Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Endemic Corruption

The current difficulties facing the FIFA President Sepp Blatter before his 'coronation' later this week only mirror the problems that The Political Class of all faiths consistently fail to address in our wider society. I don't think that any intelligent person truly believes that Qatar is the best placed country to hold a World Cup Final event. Furthermore nobody who has the ability to to analyse really believes that the vote which placed Qatar at the forefront of soccer's premier event was nothing short of 'dodgy'. In my opinion if the vote for Qatar was 'dodgy' then so was the vote for Russia and both 'elections' should be revisited by a new presiding authority

It does not seem to matter where one looks today corruption or the suspicion of corruption rears its ugly head. The headline in today's Daily Mail just about sums up the state of the nation.  The scandal of the public service fatcats and their huge pensions is a national disgrace. I don't know how this culture was allowed to take root or from whence it emanated but of course behind everything that is rotten in our society lies the European Union.

It is only since the inception of this monstrously unaudited organisation run by a relatively small consortium of unelected commissioners that the problems within our society have escalated. The EU has interfered with every aspect of our lives. Our law has been corrupted, our public services have been dissipated and financially embarrassed through the outrageous demands of the fatcats and the quangos, many of themn funded by the EU, have been allowed to prosper despite Tory election pledges of a 'bonfire of quangos'.

Behind the appointment of many of the fatcats lies the furtive and secretive recruitment organisation 'Common Purpose' who I blogged about very early on in the life of this blog. Common Purpose is well known in the blogosphere but never mentioned in the mainstream media not even by the right wing columnists like Melanie Phillips of the Mail.

It is my contention that until we rid ourselves of Common Purpose we will never get sanity back into our public services. We will never regain honesty and we will never allocate taxes back to their original intention of funding Public Services for the benefit of the public. I am becoming increasingly dissappointed by David Cameron. I have so far given him and the Coalition the benefit of the doubt because we cannot afford the Miliband bandwagon back in charge of the country's finance ever again. His support of the EU however undermines any pretence of honesty.

He has so far failed to curb the EU judges, failed to tackle the Human Rights Act which recently was used to free a guy from Nottingham out of prison because he claimed that he was the sole carer of his five children! Nobody however has explained who was caring from his kids when he was out 'robbing' in the middle of the night! We are still being invaded by immigrants from all over the world. Our contributions to the EU climb ever higher. No bonfire of quangos and no curb of public service fatcat pensions and salaries.

The Prison Service is in disarray and no wonder because we have over 10,000 foreign prisoners who apparently cannot be deported because of...you've guessed it...the Human Rights Act! It means that an immigrant can go down to the pub, pick up a slapper, have a one night stand, get her pregnant and lo and behold he has a right to a family life in this country! Nobody can defend that kind of legal corruption. This one piece of legal mumbo jumbo has askewed our legal system out of all belief.

I'm afraid that corruption has beome part of our society. It clearly comes from the very, very, top of our society and won't change until we get rid of them.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Ed Balls

I think that most of us has an opinion about Ed Balls! He comes across as an arrogant bully which may be because he was associated with Gordon Brown. As I write this I am trying to find one redeeming feature which would let him off the hook but frankly Ed Balls is the epitome of the disgust which decent people equate to the Political Class.

Today one of his proteges found herself in court because she presided over a Social Service system which failed to protect a little boy who was horrifically abused by his parents right under the very noses of the people who should have saved him. Everyone knows the case of 'Baby P' and most of us shudder at the ineptitude which allowed the people to torture this little boy.

Today the former head of Haringey Social Services, Sharon Shoesmith, who, in my opinion, was the product of the NoLab/EU production line of useless but financially rewarded 'slaves' won a court verdict which revealed that she was sacked illegally!

The case of 'Baby P' made national headlines. It was horrific! Only the most unfeeling of people would not be ashamed of their part in the death of this little boy. Most of us would crawl into the long grass if we had been part of it but not Sharon Shoesmith. She has been 'unfairly' dismissed and of course legally she was unfairly sacked. Anyone else would die of shame but that brings me back to Ed Balls.

Could any other politician make such a horlicks of the process which required the sacking of an incompetent female? Did he not glance at the rules? Did he not consult a lawyer? He was head of a governmental department which no doubt over employed legal representatives by the dozen but good old Ed did the deed himself to gain the headlines!

Ed Balls fails time after time! He is useless but like so many other failures he is kept alive by the BBC. How can we get rid of them? How can this absolute prat still have support? Sharon Shoesmith, of all people, has just won a  court verdict against him which I suppose just about sums up his judgement. I wonder what his wife (Yvette Cooper) thinks of that?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Libya...what now? Will we have Paras to send in?

The public are beginning to wake up! On Question Time tonight someone asked why we are effectively on 'mission creep' in Libya? The public are beginning to realise that our troops are continually on the front line. Of course this comes hard on top of the news that our government wants to abolish the pay awarded to the Parachute Regiment.

They probably get about £6 a day extra for their additional qualification and that has no bearing on the massive defence economy,. How many bombs have we dropped on Tripoli which would cover the £6 pounds a day awarded to the Paras? No it is clear that someone, somewhere is trying to discourage brave young men from being a paratrooper. How low will they get?

