Sunday, 29 June 2008

Citizens' Rights

The recent case of the ex-soldier who made a citizen's arrest on one of the teenagers who had been systematically damaging his property and then found himself on a charge of kidnap made me think very hard about what rights the law abiding have in today's society.

In the recent case the guy had rung a 'hotline' and been kept on hold for 45 minutes! What is the point of a so called 'hotline' if it isn't manned properly? Most of us know that in this day and age the police won't confront young tearaways so a 999 call would also prove fruitless. It would appear that we're now on our own without police protection so what can we do?

The infamous case of the Norfolk farmer, Tony Martin, proved that we cannot use fire arms to defend ourselves. We are informed that we have to use only 'reasonable force' if confronted by robbers. What is reasonable force? I would hate to kill someone defending my wife and dog (she is very old and never was very brave - the dog that is) and then face some smart arse criminal lawyer trying to prove that the nine iron which I buried into the head of the intruder in the dark was 'unreasonable'. I could face a long sentence for defending my property.

The point I am trying to make is that sooner or later some quick thinking criminal type is going to realise that we homeowners in twenty first century Britain are, to all and intents and purposes, defenceless. There are an awful lot of immigrants for example, some of them East European Romanies, looking for somewhere to rest their weary heads and there are a lot pensioners sitting in valuable properties which they worked hard to buy many years ago.

If the examples of police indifference which are being ever more frequently being reported then someone, somewhere, will be the first resident to lose their home to intruders. Don't tell me that it won't happen because at the moment it is entirely feasible unless someone gets the police to do their bloody job!

Friday, 27 June 2008

The European Union (again!)

According to their own rules if just one member of the European Union votes against the Lisbon Treaty then it cannot be ratified. As we all now know the Irish people, the only people to be given a vote, voted against it but predictably the European elite have absolutely refused to accept this honest and fair outcome.

This is exactly as I predicted because there is nothing honest and fair about the European Union. It rivals Robert Mugabe in it's disdain for democracy. They don't care about democracy because this is a naked and shameful attempt to subvert democratic procedures. They are attempting to conquer nations in exactly the same way that the Soviet Union rode roughshod over Eastern Europe.

This is utterly contrary to everything that we British have been brought up to believe and in my opinion that is why more than anything else that Gordon Brown has lost the confidence of the electorate. He promised us a referendum and then reneged on his election promise. We are not European in thought or deed. We have links to the former Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada which are far stronger than links to our hereditary enemies like France and Germany.

I am not preaching hatred because I lived for fifteen years in Germany and have many German friends. I actively 'twinned' for over a dozen years and I can tell you that the 'man in the German street' does not want the European Union either (they too have never had a vote). If the European 'elite' who believe in this treaty/constitution had the courage to put the vote to the people then they know that they would lose. There is now however, far too much to lose. Too many officials/members will lose so much because billions of pounds are involved and so many snouts are in the trough that they are absolutely determined to ram this treaty through regardless of any opposition.

In my opinion this will eventually become the modern day equivalent of World War Two. If you have any pride at all in the traditional way of British life then we must oppose this union. As it stands Gordon Brown couldn't win an election to save his life so it would appear that David Cameron is a shoo in to become our next PM but be careful what you wish for.

I am so disenchanted by politics that I would be willing to bet that David Cameron is already signed up by Europe. He would not be in his position unless he was firmly in the European camp. They could not possibly risk a future British leader who may oppose the European Union so when the next election arrives then push for an answer on the European question. What camp is Cameron in? I tell you what my friends he won't tell you but if you read this then you will know.

Please do not let your children and grandchildren down unless you don't care what happens. If you don't care then what are you doing reading this particular blog? If you do care then spread the word. The European Union is out to relieve you of your British nationality... no I am wrong it already has done.

Poeple like Gordon Brown, David Miliband, the Liberals and all the other so called Political parties have already signed your freedom away. Only the ...sshhhh B..N..P and UKIP are fighting for our traditional freedom and you will notice how they are being ridiculed by the mainstream media.

