Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Two 10 year olds charged with raping an 8 year old!

My God what have we come to in this country? The depths to which we have plunged under the NoLab regime is epitomised by this charge. Despite all the rhetoric of Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and Jack Straw this is what they have led us to. They have destroyed for ideological purposes the hopes, the future and the safety of our children.

They refuse to punish the wicked and therefore they refuse to safeguard the law abiding and the innocent. It has continued unabated for how many years? We have all protested about this attack on our freedom and yet still they continue to destroy the infrastructure of our country. Well Gordon, Jack and Ed now you have the result that you wanted...we have a charge which is so utterly horrific that we cannot ignore it.

Remember Gordon what eventually happened to President Ceacescu (spelling) of Rumania because he ignored the will of the people. You are testing our patience and it is getting worse but constantly you ignore the public outcry.

Posture all you like Gordon because your time will come. If you don't believe us then wait for the future of your former flatmate 'Teflon' Tony who is now very exposed after lying about Iraq. You are not, as you think, omnipotent and one day you will be punished but I cannot think that any punishment would be sufficient for your treachery.

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