On and on they attack the forces on every front. At every opportunity they discourage the young from joining the forces. It is no longer a 22 year career like it was when I joineed the army. The married quarters have been neglected and so many are being maimed and killed. Someone from 'the powers that be' is hell bent on the destruction of the British Armed Forces.

I served for 25 years but when my late son announced that he was joining the TA I almost begged him not to augment the cannon fodder that so many before him had become. The British Army is persona non grata to the Political Class. They are scared of the British Army. Why?

Well the ethics of their code of honour is alien to the Political Class, their honesty is alien to the Political Class , their loyalty is alien to the Political Class, their sense of duty is alien to the Political Class so of course the Political Class will attempt to destroy this alien force. Witness the antics of Ed Miliband.

If the guys who have faced the Taliban came home and one of their leaders decided to confront the European Union then it could just be the catalyst for a major popular rebellion. The populace is ready. The rebellion has spread to Spain, Greece and apparently to France. Will it spread here? I believe that it will take an extraordinary act  of  treachery before we get  angry.

Sorry I keep banging on but it is inevitable. We cannot keep living a lie. When the rebellion arrives it will not be pretty. Too many people have too much to lose and that is where trained troops under good leadership will win the day and that is why the Political Class keep inventing wars for our servicemen. I smell fear!

Family comes first!

I often rage at the education system which in my opinion totally lets down the kids of today because they have destroyed the standards of yesteryear, wrecked discipline in the classroom and presided over a system which denegrates clever kids. Michelle Obama promoted a cliche yesterday when she announced that 'being bright is cool'. This is a message which has been missing from our state education for twenty years or more.

Bright kids have been forgotten in this country and have often been castigated as 'geeks'. Who wants to be known as a 'geek'? The only kids worthy of consideration seem to be the airheads who regard presentation as being more important than knowledge.

The people who really seem to treasure education are the immigrants. They know the value of qualifications, the rewards of study and the benefits of a healthy mind. They know it because they have had to fight for it! Education in many countries of this world is still not a right and yet our kids ignore it and are allowed to just prat around.

However, I detect a change in many of the schools. I don't think that this has anything to do with the teachers' unions but a desire from individual staffs to do the right thing. Now here comes the pathetic bit ... today my eldest grandaughter got the best SATs results in her class...and my second youngest won the gold medal in a multi sports contest!!!  You can't help yourself can you!!!?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Protests are growing!

A worker in Madrid protests over austerity measures which experts fear could hamper a nascent recovery.

It is amazing just how our mainstream media are blanking out the protests against the EU which are escalating throughout western Europe. The elite socialists have been rumbled almost everywhere but it is not being reported here. So just to balance the books let me point you in the right direction.

The Spanish protests have brought about a collapse in the support for the Spanish socialists but their protests have spread to Greece where protests have once again broken out in downtown Athens.

Eventually the people will speak. It will take time but something as rotten (to the core) as the EU has to be dismantled and destroyed. I hold the EU almost in the same regard as the Taliban and Al Quaida. The all have the same aim and that is to enslave the people. It is a question of power.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Police State?

Two cases have hit the headlines today which frankly I never thought I would witness in the UK. Firstly a member of the Territorial Support Group has been charged with manslaughter and secondly much closer to my home four members of the police have been charged following the suicide of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter.

This disregard of police responsibility which involves the vulnerable in our society is a serious problem. We are becoming a nation that accepts bullying. We are losing our moral compass and that is particularly prevalent in education where any teacher who confronts bad behaviour almost inevitably faces a disciplinary panel.

It is ominous because if discipline is allowed to break down in the classroom (and it has) then the children cannot learn. Life for teachers in the modern school must  be very
(hell) difficult because their hands are tied when it becomes to the discipline of the difficult kids.

In the modern world created by the EU and the Political Class (both the same) every value that we ever held dear is being destroyed. Our family friendly police force (epitomised by Dixon of Dock Green) has been wiped from the face of our land. Our society is under attack like never before and yet when you see the politicians on TV they appear so reasonable. They do not appear like traitors but if you follow the blogosphere then you begin to understand what is happening.

The British people are beginning to wake up. It has taken a long time but it is happening. Challenges are appearing in court because the Magna Carta has been replaced by an edict from the EU and that cannot happen in this country! It is called treason and if we can just persuade a few members of our traditional ruling class who talk posh to challenge the EU then battle will be joined.

Will we get any convictions?  That is another question.

Libya...mission creep continues!

                                                   Tripoli - a pilot's view

I have quietly been watching the mission creep escalating in Libya because I know that our politicians under orders from the EU will not hesitate to involve the UK armed services in this civil war.  Slowly we are getting more and more involved even though we are supposed to be skint.

Where is the money coming from? How come we can't afford pensions or public toilets because of the austerity programme but we can bomb the hell out of Tripoli and deploy Apache helicopters to join in the fighting?

Why is it so essential to get the British armed forces involved in yet another war? This is our third military excursion in the past fifteen years and on every occasion it has been utterly unnecessary. There is a nasty game developing here and all our major politicians are involved. It appears to me that there is a determination to weaken our military power come what may and our servicemen are being used and abused.

