Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Irish vote tomorrow!

There is a significant referendum being held tomorrow in Ireland. It has been virtually ignored by our mainstream media but this vote could have a calamitous effect on Europe. The Irish of course have already voted 'No' but that was not accepted by the unelected commissioners of Europe and now they have demanded a second referendum so that the Irish can get it right!

It is of course exactly how Europe has come to power. They are undemocratic and unaudited which of course makes them illegal but why worry about semantics when power is involved.

The Irish must then vote again and from what I see they have been bullied, threatened and cajoled into believing that they were wrong in the first place. These Celts however, are a strange race. They can be charming and they can be cruel but they are entirely unpredictable.#

I will be deeply disappointed if they renege on their first vote but then they have be cruelly bullied throughout history so perhaps this modern generation may succomb to the overtures from the bullies. Oh for a referendum here! What we could do given the chance, but they know it so we will never, ever get one.

If the Irish fail us then our only hope lies with the Czechs would you believe? They have doubts about this monstrous conglomorate of bankers, press barons and politicians. Remember Catherine Ashton is our sole European Commissioner and nobody has ever voted for her! Who is she I hear you ask? Exactly!

UPDATE; Sorry the Irish voted today but the sentiment remains.

Gordon Brown

I really cannot believe that this man is the Prime Minister of Great Britain. His round of televised interviews this morning was dramatic to say the least. First of all I was almost moved to applause when Sian Williams of the BBC would not let the PM off with his usual long winded rhetoric. She continually pressed him about how he is going to afford some of the promises in his speech.

He blustered as usual interrupting in his rude hectoring manner but she persisted and in the end he was so pleased to be out of it that he blundered past her in full view of the cameras.

Earlier SKY almost did a number on him because Adam Boulton got him so mad that he tried to walk away dragging his mike with him. The look he gave Adam Boulton was poisonous and the look on Kay Burley's face in the SKY studio was hilarious.

He doesn't seem to understand that the rubbish that he and Blair originally got away with has been exposed. His much vaunted reputation of financial wizardry has been stripped away and now his words are being scrutinised because we all know that he cannot be trusted.

Yesterday most of his speech dealt with repairing situations which NoLab caused in the first place. He seems to think that the public are as stupid as the NoLab members yesterday vainly trying to find something worthwhile to applaud. NoLab have been responsible for policies which have encouraged teenage pregnancies, violent yobs and drunken louts.

They wanted an intrusive and expensive ID card. They have allowed the bloated NHS to squander millions, signed our freedom away to Brussels and allowed mass uncontrolled immigration. Hardly anyone wanted Gordon Brown as PM. He got it because he demanded it and the weak NoLab party could not find the will to oppose him. They got what they deserved but we didn't and I suspect that we are now all enjoying Brown's discomfort.

An election cannot come soon enough.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Paxo is currently destroying Ed Miliband because he has already sussed that this soundbyte speech is a load of nonsense. They have no plans installed. There are no plans to back up Gordon Brown's proposals today. They are a load of rubbish. Nothing will change, nothing can change because all the money has been spent on quangos.

Jeremy Paxman is doing a brilliant job in destroying the NoLab myths. Gordon Brown's whole speech was a soundbyte. He will not tackle the real issues for his working class. He constantly refuses to support the disabled and continues to support the illegal immigrants. They have police priority and the disabled and disconnected can go to hell because they have no voice.

The Soundbyte Speech to the Desperate!

I cannot believe this soundbyte speech which he gave to the desperate activists that he has let down. They have been in power now for what... 13 years? They have absolutely wrecked our society and our economy and now he proposes plans to reverse some of the anti-social measures that he and his party have created.

It is unbelievable. Any thinking person who grew up in the nineteen fifties know what the problem is. We have become a society without a penalty for those who think that they can break the law. The young are out of our control. The families who breed the young are also out of our control. Gordon Brown has always announced his big plans but then he lacks the ability to carry them through.

You see, to implement Brown's plans, then the local authorities/police need money. Gordon Brown has spent all the money. He has sold off the gold reserves (at rock bottom prices) and he continues to throw money at Europe none of which we get back. We also prop up governments like Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India and China with huge sums which we entitle foreign aid. We are actually bribing these countries to remain friendly with us.

So I would applaud many of the initiatives which Gordon was announcing to a cheering audience of NoLab activists but one question remains...where is the money? How will he pay for his huge plans? Who will monitor the progress?

UPDATE: The proprietor of The Sun (Rupert Murdoch) has announced that Gordon Brown has lost the support of 'The Sun'. He is dead in the water then!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Leicestershire Police and the Local Authorities

The jury in the despicable case where a woman killed herself and her disabled daughter after failing to receive any protection against constant threats from feral youths have returned the inevitable verdict. She was let down by everybody whose duty it was to protect her and her family.

It can bring no comfort to her family but this case could be a landmark in British Law. This illustrates without any argument that the police and the local authorities have abrogated their responsibilities. They are not defending the vulnerable members of society and we all know that this is far from an isolated instance.

Typically Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, has immdeiately jumped up screamimg 'Enquiry, Enquiry' but as we all know these enquries have in the past only been used to whitewash the problem and sweep it under the carpet. In this case it is so despicable that the guilty parties cannot be allowed to walk away. Of course the guilty parties are also the ones who have altered the role of the police and who have brought in acts like the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

The problem of the feral youths has got to be tackled. They can no longer be ignored. They have to be confronted but then what do we do with them? What can we do with them? They are usually uneducated and uncared for and have no aspiration whatsover. In the main they live in areas where frankly they have wrecked almost everything apart from the shops where they can buy their booze.