In my local paper people who attended a meeting of the BNP have had to defend the fact that they actually hire a local hall. They are actually a legitimate, legal, political party and although I am not a member and never have been I find myself looking hard at the only credible party who are fighting for a future outside of Europe.

Henley By-Election Result!

The electorate in Henley appear to have reflected the mood of the people generally when they cast more votes for the BNP than they did for Gordon Brown in the latest by-election! Well at least it's a start and I still can't believe that the NoLab candidate managed to find slightly more than a thousand people to vote for him!

I cannot ever remember a government candidate losing a deposit but it emphasises that our PM should do the decent thing and let go of the helm that is if he can find it. To relentlessly continue to deny the will of the people will eventually, in some aspects, put him into the same category as other dictators.

Most of the TV political programmes are now brazenly questioning his ability and it must be crystal clear that he cannot recover the lost ground in time to mount even a token challenge at the next election. If he left then he could sit down in from of a mirror and get someone to teach him to knot a tie properly. It pains me to see our Prime Minister appear time after time in front of the cameras with a knot that a schoolboy could better! I think that this simple matter ruins his stature but no doubt he will never see it.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

'None of Them!"

Sunday is usually the day when much of the political sleaze is outed in the press but I must admit there is so mich happening at the moment that it is difficult to know where to start. MP after MP is being caught having not declared this or that and the misuse of the parliamentary expenses system is criminal.

In Europe it appears to be so much worse and why shouldn't it be? This huge organisation appears to be unauditable so the reports that the members are taking huge advantage of the lax rules on allowances and expenses are not surprising. If you make that the price of loyalty then you will get it. I am sure that this is the reason that the only people who have been allowed a vote (the Irish) voted against the constitution. The general public are not stupid and the politicians know it. That is the reason that, with the exception of Ireland nobody, has been allowed a vote. Every time the European Union has faced the public it has been defeated.

But back to us and what do we do with MP's from all major parties who have treated the public with such contempt? You see it isn't just members of one party who have been stealing huge sums of public money they are all at it. On the Andrew Marr show this morning Peter Oborne the columnist from the Daily Mail called it 'a conspiracy of silence'.

Our only opportunity to send a message to parliament comes all too rarely at a General Election. The Brown New Labour project know that they are dead in the water so they will hang on until the bitter end probably doing all they can to make their successors pick up a poisoned chalice. You can almost bet that the new government will discover an almighty mess a lot of it probably not even in place yet.

As anyone who regularly reads this BLOG will know I don't think there is anything to choose between the parties so why do we vote at all. Remember the last time that the Tories were in? How could anyone forget it? So why do we vote for them? They have both let us down over the past thirty years or so let's have another think about the next election.

If we all got together and agreed that nobody voted for either NoLab or Conservative or the useless LibDems we might get an astonishing result. They would all be voted out of power consigned to the political dustbin along with the Special Advisors, the Spin Doctors, the Lobbyists, the Sponsors and all the rest of the rotten hangers on who make up this cesspit of corruption.

In their place we might get some decent people but whoever we get would receive a definite message! Do as we want or we will get rid of you as well. This country desperately needs a revolution and the next election is the last chance to achieve one. Vote for anyone who stands aginst the established parties. Vote Green, UKIP, BNP, Raving Looney, Independent or whoever you like but don't vote for the big three. It would cause a sensation across the world that the British electorate, living in the so called home of democracy, had rejected their own political system!

I really think that we could do it so spread the word. I cannot think of anything else that would shake up the established political world. The next time that you are asked who you favour in one of these political polls which most of us never see then answer 'None of the Above'!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Crime and our Politicians!

I watched the Politics Show today and I must admit that Andrew Neil is superb in the role of presenter because he does not let the waffling politicians away with their prepared lies. The ridiculous lie that crime is down has to be challenged but Caroline Flint (NoLab) continually tried to pass it off as a statistic which was beyond approach. Andrew Neil however, qualified it by insisting that the manufactured statistics did not recognise that violent crime and juvenile crime was on the increase and that is the extent of the problem.

