Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I have just seen the hugest firework demonstration ever in London! Now I have to ask who has paid for this nonsense? Has this now become a competition to see which capital city can outdo the next in their welcome to the New Year?

We are in a credit crunch brought about by bad government and yet they still scream and shout about fireworks which cost millions!

I live next door to Loughborough University and boom at every opportunity off go the fireworks! Don't get me wrong fireworks have their place and can be beautiful and spectacular but when our country is on the brink of bankruptcy I cannot rejoice. Fireworks do not replace common sense and cannot disguise the abject misery which many of our citizens will greet this New Year which could be a real challenge for so many.

Sorry to pour such cold water on the nation's great celebration but we cannot let fireworks distract us from the problems ahead. Tomorrow (today) we possibly face the greatest challenge that our once great nation has ever faced. How do we get back on track?

This government must realise that when the credit crunch happens on their watch then they are to blame. We must therefore curb Public Spending. We must also limit foreign aid and inform the European Union that their policy of redistribution of wealth now means that they owe us!

I will also repeat that the baton of Helmand Province should be passed on to someone else as quickly as we explode the next firework. So who wants the baton of Afghanistan you friends of Europe... is it you France or you Germany, perhaps Spain or even Greece... yeah now I know why Gordon scuttled away so quickly to sign our freedom into the hands of cowards. If Afghanistan is so important that it costs the lives of the cream of our crop then where are the rest?

Our troops are in Afghanistan purely to suit the ambitions of this NoLab government and never forget it!

The Honours List

As it is New Year's Eve I thought I'd finish the year in a manner that would gain the approval of my dear brother Victor. I always thought that the Honour's List was meant to reward people who had done something for the community or something that was outstanding.

Since NoLab have come to power they have abused this system shamefully and used it to reward their own supporters and court popularity from the masses. The mass handout of gongs to sportsmen who have already achieved their aims by winning individual gold medals is in my opinion a mistake.

I was always taught throughout my military career that you get paid for doing your job but you get promoted for what you do outside of your job. That means that I cannot agree with knighthoods for the likes of Chris Hoy or Alex Ferguson. In contrast however Ian Botham earned his for his magnificent fundraising for leukaemia never mind that he one of the greatest all round cricketers that the country has ever produced.

I love my sport and fully recognise that Chris Hoy in gaining three individual gold medals at one Olympics achieved an extraordinary feat but that is all it is. He seems a really decent guy but let us see first what he can achieve in the long term before we bestow the country's highest honour on him.

As for Ellie Simmons, well much as we all love this little fighter, I still think that her honour was a gimmick. The kid did not even realise the significance of it. She is at the beginning of her young life. I am sure that she will achieve a great deal but an honour like that at 14 is too much too soon.

Sorry folks but I didn't like this Honour's List at all apart from the lack of bankers and city types. I suspect that was more to do with The Queen than the government!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My Nightmare!

All the Blogs are doing their annual predictions which are of course good fun. Last year when I began this Blog I had lots of ideas but the main one was to keep things simple. I have made mistakes, for example Kirsty Milczarek did not become a great jockette but decided instead to link up with disgraced champion jockey Keiron Fallon for what reason we will yet discover, but then he is a very rich man.

I also thought that Nacer Barasite, a Dutch starlet from Arsenal,would become a great star for Derby County but he has remained static. Somehow I think that his lack of progress was down to Paul Jewell. We will have to wait and see.

I got a lot of things right. NoLab have continued to renege on any socialist principles and the European Union have continued to attack England on all sides. Families are still undervalued, the Police have still been corrupted and there is still nobody in this former great country who has sufficient integrity, honesty and charisma to lead us out of the mess. Have we actually got a politician who is not contaminated by power? Will we ever find one?

I do not look forward to 2009 because I never thought that this once great country would be in such a state. I have this ongoing nightmare that we have been destroyed. My nightmare is that everything that was once regarded as being British/English will be been taken from us. Even now I believe that the democratic principles of the next election are being undermined by NoLab.

My nightmare is that Gordon Brown will start printing money like Robert Mugabe has done. The economy will eventually collapse and we will all go to hell in a handcart!

The nightmare continues that Gordon will not hold an election in 2009 and by the time that he is actually forced to go the polls then everything will be fixed to ensure a NoLab victory. The postal votes will indicate that NoLab have thousands of Muslim votes which will ensure that they remain in power.

My nightmare predicts the collapse of decency in the country to such an extent that any Christian principle will be declared outlawed and unnecessary. Marriage will be regarded as a frivolous extravagance and the state will ensure that all children will be educated according to the needs of the state.

The Police will become storm troopers apeing the dress and manners of the Hitlerite brown shirts or the Gestapo. They will shoot innocent citizens and then be found innocent.

Nobody will be found guilty of war crimes even if they have ordered a nation's Armed Forces to invade a foreign country on the premise of a tissue of lies. The reason for this is that we do not have a person in the legal system of sufficient integrity to challenge the people who did it!

I have just woken up to the fact that I have been having a nightmare. My goodness thank the Lord that anything that I dreamt could not possibly happen. This is Britain after all and we have assurances that our democracy could never be violated.


Monday, 29 December 2008

Derby County

I can hardly believe that less than twenty hours hours after my post on Paul Jewell he resigned. It was the right thing to do but so rarely do we see people doing the right thing that I am still gobsmacked.

It now means that we go into a really important week for the club without a manager. I am sorry but Chris Hutchins has only ever had a job because he was Paul Jewell's mate and he is not the person to take us through games against Forest Green Rovers and Manchester United.

The other thing that has recently bothered me is that the columnist Neil Hallam has been banned from Pride Park for criticising the heirarchy at Derby County and questioning the motives of the new American owners.

Now I have been reading Neil Hallam since the seventies. Even when I was in Berlin I asked my parents to send me Neil's column because it was interesting witty and committed. No Derby fan can ever question the commitment of Neil Hallam to the cause of Derby County. So if he has been banned then somebody has something to hide and he knows it.

Hard on top of that Adam Pearson the Chairman who appointed his mate, Paul Jewell, to the job of manager, has just announced that there will be no money for new players in the January transfer window because Paul spent it all!

As I understand it Neil Hallam has been banned for questioning the financial commitment of the new owners. I see the Americans, who were recruited by Adam Pearson, have arrived but they don't have any money! What?

Derby County are in the top fifteen best supported clubs in England. We have a magnificent modern stadium, wonderful training facilities and development potential. So why is there no money for players in January?

The backers who Adam Pearson have brought in have a goldmine here. They rival the billionaire playground which the Premiershiip has become and yet there is no more money for a player in the transfer window? Perhaps Neil Hallam had a point!

Community Service for Knife Crime!

So the government today announced 'tough' new measures to combat knife crime. Firstly if someone is convicted of carrying a knife they COULD face a custodial sentence or they COULD face up to EIGHTEEN hours of community service! Wow! That harsh? This should really get the Liberal namby pamby touchie feely crowd out onto the streets protesting about government brutality!