We have always believed that our country is one of the leading democracies in the western world and yet we are producing an ever increasing sub-culture which is an indictment on everyone. Who is going to tackle the problem? We never hear any innovative thinking from the likes of Ed Balls, Jack Straw, or any of the very many Home Secretaries who NoLab have appointed and sacked during their tenure in government.

This NoLab government has abandoned these people. I am now going to take a deep breath and get my thoughts in order and then I will suggest what should be done with them. We need a plan and I have got one!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Baroness Scotland

Back to the Baroness who frankly is bang to rights! Her housekeeper, sorry cleaner has really put the boot in thanks to Max Clifford. Guido Fawkes has followed up and I cannot see a hole that the Baroness can escape into. She is the typical champagne socialist who exploits her position to enslave the poor.

How could she pay this person just £6 per hour when the going rate is £10 per hour. This is at the heart of the problem. It would appear that she saw an opportunity to employ someone desperate for a job and she used it. The interview apparently was cursory and jovial because when you only need to pay £6 an hour what does it matter?

This is always the folly of the greedy. They will cut corners to save a buck and it really doesn't pay. These politicians make the rules and then ignore them. If this Attorney General cannot abide by her own rules then she should be toast. The problem is that the Political Class now believe that they are above the law.

Gordon Brown (did you see him on the Andrew Marr show this morning, belligerent and sweating) has to remove her but he won't because he is the head of the, if you love me then I love you club. He is a real bad 'un but then we already knew that. This morning he ran rings around the hapless Marr who endlessly allowed him to talk frankly bollocks!

Baroness Scotland has single-handedly exposed the NoLab/EU/politically correct culture that we should promote people above their level of competence purely on the grounds of gender or ethnicity. She appears to be way out of her depth! But then is that really not a surprise?

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Law and Disorder

Not long after the Blair government took office a huge change began to take place in our society. The police were suddenly very reluctant to turn out against hooliganism and the law abiding citizen was suddenly left defnceless against young feral gangs.
How many times did we read about desperate homeowners and parents being kicked senseless when trying to protect their property or their kids? All too often!

I could never understand why the police had turned against the public but now I know the reson and so does everyone else. A Leicestershire Superintendent, when being questioned in the enquiry currently taking place at Loughborough into the suicide of the desperate mother who had been bullied, blurted out that the police no longer had responsibility for 'low-level' hooliganism! It is now apparently the responsibility of local councils! Can you believe that for a crass decision and why did nobody inform the public?

We have a huge pack of newspaper reporters whose job it is to report decisions which will affect the public and yet nobody made any reference to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 which has changed the face of this country. This act handed over the hooligan problem to the local authority and at the same time introduced a sliding scale of penalties which would keep the hooligan out of prison.

The excuse for this betrayal of the public was that young people should not be criminalised too early in life! This is the reason that we have an epidemic of young offenders running around laughing at anyone who wants them reined in. What really annoys me is that the Tories must have known about this Act and have never flagged it up for immediate repeal if and when they come to power.

You see this is why I do not trust David Cameron. He has no plans to deal with the problems which have beset our country since Blair came into power. We desperately need a curb on immigration and a plan to root out the illegals. We need to tackle youth crime. We must get a grip on the horrendous booze culture which is destroying so many of our young people. Above all we must stop the social engineering and get education back on track.

This is why I have in the past written in support of the BNP. Yes I know about some of their extreme views on race but at least they have policies which would reverse the trends emanating from Europe. If we don't mend this country soon it won't be worth mending.

Friday, 25 September 2009

President's Day

On Sunday I host my first (and possibly last) President's Day for my local bowls club. It is really a big deal for me because I want to mark my Presidency with a touch of originality.

I have been supported by all of my friends and I hope that everyone will enjoy the day. It is the very end of the season and It has been a good and profitable season.
We have actually won nothing but the spirit in the club is fantastic. We have in the last few years recruited some bowlers who are potentially very good.

I believe that my club is on the brink of big things but we must just convince the bowlers. We have a takeover in the club and that is normal for a bowls club. We have younger people who are ambitious and talented. I will not preempt my AGM speech but there are talented people waiting in the wings and we must give them an opportunity.

The game of bowls is ideal for the elderly but it is also a medium for the past competitor. The person who reaches the age of forty and now realises that they need to rediscover their ambition.

I have surprises in store and I hope that it works!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Gordon Brown - National Embarassment!

I have never seen a Prime Minister of Britain grovel to be in the presence of an American President but it is quite clear that Gordon Brown is absolutely desperate to be seen close to Barack Obama. The television pictures are nauseating. He is a girning idiot pushing ever closer to the American President who constantly tries to ignore his presence.

It is sometimes difficult to ignore a problem child. Our countries are linked together by our linguistic and social histories but Barack Obama is an intelligent man and he must realise that our PM is a total liability. He is still the President of an independent country (unlike Gordon Brown) and he must realise that Gordon Brown is frankly (sorry folks) a total twat!

