Thursday, 29 April 2010

The beginning of the end of the Euro?

I am no financial expert but like most of my generation I know how to budget and operate within my means. By the looks of it this cannot be said of many of the nations which form the European Union. Of course as the EU has never passed an audit it is difficult to quantify the shortcomings of its members.

Having said that they most certainly have shortcomings! The Greek economy has recently had a 'junk' level credit rating which probably sums up their pfofligacy but I don't get it. How on earth can a modern day country operate, within the EU, and rack up such a disastrous debt? Didn't anyone, anywhere anticipate that they were following ruinous policies? I think that it speaks volumes for the incompetence of the EU officials because Greece is not alone.

Spain has also had its credit rating reduced and ther are persistent rumours that Italy, Portugal and Ireland also have financial problems. It would appear that many of the EU countries are leaning heavily on France and Germany which kind of distorts the Union. Oh and of course the UK who although out of the Euro contributes magnificently to the upkeep of the EU (£7.6 billion per year).

It is largely because of this that we are increasingly having to borrow and print money to survive. Of course this cannot continue but Gorgon (whose speciality is said to be the economy!) will not tell us how bad the situation is and none of the major parties can come up with a plan to restore sanity to our economy. Perhaps we too are in as big a mess as the countries that I have just mentioned.

I do wonder what will happen to the EU dream if their common currency is destroyed by socialist incompetence. It is all entirely predictable because most of the leading players in the EU are power mad idealists. The know how to spend money but rarely wisely.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What will happen to Mrs Duffy now?

Mrs Duffy must have resisted Gorgon's pleas to face the press corps with him. So far she has made no further comment on her meeting with the PM or what he said to her but the red tops/Sundays will soon be flashing their cheque books because she is hot property!

She has now unfortunately stumbled into an election drama of unparalled magnitude. Gorgon spent 45 minutes with her and I am sure it didn't take him all that time to say 'sorry Gillian'. He is a political thug who will do anything to stay in power so I wonder what his tack was. I don't know if Gillian Duffy had family present but to be forced to open her door to the Brown gang must have been really menacing.

I hope that the much vaunted NoLab backroom bully boys don't turn their attention on this hapless woman but I would't bet against it. Gordon and his gang have an instinct for nastiness. If Gillian Duffy has family and friends present they had better look after her in the weeks left before the election.

Has Gorgon been rejected?

There is one thing about northern grandmas...they are determined, generally ludicrously family orientated and above all honest to a point of fault. They will defend their own integrity because if they are wrong then it reflects on their family.

What Gorgon said offended her deeply and it was inconceivable that he would later descend on her modest driveway and embarrass her in front of her neighbours. It absolutely demonstrates that he utterly fails to connect with the very people who are core NoLab voters. I did not coin the phrase 'NoLab' for nothing. These people are in their own political world and they cannot even recognise honesty and integrity.

Face it Gorogon it is time for the single bullet and the glass of whisky. Better still sink a bottle and use a Thompsom Machine gun. You would miss with a single shot!

Spin, spin, spin....!

I doubt that in my entire life which is becoming extensive have I ever heard anything like the cover up currently under way to defend Gorgon from his irrecoverable position after insulting a core voter. He is currently inside her house probably grovelling but most likely bribing/bullying her into a joint appearance before the media exhonerating him from his insult.

The poor woman must be under enormous pressure to support him. It is absolutely intolerable that she should have her house inivaded by Brown's goons forcing her to become a national figure. She did not sound like a wealthy woman so that my guess is that she will take the money for the sake of her family. That is always how the Browns of this world buy their way out of the problems that they have created.

But what if she doesn't take the money? The BNP must be rubbing their hands either way.

At long last....!!

Now we know what we have all along suspected. Gordon Brown is an incompetent phoney. In one unguarded moment his whole campaign collapsed and he is totally to blame. He has been exposed for what he has always been, a bullying liar. He was seen to react so utterly without reason to the genuine concerns from an ordinary decent member of the public that now we all know that this man can never lead the country again.

