Sunday, 25 August 2013

Holidays - The Western Isles

I will probably be off line for the next week or so as I am off to the Outer Hebrides for a brief holiday.  It is my intention to 'wild' camp on a deserted white sand beach while I still can!  I think that the western coast of Harris looks perfect on 'Google Earth' and it will also be quite central for further exploration.

I just hope that the weather is not impossible!  I expect rain and midgies but severe storms would probably force me back into the car.

Anyhow the plan is to walk, take photographs and relax. I will eat, drink and sleep when I want and I just hope that I am not disappointed.  Goodbye cruel world!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Faked they Influence the Public!

Look I see a lot of stuff so I have become cynical.  The only reason that I see a lot of stuff is because I look for it.  I believe implicitly that the mainstream news is being manipulated by the media moguls all of whom are controlling the world.  Call them what you want but somebody, somewhere has corrupted the mainstream media and they are feeding us a message that they want you to believe.

So I will say nothing more...just watch this clip and make up your own mind about the amateurish attempts to influence the west that are emanating from Syria and probably Egypt and probably so many other places.  I also include places like Sandy Hook and so many other American atrocities.  Can they really fake anything and you must ask yourself why would they want to? 

UPDATE:  Apparently this story has been blocked and you cannot now access it! You must ask yourselves why?  Here is the follow up from 'Beforeitsnews'.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Syria... Yet Again!

The regime changers are becoming desperate.  They have so far failed to put a dent into President Assad of Syria so they are inventing media stories.  If I have a regular follower. then you will recognize that I have never believed any of the media stories that regularly appear on all our news screens.

The reason is that they never have credible footage of any chemical attack.  They appear to mock up grainy, unsubstantiated pictures of people who have been affected by some sort of attack but there is never any proof.  I have always said that if President Assad wanted to lose world support then he should do just that!  Obama (I shudder every time I blog about that alleged 'fraudster') has declared that chemical weapons would be his 'red line'.  If that was proven then intervention from western powers would occur so that someone is trying to create the 'red line'.

In the meantime William Hague exposes himself to the criticism that he is being paid by 'regime changers' to influence the UK by, without proof, accusing the Syrian government forces of genocide. 
Now the BBC is weighing in with Hague so we now know that this chemical attack is possibly being concocted. 

All the forces that the BBC parades in front of the public are people who encouraged the invasion of Iraq and Libya. They are experienced enough to encourage an escalation of war (yet again) when the bottom line is that Syria is one of a handful of countries still to reject a Rothschild Central Bank!

Our mainstream politicians are all in the same boat.  In my opinion they are all being bribed and influenced by the EU's access to the huge public funds into which we all are forced to contribute. The Regional Councils, the Quangos, the County Councils, our MP's and even our local officials all dip into the gravy train.

Only people like President Assad say NO!  

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Does Skegness Really Reflect our Nation?

Today my wife and I took the grandchildren to 'Skeggy' and we had a great day out.  We picnicked on the beach, the kids paddled in the sea (despite my horror at the wind turbines that have sprung up exactly at the spot where the public would not want them) and then they hit the funfair.

We had decided that as they had never been to Skegness before we would make it memorable so we bought them armbands (£14 each) knowing that these two daredevils would more than get their money's worth. The sun was shining brightly (why did I take sun screen to Lanzarote and not to Skeggy?) and I now glow!

Whilst the kids were screaming on the 'Waltzers' and 'The Extreme' it gave me a chance to sit quietly viewing the British public and it was not a pretty sight.  Now I concede that Skeggy is not the best drawing card but the town is not at fault.  The town offers all the attractions of a normal seaside resort.  The old seaside smells have all but gone and the beach, the donkeys, the funfair and the shops are all still there.

My beef is the people.  Anyone from 'Planet Zog' would seriously blink at the British people on holiday in Skegness.  How can I put this?  We have a vastly overweight population (mainly women and kids), who are over tattooed ( particularly the women) scruffily but sexually dressed (where has our fashion sense gone?) accompanied by a miscellany of VERY unhappy, ignorant and ill-disciplined children.

The politics of the past forty years have at last completed their brief.  Nobody could possibly be proud of the British working class today. Now I realise that many of the people that I saw today were not 'working' class because they were the 'unemployable' class.

We had a great day and loved Skegness but my impression of  the British people at the lower end of the spectrum was frankly mind blowing!  We have a long way to go to bring back national pride.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Real Cost of HS2!

Today the Daily Mail highlights the true cost of HS2.  Typically it is outlandish for a project which we do not need. The real cost will be in the environmental disasters required to drive this monstrosity through our countryside.

It was never the best kept secret that this is the final leg of the EU high speed rail network and as such will have little political opposition from within Westmonster.  It is however, so ill conceived and so costly that for any British politician to accept a plan that has no business merit whatsoever is almost akin to treason.

Many wildlife habitats, areas of natural beauty, and family homes will be destroyed just to accede to a mad socialist concept emanating from Brussels.  What does it take for our politicians to ditch this crazy proposal? Why would they even consider it?

Well we are now more aware than ever that many of our elected politicians have access to the EU gravy train. That can be the only reason for this madness.  It may have to be up to the public to stop it so those of us who are not directly affected by the upheavel should at all times support those that are.  This is one project that should be stopped at all cost!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

What IS Happening in Egypt?