Gordon Brown has put the special relationship between America and Britain in jeopardy because he is simply not up to the job. He may have bullied and intimidated the NoLab MPs but he cannot apply his particular brand of political thuggery to the President of the United States. Barack Obama has summed him up. The body language is obvious. Gordon Brown is not on the White House Christmas card list...but then is he on anyone's Christmas card list?

Only Gordon knows why he is the PM. Only Gordon knows why he has abused the British political system. Only Gordon knows why he is crushing the Labour such an extent that they deservedly will be humiliated in any forthcoming election. Only Gordon knows why he won't resign...only God knows what legacy he will leave the country when we eventually get rid of him.


The Blogosphere

Every now and then there are days when the blogs start buzzing and todat was one of them. Apparently there are reports that a new boook is being published tomorrow which will make very difficult reading for the NoLab party. It has been kept secret and is to be serialised tomorrow by a national newspaper. I hope that it will embarrass as many people as possible because one day the truth about these NoLab leaders will emerge and it will not be pretty.

In addition the Tongan cleaner who has caused Baroness Scotland such embarrassment is apparently in the clutches of Max Clifford! He would not have her in tow if there was not money to be made. I suspect that this could finish the noble Baroness altogether. Already there are doubts about the background of the cleaner's husband and his own immigration status. I look forward to more revelations.

I also stumbled across a site called the 'Daily Mash'. It is hilarious. It is utter rubbish but based on current themes in the press. The writer is a comic genius and I found myself laughing out loud. The Daily Mash is certainly worth a visit.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Statesman of the Year...Gordon Brown...what!?

I don't think any of us can believe this so called award for Gordon Brown! Statesman of the year? I have always kept extreme bad language from this blog because I know who reads it.

I do believe that this award for Gordon Brown which he narrowly wins from Tony Blair Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw could be... arsehole of the decade! These people have ruined our country. They have clearly done it at the behest of bankers and media moguls.

They are for sale to the highest bidders and so are the Cabinet. It is absolutely extraordinary that none of the Gordon Brown/Tony Blair cabinets appear to be hindered by any form of conscience, They have all prospered to a huge degree from their position within the NoLab party. That makes them crooks in my eyes!

Baroness Scotland

I apologise for revisiting this subject but it is so important. She has been fined £5000 and yet she has never been in court. Who imposed this fine? The blogs and comments are full of it. She has broken the law and yet she does not visit a courtroom. Who pays the fine? Who ensures that the public do not pay the fine?

This NoLab cabal are obviously capable of any type of chicanery. They cheat at every opportunity and are shameless. We all know it and unless your very existance depends on the largesse of NoLab then they are finished. I honestly believe that they are finished for ever! It is the end of socialism because the people who have claimed to be socialists have been proven to be cheats, liars and thieves.

The party and the unions that, for example my father supported, have been subverted and destroyed. If Baroness Scotland is allowed to remain in position then every day that she remains will be a day that NoLab loses support. It is a scandal! Even the most intransigent old Labour supporter will realise that they have been sold down the river...and some!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Baroness Scotland

The weasel wording used by Baroness Scotland to defend herself from breaking her own laws is bewildering. She phrased the law, she introduced it and then she broke it. She was well aware that she had to photocopy the evidence which would prove that her cleaner was living here legally.

Her failure to comply with the law demonstrates that she is not up to the job. She should therefore resign. She cannot be a law maker and a law breaker. Her failure to do the honourable deed also demonstrates the lack of integrity that almost all of Gordon Brown's closest allies regularly display. They show such a lack of honour that they would probably not meet the entrance criteria for the Mafia even though in all other aspects their tactics show a remarkable similarity.

Nobody has ever voted for Baroness Scotland so why is she there? Gordon Brown seems to have over three hundred useless MPs who are not fit to enter the Cabinet. We voted for them but all they seem to do is hang around gorging themselves at our expense. In the Cabinet running the country are a large collection of individuals who we have never been elected. Democracy? Yeah sure...democracy Brown style!
What an arrogant cow! She is claiming that her offence is similar to failing to pay the congestion charge! If that is the case then why did she frame the bill in the first place? We, a country in recession, are spending millions on illegal immigrants and now that she has been found out she claims that it is a trivial offence. It is not trivial. It demonstrates her total unsuitability for her position. She has let a lot of people down and I reckon that deep down she knows it.

Leicestershire Police

There is a inquest currently being held in Loughborough which emphasises the attitude of the police and the local authorities to the lower end of the social spectrum. I have blogged many times that the people who need the most help are being left to fend for themselves and this case has illustrated the problem. It frankly disgusts me!

An honest if poor family who clearly physically and mentally needed assistance had been bullied for a very lengthy time by feral children on a housing estate. They begged for protection from the police and the local authorities who both ignored them. The police would not turn out because they are clearly scared of the youths. The authorities issued the usual, useless banning orders which are never enforced and are therefore ignored.

The upshot was that the mother took her daughter, set fire to her car and when it exploded they died. The coroner is apparently now trying to recover the facts. One fact is that the family rang for police assistance on 33 occasions and received nothing. I just hope that all the people who failed this family are deeply ashamed of themselves. The Chief Constable should resign because he/she must have approved the lack of effort to curb the activities of the youths who as usual will have been well known to them.

There is a culture within the police that they and should cosy up to the offenders as if they are all in the same crime club. They generally call them 'mate' and bend over backwards not to offend them. When a family outside of the crime club then ask for help the police know that it will be a problem so they ignore the request. It should cease but it will continue because the Political Class want it that way.

