Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Pre Budget Report

Well there we go then our Chancellor of the Exchequer has spoken and promised us more of the same! No plans to really reduce our borrowing but plenty of plans to keep going directly on the suicidal course that they set ten years ago. The problem is of course that, as I blogged almost two years ago, it is unsustainable.

We cannot have a bloated public sector and a crippled private sector. Someone has to pay for all the quangos and committees who contribute nothing to the economy. In addition major companies, almost national institutions, are closing down one after the other. The New Labour Project however, must continue even though I predicted that it would ruin the country.

It is really simple. We cannot afford the huge sums which disappear into thin air every year. We are no longer a major player on the world stage. We are fighting a war that we cannot afford. This war has lingered longer that the Second World War and we are still no nearer the end. Life is cheap in Afghanistan and they have many, many volunteers to keep our soldiers pinned down for as many years as they wish.

I do not believe that this war has anything to do with protecting our borders. We could do that easily ourselves if the government had the will. I don't believe either that climate change is man made. I don't believe that we have to be in Europe. In fact I don't believe a word that this corrupt and incompetent government thrusts upon us.

They have been liars and cheats from the very onset of taking power and it does not escape me that so many of then have incredibly dodgy political backgrounds. The early Marxist links of so many of the Cabinet and their dealings with so many twentieth century communist organisations makes them extremely difficult to trust.

Perhaps that is where the New Labour Project was initiated.

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