Thursday, 31 March 2011


It is not looking good for the rebels. They appear to have run out of steam and they are in disarray. The Gaddafi army is striding forward yet again and it would appear that our 'No Fly Zone' cannot stop the inevitable. It won't be too long before they are knocking on the doors of Benghazi again.

So what does NATO (Britain) do now? I suggest that we ask Germany and all our other partners in the EU (with the exception of France) to step forward and commit some resources to the NATO campaign. Of course we must remember that countries like Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy are unable financially to provide much in the way of support so what does that leave? Well frankly not much once the USA decides that enough is enough.

So we have to admit that our military intervention has been a ridiculous waste of money. Gaddafi has far too much armoury for a civil war. I blogged that days ago. The only way to topple him would be to put troops on the ground and that is beyond any one country in the EU... unless of course we involve the British Army. Get the picture?

Once again I hope I am wrong. I blog the most outrageous scenarios and yet time after time they have that unhappy coincidence of happening. Our lads and lasses are always on the front line. We always have a war to fight as the EU closes in on us. Every step is relentless. Every step is calculated to bring us to our knees. I have already stated the next step. I really hope that I am wrong.

We must not get involved in Libya. It is not our problem. If you get any hint that our troops will go in on the ground then you know that I am right. Not one DMS boot should tread on Libyan soil.

UK Uncut

I suspect that shock has set in after the treatment that some of these people suffered at the hands of the thugs who arrested them.  However, credit due, they are looking after each other and sometimes a horrible experience bonds people together. I suspect that this movement will grow thanks to the heavy handed approach by the riot control police.

There are hints that many of the regular coppers had some sympathy with  people who were non threatening and protesting in a proper democratic manner. I suspect that they have radicalised forever a group of young people and that their actions will fan the flames of protest. After all once you have been criminalised that is it. Once you have been bullied, humiliated and frightened then it does not work a second time. What I find despicable is the treatment meted out to a 15 year old girl which left her close to suicide. That is frankly inexcusable.

I suspect that numbers will double or even treble the next time that UK Uncut take to the streets. There is no doubt that this was a political intervention. They picked on an easy target as usual but people learn and the next time the target may be just as easy but somewhat larger and probably more organised. I also suspect that there will be a few legal challenges flying around. If not then we may as well accept that East Germany has well and truly arrived in Britain...and you know what happened there!?

What do we do with Moussa Koussa?

Moussa Koussa, the Libyan Foreign Minister for very many years, has defected to the UK. His defection is a huge coup for the diplomatic services because without a doubt he will have in depth knowledge of, as they say in parliamentary circles, where the bodies are buried. He will know who was behind the Lockerbie bombing and Jim Swire the veteran campaigner on behalf of his daughter who was on the plane, has already requested access to him. He clearly does not believe the official version of who was to blame for the Lockerbie bombing.

That apart what do we do with him then? He has been one of Gaddafi's right hand men for many years and as such is guilty of association for so much wrong-doing. He is a bad man! Apparently no diplomatic immunity has been afforded to Mr Koussa but if I was him I would say nothing until offered diplomatic protection. He has placed himself in a really difficult position because his life is now in our hands. He must have a plan; we must have a plan but I suspect that someone, somewhere, who has nothing to do with Libya, will not welcome the defection of this man.

If Megrahi did not bring the plane down on Lockerbie then who did? Moussa Koussa will know the answer which is why that I doubt very much if Mr Swire will get anywhere near him!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

UK Uncut

They are licking their wounds. They now know what they are up against. Recently I did this guy an injustice so I am trying to repair the damage. It has also transpired that the female Chief Inspector who 'lied' to the Fortnum and Mason 'invaders'  may just have believed that she was telling the truth!

A witness overheard a conversation between a senior police officer and, what shall we call him... a riot control officer (you know the guys who dress like Hitler's brown shirts only their shirt is black) and it more or less confirms that the ordinary chief officer was overruled when he tried to release the people from Fortnum and Mason.

That begs the the ordinary bog standard copper being superceded by a political force. After all they knew that no damage had been done and nobody had been hurt. It was almost a classic peaceful demonstration (which of course cannot be tolerated) so on whose orders were the demonstrators kettled and arrested? What did it matter that a female officer had been branded a coward and a liar?

I have a will be surprised to learn. I believe that the EU people who are trying to subject the UK to a socialist future are trying to instigate an event whereby the people eventually attack our own police. Of course that cannot be allowed to happen so then they will deploy their bully boys... sorry armed bully boys. Already they allow any violence, any destruction or any display of aggression. However they come down hard on all the reasonable protests because it encourages an escalation of violence.

They actually want 'UK Uncut' to ally with 'Black Bloc' and form an unholy alliance from which they will manipulate a confrontation. The Fortnum and Mason action illustrated that the ordinary police officer is expendable. They will be pitched into the front line and sacrificed purely as an excuse to bring in the European armed force.

Just remember that we used to have a British Army which could be deployed in a civil emergency. This army has been deployed elsewhere... in fact it has been deployed elsewhere ever since the parliamentary Labour party came to power. They do not want any form of military power close to this country when push comes to shove.

This is a socialist conspiracy to get us to react so that we can give them an excuse to arrest us our children. The ordinary police officer will be sacrificed on the day to fulfill a political ideal. I know that I am a nutter ... but just watch... and if you are a copper then get ready!  If you are UK Uncut ... then full marks and good luck! You will need so much courage!      

BP and Esso!

There is an internet message doing the rounds asking everybody to boycott filling stations owned by BP and Esso. They are of course the two giants of the oil world.   This internet message suggests that we buy our petrol/diesel at any other filling station so that the big two will feel the squeeze and lower prices. It is asking every recipient to forward it to 10 addressees so that it will flash round the world very quickly. Heh it is no skin off my nose and it might just work too!!

The young, the monarch and the law?

Having spent a good part of the past few days trying to discover just how many of the young are awakening  to discover that they cannot trust and rely on government I am much heartened. There is no doubt a growing realisation amongst the young that what they got taught by the trendy left wingers in school was actually nonsense. They are beginning to realise that it is their own future that they must fight for. It doesn't matter if they call themselves 'Black Bloc' or UK Uncut' or anything else because once they decide that they want a better future they will also discover what they are up against.

When UK Uncut got themselves kettled and arrested by trusting a female officer of the law I suspect that she unleashed a tidal wave of disgust. Nothing could be better for recruitment to a controversial cause.

So what happens when they get to court? Well Captain Ranty has some advice for them! The good Captain is doing his level best to educate all of us that our legal system, our monarchy and our government is actually based on smoke and mirrors. Everything that he believed in, that we held dear and that we trusted was blown to bits when we joined the EU. I should have prefaced that you must take a deep breath before you read about the state of the monarchy.

I think that the people involved in UK Uncut, the people who believe in themselves so much that they are prepared to give up their time and liberty, should make the good Captain a mandatory read. It is not sufficient just to challenge the police you must also know your law (or lack of it). I think that the people are on the move but I have always articulated that the young must get involved.

Basically the people who have corrupted our society became greedy. They overstepped the mark and now the blogosphere is alive with revolution. If the young are to have a country worth living in they should educate themselves in the values that matter.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

UK Uncut

Unfortunately I missed Emily Maitlis interviewing Lucy Annson of UK Uncut on last night's Newsnight so I watched it today and it became clear that the interviewer just could not get her head around this latest method of civil unrest. She persistently confused 'UK Uncut' with 'Black Bloc' another 'twitter' phenomena but two groups with entirely different agendas.

Emily Maitlis followed the tried and tested BBC ploy of trying to discredit the organisation instead of trying to uncover the ideology. She repeatedly used immotive words, like 'damage', 'violence' and 'smashed' to colour the argument; words which frankly did not resonate with the personification of reason exuding from Lucy Annson.

On the other hand Lucy didn't really help her cause by playing such a dead bat to the questions being asked. It is clear however that UK Uncut have unearthed a new method of protest which has already embarrassed the Met. On Saturday when faced with violence all over the capital they apparently arrested 148 protesters and now it transpires that 139 of these were the group lied to by the Chief Inspector at the Fortnum and Mason store. No wonder Lucy Annson suggested that they were investigating unlawful arrest.