It is shameful!

Monday, 21 September 2009

The Club Bowls Gala

Yesterday my local bowls club held its annual gala. A bowls gala is a test of stamina even for it's President. I had to keep things moving throughout the day and ensure that the visitors and of course our own members had a great day.

First and foremost the weather was fantastic. Midway through September we had a cloudless sky and is was a real wonder. Everybody turned up but then our generation know what the word commitment means. All around us there is madness but we continue as we always have. Bowls Galas are mandatory. People like Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair do not affect or even understand Bowls galas. Eventually they will try to ban them, of course they wiil, but our elderly society remains unaffected by all the madness which surrounds them.

I am awaiting for the assault on our pensions. It is bound to happen. We are the generation which saved and planned for our old age. Few of us were reckless and most of us led decent lives. We are therefore the most vulnerable. NoLab will never recognise our contribution to society because they have squandered our inheritance, and our legacy for our grandchildren.

Our Bowls Gala is one of the last remnants of our British society. I nearly said English but the Scots, Welsh and Irish also play bowls. It is one of the last remnants of our indigenous, white society. That means of course that eventually if the local bowls club cannot attract a Muslim member then they will cease to exist!

So... if there is a Muslim equivalent of David Bryant in any of our local mosques (and we have plenty) please come to our club. You must remember however, that honesty, integrity and fair play will remain paramount. Bowls is not a business deal. Bowls is a game where the best player wins and not the best cheat. If you win at bowls then you are the best player and not the best cheat (Stephen Smith of Quorn Mills Bowls Club) please note!!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The British Government is in hock...

I have been looking for some time why the NoLab/Conservative parties are actually in hoc to the bankers. The reason that the government cannot impose sanctions on the people like SIR Fred Goodwin and his cohorts is that our political parties owe their existence to the bankers.

When the banks own the political parties then they can do what they want. We hear daily that NoLab has lost control of public finances and of course they have but we must remember that both George Osborne and Peter Mandelsson were on board the yacht owned by Nat Rothschild when they subsequently clashed!

I have come to the conclusion that it is pointless to vote because the bankers actually own the country. They win either way and always will. If you delve into the history of say the Rothschilds then it becomes clear that they have all the money and that means they own not only own Britain but also America.

The only countries that they don't own are Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Somalia!! Their most recent success was won because they recently gained Libya and that has only recently been gained through the contracts organised by Blair, Mandelsson and Brown through the medium of British Gas (owned by the Rothschilds).

The only reason that the Lockerbie bomber was released was to appease the bankers. They needed another conquest and so we gave it to them. How will they organise the conquests of Iran, North Korea, Somalia and Cuba?

Heh I am really rambling tonight! The problem is that we don't generally even look at the higher aspect of our finances because we know nothing about it. Heh neither do I... but there comes a time when we have to delve into history to discover our problems.

Europe was a creation of the media and the bankers. Look at the people who attended the Bilderberger conferences and then tell me that NoLab/Tory policies are not identical. We could all vote BNP/Green/UKIP/Independent/Libertarian it simply does not matter because the bankers own the world!

So how do we combat their desire to create a Muslim conflict? It is on the cards and only we in Britain can prevent it. Will we do it?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Baroness Scotland

Ha! Hoist petard by own your! This government Minister who, by the way, nobody has ever voted for, has been employing an illegal immigrant as a cleaner. Now according to her own laws if you employ an illegal immigrant then you must ensure that he/she has the correct clearance and you must also verify that clearance.

We all await with baited breath the proof that Baroness Scotland has that her cleaner was a legitimate employee. She made the rule and now she must abide by it. Frankly she is stuffed but...hold on, she has the full confidence of no less than the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and wait for it ...Keith Vaz. Well that's alright then... but er can we please see the proof?

STOP PRESS: She apologises! Yeah right then...everything that applies to everyone else is now going to be swept under a murky carpet. She brought this act in. She personally was responsible for this law! She had to realise that she was, shall we say...whiter than white! If she does not have the proof then she should resign.

The Bankers are in Charge!

I have spent quite some time now investigating the Rothschild family timeline. It is an absolutely fascinating historical commentary on the past three hundred years.

According to the history of the Rothschilds they have been responsible for every catastrophe, every war, every misadventure that the world has endured. Even their maternal great great great great (sic) grandmother admitted that there would be no more wars if her sons did not want it.

It is incredible and mindblowing because apparently this family has been controlling the world for almost three hundred years. There is compelling evidence to suggest that so many of the worlds' conflicts are as a direct result of this banking family.

I have always thought that the ruination of our country was deliberate and part of a plot that I could not begin to understand. If you read the Rothschild Family Timeline by Andrew Hitchcock then you may begin to realise that democracy is actually a myth. The people who control the banks control the country. It is simple.

We all know that Gordon Brown has scuppered the country and that we all now owe trillions. Who provides the trillions? Who allows this debt? Financially who owns the country? If you read the history of the Rothschilds then you will soon realise that our future has been manipulated and decided and there is nothing that you and I can do about it.

The massive influx of Muslims into a Christian country has been deliberately organised in order to cause a major conflict in our country but we do not know when that will happen. It appears to be another step in a global plan to create world domination. Enjoy your life folks because the plan is almost in place and it will not affect you. Once Iran, Cuba, North Korea and I believe Somalia come into line the world is the property of the Rothschild family.

