Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Amid the rhetoric come the lies...

So 'Crash' Gordon decides to deliver a podcast on immigration and predictably uses figures that are instantly refuted by the Office of National Statistics. If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable. This man is such a national liability that nothing he says can be trusted.

I really cannot understand how he can appear in public after what he has done to the country and to the economy. He really has no shame because almost every prononcement that he makes comes crashing down around his ears! He is either the most unlucky man in the country or his judgement is so staggeringly inept, that he hs almost a danger to himself. His exploits are legend in the blogosphere.

I don't know what I will do if the electorate return him again. I cannot even understand why the good people of Kirkcaldy would want to bring him back.

Official: Orange juice cartons are offensive weapons!

Last Thursday I commented on the trial of Sgt Delroy Smellie who was facing a charge of assault on a woman holding an orange juice carton during the G20 protests. The assault was filmed and left little to the imagination.

The person assaulted was obviously so convinced that he would be freed that she refused to attend the trial. Even so there is little doubt that the imposing Sgt Smellie had little to fear from someone of such slight stature and that he should have faced punishment for his cowardly attack.

Predictably and shamefully he has been cleared. This of course leaves the way clear for any police officer to assault any member of the publc and then claim provocation because if Smellie can get away with this then nobody is safe. I am minded to comment that the Smellie affair stinks but I wouldn't stoop so low!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Our children and their school...who protects them?

There is a video doing the rounds on the blogs that makes the heart stop. It features a headteacher in one of the London Boroughs leading a 'choir' of children rapping the virtues of Diane Abbott the NoLab politician who as they continue to mantra, was the first black female MP.

Now I would believe most things about NoLab politicians because frankly they have an agenda that most of us would hardly credit but ... to use children to enhance your political career is obscene. Diane Abbott was the first black female MP but what has she achieved ever since (apart from growing fat off the land).

It is obvious that in the modern political world children are fair game. If this video is kosha and of course it has to be, then the NoLab lackeys are going to any lengths to brainwash the kids. We have often thought on this blog that we are heading towards an East German/North Korean society and this almost proves it. Arm yourselves people because while our finest have been redeployed to Afghanistan for years to come (we all know that this is a war which cannot be won).

I warn you that the Political Class and I include NoLab, Con or LibDem because they have an agenda to enslave you all and you will not even know it has happened. The agenda is European which makes our next election almost meaningless. It matters not a jot who you vote for because, unless you vote for a minority party, you know like the BNP, the Alliance Democracy, the Green Party, the English Democrats or even UKIP you will vote for the EU and five more years of £45 million a day.

Can you imagine what £45 million pound per day would bring to the Britsh people? That £45 million per day could bring us care for the elderly, decent education for the kids, roads improved or frankly anything that we wanted. Our pensions could be improved immeasureably. Without Europe we British would be so wealthy that we would be in the position that we deserve. Without our politicians we would be in clover and yet we still put up with the crap that our mainstream media and the BBC feed us.

The European Union has NEVER passed an AUDIT! That makes it an illegal organisation! WAKE UP PEOPLE YOU MUST REVOLT! Ask the questions that matter. I know that I am a boring old fart but when my grandchildren get old enough to appreciate their plight then they at least they will know that this boring old fart loved them enough to challenge the authorities.

The £45 million pounds per day that we contribute to the EU is the most important
issue in modern day politics.In my opinion this is the crux of our problem and guess what? It is the one issue that our mainstream politicians will never discuss!

Protecting you from the truth....

Heather Brooke that excellent Freedom of Information Campaigner who singlehandedly exposed the MPs expenses scandal and in the process got rid of the previous Speaker, Michael Martin, has written a book, some of which was printed in the Mail on Sunday.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, a tool which she wields to ruthless effect, she has uncovered the massive scandal of how much money is being paid out to spin doctors and PR consultants to protect you from the truth. Heather has uncovered an immense racket by government and local councils to disguise fact with their own versions of the truth.

I suppose one of the latest government efforts to disguise the truth came with the television advert 'The Police Pledge' which was so utterly misleading that it had to be withdrawn. Even in this day and age where the gullible public will swallow almost anything 'The Police Pledge' was a step too far!

Heather Brooke has revealed that the budget for government and council spin has, even in this age of so called austerity, been rocketing which I suppose is the most severe criticism of our Political Class. Take for example the glossy new booklets which have suddenly sprung up in so many areas in recent months. I suspect that most households just treat them like junk mail but they always portray the local council as that sweet, cuddly, maiden aunt catering for all your needs.

