purpose recruits. Day after day these Common Purpose recruited individuals are outed as incompetents who believe that an apology for ineptitude will suffice! Well it won't...they should be charged with negligence. Yates of the Yard clearly failed in his duty...there is no excuse for complying with political orders. Policemen should police not politicise.

I hope in future that Yates faces what he deserves... a bloody jury!

Anonymous? How secure is the Internet?

This is the video currently doing the rounds and I find myself duty bound to air it on my blog. Whatever else it has been put together by someone who cares about democracy and it informs and entertains. You will not be surprised that I found it on Captain Ranty's blog. The good Captain continues to advocate Lawful Rebellion. I just wish I could find a shred of interest in many of my friends who frankly could not care less as long as their pensions keep rolling in.

The fact that their grandchildren will never be able to quaff ale and play bowls in the afternoon never seems to cross their minds. We have become such a complacent and apathetic generation that in years to come we will become the hated generation! These 'anonymous' hackers at least are causing problems for 'The Political' and 'Banking' classes. It also emphasises how fragile online banking is. I do wonder how secure trhe Internet actually is?

If the 'Anonymous' hackers can penetrate international government websites. If Gary McKinnon can penetrate American government websites then how secure is the Internet? It is a subject that the authorities/banks seem reluctant to discuss. You see if the Internet becomes insecure just think how many jobs are created for the literate and numerate. Suddenly education would become important again! Is it time for a rethink? Are we being conned?

I believe that there is sufficient doubt to instigate a government enquiry but then we have so many people surviving on salaries gained from government enquiries that why do we need another? I am just concerned that all our lives are dependent on electricity and the Internet. Our children depend entirely on the Internet. It has become the modern monster and is obviously the prime target for anyone wanting to disrupt the world.

Food for thought!

Endemic Corruption!

The 'Hacking gate' scandal is dominating the news. We have already forgotten about Libya and Syria and only the persistence of the BBC is keeping the famine in East Africa in the news. I just wonder if this is going to wake the British public up to the endemic corruption which pervades the country.  I have already posted many times that any politician that supports the European Union must have something to hide.

Any organisation that exists courtesy of public taxes must be open to audit. If they cannot submit accounts to audit following public expenditure then they immediately become illegal/criminal.  It is surely that simple! In no other walk of life would this be permitted but our politicians continue to shovel billions of taxpayer's money into the ever gaping black hole.

Now from what I hear and read out of this black hole emerged the secretive organisation 'Common Purpose' which controls the appointments of so many of our more important public officials. Since the inception of Common Purpose the salaries of public officials have gone through the roof and the quango culture has flourished and prospered. It is of course a recipe for corruption and in my opinion our public services have been utterly runied since the early 1990's. What I have never fathomed out is how was it allowed to happen?

Surely we had honest officials/politicians/journalists somewhere who could see what was happening?
Who shut them all up? You see this is the dilemma, if the EU is corrupt then why do almost all of our leading politicians and our three leading Westmonster parties support it? The same applies to our public officials appointed by Common Purpose  It means that they too are suspect so whenever a scandal emerges in the media I am never surprised to learn about it.

In the middle of all this mire lurks Rupert Murdoch and his organisation News International. This corporation has involved itself in British Politics ever since Tony Blair arrived on the scene. I have often read that Tony Blair was far too close to Rupert Murdock and of course I am not surprised. If anything stank 'Teflon Tony' was discovered not too far away.

So now we have 'Hackinggate' and I would love to be a fly on the wall at Wapping today. I just wonder how many computers are being smuggled out of the back door? The problem is that there is no honour among thieves. If someone goes down then usually he/she doesn't go alone. There must be senior editors who are very angry and .who have knowledge of as yet unpublished secrets. I wonder how many books are being secretly planned?

I await the next revelation with a spring in my step!

Friday, 8 July 2011

What do they know?

Rebekah Brooks tells the NOTW staff that within a year they will know why they have lost their jobs and why the paper has been closed down. Andy Coulson tells reporters that he would like to speak but can't! Rupert Murdoch is flying in to the UK to take charge of operations. What is going on!?