The scene was set. NoLab party members tried once again to stage manage another media appearance for the PM without actually meeting any members of the public! His last meeting with a member of the public ended with him running into a waiting car. This time he met a female pensioner from Rochdale who had some genuine concerns and expressed them. She had accidently stumbled across the media opportunity! The joke is that like so many others in that part of the world she is a NoLab voter who was concerned about, her pension, the national debt and immigration! You know the very issues which politicians ignore and the electorate wants answers to.

Then the gaffe! If Gorgon Brown does not immediately resign he has no shame. He has let down his party and his supporters because if the working class NoLab supporters do not realise that they have been conned then this one gaffe exposes them to it. In one monumental, dreadful, iconic moment the PM has destroyed all credibility of the NoLab party and it has also shown him in a true light.

His personal characteristics have also been exposed. In true NoLab fashion he blames everyone but himself. He bears no responsibility for anything (apart of course from destroying the economy of the country) and always blames someone else. He did this with the economy, the war in Afghanistan and frankly almost every other disaster that he has engineered upon himself. At long last the public who support NoLab by putting their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth cannot ignore what he is! A total prat!

Now you all know how he despises the working class. Now you all know how he rejects all opposition. He is a bully and a liar and now everyone knows it! Hallelujah!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cuts and Dishonesty...!

This must be the most dishonest election campaign run in the history of this country and frankly we all know it. The Westmonster three are all trying to dupe the electorate by failing to spell out the consequences of the NoLab profligacy of the past thirteen years so let us try and sort out why. Make no mistake we owe billions and not one of the Westmonster parties have any intention of addressing the problem (well not in front of us the electorate).

All three Westmonster parties have been bought and paid for by the European Union and the captains of industry. Let us remember that the EU has never passed an audit which means that we continue to pour public money into an organisation, backed up by all three of our major parties, which is illegal. The EU is a gangster led organisation which discredits all those who support it.

The British public pour billions into the EU every year and much of it is then turned round and used to support government quangos which employ party loyalists to ensure that EU policies are implemented. They are also engaged in 'green issues' which of course can never be monitored and are therefore open to interpretation.

The three main party leaders engage in a peripheral argument and Nick Clegg in particular is being very disingenuous. He is just like Gordon Brown because he never answers a straight question. That means that he is out for himself so as far as I am concerned he is untrustworthy.

Nobody will address the issue of the EU because it is unpalatable. However we cannot support an illegal organisation whose members are bankrupt. Greece and Portugal in particular have shown that the EU is a non starter. It is a socialist organisation (like the Soviet Union was) and their sole intention is always to control.

Why is it that neither NoLab, the Tories or the LibDems ever address the real issues. Millions can be trimmed from our economy by tinkering around the edges BUT the REAL money is poured not only into the EU but also into Foreign Aid. Have you noticed when it comes to millions as opposed to billions then they all dodge around the issues. In fact they never mention it!

In this election the EU is off limits! In this election Foreign Aid is off limits!
In this election the Afghan war is also off limits! They never address these issues and that is why we are being deceived. We must have politicians who are prepared to discuss the real issues. You watch they will never address any of the REAL issues because it is safer to tinker around the edges.

NOW look at the manifestos of a plethara of minority parties who never get an airing. You must remember that it is in the intereest of the European Press barons to support the EU and ignore any opposition. That is why any real opposition gets trashed and well trashed too! Look at the treatment that they meted out to Nick Clegg and he is one of theirs...Nick Clegg is a former Euro MP but even Nick upset the mainstream media and so he was wellied, BUT now perhaps he is actually in charge of the election because if the campaign is 'hung' Clegg holds sway.

I cannot believe that the British public are allowing themselves to be so deceived but then ...many of them don't want to think about it! I suspect that many of them wish for the canditure of Terry Marsh, who some years ago was a boxing world champion and has changed his name by deed poll to ... NONE OF THE ABOVE!

I can understand the attraction but I still hate the thought that we are being denied the truth even weeks before the election and that is by all three Westmonster paries. I sincerely hope that the 'OTHERS' column will, when the time comes, be much

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Almost like Dunkirk...!

It is almost unbelievable that the Brown Government should be, on their abject retreat from their maladministration, be faced with a final challenge which of course they have failed. These people are useless and they have proven it. The Civil Aviation Authority which of course is run by a female, professional, quangocrat has failed us all.