Once again British police have demonstrated a treachery and cowardice unparalleled in the western world. Protestors everywhere may learn the lesson. If you are violent, smash windows, destroy property, attack the police then there is roughly a 9/200,000 chance that you will be arrested. If you sit down, protest in a polite manner, clear up any mess that you have created and cooperate with a police request then you get roughed up, 'kettled' and charged en masse!

It is despicable! The Chief Inspector who told the lies should be disciplined (this is the right time for an apology) and the Commissioner should resign because clearly his force is incompetent and out of control. In the meantime UK Uncut has a platform. What will they do with it? If they are to make an impact then organisation has to be the key.

I have just one concern. Their criticism of the bankers and the tax evaders is legitimate and should be pursued. However, what about the parliamentary Labour Party who must share the blame for causing the cuts and what about the socialist Town Hall 'fat cats'. In the interests of 'fair play' should they not next occupy somewhere like Nottingham City Hall?

If they at least acknowledged that the left wing of politics was involved in our plight along with the bankers and corporate tax dodgers then they would command support from all quarters.

Lies, damned lies and the Met Police!

There have been repeated allegations that the Metropolitan Police arrested the protestors inside Fortnum and Mason last Saturday after guaranteeing them safe passage out of the store. The allegations go even further when they insist that a female police inspector negotiated with the protestors that they would be led to safety if they 'turned left' when they left the store.

She of the smiley face and honest demeanour even denied that a 'kettle' was awaiting them. Surely no policewoman in the UK could act in such a treacherous manner against her own citizens? Surely considering that the protest had been magnificently peaceful and nobody had been hurt there were no grounds for mass arrest. Surely this only happened in East Germany or Gaddafi's Libya?

Well if you don't believe that it could happen in this country you may be very interested in this clip!

Of course the consequences will be considerable because it proves once and for all that we cannot trust the police...any of them... even the most honest, smiley, chatty ladies are treacherous. Personally I believe that this clip is one of the most significant of the modern era. It does so much damage to the law enforcement authorities and clearly it completely changes the boundaries.

This has broken the trust bond between the law abiding and the police forever! It is now quite clear that if you protest against the government authorities then they will use any method to discourage you. The film demonstrates that the assurances from the lady inspector was just a cover for the strong arm stuff which ensued.

This clip will spread like wildfire! It illustrates that peaceful protests will get you knowhere. It is them and us and we didn't start it. I never thought that I would witness and even recount events like this in this country but now those who disagree with the Political Class know what they are up against!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Nigel Farage

My blogging brother has a clip of an interview with Nigel Farage of UKIP discussing Libya and the Euro. Increasingly he is the only politician who seems to resonate with so many of us. He makes Ed Miliband appear exactly what he is, a second rate fraud and his eloquent summing up of the Libyan problem embraced everything that I have been posting ever since the crisis began.

Nearly all our problems stem from our membership of the EU. They are almost obsessional in their hatred of the UK and we are only tolerated because of our excessive contributions. We must not go near Libya with ground troops. We have now done our bit and to get further involved will be a reckless disregard of our national interests. Unfortunately that must almost guarantee that our politicians will find another excuse to sacrifice British lives in a war that has nothing to do with our national security.

We need Nigel Farage in Westmonster challenging our two bit politicians with his in depth knowledge of the maschinations of the EU. We need a real heavyweight  in our parliament to give some of our right wingers some courage. Every time he speaks I rediscover my sanity!  

UK Uncut

Earlier today I posted on the young posh kids who had been publicised in the MSM for rioting on Saturday bringing down the curtain on the great union march. I then read that it was an organisation called UK Uncut who had occupied Fortnum and Mason so I went in search of more posh kids to expose.

My first port of call is always YouTube because that is where you find the clips that the politicians don't want you to find. I found two clips from Newsnight one featuring a Dan Galvin from December 2010 and a second featuring a Tony Smith on 31 Jan 2011. Both of them conducted themselves very well. They were sensible and articulate, knowledgeable and committed.

I then viewed demonstrations outside of Topshop and Boots which appeared to be treated harshly by the police but then anyone protesting know that the police just love an opportunity to cut up rough. UK Uncut are protesting about the multinationals who are not paying their taxes in full. They appear to be non-violent and the spirit is very much like it was in Birkenhead. We had black brollies but the youngsters like to dress up.

The more I read the more I liked what I heard but it wasn't until I visited this Twitter Page for another leading member of UK UNcut that I became convinced that this group have a real purpose. They seem to care about each other and they were annoyed that their protest had been hijacked by the loons on the streets. Since then I found another blog Liberal Conspiracy that features the occupation of Fortnum and Mason and once again it seemed to be inconvenient but nobody was wrecking anything.

I am really interested in UK Uncut because I believe that they could have a real voice in the future. On the surface they are what this country needs but I do have a word of advice from an old man. Stick to your principles; don't get involved with the Political Class and in particular be very wary about the Labour Party.

PLEASE remember that you are right about  the bankers and the multinationals but they are all in league with the politicians. Keep your independence and show the rest of us what the youth of today can really do. I hope that my instincts are right about you guys. I still believe that amongst the loons we have Olivers and Chloes but perhaps Adam Ramsay isn't one of them!


There are endless endgame scenarios which we now may be dangerously close to playing. Already the Russians are hinting that we have exceeded the terms of the United Nations mandate. There is little doubt that the NATO flyers have really influenced the outcome of this civil war. If we are only there to safeguard civilian lives then how loosely can we interpret the role?

I think that everything depends on the support that Gadaffi can expect from the civilian population in Tripoli. The fight to the finish in Tripoli is a conflict which we must ignore. We can only hope that the rebels can pull it off but if the citizens of Tripoli support Gadaffi then all hell could break loose.

There are also many in Tripoli who would not want to confront any form of rebel court. All those secret police could fair really badly if faced with the people that they have brutalized. These are the guys that any successful rebellion target in the first few days so fighting to the last man is hardly an option. I have a really bad feeling about all of this because Gadaffi won't given up easily and there has been very little opposition in the race along the road to Tripoli. What has he got up his sleeve?

Oliver and Chloe

Adam Ramsay

Adam Ramsay - President of Edinburgh University Students Association
I have used the young man above as an example of all the Olivers and Chloes who regularly turn up at every political march and ruin the good intentions of the working class marchers who genuinely are in fear for their jobs.

Oliver and Chloe are the pseudonyms I have invented to represent all the rich kids who regularly descend on London in order to commit as much damage as they possibly can safe in the knowledge their parents will pick up the bill. Adam Ramsay has been featured by Old Holborn and I choose him as a really good example of the type of young person who typifies 'Oliver'.

They have a privileged lifestyle that is so cushioned from the reality known by most families that he can choose virtually whatever career path he wishes. So Oliver has chosen to disrupt lives, attack the police and smash up property. He will protest (as will Chloe) about student 'cuts' even though daddy could probably buy the bloody university, police brutality whilst pelting them with fire extinguishers, paint, acid and assorted roadside implements, and to safeguard something called the NHS, even though they will never go near it! The list is endless but then it is all a wizard prank to relieve the monotony of their bizarre lives.

They squeal, shout and swear knowing full well that daddy's money will shield them from the full consequence of their behaviour. That is why Adam Ramsay and his pals invaded Fortnum and Mason on Saturday with the intention of doing as much damage as possible. They don't respect or recognise authority. They don't care about the other marchers desperately worried about their future. They just want something to brag about in the pub. Nothing matters and nothing has consequences so anything goes!

Why is it that most of the elite socialists come from this privileged background? It is because they are never made to face the reality of the damage caused by their selfish arrogance. I would jail all of them because then even daddy's lawyer can't wash a term of 'porridge' off the jolly old CV!

Jack Wilshire

For some time now I, as an English football fan, have continually been disappointed at the grotesque attempts of the England football team to win any significant event. Time after time we have flattered to deceive and I have long since lost count of how many 'golden generations' we have had. I also suspect that our football writers have all had their fingers burned far too often to offer optimistic reviews but on Saturday I detected a sign that we have a real star burning brightly on the horizon.