The truth is of course generally the reverse. Look at the pot holes in the roads, the cut backs in library and museum services, the closing of homes for the elderly, the fuss over our refuse collection and most of all the lack of police on the streets. Conversely view the bloated salaries of the Chief Officers! Look at the adds in newspapers for Outreach Workers or Climate Change Coordinators. Then contrast what the modern councllor takes out of the public purse for expenses in comparison to their predecessors.

The glossy brochures obscure the truth with their pictures of smiling bobbies meeting the community, the elderly being tenderly cared for and Chief Constables pictured with smiling children. Even the mainstream media report that Home Office Statistics contain 'statistical lacunae', which means that they are not worth the paper that they are printed on!

This is yet another example of NoLab trickery which the Tories are failing to focus upon. Any area where we could really save money should be under scrutiny but it appears that it is being ignored as long as it is politically expedient to do so. On Newsnight last night I watched three politicians, including NoLab's Ed Miliband, squabble like schoolchildren for something like ten minutes without producing one single coherent suggestion to our problems. Pathetic!

In the meantime Heather Brooke continues with her FOI requests and continues to expose the lies and deceipt. Good luck to her.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Gordon Brown - what can one say?

Have you seen the remarkable photo opportunities where Gorgon Brown is entering a building surrounded by young attractive trolly dollies! Why for 'heaven's sake? Why do these young people accept a gig like that? What is more unbelievable than Gorgon being surrounded by young beauties?

To be honest their street cred should be ruined... can you imagine? 'I just took part in a NoLab street scene and I was paid a fortune to follow that ugly PM into a building.' "You did what? How could you?"

"But they paid me."

"Have you seen him? What you did was comparable to incest with your Grandad."

"Sorry! Please don't tell my friends or my agent because it could ruin my career."

I cannot believe that the NoLab spin doctors would think that Gordon and beauty are compatible. I will continue to monitor the spin because frankly it is disgraceful. I think that Gorgon will always be the worst but watch 'Call me Dave' surround himself with kids. What Clegg can surround himself with is dubious because it is impossible to wrap himself around Vince Cable...isn't it?

Rhetoric, rhetoric and more rhetoric!

I see that we Loughborough people are probably going to see more politicians than most as we have been deemed a key marginal; one of the seats that the Tories have to win. I do hope that this means that we will have a meaningful choice of candidate.

They began today waffle, waffle, waffle! Gawd how many more weeks of empty meaningless promises? When will one of them tell the electorate what they actually intend to do? When will they address the problems of the money that we shovel into the EU day after day? When will someone sort out the immigration mess and heave the Eastern European squatters who are slaughtering the swans out of the country? When will we actually see the police on the streets instead of flooding our screens with lies?

The lack of any meaningful policy is underlined because while we are in the EU we are not in control of our future. Gorgon Brown signed it away and David Cameron and Nick Clegg agreed that he should. I still cannot believe that they have sold their own country down the river and now want us to vote for them!

The pity is that so many people cannot see further than the end of their noses. Blog after blog is advocating a different approach to this election and yet the public have been force fed for so many years that we only have three viable parties. It is rubbish because yes, there are three main parties in Westmonster but we have seen them all in action. They have been corrupted and the system needs tearing down and rebuilding.

The current batch of MPs cannot rid themselves of the stench of corruption and the public know it. Yet they still think that they are duty bound to vote for them and unfortunately they don't have the interest, intelligence or knowledge to think about it. Most people don't know what a manifesto is heaven forbid that they should study one and then compare it against what has been delivered.

Unless we can get the public animated and interested then our country will continue to slide down the world league table and eventually adopt the Euro with our tail between our legs. Even I could not wreck the economy in the way that Brown/Darling have done and even I have got more ideas on how to repair the damage than Cameron.

Perhaps I had better get out the ear plugs for the next 6 weeks or so because if I don't I might go insane

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Unions

Do these clowns not realise that we are in a recession? We have millions of family men and youngsters and older people and graduates and immigrants who are just desperate for jobs! I have an answer to the Unions. We will sack your members and readvertise their jobs. If you strike then your striking members will be sacked. Get rid of them!

I tell you what, if just one employer did just that the Union bully boys would be out of a job. Heh! I am not anti union I was brought up by my father, a socialist TSSA secretary, but his union and the unions of the times did at least think of their members.

We must fight them! We must dissuade the militant Unionists like Bob Crow because they have another agenda, they have an agenda to bring down the country. It is a depressingly familiar tale where the left side of NoLab is concerned. Gorgon Brown and Alistair Darling and Hattie and Prescott and Ed Balls have all been either sponsored by Unions which means that they owe them so they cannot deny them the opportunity to blackmail the country. It is sick!