I can hardly believe the audacity of this crowd of F****** idiots! What do they really think these measures will combat? The type of person who carries and uses a knife is hardly scared of community service! These people are so impervious to human feeling that only the threat of physical pain will halt the march of the knife. I am afraid that this government and it is not just the government it is also the opposition, have no idea how to reverse the trends that they have encouraged.

Many of the BLOGS are, during this festive season, predicting the future. Well the future is not rosy that is for sure. I just wonder how low we will have to sink before the British public will get really pissed off.

Gordon Brown hysterically called on the Dunkirk spirit to get us through the credit crunch which he helped to create. He has spent a lifetime trying to get rid of the Dunkirk spirit so that the working class would have to rely on him and people like Ed Balls for their common sense. Sorry Gordon you killed the Dunkirk spirit many years ago so can we hear your next bright idea!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Church of England

Apparently yesterday in a Sunday newspaper five Bishops from the Church of England got together to denounce Gordon Brown and his policies! Well welcome, welcome, to the real world the clergy. Where have you been for the past so many years when the blogosphere has grown to epidemic proportions demanding that someone, anyone in authority (and the Church of England has authority) protest against the NoLab policies.

We all recognise the estates in every town and city in our country where the thugs, terrorists, hoodies and scum are spawned but where is the Church of England? They do not exist where they need to exist and they have been replaced by countless individuals fighting against impossible odds to bring some semblance of dignity to these hard pressed communities.

The Church of England is a political force which is outdated and out of touch. They care not a jot for the people who need them because they all worship at the temple of King Gordon Brown who has corrupted them.

The real Christians, the people who believe in the teachings of the bible, have been driven to small groups hiding in their homes and halls scared to denounce the lunacy of same sex marriages, sex out of marriage and hell just sex, anywhere, anytime and with anyone!

If they wish to bring their children up in a Christian way of life then they come face to face with the devil. Step forward Ed Balls who single handedly destroys all things decent. If Ed has his way then families would be abolished in favour of any old kind of relationship.

Well yes the teenage boy welcomes this kind of relationship but then it should not become government policy. If this government had any semblance of decency left they would reward stable marriages but dream on because they oppose all kinds of normal decency.

So the Church of England wants to criticise Gordon Brown? Well how about preaching the immorality of the government from the pulpit? Denounce the son the of manse as the son the devil! This is what England has become. It is an utter disgrace but then who cares as long as Gordon is Prime Minister. That after all is all that matters.

Derby County

I have really thought about this post but it has to be done. I understand that the Chief Executive and the Manager are mates but nowhere in British football would the record of Paul Jewell be tolerated. I understand that it is better to support the manager and give him time to build a team but he has been given huge amounts of cash and sufficient time to improve the club and at the end of the day we are crap!

He has brought fading players to the club who do not really want to play for Derby. His record in the transfer market is lamentable. Robbie Savage, Liam Dickinson, Tito Villa, all arrived at great cost to the club and must be regarded as failures. Others have actually done better but none of them have really set the club on fire and he has bought plenty.

Rob Hulse cost an estimated £1,7 million even though he was the fourth choice striker at rivals Sheffield United. Watford allowed Ellington to come on loan even though they are in the same league. Tito Villa apparently cost £2 million from an unknown Mexican team and now we are trying to offload him. Worst of all the club has invested an incredible £1,5 million the whole of the January transfer budget on one Luke Varney who in 19 appearances at rivals Charlton Athletic scored a paltry two goals!

I don't know what drew people like Paul Green and Chris Commons to Derby apart from large salaries but they are really not delivering. They were good players before they came to Derby but then what has happened? Nacer Barasite is a Dutch prodigy on loan from Arsenal but he struggles under Paul Jewell. Why? There are others but the sum up is that the manager cannot make these players produce results.

Even worse Tyrone Mears grabbed his boots and ran for Marseilles and Roy Carroll has been suspended for two weeks for 'debating'the decisions of his manager. It does not sound like a happy dressing room.

Just one bright spark on the horizon there is a young man called Stevie Davies who recently fractured an eye socket (how does that happen?) and appeared today really wanting to make an impression. So now we have Davies and Miles Addison. Have we any others who don't want to get relegated?

Sorry Mr Jewell it is time to go because your record is abysmal and the fans deserve a team that they can support. We all know that we are in the semi finals of the Carling Cup through luck and the end result could be almost as embarrassing as our year in the premiership, half of it under your stewardship. In fact you never won a game.

My worry is Forest Green Rovers! Will we lose to this non league team in the third round of the cup? You could almost bet on it!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Law and New Labour

I recently read that since they came to power NoLab have swamped the statute book by the sheer volume of new legislation that they have introduced. Most of it has made no difference to our lives whatsoever but some laws have been so mind bogglingly stupid that they really should be reviewed so let me write about the 'End of Custody Licence Scheme'.

This act was introduced by Lord Falconer (remember him better known as Tony Blair's former flat mate) who just before he was replaced by Jack Straw as Justice Minister, thought up this bill as a mechanism to control the overcrowded prisons. You will notice that he didn't try to police the streets more effectively, or build more prisons or even limit mass immigration. No, good old Charlie Falconer thought it better to let release prisoners early.

Now if my arithmetic is correct there are fourteen categories of prisoner who according to this bill are not eligible for early release. It has given the lawyers a field day particularly arguing the case of immigrant prisoners because apparently European Law and the Human Rights Act probably gives them a lot more rights than you and me. Deporting many of them appears to be a serious problem but when did we expect anything else?

Anyway never mind the obvious because this Bill states that prisoners can be released 18 days early (Why 18 days?) as long as they fall into the category not mentioned in the fourteen categories that I have already mentioned. In addition they need to have an address to go to.

The problem is that a couple of thousand of the foreign prisoners who are eligible for release under the Early Licence scheme have no fixed abode so some clever Civil Servant decided that they could still be released as long as they were given sufficient money to cover their food and accommodation for the 18 days! They are therefore being given £168 each and then the rest is up to us to make sure that we don't meet them on a dark night!

Just a few other little observations to make you feel good. No account was taken of those who had been locked up for domestic violence so they were sent back home! 89 others are still on the run (it is probably more by now but I don't place huge reliance on government statistics because I used to see how they were collated), two terrorists were released and despite the effort to relieve the overcrowding there are three of our prisons that are exclusively dedicated to the detention of foreign nationals.

This is life under the New Labour Project so Happy New Year folks!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

I can hardly believe that it is Christmas Eve. That is the problem when one retires because the build up almost passes you by. Apart from buying presents and watching everyone else hurling themselves into the frazzle we old people can view it largely from afar!

The highlights will of course be watching my grandchildren opening their presents safe in the knowledge that they will once again have been vastly over indulged. I bet most of them would give it up for one of days in the countryside that I had as a kid when we roved around all day knowing that the streets were safe and that if we had a problem there was usually a policeman close at hand.

Still that is their lot now so we try and make it up in other ways.

I can hardly believe that this BLOG is nearly one year old. It began as a means to air my frustration at the modern day political world which was ruining or had ruined my country. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that 2008 would go down in history as an even worse year than the preceding ones under NoLab but of course it has.