OK it was 'only' Wales and they are not the strongest opposition but the performance of young Jack Wilshire Arsenal's 19 year old midfielder, was as promising as any I can remember for many years. His ball control and vision was more akin to someone raised in Brazil or Spain and allowed those around him the time to develop and demonstrate their own skills.

The understanding between Wilshire and Scott Parker in one game went way beyond anything demonstrated by Lampard and Gerrard in dozens of games. They allowed others like Glen Johnson and Ashley Young  to find the room to shine. It was most promising and hopefully could be a sign for the future.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Gordon Brown

Just in case the voters in Kirkcaldy ever wondered what had happened to their MP here he is rewarding their loyalty by doing exactly what Tony Blair did to earn a crust! Remember this is the MP who couldn't even be bothered to turn up at Westmonster on Budget Day!

Nice to know that he and his entourage are still jumping the queue, bullying people and generally blundering around the world! do we educate them?

I am becoming increasingly baffled by the BBC and the mainstream media.They all seem to support the socialist marches yesterday in London but condemn the 'anarchists' who attacked the 'symbols of capitalism' later in the day. One did not need to be a clairvoyant to predict that violence would be the eventual outcome when so many well intentioned people take to the streets. These socialist inspired marches always end in violence.

So what did all these people who travelled from far and wide actually achieve? I suspect that they achieved nothing because the rioters grabbed all the headlines. The people who marched with good intentions have once again been used by the political conspirators. The reason that they achieved nothing is that they are marching to support a rotten cause. They are marching to support people who have the eventual aim of bringing their lifestyle down. They have swallowed the myth that 'the nasty Tories are out to get them' when in actuality the people who feed them the propaganda are the villains of the piece.

Don't get me wrong I mistrust all the mainstream politicians. Not for a minute would I follow the 'Cameroons' blindly but, at the moment, they are all that we have got. Their stated aim is to 'repair' the economy which we need, so to attack them and blame them for the problems we have in the public sector is a nonsense. The real villain of the piece stood up and addressed the crowd. Everyone who has a brain knows that the socialists deliberately bloated the public sector and sold off the private sector. People were given non jobs to buy their loyalty and awarded benefits to buy their loyalty.

What I really find difficult to digest is that these young people with fire in their bellies are actually backing the wrong horse. If the anti EU lobby could harness this passion and use it to defend the country then we might really have a chance to reverse the loss of sovereignty. We just don't seem to be able to educate and enthuse the young to recognise that what the elite socialists have actually done is to ruin the country. Somehow we must harness their frustration and energy and turn it against the socialists who are the real enemy. The big question is how do we do it?

Saturday, 26 March 2011

It is kicking off....!

I am currently watching images shown on SKY news of young 'demonstrators' committing wanton damage on a bank. Throughout the day  a random collection of people have descended on London all with thoughts of protesting against government 'cuts'. Where were all these people when for over ten years 'NoLab' was destroying the economy.

Where are all these people when the fatcat councillors, bankers and public service chiefs cart away huge sums of money from the public purse. Where are they when judges corrupt the law, or when politicians like Gordon Brown was giving away our sovereignty to the EU.

The socialists ruined the economy and yet when someone tries to reverse the trend and get us back on course the loons are out onto the streets smashing up banks. I am a little behind the times because Ambush Predator covered the motives of the some of the marchers extensively in her March 26th The Contenders post. It really does concern me that the elite socialists have the power to get all these people onto the streets for every wrong reason in the book.

Ever socialist politician trumpets the same mantra. 'They are cutting too deep and too soon' but they never explain where all the money went and the fact that if the Cameron/Clegg axis hadn't cut quickly and deeply then we wouldn't have an economy! I just wish that The Coalition would pay the Foreign Aid bill the same attention and stop givng taxpayers money to an unaudited socialist monster like the EU.

No doubt the Sunday papers will be full of the riots tomorrow and the reasons for the march will all be forgotten.

Friday, 25 March 2011


Well at long last we now know who is leading the war against Colonel Gadaffi. Now we know that NATO including Germany has been forced into taking the lead against the troops of the Libyan dictator. We still don't know the extent of the involvement and crucially nobody has defined the exit strategy. What exactly do we want to achieve and what happens if it doesn't work?

You see if our intention was to keep the Gadaffi planes on the ground then fine, we seem to have done that. Was our intention to to destroy his air defence capability? Well fine I think we have done that too. Did we intend to save Benghazi? OK that has been achieved thus far so why are we still there?

You see since we imposed this 'No Fly Zone' there are reports that Misrata has fallen to the government troops. So what happens if the rebels cannot hold back the government troops in a 'fair fight'. What happens if Gadaffi once again attacks Benghazi by simply creeping up on them. Are events on the ground being accurately reported?

We are now at war (again)! According to reports we have already fired 175 cruise missiles at a cost of £800,000 each which seems a helluva lot to me. We are beginning to give the impression that we are the world's bully boys but how far are we prepared to go? Will we now idly stand by and watch the wrong team win? I get the horrible feeling that something will go terribly wrong and why.... because you can't wage war and not get hurt. There is no such thing as a safe, clean, distant war. This will come back to bite us unless we are very careful.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

My MP and the European Union

On Tuesday I posted that I had contacted my MP because she had openly declared that she supported the position of David Cameron to deny the public a vote on the EU. Commendably she has replied almost within 48 hours by snail mail even though she didn't know my address!

The letter explains her stance on the EU and her support for the government's position but it does not address the points that I put to her. It does not address why someone who stands as a Conservative MP should support an organisation which is actually an extension of Moscow. It does not explain how an organisation which cannot pass an audit still commands public funds. We are ploughing huge amounts into the EU and yet the establishment, the Political Class, continually ignore the Common Law in this country and refuse to address the fact that the EU is illegal both in law and actuality.

That apart I see the Portuguese economy has followed that of Eire and Greece and the rumours are that, even a major economy like Spain, will follow. Don't ever tell me that this was not preordained! Someone, somewhere is playing silly devils. I hear that even the German electorate are getting brassed of with Angela Merkel for two reasons. She will not support the NATO effort in Libya and she continues to write German cheques to prop up the ailing Euro.

The EU will one day collapse, if it has not already done so, because the people do not want it! Our politicians do us no service by pouring millions of pounds of taxpayers money into this illegal conglomerate. I am sorry but what has happened in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya will also happen in the UK because we are in the same boat. Democracy is the will of the people. Democracy is what the people decree. When people like my MP Nicky Morgan deny democracy then I am afraid she is akin to any of the world's dictators.

Why deny us of a vote on the EU? What are they afraid of? Are they really scared that the public will vote against their political conspiracy? Can they really support an organisation, funded by the public purse but unable to pass an audit? What is different about the EU? Why does the Coalition shove huge sums at the EU and not question why they cannot pass an audit?

It is all very well to intervene in North Africa and the Middle East but should we not continue to question why our three main political parties all support an illegal organisation. Every publicly funded authority requires an audit...apart from strangely the European Union! In my book that is the bottom line!!

He apologised!

Ed Balls has just apologised and admitted that the Labour party almost ruined the country in a Parliamentary broadcast on BBC. At last this clown has come clean. They must be absolutely desperate!

Well thanks Ed, thanks for stitching the whole country up! Thanks for squandering our inheritance! Thanks for throwing all our taxes down the drain! Thanks for nothing you bastard!

The Police apologise again...!

Once again a senior police officer stands in front of a TV camera and apologises for the ineptitude of his force. This happens time after time and clearly there is a malaise in our police force where diversity is more important than competence. This is the case of Delroy Grant who over a period of 17 years preyed on the elderly.

I read that the police had him in custody at one time and let him go. I just wonder how much of this had to do with his skin colour? Just how deep is the reverse racism in the police force? How many old ladies would have been saved the brutality and indignity of their attack if 'old fashioned police methods' had been employed.

I also believe that it is an insult to the victims that the incompetent prats who bungled their investigation were punished with 'words of advice'.  Just what do you have to do in the British police force to be sacked! The consequences of their actions were so grave that they could not be excused. I despair....!


I see that there is a report in today's Daily Mail speculating that Libyans, living in the UK, are plotting revenge attacks on our streets. This report comes only a couple of days after Andrew Neil of the Daily Politics reported crowds of people out side every Arab embassy in the diplomatic quarter of London.