Modern Policing

The current trial of Sgt Delroy Smellie sums up what a lot of us believe is the true state of the modern police force. In case you forgot he was filmed, all six foot four inches of him, bashing up a small female. Not only did he swipe her backhanded on the face with his gloved hand he then returned to thrash her legs with his baton.

It was probably one of the most cowardly attacks witnessed on film during the protests at that time. Well OK the one where Ian Tomlinson was thrown to the floor to subsequently die of a heart attack does bear comparison but since when did any one small female threaten someone of Delroy's size.

He is currently desperately spinning which is really only adding to his plight. She was threatening him (Ha!)! On the film she is clearly holding a mobile phone in one hand and a carton of orange juice. Some threat! He is claiming that she was one of a group advancing on them but the camera only shows one albeit, foulmouthed female, with her carton of orange juice! Some threat Delroy!

Years ago in the 1970's the troops in Northern Ireland did have to respond to threats from women. Some of those women from the estates of West Belfast really were scary but soldiers drew on their experience and humour whenever they could to diffuse situations. I well remember a Sergeant from a Highland Regiment (when we had them) responding to jibes from the women by performing a highland fling in the centre of the street. In the end they responded by rhythmically clapping him and the threat dissipated.

I do not know who trained Delroy to become a thug or why he thought that he could beat up people without any reason but he has been caught and should pay a high price. However, this is modern Britain with a modern Justice system led by Jacky Boy Straw so I reckon that an orange juice carton will be redesignated an offensive weapon. No wonder his victim has opted not to attend the proceedings. I will be amazed if Sgt Delroy Smellie is convicted because this is modern Britain and the Political Class will find a way to exhonerate his actions.

However, we know the truth and none of us believe that an orange juice carton is an offensive weapon. Roll on Election Day...which of course has yet to be announced! Will we yet get a matter of national emergency which could cancel the election? I don't trust any of these chancers. Have you noticed the sudden upsurge of Union activity? It is not a coincidence!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Budget Day - is this the last that we see of Darling?

Well it was there for all to see. The same old smugness, the same old self congratulatory message and the same old Punch and Judy politics. Nothing new, no innovation, nothing to set the pulses racing and very definitely no change.

Let's face it never in the history of a country has a government wrecked the economy like this government has. Every respectable and responsible household in the country knows that the family unit depends of sensible budgeting. What on earth Gordon Brown
has been doing with the economy of our country? I do not know but it concerns me because he is not a stupid man.

He has known all along what he was doing. He has deliberately set out to throw public money at any unworthy cause which he knew would never help the actual public. We the taxpayers have to sit and watch our money being flushed down any toilet which will accept it. In the meantime our taxes continue to rise. We are under a sustained attack by people who actually do not understand simple economics.

To fund their ridiculous political posturing they have sold the country down the river. To further tax the smokers, the drinkers and the motorists is typical because many of these people have long sinced stopped smoking, drinking and driving. None of the politicians will face the unpalatable truth that our contributions to the EU are way, way, beyond what we can afford.

Our problems are all hinged on our membership of the EU but none of the major parties will address this problem because they have all been bought and paid for! Until we get independent, innovative parliamentarians we will never get the services that we require. I tell you what, as I enter the realms of old age I am beginning to fear what is ahead of me. I reckon that I am not alone which is a total indictment on our politicians of all colours!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Triumph of the Political Class

The title is that of a book written by the esteemed Daily Mail political correspondent Peter Oborne. He has consistently upheld the highest standards of political journalism. He backs off nobody and it surprises me that he is still employed by the mainstream media.

In his new book he describes how the NoLab thugs destroyed the parliamentary watchdog, Elizabeth Filkin, when she would not back down in her investigations into NoLab sleaze. She knew that they were an incredibly corrupt group but it would appear that it was her investigation of Dr John Reid which finally brought the curtain down.

She does not however claim that her problems began and ended with NoLab and is it not strange that after her exit the bonanza began? Despite what the Tories and the LibDems try to tell the voters everyone was in on the scam. Once Elizabeth Filkin was despatched into the undergrowth they all filled their boots.

Peter Oborne also exposes the case of 'Yates of the Yard' and how his investigation into the cash for peerages scandal was destroyed. These accusations are of course nothing strange. The corruption of parliament seems to have begun with the entrance of Tony Blair into number ten Downing Street. Look at his cohorts!