Let me speculate! If this phone hacking operation has been ongoing for years as has been assumed then just how much material has been gathered and who has been targetted?  One must only assume that the government and more importantly royalty has been under observation. I believe that the Murdoch empire (the NOTW) has information which could if published bring down almost anyone.

For example could they destroy the European Union (unlikely because they profit from it)?  Could they destroy British democracy (already done!)?  So is the target the Royal Family? Do they know what happened to Princess Diana? Are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge under observation?

They know something which is so huge that it will transform our thinking and our lives. This is really our Watergate moment and one day it will emerge and it should. I suspect that the lives (balls) of so many of our leading figures are firmly in the hands of Rupert Murdoch and they know it! The Cameron/Coulson/Brooks relationship is far too close for the PM's comfort. Even Red Ed can sniff that one but will he dare to investigate further? He may discover that they have evidence that he shafted his brother!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

A REAL challenge for David Cameron!


It is quite clear that Ed Miliband will never seriously challenge David Cameron but today the News International scandal will seriously challenge the PMs leadership skills. He is linked to News International through his friendship with Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson.

Our Political Class have been exposed by the conduct of the Murdoch press. They are now under pressure but it is their handling of this scandal which will come under the spotlight. We all know that they are inherently corrupt but now they must demonstrate that they have a moral spine.

How on earth will the EU backed Political Class convince the public that they can discover a moral compass? Their leader and funder, Rupert Murdoch, has been outed. The leading politicians, particularly the NoLab crowd, are now leaderless (well they do have Ed Miliband). They attend his parties and bow their heads to his feet. Unfortunately even Rupert Murdoch could not tolerate Gordon Brown and so they lost his support. Well a Skegness donkey would have realised that Gordon Brown was toxic.

So now we have the unsightly position that the Political Class are actually being led by the nose by the media moguls. The media moguls are linked to the bankers (Rothschilds) so is it not right to assume that every one of our senior politicians are actually in hoc to power. So now we come back to the EU and the Bilderberger group.

It leads me to ask is every leading politician in league with the EU and Bilderberger? Can they not exist without this support? Have they not been elected because they are in thrall to this power group? Is there not one independent MP in Westmonster? Finally who can we trust? Can we find an independent judge? Can we find a politician who is not corrupt? Can we find a police officer who is sufficently qualified but not in the pocket of the media? Are they all bent?

What a state our country is in! The question is what do we do about it? If the police, the media, our politicians, the judiciary and the bankers are actually wrong uns have we not now lost the battle. Should we now just accept the corruption engineered by Common Purpose as standard. Is there anyone in this country who has a moral compass?

News International - what next?

A sign for the News of the World at News International in Wapping (Pic: PA)

So that is the end of the News of the World but somehow I don't buy that Rupert Murdoch caves in that quickly. He spent years creating a savage media culture where his brand became the market leader. He did it by creating a ruthless approach to journalism where the story became the goal and human feelings counted for nothing. This culture eventually led to his staff hacking into the private phones of dead children and soldiers.

Now, excuse me, but I do not believe for one moment that this man is going to flinch when the going gets tough. He has quickly made a decision to close down the paper probably realising that he had lost the corporate advertising finances. That was the decision of a person not scared to face the future. He is in a tight hole so he changes the ball game. It is tactically brilliant but his cause is so flawed and he is involved in so much that in my opinion is morally wrong that I suspect his motives.

Someone today on SKY news stated very briefly that the name 'The Sun on Sunday' had already been registered and I sat up and took notice. It is simple; close down the NOTW and introduce 'The Sun on Sunday'! Bingo still in business... and now able to pursue corporate advertising finance again!

Now I am just one old guy with a keyboard and I am no clairvoyant but the only advantage of old age is that you begin to understand people. After all I have met a lot of bastards in my time and now I alert myself to people who cannot be trusted. Money attracts money so corporate finance will not want to desert Rupert Murdoch. If they get an excuse to reinvest in his media outlet then you watch them go!

