Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Banks have been cheating us all!

Anyone who has followed me for the past four years will by now realise that I do not trust the banking fraternity. One only has to read the history of banking and in particular the History of the Rothschilds to realise that the banking industry has overtaken the Mafia as the greatest enemy of the public.

Their bonuses are incredible. They have ripped off the public to an extent that it is hardly believable. They have collapsed the economies of so many civilised countries but can we find one politician who will tackle the problem?

Have they all been corrupted by the New World Order? Is every mainstream politician in the pay of  the corporations? When will these crooks arrive in the dock and what should be their sentence? The questions pile up but nobody has an answer.

I get the impression that almost every aspect of government has been corrupted. Just locally here in Leicestershire we have a County Council Chairman who has neglected to fulfil his responsibilities. He is only one of so many because too many of them the councillors and officials are being paid more than the Prime Minister. Our Chairman has apparently visited Brussels routinely but why? What is Brussels telling him to do with regard to Leicestershire? Why has he even got a link to Brussels? Clearly Brussels pays him well and then he 'forgets' to reimburse his sponsors!

It is blatant crime but then the EU has corrupted so many people because they pay well over the odds. The UK pays £48 million pounds a day to the EU. £48 MILLION a day buys a lot of loyalty!
Where does the money come from in an age when we locally cannot fund town toilets?

Do you seriously believe that George Osborne knows what he is doing? He has recruited Chloe Smith to his team. She is a young and apparently ambitious politician from Norwich but last night she got shot down in flames. Is she really a responsible and credible  politician or just someone who does as she is told and has been placed in an extraordinary position because she is female, young and pliable. Nadine Dorries tweeted that 'George Osborne is a coward'.  

Our economy is in bits. This Coalition is borrowing more than Gordon Brown did in his hey day. We are still subsidising the Indian Space programme. We are still subscribing to the EU and funding an International Aid programme which is a disgrace. Our international aid programme does not get to the people but it does fund African despots to buy up fashionable areas of Paris. Are you listening?

Now comes 'news' that we all knew that the bankers are actually crooks and have been ripping us off. Big deal! A final thought! You voted for all the politicians who backed the bankers and now they have rewarded you. Well done!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Only U Turns but No Policies!

Once again this Coalition has U turned, this time on fuel tax. Are we surprised? They cannot agree on anything because the Conservative party and the LibDems are diametrically opposed in political thinking. Real Conservatives and they are in a minority in the Conservative Party, would never agree anything with the LibDems because the LibDems are these days further to the left than New Labour.

When will we get policies which the public want? When will someone propose policies which will benefit the families of this country? Why do we always have to swallow the Ken Clarke rhetoric which continually awards prisoners for committing crime. Today they are getting jobs whilst serving sentences! What!?

What about all the people who don't commit crime and want to work? Do they have to commit a crime to get a job Mr Clarke? This one man, a servant of the Bilderbergers, who has probably made a fortune out of his insider knowledge on the economy, continues to blight our society. His proposals never, ever, benefit the public because his life has been dedicated to ruining the country of his birth.

Ken Clarke almost legitimises the 'T' word. The political world have mostly sold their own country down the drain. They have hitched their banner to the European bandwagon and come hell or high water it will succeed...even though all the participating countries (except Germany) have had their economies ruined.

I rest my case!

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Welfare System

I think that the working public are sick of the scroungers who live a good life on the welfare system and are never challenged by the government. They know the system, their entitlements and how to survive very nicely on what many of us consider far too much money! Many of them are immigrants.

There is a train of thought that some politicians have engineered this drain on the welfare system to further their political aims. They want western societies to be bankrupted and that is why politically we seem to be unable to tackle the problem. Nobody has the political will to challenge the system.

The Labour party abjectly allowed this scandal to swell and prosper. The LibDems also support the Welfare Class and encourage the unemployed and the sick, lame and lazy to sponge off the state. 

Before I go further let me categorically state that I will go to the ends of the earth to support those who are genuinely in need. Our current system however threatens these genuine cases and allows the fit but sleazy to escape undetected. These are the people that we must track down and identify. We could do this easily if we had the political will to instruct the Job Centres and the Benefits agencies to make it a priority!

So when our Conservative Prime Minister announces plans to tackle the problem you will forgive me for doubting his integrity. Of course this cannot happen until after 2015 because of the Coalition so he is blatantly electioneering. Remember this is the same guy who promised us a referendum on the EU and then reneged on almost every manifesto promise he made at the last election. 

Here we go again. He knows what the public want so he vaguely promises to address it. He gets the headlines but has absolutely no intention of following through. The people who wield the power meet at the Bilderberg meetings and would never allow our PM to go off message. 

So my message is don't believe this Political Class. They routinely lie because they serve masters that the rest of us do not have access to. Occasionally they slip up and leave clues. The clues always lead to the same result. David Cameron could sort out the welfare farce at a stroke. David Cameron and Iain Duncan-Smith keep hinting that they have everything under control. They have no intention of changing anything.