Peter Mandelsson twice ejected from a Cabinet position for sleaze, Gorgon Brown, oops sorry he is part of the Unite scandal (and the Jack Jones scandal and the Kirkcaldy loss of the facts scandal) so unfortunately he is not part of the Blair group. Stephen Byers... already sacked for dodgy dealings and Patsy Hewitt who has probably failed at everything she has tackled apart from making money. Just remember that when the hospitals took a nosedive into hell it was Patsy Hewitt who was in charge.

Geoff Hoon of course will be well remembered for his stint of Minister of Defence when we went to war without any equipment (well I say 'any' but we did have some equipment because the lads bought it themselves!). We were lacking vital aspects of safety because Gorgon did not allow his puppet to release vital helicopters, vital armoured jeeps of vital body armour!

Unfortunately this was many years ago but it is still valid today and that does not include the appalling state of service accommodation for the wives and families who have to support our troops in the most squalid conditions.

John Reid? Now I believe that he has a lot to answer for ('in and out without a bullet being fired') but of course he is now older and has probably made his money so will probably remain untouched.

It goes on and on... Tony Blair assembled the most corrupt cabal of political villains ever assembled in this country until of course UNITE and Charlie Whelan (and Gorgon Brown) got involved. It continues unabated and will do so until we all ignore the Westmonster Three and support all those people trying to break their stranglehold.

When WILL one of them be jailed?

One would think that with an election reportedly only weeks away that those not standing would want to safeguard what is left of their integrity and those standing would want to keep their heads down. Unfortunately the Westmonster 'troughers' cannot help themselves.

It would appear that they are either terminally corrupt or completely and utterly stupid! After the expenses scandals comes the lobbying racket followed quickly by an enormous scam of accepting free holidays for representing foreign countries by asking questions on their behalf in parliament. I do wonder when some of these loons find time to represent their consituencies. I am extremely disappointed that Norman Baker MP has been caught up in this. My faith has now reached rock bottom!

No wonder the electorate are all looking around wondering what the hell to do with our democratic vote because from where we are standing all the political parties are as corrupt as each other. I still believe that this follows on from the corruption in the EU but we can save that for another day.

It will never end until someone is jailed. Surely to goodness there is someone amongst this vast collection of rascals who will stand up and demand an end to this gluttony. Obviously Gorgon Brown is far too implicated to offer hope and unfortunately I cannot imagine either of the other two party leaders seriously confronting the guilty. I only hope that the electorate will abandon their traditional voting habits and this time vote for real change!

Monday, 22 March 2010

The same thieves still thieve...

I expect that nobody can believe that the same old thieves were caught dead to rights by a media sting. It would appear that the media will only concoct a sting if they are pretty certain that the suspects will bite!

It is no surprise therefore that the people who Tony Blair brought into his Cabinet have been found to be not only be the most greedy but also the most gullible. They are also probably the most inept politicians that were promoted to Cabinet Minister...ever!

Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have only recently conducted a failed campaign to oust Gordon Brown. It was such an inept campaign that it is no surprise that these were two of those targetted. Margaret Moran of course is also so corrupt that she almost fell into the arms of those offering her riches. Even Julie Kirkbride whose nose has been so deep into the public trough suspected a plot and withdrew from the sting! Bloody hell if Julie could see it then why can't the others?

It really is time that the law got involved. I hear tonight that Gordon has withdrawn the party whip but that is not enough... these people have been proven to be so corrupt that they have to be prosecuted. What is wrong with us? What is wrong with our government? Our Parliament is so corrupt that people like this can put two fingers up at the people and smile happily in front of the cameras.

Today Patricia Hewitt came out smiling and confident in front of the cameras so it is about time that someone, somewhere. destroyed this confidence. She appears totally corrupt, I suspect that she always has been and yet she remains confident that Gordon and Westmonster will protect her. It is about time that somebody made her wet her knickers!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Social Services

There is so much wrong with government services at the moment that it is sometimes difficult to pick a target. I was therefore very surprised to see a senior executive of Birmingham City Council honestly criticise the training of Social Service workers.

It has been clear for many years that the people staffing the Social Services could not cope. Something has to be wrong for so many horrific cases to be uncovered where kids have been betrayed by depraved parents. I am convinced that with a little common sense, a tad more experience and recruitment policies which would reflect those qualities we could have saved some of these kids when we should have been saving all of these kids.

Not surprisingly the attention has focussed on the training conducted by universities and I know nothing about that but how can academics train professionals involved in such a dirty business. Nothing can prepare young impressionable students for what they will find on the council estates in modern Britain.