So are we back to square one? What will happen to Rebekah Brooks? Will all the NOTW journalists (people like Carole Malone) now join 'The Sun on Sunday'? Heh I don't yet know if 'The Sun on Sunday' is on the cards but I just suspect that Rupert Murdoch will soon be back in business.

The question is... are we ready to embrace the journalistic style of the Murdoch press once again now that it has been so cruelly exposed? It is the culture which has to change. The British public are inherently tolerant but most of us are really disgusted with the conduct of the police and the News International journalists. What they did was so low, so despicable that there can be no room in British culture for journalists with no  moral compass.

I think that News International will gamble but whether it pays off will depend on the anger of the British people. Oh dear we do seem to have very short memories! What I do not want to be swept under the carpet is the conduct of the police. They MUST root out every single copper who sold information for profit and jail them. Somehow I don't think it will happen because that particular branch of our society is more corrupt than the criminals that they are paid to catch.

The smell from the sewer is getting close to Downing Street!

Milly Dowler: Rebekah Brooks won't resign over News of the World phone hacking claims

Things are moving at such a pace in the hacking scandal that it is difficult to keep up! What is interesting is that suddenly people do not seem to be so scared of Rupert Murdoch. He has always been dubbed the 'maker' of the next PM largely through the editorial support of his newspaper 'The Sun'. It was alleged that Tony Blair would not make a decision until he ran it past Mr Murdoch.

Having said that the former editor of the News of the World and current News International Chief Executive, Rebekah Brooks, has presided over a sewer. The methods of NOTW reporters, the scope of their targets and the populist articles targetting minor celebrities often could not sink lower. They dealt in trash and they were well rewarded because it sells.

How does this involve David Cameron? Well the distinguished political journalist Peter Oborne (always worth a read) was on the Daily Politics today and revealed that the PM had Christmas dinner with Rebekah Brooks! Their families are apparently quite close. He also hired Andy Coulson as a Downing Street aid fully knowing that Coulson had allegedly been involved in the NOTW phone hacking scandal. He has since resigned from that post.

I cannot understand how an astute, hardened, politician like Cameron could not see the danger in these liaisons. It could just be however, that he required the backing of Murdoch and these two 'babes' would guarantee a good review. It also makes decisions on potentially the most damaging acts of betrayal of the British public difficult for him. He is backed into a corner. On either side of him are Murdoch and Brooks and in front of him Ed Miliband!

Speaking of Ed Miliband his performance on SKY news was priceless. He is such a naked opportunist and such a bad actor. I don't think he understands the meaning of 'sincerity' because he just reeks politics and could hardly contain his glee that this damaging act of treachery had occurred on Cameron's watch!

So what now? I suspect that the PM will have to bow to pressure and instruct a judge led enquiry (will he find an impartial judge?). The police will have to be investigated but the public are the final jury. Could the public and the corporate sponsors put the NOTW out of business? I always hope for fair play but I suspect in six months time David Cameron will still be PM, Rebekah Brooks will still be CEO News International, millions will still buy the NOTW and no police will have been charged.

We might have a couple of minor journalists serving jail sentences but that will probably be the lot. A lot of newsprint but no justice. I do hope that I am wrong.

The myths about Foreign Aid

I have spoken often about the scandal of Foreign Aid because I passionately believe that charity begins at home and until we take care of our own vulnerable we should not be worrying about kids in East Africa. We have to be realistic when handing out taxpayer's money to unaudited organisations (I obviously include the EU in this).

Today in the Daily Mail columnist Ian Birrell agrees and includes ten myths of Foreign Aid many of which I have already highlighted in previous posts. It is always nice to be backed up by writers of far greater prominence with far better resources.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The News of the World and the Police...

Milly Dowler: Rebekah Brooks won't resign over News of the World phone hacking claims
Rebekah Brooks Editor of the News of the World

The mounting scandal related to the hacking of the phones of private individuals is threatening many people who thought that they were bombproof.