Congratulations to the Illuminati, to Mayer Amschel Bauer and his sons! You did it boys the forces of evil have succeeded. You are now in control of the world! What will you do with it?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009 about resignations?

I am sick of seeing overpaid government officials appearing on television to apologise for their incompetence. It has to stop! It is about time that these people who are cushioned on all sides have to take responsibility for their actions. Until Civil Servants are held to account for crass actions then we will continue to get bad decisions.

I realise that hindsight is a powerful tool but not to close a farm where they knew that ecoli was present was a huge error. I don't care what anyone says we cannot take risks with lives of kids. I don't know why the decision was deferred but it was an error and frankly those responsible have proven that they lack the skill for the job. Whatever, the head of the service should stand down because if my grandchildren had been involved then I would never forgive him!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ukraine...says no to Elton John!

Well can you believe it? Ukraine has denied Elton John the chance to adopt a little boy. The reasons are quite simple. He is too old and they do not recogise civil partnerships between homosexuals!

Bloody hell how dare they? How quaint? How nineteen fifties? How can they deny dear old Elton a whim?

I was almost moved to applause!

Gordon Brown - what can one say?

It is difficult to describe the revulsion that I feel every time Gordon Brown appears on the television. He has ruined the country financially to such an extent that the Bank of England has to print more money like a third world African banana republic. He has sold off our gold reserves, sold us down the river with Europe and now after repeatedly arguing that they would never cut public services they have reluctantly had to concede that Gordon Brown and NoLab are so, so inefficient that they have been compelled to renege on all their promises to maintain public services.

I worry however that David Cameron and the Tories will not be able to fill the void. It is very easy to sit tight and watch a prat like Gordon Brown ruin everything but what plans have they got to reverse the trend. Personally I am not impressed with George Osborne and I don't trust David Cameron. He is too...smarmy, too... smooth, too political class!

We need real people in Westmonster, committed people who are not allied to political parties. We will only have one election to sort this out. That is one election to ensure that our country has a chance of survival. In my opinion we are fighting a war.

The public must realise that the political class do not have our welfare at heart. They have proven time and time again that they dip into the public purse at every opportunity but contribute nothing in return. They support illegal organisations like the European Union and give money to regimes like Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

Gordon Brown got all the headlines today because he mentioned the one word 'cuts' which he should have mentioned years ago. The trouble is what cuts, when, where, who and with what? No details, no timeframe and no apology! It is all smoke and mirrors.

We must begin to prepare for the next election now. We must find new candidates, new policies and new parties. We must never ever again cast a vote for the discredited Westmonster Three. This country has to be repaired but in order to do so we must get people engaged in politics again.

If we do not take hold of this next election and I mean all of us, particularly the over sixties, then our grandchildren will never understand the freedom and the life that we once had in this country. We have been so complacent and so gullible that we have allowed these political animals to dictate to us so that they are now threatening to invade our houses in order to establish what tax we pay!

We are a rich country. Only a very hostile and incompetent government could have got to the point where they have created so much debt that they might sink us all. Gordon Brown is a busted flush but then so is Mandelsson and all their cohorts. In my opinion they should all be in jail but that is another question.

If we as a country continue to vote for the current political class then we will get all that we deserve.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Mandelsson, NoLab and Finance!

Ha! 'LORD' Mandelsson standing in front of the country Have you ever in your life heard such crap? The NoLab leadership totally and utterly down to Gordon Brown has left the country in such a dreadful state that it is indefensible. How can this ridiculous man remain in position? He has utterly ruined the country by his profligacy.

He built a reputation on his financial acumen and now we discover that this reputation was built on sand. He sold off all our assets to fund an unrealistic state. I blogged this eons ago; what would happen if Gordon Brown was wrong? Nobody seemed to twig that Gordon Brown was a charlatan. He conned everyone and continues to do so.

They are now backtracking on the Brown premise that he would not cut public spending and that the Tories would! It is obvious to a blind man (and Gordon Brown is half...oh forget it) that our public expenditure is out of control. NoLab have ruined our economy and frankly while we still pay our ridiculous contribution to the unaudited, unelected European Union then we will always have a problem.

On top of that all our Westmonster parties still insist that our Foreign Aid programme is 'ringfenced'! That means that we still pour money into Pakistan, China, India and gawd 'elp us Zimbabwe. We just cannot afford to bribe these countries any more. Enough is enough... Gordon Brown has ensured that we are now officially broke. We are now one of the 'poor' countries like the PIGS, you know Portugal, Italy, Grrece and Spain.

Is it not time that the European Union began to prop us up? We are broke! Our leaders have proven themselves to be incompetent, incorrect and incorrigible but they still throw our money away. When will we get some competent leadership? Don't look at the politicians in Westmonster... they won't so it because they value themselves before the country.

We crave leadership... where are you... when will you emerge... are we destined to the two party battle between the twin appeasers? They both want Europe, they both want Foreign Bribes... they both want high taxation and huge unemployment. I say this because they have no policies to avoid it Where is the original and innovative thinking? It must be somewhere but I guess it will be stiffled for the sake of the so called democracy we so value in this country.

Admin errors!