At Question Time last Thursday the arrogant Ken Clarke sneered at the proposals of Michael Gove to improve education. He more or less stated that he and Nick Clegg were in charge and nothing would change. That is our challenge. We must weed out these imposters and servants of  Bilderberg and vote them out like they did in Iceland.

Electorally we are limited in our choice. Only the big three have sufficient money to flood the field with candidates. They also own the media and the banks and the corporate authorities. Up against that we have Nigel Farage (UKIP) and Nick Griffin (BNP). Clearly the mainstream media will tell you that they are unelectable. The trouble is that if we don't elect them we will get more of Ken Clarke, Ed Balls and the core of the Bilderberger servants who are in thrall to the New World Order. It is almost like Christianity against Satanism. Think about it!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Football and England

Oh dear another disappointment for our English football team but even though we lost on penalties it was clear to any football fan that we were second best. We could not hold the ball, we could not at times pass the ball and if our match against Italy had been a boxing match it would have been stopped long before the end.

We are light years behind the best of the world in terms of technique and intelligence. Our footballers are athletic and strong but they are not footballers! They are celebrities without a cause. Tonight they were exposed as a high earning fraternity who could not compete with footballers who think about the game.

Tonight our players were bullied out of the game. They were intimidated and jostled and they could not compete. Not until Andy Carroll arrived did we have a physical presence. Our players did not have the ability to think quickly enough and their ball control was very often suspect.

If our football is to compete with the best we must change our thinking. We must recruit purists who regard skill above athleticism.  We must forget speed and strength and look for born footballers. Look at David Silva or Luka Modric because they are both small and dominant.

Oh well onwards and upwards. I think that Roy Hodgson did the best that he could with those at his disposal. He has shown enough to make us believe that he is organised and efficient. Until we produce skilful, intelligent players we will never win anything. I believe that our education system is so poor that many of our top players cannot think their way out of adversity. 

Sorry but many of our kids know that they will earn vast sums of money without fulfilling their potential. The prime example is Wayne Rooney who frankly looked so ordinary this evening. He is apparently being paid a fortune but on the world stage he is a bit part player. We must seriously disregard the press and the footballing fraternity and use our eyes. Germany, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil have dozens of players better than the players that our press have built up as being impressive.

We allow our national sport to be dominated by ex pros. They have nothing else to offer but so many cannot manage to save their lives. They could play but management is all about man management and motivation. We have prime examples in Brian Clough, Martin O'Neill and Harry Redknapp. They have always improved their teams given an even playing field but the powers that be are always scared of them. 

Tonight we all saw the difference between men and boys. The Italians were light years better than us and only the heroics of our defenders saved us. Those guys disguised our ineptitude and until we address this skill problem then we will never again qualify for the quarter finals of the Europa Cup... never mind win it! 

Another Look at Bilderberg

I have often posted that the driving force behind this blog was that I had lost my voice. My vote counted for nothing and yet I could detect a malign force alive and well and hell bent on destroying my country. It was, in my opinion, inexplicable that our politicians were encouraging half the world to descend on my country without setting up the infrastructure to deal with the invasion.

I could not understand how we could exchange a Conservative government (Major) for a Labour government (Blair) and nothing changed. I could not understand how a group of unelected commissars (The European Union) could usurp our legal system and nobody protested. On the surface, for the benefit of the general public, we still had aWestminster parliament but clearly it now had limited power.

The public at that time were still ignorant of Common Purpose and Bilderberg and other instruments that a global power group were using to unhinge our democratic process. Clearly some of our leading politicians were not batting for Britain. My problem was discovering who could and could not be trusted?

This led me into a new language. Politicians often use a different language to mask their activities and that was when I stumbled upon the word 'modernisation'. Almost all of our leading politicians described themselves as 'modernisers' which meant that all three of our major political parties were working on an agenda to change the demography of the country. I did not want my country to change but it was being forced upon me.

This set me on a course of trying to discover the prime movers behind the changes that we have see in this country. The idiocy of the legal system, the dumbing down of education, the unfairness of the benefits system and the politicisation of the Police and the Civil Service.

It has led me to this video. It is a bit long winded at times but the subject of it has a lot to answer for and it exposes the influence of Bilderberg in this country, the link to the European Union and a few of the British politicians who have let us all down.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Banking System

I received an apology from NatWest this evening in case I had been affected by 'technical issues' which had disrupted their computer system. They are currently working 'around the clock' to resolve the problem. In the meantime certain customers had not had payments credited to their accounts on time.

My initial reaction was of little concern because as far as I know my accounts had not been affected. Then I received this and I began to sit up and take notice. Surely it is highly unusual for TWO major banks to have 'technical issues' at the same time?