To be honest the NOTW reporters have longed been known to be unscrupulous when it comes to their stories. They have a reputation probably second to none for their ability to descend into the gutter so frankly I am not surprised that they would pay for the phone numbers of private individuals.

Having said that the editor in charge of the NOTW, Rebekah Brooks, if she has any sense of shame (Ha!) should find her position untenable. For some reason however, she is trusted by Rupert Murdoch and apparently often rubs shoulders with the Camerons. At that level, as we know, it is all wheels within wheels.

The real cancer in this scandal is without doubt, once again, the conduct of the police.
Someone somewhere has been making money from the sale of telephone numbers given to the police in confidence.  It is the ultimate betrayal of the public! If we cannot trust the police to protect our security then where do we go from here? It would appear that they cannot be trusted and so what is the point of them? They are not fullfilling their purpose so unless the guilty are rooted out and punished they will have lost any  remaining credibilty.

By that I don't just mean those who actually made money from this disgraceful act but I also mean their bosses and anybody who had links to the release of this information. I personally think that everything will eventually be swept under the carpet because if subsequent enquiries are really effective then the building blocks of the endemic corruption which exists within the Political Class and the Police would be swept away. So many people would be exposed, because there is no honour amongst thieves, that they will not dare to dig too deeply.

Remember Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, who recently resigned as the media head of Downing Street and was heavily involved in the hacking scandal, have the ear of the PM.  I have therefore long since lost the confidence in anyone to hold a public enquiry which would really seek to discover the truth and punish the guilty. It never happens because we will not be able to find a person who is sufficiently qualified but not in someone's pocket. It highlights the state of the nation and won't change until we change it.

The BBC and Foreign Aid

Andrew Mitchell
Chief Fritterer of Taxpayer's Money
Andrew Mitchell 'International Development Secretary'

This morning a regular event happened on the BBC. Their presenters brought on Andrew Mitchell the so called International Development Secretary to explain and defend how he squanders so much of our money that we don't have sufficient to care for our elderly.

This morning they employed the well known tactic of the pretty teenager who speaks English and 'wants to be a doctor' (accompanied by soft music) so that we will continue to pour money into East Africa just like we have been doing for so many years.

This morning however, Mitchell went even further by declaring that it was in 'Britain's national interest' to throw this money at East Africa (and not check how it is spent). He mentioned the threat of terrorism and immigration almost in the same word conveniently forgetting that Britain is an island and nobody could arrive here without the connivance of the Home Office and our politicians!  He specifically mentioned Ethiopia and Somalia highlighting the threat of the coastal pirates as if these countries were on our doorstep. Now fortunately not too many Somalis or Ethiopeans have penetrated the rural areas of the East Midlands so far but they have swamped communities in the London/Southall areas and I cannot find much evidence to suggest that they are contributing to the economy. From what I hear they do however enhance the crime statistics.

I would therefore suggest to Mr Mitchell that he should spend some of his aid budget on OUR coastal defences and OUR elderly and leave the East Africans to cope with their own demise like they have done for centuries. Andrew Mitchell is not batting for Britain and his constituents should remember that once they open their eyes and take their hands off their ears!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bombardier and the Government.

Ever since I began this blog I have been actively demonstrating how The Political Class have been undermining every aspect of our lifestyle in this country. One of the most demanding has been the dismantling of our manufacturing industry. Company after company has been destroyed because the government would not support them with orders in the same way as French and German governments support their companies.

It is all so predictable because it has happened so often so when the Department of Transport, once again, failed to award a major contract to Bombardier, the Derby based railway works, they must have known that it would signal major redundancies. But don't let that bother you folks just shut your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears and keep voting for the EU supporting politicians who want to ruin you.