They have been following legislation that was drafted over twenty years ago based on the experiences of ONE aircraft and ONE experience! Nobody has updated this legislation and so the country was locked down for no discernable reason. Is that not typical of what we the long suffering public have had to endure ever since Bliar and Gorgon took control of the country.

Our Political Class, supported by the mainstream media, is vacuous but many of the voters are so ignorant that it is difficult to call what the response will be. A Yahoo video which is on the Internet demonstrates the actual ignorance of the English public. It is a scandal that so many of our young people (over twenties) are frankly so utterly thick that they do not even understand the word 'constituency' or even recognise the word 'policy'!

This is NoLab in action after thirteen years of their policies. The kids are all well versed in their 'rights' and how to stitch up teachers but how much more do they know? Ed Balls of course trumpets the mantra that English education is 'world class'! Yeah right Ed have educated millions of kids not to understand the words 'policy' and 'constituency' Nice One you utter prat!!

I fear that ignorance will win this election and frankly that is not good.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Political Class that we do not deserve...

It is quite ridiculous that our Political Class has once again let the British people down. We are supposed to be Europeans and yet when the British require the assistance from their European partners they spit in our faces. When however, did we ever expect anything else?

We have hundreds of thousands of travellers stranded abroad and a paralysed government incapable of making a decision or even coordinating any form of rescue attempt stutters to the end of their futile regime. Just one act of faith would be a miracle but on the TV News programmes we get 'boy' Milliband. He looks and acts like a little boy lost in a big wide world of reality when he himself exists in a kind of Milliband fantasy world where his brother is responsible for the reaction to climate change.

Has ambition ever outweighed ability? These pathetic, political opportunists have been exposed to every weakness of their abiility. They are useless, they always have been useless, they have been recruited by 'Common Purpose' to destroy everything that we hold dear.

The foreign airlines will expose the regime of Gorgon Brown as routinely incapable of making even the simplest decision and being incapable of reacting to an 'act of nature'. UK citizens have been forced to pay thousands of pounds to return to their homeland without any assistance from their government. I just hope and pray that the people who have never consulted by the pollsters will vote accordingly.

I still believe that NoLab will stitch up the voting system and that somehow Gorgon Brown will still have a hand in our future. Frankly he should be shot but that is for another day!

The Shame of the UK

I am currently watching SKY news and I cannot believe the chaos that the government and Gorgon Brown in particular have caused by the premature announcement that 100 coaches were available in Madrid to bring stranded passengers back home. These coaches have yet to be assembled and are still well over 24 hours from reaching Madrid!

This PM cannot sink any lower. It has taken him and his jaundiced Cabinet six days to come up with any form of plan to assist Uk citizens. He now calls a team of 3 Foreign Office officials a 'rapid reaction' force. What is paid about this nonsense?
Why on earth have they not approached the Spanish authorities for assistance? He is the great europhile. He so wants to be bloody European and yet he has so little authority that our people are left to starve while he twiddles his options.

Will even this not demonstrate once and for all to the prospective NOLab voters that we need to rid ourselves of this imposter on 6th May. I just have this recurring nightmare that on 7th May he might still be there in one guise or another.

Gordon Brown

I seriously believe that Gorgon Brown is deluded. His election campaign is so designed to protect him from (a) the public and (b) the actual truth that journalists travelling with him, whose organisations have paid thousands of pounds for the privilege, even though the PM often travels alone with his wife and bodyguards all report that this election campaign is so coordinated to show Gorgon smiling and the shaking hands of the party faithful that it is a travesty.

I therefore laughed aloud when I read the genius blog 'The Daily Mash' announcing that Gorgon is very close to recognising his personal problems. I make no apology for reprinting the opinions of 'The Daily Mash' about Gorgon's personal responsibiilty because it is so important the the public are reminded again and again before 6th May. Dr Bishop by the way is a fictitional character

Dr Bishop warned that Mr Brown could now be on the verge of accepting responsibility for selling Britain's gold reserves at the bottom of the market, destroying the private pension system while protecting the pensions of the people who vote for him, under-equipping British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, using taxpayers money to save the Labour Party from bankruptcy and generally spending his entire career being a lying, manipulating, self-absorbed thug who has tried to smear and destroy every one of his opponents.

Now that is plain speaking.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Vote Clegg get Brown...?

