Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Europe and the UK

So now we know that the Lisbon Treaty is about to become European Law and we have never had a vote on it. We the British people who reputedly had the home of democracy have been frogmarched into the EU like a bunch of slaves. Every major political party has moved into line one behind the other and on the sole major issue concerning the electorate have all agreed that there is nothing they can do. What a bunch of sycophants and cowards!

I suspect that many of the Tory MPs are also anti-EU and some are very vocal about it so why do they continue as Tory Party members? Their leader has acquiesced and now any vote that we have next year will be superfluous. Today we signed away our sovereignty and our grandchildren will face the prospect of being ruled by Europe and never knowing what it was like to have a British democracy.

I just hope that the British people next May will vote anti-EU in any way that they can and at the same time remember that most of the serving MPs also stole money from the public purse.

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