I do wonder the reason for the bloodshed in Cairo? Why has the interim government decided to go in so hard against the Muslim Brotherhood?  Is this the first round of the forthcoming world battle against Islam?

If we examine the middle east conflicts of the past 20 years, most of them caused by people that I call 'regime changers', there has not been one single success.  We live in what we laughingly term a 'democracy' but it does not appear to work in arabic speaking countries.

Ever since Blair/Bush concocted a reason to invade Iraq we have had a series of national disasters in the middle east.  I omit the Israel/Palestine conflict because that will probably never change but Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Eqypt have all had interference from 'regime changers'  and although every deposed leader was a tyrant the consequences have been disastrous for the people.

The Muslim Brotherhood have been described as 'terrorists' but I would also use that term to describe the 'regime changers' because every time that they interfere they cause terror and look at Syria as an example. Our useless politicians, who are only servants of the 'regime changers' continue to make the wrong decisions because they are paid to do so.

I just wonder if the Cairo of today could become the Luton of tomorrow?  If we do not soon elect a totally different set of politicians then our future could be very fragile.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Addressing Sleaze and Corruption!

Godfrey Bloom wants to address real 'Issues'!
It is becoming increasingly difficult to write about the political scene in the UK because almost everywhere one looks there appears to be some form of abnormal behaviour.  All three of the mainstream political parties appear to be in disarray.  Nobody appears to be in control of the country and as such the British people are being continually ripped off!

Fuel and utility prices are apparently not being monitored by government sources.  Rail prices continue to escalate out of control. In many areas commuter services are woefully inadequate.

The UK Border Service is still not monitoring immigration adequately.  We are an island society and yet it would appear that anyone can arrive here legally or illegally and remain despite some examples of atrocious behaviour. Who is following up and evicting illegals?

It took the 'bongo-bongo' outburst from Godfrey Bloom of UKIP to highlight the treasonable waste of public funds haemorrhaging to unworthy African dictators who cream off huge amounts for personal gain.  Why is this still being allowed? Why are we funding Indian and Nigerian space programmes? Why are we funding  the purchase of Pakistani jet fighters when we cannot afford to man our own aircraft carriers?

These are all questions which should be addressed in Westmonster but all we get is a constant repeat of party political trivia.  Accordingly the Labour party is devoid of meaningful policies, the Conservative party is losing membership and the LibDems under Clegg have become irrevelant.

I have yet to even mention the scandalous amounts handed out to the EU every month and this is why the British public should become concerned.  Our political class are handing out shed loads of public money and then declaring that we are trillions in debt and we, the public, must face austerity.  It is despicable behaviour but somehow, come election time, the British public do not hold them to account!

Every aspect of the services delivered by government is failing.
No matter where we look, Immigration, Education, Health and Welfare, Transport, Justice and Foreign Policy we face chaos and yet they all go berzerk when Godfrey Bloom uses the term 'Bongo-Bongo land'. It is high time that this country went back to straight talking and increasingly used the term 'treason' to describe what is happening to our money!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Where are we Going?

I have just spent a week in Lanzarote with my family.  As you might expect it was gorgeous and very hot but it does give everyone a chance to chill out and relax.  We stayed in a lovely villa which had many facilities but amongst them was a small library of paperbacks left by previous occupants.  I picked a book out of this library which I knew had been very popular and had even been converted into a film called 'The Hunger Games'.  It is actually a trilogy but that is inconsequential.

The book details a society where the 'Capitol' rules over 12 Districts all of whom supply 'The Capitol' with their own specialist products.  For example District 12 is responsible for coal production.  The people living in the 'Districts' are so poor and so deprived that they eat almost anything edible but in the 'Capitol' they have invented a medicine which can make them vomit so that they can eat more!

It really made me think.  We have a Political Class which could represent 'The Capitol'.  They live in a luxury which most of us cannot contemplate.  They are kept in power by 'Peacekeepers' (as described in the book) who act like our modern police force.  The sole purpose of the 'Peacekeepers' is to protect the 'Capitol' and ignore crimes against the public! Get the picture?

I cannot yet equate the UK with 'The Hunger Games' but is it not a direction in which we are heading?  Unless we close the differential between the 'haves' and the have nots' then surely we are heading into a land where the ruling powers will decimate the so called working class?  We already have a ruling class who seem to be able to dictate their own salaries when the rest of us face austerity.  If you are a CEO of a major company/local government council/bank or charity then you can command ridiculous salaries!

How come the the CEO's of so called 'charities' can claim six figure salaries?  We are all being conned by a system emanating from the EU.  The EU began all the corruption. We had none of this arrant nonsense before the EU was formed.  I read 'The Hunger Games' and saw the future led by the European Union.  They are 'The Ultimate Capitol' and the UK may become District Thirteen.

If we do not listen to Nigel Farage and Godfrey Bloom then this is the direction that we are heading and it frightens me!  No not me but I fear for my grandchildren because they are being indoctrinated into accepting a society which is inherently corrupt and they will never know it.

I have read two books of a trilogy. I suspect that the third book deals with the revolution against 'The Capitol'. I firmly believe that unless we are prepared to destroy the current political electoral system then we will remain under the cosh of an unelected elite installed by people with a lot of money.

So in what direction are we as a nation actually going? Good Question!