Monday, 31 January 2011

Derby County

I know that this is probably a post that concerns nobody but myself and a few thousand Rams fans but I cannot believe what is happening at my beloved football club! I really don't understand how we always seem to attract the wrong type of owner. This club has marvellous support. They attract loyal attendances of in excess of 25,000 every week. Often they for big games exceed 30,000 and recently for the 'derby' match against the Forest there was a full house of 33,000. With the exception of the really big clubs nobody outside of the elite can compare with this.

Our other local clubs, our rivals, are in the ascendancy. Leicester have the 'Sven' factor and they have owners prepared to spend money so they are signing 'names' who can move them up the table. Forest have the 'Billy Davies' factor who of course once managed Derby and must take huge pleasure that his team with ex Rams players like Earnshaw, Tudgay and Camp have taken us to the cleaners twice this season.

But back to Derby County. We have American owners but they are parsimonious. When almost every other owner of a large club realises that in order to compete they must spend money our owners have just one aim. Derby County must self fund! Football in England has become a billionaires playground! A club cannot compete unless they are prepared to invest in their team.

Not so long ago we had owners who were so corrupt that two of them ended up behind bars. They sold our best players without any regard to the performances on the pitch. These past few weeks we have witnessed a repeat of that behaviour. Two of our best players have left the club for frankly very little money...probably only enough to balance the books. In return only one player has been recruited from Notts County and the needs of the team have not been addressed whatsoever!

We need a striker! Our one fit striker doesn't strike very often. He was quite cheap of course but even so he goes game after game without troubling the opposition defence. We sold the guy who scored all the goals Today at the absolute fag end of the transfer month (they had a whole month to pursue strikers) they bid for an Irish striker from Kilmarnock and were rebuffed. Kilmarnock for heaven's sake!? Even Kilmarnock realise that you can't buy effective strikers for peanuts. This guy is the top striker in the Scottish Premier League and we apparently bid less than half a million. Mind you we let Kris Commons go for peanuts so obviously the board at Derby County have no idea of modern values.

Recently I have got the impression that the dressing room is not a happy place. The manager, Nigel Clough, has taken to criticising his players publically and that is not a good strategy.

We entered the transfer window in a state of desperation. We leave it after failing in every direction to sign a player who will move us up the table. The board is a joke. We will almost inevitably be relegated before they leave us... having pocketed the season ticket money. I really hope that I am hopelessly wrong but the portents have been seen before.

Derby County will rapidly lose their support unless they show ambition. The gravy train will cease. I cannot believe that they have ignored the transfer window. It is a dereliction of duty and proves once again that Nigel Clough is not his Dad!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Jumping for Joy!

I suspect that these lads were just frustrated by the rise in fuel prices and decided to get to work on foot! Now where did I put my trainers......?

Friday, 28 January 2011

Is this a real People's Revolt... and will it spread?

The news broadcasts reflect a chaotic situation in Egypt where the people have really rebelled against their government. Tens of thousands appear to have decided that enough is enough and they seem to have a point. The interesting point is that, unlike Tunisia, this is a people's revolt and not an Islamic rebellion. The people have taken to the streets because they are seriously brassed off.

They are equating their protests to the fall of the Berlin Wall and wow now the Arab population are seeking a freedom that they have never had. They want a stake in their own decadent that the people want to replace a wickedly governing partty and now in Egypt the genie is out of the bottle.

Frankly it is the type of protest that we need here! We do not have a democratic protest but our people are deeply unhappy. I know because there is an undercurrent  of dissatisfaction which one can hear in every household and every pub in the land. We Brits have that jokey irony which masks our anger. We are actually very pissed off with our political parties. They are not reflecting our desires. This is a very dangerous situation because if The Political Class ignore the electorate as they are doing now then they will one day pay the consequences.

At the moment we winge and complain but as yet the event has not happened that will tip the people over the edge. It will come! One day we will have an atrocity that our government cannot ignore and the people will be so outraged that they will march on London and throw the serving PM into the Thames! David Cameron or Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg please don't ignore the public because frankly this public rebellion is closer than you believe.

A Pandemic of Riots!

I read of riots spreading across North Africa and the Middle East. People are being killed on the streets as dictators fight to hang onto power. How far will it spread and who is organising it?  So far the countries affected do not appear to be a threat to western economies but what happens if the goatherders attack the Saudis or the Qataris?

After all they have been kept in poverty for years whilst the ruling classes enjoy a lifestyle beyond belief.. I suspect that their wealth of the ruling classes enables them to gather a large enough force to keep them in place but if one goes who knows the consequences?

In addition there doesn't appear to be a threat to Iran or to any other extreme Islamic state so perhaps these riots are coordinated by fundamentalists. If it is an Islamic rebellion then people like the Saudis would really have a fight on their hands. Perhaps even the owners of Manchester City would feel the pinch? Perhaps we will soon all be walking to the shops?

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Yet more exposures from the House of Lords!

We have already had the exposure of Lord Taylor and he openly declared other peers were also robbing the public purse so The Ranting Penguin has discovered another socialist peer who has been taking liberties.

Surely this has to be investigated? We have Baroness Uddin and now Baroness Goudie. Obviously they all thought that a peerage was a licence to rob us all blind but who gave them that licence. They all say that a fish rots from the head and many of these socialist 'troughers' somehow were made peers during the Blair/Brown years.

When will you people who vote Labour without a second thought get it through your heads that these people do not represent you! They only represent the people who owe their jobs to socialism or those who draw public money to exist.

Our ancient traditions are being traduced by the Socialist peers who were stuffed onto the Green Benches after allegedly purchasing their peerages. Of course it never happened and Yates of the Yard found nothing conclusive. However Yates of the Yard has yet to come up with any form of solid investigation. He manages to spend millions but never ever nails anyone!

It could happen to you...if you buy off the top shelf!!

Now this is very funny!

Lady Referee and her equipment?

This is also doing the rounds. I suspect referee Sian Massey may have a sense of humour. I really hope so because after all the flak this is quite funny!!

I couldn't put it better myself....!!