NoLab have their own set of stats which only tell the story that they want you to believe. That is in all walks of life. Their stats on inflation are manufactured which we all recognise and their stats on crime are also unbelievable particularly when one views the recent publicity on knife crime.

How can we curtail the advance of violence in this country when the government refuses to believe that we have a problem?

We need more prisons. We need a tougher stance on crime. Nobody wants to step out of line but until someone does then crime will continue to escalate. Whenever the government is approached about crime they quote their own corrupt stats which really are not the point. The stats are unacceptable because most people cannot see the point of reporting crime. All they get is a crime number for insurance purposes.

When will someone really get a grip on crime?

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Inflation Rates!

So at last the money men have cottoned onto the fact that the rest of us have known for a very long time. The PM's inflation rates are a fabrication. We knew that in January and now the Bank of England has started to catch up! They confess to 3.5% but sooner or later they will have to raise the bar to something like the true rate!

Monday, 16 June 2008

The Death Penalty!

Our much criticised PM today hosted the American President in a much trumpeted visit to our shores. They stood side by side and the only pronouncement that sprang forth was our commitment to send yet more young lads to Afghanistan! This on the eve that 5 members of 2 Para had been killed. We haven't lost 5 Paras in a week since bloody Arnhem for God's sake and they still don't get the point!

We cannot win in Afghanistan! History tells us that this impoverished nation has always been a breeding ground for terrorism or narcotics. Now we could cease narcotics at a stroke by punishing the dealers like they do in countries like Malaysia. Sorry mate you are pushing death and that is your sentence. End of story! It would stop tomorrow!

So now we have to deal with terrorism. Well we still have, on the statute books, the death penalty for traitors. We could still isolate the terrorists and when we find them then, 'Sorry boys and girls you die!' The Westminster village always recoils from this question of the death sentence but we are in troubled times and we must threaten our attackers with a sentence which should dissuade them from their intentions.

This week we passed the significant mark that 100 of our young men had died in this useless war. Nobody has ever given us the figures for the physically or mentally maimed or injured brought about by this politically motivated campaign. I would bet that this would easily exceed a four figure sum. Bush has to rely on our support because without our weak puppets like Blair and Brown then he is naked.

Sooner or later we must face the question! Is it now time to bring back the death penalty and if we don't then we will deserve what we get. And mark my words we will get it whatever it is. Weak nations always lose when the going gets tough and we have the weakest of weak Prime Ministers.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Dr Ron Paul - American Hero?

Hands up all those who have heard of Ron Paul? No I thought not because I have not seen a mention of him either on TV or in the mainstream media but he is causing a major kerfuffle over the pond in the United States.

For weeks we have been treated to extended reports about 'Hillary' and her battle with Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency. We also hear about the Republican candidate who seems to have a bit of a dodgy reputation but we haven't heard anything about Ron Paul.

Well up until last week he too had intentions of running for the office of President but then he pulled out in favour of an Internet 'Campaign for Honesty'. He has set out his stall with a string of honest proclamations which are requirements for the 'Campaign for Honesty' and apparently thousands are signing up for it every day.

The amazing thing is that Ron Paul is ideally placed to run this campaign because he is, amazingly for a politician, squeaky clean. His family background is spotless and he has never even accepted a junket paid for by the government. He has never voted against the American constitution and he voted against the Iraq war.

Now I believe that Ron may have just started a revolution because like our political scene American politics is pretty dirty. Only those with money have a chance of succeeding and there are only two main parties, you know, take it or leave it. Now one man comes along with an instinct for what the man in the street really wants - HONESTY! I shall be following this campaign with interest and one further thought struck me...could David Davis do the same thing over here? He has really upset the Westminster village which is a pretty good starting point.

Finally I wonder when the British Murdoch dominated press and the Labour supporting BBC will allow you to know about Ron Paul. Don't hold your breath now!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Ireland votes 'No' - now what?