Monday, 23 May 2011

What a shame!

Ryan Giggs has been an iconic footballer for twenty years. From his very early days he was feted, honoured, admired and rewarded for the talented footballer that he was. In his very early days he attracted attention from the ladies. He was bound to attract that attention but surely there comes a time when even Ryan Giggs (who can have his pick) marries an exceptional girl.

Let's face it he has tried them all! When he decided to get married  he must be pretty sure that she is the one because he has a choice...a wide choice...why get married if you still want to play the field?

His future off the football pitch was ensured. He was an ambassador for football almost akin to Sir Bobby Charlton. He was the modern day hero, a God above all others, his place in history was ensured and he ruined it for a fling with a 'model'...a 'model' who he could have had at any time! He then compounded his error by trying to cover it up with a legal injunction. Immediately it has all unravelled! He is no longer the wonder footballer, the icon who has graced generations of footballers, the Manchester United legend or the 'father' of the recent ManU squad!

He has become a rather squalid character who will forever be remembered as a 'cheat' and a 'philanderer', possibly even a liar, but definitely not a person to be trusted. His legacy has been destroyed and it is a lesson for every Premiership footballer. You were given a God given talent but there is a life after football.

Life for Ryan Giggs or his wife will never be the same. He has ruined their image and his own image. He will become the object of jokes and jibes and people will forget his wonderful talent. Ryan Giggs was and is a 'one off'! He is still a great footaballer but unfortunately he will be remembered more for his off field activities.What a Shame!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Just like Cairo!

There is a protest growing in Madrid which bears comparison with the recent one in Cairo. Thousands of young people have descended upon a square in Madrid and erected tentage protesting against the ban on 'protesting' which the Spanish government (in typical EU fashion) attempted to impose on the public.

Apparently this movement is expanding and growing so that demonstrations are taking place all over the country. At last the young of one European country have realised that their futures depend on their own actions and it simply is not sufficient to bury themselves behind the pages of 'Facebook' or the gibberings of 'Twitter'.

I suspect that the Spanish have seen what happened to Greece, Portugal and Ireland and know that they are next on the list if they do not rescue their country from the euro. Unlike the British they are not scared of the police. Their kids for example can still go out and play in the streets and parks.

I have always believed that the EU is such a corrupt organisation that sooner or later it would come crashing down. The only uncertainty is how much grief will it cause before we can repair our lives. I can only hope that the protestors in Madrid embarrass their Political Class to such an extent that this movement begins to cross borders. Viva Espana!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Political Class

It is really becoming difficult how to sum up the behaviour of our Political Class. Anyone who has regularly visited this blog will already know that I have little time for the morals and behaviour or the Political Class. I know that I am not alone. Even though the modern acceptance of all things decadent prevails, there is still in this country a hardcore decency which even the EU/Bilderberger/Common Purpose group will find hard to destroy.

Take Ken Clarke...he has been a constant visitor to the Bilderberger meetings which apparently decides the media/banking direction of the world. Ken Clarke is the only constant British attendant of the Bilderburger meetings since the early nineteen nineties. That means he has another agenda than that of being a British MP. He is utterly the wrong person to be the Justice Secretary in this troubled world that we face. His slavish acceptance of anything EU-ish is not what this country wants and so his attempts to weaken our Justice system even further has been met with astonishment!

Ken Clarke is an experienced politician. He is also an arrogant bully who knows exactly how secure he is because of the support of the EU and the Bilderberger meetings (like Dominick Strauss-Khan). Witness his view on rape!

Under NoLab we have witnessed the weakening of the Justice system in this country on all fronts. The tariff system which most of us don't agree with, the plea bargaining which most of us don't like is not justice. We should not leave it to lawyers/politicians to decide sentences. It should be left to judges (if we can trust them) to decide the severity of the crime.

Let us be quite clear...at the moment rapists (and generally most other criminals)  receive sentences which are ludicrously inadequate. All Ken Clarke is doing is saving money because the money which should be available for our criminal justice system is disappearing into the EU and Foreign Aid. That is the problem.

They all support the EU because it is their backstop. They are redistributing our money all over the world but at home we cannot afford anything. The criminals live in a luxurious world which the rest of us cannot afford. NoLab created this ridiculously politically correct system which is woeful. We all know that difficult prison sentences deters criminals. It is human nature. Bang them up, treat them badly and they won't want to return!

Ken Clarke is currently on BBC Question Time and losing the fight against Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail. In my opinion she has, in one passionate speech, exposed the politicians which include Jack Straw who was instrumantal in the nonsense that we have inherited today.

As usual the BBC invited a biased audience to support their left wing stance. 'QuestionTime' used to be an honest programme. Shami Chakrabati has just said that we are 'one of the wealthiest countries in the world' but here in Loughborough they have just closed the public toilets. It doesn't feel like it down here!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Foreign Aid

David Cameron telling lies about the cuts he's forcing on Islington

                                                              Is he really a Conservative?

At last a sign that there really is a Tory party in this country! The PM appears to be determined to increase Foreign Aid by billions despite the austerity cuts that he is imposing on his own people. How can he expect us to take him seriously when he can't get his priorities right? What alien concept drives him on to squander this money on 'dodgy' African and Asian regimes when we so desperately need it at home?