I must admit that since I last posted events have taken a turn that I never expected. Through my eyes the leader's debate was a waste of time but then we here in our third world state have developed a naivety which is hard to credit. Policies don't seem to matter anymore because style is more important than conviction.

Nick Clegg is a relatively young, personable political leader of dubious background. He is yet another politician who has emerged from a very mixed personal, political background (like the Millibands) and is a dyed in the wool Europhile. Nick Clegg would go further than Gorgon Brown in his quest to turn the UK into a European satellite. He wants us to adopt the Euro. Yes I know that he came across very well and he looked good and he stated the obvious which appealed to the shallow amongst us but... Gorgon Brown is not 'agreeing with NIck' for nothing.

I think that Gorgon who, as we well know, should be dead and buried and consigned to the political dustbin, sees Clegg as a heaven sent lifeline! Be very afraid because NoLab has organised this election to give themselves maximum advantage. They have gerrymandered the boundaries, 'adjusted' the postal vote and ensured that even our soldiers in Afghanistan cannot vote (they are 93% against NoLab) so perhaps everyone must now think again!

I am reluctantly beginning to think that David Cameron is the only person capable of ridding us of this NoLab nonsense and make no mistake that would be my first quest. If the threat of Clegg keeps Brown close to power then sorry Nick you are a real danger to our future.

I would prefer to give my vote to a minority party, many of whom are struggling to overcome a lack of any form of mainstream media coverage, but getting rid of Brown has to be priority. He is the worst PM that we have ever, ever had. Take the recent volcanic pollution which has so effected everyone... our citizens and our aviation industry were left high and dry by a government which cares more for political survival than the country. While the citizens faced an unprecedented situation the government were campaigning. It has taken them days and days to realise that their political survival is of little consequence if the country is bankrupt!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Big Debate...

Well that was it! I cannot remember one single original idea... I cannot remember one original thought... a surprise or a shock! The one thing that I do remember is the extraordinary ability of Gorgon Brown to lie with a straight face.

Time after time Brown lied live on TV... you know 'education has improved over the past few years'...he has 'pride in the forces' because 'they are the best equipped' and the best of all that 'our helicopters were not suitable for the terrain'!

Everyone who has any connection with the services knows that Gorgon Brown has been the most implacable enemy of the forces. He has been personally responsible for the lack of everything. He closed down the miilitary hospitals and he has been shamed into acknowledging that the injured soldiers required specialist attention after some were being abused by Muslims in their local hospitals!

I cannot believe that this highly publicised engagement fell so flat! Of course they are all hide bound by the EU. They no longer really have any power so they cannot promise what they cannot deliver. We are now back to the real debate because membership of the EU was never mentioned. I cannot believe that this crucial issue was never even discussed. It is not a done deal. We need to rid ourselves of this illegal and unaudited socialist grouping.

Unfortunately our politicians disagree and those who oppose the EU are never invited to air their views. It is off limits which of course makes the issue ever more challenging. We need to hear more from those who oppose the EU grouping. Unfortunately all we get is Nick Griffin and Nigel Farage who are not the most appealing of our politicians. Eloquent yes but most certainly damaged goods. Yet how many of us has the courage to stand against the mainstream educationalists?

Nuff said!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

We want our country back...!

It is plain that the vast majority of the electorate are quite confused. Traditionally we have voted for Labour (the working class) or Conservative (the ruling class) or if you wanted to protest then the Liberals (bottom of the class). What now? New Labour do not represent the working class anymore in fact they have deserted the working class. The Tories are no longer conservative

Well much of this electorate just want one thing. We want our country back! We have been sold down the river by a Marxist NoLab government who all along only had one agenda and that was to destroy our society. At every turn they have ruined and corrupted everything that we hold dear. For the past thirteen years their agenda had only one ruin the typical lifestyle of the average English person. So now we have no freedom, we cannot express an opinion, a thought or an action because we have become so heavily censored by Gordon Brown and Ed Balls that we are probably worse off now than the average East German ever was!

Now along come the opposition in the shape of David Cameron and Nick Clegg. They have an open goal! The Marxists have ruined our society so all they have to do is promise to repair it! Easy we close our porrous borders, we pull out of Europe, we sort out the immigration problem and we go back to being in control of our own destiny which means that we put the police back onto the streets!