On 25 August I posted an insignificant little post about the number of administrative errors that are making life a misery for so many people. They appear to be prevalent in the Civil Service and government departments because the people working in these departments have adopted a culture where frankly very little matters apart from the ability to smile sweetly and make excuses for incompetence.

Nobody is nasty anymore, nobody checks anything and nobody takes responsibility. If a person is seen to be hopeless they are just shifted (nicely) to a more menial task. The managers, supervisors and team leaders are therefore losing their ability to man-manage, organise and frankly set an example.

I well remember my manager in my latter days in the Civil Service arriving earlier than usual one morning. I was the only person fielding the phone calls but she received a request for someone in her section to help with incoming mail. As I was the only person in the section I got the job. I didn't bother explaining that at that very moment I had 'freed' the phones and she was about to be besieged with calls from interpreters all over the country with excuses for not attending their court appointments that day. When I got back forty minutes later she was almost having a seizure! Every phone was ringing off the hook and she had learned a very valuable lesson.

The point of this post is that at this very moment all over the country 'A' level students are waiting for their university grants to arrive. Most of them have been ludicrously underpaid and are panicking because an authority called Student Finance England cannot cope.

I will bet that this body is stuffed full of people with degrees who have not got a clue how to get themselves out of the mess that they have created. Every day they will arrive at work neatly groomed, cleavage showing and smiling sweetly while they ruin the lives of their young clients and nobody will give a damn!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Last Night of the Proms

I am watching the coverage of the Last Night of the Proms on BBC. It brings tears to the eyes. Such wonderful music and so many people celebrating being British. A million miles way from what is actually happening on our streets. These people are generally cushioned from the calumny of Lord Mandelsson and Gordon Brown.

They have never faced the realities of what is happening to our nation. As they stand singing fervently 'God Save The Queen' and waving their flags they create an illusion. They generally do not reflect the consequences of such poor government.

As they link hands and sing 'Auld Lang Syne' I really wonder will my granddaughters still be allowed to do the same. The link with Europe is destined to destroy our culture and the existence, no the flood of illegal immigrants, will also threaten our national culture.

The wonderful television BBC experience of the 'Last Night of the Proms' disguises the problems of the country. We should not be deflected from the problems ahead. Despite what the government will tell you the security of our nation is delicate.
We need to be watchful because we have been let down. The bombers recently exposed by the legal system are as usual Muslim and they are not alone.

The Muslim Problem

No sooner had I published my last post than Sky News today showed film of 1000 Muslims rioting on the streets of Harrow in response to a small, legal and peaceful demonstration by Englishmen against the huge Muslim presence.

The demonstration was called off on police advice because the police knew that they could not cope with the sheer numbers ranged against them. I cannot understand why this show of force is not worrying our politicians. Believe me if we do not confront this aggression/show of might then we will live to regret it.

Our law enforcement forces must be in control at all times. If we have come to the point that they cannot cope then we will have to call on people who can cope. If not then it will be up the the citizens to confront these people and we all know what that means.

I hear rumours that soldiers are being asked if they would be prepared to shoot on the streets of Britain. I wonder why the question is being asked? Is it to prevent demonstrations by the indigenous population against the government or is it because people are worried about the might of the Muslims?

Whatever something has to be brokered to contain the Muslim problem in this country. Appeasement never works. Some of these Muslim youngsters are obviously spoiling for a fight. We must ensure that we persuade them that a fight is not a good idea. Does anyone know how we can do that?

Friday, 11 September 2009

The English Defence League

Well it had to happen didn't it? The scumbag class were bound to react to the Islamisation of this country. We have real problems here because the Muslims are arriving in shed loads and they are being allowed to create their own society which is, let's face it, contrary to our indigenous culture.

The problem we have here is that the public have never had a voice in the mass immigration that has occurred. Most of the British public resent this intrusion into our society. We never wanted all these freeloaders to land amongst us. Then of course we discover that we are to blame for the fact that these absolute foreigners do not feel comfortable in our country.

Well of course they don't... but then how do we feel about the headscarf culture... do we feel comfortable about the burka... I personally even object to the turban when it is used as an excuse not to wear crash hats. We have rules in this country which should NEVER be breached on the grounds of religion.

So now back to the English Defence League... you see they are actually right. They are only wrong because they are skin headed and covered in tattoos but... they are the people closest to the problem.

They are the unqualified, the uneducated, the unrepresented and they have nobody or nothing to represent them apart from their muscle. This muscle will of course be met by the Islamic forces which will of course be well organised and coordinated. It is bound to kick off and this NoLab government not only want it to happen but they have encouraged it!!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Big Questions - the EU!

Are you pro Europe or anti Europe because that is the major question that needs to be addressed now and today? I visited the blog of Nadine Dorries (Tory MP) today purely out of mischief because apparently she is sueing Dolly Draper(Galloway) and Damien McBride(late of 10 Downing Street but now not in any way connected to Gordon... of course).

Nadine is a colourful MP because she is strongly sceptical of the EU and yet she still poses as a Tory MP. It must be the money because none of the sceptical MPs dare raise their heads above the parapet and declare that the EU is an illegal and unelected group of people who are draining our country of much needed finance.

They are everywhere these European sceptics but none of them dare break ranks. They belong to the major Westmonster parties but they do not share the aspiration of their leaders. Our parliament is actually irrelevant because it is superceded by an unelected, unaudited union of people who have grouped together to rule Europe.