Well done the Irish people! The only country to have been granted a vote on the European Union and they do the right and proper thing. I am not surprised because the normal man in the street may sometimes be apathetic, they may sometimes resent the intrusion into their personal lives but family, friends and in particular children come before anything.

Everyone knows that the EU is completely undemocratic. Nobody can enslave whole regions of educated and opinionated people in this day and age. The European countries are not like African states. We have fought far too hard and far too long to lose our freedom to people who we do not know, we do not trust and who have no right to enter our lives.

Europe has only just lost the last great monolithic power, the Soviet Union and lo and behold here comes another. For centuries countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Great Britain have existed in their own entirety. The characters and traits of their people differ vastly from each other and yet someone, somewhere thinks that they can be brought together in one vast, uniform, conglomerate.

So what now? Apparently the rules state that if one sovereign state votes against the constitution then all is lost! Fat chance of that I reckon. They have far too much staked on this project not to enslave the western European nations. These are really high stakes that the politicians are playing for. They are creating a European political class which, if you are a member, will elevate you into a group who will be above the law. That is why they all agree with this Union and that is also the reason that they will not debate it.

Listen to all the main political parties in this country and they are broadly in agreement. They all say that the European Union is good for you. No argument, no strife, no debate because the three major political parties who want your votes cannot between them find one single reason not to support a group of people who have not satisfied an audit for a decade or more. As my brother would say 'I don't believe it."

Any day now you will witness a myriad of reasons which will explain to you why the votes of the Irish people do not count. They were well meant but actually it was quite obvious that they did not really understand the implications of their actions. This is much too large a roller coaster to be highjacked by a few Paddies who thought that their votes would result in democracy!

You watch if I'm not right!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Ireland and the EU!

Today the Irish had their referendum on the EU and at the time of posting we do not know the result. I find it curious that Ireland, who as a country has probably gained more from the EU than most. Their people have been granted a referendum but then apparently it is written into their constitution. How come the Irish can be so clever and we so stupid.

I hope and pray that sufficient Irish people will realise that this unprincipled and utterly reprehensible monolithic authority cannot be allowed to dominate the political spectrum as it is trying to do. Someone has to stop them and I find it amazing that only the Irish have a voice on the matter. This underlines how devious these European autocrats have become. They reiterate that they are in charge and we have to like it or lump it because we will NEVER get the chance to challenge them!

Please Ireland do the right thing!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Democracy and Gordon Brown

Has anyone ever seen such a disgraceful attempt to subvert democracy in this country than the bribery and corruption which has accompanied the passing of the 42 day detention for terrorist suspects bill?

The Northern Irish MPs have disgraced themselves by bowing to bribery/corruption/flattery/ or whatever and have gained this utterly discredited Prime Minister a hollow victory from which I imagine he will never recover. There is now nothing which he will not do to cling to his pathetic quest for power which incidentally he has proven that he is unable to cope with.

It has been reported that Mohammed Sarwar the MP for Glasgow Govan has ensured that his son will inherit his parliamentary seat. This from the party which abhors hereditary peerages! By the by are we surprised that this particular MP should not take full advantage of the weakness of his leader?

What did he promise the others? How much public money has been squandered solely to keep this turd in power. Sorry folks but he really is beyond contempt. This is a nemesis in our political journey. These people are incapable of democratic process. Everything is dependent on Gordon staying where he is for another two years because if he doesn't then we, the electorate, may get an opportunity to vote for someone else other than NoLab or Tory (or Ha LibDem) and thus the 'establishment' loses control!

But then what does it really matter? Europe rules at the end of the day and until we get a vote on what really matters then nothing is important. Do we care because tonight Turkey beat Switzerland in the European football championships and Ashley had to ask Mel to feed the baby in Emmerdale.

Sorry guys but democracy has once again taken a back seat so the next time that we see these pillocks coming on the box and even daring to mention the word 'democracy' (which of course they will) then make a mental note that they don't mean it!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Democracy and the European Union

Our beloved politicians whenever they want to justify themelves love to trumpet their allegiance to democracy. The problem is that as each year goes by we get further and further from what we British traditionally regard as democracy.

