Monday, 23 December 2013

Marks and Spencers!

You might comment 'predictably' but I will never again shop at Marks and Spencers.  I will never again visit an M & S store because of their spineless response to yet another Muslim problem. Apparently an M&S employee refused to serve a shopper with alcohol because it was against his/her religion!

This employee was employed to sell the goods stocked by the shop. That employment had nothing to do with any form of religion. Their religion is irrelevant because if you do not want to sell alcohol then do not join a company that sells it!

This is clearly yet another ploy to wind up the British Public and show them that actually they have no power whatsoever!  Some utter clown from some spurious Muslim organisation was allowed to gloat live on SKY television that it was all about multiculturism and inclusiveness and all the other platitudes that these parasites are allowed to use to explain their abusive behaviour!

It is all of course predictable because the British public just have to suck it all up and have absolutely no recourse to any form of national justice.  All we can do is boycott a stupid organisation which has allows itself to become embroiled in this disgusting charade!  Will M&S become the new Ratner...I bloody hope so!


Rickie said...

The solution is a simple one, forget religious debates, forget what M&S should do or what their policy should be, forget what action you should take by leaving your goods and running or complaining to management, or moving to another till.

Let the muslim in question deal with the problem he/she has created, just the person in question nobody else needs to be involved.

Stand your ground and ask for someone to serve you, don't move, don't get angry just wait.

How many times will the muslim put up with having to swap tills , find someone else, stand behind another sales assistant looking stupid. leaving your goods and running away means the muslim in question shouts "next please" and smiles.

Individuals cause the problem, they should have to deal with it

bryboy said...

I can't really argue with that Rickie but M&S should have dealt with it and moved on. This type of publicity fuels the feeling that someone is rubbing our noses in it!

parisclaims said...

A marker was laid down several years ago when a mosquerat policeman refused to guard the Israeli Embassy. He was not disciplined. I'm surprised it took so long for others to follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Good man yerself Bryboy, far as i'm concerned M&S has ceased to exist, if they're stupid enough to allow cowardly twats to run their stores and allow this crap to go on, the sooner they go out of business the better.

Mind you, her good self and i increasingly shop online, almost all except for food shopping.

Increasingly rare customer service...and yes M&S a bloody plastic smile won't undo your treachery...parking gestapo, one way systems, unending traffic lights that stop you for no blody reason, and the general unmannered obnoxious public to rub shoulders with, if we never venture into a high street again it will suit us just fine.

And don't get me started on the absolute national discrace that is the lack of, and condition of those few that are there, public conveniences.

Anyway, sorry for belated Christmas wishes but me blessed PC died, so i'll wish you a very good New Year instead.

And thankyou for continuing to post your thoughts, i don't always respond but i invariably read.

Your posts help me from going completely round the bloody bend, its good to know i'm not alone in being bemused by the lunacy that is this country at this time.

Kind Regards


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good Christmas Bry, off topic and I'm sure you are aware, a great debate has started on The Tap blog. Jesuits or Jews rule the world. Great debate and good old Herby tops it all by commenting that the Jews control the Jesuits, great stuff.



bryboy said...

Tks for all your contributions guys. I know I rant but it helps to keep the blood pressure down! I will be absent for about a month in January so if I don't post you know why. I follow 'The Tap' religiously Neutrino. Some of it is sometimes a bit over my head but he is one of the best out there. Regards to all.