Monday, 23 November 2009

Where do we go next?

Looking around the blogs I detect a sense of almost desperation about the state of the country. So many bloggers realise that we are being sold down the river by a government which seems to be implacably anti-British. Most of us know that any referendum would take us out of Europe because it has never passed an audit and therefore is illegal.

So why do all three of our political parties refuse to acknowledge the anxiety of the British public about Europe? Why cannot David Cameron or Nick Clegg understand that this debate must be opened up? Why do they constantly refuse a referendum debate?

Are we being conned by the Political Class? Have we lost the battle for democratic freedom in Britain? Will we eventually have to fight for our freedom on the streets? There are very many questions being asked about the state of our democracy and the state of our freedom.

Our country has changed unbelievably since NoLab came to power. Given that so many prominent members of the current government were guided into power by the Transport and Generals Workers Union during the time that Jack Jones was their President then there are many questions to answer.

Jack Jones was outed by Soviet agents as being a traitor to this country. He was paid by the Soviet Union for many, many years for his patronage. He was the very man who identified Gordon Brown as the best man for the safe NoLab seat of Kirkcaldy.

Am I not the only person in the land who is very uncomfortable about this?

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