This morning I watched a couple of items on BBC2 one of which highlighted the railways in the fifties when the country was sane. It was a world of steam engines, pipe smoking, woollen pullovers and working men with pride and dignity in doing a job well done. It is difficult to believe how far this country has fallen since those days.

Still I have done my little bit to filter through some common sense and let people, who don't normally read a paper or who haven't got the time to wade into politics, know just what is actually happening.

As you can see this is a no frills, no pictures BLOG but much to my utter surprise I have had 888 visitors so far this year. Now I know that some are repeat visitors but I just hope that I have made somebody think about what is going on. Thanks for passing by and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Banks

There is a report coming out of America that JP Morgan an American bank which has received a 25 billion dollar bail out from the American government is refusing to state where the money has gone. They are refusing to cooperate with any government intitiatives.

Is that not just why we should let one of these banks go to the wall? Northern Rock was a travesty of a bank but the people who caused the problem are not in prison because it was politically expedient to save them. Is it not time to stop this arrogance?

The banking industry has almost brought the country to its knees but I have not seen one person in a court of law for the sleaze, corruption, incompetence and greed which caused this once proud country to the point where the pound has collapsed and the stock market is a joke!

As a nation we are dying financially all because the nation's bankers got greedy. They still have not got the message. They have received billions from public funding but they are still rewarding themselves with their obscene bonuses.

This nation may never recover from the obscenities committed by our nations bankers who appear to be blackmailing us all. Once again the Labour government just sits back and supports them. It is time to stop this nonsense and rid us all from their greed. They have lost any semblance of respect. It is time to nationalise the nation's banks but who could run them? Alistair Darling? Gordon Brown? Oh well we are all going to hell in a hand cart so what does it matter?

Saturday, 20 December 2008

NoLab and your Vote

We ethnic English are living through incredible times. If someone had told my socialist father what was happening in the name of the Labour party then I am sure he would have taken to the hills and rebelled. Even more so my grandfather, who was a member of the Independent Labour Party in Motherwell which provided the conscientious objectors in World War One.

These are only a fraction of the reasons that I am so implacable in my opposition to the New Labour Party (NoLab). I was brought up with socialism as a cornerstone to my thinking but it never included the destruction of British Society. My father and grandfather never wanted a government imposing targets on Social Workers which would cause children to be tortured and killed.

My father and grandfather wanted first class education for their children which would compete with the private education enjoyed by the wealthy. Do you know they actually achieved it because I was educated in the 1950's and I passed my eleven plus and if I had been bright enough I could have gone to Oxford. A friend of mine did and he came from a council estate. It cost us nothing apart from the expense of the uniform.

My father and grandfather joined the Labour movement because they believed that it would endeavour to instill a better life for the working class. They wanted education for their children, a first class health service which we would all pay for and a fair society.

Look at what NoLab has brought us. They have corrupted the very beliefs of old styled socialists like my fatther and grandfather and I now believe that the Labour movement has been flawed from its very concept. The people who lauded it are the very same people who have brought it down. They don't want equality. They don't want fairness for the masses because people like Brown, Blair, Mandelsson, Hoon, Prescott, the Balls and all the rest only ever feather their own nests.

Look at the horrific Speaker. He is not one of you. He lives in luxury that you and I could never dream of and he has done it on the back of Union subscriptions.
Gorbals Mick now lives a life that he could never have contemplated and does he give a stuff for the people who voted for him. Heh get a life!

The Blairs? Remember them because since they sold us down the river to support George Bush in his Iraqi venture they have suddenly become property millionaires. Look at Mandelsson,look at Prescott, hell they have all feathered their own nests at
public expense. Cherie Blair even employed a fraudster to buy property for her.

I blog this to remind all of you so called socialists that you have been taken for the biggest ride since Alton Towers was constructed. Every union subscription that you pay just subsidises the life style of people like Peter Mandelsson and his Brazilian boyfriend! It makes you proud to be British doesn't it?

There are none so blind than the people who cannot see! Get real you traditional Labour voters. Your party is dead. They do not represent you. They only represent themselves. If you are happy with a life on the dole, with your kids being uneducated, no chance of dental health, no chance of prompt health care, no redress to the people who burgled your home or raped your daughter or hell... do I need to go on...then vote for the son of the Manse and his crew. I hope your family will feel proud of you when you sell your country down the river.

Next post will be why the Tories don't deserve your vote!

Friday, 19 December 2008

An Anniversary

Yesterday was a significant anniversary for me because on the 18 December 1964 I took the Queen's Shilling. That was the day that I signed on for the Army and frankly it was probably the best decision that I ever made.

In those days joining the army was a career move because you could remain for 22 years as a regular soldier and draw a pension which today provides my wife and I with an agreeable addition to the state pension.

That is however not the point of this post. The army provided me and my wife with a wonderful albeit at times a stressful life. Yes I did my emergency tours of duty during which time my wife brought up the children on her own but in our day there existed our other family... The Army! We had many friends who became extensions of our family and remain today people who we love dearly.

I wonder however if I could have served under a NoLab government. The army today is so stretched because of the impossible commitments on it that it must be so difficult to maintain a family life. We will never know what drove Tony Blair and his crew to invade Iraq (apart from dishonesty) but we all know now that it was the wrong move.

So what about Afghanistan? I'm sorry but nobody has ever really explained to me why our army has to take on Helmand Province every day of the year. If, as the government says, this is a world problem to combat drugs and discourage Al Quaida then why are we the only country facing the threat? Where are our European allies in this?

Every week we hear Gordon Brown and his oh so insincere condolences to the famiiles of the dead soldiers that it is becoming monotonous. Frankly he cares not a jot for them because frankly Gordon cares very little about anything other than his own personal political survival. The soldiers all know this as can be seen by the comments on the army's own soldier blog.

I would find it very difficult to serve in today's army under our current PM and his
gutless Cabinet. One by one the cream of the crop are being slaughtered in a country where we have never won a war and where we are not wanted.

I am thankful that I am not part of it but I salute the lads who are carrying the fight to their enemy. It is such a shame that they have to serve such a despicable bunch of morons. When our troops are eventually pulled out of Iraq then the enquiry should start. I know that Gordo and his minions do not want this enquiry but if David Cameron has any guts at all then it will happen and at long last Blair, Brown, Campbell, Hoon and Goldsmith will face the charge that they are war criminals.

In my opinion they committed an illegal war against Iraq and should face said charges.

The Shortest Day

I love the day that is traditionally known as the shortest day because it is psychologically the beginning of summer! We have had the long run up to Christmas and the days have become darker, rainier and ever more depressing. Now after the shortest day of the year we can face a downhill run. Yes I know that it will not become significant until the end of January but after that everything happens.

The gardens come to life, the buds begin to appear, seeds are sewn and the bowling season is on the horizon. Holidays booked last year suddenly become a reality and Derby County are close to promotion! Oh all right the latter is probably a fantasy but you get the picture.