Now a letter sent to the PM by Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has been leaked to the press challenging the plans of the PM to enshrine this Aid in law! Madness, but typical of all those career politicians who insist on supporting the EU. Today a Daily Mail columnist, Ian Birrell, also attacks the Cameron plan to gift our money to a variety of African despots and to other countries who don't actually need it.

Finally a right wing perspective is being aired! The Conservative party should reign Cameron in and remind him of their pledges to this country. What happened to the British Bill of Rights, the bonfire of quangos or the capping of Town Hall salaries? Nothing is happening, everything is the same as when Blair was around. Nobody (apart from Nigel Farage) challenges the EU, the World Banks or the UN! At the last election all we did was swop Gordon Brown for David Cameron! The NoLab party swopped Gordon Brown for Ed Miliband but the same old Wednesday lunch time Punch and Judy show continues where the PM swats away questions like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair did before him. Amazingly they never seem to debate the important issues that concern the public.

Oh and of course the great British public have become so apathetic that one wonders what it will take to wake them from their slumber. Whenever it comes it will be years too late.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dominick Who?

This is Dominick Strauss-Khan who apparently is the French head of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and in France is quite a prominent member of the political class. He was hauled off an Air France flight about to depart New York after he had allegedly tried to rape a chamber maid in his hotel.

What a schmuck! He has all that power and all that wealth and he still could not be discreet. He is of course a major figure in the New World Order and they appear to believe that they are above the law. In the UK of course that is true and possibly that will be proven by the allegations against Chris Huhne which emerged this weekend.

What is it about the LibDems? The sleaze attached to power continues and it is apparent that nobody who arises to prominence in the era of the European Union can be trusted or respected. It transpires that they are all on the take or vulnerable or weak or greedy. But then I have long believed that much of the purpose of Common Purpose, the organisation that recruits for the EU, is based on Rothschild lines.

Find the clever but weak and corrupt them. If you acknowledge that, then the extent of their influence is really scary. Everywhere we look the Political Class is corrupt. They all seem to have 'issues', so how the hell do they get there? Where are the 'straight' politicians? Who can we trust?

Hell if the head of the IMF tries to rape the chambermaid what else will emerge?  We just wait for the next exposure and then of course vote for their successor. When will the English public learn?

Dr David Kelly

david kelly

Another of the controversies which has haunted the Blair/Campbell regime and refuses to disappear is the alleged 'suicide' and subsequent cover up following the death of Dr David Kelly. There are so very many doubts about this 'suicide' as highlighted in yesterday's Daily Mail that surely someone in government  must reopen the enquiry and examine the discrepancies which has always clouded the original verdict.

Apparently Attorney General Dominic Grieve is deciding whether to hold an inquest. I cannot understand what could possibly hold him back unless of course it wasn't suicide and an inquest would implicate some very important people. The longer he delays however, the longer the doubts remain and there is a group of doctors waiting in the background who are determined to see justice done. I cannot help but feel that this mysterious event is covering something which is extremely murky.

They can't hide it forever...can they?

The Chilcott Enquiry

The Chilcott Enquiry is dragging on and on and is now becoming irrelevant. Whenever I have seen the enquiry in 'action' it is so very civilized and non threatening. It has interviewed Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell, who frankly are two or the most experienced manipulators in our recent political history, and totally failed to pin them down on crucial matters which are in the public domain.

I don't think there is anyone who has considered the evidence who does not believe that both have cases to answer regarding the manipulation of intelligence which led to the Iraq War. Now an E-Mail sent to the enquiry by Major General Michael Laurie has been released and he claims that Blair and Campbell lied to the Enquiry. If that is true Sir John Chilcott surely must ask for proof of this accusation and get them both back again to answer the charges. It has gone on far too long.

Apparently Chilcott has delayed the publication of his findings until the summer giving himself time to contact those who he intends to 'criticise'. I think most people would think that this is far too mild given the scale of the charges.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Back Again!

'Blogger.com' which is the engine that drives so much of the blogosphere has been down for the past couple of days so nobody has been able to post. To be honest I did wonder if the government had taken steps to pull it down but apparently not. If they did it might just be the catalyst which would bring people onto the streets.

I often think that the blogosphere is the real opposition to the Political Class, the Criminal Class and the European Union. It is really immense and punchy and frankly much more interesting than the the mainstream media (MSM). Almost everything is exposed on the blogosphere and one visit to a blog such as Max Farquar demonstrates that nobody is safe. By the way if you still don't know the identities of those 'safeguarded' by super injunctions that is the blog to visit.

So back to normal and I must now find something to grumble about. Still with the attitude and stupidity of our Political Class it won't be too long before something else breaks. I hear that Gordon Brown is currently 'appearing' in Las Vegas. I just wondered if he was trying to win our money back

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

David Laws Guilty of Theft!

David Laws was for a very short period of time a member of the Coalition cabinet. It then transpired that he had been claiming illegal expenses and I don't mean pennies. Apparently he was found guilty on six accounts of fraud involving thousands of pounds.