This is a copy of a message currently romping around the world by EMail. I have not yet verified if these are her actual words but it sounds Australian and is a message that should be on the front of every newspaper in this country.

Australia says NO - Second Time she has done this!  She's done it again..
She sure isn't backing down on her hard line stance and one has to appreciate her belief in the rights of her native countrymen...
A breath of fresh air to see someone lead. I wish some leaders would step up in Canada & USA . Australian Prime Minister does it again!!

This woman should be appointed Queen of the World.. Truer words have never been spoken.  It took a lot of courage for this woman to speak, what she had to say for the world to hear. The retribution could be phenomenal, but at least she was willing to take a stand on her and Australia 's beliefs.  The whole world needs a leader like this!

Prime Minister Julia Gillard - Australia
Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law, were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks..

Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote:


I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. "
"This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom."

"We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society. Learn the language!"

"Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture."

"We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us."

"This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE'."

"If you aren't happy here then LEAVE. We didn't force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted."

I really couldn't put it better myself!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tommy Sheridan... 3 years!

Another public figure has been found guilty and sentenced. When will it end? At this count we will have to build a prison for The Political Class! One after another they are appearing in the dock and being found to be totally corrupt. Now they will, like 'Lord' Taylor did, begin to grass each other up and then it should hit the fan!

Anyone who is interested in politics is itching to see Baroness Uddin in court but she is only part of the problem. There are obviously many more prominent peers guilty of the same fraud. Well they are according to 'Lord' Taylor!

In the lower house it seems to depend on your reputation. If you are expendable then you go to the courts but it appears that if you have a political reputation like Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling then you are shielded. With the exception of one MP they were all at it! They all cheated because as Lord Taylor verified, it was regarded as part of their salary.

Even the outrageous excesses of the 'flipping' scandal have been masked. The only people who are being prosecuted are those who invented properties or mortgages not the ones who transfered their allegiance (deliberately) from one property to another to avail themselves of public funds. 

Now if you include these people then wow does the circle widen!? So far this has not been the case because if it was some VERY prominent politicians would be getting their
collars felt.

That prison for the Political Class is not far off!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My Keyboard

When I retired I bought a keyboard. Years ago when I was a little boy my father gave me piano lessons. My father was a gifted musician who entertained publically for many years. He played the piano and later on taught himself the country violin and he was also a gifted accordian player .

My younger brother inherited the gift from my father and taught himself the guitar. He wrote music but never read music and I do. I can read music which today I think is a talent. Every day I play everything and anything upstairs in my 'bachelor pad' as my daughter calls it.

Now here is the dilemma. I would like to play in public. At my best I think I could really entertain because I have a huge repertoir. One of my mates has given me the opening and said ' Come and play at the club'... another mate has suggested that I could play at his music club which he runs down town.

The problem is that I am scared to death! Help!!!

Why are we in so much misery?

I view the news with trepidation because everywhere there is bad news. We have huge problems with our economy courtesy of the incompetent banks and the incompetent Labour party but it goes much further than that. Our social structure is under threat. Education has badly let our kids down. The schools are an alien authority. We really have no idea what is being poured into the ears of our kids and grandkids.

What I know for sure is that my well brought up grandchildren are being exposed to a culture and a behaviour which normally they would have no access to.  My grandchildren are 9 and 7 and routinely at school they hear the 'F' word and the 'C' word from kids who have little family discipline.

Elsewhere we have prices rising out of control for the Paying Class. I spent £40 today on diesel and the needle barely rose above halfway. That means that the Paying Class will soon be reduced to essential journeys only.

The Tax authorities have broken down... and I know personally that they cannot write a decent letter or explain their calculations. They take two months to reply to a query and then expect us to be compliant but if we are compliant then we lose money that we can't afford to lose. They are useless.

The banks routinely make errors. Try complaining, try asking for an investigation, even try to speak to someone who has an iota of common sense and you are rebuffed. My wife was recently told by a Customer Service operator at Santander that he could not access 'that screen'! The very screen which apparently could solve the problem!

Even the AA have developed a new marketing strategy. Last year I swopped my car insurance to the AA and as a reward I got automatic membership. I didn't need it because I was already with Green Flag but to my regret I didn't reject it. Last week I got my membership renewed but this time it  cost me almost fifty quid! What a con guys! A nice honest marketing ploy from a really honest company... I don't think!

What is happening to this country? We are under attack from all sides and yet we never consider a revolution, we never consider a public protest, we are so complacent that we cannot be bothered to protect our grandchildren. I only hope that when they are old enough they will take to the streets and cry 'We have had enough' but then don't expect them to look after you in your old age...because you don't deserve it!

You have created this culture because you are indolent, complacent and arrogant. We deserve what we get. Years ago we had the 'Tolpuddle Martyrs', the 'Jarrow Marchers', and the 'Suffragettes' today we have drunken kids, drug addicts, corrupt politicians, useless Civil Servants, absent police, non existant social workers, greedy bankers, corrupt Trade Unions, dirty hospitals, overpriced trains, high taxes, poor welfare, terrible education and a European Union which is probably responsible for all of I need to go on?

If you deserve the support of your kids in your old age and... you will need them...then get your arse into gear and start challenging the Political Class and the Bonus Class!

Lord Taylor - Guilty M'Lud!

Lord Taylor of Warwick after days of wriggling in the dock and blaming almost everyone apart from himself has been found guilty of six accounts of false accountancy.
This is a very good verdict for The Paying Class and I hope he gets a long time to think about his conduct because he has let a lot of people down.

He clearly took every advantage of a weak system so he deserves no sympathy. Just keep them coming and as the noble Lord stated openly in court they were all at it. Clearly there should be, on the back of his comments, a really deep review of the claims of all the peers in recent years.


I didn't know how ignorant I had become until today when I stumbled across the term Eurabia. I had been reading the Captain Ranty blog who was highlighting the spread of rioting by Islamic dissidents. The riots in Tunisia for example have taken a predictable direction now with Islamic fanatics parading their Jihad black flag demanding a Caliphate for Tunisia. Apparently it is also kicking off in Egypt and Albania but that is another matter.