The shortest day of the year is for me a very welcome day.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Colin Stagg

I must admit that after 20 years of work for the Intelligence Corps in the seventies and eighties I often wince at the so called investigative methods of the modern police force. I am currently watching the documentary on the arrest of Colin Stagg and hard on top of the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes I have to conclude that our law enforcement officers cannot be trusted.

They are no longer accountable to the public and cannot be trusted. The case of Colin Stagg is a stain on our country and is testimony to the corruption that exists in the police force and generally in our country. The police are of course backed up by our horrendous political system. Those of us who actually think about the justice system in this country realise that it has been devalued and now cannot be trusted to dispense justice.

In a very short time it has been proven that our police force is out of control and must be brought to account. I am sick of these people making such horrendous mistakes and then thinking that an apology is sufficient. These Chief Constables purely apologise and then retreat to their mansions in the country; these people should be dragged before our courts of law and be made to explain how they got it so wrong. How many people have recently been killed by the police? They are out of control and are enacting the events which we see generally on Hollywood film scripts.

The life of Colin Stagg, an ordinary man, who was unattractive to females but who loved his dogs, has been ruined by our police force. I hope they really feel proud of themselves! Bastards!


If anything illustrates the difference between the sexes it just has to be Christmas!
Most of the guys I know will be happy to see the end of it all and we can fully understand the 'Bah Humbug' club which was recently publicised on TV. It is not that we begrudge the kids a treat,it is not that we don't want to buy our loved ones a present but Christmas has been turned into a gigantic orgy of extravagance and it is the women who have done it.

For weeks ahead they plan, organize, conspire and plot for this day of all days while the men just shake their heads and go along with it all. Most of us would happily have a few pints, shake a few hands, enjoy a family dinner and get on with life but is that enough? Oh no... not in today's modern female world. We must search for clues as to what she wants. If we miss the clues then we are in the doghouse. If we don't enthuse over every expense we are in the doghouse. If we don't take an interest we are in the doghouse.

Christmas makes us men vulnerable on all fronts. Do we normally go present shopping? Do we know where to go? How many of us have a degree in present wrapping? Are we experts in decorating a bloody Christmas tree? Do we care? The whole thing has become a nightmare and tomorrow night when I meet my mates at my bowls club we will no doubt swop horror stories!

Still that is the lot of the elderly male. This year I am ahead of the game because I learned my lesson years ago that waiting until the last week or two before you think of a present is a bad idea. The good thing is that with typical male cunning I always get the best advice. One thing that I discovered in my years of military service is that you must surround yourself with the best talent and that is how I survive Christmas.

I lean heavily on my daughter!! Guys that is the answer. If you think you have a great idea you must first run it past your daughter or a close female friend of your wife. Generally you suddenly discover that your brilliant idea was in fact crap but because you have made the effort then you find that your ally knows exactly what the perfect present would be. You will gain so many brownie points you will actually become quite smug.

Perhaps I should write a book about how to survive Christmas but then after all it only lasts three months. Merry Christmas to all of you who have found me. Hopefully next year we will see some sanity return to our country but somehow I have my doubts.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Economy

Today Guido Fawkes on his acerbic blog has a video of American actor/politician Fred Thompson discussing the economy and his government's attempt to borrow their way out of difficulty. It really is worth a look for those of you who have the time. In a jovial and roundabout manner he pours a Titanic size iceberg's worth of freezing cold water on the plan that borrowing more money is the solution to our problems.

As he argues the good thing is that the people who got us into this mess are now the same people in charge of getting us out of it so it is an advantage that they have experience. He also points out that it will be easy to get out of the mess because we are in charge of the printing presses so that we can just print more money. You may recall that on the 6th December I blogged about the amendment to the Banking Bill of 1844 where the government had rescinded the bit where they have to publish how much money they print every week. Why would they want to do that unless they didn't want the public to know how much they were printing.

In an amusing way this video is really quite chilling because he is destroying everything that Gordon Brown is proposing for this country. Gordon stands up announces that he is saving the world, tells the Tories and the Germans that they are idiots and he is the only one who is right and marches on possibly dragging us all into oblivion.

After all since the arrival of his masterplan, the Stock Market is in free fall, the pound has sunk like a stone, the housing market has stagnated, the motor industry is close to collapse and the banks are refusing to lend out any of the billions that Gordon gave to them! Good plan Gordo!

Just a final thought, this Christmas be extra nice to the kids because poor little mites have no idea what is in store for them in the years ahead.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Football and Derby County

Tonight Blyth Spartans became the eigth non league club to reach the 3rd round of the FA Cup which is a record. I believe that this is a symptom of the number of foreign players, some of them without any justification, who have invaded the Premiership thus relegating our home grown talent to the lower divisions.

Our boys are hitting back in the only way that we allow through the FA Cup! They are exacting their revenge and long may it remain. The standard of the lower leagues is often far higher that the match I watched last night when Charlton and Derby punted the ball aimlessly around for ninety minutes.

For over sixty years I have been a Rams Fan and I could not believe what Paul Jewell has reduced us to. I know he is the mate of the Chief Executive but the players that he has signed were generally good players before they arrived. How come all that they do these days is punt the ball aimlessly forward hoping that something will happen?

Route one football will never replace skill. The players on show were uncomfortable with their instructions. The preferred first team goalkeeper is on a two week sabatical for confronting the boss, a right back grabbed his boots and ran to Marseilles, a player who cost three quarters of a million pounds has never played one game for the Rams but has recently scored four goals in two games for Blackpool
who, of course, are in the same league.

He paid a fortune for a supposedly washed up premiership footballer who cannot even get into the squad never mind the team. Last Saturday on a SKY TV programme he announced that his 'legs had gone'. Hell most of us could see that! Robbie Savage has got a great contract from Derby for doing nothing.

This is madness! A good manager is a shining beacon even at the lower level. Good players are good players but it takes a talent like Martin O'Neill to put them together. Martin and his good mate John Robertson were players under the famous Clough/Taylor regime and are now hell bent on challenging the big 'four'. Their teams play football not kick and rush.

In my opinion Paul Jewell is devoid of ideas. He has recruited his previous number two Chris Hutchins as his current number two. Neither has ever shown that they have tactical nous but both advocate the tactic that might is right! Clearly Paul Jewell believes that his team should bully the opposition into submission. In the meantime the clever players sit on the subs bench.

The only player who has consistently succeeded is a guy called Miles Addison who actually came through the youth scheme. So the question I ask is could decent players be picked up for peanuts from lower divisions or the youth team? Of course they could but the really special players come from everywhere and some of them are English.

Good Managers build teams. Look at Harry Redknapp! He has succeeded everywhere because he recognises a good player and knows the player who influences his teams. I look forward to Glen Johnson of Portsmouth engineering his move to Spurs.

You see one has to recognise a great player before everyone else does and that is why Brian Clough signed the nonentities he signed. Nobody had ever heard of McFarland, Gemmill, McGovern or Peter Daniel but they all won Division One nedals.

Forget the balance sheet Mr Jewell and look at what is already available in your Youth Team. If nothing is available then sack the youth team coach!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Windows Vista

I have recently bought a new computer system which has given me a great deal more capacity to edit videos etc but it has come at a price. The new Windows operating system 'Vista' was installed and it meant that I could not just transfer all my programs across.