Why have we, the most long standing democracy in the western world, allowed ourselves to be duped by a gang of fraudsters who care not a jot for the British public? Why can the EU sceptics not unite across party boundaries to form an anti EU party? What is wrong with them?

We have, of course, never been allowed a vote on our membership of the EU. This is actually outrageous. It is akin to telling Adolf Hitler that he can invade our country that he can walk in and tell us all how to best lead our lives. For example let me introduce you to Catherine Ashton who is our European Commissioner. As I have said before good old Catherine has never had a vote cast for her. She is a product of the political class, a safe pair of hands, an alright member who is probably agreeabale to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. It must be so because they have not opposed her appointment.

It is my belief that every one of our parties is in league with the Euro fraud. In order to oppose this fraud the Euro sceptics must align together because if they do they will gain the public support. Sorry guys and girls but if you really want to retain your seats in Westmonster then gather together and reject the EU. It has to be done!

If they do not then fringe parties will fill the gap!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

England - Fabio Capello..the future

Wow! We beat Croatia 5-1! Hell Croatia are in the world's top ten countries and we just stuffed them. This England team is a serious team folks. This team appears at last to have the manager who befits the talent. Fabio Cappello is at long last the manager who we have craved.

OK it is a shame that he is not English but as far as I am concerned he could be from planet Zog. If we can win the World Cup and we have to consider it, then he will be immortal. I think that he knows it. If people like Alex Ferguson can be knighted then what price the World Cup?

If Fabio Capello wins the World Cup for England then he will be more important than almost anyone other than the Queen. He could invent a political party which could threaten the Tories. Can you imagine ... vote Fabio... I really did save the world!
He could threaten Common Purpose... I was the man who made Lampard and Gerard world beaters!

This man has brought a level of man management to the England squad which is rarely seen in modern times. He is the boss and he appears to have the respect of all the world's most famous footballing millionaires.

How will the European Union, the NoLab government, the PC authorties cope with the victory of an England team? Let's face it England as a country is dead! We do not exist in Europe. We have been carved up regionally. We no longer have a voice. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all have their own parliaments but what happens if we win the World Cup? Ah Ha ... we are still here... we are still a nation...England the lost nation has actually won the World Cup!

These guys are playing for possibly a lot more than purely football!

Politically this could be explosive! Come on England!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Anna Cheska

Today my second granddaughter celebrated her sixth birthday and her friends gathered around. It gave me an opportunity to talk to Boris the father of Anna Cheska. I first blogged about Anna back in June to tell people of her prodigious talent in the tennis world.

I spoke to Boris for some time and he related to me the pressures of being a parent of a very talented sports child. He has nothing but praise for the much maligned Lawn Tennis Association and during this summer Anna has made remarkable progress. In one summer this slim little girl has passed through the county and regional selection process to feature in North of England trials at Bolton where she was the sole girl from the northern counties (the others were from Scotland).

Suddenly I feel quite sorry for Boris (although he is so lucky to have a daughter who reflects his passion for tennis). Anna is so young and seeing her play with her friend (my grandaughter) this evening on the floor with a dolls house seemed so incongruous. He will have so many major decisions to make in the coming months. Still he has a lovely wife and he is a huge tennis enthusiast but I fear that the way forward could be rocky for the family.

She is still so young but that is the age that the nation discovers the talent. We must all rally around.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Derby County

Interesting times for us Rams fans but I am still not convinced by the stance of the board. They appear to have a plan and that plan is to pick up/poach some very promising youngsters and then stick them in a development team. Clearly spending really big money is not on the agenda.

They have allowed Nigel(Clough) to sign up a few very promising players from the lower divisions but this is not a Notts County situation. The big bucks were spent by Paul Jewell and now Nigel must harness the talent. I think that he is doing it although the early results have not looked good. I believe that he has centre backs who will cease the ridiculous goals conceded at the City Ground.

The team is in place. They have the potential but what will happen? I think that this team has the ability, the team spirit and the resolve to make a play off place at least. I personally will be watching the performances of the developement team and the youth team. It is clear that big bucks currently rules football but Derby have decided to play a different game. It is morally acceptable but will it work?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I am currently viewing a Channel Four programme on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder involving soldiers. This has long been a subject ignored by the Ministry of Defence because if they begin to recognise the mental trauma that soldiers can suffer then their compensation claims would never cease.

I well remember my service in Northern Ireland in the seventies and eighties which I believe would be nothing like as stressful as that experienced by the lads currently serving in Afghanistan and I know how it affected me and my family. One minute a soldier is out on the streets expecting to be shot at and building up the mental reserves to be prepared to kill someone and the next one has to come home and be a husband and father. It is just not possible!

It is still my contention that in order to maintain order and ensure that soldiers fulfill their military roles the army has built up a macho image where soldiers are encouraged to ignore their mental health and are actually scared to report any feelings of inadequacy. In order to complete their tasks a soldier has to hide the fear and uncertainty. He/She cannot allow themselves to dwell on what could happen. They switch off and concentrate on what they must do.

This however will only last for so long. Eventually the inevitable will happen because despite their training, despite the bravery, despite the remarkable resilience of the average soldier the mental toll will eventually register. If you do not believe me then try reading some books involving the real heroes of the SAS. Many of them end up wrecked!