His punishment? He has been suspended from the House of Commons for 7 days and been obliged to apologise to the House. This for an act of gross manipulation. This is not a stupid man. He was Chief Secretary to the Treasury and apparently regarded as a vital cog in the Coalition cabinet. There have even been rumours that despite his criminal activity which let down everyone who has supported him that the Cameron/Clegg axis would welcome him back into the Cabinet!

This is a farce! He is nothing short of a crook and an unsavoury crook at that. We have recently seen MPs jailed for far less than what David Laws did so why is he not in court? What is the invisible line that allows people like David Laws and Jackie Smith before him to deliberately defraud the public and yet escape the full force of the law.

It is an absolute scandal. We used to have a democracy where everyone was equal in the eyes of the law but continually in modern times those with money and power escape because of who they know. Is there a hidden clause in our legal system which states that if you have ever been a member of the Cabinet then you cannot be charged with a criminal offence?

How can the public have confidence in any government who supports and excuses criminal behaviour. We saw it with NoLab and Jackie Smith and now we see it with Cameron/Clegg and David Laws. We already know that the EU (which they all support) is flawed and those of us who think about it realise that there is something very smelly about the Westmonster Political Class. They stink and they should clean up their act but they find it impossible. Every time we get a promise that they will behave someone prominent lets them down.

You see if they have all been bribed by EU money then they will always be tainted. Politics has always had a bad name but sometimes it feels as if we are being ruled by the Mafia. The Mafia did however have their own code of honour...there is no honour at Westmonster! David Laws should be facing a judge.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Red Ed and Scotland!

I read that the Labour MP for the Scottish constituency Inverclyde has died. David Cairns aged 44 had a majority of 14000. At the recent Scottish parliamentary elections the SNP dominated the electorate to such an extent that I believe that NoLab has been rumbled in Scotland. I have posted ever since the inception of this blog that the modern Labour party has no socialist policies to such an extent that very early on I labelled them NoLab.

Alex Salmond realised this and the SNP claimed the left for themselves. This was affirmed for me by Grumpy RN when he pounced on one of my recent posts. I never mind being 'advised' by those who live the problem. We live and learn. So back to the point of this post...if the Scots have become as disillusioned with NoLab as so many south of the border have could we have a real upset in Inverclyde?

This could be a real test for 'Red' Ed Miliband. He is not what I would term a political leader. He comes across as a lightweight. His mentor, Gordon Brown, is holed below the plumbline. In the recent Scottish elections NoLab even lost Kirkcaldy...which I must admit was long overdue. Brown has let them down badly. There is absolutely nothing socialist about Gordon Brown.

So will Inverclyde be the nemesis for Ed Miliband? Can he really lose a 14000 majority in Scotland? If the Scottish vote collapses then what is the future of the Labour party? The people currently leading the Labour party bear no resemblance to Keir Hardie. They have no connection with the electorate in Scotland and the antics of their leadership in Scotland in recent years (Hollie Greig for example) has obviously resonated with the Scottish public. It pains me to say it but the Scots are better educated (generally) and much more discerning than many of the English or the immigrants.

They have rejected the Tories outright, then they rejected the LibDems and finally they have heroically rejected the Scottish Labour party. I just wonder if the salvation of the UK will emerge from Scotland. Once the band wagon rolls then it picks up momentum. The old adage that the king is in the altogether always holds sway. British politics is a lie. The EU is a lie. I even believe that the monarchy is a lie. The truth must eventually emerge but we need leaders to emerge with it.

Will the Scots lead us to the truth? They might if Inverclyde falls to the SNP.

Monday, 9 May 2011


In the scheme of things Great Britain is a very small country. However, within our boundaries we have a very diverse population and I don't mean the newcomers. Britain was very diverse and culturally very rich long before we were forced into accepting immigrants from elsewhere.

Within a relatively small land mass we have accents, attitudes and loyalties which are so utterly different that it almost became our trademark. It exists today and nowhere is it illustrated more than the difference between the Scots and the English. I was reared in England by Scots parents and so I had a foot in both camps from my early childhood. My father was a railway union official and that was expected from a child of Motherwell because almost all the working class were endemically socialist. He could never have dreamed that the modern socialists would be so inept that they would lose Scotland.

The Scots however, have always had that streak of nationalism in their psyche. I was educated by my grandmother about Culloden, Bannockburn and Flodden. It is Scottish history and Scottish nationalism. It is what they do. If the English spoke in the same tones it would be frowned upon. The English do not flaunt their nationality, it is their birthright, it is accepted as their heritage. It has so far been given and so far not been taken away.

So to be a nationalist in Scotland is respected, expected and admired but below that imaginary line from Gretna to Berwick the role of the nationalist is derided. It is a very thin line in attitude and cannot purely be down to geography. The English have that apathetic confidence that their birthright will never be revoked. They close their eyes to the invasion of their inner city areas, the 'mission creep' of their  eroding services and rights and the changing face of England.

So in England the nationalists are termed 'racists' and they may be racists among them because they have more to tolerate than their 'cousins' north of the border. Racism is not an admired trait but the Scots have been 'racists' for years in a strangely acceptable manner. We knew how they viewed the English and somehow we accepted it because they were people who we fought shoulder to shoulder with in two World Wars. They have earned our respect.

