Monday, 9 November 2009

Gordon Brown is dyslexic?

He is such an embarrassment! He is so dysfunctional! He is such a disaster area and yet he continues to cling to power. This is a man who has no experience of any other walk of life apart from politics. He clings to an ideology that he want to impose on us the public. His agenda is against everything that the indigenous population want and yet still he poses on the world stage.

In the whole history of our country could we ever believe that such a useless person could ever become Prime Minister? He appears in public dishevelled simply because he cannot tie a tie. He cannot write, he has so little charisma that he has to use his wife as a warm up act (twice in succession)and his staff ritually have bullied his party.

He is unelected, unwanted, unloved and now exposed as an illiterate, run of the mill bully who has fought his way to the position of Prime Minister by a devious path which only he could have devised. Useless is too good a word for him...he will ruin the country before he is deposed! He will also try every sinew to ensure that the Tories, if they are to win, have nothing left to win.

One final question! If we are now in Europe what happens to the Queen and our democracy? Why is she accepting the fact that Gordon Brown and NoLab have given away her sovereignty? Time to comment your Majesty!? We need a real leader!!

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