This is of course a direct consequence of the elite socialists flooding the country with foreigners without the consent of the people. They achieved their aims changing the character of our country beyond recognition but they also created an immediate threat to our security. To my knowledge there has never been a concerted effort to weed out the 'illegals' and 'overstayers'.

I know from my time working at an Asylum Appeals Centre just how many were coming in legally and there are a helluva lot of Libyans in this country. To be honest it is probably the reason that the people of North Africa and the Middle East are rebelling against tyranny. So many came to stay in the UK that they spread the word about the 'green grass' on the other side of the world. I marvel at how so many of them can communicate in English.

But as we are currently involved in military conflict in two faraway countries is it not about time that we began to assess the threat levels in this country? Maybe it is happening but my experience of working for the government is that planning for the future is minimal. Mostly the threat is ignored until something happens and then everyone 'apologises' and rushes in to close the stable door.

In my father's day it would have meant internment for foreign nationals considered a threat to our security. The problem is that in the UK today we would probably need a camp the size of Dorset to house them all!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Budget

I have little faith in our Political Class but after so many years of socialist squander I got the impression that the Chancellor has really tried to help the public. Now we have Ed Miliband spouting ridiculous platitudes like some kind of weird pantomime dame.  He has nothing to say. He has no ideas and everyone is mindful that he was on Gordon Brown's Treasury team when they all but ruined the country.

There is something really offensive about Red Ed's delivery. I get the impression that he is becoming  increasingly desperate to make a dent on the Coalition. I didn't rate his brother David but the Labour party will live to regret that the person who stabbed him in the back, his own brother, is so inept! 


The confusion continues and we have only been in the air above Tripoli for three days. Apparently nobody is currently in charge and according to our Armed Forces Minister, Nick Harvey, the war could last thirty years! Well like I said we are good at getting involved in unwinnable wars and this one could fit the bill perfectly for the EU.

The Americans don't want to lead this one and apparently David Cameron wants NATO to take the lead role. Now remember when it came to an agreement on saving Benghazi the Germans abstained; after all who cares if a million people in Benghazi were about to be butchered. Now they and Turkey (yes Turkey) have also vetoed a move for NATO to lead this effort against Gadaffi. Why? I suspect it has something to do with the EU involvement in NATO. You see if NATO gets involved then Germany are also involved whether they like it or not!

So now we have a situation where the Americans won't accept leadership and NATO won't accept leadership so who will get the job? Qatar? Italy? Spain? Do you know I strongly suspect that when this war is prolonged all our allies will gradually melt away into the background and lo and behold the final will be a match between Libya and Britain!

I sincerely hope that my analysis on this scenario is wildly off the mark. It would be ruinous to get involved in yet another lengthy military campaign of any sort but unfortunately that is exactly why I think that we have already been sucked in! If Cameron has any loyalty left to the UK he should insist that NATO including Germany should now decide precisely what the exit strategy will be and announce it. If there is no exit strategy we are playing a very dangerous game.

Currently the Matthew Wright Show on Channel Five is wondering why the public have little stomach for this latest military gamble. I suggest the answer is that we have lost trust in our EU supporting politicians!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My MP and the European Union

Today I sent an E-Mail to my MP and I have never done this before. She was elected at the last election as a Conservative MP and of course most of us expected that she was actually a Conservative. I then discovered that she that voted to deny the public a vote on the EU!

Who does she think she is? Does she not recognise that the EU commissioners are unelected, self appointed socialists who only want to bring the Soviet Union to this country? Does she not understand that any organisation which cannot pass an audit is illegal? Has she never heard of the Magna Carta? What kind of Conservative is she?

At the last election she deposed a really decent MP, Andy Reed, who cared for his constituents but got caught up in the 'Gordon Brown National Issue'!  At least we all knew that he was a socialist and got the opportunity to vote against socialism. Now it appears that Nicky Morgan who stood as a Conservative candidate actually supports the EU which makes her a socialist!

So the electorate in Loughborough actually got a choice between an honest socialist and a dishonest socialist. What kind of choice is that? If we want out of the EU we should have voted BNP but then the MSM (of course) will tell you what a horrible crowd they are ! However what is more horrible than an MP who stood on one platform when she actually represented her opponents' policies! Yipes the Political Class are unbelieveable!

Nicky Morgan is a fraud...she no more represeents the Tories than Andy Reed did! At least he was a decent guy.. he once did me and my family a favour and although that will never colour my judgement I want to support him.

What have these Tories got to lose? We are only after a democratic vote on the EU! Why deny the public their democratic rights? What have they got to lose? What are they trying to cover up? We all know the answer and so does Nicky Morgan.


I have used this blog to post my views on the Libyan crisis mainly because I don't trust any politician who supports the unaudited EU. I have never been able to credit how any individual knowing what is happening in Brussels can support it because it is inherently dishonest. So when the Daily Mail arrived this morning and the front page trumpeted a row between No 10 Downing Street and our top General about what to do with Colonel Gaddafi I nearly choked!

How can we send troops into action when the PM and the military hierarchy have not actually decided the rules of the endgame? The fog of war is always unpredictable so it is even more important when learning from the debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan to state the aim and stick to it.

Personally I think that we have done what we could. We have saved the people of the city of Benghazi from certain annihilation by wiping out the Libyan government's overwhelming superiority. By now we should also have evened out the air supremacy and that should be our lot! Now it is almost a fair fight. We have shown our commitment to fair play and to the people but we cannot win the war for them. They must do that themselves.

Unfortunately it will not be enough for those who, ever since Bosnia, have found a role for the British military every time some tinpot dictator has rattled a sabre. We have done the right thing so far but if we continue to interfere then it will escalate. It always does. I am even concerned that, according to the MSM, the SAS are already in Tripoli because that is the thin edge of the wedge. I do not trust the Political Class!

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Public Speak!

Only 24% of the public trust George Osborne on the budget and yet, here we go, only 11% trust Ed Balls! This demonstrates the trust that the British electorate have in their Political Class. How can anyone trust Ed Balls on anything (well I suppose 11%  includes his missus... I think) and at least it now proves that two thirds of the population have completely lost faith in our Political Class.

It is a sad reflection on the performance of those in power. I am afraid that a rebellion is about to happen and it is needed. I have always blogged that the people need to get onto the streets and yet I don't quite agree with the clip on the Captain Ranty blog. I have so much time for this blog because he is really rallying the people but I am not completely convinced by the guy with the transatlantic accent who wants us to march with the unions and the students.

Sorry I will carry my black brolly anywhere but not with a political ideal that I don't agree with. I won't march with Trade Unions and I won't march with manipulated kids. They are just socialist instruments of mass indoctrination. The events in Birkenhead were spontaneous because the people who went there were not led. That was the real English spirit in action. Who knows it may have been the last action of a repressed  public. It may never be allowed again!

I am much more interested in the clip that Captain Ranty showed about Max Cann and his dispute with the Torbay Council. I tell you what guys that is real commitment. I really salute Max of the famiily Cann!

The Arab League

Well once again we are caught up in an uncertain military conflict and nobody seems to quite know who is in charge and what the ultimate aim will be? Once again we have charged in with guns blazing initially with the support of the Arab League but will we retain that support? They seem to be swithering and who can blame them?

Andrew Neil of the Daily Politics has just announced that yesterday he toured around London's diplomatic quarter and outside every single Arab Embassy there was a large demonstration. So it would appear that Arab leaders from most countries which form the Arab League are under pressure from popular movements for regime change. In some of these countries the protestors are being violently attacked by government troops imported from other countries. Well isn't that exactly what Gadaffi did?

So how can the Arab League support a 'No Fly Zone' over Libya when in most other arabic countries they are defeating popular revolutions by the same methods that were employed in Libya? Perhaps that is a little disingenuous because the potential for slaughter in Benghazi was much greater than elsewhere but the principle is the same.

I am concerned that, bearing in mind our present financial distress,we could have let ourselves in for a lengthy and expensive tour of duty over Western Libya. I am concerned that the supporters of the EU (ie the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties) whilst stripping our military assets to the bare bone are ensuring that what is left is tied up in military conflicts far from these shores. The Afghan War, which has achieved very little, is slowly grinding to a stalemate so perhaps it is time to find something else?