NOW do we hear any of that? Do we hear even a hint that the three major parties are addressing our problems? Not on your nelly duff because they are all in the same lobby. We all know that Gorgon sneaked off to Lisbon to endorse a treaty which we were never allowed to vote on. Cameron should immediately allow the public a referendum on the EU but refuses the most crucial vote ever and Clegg... nice pretty boy but bought by the EU! That is why Cameron and Clegg are leading their parties rather than David Davies and Chris Huhne. They have been bought and paid for. They are EU stooges.

So in Westmonster we have a collection of EU stooges who have no intention of giving us our country back. Heh is that not the best excuse to kick the s**t out of the smug bastards? The opinion polls currently reflect confusion but they still insist that the the 'others' poll only 13% of the overall vote.

Now I have burned my fingers before by suggesting that the BNP vote would be larger BUT this time the people are really pissed off. The result is that we have a plethara of smaller parties hoping for the 'I am pissed off vote'.

Time to change the country and vote for a hung Parliament because I for one have had enough of the Political Class. They are exposed as the corrupt offspring of the EU and as a result corruption is endemic in every aspect of public service. It matters not where we look, witness the Justice system under Jack Straw and the witless decisions of the CPS where they endlessly pick on soft targets and ignore mass sexual assault by feral Romany youths on a lone and defenceless teenage girl.

Look at the performances of the overpaid, useless Chief Constables in counties like Nottinghamshire where the force is so badly run that assistance has to be drafted in to improve performance and yet the real culprit is allowed to retain her job!

Take the Marxist run BBC, once the pride of the press corps and now reduced to hiding news they don't want you to know. The lone protestor who pursued Gorgon Brown through the crowds last week in London was headline news on SKY and ITV news programmes and was ignored by the BBC. This is par for the BBC and I have long since lost faith in their ability to deliver impartial news coverage.

The impartiality of the Civil Service has been a myth ever since Tony Bliar arrived on the scene and replaced men steeped in integrity with useless Common Purpose recruited Special Advisors whose sole purpose was to ensure that the will of the EU was imposed on the people.

Look at the horrendous mess that once was the Social Services! Case after case of nauseating child abuse continually passes them by exposing those recruited as poorly trained and badly led. The NHS swallows astronomical amounts and yet many of the hugely overpaid Chief Executives could not prevent people dying because the hospitals did not ensure that cleaning was monitored thus allowing infection and disease to spread unchecked for years.

It is in this climate of a monstrous waste of the country's resources that the opposition parties cannot seem to amount a lethal attack on s thoroughly disliked and deeply unpopular Prime Minister. He has been abysmal in everything that he has tackled and yet David Cameron in particular fails to embarrass him and strip away the facade of competence.

We desperately need a change of direction...backwards! Let's hope that one day soon someone will come and release us from this nightmare but I can't see him standing in fromt of the TV cameras at 9pm this evening.

Civil Servants also on the Gravy Train...

The Daily Mail is today carrying the story of the senior Civil Servants who are walking around brandishing a government credit card which has so far entitled them to squander a billion pounds of taxpayer's money! If it had not been so utterly predictable under this squalid government it would be astonishing!

Along with huge rises in salary for Health chiefs, Police Chiefs and almost everyone else who will consent to prop up the Brown administration we now have Civil Servants with access to our money. I have to presume that the government could not announce huge increases in Civil Service pay so they rewarded their lackeys with a credit card bonus instead.

Surely this has to be illegal? These are government officials with no right to under the counter bonuses. Their salaries are a matter of public knowledge and to 'bribe' them in this manner is more akin to the 'mafia' than a responsible government. Once again however I am disappointed that the opposition parties seem to be reluctant to target this abuse of public funding.

There is so much skullduggery surrounding Gordon Brown that it is quite breathtaking the depths that he will descend in order to remain in power.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Power to the people....!!

Great idea Dave...we are all waiting to have referendums on our Police, our Schools and our Post Offices. Yes why not join in with the Conservative party to rule the country so that we all have our say.

Just one problem...what about the referendum that matters? If you seriously want public participation Dave then why not give us the referendum that really matters? Why, if you are so intent on this course of action (which to me personally sounds like another Political Class soundbyte), do you refuse the public a referendum on Europe?