They don't give a s**t for their country or their people. They are giving your money away as fast as they can but you all ignore the obvious and keep voting for them. What will it take to wake up the people of this abysmally ignorant country up? I despair!
Philip Hammond the Transport |Minister is on Newsnight stating that the procurement rules were set by the Labour government in 2008. So once again the NoLab politicians have screwed the country and remember Derby is a socialist supporting city. Please, please get a grip on who is screwing who. All you people in Derby who voted Labour now know that the politicians and that means Margaret bloody Beckett voted to destroy Bombardier!! Are you getting the picture yet? Will you PLEASE open your eyes and take your hands away from your ears!

Your families will continue to suffer whilst you vote Con/Lab/Lib. Our political system has been corrupted by public schoolboys/girls who care not a jot for you and I! Look at their background and ask yourselves how could they relate to you and I? Our political system is run by the public school educated elite and the Trade Union bullies.

You and I count for nothing but unlike me you continually vote for them both!!  

Care for the Elderly

The debate about the care for the elderly in this country continues. There is little doubt that many of our elderly live in appalling circumstances considering the so called democracy which is supposed to support them. These are the people who have worked and paid taxes for most of their life. In the main they have reared families and 'done their bit' for their country never realising that when their turn to receive support arrived they would be abandoned in favour of 'poppy growers' in Afghanistan and black kids from the 'Horn' of Africa.

Once again our despicable politicians were all over the BBC this morning promising support for almost every useless cause in the world except of course our own elderly. David Cameron is on a high profile tour of Afghanistan promising foreign aid to that benighted country even long after the troops have left. Will he never learn? Afghanistan will always be Afghanistan and no amount of bribery will change it.

He was followed by Baroness Amos promising further aid to the kids from the Horn of Africa. Another utterly useless cause which happens in cycles largely down to their inclement climate and ignorance of the people. Our money will not change that! Contraception might change it, more modern agricultural methods might change it but that is down to them and their governments.

Here at home our elderly are our concern and one thing is for sure...we will all get there. If we don't stop wasting money on useless causes elsewhere and start investing in a welfare system which supports the vulnerable at home then we will all regret it. Foreign Aid and our contribution to the toxic European Union is a modern scandal when more money is desperately needed at home. I just don't know why the electorate keep voting for more of the same. You can shut your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears but it won't go away!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ed Miliband

Ever since he usurped the Labour leadership from under the nose of his brother I have repeatedly posted that he never says anything. Words come out of his mouth but he never risks proposing a concrete policy. He has no ideas, no plans, no original thought and his answer to every question is geek speak.

Today comes a report that during an interniew with ITV reporter Damien Green he answered five questions with the same reply.  This is the very reason why he is totally out of his depth. He cannot connect with the public because he never says anything that matters. The Coalition would be mad to attack him too vociferously. They want him around for the next election! I do wonder however, when the penny will drop with the Labour Party and who will break ranks to wield the knife?

Friday, 1 July 2011

Dominique Strauss-Khan

 Strauss-Kahn expected to claim ''police irregularities'' over arrest ‘like a chicken thief’Did anyone really believe that the head of the IMF would be charged with an alleged assault on a chambermaid? She has so many challenges against her integrity that once again she has no chance of justice. She was so brave to even think about bringing this French politician into the courts that I actually believe he is bang to rights!

Of course my opinion is irrevelant. I find it interesting that he resigned from one of the most important positions in the world before his lawyers got to work. If this was a trumped up charge on me then I would NEVER resign because that is an admission of guilt.

The mainstream media record that he has a track record. This is apparently not the first accusation of this type of conduct. He is possibly just unlucky but the EU/banking hierarchy do have a tendency to believe that they are untouchable.

The chambermaid is possibly/probably much richer from her experience with the former head of the IMF and maybe she has reversed her original accusation. I really hope not  but she, poor girl, is on a hiding to nothing. We all know how these lawyers work (witness the Dowler family) so now her whole life will be trawled over to protect a corrupt politician. Lawyers rule the world because they understand how to skew the truth.

Dominique Strauss-Khan will no doubt escape the full consequences of his actions...but apparently there is forensic evidence which prove the accusations. I await the trial with interest.