It may just be a coincidence but we are constantly receiving warnings that the western economies are at breaking point. Already Greece is destitute and Spain is following suit. Major British banks are also having their credit ratings downgraded and there are further doubts about Santander

If there was a problem then I would bet that the public would be the last to know. It is all getting a little bit smelly. If a country the size of Spain requires a £400 billion bail out then I would suggest that it is insolvent. Is Italy next or is it Ireland or Portugal? What are the politicians doing about it all? I get the impression that everyone is waiting for Germany to bail them out and Frau Merkel is not keen on that plan. After all she too has to face an electorate!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Listen to the Public Mr Miliband!

So far, far too late Ed Miliband has decided that the British public was correct in opposing the mass immigration policies that his party, under the leadership of Messrs Blair and Brown, imposed on us all. He is now declaring that it was all an error of judgement, a mistake and something that he now regrets!

Too late you clown! We have been invaded by a motley foreign army and there are no records of who is here and who should be here. There is absolutely no record of the numbers who were allowed to invade these islands and take up residence using our education facilities, our NHS and our benefits system.

The people who should have been dealing with the problem...the Civil Service were conveniently politicised by Tony Blair and dumbed down by Gordon Brown. The Home Office actively collaborated in the invasion which changed the demography of our country forever as it was intended to do.

Ed Miliband was complicit in all of this so do not let him tell you that he now thinks it was a mistake. IT IS TOO LATE! Every nation benefits from the talents of other nations but no nation can recover from a mass, unchecked, unregistered invasion of anybody regardless of background as New Labour encouraged and insisted upon. 

We now have prisons filled with criminals that we imported. We now have a huge burden upon our welfare and education systems. We now have a housing crisis which is unprecedented and unavoidable. These people have to sleep somewhere! My question is that why do some people in government insist that we ruin our national beauty to accommodate people who are only here to claim benefits.

I know that I can (will) be regarded as a grumpy old man but we grumpy old men have seen a thing or two. We have always paid our way and we have fought our wars and we have always been patriotic. That is the crux of my post.

Last night I watched Question Time on BBC and no matter how much I watched I could not help wondering how Ken Clarke can possibly claim to be a Conservative? Clearly Nick Clegg does not bat for Britain and the public know it so who actually bats for Britain? 

If Ed Miliband is kosher, which of course I will never believe, then just perhaps he should listen to the public. He could learn a thing or two. But then if he acted on public opinion he would not be a politician! The Political Class is actively ruining our lives. But then that is my next post.....

More Local Government Sleaze!

Robert Wann
Councillor Robert Wann
Hardly have the Leicestershire electorate recovered from the decision of the County Standards Committee to severely censure the County Council Chairman for ignoring the Council's code of conduct over his expenses than another case emerges!  

This time a former Lord Mayor of Leicester has coerced senior officers of the Council to write off his parking tickets and provide him with parking exemptions that he was not entitled to. The chairman of the Leicester City 'Standards Committee' has stated publicly that they would have had him suspended if that was in their range of powers.

If they cannot have him suspended then why are they in business? Effectively they are letting these villains off scot free! They should be in the dock because they are committing crimes. I don't just mean the councillors. I also mean the officers who allowed themselves to be coerced.

Now apparently the former Lord Mayor of Leicester did not attend the hearing as he was on holiday at the time and says he intends to appeal. Surely between the Standards Committee and the accused they could have arranged a hearing date which suited them both? If my integrity was under such scrutiny then I am sure I would have cancelled the holiday.

In the meantime I just wonder how the 'Further Training' ordered for the Chairman of the County Council is proceeding. Have they for example got to the point where he has opened the rule book on claiming expenses? Does his wife still deal with the money that he receives from the European Union? Has she read the rule book or is she still working out how he managed to claim a million pounds in expenses over the past five years?

Does anyone else not think that the whole, rotten, corrupt system should be investigated by independent auditors and not by insiders on various 'Standards Committees' who seem hell bent on keeping these arrogant public purse pilferers in positions where they can still do maximum damage?!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Education - a sore point!

Michael Gove
Michael Gove is he a true Conservative?
This lunch time on the BBC's Politics Show businessman Digby Jones articulated what most of us have known for many years and that is that kids educated by the state education system are by and large unemployable. There are of course exceptions mainly those that have intelligent parents or grandparents who can identify problems missed by teachers and tackle them.

For 10 years (1987-1997) I was heavily involved in training 16-18 year olds who had left school and hoped to gain employment. It was my job in one capacity or another to assist them into their first jobs and I am still in contact with some of them who have been extraordinary successful.

During that time I was appalled at the education standards but at least we did, at that time, have something to work on and in most cases we could bring the youngsters up to scratch. According to Digby Jones that is not now possible and companies are having to install remedial programmes to guarantee that young people can cope with the basic skills.

So along comes Michael Gove, our Education Secretary, who suggests that we improve state education by ditching the present system of GCSE's and return to the exam based GCE's. 

Wow! You would have thought that he had declared nuclear war on the education system. As I write Andy Burnham is bleating on 'Question Time' about the second class citizens that good education would create. Earlier Nick Clegg looked aghast at the very thought of children having a fair grading system. Currently we have a plethera of exam boards who compete for the largesse of schools by making exam papers easier.