If you are a decent, hard working person from a good family background you will be unable to envisage what the under class are capable of because alongside their inhuman activities they have developed a native cunning. They lie with alacrity and we need to employ people who can see past this front and demand answers. Our Social Workers must be hard faced, front line troops. We have enough unemployed older women (and men) who could fulfil this role but I suspect that our Social Service recruiters only want pliable, do gooders, who don't cause trouble.

Time for a Social Service revolution or are we happy that children are being abused up and down the country... I think I know the priorities of this evil and discredited government.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


The blogosphere is seething about our politicians. Everyone is blogging about the lack of democracy, the injustice, the police state and yet nobody seems to have the clout to organise a demonstratiion which will really hurt this government.

I have long thought that pensioners are the key to this problem. We have lived through the horrors of the society that successive governments have created. We have sat still and done nothing to protect the futures of our grandchildren. Most of us now have time on our hands...we can only offer our 'time' because we have little else to contribute apart from, of course our integrity and our memory.

We remember what education used to be like, we remember our wonderful NHS, we remember how the mentally ill were treated, we remember how children were protected, how they were advised and directed. We remember when our soldiers were not thrust into the front line on behalf of the world. Why must our lads be sacrificed for a cause none of us quite understand? We have no truck with the EU! How can anonymous unelected figures preside over our sovereignty? It is ridiculous!

Do not for one moment believe that it is purely the fault of NoLab because the Tories are equally to blame and the LibDems are no better. Pensioners have an axe to grind, we have the time to cause trouble, no Stasi police force can beat us up, we are geriatrics with no responsibility! Oh what fun we could have!

Can you imagine the scenario whereby thousands of pensioners descended on London once every month? Can you imagine the party, the police incomprehension to a situation that they could not control? Who would win? Who would change the country? Who would be willing to front up the baton wielding bullies that every other demonstration has encountered? I really believe that our pensioners would march but we need an organiser. Hello! Is anyone listening? If you fancy it then tell me!

The NoLab Whispering Campaign

There is a video doing the rounds of the absolutely charmless 'wee' Duggie Alexander introducing a whispering campaign whereby NoLab supporters tell other members of the public why they should support Gordon Brown and vote NoLab. It was featured on the 'Dizzy' blog and one comment by a guy calling himself 'Mr Ned' so encapsulated my feelings that I have shameleesly cut and pasted it so here goes...

Mr Ned · 1 hour ago
If anyone comes to me and tells me that they are a labour voter and try to convince me to vote labour too, I will beat the shit out of them.

Anyone that supports the child abusing, pensioner freezing, economy destroying, criminal protecting, tax inventing, police state creating, stazi like baby-killing war criminals and treasonous Anti-British extremist traitors, also known as the modern labour party, deserves to have their heads kicked in.

This is my "word of mouth message" to any labour supporters who happen to wander by. If you have the intellect to read these words, then answer these questions:

So go on labour supporters, I dare you, tell us why you support blatant lying to create a war in which thousands of children were shredded alive by shrapnel, or burnt alive with white phosphorus? Why you support a party that not only lied to get us into war, but a party that CUT the military budget in real terms during that war leading directly to increased death of our abused troops? A party that supported raining chemical weapons down on civilian targets, KNOWING that there would be massive civilian casualties and whose policies have killed hundreds of times MORE civilians than Al Qaeda?

Tell us why you support secret family courts that allow social services to steal children on demand to satisfy the whim of paedophile rings run by the elites, or who get the authorities to turn a blind eye to abuse on a massive scale, as in the Holly Greig case and many many others. and thus are ignoring the plight of hundreds of thousands of children who are abused or tortured to death like Baby P?

Tell us why you support handing our hard fought freedoms over to the un-elected, anti-democratic EU, Why you support the destruction of a thousand years of freedom and our laws and our right to self determination by breaking up our nation and giving the pieces over to the unelected plutocrats in the EU to run? Why you support Van Rompuy having MORE power over our affairs than any elected MP other than the Prime Minister?

Why do you hate democracy so much? You cannot support democracy and support the party that has done more to piss on and destroy our democracy than any other political party in the last 200 years.

Why you supported labour doubling the income tax on the poorest workers.

Why you support abolishing the minimum wage for immigrants (an EU ruling) leading to blatantly discriminatory employment in which employers can employ foreigners on a fraction of what they would have to pay a British worker, leading to half a million British men being made redundant in the last 12 months. (figures courtesy of the BBC News last night)

Why you supported labour treating children like adults and giving them rights that they are not mature enough to cope with, whilst treating adults like children and interfering in ever more aspects of our private lives?