Ever since the EU became a prominent political force our troops have been used in spurious actions. Firstly Iraq, then Afghanistan and now Libya...I may be accused of cynicism but I don't believe in coincidence. Our politicians cannot agree on the eventual outcome or aim of our presence above Tripoli. It was the same with Iraq and with Afghanistan.  I repeat Libya had nothing to do with us! It is an Arab problem cause by the Arabic culture. We should never interfere in something we cannot understand.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


All over the blogosphere people are asking questions about the validity of our intervention in Libya. I think that our lack of trust in our main stream politicians is causing us to question their judgement and their motives. An illustration of this can be found at One Foot in the Grave where my blogging brother eloquently echoes the doubts carried by so many of us.

This initiative is far too late but it is the cost that also concerns me. If we cannot afford to maintain a decent defence system then we bloody well can't afford to go to war! Somebody, somewhere is telling porkies. In many towns we can't afford public toilets for the elderly but we can afford to drop bombs on Libya. I have said this many times that if the public need something there is never sufficient money but if the politicians want something money is never a problem.

Why can't we keep our noses out? What after Libya? Bahrein? The Yemen? Syria? Morrocco? When you start cherry picking your causes then the world is your oyster. We have a world full of nasty dictators. Africa is littered with them and when you consider the money that we throw at them and then witness the starving kids we could do with bombing a few more countries. But then they don't all have oil coming out of the desert do they?

I am getting more and more disillusioned with David Cameron. He pretends to question the EU in public but his actions all demonstrate his support for this unaudited, unelected group of socialist commissars. They pretend to be united but are far from united when debt is concerned or when Germany is required to step up to the military mark.

There is little doubt that the world is in a state of flux and deceipt and rottenness appear to be endemic. Unfortunately the centre of the insanity appears strategically placed in Brussels. Until we can convince the British people that they must march to rid themselves of the rule from Brussels we will always have corrupt political system. The problem is that when we do we will probably face an armed European Police Force!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Why can't we abstain?

I note that once again the Germans, the Indians, the Russians, the Chinese and the Brazilians opted out of a decision on Libya. Now I can understand why and how most of them duck out of their global responsibilities because frankly we have never been able to rely on the Russians and the Chinese. The of the few happy races of the world but with their own internal problems also want to prosper without responsibility and the Brazilians are just emerging... but Germany!

We are supposed to be in a European Union. Surely that means that we hold hands together in tough times. It would appear that we are only united when our money is required. The decision of Germany once again to chicken out of any form of collective responsibilty is tantamount to disloyalty (at best).

Once again our guys are in the front line where the Germans, the Dutch, the Belgians and all the others cower behind the sacrifice of our guys. I know that this time the French are involved but only because there is a plot to align our troops with a European army. There is no other reason why we are attacking Libya in unison. This is the first step towards a European Army. Cameron and the so called Tories have robbed our defence system of every capability. No more Nimrods, no more aircraft carriers and no more pilots!

Everything has been sacrificed at the altar of the EU. So now we no longer have a capability to act on our own? Now we must coooperate with the French on a no fly zone over Libya while the Germans abstain? Do they really think that we are stupid? Colonel Gadaffi has given these corrupt socialists an opportunity to advance their cause ... and they have taken it...after so many days of indecision!

They never miss a trick!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Why us?

I am watching the ITV news and they are openly trumpeting that BRITISH planes could be over Libya within hours. Why US? What has happened to a force from our beloved European Union? Why not planes from Portugal or Holland or Greece? It has just been announced that Germany has abstained from the vote on a no fly zone over Libya!

I cannot believe that! How can they abstain? They joined China and Russia in their abstention but whose side are they on? I thought that we in the EU were all in this together? I thought that we were all partners when it comes to military response?

Apparently we are all partners when it comes to POLICE response ... but when lives are at stake British lives are held as the cheapest currency. It is a nonsense to deploy the odd plane that we can find from our reduced capacity. The EU is blatantly sacrificing British lives to excuse their pathetic foreign policy...and who is is charge of the EU foreign policy... woops Baroness Cathy Ashton! No wonder that they are prepared once again to excuse the French and the Germans and sacrifice the British... Baroness Ashton like her mentor Gordon Brown has never been a friend of Britain.

So what can we draw from this? The European Union want to control us but don't want to support us. We are the only country who seem to have a military force capable of any presence. So only the British will risk lives! Now I don't want to preach the obvious but the only reason that we are in the European Union is that we pay vast sums of money which they dissipate and they get to kill our kids!

Our socialist politicians are very ready to discuss 'fairness'. They rabbit on about 'fairness' so let them come on here and discuss 'fairness' when only our boys get killed? Sorry but the only word that comes to hand is ... BASTARDS!   

Our Police....!

Hardly had I blogged about our twisted police culture then this happened!! Now come on who is in charge of this? Who sanctions this as best use of police time? Who can possibly justify this nonsense particularly when our society is under such threat.

It is almost like a joke... how many police officers does it take to control a rogue dog? How much shift time can we waste on a useless project? How many officers can we deploy on a waste of time? Is this a quiz?

The answer quite obviously is that not only is the Chief Constable incompetent but also that so many of his senior officers should be top of the heap when the P45's drop on doormats. I have no sympathy for people who so shamelessly have abused their position. We should sack so many of the useless politically appointed zealots but I bet the Coalition cull will leave many of the in position.

The state of our Police Force is a national disgrace. They have been rendered useless and they have accepted their fate far too readily. Dixon of Dock Green must be spinning!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Political Class...worldwide!

There have been rumours for very many years of a New World Order. Generally the people will not even think about this level of politics because quite frankly there is very little we can do about it. The New World Order is apparently made up of bankers (obviously), media moguls and politicians. There are hints about the Bilderberger Group, the Rome Group and sundry other groupings which apparently rule the world.

Now I can accept that there will always be international leaders. That is natural but we must ask ourselves are they forces for good or forces for evil. If they are forces for good then everyone is happy. Forces for good who control the world's finances are a really good asset...but what happens if they are a force for evil?

For example...who wanted the European Union? The PEOPLE of Europe did not want the EU and they are all unhappy. The people of the Middle East are also unhappy because that have the Israeli problem. The Israelis are also unhappy. In Africa everyone is unhappy! Look at the whole continent from South Africa to Libya and the whole continent is a mess! The Chinese people never appear to be happy and ditto the Russians.

So who is left? Well our good mates the Aussies (?), the Canadians, South America and lastly the Americans. The Australians are under pressure from socialism, there is pressure on the Canadians to join a North American Alliance (like the EU) and the Yanks will never realise it but they too will be delivered into the hands of the socialists (led by Obama).

The South Americans...well it is not important to the New World Order...yet! So who is left? Now we come to Japan a really powerhouse of an economy and such a crisis!
The Japanese are stoic, disciplined, organised and admirable. I recognise that their performance in World War II was less than decent (they were actually horrors) but since the Americans dumped a load of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki they have played the game.

What pushed me onto this theme were the comments from the Japanese public suffering from their triple whammy. They are the most respectful people. They respect their nation, their emperor and their politicians and yet I detect a deep dissatisfaction which will erupt once the initial clear up of bodies ceases.

Everywhere the people are being kept down! We all know that we have been enslaved! What will we do about it? Is it not down to the people to free themselves of tyranny and in the UK should it not start with the Census!

The British Police

I watched PM's Question Time today and raised my eyebrows when David Cameron said that we had a 'world class police force'! I just wondered how many members of the public would agree with him?

Before I proceed let me first say that when my son was killed last year in a tragic road traffic accident the police that we met were very good. The two policewomen who broke the news to us could not have kinder. In Scotland the two police (one male and one female) allotted to the case were professional and sensitive. We really appreciated their concern. My son's ex housemate is a policeman and he is always considered one of the family.

So what are my concerns with modern policing? I think that political correctness, Health and Safety regulations and the socialist diversity issues are making policing on the streets almost impossible. Their job, if done properly, is risky. They face danger and that danger cannot be dissipated by legislation. People are people and the police must try and enforce the law. That means they have to have every available back up. They cannot cherry pick their arrests, they cannot decide when and where they patrol and above all they must be even handed and fair.