We need one national examination board. We need a national grading standard that does not allow teachers or exam boards to 'adjust' the marking system. Those politicians and Trade Union bosses who have vested interests in keeping the education system at a low level will always try to prevent improvement. 

Michael Gove has set the bar at a high level. He seems to want to improve the system. That old rogue Ken Clarke has just stated live on national television that the committee that will decide on Michael Gove's proposal is chaired by Nick Clegg and vice chaired by himself! 

These two people will then ensure that nothing changes because neither bats for Britain. If any Minister wants to change the system he faces (a) the Public Service Unions and (b) the Modernisers. When almost every front bench politician is now a 'moderniser' it is almost impossible for a true 'Conservative' to introduce a policy which would be good for the public. Maybe that is the clincher! A member of the Cameron government can float an idea which seems like a Conservative policy but has no chance of being accepted.

Michael Gove is highly placed in the Cabinet. Like David Cameron he is articulate and presentable. He would not be in the Cabinet if he was not a moderniser. He is pretending to be a Conservative. Sorry folks but if you want to understand the man look at his mates.

Accountability in Local Government

Here in rural Leicestershire we have recently had a case where the Chairman of our County Council has been found guilty of bringing the council into disrepute after breaking the council's code of conduct over his expensesOf course it transpired that his wife handled all his finances (not me Guv) and he had no idea what was coming in and out of his accounts. I reiterate he IS Chairman of the County Council!

This is the same man who in the last five years has racked up over a million pounds in expenses including £210,000 paid to a chauffeur to drive him to the theatre and events like Silverstone! Some councillors have called for him to be removed from office but predictably justice has descended into a party political issue and his own side (Conservative) voted to retain his services.

So his 'punishment',imposed by the council's quaintly termed 'Standards Committee', is a serious censure which means he must undergo further training and apologise to the council!! This is a man who failed to repay expenses received when he visited Brussels (to receive his orders from the EU). They have a ridiculous system where East Midlands Council (funded by us) pay for him to go to Brussels and Brussels then gives him money to repay the EMC! We don't yet know how much the EU gave him but he failed to reimburse the EMC (or perhaps his wife did).

If he cannot conduct his own financial affairs in an appropriate manner how on earth can he chair the County Council? His conduct has been disgraceful but amazingly he is allowed to continue to plunder the public purse and we the electorate allow it.

It is an indictment on local government and clearly illustrates that we cannot trust our local councillors. They will do anything to retain their party political battle lines but when push comes to shove they all vote for the same system. We cannot afford to maintain public toilets and libraries but we can allow one individual a million pounds in expenses! I just wonder what the rest are claiming?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Now they want goal line technology!

John Terry Clears Ball Off Line
Is it not amazing that FIFA could not find it in their hearts to introduce goal line technology after England were denied a goal in the last World Cup but immediately the advantage favoured England then they are advocating change?

Goal line technology clearly has to be introduced because the pace of the game in this modern era is too fast for the human eye. Cricket has embraced it and so has Rugby and the effect has been to introduce a fair result.

Football must use it even more. So many referees are giving ridiculous decisions that the confidence of the public has been shattered. The game is being ruined because one man cannot possibly police a game when 22 men are trying to cheat! We must have a third official role when in hindsight decisions can be challenged. It does not destroy Rugby or Cricket so why will it destroy football?

On the practical side I am rather surprised that a plodding, uninspiring England team has won their group which in fact was a tough group to win. Perhaps that is what is needed in this modern era? The new manager is playing to the strengths of his team. He has  introduced a method. He is prepared to soak up pressure and await the odd chance on the break.

It is not attractive. It is not football for the purists but it is the modern game. Roy Hodgson is doing what he must do. We are difficult to break down and in the past that has won tournaments. Perhaps if we get into the later stages then he will unleash the more creative players but I doubt it. 

I get the impression that this particular manager thinks he can win the competition. I also think that he has organised his squad. They are working for each other. It is always thought that if a team has four world class players then they can win a major tournament. We have entered this tournament with Joe Hart, John Terry, Ashley Cole and Steven Gerard. We now just need a couple more to rise above their normal game.

 My bet is that Glen Johnson, Scott Parker and just perhaps Wayne Rooney will decide to fulfil their potential. Then we need a wild card...a player to do something brilliant to change a game. We have Ashley Young, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott and either of our three strikers. Don't rule out Defoe!

Heh it is possible you know. Italy are not as strong as in previous years. Fingers crossed that I have not hexed our progress.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

As Usual Nigel Farage is Right!

A little while back I posted that Iceland had recovered from their 2008 disaster because they had abandoned the euro and the European Union and reverted to home rule. For reasons that I cannot understand Greece appears to be unable to contemplate life without the European Union even when it has already ruined their lives?