The trouble with the blogosphere is that one blog often leads to another and I eventually arrived at a blog written by someone under the pseudonym of Vlad Tepes who appears to specialise in exposing Islamic trouble spots. It was here that I came across Eurabia and the extent to which the Islamic problem had spread across western Europe.

I was amazed to read that Rotterdam is the Eurabian capital of Europe with whole districts living the Muslim life even to the extent of living under Sharia Law. Why are we not being informed of this threat to western society? Why are our politicians not warning us of what is happening throughout the world?

Islam is a danger facing all of us. The outrage at the air terminal can happen anywhere. We really do have to wake up or in a few years time we won't be able to travel anywhere without danger. It is fine for Baroness Warsi to accuse us of Islamophobia but we have a right to identify a threat and deal with it. I suspect that by the time we recognise the threat it will be too late. Eurabia will be on us and we will be staring at the mosque at the end of the street and veiling our grandaughters before they go shopping!

Drugs in our modern Society

Nobody could fail to have been moved by the plight of the mother On the Matthew Wright Show this morning who had been fighting her daughter's drug addiction without any visible support for 10 years. 'The Wright Stuff' panel had been discussing another case of the mother who had been jailed for tieing up her drug ridden daughter to prevent her from feeding the habit.

The lady then rang in with tears flowing and articulated the lack of help available in her fight to keep her daughter vaguely respectable. This drug menace could strike any of us at any time and it is high time that someone in government came up with a credible plan to tackle the problem. Like most of the ills in our modern society governmment is ignoring it.

Personally I think they should just give it away. It would not be long before the kids realised that they could die if they accepted the stuff and moved on. Once the dodgy dealing ceased there would be little point. That apart the government has a duty to help parents who are fighting a daily battle for their sanity. Perhaps they should begin by creating a society where the kids could play outdoors without close parental supervision.

All it would take would be to create a prison which specialised on giving the perpetrators of sex crimes a very tough time. Then get the police back onto the streets to protect the public like they used to do and I guarantee that crimes against kids would decrease almost overnight. Once the nation's kids got healthy again they might not be as tempted to take alternative kicks.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys

I am an avid sports fan and I have been watching SKY Sports for almost 20 years. During all that time I have watched the Richrad Keys/Andy Gray duo front the football. It is my contention that SKY revolutionised football on the small acreen and this pair must take some of the credit.

Andy Gray however, is not my cup of tea. As a footballer he was a swashbuckling bully who fancied the rough stuff and his demeanour hasn't changed a great deal on the box. He constantly harangues officials and is an advocate of the falacy that if you have never played the game professionally then you don't qualify to have an opinion.

If a yellow card is produced then Andy snorts with derision and he generally goes potty when a player is sent off. He defends the most grotesque fouls and if a player uses an elbow to smash his opponent in the face then he is only gaining leverage for his airborne assault.

I was therefore not surprised when I heard his comments about the female linesman. He would outdinosaur most pterodactyls. Now I can't see why any female would want to officiate in a game where 22 men are trying to inflict damage on each other whilst in pursuit of a ball. Male professional sport is highly competitive but if that is her thing and she is competent then she deserves the chance.

I think that SKY should use this opportunity to ditch Keys and Gray who I believe are past their sell by date and bring in someone like Ben Shepherd to front with Jamie Redknapp. Both of them know how to operate in the modern world, something that Gray and Keys regrettably forgot.

Gray has been sacked! Inevitable really!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Today in this the beginning of an Islamic War?

The mainstream media have been suppressing the extent that Islam is attacking western society. There have been serious problems in Europe particularly in places like Malmo, Sweden and everywhere else where there appears to be attention seeking by followers of Islam.

The terrorists in our society are mainstream Muslims. We really do have to beware of their presence anywhere and everywhere. I realise that this marginalises the peaceful Muslims but they have brought this upon themselves. We no longer have a choice. We can no longer trust anyone in a headscarf, a burka or a flowing robe.

They should not be in this country. They have no place here. Most of them do not want to be here (apart from the generous benefits) so what are we doing about it? I am sorry but we must face the fact that there is a Muslim agenda to seriously damage our way of life. The attack on the Moscow International Airport today only highlights the problem. Muslims should be isolated from western society until they themselves kill the cancer within their religion.

The only threat to our society comes from Islam. It also threatens every other western society and will continue to do so until we respond. We must respond strongly and without compassion because if we don't we store up problems for our grandkids. I realise that I am almost advocating a pogrom but unfortunately that could be the only way to address the problem.

When people are being blown apart for visiting the arrivals area of an internatiional airport then enough is really bloody enough!! We have to declare war on these lunatics and when we do the innocent will definitely suffer!

I know that our politicians will not react. That is our modern society and because of this my grandkids will suffer so I am putting this on record. If we do not sort out this Muslim problem in our country then they will terrorise the whole country to such an extent that in a few years time nobody will be able to move anywhere without threat!

One day the country will explode because of the Muslim threat. It is inevitable, it is combustible and it has been engineered. We must react strongly but hell when have any of our parties been strong about anything?

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Customer Service?

This past week I have had problems with the Tax Service (HMRC), Santander ( my mortgage) and the AA! Sometimes I think that I am going nuts but then don't we all have the same problem. We phone with our complaint and have to hand all the relevant facts and then we get the same response.... Press 1 for...Press 2 for...etc etc.

Is it not time that we rebelled against this automatic telephone system? Can we not refuse to deal with companies who force this modern abomination upon us? These companies are really taking the Michael out of their customers. We often cannot talk to a human being! It takes many minutes to get through to someone who we can even talk to and then quite often they don't have a clue what we are talking about.

The onus is always on us to prove that we have a real problem. The customer service personnel are often extremely unhelpful. It is time that we, the public, rejected this customer service farce. If a customer service telephone number is not openly available then don't deal with the company. You will be paying for a long time on the phone.

Phone SKY and just experience how long you have to spend on the phone with the simplest complaint. Phone Santander and see the hoops that you have to go through to speak to someone who will help! It is high time that this system is changed. They can afford to employ people and that is who we should be able to talk to.