Sorry the bottom line in this country is that we want a say in our future. We actually recognise that we have been quite deliberately denied a vote on Europe. The Political Class can posture all that they want, they can debate all kinds of puerile local issues but NoLab, the Tories and the LibDems are colluding to deny the British public the very vote that is critical to our future.

Until one of them relents then none of them have a mandate to lead this country!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Are they hiding from the public?

I have just seen on SKY news that David Cameron visited Loughborough today! Their reporter caught him on the Loughborough railway station platform on his way out of the constituency! Well great, so where had he been and who did he talk to and why were the electorate not informed of this visit well in advance?

These politicians should be made to publish their daily whereabouts so that they can receive the greetings that they deserve. At the moment they are hiding from the public. It is a well known Brown ploy that they wheel out as many party activists as they can muster so that he can bask in their rapturous applause and is untroubled by the great unwashed. He wouldn't want any further embarrassing encounters with the general public after being chased to his car by one lone voter asking a pretty simple question.

All we are getting is a daily diet of who will slash what and when. We get nothing on the burning questions of the day like, Europe, Immigration, Foreign Aid, the bloated public sector and the salaries of the bloated public sector and the lack of police.

Now Gorgon says he wants to champion the middle class! Well I must admit it would be nice for any politician to champion the middle class but after 13 years of NoLab misrule it's a bit late to start now. His soundbytes and platitudes fool nobody who has not got a vested interest in voting to maintain their job.

Outside of the political bubble and the mainstream media forces excluded from their polls are on the march. For example the City of Stoke must be bracing itself for a BNP attack and the county of Essex hosts a hugely disgruntled indigenous population.
The BNP, UKIP and the Democratic Alliance hardly get a mention but it is these parties who are objecting to the European scandal where we now face a £600 million bill to keep Greece solvent! This is the same Greece which has awarded its citizens pensions worth three times as much as our own citzens receive.

No bloody wonder that their socialist government has bankrupted them and don't think that Gordon couldn't do it here. The difference will be that nobody will bail us out! Roll on 6th May - let's just get it done!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Decisions, Decisions...!

Now we know that my home town has four candidates for the next election. We can either vote for Andy Reed (No Lab) who has really been an good constituency MP but failed to make his mark nationally. We could vote Conservative but I back off that option because I personally have not recovered from their previous performance.

I cannot understand why Cameron does not discuss Europe because he must know that many voters do not want any involvement with an unaudited, illegal, corrupt organisation which costs us £45 billion per day. He will not confront the issues which so many people want addressed. Political correctness, police absence from our streets, sex education, health, welfare or even the boom and bust enigma which Gorgon Brown so often trumpeted and then denied.

So in Loughborough, if you want to extract the country from Europe, we have a choice between UKIP and the BNP! Where do we go from here? Remember Loughborough is a target marginal. Andy Reed has the lowest majority of any East Midlands MP. I know that many of my ageing friends are so disgusted with the performance of the Westmonster MPs that they are prepared to vote against the grain. That actually may be good news for Andy Reed but he must be aware that here in Leicestershire we have a really strong BNP lobby.

Time will tell, it should be a straight fight between the Tories and NoLab but people around here are very pissed off. Could that mean a really interesting outcome?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Now just supposing...

Now just supposing that NoLab under Gordon Brown had a hidden agenda. Just suppose that there were people in Europe who wanted to occupy England without a shot being fired. Just suppose that there was a secret conference every year whereby powerful bankers, press barons and captains of industry met to decide the agenda for the next year.

Just suppose that the representatives of this unholy alliance had subverted members of the British Parliament so that we as a nation would never have a vote of whether we wanted to join a European Union. A European Union which was intitially entitled a Common Market which would enhance our trade with our neighbours. A Common Market where the public were conned to believe that alcohol, vehicles and everything else would be sold at the same price in very European country!

Now just suppose that these people decided that the the English people would not agree. Just suppose that their comfortable life. where they trusted their neighbours, relied on the police and believed that the family was the cornerstone of their society was under threat. How could anyone subvert that?