So today I stumbled across The Ranting Penguin blog and he had addressed the problem. He has randomly collected press reports on the police to highlight their ineptitude. Some of the cases highlighted were ridiculous and this is my concern. Who is directing these loons? Why are they not being disciplined for lack of common sense?

I often visit the Ranting Penguin but if you don't like colourful language you will have to take my word for it. There are far too many cases of lack of judgement for comfort. Too many cases of cowardice, too many cases of bullying and too many cases of prejudice against the indigenous population.

Our police are far too often ....not a world class force!

Put the camera down and give us a hand!!

Remarkably, once again, no animals
were injured in the taking of these

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bahrein...and elsewhere!

The focus of the MSM has transferred to Bahrein. Bahrein has imported troops from Saudi to quell the ambitions of their people. That is a determined response to the people's rebellion and illustrates how far the Bahrein leaders will go to retain power. Once again I believe that their people have little or no chance of winning this battle. These high flying Arab families have far too much to lose to allow a ragtag people's army to storm their strongholds.

I admire their fortitude but at the moment it is hopeless. Their only hope will be the support of the Muslim fundamentalists who seem to succeed everywhere and really...who wants that? Well I suppose some Muslims do but we are all aware of the Muslim threat to western democracy.

So what is their position compared to the demonstrators at Birkenhead? Can the black brolly demonstrators hope to achieve anything other than eventual arrest? The Political Elite have all the advantages and they have already corrupted the law to such an extent that the Common Law laid down by the Magna Carta appears to have little relevance.

I really admire the efforts of Roger Hayes and Ray St Clair but they face huge odds! Unless they manage to mobilise a really potent force....and I mean huge they will be swallowed up and I don't discount a fate similar to the fate of Dr David Kelly. I don't blog that lightly. These socialists have a lot to lose. People who oppose them tend to die. Roger and Ray are, at the moment, a minor irritation, but if the next demonstration really kicks off and the establishment really becomes threatened then it WILL become nasty.

My sentiments are with the people following Lawful Rebellion. I love their spirit and their cause but the purpose of this post is to advocate caution. Steady guys, we must build slowly. When the rebellion comes and it will come, we must be sure that we have the momentum to win.

Perhaps one day, on a given signal, milllions of people will descend on London waving black brollies (hiding machine guns) but don't do it before you are really ready for the fight because you had better mean it!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Libya...what now?

Did I not predict that Gadaffi would probably win? So why will he win? We are overcommitted in Afghanistan and the EU have no stomach for military intervention because they are socialists and they are doing to us what Gadaffi did to his people. The Libyans were as unhappy as we are.

So what did they do? They rose up at protested and they will be crushed. The same thing is rumbling here. The police and the judiciary are in league. They unreservedly support the state so anyone that the police arrest is automatically guilty. There is no legal trial anymore and the punishments for crimes against the state are immense.

If you kill someone, if you rape someone, if you are totally out of control like say the Preddie brothers then you get every advantage. Protest against the state then watch your back because you could get five years (scroll down to Malcolm Massey)!

We are as imprisoned as the Libyans. The difference is that they have courage. If you want to change our society then get onto the streets!

Lawful Rebellion!

Well here I go again! Some time ago this blog got into the top ten Grandad blogs which I thought was quite nice but it also said that I was a bit hard core (not in so many words) but the implication was that I could upset people. I took that as a compliment but recently, even at my stage of life, I am on a journey that I never expected to take.

To understand my meaning you must know a little of my background. I am as honest and 'square' as it is possible. I served for 22 years in the British Army and retired as a Warrant Officer Class One. It gets even worse folks because I served with the Intelligence Corps! I actually worked at GCHQ for heaven's sake!

I have only ever had one wife for 42 years and we have lived in the same house for 26 years. My son was killed last year but my daughter is a committed Christian. I am this year President of my local bowls club. I am so boring and unspectacular that to join a rebellion is totally against my nature. I don't do rebellions! But I want a country fit for my grandchildren. I want them to have the freedom that I had. I want the corruption and the dishonesty in our society to cease.

For that to happen I must rebel. I must protest but I must also learn about why I am protesting so I am visiting the blogosphere. The eyes are being opened every day. I am actually a babe in arms! Today I stumbled across I am an Englishman! What a website! I cannot believe that this is the work of one person because it is so extensive but when the socialist calumny is all laid out in front of you it is hardly credible.

How could we, a modern so called democracy have allowed this to happen? Why were so many people were so easily corruptible? What happened to national pride? Why did so many people succumb to temptation? What has happened to our self respect? Why did we produce so many traitors in our society and why were most of them from a privileged background? What has happened to our aristocracy?

The questions keep coming but I believe that at long last we have a cornerstone. We have a long way to go but we have a flag (black brolly) stuck in the sand! Here we stand! I don't know what motivates Raymond St Clair and Roger Hayes but they are brave guys and need our support. We have a huge fight ahead of us and we must be brave and face the consequences. The enemy is entrenched. My grandparents fought the First World War, our parents fought the Second World War and this is my war.

After a lifetime of service to this country I may end up in prison. So be it!

Lawful Rebellion!

Every time that I visit YouTube I discover another video clip from someone else. YouTube is the real truth in this country. YouTube cannot be revoked because it is evidence. The people know the power of the camera and they are using it. One clip even caught me in the background at Hamilton Square, Birkenhead which at least proved to my wife that I was actually there.

It is difficult for us older people because we are ignored as a force. We believe and we want to be included but rebellion is largely for the young. For example I have a medical problem that insists that not long after I eat I must get rid of it! Three times I was downstairs in the toilet area of the Weatherspoons pub when frankly I was missing the action. It drives me mad but it is a fact of life, my internal pouch ten years ago saved my life!

So what next for Lawful Rebellion? Well I read that the case against 'Rusty' and another protester will be heard on Tuesday 03 May and witnesses are sought. Well hell there are so many committed witnesses to the action of the police that it is likely that the case could last forever! The police have been so corrupted that they just don't get the scene.

The bottom line is that the law has been corrupted. People like Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group and Raymond St Clair who led the protest in and out of the court... and I personally witnessed him asking a protester to remove a balaclava style I know his commitment...are the very people that we have been seeking to lead the popular rebellion.

It will grow! The MSM refuse to acknowledge this rebellion. They think that it won't happen. They believe that we are so cowed, so cowardly and so switched off that they are safe. I have always said that it would just take one brave man to lead the rebellion. Perhaps we have found not just one but a host of pissed off people.

I know nothing about the plans of the British Constitution Group but I suspect that on the day that the two protestors who were arrested appear in court they will be surrounded by witnesses and well wishers. I suspect that the police will be drafted in from everywhere. They have no response apart from violence. They know that they can trump up charges willy nilly and that the corrupt judges will support them.

The rebellion began in Birkenhead and now government will discover how the power of the people will prevail. They can flood the Birkenhead Court with cops but if thousands turn out to support the brave people who are fronting the rebellion they will have to get the message...We are not scared of you any more!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Japan and the Aftermath!

What can one say? No matter how many carbon taxes they advocate nature every now and then just shows you who is the real boss! The sheer power and destruction of that wave force was incredible. That is the real meaning of the word 'awesome'.

How does one begin to clear that up? Perhaps it is just a warning to all the people currently trying to destroy our society? It does not matter what you do because in the end nature will always rule the planet. Nature of course includes the will of the people.

In the meantime our thoughts have to be with the Japanese but just remember...these are the same people who cleared up Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the Second World War. One can only wish them well.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lawful Rebellion!

The more that I research this subject the more disgusted I become. There is a plethora of videos on YouTube that expose the Political Class and their allies to crimes beyond belief! Our society has become so depraved that I sometimes wonder where we are going. Well I know where we are going because we are advocating sex education for five year olds! What has happened to childhood?

Some time ago I blogged about Holly Greig but her supporter Robert Green is on YouTube and his exposee is hardly credible in a decent country. It goes all the way up to Alex Salmond in Scotland and although there is no evidence to implicate him personally there is a lot of evidence to suggest that some of the leading political figures in Scotland are covering up an immense scandal. Oh by the way Holly Greig was given a sexual transmitted disease at 9 years of age and they are trying to cover it up! Are you interested yet?