The term 'racism' did not enter our society until the Asians arrived. They knew all about racism because they brought it here. The tribal behaviour of the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhists and the Arabs has infiltrated our society. Until they arrived all we had to consider were the Scots/English (delete as applicable). The Scots have rejected Westmonster (even the socialists) we in England must follow their lead.

We in England must learn to become Nationalist before it is too late. We no longer have an option. The EU does not bat for England. The EU does not bat for anyone apart from the EU, the banks, the press barons and the new world order. Someone created the EU out of nothing so now we must create a pride in England out of nothing. We need a leader. At the moment the only candidate appears to be Nigel Farage. Can anyone think of anyone else?

The European Union and its currency

I cannot believe why ALL our mainstream politicians support the European Union. During the past three years I have constantly blogged that any organisation which cannot be audited should not be allowed to exist on public money. It would not be contemplated in any other walk of life so why do people like David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband support what is to all extents a criminal organisation? None of the commissioners have been elected and yet they are allowed to bestride the world stage with impunity.

The member states are suffering. Before they joined the euro zone most of the economies of the western powers were safe. Now Greece is reportedly coming out of the euro to start again because as a country it is bankrupt. Ireland is following a similar path out of desperation and how long before Portugal, Italy and Spain follow suit?

I know nothing of international finance but it seems clear to me that the economies of the civilized western powers are being systematically wrecked by someone somewhere. How come all of these countries are struggling if membership of the EU is such an advantage? What will it take before the Political Class are exposed as being part of one of the worst conspiracies on record? How much will it eventually cost the British taxpayer even though we are not part of the euro zone (how does that work by the way?)?

I am sorry but we will never get back to honest politics until the charlatans that inhabit Westmonster are forced to admit that they have let us all down. They have wasted billions of pounds which could have been used to give us the quality of life we deserve. We pay so much in taxes and yet can never find politicians who will distribute it evenly without favour.

One day we will discover who put this farce into action and then there will be a whole lot of people with serious questions to answer. Until then we all know why they won't give us a referendum on our membership of the EU. They know that we would reject it out of hand and then it would collapse like a pack of cards because it is only our money that maintains the deceit.

Last Word on Osama....?

I have often written about Pakistan because I believe that it, as a nation, is probably behind most of the terrorism in the modern world. We often read about our young, radicalised, Muslim men going to Pakistani training camps and emerging skilled at almost everything which will kill us. It was therefore no surprise to discover that Osama bin Laden was found alive and well living a few hundred yards from a major Pakistani military base. This despite Pakistan receiving billions in aid from us and the Americans.

It is quite difficult to sum up my feelings but a video is currently doing the rounds which does. It is spoken by Pat Condell who I had never heard of but he is described by Wikipedia as 'an English writer and comedian'.
Well Mr Condell has, in a fearless style, summed up what many of us believe but are reluctant to actually say in public. See what you think! 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Independence for Scotland?

There is much discussion on the blogosphere about the plans of Alex Salmond and the SNP. Very many people are pinning their hopes on a new Republic of Scotland meaning that we, the English, would have to reapply to retain our membership of the EU. The thinking members of the public realise that we will never again have control of our own destiny whilst paying homage to the unelected, unaudited commissars in Brussels.

Unfortunately I don't believe in fairy tales. Alex Salmond is a mainstream politician and therefore he will have no intention of leaving the EU. He is allegedly an EU supporter (of course) and so he will be mindful not to rock the boat. Already he is playing two ends against the middle by proposing that an independent Scotland would retain the Queen as Head of State. It doesn't sound like an independent nation to me.

I suspect that when the dust settles the Scottish people who voted for independence will suddenly realise that nothing much has changed. Alex Salmond will be in a stronger position personally but he won't go near any type of referendum. The people won't get a say on anything because that is not the way of the EU. The only time that any of the people will ever get a voice will be when they fight for it! One day it will come but I suspect that I will be long gone when it does.

Friday, 6 May 2011

I despair.....!

Not so black and white: Why the reasons for New Labour's rise and fall are more complex than we think

We will never recover from the miserable years that NoLab were in power. Between them they changed the character of this country forever and once it was done they ruined the economy! They sold us out to the EU, introduced EU law including the Human Rights Act, politicised the police and the Civil Service.

Even today whenever pressed they cannot produce one policy designed to make life better for the public. As a group they are utterly useless, incapable of decision, administration or organisation. Quite rightly they got crushed in the last General Election and were only held together by the North East, the Inner Cities, Wales and Scotland.

The record of the Labour led councils is abysmal. They have the worst records for financial acumen and are world leaders at the creation of non-jobs for the loyalists. I cannot think of one redeeming feature for a party which sold out to posh people from public schools and grasping militant Union bosses.

None of us can ever claim to be happy with the Con/Lib coalition but at least they are trying to reduce the deficit left by Nolab. So what do the braindead electorate do...they vote for NoLab again...I despair! Only the Scots have shown that they have received the message. It is now clear that independence seems to be a better option than clinging to the coat tails of the EU dominated Westminster parliament.