I know they were sold the European Union as an easy life that we the Brits and the Germans would pay for and so they retired early and failed to pay their taxes. Now Greeks are apparently starving and their economy is in tatters. At this point in their history Icelanders kicked out their serving government, dispersed with the universal bankers and elected their own government from people who had not been influenced (corrupted) by their previous administration.

Now Iceland is surviving without the help of the EU and I am not the only person to articulate this scenario. It is now quite clear that the EU is a busted flush. Their dream of a false socialist republic imprisoning the population of all the western European countries as they did in the previous Soviet bloc is crumbling. 

Now it is announced that Spain and Italy will also require enormous bailouts and so it continues. I just wonder where all these billions are coming from. Apparently they are talking about £400 billion pounds!!  It is a fantasy figure! Surely one day reality must kick in and the politicians will realise that this economic/political/socialist experiment has failed (like it did in the USSR).

Is it not about time that the world realised that socialists only spend money. They do not know how to make it. They have ruined the economies of every western European economy and when it is all done we will face a further struggle against a new enemy... Islam.

The EU distraction is about to fail. Then suddenly we will discover that in the midst of every country of the 'former' EU partners there exists a strong Islamic group which has seized local power whilst the rest of us were worrying about Con/Lab/Lib.  George Galloway is already backing the right horse and he is not a fool. He is possibly not backing Britain but then how many of our mainstream politicians are?

When the EU experiment eventually fails (and it will) then be prepared for the next power battle. Now that all the EU countries are broke (apart from Germany) who do we look to for finance? I will leave you to work it out.  Just saying!

The Ultimate Betrayal

Imagine a scenario where you have served your country for 22 years risking your life in many trouble spots, witnessing the death or wounding of your mates, making your family live in substandard accommodation, moving your kids from school to school and living a life of deprivation just doing your job.

Don't get me wrong military life enables you to enjoy a camaderie rarely achieved in civilian life and the highs and lows of service at the extreme end of the scale often adds a richness to life but...most long serving servicemen, those who provide the backbone to service life have always known that the pension achieved after 18 years service (for a non commisioned officer) will provide them and their families with a measure of security for their remaining years. In my day it was 22 years.

So now I read today that, not only are they sacking 20% of the fighting forces they are sacking NCO's days before they qualify for their pension. It is the ultimate betrayal by a government that poses under the banner of Conservatism and acts like communists. I think that the Mail columnist Littlejohn has summed it up admirably.

What I do not understand is why there is not one politician challenging this aberration? Where is the British Legion? Surely this must be a breech of contract? Whatever else it is it is a warning to all the servicemen that they cannot trust their paymasters in the MOD. Why should they continue to risk their lives for people who have scant regard for human dignity.

I can think of no other final act of betrayal than to cheat on the soldiers. Let it be a lesson to all of us. These bloody politicans have no honour whatsoever. Anyone who commits the ultimate betrayal has no place even in this modern Britain that they have created! 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Is World War Three on the Horizon?

Map of Syria
There are scraps of information appearing in the press regarding the situation in Syria which when isolated do not seem to mean very much but when combined are adding up to a potentially dangerous scenario.

If the superpowers continue their policies of brinkmanship then there is every possibility that WW 3 could be an outcome. Too many massive influences are interfering and congregating around Syria.

One one side we have Obama and the Bankers (Israel) arming the 'rebel' forces and the western European countries will inevitably be called to support the American effort. That means us folks!

On the other side there are already reports that thousands of Iranian troops are assisting the Assad regime and now Russia wants to 'protect its assets' in Syria. The potentially dangerous scenario is summed up here.

You will note that China is standing by but there appears to be no evidence that they will support a United Nations motion calling for armed intervention in Syria. It would appear that what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya will not be allowed to happen in Syria.

If the bankers continue, with the assistance of their tame politician President Obama, their efforts to open a Central Bank in Syria, I wonder just how far Russia, China and Iran will go to stop them?

Finally you will also notice how our politicians continue to prattle on about local events and are failing to warn us of this potentially explosive situation. As each day passes the extent to which the bankers have got their claws into our political establishment becomes more evident and more alarming.

Gordon Brown and Leveson

 There appears to be incredulity amongst the parliamentary press corps at the evidence delivered to the Leveson Inquiry by former PM Gordon Brown. Given the range of 'tweets' recorded on the Guido Fawkes blog surely questions have to be asked about his credibility and honesty.

Surely he was 'on oath' so given the breadth of expression that he 'lied and lied' surely Lord Leveson either has to recall him or the police should charge him with perjury. If he is allowed on oath to distort what many consider to be known facts then surely there is no alternative unless of course he is immune to prosecution. If that is the case and nobody should be above the law then why call him to take the stand?

I have often thought that the NoLab years of Blair/Brown/Mandelson/Reid etc etc would one day go down in history as the blackest ever decade. They certainly changed our society which of course is what they intended to do but many people think that there is something very strange about Gordon Brown.

What I find difficult to understand is that given the depth of the evidence that Blair and Brown did not appear to act in the best interests of the country why are they always given such an easy ride in public? I get the impression that they are being protected by some very powerful people.