Why do you support the intrusive and paranoid state control of more and more things? Why do you want to give the state ever more power over us, and take more and more of our hard won freedoms away? Why do you support the state spying on more and more and more of our legal and lawful and private activities?

Why you support dumbing down our education system so that even 16 year olds with A grades at GCSE cannot even perform basic mathematical calculations in their heads or spell properly?

Why you support a party that has stolen the biggest parts of millions of pensions and turned what was the biggest pension pot in the EU into a deficit?

Why you support a party that has run up more debt than EVERY SINGLE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT IN HISTORY COMBINED!

You can explain that to me until I knock you unconscious and then shit in your face, just like YOUR party has shit on this country for the last 13 years!

Come on labour supporters, I dare you!

A little over the top in parts but a little anger is no bad thing!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How to get rid of our rubbish!

I am always amazed when I visit any Spanish speaking countries that their attitude to rubbish is so simple. It doesn't matter if we visit Spain or the Canaries their rubbish collection is so elementary. Let me enlighten you! When you have rubbish then you bag it up and when you leave the house/flat/penthouse then you get yourself down to the local depository and dump it!

These depositories are aligned along the main streets and are so easy to locate that they cannot be missed. It is the responsibility of the individual to bag and throw their own rubbish! The bins are regularly emptied overnight so it is never a problem.

OK then why can we never adopt this system in this country? The reason is of course that we do not have people with the vision or the enterprise to adopt the system. It would of course not bring in the revenue that the hideous, complex, government driven English system demands.

It can only be time before the Spanish system is adopted unless we get another dose of Gorgon Brown! AAAgh!

Sunday, 14 March 2010 evil in our society.

The dictionary defines discrimination as a prejudicial treatment of a person or group of people based on sex, religion or race, which means that it is not nice and therefore positive discrimination should not be encouraged. I first remember hearing the words 'positive discrimination' in the nineties and it has been used ever since to shoehorn unqualified or unworthy people into jobs that they did not deserve.

It is now endemic in our society to such an extent that all political parties are imposing centrally selected candidates on local contituency parties so that the leaders will remain in power. There is only ever one reason for 'positive discrimination' and that is to ensure the safety of those who practise it.

Of course, as usual, NoLab have always been the worst offenders and that is the reason that Gorgon Brown was returned as party leader without an election. His sidekicks are all experts at discrimination. Take Harriet Harman and her support for all-female selection lists unless of course it affects her husband who automatically gets a safe NoLab seat without any hint of a challenge from Harriet's female list.

In the last 12 years it has affected all walks of our life as NoLab stooges have been planted anywhere and everywhere ensuring that EU directives are slavishly implanted to disrupt our society.

Then of course discrimination was introduced into the State Police Service through the Black Police Officer's Association, into religion through the Muslim Council Of Great Britain and into everything else by the invidious Race Equality Commission. Discrimination is everywhere in our modern society unless of course you are a white middle aged British male. You do not have representation. You do not have any society to protect you. The BNP have been throroughly denograted by their stance of white only membership even to the point where they have been legally forced to accept membership from non-whites.

Nothing is ever done however, about the discrimination which surrouonds the white indigenous population in the UK today. None of is is necessary! We have laws which should apply to everyone without fear of favour. Those forming their discriminatory groups should be brought into line. Anything which is discriminatory against anyone should be legally banned. Ouch! What would Harriet do then? Her whole life has depended upopn discrimination against someone or other. How could she live without discrimination?

The white indigenous population still pay most of the taxes that Gorgon squanders so magnificently. However if you are attacked you will not receive police protection. If you fight back you will be arrested. If you cannot afford to pay for private education your children will suffer struggling alongside immigrant kids who cannot speak English. If you are ill you queue behind thousands who have never paid a penny into the NHS. If you complain then you are a racist.

Get the picture? I won't even get into what awaits you when you become aged and infirm because after my last post you will have some understanding of your fate. It will not be pretty. You possibly have one last chance in May to stop all of this nonsense. Of course if you are happy to be discriminated against, if you are so stupid that you will still vote for Gorgon Brown, Harriet Harperson and her husband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, the Balls pair or any of the Westmonster Political class then you deserve your fate.