How about that for a marketing ploy? Bank with us and we will ensure that you talk to an actual person! Ha! Will it catch on?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Alan Johnson...very personal matters!

It is now being suggested by the blogosphere that the twice married Alan Johnson has followed the leadership of known Socialist power brokers like David Blunkett and John Prescott in using his 'popularity' for personal gratification! These socialists NEVER resign unless they have been ABSOLUTELY been caught with their hands in the cookie jar . What I fail to understand is the stance of Ed Miliband and Ed Balls!

They meet the media knowing full well why Alan Johnson has resigned and they both tried to cover it up. This is the Political Class. Nobody tells the truth, nobody faces reality, nobody says that 'Alan Johnson has had to resign because he played away from home (again)!' Nobody thinks of the wronged party, the wife, but I must admit in this case I reserve judgment.

As usual  the Labour Party has been caught with their pants down (sorry but irresistible). The pious explanation from Miliband and Balls sums up their naked demise. Alan Johnson did not resign for 'personal reasons' he resigned because his tawdry affair had become public.  He resigned because somebody exposed him! Would you not bet that that someone is connected to the Balls/Cooper partnership?

This highly ambitious couple are now poised on both sides of Ed Miliband! Poor old Red Ed is about to be bounced! Perhaps he has understood the saying 'Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer'! However the Labour Party are so famed for their infamy and in fighting that they are becoming famed for almost nothing else.

If you do not owe the Labour Party for your job or your benefits what must it take for you to understand that these people are taking the piss out of you? Under this socialist bunch of chancers you will eventually become a second class European citizen and your grandkids will no longer enjoy their British citizenship.

Alan Johnson was the acceptable face of socialism... yeah... it is in their genes. Power is the name of their game and when they get it they have to flaunt it. Once again I trumpet the socialists have no policies, they have no ideas, they have no morals and only those who profit from their largesse will vote for them.

Gawd help the rest of us if Ed Balls is let anywhere near the country's economy. He almost ruined us the first time and now Red Ed is giving him a second chance to complete the job. That sums them up PLEASE BEWARE!


Well as we all now know I owe Alan Johnson an apology. Certain prominent bloggers got it well wrong and I created a cardinal sin by aiding the momento. I shall be more careful in the future. However the rest of the story still stands. If the Gordon Brown team is the best that they can do then why do they bother?

Alan Johnson resigns...big surprise?

Well Alan Johnson departs and the scramble begins for the leadership of his party. Ed Miliband had a real chance to promote people up the ladder but he spurned it to concentrate on a merry-go-round of the same old crowd who have already failed when they clustered around Gordon Brown.

Ed Balls to Shadow Chancellor, his wife Yvette Cooper to Shadow Home Secretary and Douglas Alexander to Shadow Foreign Secretary...these three had a huge responsibiility to run the country for many years and utterly failed. According to Labour, Ed Balls has a financial background but he ruined the country and his wife is no less to blame.

How on earth can they face George Osborne across the Despatch Box when they have repeatedly refused to acknowledge the damage that they did? They have no credibility left. The Labour cupboard is bare and Ed Miliband is just clutching at straws. He is also leaving a large space between his shoulder blades with both Balls probably sharpening their knives.

Ed Miliband was wrong to appoint Alan Johnson who had difficulty with his brief. He is showing very little imagination but he might just be playing the only cards available to him. Perhaps there really is so little talent in the parliamentary Labour party that his choice is so very limited. I can hardly wait for the scorn from the Coalition.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Interesting Times...?

I cannot believe that we have heard of a common sense policy emanating from Westmonster. No I don't mean Nick Clegg's paternity foolishness which my co-conspirator admirably sums up on his blog 'One Foot in the Grave'. Have a visit folks because Julian talks a lot of sense.

I mean the determined efforts of the Coalition to reform the NHS. If ever a behemoth required reform then this department did. I congratulate the Coaltion on their reforms and I revel in the panic of the NHS Trusts. This is a real attack on the Non-Job society and I really hope that we witness their demise. Of course the Health Care professionals, who have taken so much out of the economy, are bleating for England but Cameron is correct...if he sorts it now it will save us billions.

Other aspects of the NoLab economy are also it was publically stated that the Labour party had lost control of the MOD budget. Did they have control of anything? Have they a modicum of professional expertise? Apart from the fact that they bribe their electors by rewarding them benefits for next to nothing or granting them employment for a job which achieves nothing then they achieve nothing!

The only game in town for the socialists is power. They do nothing for the population, nothing for the country and nothing for your grandchildren. They just wreck everything so that the world that your grandchildren will inherit is a Communist doctrine from Europe which has failed everytime it has been advanced.

At every turn NoLab have destroyed the country. Today I see, for the first time, a determined attempt to reverse trends which I welcome. Let's put the doctors back in charge of their patients... let us get the medical professionals back in charge of their profession and then possibly... we can retrain the nurses!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Flashman Tendency

Apparently this is the new terminology for bullying in Westmonster! It is used by the Tories to describe the pressure placed on normal Tory MPs who oppose the Cameron LibDem regime. If they step out of line then they are subjected to the 'Flashman Tendency' pressure which blackmails them that their careers would be finished if they don't support their beloved leader.

Do I not detect elements of socialism in this nonsense? The Tories are becoming, under David Cameron, to be a clone of NoLab! They are being subjected to the Euro metropolitical pressure which subjects their MPs to follow the party line. There is no room for manoever and they claim that an individual is either for them or against them which denies anyone  a vote for their constituents.

This blackmail is hard to resist for newcomers who have just been elected. The reason that they have been elected is probably because they are 'a safe pair of hands' or that they 'don't rock the boat' so frankly none of our MPs represent their electorate. They only represent their political parties and they only do what they are allowed to do.
This is the 'Common Purpose' approach to politics.

What can we do about our corrupt Political Class? Their people are routinely now being hauled before criminal courts. They have lost our trust but refuse to bend. They are out of control and yet they still pose as leaders who have answers. I tell you what if Ed Miliband has any answers then ask him why Chinese kids are so much cleverer than our kids who stumble through our disgraceful British education system! He is useless!