Friday, 15 June 2012

How many More?

Today yet another soldier was killed in Afghanistan. It is now almost a daily occurrence and yet nobody can explain what on earth our troops are doing there. The Americans have actually taken our troops out of the worst area because we could not cope.

The British Army is being reduced by the Coalition at every level. That is incorrect because the British Forces are being reduced by the banker supporting Coalition because it would under normal circumstances be a thorn in the flesh of 'modernisation'. 

When I was a soldier I knew that I could expect a decent pension for my service. Yes I knew that my military service would impact on my family but eventually we would be compensated. I reckon that now almost nobody gets through to decent pensionable age.

My generation advanced on the Falklands and contained Northern Ireland. We are now old men but we rarely faced the kind of adverse conditions that our lads and lassies are facing in Afghanistan. They are now on a hiding to nothing because they are not fighting for the country...they are fighting for the ambitions of the bankers. 

We used to fight for Queen and Country but it does not have the same resonance if you are fighting for the Central bank of Rothschild (ask the Syrians)!  We have been at war in various disguises since the 1990's ever since Tony Blair (amazingly) and George Bush formed a 'partnership'. Since then our country has been continually at war. 

Our servicemen have been offered up as sacrificial lambs. WE have become the mercenaries of the banking world. They are now setting up the next coup for their masters.  

The army was a really great life but if you are being used as cannon fodder with no guarantee of a future then get real! Do not do it! It is really nice to have your name read out in the House of Commons by guys who don't give a flying fig for you but if you have been blown to bits only your family and friends mourn!

It is now clear that the Coalition and their banking friends have decided on a policy which will ultimately destroy the British Army. It will become a mercenary force at the behest of the bankers. Our forces are being cut back year after year and our compliant population/press/parliament/ care not a jot.

It is however still OK for our toxic politicians to pretend to care in Westmonster every Wednesday at PM's Question Time when they routinely announce the names of the dead and care not a jot for the families of those that they have killed for their bankers' ambitions.

They do not reward former soldiers with opportunities to feed their families or even to recover from their wartime experiences. The politicians are actually heartless when it come to ex-servicemen. The word seems to be if they were daft enough to risk their life for a daft cause then they deserve what they get! They really don't care! Why else has Royal Wootton Bassett disappeared from the scene? What happens now? Do any of you know? No it has disappeared because they were ashamed of the bodies continually being paraded through the streets. It exposes them to the consequences of a war which does nothing for this country.

Our politicians are ALL in the pay of the Banking Class and our military are the sacrificial lambs. Look out for the next announcement that out banking sponsored military force will soon enter Syria as the banking authorities demand another victory.

Only Cuba, North Korea and the Sudan would be left without a central bank then.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Leveson Inquiry

We seem to have been beleaguered by inquiries and committees since the start of the year. Almost all of our leading political, police and press representatives have been questioned about their integrity. Time after time resignations have been tendered and even now resignations and even jail sentences are facing some of those who have been forced to admit their indiscretion.

The whole political structure in this country is rotten to the core and the public know it. At every inquiry the dodgy, so called elite, are rolled out and their dodgy secrets are exposed. First of all the Met police lost not only their commissioner but also their 'star performer' Yates of the Yard who was so cosy with everybody he would never have achieved a conviction. No wonder the cash for peerages investigation died a death.

Then we have the Leveson Inquiry where clearly people are lying on oath. Well I reckon that most of them are but Gordon Brown was hilarious! Almost every political journalist was gasping at his evidence. This man who, at the behest of the Labour Party actually became the Prime Minister of this country gave the performance of a lifetime. Of course we all understand that he or his cohorts NEVER briefed against Tony Blair.

I have blogged about Gordon Brown on many occasions but now I must confess that I am of the opinion that he is a sick man. The problem is that the establishment does not challenge him. He is allowed to spout his nonsense (as is Tony Blair) because they aspired to be Prime Minister of the UK. 

Many people believe that Tony Blair is a war criminal and yet he is never challenged.  He attends inquiry after inquiry and yet he smoothes his way through and NOBODY gives him a hard time. He must have many powerful friends.

So onto the position of the Culture Minister, Jeremy Hunt, another public schoolboy in league with News International who our current PM is trying to keep in position because after Mr Hunt he is next in line for the firing squad.  Of course at PM's Question Time we don't have any national problems. 

They ignore the problems of our financial system, the state of our forces and our membership of the EU. So at PM's Question Time Labour led on the position of the Culture Minister! Wow! How narcisstic is that? When will they deliberate the problems in Syria? When do we challenge our relationship with Europe? When will they challenge the Justice Traitor  Minister on his ridiculous sentencing and the ludicrous practice of tagging is exposed as being yet another example of weak justice.

Tagged criminals are routinely relaxing their tags  to continue their criminal activities and nobody is catching them. They are being allowed to continue with their lives when they should actually be in jail. Criminals are being bailed when they should be jailed. We all know it but then Ken Clarke has an agenda to bring the society of this country down. Time after time this member of the steering committee of Bilderberger is installed into key positions where he can do maximum damage. 