There should be NO safe seat for anyone in the Political Westmonster class. Surely the people in Kirkcaldy can see what Brown has done to this country? If any person has the courage to challenge the political elite then please support them. It doesn't matter who they are or what they are because we must break the strangle hold of the thieves who have stolen money from the public purse and ruined the country into the bargain. Cameron says 'Vote for Change' but what we need is a huge change and he is not capable of delivering it!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Leicester Royal Infirmary

My mother is 94 in June. She is becoming frail and since December she has had two falls which have set her back considerably. Since December she has been unable to climb stairs which meant that she had to accept a place in a local residential home.

During the first week in the home she fell and broke her hip. This was when we first encountered the treatment meted out to the elderly in the LRI. My mother had been in Ward 32 for a week when she was taken to a toilet to use a commode. When she had finished she pressed her red button for assistance and nobody came. So a nurse had placed a very old lady with a broken hip on a commode and just forgot that she was there. Finally my mother was reduced to tapping out the morse code for SOS on the door until a passing orderly discovered her in some distress.

Now I ask you what kind of individual is so far up her own backside that she forgets the basic rules of care? I am afraid this woman, disguised as a nurse, is so evil she should never be let near elderly patients.

My mother was then moved to Ward 36 only a few days after her operation. My wife and I had a long standing commitment to spend a week with friends in Spain and so we left my mother in the hands of our daughter knowing that my mother would need a period of rehabilitation before she could be released back to the nursing home.

Two days after we left the Occupational Therapist for that ward decided that she could tick all the boxes on her little piece of paper and my mother was now fit enough to be released even though no care package could be arranged for six days! This congenital idiot never once asked the most important question of all. "What will happen to this frail old lady if I release her from the ward without any care package?"

Fortunately my daughter was on hand to ask that vital question and a few others like, "If she can't walk, can't get in and out of bed, can't dress herself and can't shower how the **** does she survive (The asterisks are mine as my daughter doesn't resort to bad language)!"

My daughter was so appalled by the lack of care that my mother was receiving at the hands of the ghouls on the ward that she personally became responsible for the grandmother's care. Single handedly she arranged for a wheelchair, wrapped her up on a very cold day and drove her back to Loughborough. Since then she discovered that in over two weeks, my mother never had a shower/bath, never even had her hair washed and her dental care was so negligent that ulcers were forming on her gums under her dentures.

This treatment beggars's belief! It appears to reaffirm everything that is appearing almost on a daily basis in the mainstream media. Care in the NHS has ceased and is being replaced by computers and tick boxes. Every time that we ourselves visited we saw a huddle of personnel around the admin areas all with their heads glued to a computer screen.

Now of course I know that we still have some very fine nurses but recently we seem to be breeding a new king of nurse. The bully, the vile, the forgetful, the don't give a damn, the ignorant, the lazy and the NHS managers do not seem to have the procedures or even the will to weed them out. It is obscene!

In the meantime my daughter has three times today been described to me as 'an angel' and they are damned right!! I don't think that anyone in the family will ever forget her self sacrifice and kindness. Thanks my love.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Back from Sanity...

Well the weather forecast was correct. Southern Spain has had some very unusual weather for an unsually long time but somehow it never appears as severe as here and of course it is not. Everything is relative. Today our flight was delayed by a couple of hours but when the sun is shining it doesn't appear too bad.

Contrast that with our outgoing flight... airport security is now humiliating... we all know that one error can bring a flight down but flight security could try to be pleasant. We have always been famed for our black humour and believe me one visit to airport security needs black humour. 'Get your shoes off, remove the belt...(how the hell can my trouser belt be offensive?)..the watch, your house keys, do me a favour! The bullies are in charge at airport security and let's face it while thousands of holidaying Brits have been humiliated at our snarling security checkpoints the two terrorists who really wanted to bring the plane down escaped detection!

Wow 2-0 to the terrorists!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Time for reflection....

Tomorrow we travel to Spain for a week with long standing friends. They say that it has been raining for weeks even on the Mediterranean coast but the thing I like about their life is that it is relatively free. Nobody is eavesdropping to discover it they can pin the label 'racist' on you. Their kids are actually playing freely without a worried parent only yards away.

Life is relaxed and enjoyable and we don't have the spectre of chronic financial desperation. Spain has prospered by their membership of the EU unlike the UK. They are not burdened by EU regulations like we are because they take the good bits and ignore the bad bits.

This is the reason why thousands of Brits now happily live in Spain. It will be time for my wife and I to relax with friends ina civiilised society a million miles away from the violence, the threat and lawlessness which pervades the modern UK.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Michael Foot RIP

I have no brief for Michael Foot because I remember him as quite frankly a bumbling fool! As a young man he was apparently a firebrand, who used to preach socialism en masse.