If Alex Salmond gets his mandate I hope that he opts out of the Union. The big question then might be would he give the Scots a referendum on the EU? It would appear that the Scots have 'rumbled' NoLab and despaired of the LibDems. What else was left? British politics is at an all time new low.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Don't you know an invading army when you see one?

I was doing my rounds of the blogs and newspapers this morning seeing what would catch my eye and looking for progress on previous posts. Hidden in the Daily Mail was an article reporting that EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecelia Malmstroem was looking to impose 'limited internal border controls' within the Schengen area where borders were coming under pressure. Now I always thought that there was only freedom of movement between countries within the Schengen area and the external border controls between Schengen and non Schengen areas were to remain in place.

Do I detect an element of panic emanating from Brussels? I then discovered a clip of Tunisians attacking police in France so I popped over to Gates of Vienna as he is usually well clued up on migrant movement and there it all was. The build up of Tunisians and Libyans threatening to engulf the EU is gaining momentum and has even rattled the cages of the proletariat.

It was however, the single comment at the bottom of the 'Camp of the Saints - the Shape of things to come ' that made me chuckle. 'Refugees? That's so quaint -don't you know an invading army when you see one?"

Do you know he may just have hit the nail on the head! We should be planning to pull up the drawbridge while they are still in Italy and France.

National Community Service

Rise: Unemployment Unemployment increased by 12,000 to 1.62 million in the three months to May

I first mooted the idea of a National Community Service way back in June 2009 and followed up in October 2009 when I suggested that the unemployed could be used to supplement our troops in the war in Afghanistan. As usual in the seamless transition from NoLab to the Conservatives nothing has really changed. There appear to be no plans which would make an impact on the hardliners or the immigrant unemployable.

Surely a National Community Service is more relevant than ever? It would seriously inconvenience the 'never had a job' brigade and would ensure that some of those hiding in the ghettos would have to emerge and integrate. The penalty for not attending for NCS would be loss of benefits.

I have posted how this system could be organised, who should do it and what the aims would be. It could not fail to uncover the dross. Those who remained undercover would lose money and identify themselves as having something to hide. Those who stepped up to the mark willingly would also identify themselves as fit for employment.

It is a sure fire winner but that is why it has no chance of being adopted by the mainstream parties.

The British Constitution Group

There is a small group of people currently fighting a battle on behalf of all of us. They are challenging the legal system by promoting the principle that Common Law supercedes Statute Law. Some of them are gaining unwarranted criminal records purely for standing up for the rights of the common man. There are a host of clips on YouTube dealing with Lawful Rebellion and the protests at Birkenhead and the Wirral. This features Roger Hayes explaining the current position along with an unidentified Scots protester who sums up the feelings of so many of us.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Territorial Support Group

No sooner had I posted about the aggressive tactics of the Territorial Support Group than more evidence came to light thanks to a blog 'nominedeus' that I had not visited before.  This type of policing is alien to a democracy and has no place in this country. I am convinced that they are acting outside of the law and their arrogance and contempt for the public is clear.

Instead of conducting the weekly 'Punch and Judy' show from Westmonster known as PM's Question Time perhaps there is the odd MP who would like to question the behaviour of the TSG before they kill someone else. The evidence is now on YouTube that East Germany has arrived on the streets of England.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Islam again and again!

Gates of Vienna

This is the impressive emblem announcing the blog Gates of Vienna which I visit from time to time. It concentrates on the problems thrown up by Islamification and at the moment there is a right royal 'comments' war following his post on 'making the election about Islam'.

Apparently the UKIP  candidate for South Leicester, a Christian of Asian background, Abhijit Pandya has made some controversial comments about the Muslim faith which were picked up by the Leicester Mercury. Immediately they have tried to stifle any debate attacking Mr Pandya for his views.  It has resulted in UKIP canvassers being chased down the streets by muslim youths brandishing knives.

The problem is that this debate must be held some time. We have allowed mass immigration to thrive uncontrolled so much that huge inner city areas have become ghettoised. Within these ghettos live thousands of people who are unemployable. They are not all muslims but a significant number are because they don't appear to have the same work ethic as we have (or shall I say most of us have). They contribute nothing to our society but are here in such numbers that the welfare bill to support them is enormous.

The mainstream politicians refuse to acknowledge or debate the problem. Every time that someone tries (usually BNP or EDL) they are howled down with the usual cries of 'rascist'. I am pleased that Mr Pandya has been brave enough to embrace the dilemma and even more pleased that he represents UKIP. We need conviction politicians, we need brave men and he deserves support. In the upcoming election UKIP appear to be the only viable alternative to the EU supporting Con/Lib/Lab clones.

It is high time that we introduced a rule into this country to deal with unproductive immigrants. Get a job or get out! I guarantee it would ease the burden of the NHS, the education system and the housing problem in a stroke. It won't happen until we throw off the shackles of the EU and if we don't do it soon we will be stuck with it. Naw I guess we are stuck with it, it is too late now.

That apart if you are fortunate enough to have a UKIP candidate standing in your area give him/her your vote. The more we challenge Westmonster the better. The British public are waking up...not quite enough yet but slowly they are asking questions. Slowly they are realising that something is wrong. It won't be sufficient to affect 5th May but who knows there may be a chink somewhere! OOPs sorry that is no reflection on Chinese ethnicity!!!