Thankfully I had my son available to help me because without his knowledge I would never had known that we had to download additional drivers just to get back the modem to operate with Vista.

I am still battling against a myriad of other problems which all seem to need some tweaking in order to be compatible with Vista. It could be some time before I can sort everything out but at least I now have my EMail and Internet facilities working. Tks Iain.

Friday, 12 December 2008

New Labour

Yesterday I blogged a genuine appeal to NoLab voters to think about what is happening to our country and who is reponsible. Today the voters of Manchester voted overwhelmingly against a congestion charge despite a huge effort on behalf of the government to impose one.

Do you know I am at last in the belief that the people have got the message that the so called socialists (Communists) do not represent the Working Class. NoLab want to enslave the working class. I read today that when the Olympics arrive in 2012 then certain lanes on our motorways will be reserved for the proletariat. You know the type of things we used to associate with the Soviet Union.

I reckon that Gordon will have us all lined up on the M1 waving little plastic Union Jacks between Leicester and London so that the rest of the world can see how he is saving the world's economy! Can it get any worse?

The vote in Manchester could herald a new dawning because it does appear that at long last the Labour heartlands have woken up to the fact that they have been betrayed. OK it is a bit late but better late than never.

In the same rebellious note let me tell you that the BNP have lined up a credible candidate to contest Gordon Brown's parliamentary seat in Kirkcaldy. He is a local farmer who's father was a war hero and he quit the Tory party because he reckoned that they were too soft! I must agree with that synopsis because when you are opposing the most ruthless parliamentary machine that we have ever seen in this so called democratic country then a traditional, gentile, English, response is simply not enough. If David Cameron cannot get the troops onto the streets then we must look elsewhere!

Perhaps we should hire a few Greeks, who seem the be rioting all over their country, as long as they don't come bearing gifts!

NoLab sleaze

Well not a bad day really. The jury at the inquiry into the death of Jean Charles Menezes returns an Open verdict which means that they didn't believe a word of the evidence given by the police.

The Home Office releases statistics indicating that knife crime was down but then the report had not been finally checked by its author and so it had not been authorised for publication.

The Manchester public vote against a compulsory vehicle charge for their city which is a victory for the people. Why should motorists pay even more to use the roads? It just shows Gordon what happens when the people are given a vote.

It is a mirror on the world imposed on us by NoLab polticians. I have never blamed the people who actually shot the unfortuate Brazilian beause I am sure they seriously believed that everyone was in danger. I cannot condone them for telling porkies in court though because the damage had been done. The people who were really to blame were the surveillance team who did not identify him correctly and the command and control group who had not circulated decent photographs to the teams on the ground and who then compounded the error by their lack of communication skills. I am sure though that they will all be celebrating this Christmas leaving behind their awful mess until the next time.

The Home Secretary blunders from error to error purely because she is not up to the job. She must be so desperate for some good news that she grabbed part of a report which had not been finalised and claimed that knife crime was down. Basically she broke quite an important rule but then when has that ever mattered to NoLab.

Will it ever get any better? Probably not because if you break the rules and tell lies then most of the time you will eventually get found out. Unfortunately it has now become routine for NoLab politicians and their officers so it is no surprise that the public don't believe a word that they say.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Electorate

We currently have the worst government that I can ever remember and at my age I have seen a few. Not only are they responsible for our disastrous economy but they are also responsible for so much incompetence that at every level we are plunging down international league tables.

They do not appear to have any original policies. Much of what they try to implement are policies that they have stolen from elsewhere. Generally their answer to a problem is to throw money at it, our money and of course that is never the solution.
It is quite clear that they are utterly hopeless, dishonest to the point of being almost criminal and frankly they should never command another vote!

And yet...and this is the point of this post... thousands still appear to want to vote for them. The polls, which are of course not always without bias, indicate that the Tories are not too far ahead. Some people even believe that this PM is best placed to steer our economy out of the recession! What? Are they serious? He has caused it. Read any of the genuine economists and they will tell people who and what is behind the problem. Some of it came from America which cannot be denied but most of it came from our unregulated Banking Industry and a government which encouraged everyone from students to pensioners to get themselves heavily into debt.

I cannot believe it when Gordon Brown stands up in Parliament and trumpets the mantra 'Not me guv" but so many people still believe him. So many people believe this man despite all the evidence that he is an incompetent charlatan. He stands up in Parliament and even looks shifty, he refuses to answer questions, he disappears at a time of crisis and he is now being attacked from abroad. There is little doubt that Peter Mandelsson was brought back into the government to save Gordon Brown's skin.

So why do people still vote Labour? Well I have a theory which is bound to be unpopular but what the hell. Part of their vote comes from the people they employ. Many thousands depend on NoLab for their jobs. Since they came to power NoLab have created a myriad of non jobs for people who only have to ensure that NoLab targets are met. Many of these people are paid huge salaries for their non contribution to the economy so it is no surprise that they want to maintain their standard of living.

The immigrant population are also a large part of NoLab's supporters. They obviously believe that they are here because of NoLab's reluctance to restrict entry into this country. If you have gained entry to this wonderful welfare state that you have actually contributed nothing to but receive everything from, then of course you want it to continue. I can understand that.

The people I cannot understand are the ignorant. The hundreds of thousands who turn up on polling day having never read a newspaper, never watched a news broadcast or never given a tuppenny damn for a political system which lets them down. They don't care about their kids, their health, or their legal rights because they do not want to think about anything remotely demanding any semblance of logical thought.

I can understand the 'chav' class voting NoLab but frankly I don't think they will get out of bed to vote but the Trade Union people are the problem. They have no reason to support NoLab because NoLab have no socialist principles whatsoever and that is why I call them NoLab. The faithful Labour supporters like my late father, for example, were class warriors who had a cause to believe in. Today Gordon Brown and before him Tony Blair (backed up by Peter Mandelsson) created New Labour to appeal to the middle class electorate. They knew that they would never gain power by remaining loyal to the working class. They also knew that the working class vote was ensured.

So what have we today? We have NoLab for the middle classes, the Tories for the upper classes and nobody representing the vast majority of working class. They pay their union subs every month and get nothing in return. Have they not learned from the antics of people like John Prescott?

So there you have it. A huge element of the electorate of modern Britain are actually being exploited by NoLab because NoLab know that their votes are ensured. They are ensured because the people concerned are so brainwashed not to think about politics that they automatically walk down to to the polling stations and vote Labour. They do that because they would feel ashamed to vote for any other party because their Dad and Grandad voted Labour!

Well folks I am afraid that you will have to think about it. It is not enough to vote for the party that your dad voted for because they have changed their policies. NoLab do not believe in Keir Hardie they only want power! OK they can have their power but after ten sodding pitiful years even the people who pay their union subscriptions must realise that they are being taken for a ride.