The more that I read, the more that I witness and the more that I blog.  I am uncovering a rottenness which could never have been contemplated prior to this country joining the European Union. The EU is evil incarnated. The unelected, unaudited czars of the European Union are bringing down national economy after national economy! It is a rolling disaster and is actually an attack on Western Europe. Look at what is happening!

The economies of Ireland, Greece, Portugal. Italy and Spain are in freefall and dear little Belgium, the home of the chief Czar Herman van Rompuy ( I think), does not have a government!

At home here in Britain we cannot deport anyone ( no matter how evil) because they have a right to a family life. It continues unabated and if you protest you get arrested. We have a tiny chink in the armour and it is termed 'Lawful Rebellion'. Our whole constitiution is based upon the Magna Carta 1215 which cannot be repealed and has been the basis upon which our Common Law is based. It actually supercedes everything.

Way back in 1215 the architects of the Magna Carta realised that they had one chance to draft a bill which could never be reversed and they did it. They knew way back then that in the future we would have a European Union!

You see even the Queen has to obey the Magna Carta. She should have vetoed our entrance to the EU but she didn't. Sorry if that offends anyone but that is the law. The Magna Carta actually prevents us from entering the EU. We don't need a referendum on it because the Magna Carta declares that we cannot join it. Anyone who attempts to give away our sovereignty is guilty of treason. The penalty for treason in this country is still death.

Are you getting the picture?

The public have been duped. The Political Class are acting illegally. The police are also acting illegally. We must challenge them at every opportunity because they are out of order. The only way that we can challenge is to get onto the streets. It, quite frankly, can be boring. To support a cause is not dangerous because there are many younger people who will take the risks.

Any protest just needs numbers. They only want you to be there. They only want you to hold an umbrella in the air and chant. Please don't be scared! I was really apprehensive when I went to Birkenhead. I went alone and learned. It is all pre-ordained and you are not part of the plot. You get involved if you want to but it is your sheer presence that is needed. I saw really elderly ladies waving their black brollies in the air.

What courage, what commitment, what a determined attitide to defeat the forces of evil. Time after time I heard the sentiment that 'I am here for my grandchildren'. You all know what is right so get off your backsides and march. Our fathers and grandfathers fought for this country and that is also your duty. They fought bullets all we have to fight are edicts, attitudes, policies and cowardice.

Support Lawful Rebellion but at least YouTube it to see what is happening because you won't hear it from the BBC or the MSM. We need you on the streets!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Pension Problem

I am really quite fortunate because I worked during a period when the pension system in this country was defined and guaranteed. Of course I am now retired and my preplanning is keeping my family solvent. I have never been someone who is awash with cash but I sympathise with those who are nearing the end of their working lives and now must suffer because of the greed of the Political Class and the Bonus Class.

Now my blogging brother 'One Foot in the Grave' who I have actually never met has posted what I consider a really immense post on the subject. He has summed up the problem so well that it is so difficult to praise him too much! David Cameron should really visit this blog because Julian sums up what we all feel. Why are we suffering for the indiscretions of the bankers and the socialists?

Why can't we find a party who will rid us of these criminals? The reason is that the three main political parties in the UK are all in thrall of the EU. David Cameron and Ed Miliband may face each other every Wednesday across the despatch box but they are actually sleeping with each other. It is a sham! David Cameron 'flashmanned' away a request  by David Bone on Wednesday at PM'S Question Time by declaring that we will change the EU from within.

What an utter load of bollocks! He is part of the illegal EU system... fully paid up and bought. He is in the Ken Clarke school of rather pink Tories. They have hijacked the Tory party in the same way that Blair hijacked the Labour party and Clegg has hijacked the Liberals. They are all socialist Europhiles and actually, according to the people who are in 'Lawful Rebellion', traitors to this country according to Article 61 of the Magna Carta. 

We the Paying Class should never be held responsible for the excesses of the Political Class, the Bonus Class or the Criminal Class. It will not change until you get off your arses, get on the streets and threaten them! You should not be losing money in order to pay the bankers millions in bonuses. It will not change until you march!

The people who got off their backsides and protested in Birkenhead on Monday have paved the way. We pensioners have nothing else to do and we could at least try and protest for our grandchildren.

Just remember what we could do with the money that we squander pandering to the EU and throwing Foreign Aid at people who don't need it, don't really want it and will just waste it anyway with their many wives shopping in Paris!

Gordon Brown...finally disgraced forever!

This is Lance Corporal Liam Tasker who died in Afghanistan and his hearse passed through Wootton Bassett today. His fame is encapsulated by his partnership with his 'sniffer' dog who died suddenly, not long after the dog handler was killed in action.

Guido Fawkes reveals today that the customary tribute normally delivered by the MP representing the soldier's constituency was not delivered. The reason? Liam Tasker comes from Kirkcaldy and as everyone knows Gordon Brown is still sulking. He has effectively disenfranchised the people of Kirkcaldy ever since he was kicked out of Downing Street.

He must have known that this brave soldier came from Kirkcaldy. He must have known that it was his duty to attend at least for this one day. However this supremely, selfish and deluded man once again failed to do the decent thing. It is high time that IPSA stopped paying him until he decides whether he wants to be an MP or not. Once again he has demonstrated that he cares not a jot for anyone but himself.

I cannot believe that the citizens of Kirkcaldy are not deeply ashamed at the manner in which they wasted their votes. They showed him a loyalty that they must now know was completely misplaced. They should demand that he resigns!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Libya...what now?

The Political Class are great at pontificating but really bad at action. We have a dictator in Libya committing genocide against his own people and the western politicians are just wringing their hands. Of course the Arab world don't get involved, to them it is a tribal problem and the strongest will win. That unfortunately is the bottom line. It really is not our concern. The people have rebelled, everyone knows what is right and what should happen but it is not our concern.

They knew what would happen if they rebelled. Nobody asked them to do it and they knew how ruthless Gadaffi is...he has kept them down for over forty years. I also note that after the publicity in countries like Bahrein, the Yemen, Jordan, Morocco and Algeria nothing has really kicked off. 

So now it will be a civil war which means that the oil supplies will be disrupted but that is small beer compared to the loss of life. I feel for the people but they hold the east of Libya and they must concentrate on that. They have effectively cut Libya in half and exposed Gaddafi for what he is. Perhaps the United Nations, the EU and everyone else (except of course Mugabe) will now shun Libyan oil, the Gaddafi family and refuse to allow them to exploit their people.

I am convinced that Gaddafi will survive in one form or other but in the end he is ruined and in the end the people that die will really have achieved something. It is tough but then our own fight has just begun. Their fight against tyranny demonstrates what is required when people fight government. We must take this as an example. When you confront government then everything is at stake. Government play very hard ball because everything they hold dear (wealth, health and family) is at stake and they hold all the aces.

Sometimes someone can trump an ace and it happened on Monday in Birkenhead. It will be interesting what the next move will be. I suspect that we will have to turn up to find out! I was a total bystander on Monday but then you don't show the opposition your trump card. My bet is that the charges against 'Rusty' will be quietly dropped but then that will not be quietly accepted! I just wish that I was better informed.

In the meantime I watch Libya with trepidation!

Lawful rebellion..the cat is out of the bag!

The aftermath of the attempt to arrest a judge, who three times refused to confirm that he was acting under oath when questioned by Council Tax rebel Roger Hayes, is beginning to build. One of the protestors, a guy called 'Rusty', has been bailed on a charge of assaulting a female police officer even though the court was packed with cameras which will prove that she and a male colleague actually assaulted 'Rusty'.

When the case comes before a judge you can imagine the scene! There are dozens of witnesses who will all come forward and declare that under Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 'Rusty', under the direction of Roger Hayes, was taking legal action against the judge by attempting to arrest him.

This case could roll on for months and is bound to generate huge publicity. In fact one of the senior officers who attended appeared to be getting briefed by Raymond St Claire who led the rebellion after Roger Hayes was released from the court. The police attending were certainly treading very carefully because this rebellion has been thoroughly researched and common law as laid down by the Magna Carta supercedes all else and cannot be repealed.