Well let's begin with the family... let us encourage all young girls to produce children by the bucket load and every time that they conceive then reward them with cash and a council flat. So... everywhere we have the destruction of the family tree because suddenly we have kids who do not know their fathers and mothers who do not care. Up until this government came to power the British family tree could be traced for centuries.

Now we have a foothold but how can we really impose our will on the English people? We must occupy every influential position in the country with our supporters. How can we do that? Well we can reward people with huge salaries to support out cause but firstly we must create an organisation who will identify the greedy and incompetent. How do we do that? Well we employ a Marxist commutarian (a what?)and we call her Julia and we form an organisation, let's call it for convenience 'Common Purpose'.

Now we have our recruitment engine we can really go to town...bring it on...let's now advertise for 'Outreach Workers' or 'Climate Change Coordinators' or well let's employ a department of people to concoct nebulous titles and let's reward them with huge salaries so that they will depend on us for their lifestyle.

So... we have bought the local government section, we have bought the future parents but how about the police? Easy...we give them so many forms to fill in that they are never on the streets, then we recruit people who are patently incapable of police work. How do we do that? Easy we hamstring them by insisting that the police must now include ethnic minorities. It is quite obvious that the ethnic minority policepeople will go a long way to addressing our crime! After all they are providing the vast majority of the crime that we are seeing today.

Can we imagine, at the election of Tony Blair, that twelve years later gangs of feral black children would be ganging up on one ethnic kid and a feral black female would stab him to death! Not a policeman in sight! Nobody to protect that kid, nobody to stop the girl and nobody from government faintly inerested.

What have we got today? I am watching Newsnight. We are being spoonfed crap! None of the minority parties are being represented. We are being spoonfed the message that only the Westmonster parties count. It is a nonsense! We do not need to vote for them. Their marginals are not our marginals. It is all a con!

Please remember that the greatest threat to our democracy is that organisation called 'Common Purpose'. This emanates from Europe and has to be destroyed. My problem with 'Common Purpose' is that all three Westmonster parties are in thrall to it. Nobody in government even mentions 'Common Purpose' and that is the problem. None of them really represent me and where so I go from here? I have been disenfranchised.

Protecting the Ballot Box...

So the most open secret this year has finally been announced and surprise, surprise an election has been called for May 6th. This NoLab government have demonstrated without any shadow of doubt their talent for scullduggery. Deep within the Downing Street bunker a cartel of political villains have operated unhindered long before Gorgon Brown skipped happily through the front door without having to face an election.

Ever since huge efforts have been made to circumnavigate democracy. Baronees Ashton shoehorned into Europe without an election, Lord Mandelson back into Cabinet without election, Lord Adonis into Cabinet without election and many others wielding influence without election even though Gorgon has hundreds of elected MPs that he could choose from.

My fear is that ballot boxes will be subject to vote rigging. Just remember it was NoLab who extended the Postal Vote and then in the Glenrothes By-Election (where they gained an astonishing victory) the very register used to account for postal votes suddenly disappeared! It disappeared from the Sheriff's office located in Kirkcaldy Town Hall the PM's very own constituency!

I blogged just yesterday that the salaries of Chief Executives have recently shot through the roof to such an extent that they now have a vested interest in ensuring a NoLab victory. Even the tier beneath the CEO must realise that their bloated salaries are unsustainable and would be under threat from any other democratically elected government.

There have also been reports in the recent past that the Muslim postal vote (particularly the Muslim female vote) has fallen prey to uncrupulous males who have been seen in public filling in fistfuls of ballot papers.

The Chief Executive Association has already been advocating the ban of the overnight count so that all counts take place the following day. This would of course increase the potential for vote rigging because who would guard the boxes? All those with the vested interest of NoLab would undoubtedly have the keys to 'Fort Knox' and would you trust today's police to protect the boxes without a 'risk assessment'?

I suspect that plans are already afoot to return NoLab and that the marginal constituencies have already been targetted. I know that in recent by-elections minor parties like the BNP have taken it upon themselves to guard the ballot boxes. I think that this election is so important that we shall all have to be on our guards to prevent interference from all those fearing for their jobs and monstrous salaries.
We must also remember that the register of Postal Votes is an extremely important document when it comes to democracy.

I suspect an avalanche of recounts, investigations, accusations and suspicions. I also suspect that NoLab will gain a good many more seats than any of us believe possible. Time will tell.