When David Cameron appointed Ken Clarke to the position of Justice Minister then I immediately realised that David Cameron was a wrong 'un! Nobody who has the welfare of the British public at heart would ever, ever, appoint Ken Clarke to any position of authority. David Cameron is NOT  a Conservative and neither is Ken Clarke. They have been elected on a false premise but then so have so many others.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Syria and the Puppets!

It is all so predictable! Now William Hague, our Foreign Secretary, is advocating that we intervene in Syria as we did in Bosnia! They are cranking up the pressure day after day. Hague, who is increasingly looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a stunt that he cannot control, is fulfilling my prediction.

It is inevitable because the banking fraternity have decided that Syria must come under central control and they will make it happen regardless of the consequences. It has happened so often! Our troops will now be turned into the role of mercenaries at the behest of bankers.

I do not deny that there is a problem in Syria. I just dispute who has caused it. Libya was a stable society until the bankers decided that they wanted in. It might not have been perfect but from what I read it is now a disaster area. Iraq was also in their own way stable until the western alliances intervened. Afghanistan does not need or want our interference. All three are tribal societies who cannot recognise our style of government. Perhaps their societies, which have existed for centuries, are better than our society where bankers are allowed to corrupt every aspect of government.

In the States President Obama is now preparing for the final assault and once again our military are the mercenaries. Our troops are being used as mercenaries for the ambitions of the bankers. 

The actions of our politicians and press are being daily exposed at the Leveson Inquiry where they are now reduced to accusing each other of lying on oath. They have all been corrupted by money and power! Their world is beginning to crumble as country after country in the EU begs for help. They are all destitute because of the avarice of the bankers. Nobody will reform the banks because they are all in thrall of their paymasters.

I will say it again and again. We must divorce ourselves from the EU. We must not believe the mainstream media (in particular the abject BBC) AND at the earliest opportunity we must never again give a single vote to Lab/Lib/Con! Very few of our MPs are independently minded. Far too many have been bought and paid for by bankers and their corrupt system. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012


One again it is difficult to understand why the western media are accepting the propaganda emanating from Syria without proof. The BBC and all the mainstream media outlets are accusing the Assad regime of committing atrocities but the stories have not been backed up. Nobody appears to know who or what are committing grizzly detailed murders because as far as I know bodies have not been found yet.

Now comes a story from a Channel Four journalist that he was deliberately led into an ambush by rebel forces because 'dead journos are bad for Damascus'.  Clearly the rebel forces are also disingenuous. The link I have posted from the Daily Mail is lengthy but I think the comments from readers are very interesting. Not everyone believes the barrage of anti Assad propaganda spewing out from leading politicians and media outlets. There are two sides to these stories and we are only hearing one side. I wonder why?

I think people who read history and have the ability to think independently are rapidly coming to the conclusion that many of the American and western European EU supporting politicians are actually puppets acting for a villainous regime. Unfortunately the free thinkers are too few in number thanks to the dumbing down of western education.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Vladimir Putin...Saviour of Democracy?

A Saviour of Democracy?
Once you get onto the trail of the bankers, the New World Order and the extremes of their behaviour then the world becomes a different place. OK I agree that I know nothing, that I have no input and that anything I have to say is pure conjecture. But what is that point of a blog if you cannot speculate? Looking back however my track record is not too bad. Did I not warn about Barack Obama? Did I not wonder the consequences if Gordon Brown got his sums wrong?

So today we have the situation in Syria. You will by now know that I believe that Syria is under attack from bankers who want to add to their world domination. Since 9/11 they have annexed Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. There is also conflict in the Sudan which we rarely hear about but the next prize is Syria.

The western 'democracies' who are all under the influence of the international bankers are pushing for international intervention. They are pushing to invade a country purely on the grounds that their paymasters want to establish a Central Bank. In order to achieve that state they appear prepared to commit any atrocity imaginable. 

In this case however, someone is preventing the ultimate advance. Step forward Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. He is refusing to allow the corporatocracies permission to invade Syria. Steadfastly he refuses to support a United Nations Security Council proposal (or something) and at the moment he is being joined by the Chinese. Just perhaps they have realised that world domination by the western bankers is not such a good idea for Russia...or even China.

It would be ironic if western democracy could be saved by a Russian President who is portrayed by the western media largely as an ogre. Well that is the western media for you but then they are all owned by the 'bankers' and their own moguls.

Could it be that our western 'freedom' will be saved by a Russian President who will face up to the so called New World Order. Well perhaps but I am not holding my breath. Somehow money always seems to talk. For confirmation ask almost all the Westmonster front benches on both sides of the political spectrum. 

They all know the value of money even when it has been overprinted and manipulated to the point of a possible total breakdown. One day it will happen! In the meantime please watch the puppets demand an invasion of Syria. I won't name them but just watch the News.