The legal system has just turned everything to their advantage so that in effect the judges, the police and the judiciary are actually acting contrary to the purpose of the law as it was originally intended. Technically in the forthcoming trial the police were guilty of assault and it is all on camera.  They have got so used to physically assaulting the public that it is now second nature to them.

You have to laugh! I can't wait for the case to arrive in court because you can guess the rest. if there were 600 outside Birkenhead on the first occasion then people will gain courage in numbers. The cat is definitely out of the bag and is currently going viral on YouTube and the net!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Lawful Rebellion!

I see that the mainstream media has by and large ignored our demonstration at Birkenhead County Court. They generally don't want people to know that there is a popular movement with a legitimate legal purpose on the march.

It is being conveniently ignored. Frankly I don't know who many of these people were but I attended on my own and spoke to a few people. They are serious, they are educated, they are unfortunately not yet organised...for example I wandered about for a long time not knowing why I was there or who was in charge.

While I was there Roger Hayes did not appear at all. He should have shown his face. I don't even know the name of the lead person which is not right. If they want the public to join then they should be more up front. There should be more information. Actually, unless you were in the know, it was chaos. I wanted to get involved but I never knew what was happening! I will be visiting their website.

Having said all that it was a start and we need a start. The next time it will be bigger and it will grow. Some of these people are nutters but we need nutters to challenge the establishment. The nutters give the rest of us confidence and bravery and I tell you now that protesting takes bravery in our modern society.

Things are now on the move. Just remember it began in Birkenhead!

Libya ...has the genocide begun?

As I blogged a couple of days ago the Gadaffi regime is shameless and I fear for the people. SKY news is doing a great job in their coverage of the situation in Zawiya. They are the only news crew depicting the graphic scenes and it looks really grim. The people however are united so the outcome could be gruesome.

They really need help but where will it come from? They also know that if they fail the outcome is inevitable. This is a tribal war but the military advantage that Gadaffi has is huge. Will anyone help? I don't see how they can...we must wait and watch but the outcome could be horrific!

Put down the camera and give me a hand!

I don't think that any animals were hurt during the taking of these photographs!

Another blow to our pride!

Yesterday a British judge spat on the public by fining a Muslim, living on benefits, a paltry £50 for burning replica poppies on Remembrance Day. The action was a calculated insult to the British people and he should have been immediately deported and any benefits stopped. Typically however, the judge compounded the error by considering the action  to be so minor that it merited such a meagre fine.  It has caused outrage.

This is one of the many reasons that the rank and file of the British electorate, the people who pay for everything, are seething with pent up frustration.  That judge knew exactly what he was doing by imposing that fine. He was deliberately sticking two fingers up to the public. These judges are abusing their power. They are part of a judiciary which appears to be hell bent on destroying the fabric of the country.

I read recently that the government were spending, in this so called age of austerity, 5.5 million pounds installing SKY television in our prisons! These prisons must now resemble luxury hotels and are little deterrent to the habitual criminal. The nonsense continues unabated day after day. It is a quite frankly deliberate but until we the public march as we did yesterday then it will happen again and again until there will be nothing left for our grandkids to inherit.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Just where does the sleaze end?

For the past few days the mainstream media have been exposing us to high class sleaze beyond parallel. Now I am afraid that I don't always believe the MSM because they are controlled by the very people who are attempting to corrupt the world. Everything that we have ever held dear is under threat.

Every day our politicians foul up! We know they are useless but why are they so useless? I will tell you why. The Civil Service has been corrupted so that all the experience, the career people who steered us through difficult times were binned under Tony Blair probably because he wanted patsies that he could control. Common Purpose, that organisation never exposed in the MSM, has been placing their slaves in high places for high salaries.

Of course they are useless! They cannot advise because they have no experience just a slavish loyalty to the EU bought by money. In all walks of life we see the Political Class, the Bonus Class, the Criminal Class creaming off huge amounts of money but denying their real purpose  which is of course is to subject the UK to slavery.

It is of no coincidence that all the economies of the western world are being ruined almost simultaneously. It has to be a plot. We all know that inflation in this country is rocketing...we also know that our so called inflation rates are a joke. Then we see the bonuses of certain bankers and our useless politicians doing nothing to even contain fuel prices.

Today we had 600 people on the streets of Birkenhead. They were attacked by the police with dogs. If you really want a change then you must get onto the streets. It is the only way.

Prince Andrew has proven that when even the House of Windsor can be corrupted then we are on our own. You see the pictures of royalty staggering out of nightclubs at all hours of the night and you know that they have all the privilege and none of the responsibility.

This sleaze can only be changed by the people. If you want these utter cretins to continue their privileged lifestyle at the expense of your parents dying in agony and destitution then walk away. If you want your kids to be housebound because our police prefer to beat up pensioners then walk away.  If you want the bankers to continue to rob you blind and then pocket your money then walk away.

If you really believe in honesty, morals, fairness and democracy then you had better do what the black brollies did today in Birkenhead. Challenge the corruption, challenge the police, challenge the judiciary and challenge the politicians... but more than anything court the army! These guys have been really short changed in Afghanistan. They have buried colleagues and mates and they will return pissed off!

The army is the key to this confrontation. They still believe in their country. They believe in God, Queen and Country. Hell they are dying for their country in droves. That is precisely the reason that they are fighting in a useless war which does nothing else but protect the opium crop. The guys know it. When they return and they will. I suspect that they will possibly join the people's movement.

Then the police may not be able to bully as they do now! The battle lines will be drawn. 

They seized the court and 'arrested' the judge...!!

I travelled to Birkenhead and joined an estimated 600 protestors outside the Birkenhead County Court today as Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group defended non payment of council tax for the third consecutive year. The event has been extensively covered in the Wirral Globe but I was amazed at just how many people turned out on a Monday afternoon and their level of commitment.

Inside the court they attempted to arrest the County Court judge under the terms of Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 and the judge had to retreat to an adjoining room. Of course the inevitable happened and the police turned out in force complete with camera vehicles and dogs. The case had to be adjourned and there was a few problems once the police turned up but generally the mood of the crowd was positive as my clip shows.

I get the impression that if 600 can be bothered to turn out for a small hardly publicized event on a Monday afternoon in Birkenhead then there is a movement being built brick by brick. The other significant factor was the make up of the protestors, yes there were a few rough looking EDL types but there were so many ladies of all ages and their commitment is unquestionable. This is not the last time that the black brollies will be brandished in the air!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Sleazy Class!

Reading the Sunday press today for a grandfather  who loves his grandaughters is extremely depressing. We seem to have totally lost our moral compass. I have dubbed some people the Political Class, others the Bonus Class and some the Criminal Class but ...there is yet another group made up of members of all of these three classes. I now call it the Sleazy Class.

President of the Sleazy Class must be Prince Andrew who seems to have lost all sense in his quest for sleaze. His former wife is not much better. What an example they are for my grandchildren. The Duke and Duchess of York have together combined to make the House of Windsor a laughing stock.

Then we have the Elite Socialists. So many have links with sleaze that it is difficult to sum it all up. Mandelson and Gadaffi, Blunkett with his married tart, Prescott with Tracey and the sexual chemistry in Westmonster continues unabated as a Tory female MP has widely been reported along the following lines! Now I know that we are all adults and she had a point to make but these people are supposed to be leaders. How many kids are today asking their parents what a 'blow job' is? OK she was being chic and contemporary and making a point but come on she is an MP!?

There is concern about the accessibility of porn on the Internet but currently we have a former Home Secretary (Jackie Smith) fronting porn shows on the telly! I mean where does it stop? I am not a quaker ( yer wot?) , I am not even a practising Christian but I do have standards and there has to be a moral compass. The standards of Tony Blair and his crew should never be taken as the norm but when the House of Windsor also gets involved then we become closer and closer to a totally failed society.

Behind it all the EU seems to corrupt everything. Almost everything that I hold dear is being destroyed and on my grandaughter's recent tenth birthday I really feel for her future (she is the eldest).

So tomorrow I go north and I don't have any idea what I am entering. What kind of protest will it be? Who will I meet? Will be a damp squib? Will the Stasi be waiting for me? How brave will I become? Will my wife divorce me?  How exciting can it get for a 68 year old!!!