It is quite sobering to realise that in today's modern world he would have been arrested, incarcerated and most likely abused for his political views.

Michael Foot spoke when we had freedom of speech. His legacy is that Tony Blair and Gorgon Brown corrupted his beliefs. He was a man who just would not believe what Gorgon Brown and Tony Blair have done to the name of 'The Labour Party', Neither would my father!

Our Public Finances

There are rumours circulating that our public finances are actually in a far worse state than we could ever have imagined! In particular local government finance is so deeply in debt that we are facing dangerous times. Pension funds are so deeply in the red that we may never recover.

It would appear that Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and the NoLab party have been so utterly profligate that the entire country could be going down the Swannee. Everywhere we look public finance has been squandered but it has not been squandered on the public. It has been squandered on politics, on futile gestures, on soundbytes and propping up a European Union which cannot pass an audit.

As a pensioner I am beginning to fear that this government has spent my legacy, the money that I paid into the system for my old age. The figures are horrific! Someone, somewhere should have the power to get Gorgon Brown into a court to answer why he has failed the country!

In order to fulfill a political dream Gorgon Brown and the EU are deliberately ruining the public finance of this country. We are so rich that we should be able to afford luxury for our elderly. We should have a wonderful quality of life but we have not and the reason is that the British public are so complacent. We had it so good for so long that we allowed enemies of this country to take over every aspect of our lives.

There should be no such thing as a Political Class. They are just villains in disguise. The last time that we had this type of crisis in this country Oliver Cromwell kicked ass. These political villains are portraying a charade. Every Wednesday we have a charade called Prime Minister's Question Time. The parliamentarians shout and squeal at each other but it means nothing! The BBC Politics Show follows up as though these people matter... it means nothing! We will soon have a British means nothing!

All of these sideshows just cost money. Gorgon Brown and NoLab sold us down the river to the useless EU which costs us so much money that we can no longer afford care for our own people. After twelve years of the New Labour Project we are now being compared to bankrupt Greece!

What I fail to understand is why nobody is trying to arrest Gorgon Brown and why he is still being paraded by the mass media as a citizen of this country. Nobody without an agenda of trying to destroy our country could have done more damage to our finances. It is quite deliberate and yet he still appears on the mass media as someone who matters! He should be scolded, denigrated, abused, despised, abhorred and should be held in public disregard like the political equivalent of John Terry or Ashley Cole because Gorgon Brown has raped, abused and pillaged our country on a far greater scale.

The legacy of Gorgon Brown will be foul but he will not care because by that time he will have disappeared into the EU and be cushioned by their profligacy.

The rest of us will just go to the hell that he created! DO SOMETHING! BLOODY RIOT!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Chickens coming home to roost...

Ever since NoLab came to power those in public service have prospered for very little effort. They have been protected and cosseted from the realities of life and many of them have played the magical and spurious game encouraged by the NoLab politicians.

Not for them the cutthroat rivalry of the private sector: not for them the delicate decision making which could prove the difference between profit or loss; not for them the long hours, the threat of redundancy or the stress of meeting financial targets. No, most of them were hand picked by Common Purpose to imitate nodding dogs and to participate in the scandal of the politically correct, diversity ridden culture imposed by NoLab.

Huge amounts of money has been thrown at these people meaning that they could doddle through life, isolated from responsibility and reality and cushioned by taxpayer's money. Many of them are the recipipents of the 'non jobs' those nebulous titles which are beyond the reach of the many which carry huge salaries. Billions have been thrown at the New Labour Project which is now coming to an end.

Those people who have prospered in La La land are now under threat and it is not before time. Here in the East Midlands thousands of local government workers are now under threat. Perhaps they will now regret the squandering of billions on their little jaunts, their diversity weekends, their compulsory attendance in working hours to hear 'gay' people discuss their sex life who were being paid in office hours to talk about their sex lives.

Weekends at public expense at four star luxury accommodation paid for by the taxpayer have been common place ever since NoLab came to power. To pay for it Council Tax has escalated beyond reason. Local government salaries have also risen to lunatic levels and it is high time it ceased.

When I first began this blog I stated quite categorically that we as a country could not afford the money being thrown at the public sector. I had experienced it, I was appalled by it and at long last, far too late, the chickens are coming home to roost.
The public sector is huge, it is bloated it has to be culled and hopefully it will be and then thousands of formerly Common Purpose employees will have to duel for jobs at firms like Carphone Warehouse!