Monday, 5 April 2010

The greed of the Political Class...

It is quite impossible to equate the greed of the Political Class with the plight of the country. There are reports everywhere illustrating the unbelieveable avarice of the Political Class, the very people who have brought politics in this country to a new impossible low.

The mainstream media are reporting incredible retirement rewards for the very people who have brought British politics to an entirely new low. Individuals who should actually be facing jail sentences are being rewarded with millions in some kind of weird compensation/retirement scheme. It is obscene and corrupt and disgusting but still the select few continue to plunder the public purse with impunity! Nobody ever bothers to explain to the long suffering public who decided that these obscene amounts are justified.

Now tell me when have you ever heard any of the Westmonster political parties address this obscenity and soon they will be asking for your vote. ASK THEM HOW THEY JUSTIFY THEIR RETIREMENT PENSIONS! The reason is that there are even more anomalies in the public purse because The Taxpayers Alliance report that 1250 people working in Local Government earn in excess of £100.000 and a further 166 earn more than £15000!

This is incredible! It is not that lon ago that I worked in Local Government and I know that nobody earned anywhere near £100K a year so how did this happen? When did the salaries of Chief Executuve Officers go through the roof without the public realising it? It is unsustainable without the nation going bankrupt...oh yes I forgot..we are already bankrupt and now we know why.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Right to Refuse...

There appears to be an almighty row brewing over the the opinion of the leading Tory Chris Grayling that the Christian B&B owners who banned a gay couple from their business had the right to do so. I cannot for the life of me understand why a Conservative party that traditionally has been opposed to any restraint of freedom should concern itself over this issue but then these days the state inteferes with everything.

We should do all that we can to retain all our freedoms (what is left of them)and freedom of association is one of them. If these people for whatever belief want to ban gays from their premises then that is their right. It does not matter what reasons they have because the decision has been made. There are after all plenty of gay only hotels and nobody insists that they accept heterosexuals.

Too many people today are hell bent on insisting that we observe rules and regulations which are anathema to our personal beliefs. When I see some of the poor wtetches who have been allowed to reside in our once green and pleasant land I wince. There is not a cat in hell's chance that I would want my grandchildren to go anywhere near them.

By the same token I am sure that many would not want to bother with an ageing Englishman who has no interest in their life styles or beliefs. We should all have freedom of association and Chris Grayling has nothing to apologise over. If the Tories lose a few votes from a blinkered and petrifed electorate then so be it.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Every person in every household that I speak to feels disenfranchised. None of us want what we are being offered. Frankly Gorgon Brown and his cronies have bullied their way into Downing Street and he can cheat and lie all he likes but he is despised by the majority of the people on the street.

Yes he can garner the votes of the Unions, the Muslims, the SPADS, the benefit cheats and all those who depend on him for their high life but...the rest of us would never, ever in their life give him a second glance. He is a failure, a fraud, an overpromoted, overambitious, unprincipled marxist who has used every tool available to bully, bribe and threaten his way into power.

So having got that off my chest let me tackle David Cameron. I well remember how fiercely I condemned the Tories at the fag end of their horrendous twenty years of power. To be honest if I had known what Blair/Brown had in stall for us I would have probably voted,no that is a joke.. not very funny I know but hell where do we go from here?

David Cameron had an opportunity to revitalise the Tory party but gave it the big bodyswerve. He has consistently ignored public opinion and refused to attack Gorgon Brown to such an extent that Gorgon has been allowed to make a fool of him at PM's Question Time! I ask myself why?

The huge bogey man of British politics is the European Union. They are all in thrall of the unelected, unaudited, undemocratic union which has taken over our lives. We spend a fortune to keep this union alive. The Political Class owe everything to this abhorrant abberation, The thinking public know that it is wrong. We know that the Political Class (you know every political party that infests Westmonster) has denied the public a vote on our membership of the European Union. Why? They bloody know why because we would destroy their silly little game.

The next election has to be a referendum on Europe. I know that I go on and on but it is so important.. this is our chance of a referendum... please vote for anyone opposing the EU. If you vote like that you can be assured that we may still have a future. If you vote for the traditional parties then you condemn us to yet another five years of EU domination. Please think about it!