For example our present Prime Minister has never faced an election for the job. The vast majority of NoLab supporters actually voted for Tony Blair. He,at the time, forgot to mention that he had made a pact with Gordon so that when Cherie had amassed sufficient money he would disappear mid term and leave us all to the mercies of a man most had never throught of as PM.

The same goes for the European Union. We have never had a vote on it and won't get one now unless we collectively recover our senses and vote for people who will give us a vote on whether we want to be ruled by unelected foreigners or not. That won't happen because the main stream media have got us all fooled that we must either vote Labour or Conservative and if we want a little by-election protest they allow us to vote LibDem. The fact that there is barely the width of a cigarette paper between their policies matters not a jot as long as the electorate join in the charade.

Last week a veteran Tory MP, Peter Lilley, suggested that the MP's link their pay with the transferral of our powers to Europe. In other words every time we gave away more of our freedom they receive a little less money in their pay packets. It won't happen of course but when you think that the Germans reckon that 80% of their legislation comes from Europe then you realise the seriousness of the situation.

Just to mark your card, the closure of our Post Offices is a European directive, the Data Protection Act comes out of Brussels as do the Home Improvement Packs and the fortnightly bin collections. You know, things that disrupt our normal everyday lifestyles but nothing which will enhance our quality of life.

In 1939 everyone saw that the Nazis were threatening our existence and the country rose up collectively and repelled them. This European Union is a much worse threat to us and yet nobody seems to care. Who are they? Where have they come from? What do they stand for? Nobody can tell you and the politicians don't want you to know because you won't like it. By the time you twig however, it will be much too late for you to do anything.

Every now and then however, little things leak out that they don't want you to know about. The excesses of the Euro MPs are becoming almost legendary. Corruption is reported as being rife. The finances of this monolithic political corporation has never been satisfactorily audited. Nobody can verify their accounts! Can you imagine that happening anywhere else? I think that this one fact makes the European Union ungovernable and therefore unelectable. How can anyone vote for an organisation which cannot explain what they do with the money that they collect from us?

Why do our politicians put up with it? With the exception of a few gallant columnists the main stream media also accepts this as a fait accompli. Sorry folks we are all European now and there ain't anything you can do about it. Just pay your taxes or we will arrest you under some Act which ostensibly deals with terrorism but which we just pushed through parliament while you read the sports pages or worried about Ashley's baby in Emmerdale.

In my humble opinion we have got to change our electoral system. We must ignore the three main parties, although if what I hear is correct the NoLab people are skint and will not be able to fight an election (Yeah believe that if you want because the political elite will prop up NoLab to the last penny because they need they to perpetuate the charade!).

I beseech the British people to think of the European Union as they thought of Adolf Hitler but so much worse. This is a creeping trifid which will engulf us all unless it is dismantled. At the next election vote for any independent candidate or the Greens, the BNP, UKIP or whoever has the courage to stand because they are the last people to stick their heads above the parapet and challenge the political establishment.

If we do not challenge the political elite then as a country we will lose everything that we cherish. Our politicians are dismantling democracy as fast as they can and we must wake up and smell the coffee or even the stench of European corruption!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Education - Stonebow Primary School Loughborough

This evening I attended a soiree at my grandaughter's primary school in Loughborough. Now I am a sworn enemy of the education system in this country because I have seen it disappear downhill year on year so that nobody can possibly trust what is happening. Far too many children are being failed by the system leaving them unable to read or write but much worse they have no skills to take them into adult life.

The kids of today have no platform for advancement. They have little general knowledge and seem to have no idea of how to plan, organise, administer and achieve. Look at the amazingly successful TV programme 'The Apprentice'. These so called apprentices, many of them in their mid thirties for God's Sake, are frankly pretty useless and Alan Sugar has made a fortune from exposing their frailties. My generation would have viewed them as not much better than imbeciles. One of them has made the final after openly admitting that he lied on his CV. What does he have to do to be excluded?