They have now turned their attention onto the very people who they have helped to create. They are threatening to withdraw benefits from the workshy and the disabled. Hell the workshy are unemployable. The girls who we have encouraged to lie on their backs and enjoy their benefits are a policy of NoLab. The disabled will probably be the ones who will ultimately suffer because I doubt if this crowd can effectively discriminate between those who are seriously in need and those who can work on the black economy.

Perhaps we should have an intelligence test for the electorate. Perhaps we should ask a few simple qustions to establish if the person who is voting has a brain! We should possibly determine that the voter has thought about his/her vote because frankly so many of them don't.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Economy

If Gordon Brown's plan to save the world (Sorry I was watching Parliamentary Question Time today) fails then what happens to our economy? He tells us that he is leading the world with his plans to borrow wildly in order to stimulate our ecomomy. Gordon says that everybody in the world agrees with his plan for fiscal stimulation and that he is leading the way.

I cannot compehend how a country like ours has to borrow so much just to keep pace with his spending. Surely it is time to curb government spending? Hell by all accounts we are in serious trouble and when our banks start to fail then it is time to be prudent.

If 'Prudence' Brown, remember the guy who was against 'Boom and Bust', had any credibility left he would limit government expenditure. The problem is that he can't limit government expenditure because he is committed to the New Labour Project which frankly will wreck out economy but will achieve their aims.

We continue with unrealistic foreign aid, we continue with huge financial support for the unauditable European Union and therefore we must continue to fund unelected committees, trusts and bodies who's sole aim is to ensure that government commitments and directives are delivered on time.

OK if you swallow all that bilge and many do, can I just ask you to note that the Germans (you know the ones who bombed our chip shops!) actually do not agree that borrowing our way out of our problems is the right road. They are spitting mad that the UK is following this idiotic policy. Gordon has answered by ignoring the Germans and not inviting them to a summit with the French and the Spanish leaders.

A European Union? A responsible fiscal policy? Yeah right! Get ready to be very poor!

The Welfare State

OK we all agree that this government has to do something to curb the abuse of the Welfare State because so much money is being poured into a black hole without anyone calling the recipients to account. We are supposed to be a compassionate society but so many people have abused the system that something has to happen.

For a short period of time I worked at a Job Centre. I cannot pretend that it was a pleasurable experience but what it did do was expose me to the nonsense which this government has instigated in their insistence that government targets must be met. For example every person who gets a job as a direct result of a Job Centre advertised position is proclaimed as a positive outcome.

Every effort is made to achieve these positive outcomes. I know because I was on the team that had to follow them up. They were so desperate to achieve these positive outcomes that they will accept anything. For example an indolent cleaner who knew how to play the system had fourteen positive outcomes in one year. When I pointed this out I was ignored. The tales I could tell about the JobCentre!

So what we want to know is how will we monitor the effect of the governments newly proposed welfare proposals. I will almost guarantee that the people who seriously need the money will be penalised and the scumbags will find a way around the problem. If they don't then the crime rate will steeple because if we don't give the scumbags state money then they will attack the elderly and vulnerable. After all what is to stop them? The police are not fit for purpose when it comes to protecting the public so once the scumbags lose their money they will simply attack those who have it.

I really hope that I am wrong.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


The children in this country are lagging further and further behind kids from other countries in terms of genuine education. Over the past forty years there has been so much tinkering with the education system that the teaching profession have never had an opportunity to settle down and teach the kids.

In the last ten years they have been burdened by the similar government target system which has done a lot to make the jobs of Social workers almost impossible. They face league tables, OFSTED inspectors, SATS tests and exam bodies appointed by this government who were incapable of producing results on time. You would think that enough was enough but no, along comes the Ed Balls stooge with another cunning plan. This time they are going to abolish History and Geography in favour of more relevant modern subjects.

Well all I can say is that they might as well because as far as I can see our kids seem to have so little knowledge of traditional history and geography that the subjects are superfluous. The plain fact that they form the basis of general knowledge and are therefore the platform for advancement does not seem to matter.

No wonder we have a problem with our youth. They are spoon fed 'A' Star grades so that the lazy get lazier and the clever get disillusioned. What is the point of studying seriously when Britney and Peaches get 'A' grades for applying their lipstick! They may as well go out and get drunk or swallow drugs. Kids are not stupid! They know they are being short changed on education just as surely as they know who is carrying the nits into the school.

The children aged sixteen today could not tackle the arithmetic that I was doing at ten years of age. That is the indictment on an education system that under Ed Balls is failing so many of our children.

Human Rights Act

Jack Straw got banner headlines yesterday when he criticised the Human Rights Act and stated that we have got to change it as it is not working properly. I thought this was really decent of him after something like ten years of British injustice largely due to lawyers (like Cherie Blair) who found loopholes in it so that criminals could not be effectively punished and illegal immigrants who commit crime could not be sent home. If my memory serves me correctly it was Jack Straw who introduced it in the first place.

However, he stopped short of saying what he wanted to do and when he would do it. Jack Straw you see is very good at soundbytes. He has been doing it all through his political life. He has held all of the important and influential positions and has yet to make a success of any of them. He just seems to bounce around the cabinet breezing from position to position and fouling up everything that he touches. You can be assured that Jack Straw will do nothing to change anything but will continue to grovel to the Muslim voters in Blackburn who keep him in parliament.

David Cameron on the other hand says that he will do something about it and proposes abolishing the European Human Rights Act and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights. He alleges that this will be part of the battleground for the next election. I certainly hope so because I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the inability of the Tories to hurt this despicable government fatally despite having every opportunity to do so. I really thought that some of them would have the guts to really attack The Speaker and the government over the Damian Green affair but the attack fizzled out as usual allowing the govenrment to fall back on their Committee of enquiry answer to everything.

I really despair of anything happening which the man in the street requires to make his life even slightly more agreeable.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Social Services

It is just coming from Sky News that Sharon Shoesmith the Head of Social Services for Haringey Council has been dismissed with immediate effect. I just wonder if that means she walks away without a compensation package? The sacking is of course the only decision that could be taken but somehow NoLab always appear to have another agenda. I wonder where she will pop up next.

Take the £73 million pound package that Ed Balls has announced to retrain the Social Services staff. He still doesn't get it! With the best will in the world the staff cannot look after the kids in a safe and sensible manner and abide by government targets.

The targets are the problem not the staff although I can understand how some of the younger ones who have not been brought up in an era where common sense was inbred and was passed down by both mother and father should probably be given additional support.

I am sure that they will not be trying to recruit older men women who have that common sense and who have brought up familes of their own. Their abhorrence of nonsensical targets which actually endanger the kids would make them unemployable by this government. What a mess!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Banking Bill

Guido Fawkes has flagged up an item which should be concerning all of us and is already being followed up on other blogs. This government has introduced an amendment to the Banking Bill of 1844. This Bill in simplistic terms seems to govern how much money we actually release into the community.

The government (Darling and Brown) have apparently introduced an amendment to the Bill which has kept the country on a level track for 164 years. They want to abolish the principle that the amount of money coming off the presses each week should be published so that our economy does not descend into the gutter like for example the economy of Zimbabwe.