The army cannot afford to recognise the real affects of PTSO because if they do then we will never recruit sufficient numbers. Personally I am still amazed that they still recruit like they do but then in the times of hardship created by NoLab then many of the lads do not have an option. The money still encourages the risk.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Gordon Brown

I suspect that the men in grey suits are currently deciding the fate of Gordon Brown. There are enough rumours buzzing around the blogosphere about the state of his mental health that it smacks of the beginning of a campaign. I have always been convinced that Gordon would never fight a General Election. NoLab know that if he does it is likely that they will be slaughtered.

They must find a way to be rid of him and this health scare could be the ideal ruse. They don't have anyone to replace him but it doesn't really matter because once he has gone they can blame him for everything!

In the meantime he continues to blunder around. His latest gaffe I hear is referring to our world champion female cyclist as Veronica Singleton when her real name is Victoria Pendleton. I is so funny...but this man is our Prime Minister!
Pour me another drink...!!

London Midland Railways

I cannot believe that London Midland Rail is cancelling trains on a Sunday because it cannot find sufficient drivers to man them! Now forgive me but I thought that the government franchise for these rail companies called for a seven day a week service. So is London Midland in breach of contract?

Frankly they deserve to lose it because any company who relies on volunteers to drive on Sundays is so inept and lacking in managerial nouse that they cannot begin to serve the public. Whatever happened to rosters?

I have no idea who in the chaotic world of NoLab is 'Transport' this week but I think a rather strongly worded memo should be despatched tout suite to London Midland suggesting that they extract their digits sharply or else there will be government action. It won't happen of course and I doubt if 'Transport' has even noticed but it's nice to remind oneself now and again what would have happened at one time.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ever younger...ever more violent.

So the paths chosen by the Political Class over the past twenty years or more has led us to the point where ten year olds are trying to murder other ten year olds. Everyone in authority knew about these little thugs but as usual they were allowed to roam free and it nearly cost the lives of two innocents.

What I fail to understand is how far does this bestiality reach before the cretins in Westmonster decide to act. What is it going to take before an MP, any MP from any party, says 'enough is enough'? Society is sinking deeper and deeper into the mire but nobody appears to have the slightest idea how to reverse the trends which are seeing rotten young thugs from rotten, disgusting, families commit acts of such violence that they are almost beyond belief.

While Gordon and his Justice Minister (Ha!) Jack Straw struggle to cover up their activities in TripoliGate the most desperate acts of depravity are being committed by kids on a daily basis. We now have reports that two kids were plotting to murder their schoolmaters so that they would be famous for the worst atrocity in British schools.

Knives are now commonplace on our streets and so are guns (witness the Ryan Jones case in Liverpool) and yet still nobody comes up with the kind of plan that will put the fear of God up the youngsters. You see that is what it needs. They have no respect for anyone because nobody can hurt them. If you are reared in a filthy house by drunken, uncaring parents then how can they be punished? Life has already punished them.

We must discover something that will deter them. Our MPs must address this problem because unless they do then the next crime will be worse and the one after that still worse and then one day their kids will be the victims.

I am sure that I will be compelled to revisit this subject again but I have one suggestion which of course will be instantly rejected but we will one day have to bring back the birch. When that days arrives it will of course be far too late but it is a joke to suggest that an ASBO is a deterrent. Only pain will deter the type of little sod that I am talking about. One birch sentence would be worth a hundred ASBOs.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Leicestershire County Council

This evening the Chairman of Leicestershire County Council was bleating about how much money the Council was going to have to save in order for Council Tax not to rise. He was asking the electorate for ideas of where the cuts should come.

Some time ago I read that nine chief officers from LCC were earning more than £100,000 per annum. That means that we spend a million pounds on nine individuals before we look at anything else. Personally I do not believe that any local government officer should earn more than an MP. They are just not under the same pressure.

If this authority is under such pressure then they should immediately only pay salaries that we can afford. I also believe the councillors should look at their own expenses. This is why I so admired the stance of the Mayor of Doncaster from the Emglish Democrats who when pruning expenditure for the benefit of the tax payer, he began with himself!

In Loughborough alone the Highways department has squandered so much money on grinding the town almost to a standstill that it is a scandal. For years now they have created one problem after another so that when the university returns it is better to walk!

So when the councillors meet and I bet there are far more councillors than what we actually need, they should cut their own expenses, reduce salaries and chop the Highways department!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

This sick country!

Do you remember at the start of the summer when Dr Liam Donaldson NoLab's doctor in chief was predicting the dire consequences of 'Swine Flu'. Remember the figures quoted, hundreds of thousands would die unless we did this and did that. Call centres were opened up to deal with the modern day equivalent of 'Black Death' and the population was scared to death.

On 20 July I blogged that 'Swine Flu' was probably another invention by this incompetent government to distract us from their lack of ability. So what has happened to 'Swine Flu'? Where has it gone? How many people have died? How many millions were dispensed to cope with it?

Meanwhile in downtown Derby a paramedic was despatched to deal with a dying woman in a pub. She was sent alone without her mummy or any other visible back-up so as you might expect she got scared. Now there are pubs in Chaddo (Chaddesden) which would scare me but I am not a paramedic being paid to save lives. Who sent out this babe in arms alone to deal with an emergency? How the hell can someone in uniform think that there own safety is more important than the life that they should be saving?

I despair!!