But back to this evening... my granddaughter is seven... in new money that means she is in year two. She was the only pupil from year two to be allowed to participate in front of a packed house and she was brilliant! This little girl actually sang to her own guitar accompaniment and was the only one during the whole evening to do so. I am so proud of her.

The closing event I must admit almost had me in tears. The Stonebow choir conducted by a quite remarkable teacher Mrs Fines (spelling?)sang a Disney melody. The joy of performing for these kids was amazing. They were really enjoying their show and it was etched on so many faces. It takes a real talent to bring this out in children and it should be rewarded. In the midst was a young Asian girl.

Now I, like so many of my age group, totally resent the mass immigration which, in our minds, has ruined our country. We have so many examples of the adverse effect of mass immigration but I have to say that the joy, the competence, the expression of sheer commitment to her group from this one girl, made a massive impression on me.

Where does it all go wrong? Where does this evening of sheer endeavour and enjoyment supported by parents, staff and children disappear? How could anyone ruin the harmony that appeared at Stonebow Primary School this evening?

What made me emotional is that all those really happy kids have yet to enter the world created by Gordon Brown and our other politicians. They have yet,in their so innocent lives, been exposed to all the temptations which will come along but I tell you what; music has an amazing power of healing.

I know that 'Mrs Fines' has aleady been rewarded by a promotion to an under achieving school in the neighbourhood. She will do so well because she has presence. When she said 'shush' then they all 'shushed'. She should be promoted to a national job and her skills downloaded to all the prospective teachers of the future. I must ask this question. Why is this gem teaching in a backwater like Loughborough?

I'm sorry 'Mrs Fines' but you are too important to restrict your talents to Thorpe Acre but please don't finish there. Export the Stonebow Soiree nationally and you will create what most of us want for our children. We English are not stupid, we want for our children what we once had for ourselves. At the grass roots we still have the talent (amazingly) but our politicians are not rewarding or recognising it and you are what we want! Thank you for what you did for my grandaughter, Emma Aikman and Good Luck in the future.

PS If you can pass this on please do so.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


At 08.30 this morning my wife set off to take her car in for a service. The journey across Loughborough is about 2 miles but it was of course at peak travel time. Even so this journey only involves five turns, three roundabouts and crucially five sets of traffic lights.

At 9.05 my daughter rang because my wife had still not arrived at the garage (she was bringing her home). I report this because it illustrates just what is happening in Loughborough today. It is rapidly becoming gridlocked because nobody has thought how to cope with the vast amount of traffic which heads towards the university every weekday morning.

Throw in critical roadworks which always seem to be occurring and most people face an horrendous start to their day. When one considers the huge salaries being paid to those who plan the traffic flow it beggars belief that someone cannot think up a way to relieve the problems. For example the approach road to the university has three sets of traffic lights all within two hundred yards of the main entrance. Each set is used continually by hundreds of students who constantly disrupt the traffic flow.
If a 'spider' bridge was constructed over the road then the traffic would flow between the two major islands without obstruction. It could also designed attractively and become a feature of the university.

The problem in Loughborough is that nobody seems to want to help the situation. One gets the impression that these overpaid officials are only out to show everyone who is in charge. Everywhere we have examples of outrageous and obstructive planning and yet nobody ever seems to even try and ease the situation.

Long after major cities like Derby did away with speed bumps they were introduced into Loughborough. These bumps only cause damage to vehicles. They do not reduce the speed of the traffic because I have seen many a driver just bounce over them. They are a nuisance and that is why they are there so that Council officials can demonstrate who is in charge. What on earth do mini roundabouts bring to the table? Once again they just disrupt the traffic flow because the old voluntary 'give way' system was simple, effective and it worked. That is why it had to be changed. We now have mini roundabouts all over the place even when a simple right turn is the only decision drivers have to make.

Instead of imposing barriers to freedom of movement the planners should allow motorists to start making their own decisions again. I tell you what the traffic would start to flow but it will never happen because one cannot let the general public have any decision making power. That would never do! After all what is the point of having power if you don't abuse it!