Has the world gone mad?

I am watching the Daily Politics Show and I cannot quite believe what I am seeing. The Labour peers are deliberately blocking any attempt at reform for the House of Lords. On the surface it is a quite shameful attempt to halt government in progress. However, what else can one expect from socialists? They have no shame only a naked ambition to remain in power despite their lack of expertise.

Then we have the inflation rates! Why do we have two inflation indexes? For most of us inflation is bloody inflation. It does not matter a jot where it happens and how it happens. And just for the record... if anyone really believes that inflation for the average family is below 4% then they don't shop on the High Street. Energy prices are rocketing, fuel prices are rocketing and the knock on effect is that supermarket prices are rocketing!  Even if one doubles the 4% it will not reflect the truth so why the reticence? They are lying!!

Lastly what has happened in this country to justice? When a Christian couple (this by the way this was SKY news) who have been in business for 25 years object to unmarried couples using their rooms for unchristian purposes then is that not their business? Well it is their business but according to the organisation that fronts the 'Gay' movement, 'Stonewall', they have no right to Christian beliefs. That of course will breed a level of intolerance that we have never seen in this country.

For example it is well known that the 'gay' movement encourages 'gay' only hotels/premises that advertise themselves by flying a pink flag! If the Christian couple are wrong to discriminate against 'unmarrieds' then surely the pink flag is discriminating against heterosexuals. I cannot think of a heterosexual couple who would want to venture under the pink flag. That is nature. We are different;  but the problem is that the Christians do not have an aggressive power group determined to pursue their rights for acceptance. They only have the Churches who frankly abandoned that role many years ago.

Christians must develop a self defence mechanism because they are under attack. If they don't stand up for themselves then they will be decimated. It is a shame because most Christians are by nature kindly people who follow a set of decent beliefs but when the law comes down on the side of a power group who have a totally different set of values then they have a problem.

Monday, 17 January 2011

David Cameron

I have to admit that I can't quite fathom David Cameron out. Inherently I am suspicious of him because he has taken the Conservative party down a route that I cannot agree with. He has reneged on a promise for a referendum on the EU and he has turned his back on a hint that he wanted to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights.

As far as I am concerned he is not a Conservative. He is one of the new breed of metropoliticians...people who can merge and blend, renege and apologise but above all they stand for everything and oppose anything. You cannot tie them down to a policy or a promise or a belief. They are all things to all people but above all they talk. They use a method and a language which is difficult to tackle.

So now he announces an upheaval in the NHS and I would agree with his suggestions...but what is he up to? He knows that he is challenging the Health Service Unions (I wish he would challenge the Education Unions) but I think that it is necessary. We do have a problem with waste and the NHS trusts. A whole generation of Bonus Class professionals could lose their jobs and this might just herald the promise for 'A Bonfire of Quangos' which we have yet to witness.

I reserve judgement on David Cameron because he has been left a ridiculous legacy by NoLab.  How on Earth can NoLab be ahead on the Opinion Polls? Who are they asking? Are they touring the council estates or interviewing the Quango bosses as the BBC routinely do? I will save that for another day.

In the meantime I have to give David Cameron the benefit of the doubt. He has a really tough job and I just hope that he is up to it because if he isn't then we really have a problem. To return to NoLab and Ed Miliband would spell the definite end of an independent England. He would sell us to Europe as soon as look at us!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tunisia... how far will it spread?

The people always have ultimate control. The people will eventually always hold sway despite what the Political Class believe. The people in the UK do not want the European Union and none of the mainstream political parties can accept this. They are the only beneficiaries of this corrupt political alliance.

The people wait in the background. We inherently know what is right and what is wrong and yet, because we are British and comfortable and apathetic the Political Class and the Bonus Class think that we do not have teeth. So far they have not been pushed far enough but I suspect that moment is not too far off.

If the law abiding really get annoyed, if the pensioners are harnessed into a protest, if  the Country Alliance want to retake their country, if the BNP and UKIP get serious and get angry enough then it is quite possible that the situation in Tunisia would be eclipsed by the revolution in this country.

If the politicians and bankers push this country far enough then they may face consequences that they cannot believe. The frustration of the Paying Class is frankly on a knife edge.  It is getting beyond throwing coffee cups at the telly. When the revolution comes and David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, it will come, then beware because it will be really awful.

When the public have had enough then terrible events will happen!  

Ed Miliband

Andrew Marr, "Do you now think that the last Labour government spent too much money?"

Ed Miliband, "No I don't!"

Well I guess that just about sums it up. They left us with the worst deficit in history and he still doesn't get it!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Rant and a half!

As most of you probably know I was incensed by the result of the Oldham and Saddleworth By Election. I sometimes think that I am pretty hard line when it come to my politics but today I visited Captain Ranty almost by accident and fell about laughing.

I stop short of bad language on this blog because I know some of the people who read it but I have to admit that Captain Ranty summed up my feelings entirely! As rants go this was an A Star grade rant of magnificent proportions! Well said Sir!

How low does the turnout have to get....?

The turnout at the recent Oldham and Saddleworth by-election slumped to 48%. That means that more than half of the constituency have been so switched off by the politicians that they couldn't be bothered to vote. Of course that will also mean a penalty kick for the socialists as for some unknown reason they command the loyal support of a class of people with concrete for brains.

Mind you if your only means of support was to accept hand outs from a government that cannot discover any other way of garnering loyalty or running the country then I suppose you are duty bound to keep voting for them.

It does beg the question however...just how low would the turnout have to get before an election was declared a no contest. If more than half the population hold the Political Class in such contempt that they just shrug their shoulders at the thought of recognising them then where does democracy stand?

Will the Labour Party still claim a great victory if say ten people voted and six of them voted Labour? Do you know I suspect that Ed Miliband would even accept that. They are so desperate for any good news that they claim victory when less than 30% of a constituency support their moribund policies!

So where do we go from here? Should it become a legal requirement to vote? Should you be fined if you don't vote? You see I suspect that the BNP for example would get more votes if the people thought that it was not just a wasted journey to the polling booth.