Why do they want to do that? Why destroy a principle which has served us so well for so long? I am beginning to think that these people are becoming desperate and that really worries me. Are they really planning to print more money than is appropriate to keep our economy stable.

Can it get any worse? I guess so.

Social Services

Ever since the 'Baby P' case I have been concerned about the way that the Social Services operate. Instinctively I had a gut feeling that the fault lay with NoLab but as I was completely ignorant of the procedures of the Social Services it was difficult to comment with confidence.

Today all the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place when I read an article in the Daily Mail. Social Workers are forced to comply with government protection targets. These targets insist that children are removed from the Child Protection Register after two years. They are also 'encouraged' to reduce the number of children that they put into care or with foster parents. This means that children are quite routinely returned to inadequate or dangerous parents even if the social worker concerned feels that it is the wrong decision.

This is why Ofsted inspectors rated both Haringey (Baby P) and Kirklees (Shannon Matthews) as 'services which consistently deliver above minimum requirements for children'. These are the politics of madness! How many more children have been returned to families who are not capable of looking after them? Now we know what the problems are and as I suspected Ed Balls has to take his share of the blame for the despicable cases which have recently made the headlines.

Government targets should never be allowed to supercede the experience and common sense of the people on the ground. The misery that these targets must have caused children all over the country will probably never be calculated.

NoLab have interfered in every aspect of our lives in this country. They are fouling everything up and yet some of the electorate still think that they are worth supporting. What can we say about people who put their warped targets against the safety of the nation's children. It is nauseating!

Friday, 5 December 2008

The Sub Culture

On 25 November I wrote about the kids who bring head lice into schools and how nobody seems to do anything to help them. I have since been told that I forgot the 'worms' which are once again passed from kid to kid in the classroom. Everybody knows who the kids are who bring them into the school. Some of the poor mites can barely articulate at the age of five.

Now please do not tell me that the friends, family and more importantly the school who were familiar with poor little Sharron Matthews did not know that her mother was an uncaring slob. So why didn't someone do something about it? Well former neighbours say they did but nobody bothered to follow it up effectively. This once again lays the fault at the feet of the Social Services and I have no doubt that they are probably following a set of flawed guidelines. However is it hardly surprising because the sub culture which is breeding very quickly on the rundown council estates is growing at an alarming rate.

You see them everywhere, young pregnant girls with unwashed hair and a couple of mucky kids puffing on cigarettes buying booze from the supermarkets. If a passing Social Worker did a spot check on the kids there would probably be a myriad of problems.

What I don't understand is that no politician is addressing the problem. Nobody has any ideas to try and reverse the trend which has been growing for the past thirty years. The women who have large families by different men survive on the money that they get for being a baby factory. They live in dwellings which they were granted for being pregnant! It must stop. Somebody must bite the bullet and come up with some form of incentive to stop the women from breeding. The money must cease after say two kids. If they do not get the money then they won't bother having the kids.

We now hundreds of grandmothers in their early thirties. All around them is squalor and more and more these cases are being picked up by the mainstream media. They are horrific but we seem to be getting immune to it. Only when cases like 'Baby 'P' and Sharron Matthews hit the headlines are we horrified but it is happening all around us and we just shut our eyes and hope that they will disappear back to their squalid little homes so that we can forget their existence.

The police are not on the steets anymore, the teaching profession is scared of its own shadow, the health officials are so busy being 'nice' that these poor kids are just left until they reach puberty where they can start the whole cycle off again.

It is a national disgrace!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Foreign Aid

I read today that we are pouring aid into Zimbabwe to assist their fight against cholera. I cannot believe that in this age of the credit crunch when our own pensioners are struggling with their household bills that this government believes that handing money to Robert Mugabe will help his people. Are they mad?

After all we have David Milliband (last seen waving a banana at the press) as our Foreign Secretary. I would imagine that our allies (do our allies matter any more now that we are ruled by Europe) just laugh at this clown. The only reason that we are respected in this world is that we scatter foreign aid around the world like confetti. This is in an age when we have a credit crunch. Countries like Zimbabse and Pakistan ceased to be our problem years ago. They kicked us out! Why should we pour money into Robert Mugabes' coffers because as sure as eggs are eggs he will squander it!

It will NEVER get to the people who need it but then why should that matter?

Don't get me wrong I suffer alongside the poor people who have been so let down by successive British governments. They did however vote to kick us out and we cannot possibly be responsible for that. When we left Zimbabwe then that was it! We no longer had a responsibilty for the people who remained. Why do we still give this country aid because they are a responsibility of Africa.

The same has to be said for Pakistan. Why do we give money to Pakistan? This country has no love for anything British. They hate us! In my opinion the Pakistanis hate everybody but that is another question.

This is the legacy of NoLab and why we have so little money for the people who matter in this country. They just fritter it away on liberal causes because they want money and hope that these countries will respect Gordon Brown!

Yeah right!

Gordon we cannot afford to give money to countries like Pakistan and Zimbabwe! Guess what? They hate us! The money that you give them will never,ever get to the people that need it. How about redirecting it to the people who really need it, the
citizens of Britain!

In these really difficult times we should inform countries liked Zimbabwe and Pakistan that the well has run dry. If they want British subsidies then they should generally act like civiilised countries and if they don't then they can fund themselves!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Speaker

I can hardly credit the mess that is erupting in Parliament. The police entered Parliament without a warrant. They were given access by a former quite junior Civil Servant Jill Pays who was appointed by The Speaker himself. The reason that she got the job was that The Speaker could not get on with her predecessor. Her predecessor was a former Major General in the army who of course would command respect.

The Speaker was a former sheet metal worker from Glasgow who has been a class warrior all of his life. Ability, experience and tradition play little part if that person does not tug his forelock to the mandarins of the New Labour Project. They are a mean, spiteful, small minded crew so Major General Grant Peterkin was binned.

In his place The Speaker must have cast the net wide and far to avoid the traditional appointment of a military man as Sargeant-at-Arms. For some reason he came up with Jill Pays. I don't know what her credentials for this position were but one suspects that if you are trying to trash tradition then the best way is to appoint a woman to the position of Sargeant-at-Arms. Nice one Mick!

Now we come to the problem. He stood up today and announced that it was not him who invited the police into the House of Commons thus breaking centuries of tradition. It was the Sargeant-at-Arms and she allowed them in despite the fact that they did not have a search warrant.

Now apparently they should have told her that they didn't have a warrant and their presence in the building depended solely on her permission. She didn't ask and they didn't confess so the whole episode is that an MP's office was raided illegally.

As I have already blogged the appointment of Jill Pays was ignored by the Queen because she refused this overpromoted Civil Servant the traditional audience. The Queen is no fool so she must have smelt a rat and acted accordingly. It is utterly astonishing that this was not widely reported. Now the former sheet metal worker is blaming his appointed Sargeant-at-Arms! Is that just not typical?!

They cling to an authority they have long since lost and when their incompetence is exposed then they blame the very people they have appointed who The Queen herself apparently rejected. Jill Pays quite clearly did not understand her role and allowed police without a warrant to enter the office of an MP.