Bilderberger 2012

I first posted about the existence of the Bilderberger group in October 2008. It was about the time that I began to have my eyes opened that all was not right with our 'democratic' society. Most of my information came from this site because most people had never heard of Bilderberger.

Now almost four years later the mainstream media still ignore this major summit meeting between leading bankers, industrialists, press barons and a sprinkling of politicians. It is speculated that the European Union is the brainchild of the Bilderbergers and that the single European currency was planned as far back as 1955.

I would not mind secret meetings of the New World Order if they were creating a happy world. It is however, quite clear that they are creating and have created a banking disaster for western Europe.

If you have time on your hands and want to learn more about the Bilderbergers then there is some interesting stuff here.  You will find a brief summary on all those who attended Bilderberg 2012 with some illuminating links. 

An interesting attendee was Nick Boles MP for Grantham and Stamford. He has clearly been earmarked for much greater things because George Osborne and Ed Balls attended two or three times before most of us had ever heard of them! You have been warned citizens of Grantham your MP is mixing with people who care not a jot for the British citizen.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Oh come on now Mr Cameron!

There comes a time in modern politics when the politicians want me to forget all the common sense that I have built up over the years. If you listen to this crowd of what Lord Sugar might describe as 'schmoosers' (spelling) then I sometimes just shake my head.  So let me reappraise the BSkyB situation using what we know are facts. First of all the LibDem Minister in charge of the BSkyB bid was Vince Cable who proved himself to be the silly old man by being stitched up by a couple of young, female,Tory journalists!

He was instantly replaced by Jeremy Hunt. It was a quick decision taken by a PM who has already demonstrated extensively links to the Murdoch Empire. First of all News International switched their support from New Labour to the Conservatives following the election of David Cameron to the leadership of the Conservative party. OK it did not take a genius to realise that politically Gordon Brown was a loser but David Cameron then owed the Murdoch Empire a huge favour.

They wanted their bid to succeed and of all the candidates it has subsequently transpired that Jeremy Hunt was an avid supporter of the Murdoch Empire. If you want a fair decision he was clearly almost the last person that should have been selected.

Perhaps David Cameron did not know how close Jeremy Hunt was to News International but that is somehow difficult to believe. David Cameron is almost a paid up member of News International! He employed their former phone hacking guru Andy Coulson as his Chief of Staff and is 'best friends' with Charlie Brooks who happily is married to the former editor of the News of the World ...Rebekah!

So...if the bid was in trouble thanks to good old Vince and his two glamorous journalists then did Dave not need a safe pair of hands to ensure that 'justice' was done? Step forward Jeremy who is so 'Murdoch' orientated that he is 'almost' on the payroll. That embarrassing E-Mail stating 'only Ofcom to go' should have instantly disqualified him from any subsequent involvement in the process. He was nakedly biased.

The PM is now in the altogether. His judgement has been stripped bare and he is relying on his charisma and oratory skills to win the day. Slowly this Coalition is unravelling but then every government since Margaret Thatcher has unravelled because they are all living a lie. All the politicians who are beholding to the corporatocracies (multi nationals like News International) currently fill every front bench position.

What the Leveson Enquiry has illustrated is that we cannot trust our front bench politicians. They are all too close to big business. They all have agendas which conflict with public opinion. There is a huge, rotten, cabal operating at the heart of our political process which needs to be reversed. The problem is that it is so huge, so all encompassing that it probably cannot be reversed. 

Once Syria falls and it now seems inevitable that Assad will go the same way as Saddam and Ghadafi then only North Korea and Cuba remain before the bankers have control of the world. I read that American special forces are already embedded in North Korea.  My concern about the Leveson Enquiry is that it will eventually be used to suppress the freedom of the press. I do blether on don't I?

Friday, 1 June 2012

What happened to 'conservatism'?

The definition of conservatism is 'opposition to change; a political ideology favouring  preservation and defence of tradition'. I had to check because in recent times many within the Conservative Party are not following the tenets of conservatism. Conservatives should instinctively not want change so if confronted with 'modernisation' which is a euphemism for a change within society they should reject it.

I have recently come across a web site run by the Bruges Group which is a eurosceptic group who keep an eye on the performances of our MPs and how they vote. There is little doubt in my mind that the European Union has changed this country radically and wants to go further. It should therefore be the natural enemy of the conservative.

I was therefore amazed to discover that the vast majority of the MPs who continually vote to support the EU are the Conservative MPs. There is a hardcore of about 100 Conservative MPs who almost invariably vote for anything which would support the EU. One of them is my local MP Nicky Morgan.

I imagine that many of the votes that Nicky Morgan received from the people of Loughborough did not believe their MP had plans to morph into a wet, nearly centre something, with not a hint of conservatism in anything that she does.  I just think that the people of Loughborough should know that they did not get what they voted for! She is however not alone so if you want old fashioned conservatism as defined by the dictionary then your only hope is UKIP and many are turning in that direction.