If it was a legal requirement to vote then might it make people more aware of what is happening in this country? I have friends who frankly could not give a damn about politics. They just don't want to tax their brains enough to discover what is happening. Consequently the Political Class is doing what it likes and we have ridiculous results like the recent one in Old and Sad.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Tunisia - be careful what you wish for!

I can understand that the people of Tunisia wanted to overthrow a dictator who deserved everything that he got. He had certainly overstayed his welcome but who are the people who had the ability to organise such a large demonstration. Already the initial reports are that this was not a secular rebellion so who else has the clout to get the people onto the streets?

The BBC news carried a brief clip of someone from the Tunisian Communist party and immediately the alarm bells began to ring. Is this a left wing excursion into the uncharted waters of North Africa? Have they uncovered a previously unexplored area of influence? Eventually will the Socialists clash with the Muslims? Is the Pope a Catholic?

It could become explosive because both are on course for world domination. The Socialists through the European Union are currently in power and the Muslims are hell bent on populating Europe so somewhere they are bound to clash!

Perhaps it is better that they clash in North Africa than closer to home. I realise that this is all conjecture but at my age it is fun to speculate. The world is in a state of flux. I will soon pass onto a hole in the ground or a local furnace but the written word leaves a legacy.

I am not hopeful for the future of the United Kingdom but after the result of the Oldham and Saddleworth by-election then I now know that we are beyond redemption. We have bred a nation of brain dead morons incapable of coherent thought!
Never mind the winners of the Tunisian by election will eventually arrive on your doorstep.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nationalise the Banks!

There comes a time when, we the Paying Class, have to insist that the Bonus Class are brought to heel. We do not appear to have a Political Class who are up to the fight. We should nationalise the banks and then we would be able to control the salaries of the very people who almost wrecked our economy.

Having bailed them out we are now faced with these greedy individuals rubbing our noses into the ground by insisting on bonuses which are an insult to the public. To be frank they are lucky to have jobs.

Perhaps if someone had the guts to take them in hand and give them a dose of reality then we could begin to recover the economy. We should frighten the life out of them and nationalise certain banks. It would bring the rest into line and stop this horrendous bonus culture.

Sir Peter Soulsby MP

I don't often like to regurgitate snippets from other blogs but Old Holborn has done it again! He has uncovered, by visiting the Register of MPs Declarations, that Sir Peter Soulsby, despite all the regulations, has declared that he is employing his wife and two daughters by courtesy of the public purse.

Now, as most people know, he cannot do that but it gets even worse. He has further confessed that he took money out of his staffing allowance to buy office furniture! Now isn't that the same offence that got Labour MP Jim Devine into scalding hot water?

I am sorry but I find the conduct of our MPs so utterly disgraceful that it has to be exposed. Surely Sir Peter Soulsby should be answering the same charges as Jim Devine?

Just mischievously I looked up the new local MP for Loughborough and was rather surprised to discover that she was supported by our local builders William Davis and even more surprising by the Great Central Railway. It is not huge support but sufficient for her to declare it.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tomorrow you must vote...!

So who do I vote for if I lived in the Oldham and Saddleworth constituency? I could vote Tory but unfortunately I am against the European Union and I am against the Human Rights Act and I am against mass Immigration. In addition I really want my grandkids to have a good education that I can afford. I also want police on the streets, a fair sentencing policy and someone who cares for the victims of crime.

Well obviously NoLab does not qualify on their previous 13 year record which almost brought the country down. So where does the Coalition stand? Have they offered us a Referendum on the EU? Have they approached the question of the Human Rights Act? Has anything changed on Immigration? Do we see more police on the streets? Have we seen anyone changing anything? The answer is definitely 'NO'!

So why not vote for someone else? Why not stuff two fingers at our corrupt political system and throw your vote away. After all if you vote UKIP or BNP it can't get any worse... can it?

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Alan Johnson, The Labour Party and sums...!

I could not believe the interview that Dermot Murnaghan conducted with Alan Johnson who is the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer on SKY news. Now I am no expert on international or even national finance but then I am not 'posing' as a future Cancellor of the Exchequer. If I was and had to go on national television to be grilled by a professional anchorman I would ensure that I was well versed on a few elementary facts.

When Mr Johnson was exposed, not for the first time, on his lack of basic financial knowledge (he didn't know the National Insurance Tax Rate) do some of us not think that his appointment was a joke? Did someone like, shall we say Ed Miliband, not ask him a few simple sums? After all not all ex postmen would automatically qualify to be Chancellor of the Exchequer!

I am beginning to think that the appointment of good old Alan was more an attempt to stop Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper from assuming a role which could threaten Red Ed. They are both reputed to have financial expertise but considering that they were both on the team which almost brought the country to its knees I do have my doubts.

Looking back through history however this does appear to be consistent with most attempts of the Labour Party to manage finance. They are not very good with sums. Go back to Jim Callaghan who had to devalue the pound, or Denis Healey who had to beg to the IMF for an emergency loan to stave off disaster. Then fast forward to Gordon Brown and history repeats itself.

However, never mind the past! Never mind the facts! Never mind that Labour
Chancellors have time after time almost ruined the country. If it isn't in their manifesto it is almost certainly in their intentions. So many people will trot out in Oldham on Thursday without a backward glance and vote for them again. They vote for a party with no policies, no talent and no moral scruples. I will never understand it!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Derby County

Derby County who are probably in the top twelve best supported clubs in the Football League were tonight knocked out by Crawley Town in the FA Cup. It is incredible and for the travelling fans frankly an embarrassment.

Where do Derby County go from here? They are one of the original clubs from the old Football League and they have won the Football League twice. They have incredible support from immensely loyal fans. This defeat will always be remembered by the fans. Nothing can erase this loss, it will always be remembered as something that could actually kill the club.

Nigel Clough has proven once and for all that owners cannot take untried managers from the lower leagues and turn them into winners. The owners of Derby County are not willing to spend money. They employed Nigel to cut costs and he has achieved that. The last manager to do that for Derby COunty was Tommy Docherty and we ended up in the nether regions of the Football League.