I am currently watching the abject performance of Harriet Harman on Newsnight and she is so embarrassed by this issue that she is refusing to confirm that she has full confidence in The Speaker and the Sargeant-at-Arms. She is the Leader of the House of Commons. What does that say about this government?

It is obvious that the appointment of an unqualified Sargeant-at-Arms has led to this fiasco but don't blame Jill Pays. If I got the chance I would probably take it (no I wouldn't)but I would swot up on my responsibilities. Major General Peterkin would have sorted it tout suite! His response would probably take the lines of 'No Way, get lost you chancers and come back with a warrant!'

Everyone who has ever achieved anything knows that your personal choice of staff is paramount to your survival and impacts on you. If you choose your staff purely on their ability to tug their forelocks then I am sorry you appoint people on the wrong premise.

Jill Pays was the wrong person. The Speaker should resign tomorrow because he appointed a patsy to a sigificant parliamentary role. Gordon Brown...the worst ever British Prime Minister...we don't even need a vote!

The Queen's Speech

At the moment the PM is on his feet trying to make progress on his address following the The Queen's Speech. Earlier he was flayed alive by David Cameron who smashed into him on every conceivable level. It was a truly magnificent speech from a man who makes Brown look what he is - an imposter. He particularly attacked the record of this government at proposing short term policial measures which have cost a lot of money and achieved nothing.

Since the PM got on his feet he has been disrupted by Tory MP after Tory MP wanting to know his own personal view on the arrest of Damien Green and as usual his only mantra is to fall back onto the excuse that he has set up yet another enquiry. He parrots the same old lame excuses and still won't give a straight answer.

None of them have yet had the guts to go the whole way. They are still treating him with too much reverence. The Speaker continually interrupts to save him the bashing that he should be getting.

During his speech David Cameron was challenged to say what measures he would take to aid the economy and off the cuff he came up with five major actions which would stimulate the economy. Brown has just accused them of being the 'do nothing' party. It is an utterly shameful performance but one which we see week after week.

Nick Clegg has just risen to his feet to make his contribution and the NoLab benches have almost emptied. I guess the fireworks are over.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mumbai and Us!

We have never kept count on our immigrant population. The only political party who has ever advocated an accurate account on who enters our country are the BNP. They have been vilified and denegrated but as we follow the events in the world today are they really the villains of the piece.

The events that took place in Mumbai points to the fact that Pakistan is the world's pariah when it comes to world terrorism. Muslim kids from everywhere go to Pakistan for their training.

We have a huge population of Pakistani kids currently living in our country. If India and Pakistan ever decide to go to war and that is not beyond the bounds of belief where exactly do we stand? When my wife decides to go and do a bit of Christmas shopping in Leicester will one side or the other wave a flag of truce and let her through?

Yeh... but don't let me interfere with your immigration policy Jacqui! (You know Jacqui Smith..she is the Home Secretary.. commonly known as Jackboot Jacqui or Fat Jack but better as hopelessly out of her depth Jacqui).

The Queen

There has been considerable publicity given to the fact that the Queen questioned why nobody had forecasted the credit crunch. She was asking a quite reasonable question but as usual no answer was forthcoming. Now I realise that she has to remain above politics and quite rightly so but she is still our sovereign and she still apparently has a keen eye on the ball.

Recently NoLab, sorry The Speaker, decided to replace the Sergeant-at-Arms, the person responsible for security of the House of Commons with a relatively junior female Civil Servant. This is a position traditionally reserved for a military person of considerable seniority. The previous Sergeant Arms was Major General Grant Peterkin and it is no surprise that he clashed with a class warrior like our current Speaker.

After they replaced General Peterkin they apparently applied for an audience with Her Majesty for this nonentity from the Civil Service and it has now transpired that she refused.

Thank you Ma'am.

Baby 'P' and the New Labour Project!

Can you credit this crowd? This poor little child was tortured and murdered by his household and the Haringey Council have people on the case who fail to recognise that this poor kid is being systematically battered because the mother smears chocolate on his face to disguise the bruising!

Do I need to go any further? Well NoLab have had their enquiry and Ed Balls has condemned all the people for following his guidelines and sacked the person in charge! Well that is exactly how it should happen but wait just a moment... this is NoLab in action because she has not really been sacked, she has been suspended on... wait for it... full pay depending on other investigations!

Can they sink any lower?

Derby County

I hope you are watching 'LCFC' (you know who you are) but you may just have heard that Derby County are in the semi-finals of the Carling Cup! That is the first time in forty years that the Rams have reached a semi-final. I remember the last time we reached a semi-final because we got to the semi-final of the cup and I was a soldier in Northern Ireland. The lads gave me unmerciful stick but then that was expected because that was the camaderie in the forces.

I could not believe tonight because we never get any luck but when we got the penalty in the 93rd minute I was dancing around the room. After the season we endured last year this has been a real bonus. Well done ewe rams but most of all well done the travelling supporters. You are great supporters guys!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Haringey Council

Well they are now all gone! The hierarchy who ignored their responsibilities that brought about the deaths and torture of little children have gone. Tonight I see Ed Balls on television, in my opinion, going through the motions. Once again we have a few people who have followed NoLab doctrine and dogma going to the wall. They are resigning only because they followed the instructions of their political masters.

These people are terrified of defying any aspect of the guidelines set down by NoLab. One cannot really blame people who have been offered six figure salaries to carry out the policies of Gordon Brown and Ed Balls. Sharon Shoesmith was not to blame for this catastrophe apart from the fact that she sold her soul to the devil!

If you do that then you can expect anything that you get but more and more decent people are accepting indecent salaries to carry out the policies of Gordon and Ed. It must be a huge temptation to sell your soul to NoLab. Times are tough and it must be a real temptation to take an easy road to prosperity.

We are under attack like never before. We need to reward integrity but NoLab would not even recognise the word.

The Speaker and NoLab

The royalty of the blogosphere are breaking information about a meeting between Harriet Harman, the Speaker and sundry other NoLab types as they try and prepare a response to the outcry following the arrest of Damien Green. Both Ian Dale and Guido Fawkes have a leaked document on their sites which confirms that no members of the opposition have been invited to this meeting.

Our democratic principles emphasise that the Speaker should have no political alignment when dealing with the affairs of Parliament. Now of course we all know that Speaker Martin has continually demonstrated that neutrality is an alien concept to him and this has demeaned an office which has remained above party politics for centuries.

Now I am getting to the stage where I do not trust any aspect of NoLab politics. They seem to have lost all sense of propriety and direction. They are staggering from one crisis to another and the country is collapsing as a result. Their idealistic dogma is destroying everything we hold dear from 'Baby P' to the pound sterling.

I do find it strange however that the letter detailing the meeting between Harriet Harman and The Speaker has been leaked to the two principle bloggers in the country. I hope thast this is not another example of the filth that British politics has become since NoLab came to power.

If it is not a trick then it is proof that this government is hanging onto power for all the wrong reasons and in addition they are subverting democracy. I never thought that I would live to see the day that a political party in this country would ignore all the democratic principles upon which this country was founded.