Will this be the lesson that the TSG need?

This is PC Simon Harwood who today was found guilty of causing the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests. Unfortunately for PC Harwood there were video cameras around at the time that captured his violent push which sent a man with his hands in his pockets flying onto the pavement.

I have often thought that the modern police force appear to have two faces. This was demonstrated at the 'occupation' of Fortnum and Mason by UK UnCut where a female officer negotiated a 'return home' with the protestors who then walked out to be arrested by a different entity.

Locally we still have the acceptable face of the police where I have met helpful and reasonable officers but nationally there appears to be another force of aggressive, intimidatory bullies, officers who are specifically recruited for their role of getting stuck into the public. It is called the Territorial Support Group (TSG) and we have all seen the footage.

This is borne out by PC Harwood who had previous. Apparently he was facing misconduct charges in the late nineties after a 'road rage' incident but was allowed to retire on medical grounds. He later rejoined Surrey police in 2003 and very soon after linked up with the TSG. He sounds ideal material for it!

I just hope that this incident makes some of them realise that they are not bomb proof. If they use excessive violence (and they do) they may have to face the consequences. I know that they often face difficult situations, in my army days in Northern Ireland I stood alongside them quite often, but developing a squad of swaggering bullies is not the answer. I hope that lessons will be learned from this unfortunate incident.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama bin Laden and Pakistan

Osama bin Laden says Barack Obama 'planting seeds of hatred'

Well they got him in the end which is not surprising but I believe that his hiding place is sensational! He had been living in a house not far from a military academy right under the noses of the Pakistani government.

Frankly I don't believe that they didn't know he was there and significantly the American government did not inform the Pakistan authorities of its intentions. I have blogged quite often how duplicitous the Pakistani regime is and I now hope that our government ceases to bung our money in their direction. It has always been a total waste of money.

Of course in theory this increases the risk of terrorism in the UK and in this country we have thousands of Pakistani citizens any of whom could be capable of violent acts. In my opinion we should now be considering internment or repatriation at least for all those not contributing to the economy. I suspect however, that the problem is now almost unmanageable.

The death of Osama bin Laden will be celebrated but it is far more important that it has exposed the Pakistani government for what it is. I suspect and hope that they will now be treated as the'enemy' rather than a 'friend of the west'!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Watch what I watch!

Charlie Veitch is a nuisance! There are people who broadcast the truth...here it is!

When does a nuisance become a terrorist?

Prior to the Royal Wedding the police targetted a host of 'nuisances' and arrested them so that the great day would not be interrupted. This wedding went out to the whole world so we could not have one or two oddballs spoiling the spectacle. Of course that underpins that we in 'good old UK' are a happy law abiding public and nothing is wrong.

The fact that the British are deeply distressed by the political alliance with the EU which of course is an unelected, unaudited and probable criminal organisation should not be allowed to cloud the great day. I do wonder why, on that great day for the Royal Family, how absolutely no evidence of the mass immigration or the Muslim community appeared on the telly (Was a deal done behind the scenes?).

This was good old England of the fifties, it was an illusion and a charade. It is such a pity because we all wanted to rejoice with the happy couple (who I believe are genuine) but behind them is a machine grinding us into submission. When innocent British citizens are rounded up purely on the pretence that they might be a nuisance then we must all beware. The only aberration was that a lone Guardsman fell off his horse which would not have happened in the fifities!

I know that Charlie Veitch is a political activist but for heaven's sake that is all he is. He does not blow anyone up! He is also not alone because many innocent protestors were picked up purely on 'nuisance' charges the day before the wedding. None of them are terrorists. None of them are dangerous. None of them are threatening because all of them just actually oppose the Political Class.

I am passionate about this because I saw the East German regime close at hand. I saw what they did to their people. I can clearly see the same scenario developing in this country. It won't last because it never does because in the end the people rebel and the Socialists always ruin the economy before they disappear onto their next traitorous project.

Money corrupts and power corrupts absolutely.  We are all obviously well on the way to a police state. We dissident bloggers should all be aware because no doubt we are all potential targets. Oh well... perhaps I will then meet my blogging brother in person... somewhere in Bulgaria!!!

Arc Manche...now has its own flag!

Now hands up all of you who think that the above is a sick joke! Well this sick joke was first proposed 15 years ago and it has never gone away. The only difference appears to be that Trans Manche has been changed to Arc Manche and has developed its own flag.

Local Government secretary, Eric Pickles, is said to be incensed about a £1 billion a year EU project to introduce these new boundaries. Where has he been for the last ten years? These plans have been in the public domain for a very long time so when he and his EU supporting Tory party continue to pour our money down the drain without a public referendum on the issue then who can he blame?

All our mainstream parties in Westmonster are actually supporting the break up of the UK. No doubt most of them have been promised lucrative employment for being loyal subjects once the job is done but the big losers will be our children and grandchildren.

How long before the flag of Arc Manche is flying over the Port of Dover? One thing is certain and that is that Eric Pickles will not allow his anger to cloud his judgement sufficiently enough to do anything which will actually challenge the Eurocrats. The Tories are brilliant at mock anger and useless at action!