The fans deserve so much better! Nigel Clough is not his dad and can no longer trade on the name. His tactics are so wrong. He does it all the time. He never goes for a winning goal. He always tries to shut up shop and he hasn't signed the players who can achieve this. Tonight we could have won the game with a second striker and Nigel chickened out brought on yet another defender and as usual lost the match. I am personally sick of it!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Democracy is dying!

Today in Oldham a meeting of the by-election candidates for the Oldham and Saddleworth constituency was arranged at a local venue. All the candidates took their places on the platform and it was then that some members of the quaintly termed 'Anti-Fascist League' objected to the presence of the BNP candidate.

The police astonishingly complied with their demand even though the BNP is a legitimate political party and their man was a genuine candidate. The candidate was forcibly ejected from the meeting by the police acting on behalf of the Labour party who of course support the 'Anti Fascist League.

I do hope that someone is disciplined for this breach of the law because it is a disgraceful act of prejudice. I realise that the BNP are not everyone's cup of tea. They have a nasty habit of exposing uncomfortable facts. They have for example for some time been telling anyone who would listen that Muslim gangs were targetting young, white, vulnerable, girls. Now even Jack Straw agrees with them even though he spent years as Home Secretary and Justice Secretary ignoring the problem while he survived in the Commons courtesy of the Muslim vote in Blackburn.

I ask you who is the more honest? The BNP have been warning of the Muslim threat for years now and they have been pilloried. They are currently the only party trying to represent the indigenous English since the Tory party moved into the overcrowded centre ground.

The police today were out of order. Until someone commits a crime they have no right to bully people for political reasons. They do not represent the socialists...yet!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The next politician to go....

The Old Holborn blog has a video of Labour MP Jim Devine trying to justify his ridiculous attempts at defrauding the public purse. It really is pathetic and actually condemns him to a sentence similar to Chaytor.

To be honest it made me squirm and I really wondered how any organisation would actually adopt Jim Devine as a candidate? The only explanation that I can conjure up is that good old Jim did as he was told. He actually blames a NoLab whip for his demise. This unnamed whip told him that he could move money around a variety of accounts even if the receipts were manufactured. You couldn't make it up!

However let us be charitable. The Political Class are actually the poor relations when it comes to fleecing the public purse. The Bonus Class are the real villains. The Quango chiefs and the Public Service Chief Executives have completely outmanoevered the Political Class. The Bankers are actually out of control and for some reason, even though the public bailed them out, the bankers feel that they can still qualify for squillions of cash that most of us cannot even dream of.

Consequently we must now have strong government. The banking industry must be contained but the Public Service extortion is a disgrace. How an earth can the CEO of Leicestershire County Council earn double the salary of the Prime Minister?

I am paying for that and he is not worth it!

Friday, 7 January 2011

One many to go?

David Chaytor MP was today convicted of false accountancy and sentenced to 18 months. It has been reported that there are others in the pipeline and I seriously hope so because one thing is certain he was definitely not the only one.

I fail to understand the difference between what Chaytor did and what other far more prominent MPs also did. False accountancy although serious is relatively mild and that is why I believe that it should cover a multitude of sins. After all how false is 'house flipping' what is the difference between Chaytor and Tony McNulty or Jackie Smith?

All of them appear to have been claiming expenses but living a lie. Baroness Uddin also made several unsavoury headlines. There is actually a huge catalogue of misdemeanours from MPs which if carried through could seriously harm the integrity of Parliament.

Finally spare a thought for the Oldham electorate! They have just lost two Labour MPs in a very short time. I just wonder if their faith in the Labour role model has been shaken at all but I guess I know the answer before I pose the question. Question the credentials of the Labour Party? Nay lad we are all Labour up 'ere which means we don't have to think about politics!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

What is Happening?

We really must examine the crisis in Western Europe. I know that sounds barmy but I believe that some malign force is trying to bring down the economies of the western world. Firstly someone organised a European Union after calling it a Common Market and then it was expanded to include peripheral countries.

Now today the economies of the peripheral countries like Greece, Eire, Portugal and even now Spain are under threat. The Euro is collapsing day after day and as such the European economies are also being wrecked. The malign forces which organised the EU seem to have a devastating effect on all the countries that adopted the Euro.

Some time ago I read a history of the Rothschild family. To be honest it wasn't pretty but it was very clever. One of their tactical ploys in the early days was to pay university academics to identify clever but weak graduates who would serve a purpose. Is that not what the EU has done? They are bribing hosts of university graduates to fill quangos by offering them enormous salaries for next to nothing.

The whole quango business is built on myth! The king is in the altogether! Huge numbers of people have non-jobs but still pay homage to their mythical bosses. The Political Class pay homage to the EU, the Bonus Class pay homage to the EU and we the Paying Class pay for it all! Job done innit!

Is it too late to stop the utter erosion of democracy? Well my gut feeling is that democracy as we knew it is dead. The power game is shifting to the east and the power brokers will be India, China and Japan. I fear for my grandkids but I cannot help them. This blog is my only weapon.

The European Quango Racket

A disturbing exposee by the Daily Mail today highlighted much of what is wrong in our modern society. Now I know that not everything that we read in the mainstream media can be taken as gospel but much of this story rings alarm bells as to why we are in such a parlous financial muddle.

The head of a quango linked to the Foreign Office, UK Trade and Investment, sent out an E-Mail urging his employees to invent ways of spending £1 million because they were in grave danger of 'underspending'. Now I had seen this fear of 'underspending' when I was in Local Govt as some people used up their budgets at the end of the financial year.

The real scandal is however, linked to the man who suggested this ruse. He is one of the Bonus Class (a wonderful example in fact) as he was a career Civil Servant who was 'selected' for service with the 'European Community'. His reward was his very own quango with a salary of £250000 and according to the Mail a pension pot of £60,000 per annum which I suspect he is now claiming as he has just left the quango for another job with an investment bank.

Now the reason that I am labouring this point is to illustrate how the European quango racket is run. The EU sting us, the taxpayer, for as much as our politicans will pay. They then fund hundreds of quangos which of course eat into the nation's wealth without actually achieving anything.

