Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Oh dear back to Afghanistan as we lose five more of our lads to the corrupt and untrustworthy allies of Gordon Brown. Our soldiers are so exposed to these decadent Afghans that we will lose more and more. How many must die before Gordon Brown realises that they are on a hiding to nothing? The Afghans are so far away from our culture that we seriously cannot impose our thinking on them.

I had a life career with the forces but we are today, through the NoLab government, asking too much of them. This is an unwinnable war and as usual with NoLab and the forces there is no end game. Our guys have no chance of success. In five years time we could be counting more than a thousand of our soldiers dying, never mind the maimed and mentally disturbed.

In order to escape the misery of the NoLab economic crisis our young are risking their lives by joining the army. Then they have to sacrifice themselves in a useless war.

We will NEVER win this war! Nobody has ever won in Afghanistan where life is so cheap. We must find another way. I want to support all the lads who have been killed or wounded and even more their families and when I say that they died needlessly it is cruel. It is unthinkable that this government has sent all these soldiers to their deaths purely on a political objective but unfortunately that will eventually prove to be the truth.

The crap that this government issues claiming that our presence in Afghanistan is saving lives on our streets is so cheap it is pathetic! If we had effective border controls then not one soldier would lose his/her life! Our Home Office quite deliberately allowed Muslim extremists to penetrate our borders. It is a callous plan but when our forces arrive back home they should challenge their mission.

The more NoLab politicians that we can in the future line up for appearances at The Hague charged with war crimes the more I will die in peace.

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