UK Trade and Investment apparently employs 2300 people!! As such it is hardly trying to hide away so the PM and his Cabinet must be well aware of this huge drain on our resources. It is almost white collar crime and the pity is that most of the electorate are blissfully unaware of what the EU is up to.

We have created and tolerated this Bonus Class but the depths of their greed and treachery is reaching breathtaking proportions. Of course within the Political Class only the BNP declared war on the bonus culture and the efforts that were taken to silence them were truly terrifying! Fear creates a rare spite.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


There are reports in the mainstream media that Dr John Reid has been robbing the public purse to transport him to football matches in Scotland. Apparently he is the Chairman Of Celtic Football Club and insists on being transported to their matches by limousine which apprarently we pay for!

Do these politicians never get it? They have been so used to robbing the public purse that it has become a habit. Most of them are 'socialists' but that apart it has to stop. Who sanctions these payments? Who gives John Reid access to the public purse?

If the accusations are true he must repay every sou! If he doesn't then he should be charged and jailed. Enough is really enough! One of these people have really got to answer to the public for their conduct. It is a scandal that he charges his transport to a football match to me or you or bloody anyone!

If this man is not charged then we all know that they are spitting in our faces...but then what is new?

A By Election!

Well what can the electorate of Saddleworth and Oldham make of the choices that they face? They have a Labour party which is totally discredited because they left us in such a financial mess. They have a new leader but frankly no new policies. To be honest Ed Miliband appears to be devoid of policies. He can attack the opposition but he has no policies which will repair any problems that we have in this country.

A political party should have a positive course of action but Labour only has one course of action and that is to spend money it doesn't have. They just throw money at problems and it doesn't work. The problem is that the ignorant public and that is our problem because the public in general appear to be incapable of rational thought. How can anyone support such a party of people who spit in the faces of their supporters?

So what else? The LibDems and the Tories formed a Coalition but all this appears to have done is give them both an excuse to renege on election pledges. Personally I can excuse Nick Clegg because he grabbed an opportunity to glimpse a taste of power. Of course his supporters seem to be annoyed but, in my opinion, they got far more out of the deal than did the Tories.

All the main objectives of the Coalition appear to be aimed at appeasing the LibDems. I cannot see anything in their approach which suits the aspirations of true blue conservatives. So who can the electorate vote for? They have a choice of so many discredited politicians. None of them are worth a light. So frankly why bother to go to the polls? Something has got to change but who will change it?

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Inflation and our Foreign Policy

The British public are being robbed blind by the Public Service cartels and NOBODY is looking after OUR interests! Officially inflation is at negligable levels as bank interest rates reflect but unofficially it is going off the Richter scale!

Fuel prices escalating, rail travellers facing huge increases and across the board we are all facing a blow to our income with the increase in VAT. That means alcohol will rise and so will everything else. This may mean nothing to the people employed by quangos in the Bonus Class or to the Political Class but it is serious for the Paying Class.

It is particularly difficult for the people that have occupational pensions who daily see their spending power eroded. These are the sane and sensible who ensured for their old age and are now being cheated by the Political and Bonus Classes by their manipulation of the inflation rates.

I tell you folks until you protest...until you physically demonstrate against the Political Class then you will continually face a squeeze on your spending power. You are being taken for granted. You are being ignored. You have no representation at Westmonster because all they care about is their own largesse.

You will pay and pay and pay until you can pay no more. You will get no reward because your money is flying into Europe where it disappears as quickly as you pay it, it flies into the pockets of the Bonus Class and flies (apparently) to subsidise despots in places like the Congo, Sudan and Somalia.

There is not one MP who is prepared to stand up and speak for you! They posture and pose but in effect they have been bought and paid for and you won't vote BNP so you have nothing to grumble about. What will it take before you respond? What will it really take before you realise that you have been taken for a ride? When will you realise that they are laughing at you?

They are all actually acting a part in a huge game which enslaves everyone. They know that you are scared to challenge authority because that is how you have been reared. We don't do that kind of thing. The British have always been slaves. Our (great) grandparents hurled themselves against the German trenches and died in their millions, our fathers died in the same way in a war against Adolf Hitler and today our children are dying for a war that nobody can explain in Afghanistan.

Why do we constantly go to war? Why should we be the people who lose our lives? Do you see other European countries sacrificing their young for a political war? No you don't because we are the stupid people. We are the put upon. We are the people who are the easiest to manipulate, the ones who swallow the propaganda, the people who meekly accept the political indoctrination without question!

We have become uneducated idiots and we always accept our fate. We deserve what they decide we will accept. We are the British!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Prison System!

Will the Political Class and the Bonus Class never learn? Between them they have concocted up a prison system which rewards the Criminal Class. The Criminal Class on the other hand will never appreciate how grateful they should be because generally they don't think... they just react!

So despite the lack of control, the lack of discipline, the lack of any structure in their lives they have rebelled because somebody tried to breathalise them! They really don't get it do they? They actually should not have access to drugs and booze because they ARE IN BLOODY PRISON!!

In effect they should not have access to any form of self abuse but because the prison authorities and successive governments have caved into a liberal agenda they now believe that it is their right to dose themselves into a coma!

I will bleat on until I am blue in the face but prison MUST be a punishment! They will rehabilitate themselves if they want to. The Criminal Class should actually fear prison. Is that not the whole purpose of a reaction to crime. Only people like Ken Clarke, who of course has a totally anti British agenda, fuelled by his slavish acceptance of everything linked with the European Union.

Good old Ken has been attending the Bilderberger (Google it) meetings for a very long time and it would appear that his liking for the high life is apparently rewarding his performance.

In the meantime prisoners are allowed to rebel. Major crimes are tolerated by the penal system because we have so many foreign criminals in jail and we cannot get rid of them courtesy of the Human Rights Act.

So prisoners riot! We deserve what we get. We have allowed this monster to prosper and expand. Will the Political Class and the Bonus Class ever get the message? No of course not because it suits them to have a vibrant Criminal Class. The Criminal Class only threaten the Paying Class but one day they will threaten the Bonus and Political Classes! Then it will be too late!