Monday, 30 September 2013

Steve McClaren? Saint or Sinner?

Today my beloved Rams replaced Nigel Clough with a former first team coach who left Derby because he was headhunted by Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. Under Sir Alex and Steve McClaren Manchester United won the elusive treble. 

He then took on probably the most poisonous chalice in football..the manager of the England team.  He was dubbed the 'Wally with the Brolly' after one wet night in which England lost a crucial game.

The press turned on him so he lost the England job and departed for Holland where he won the Eredivisie with FC Twente for the first time in that club's history.

 He then had time with Wolfsburg in Germany and Nottingham Forest, which frankly was a disaster. I do not know what happened 16 miles down Brian Clough Way but he has surfaced as a first team coach with QPR.  When Harry Rednapp insists that Steve McClaren is a brilliant coach and that is endorsed by his players we must sit up and take notice.

It is impossible to compare Nigel Clough (lower league experience) with Steve McClaren (experience with top level international football) but I personally think that the Rams have taken a positive step into the future.  It is close to my heart (even at my age) because one thing that Nigel has done is develop the academy.  He has done a good job and has assembled a very good squad.

Unfortunately he is now unable to go forward because now he needs man management skills and tactical acumen that he does not possess. Someone on the Rams Board has realised this. The lack of home results indicated that Nigel was flawed. It has happened all too often in the past.  The team is talented but anxious. Time after time they outplay the opposition and then withdraw into a defensive posture which they are unable to maintain.

This team now needs a positive attitude because when they get one they will destroy teams. Steve McClaren must be rubbing his hands because Nigel has left him with one helluva squad. We now need an 'Igor Stimac'. We had one in Jason Shackell but we need a really dominant centre back.  Jake Buxton is punching above his level.

Richard Keogh is OK but he needs help.  I doubt if Sean Barker will ever get back to his former self but if he does then WOW! I await with interest the first steps of the new regime. At last we are in the news which for a club which has such a huge fan base is a step forward!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Derby County...Clough is Sacked Last!

After three consequetive defeats and not one home win in the league Derby County have, at long last, sacked Nigel Clough. Most home fans will breathe a sigh of relief because since he has been appointed Derby have lost ten thousand fans. 

I can understand the austerity program because the club was in dire financial straits when he arrived and his policy of developing academy talent and scooping up lower league protegees was obviously common sense. 

Unfortunately it ended there. Derby County, despite a sensational support base, became a run of the mill average championship club of little interest to anyone beyond the bounds of Derbyshire. That is actually untrue because Derby County are a really big club with support from all over the world.

However, since the appointment of Nigel Clough, the club has made no progress.  They have remained a run of the mill, middle of the table, average Championship club who have continually frustrated their fans.  At home they are a joke because the defence is suspect and when things go wrong Nigel did not know what to do.

I have a huge sense of relief tonight.  I await the new appointment because make no mistake this is a good job. I want someone with ambition but this squad is tailored made for people who can develop a club like Martin O'Neill or Steve McLaren.  The squad is sound they only need a leader.

Tax Breaks for Married Couples? Yeah Right!

The very moment that I heard the headline and saw Jeremy Hunt announcing the policy on the BBC I knew that it had to be a scam. These mainstream politicians have spent decades denegrating and degrading the state of marriage so that there is no way that they would be allowed to reinstate it!

Their problem is that the natural Conservative voter believes in marriage because they are the common sense generation who understand that family values are the cornerstone of society.  It is because the value of marital vows has been traduced by the political class for so long that we have such a large population of well...scumbags is a good word.

So now with a fanfare of trumpets the leaders of what was once a Conservative party announce that they intend to reintroduce tax breaks for married couples (was that not in their election manifesto?) But hang on this is David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt that we are talking about so what is the catch?

Well it will not be for ALL married couples only those who are at the lower end of the wage scale.  It will probably only be up to £200 a year and will only be introduced after 2015! It will include many of the elderly marrieds but here is the rub.  They can only apply on line.  They will have to apply together so how many over seventies are sufficiently computer savvy to sit together and work out the complexities of government forms online?

Many of my friends do not even own a computer so that cuts them out and is £200 per annum worth the bother? No this is yet another gimmick from people who have long since lost the trust of most of us.  We don't even know if it will get through parliament because the LibDems have already stated that because it is a good idea in principle they cannot possibly vote for it!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Corruption is Terrifying!

I sometimes believe that my blogging days are coming rapidly to an end.  The reason for this conclusion is that I read and research a lot on the World Wide Web.  There are people on there who are much better informed than I am but we are coming to the same conclusions probably from vastly different ends of the spectrum.

I have no alternative agenda.  I am just an ordinary pensioner who mistrusts politicians and bankers and ,of course, like everyone else I have good reason.  Unfortunately everywhere I look I see government perversion.  There are for example innumerous stories linking senior judges, politicians and police officers to juvenile sex crimes.

These are all over the internet but all we see are ageing actors/entertainers appearing in the dock. This just has to be a plot to distract the public from the real truth.  We continually see examples of failure by the Social services and professionals working in the NHS but nobody ever seems to be taken to task.

Some of what I read and the conclusions that I have arrived at were so disturbing that I personally cannot voice them because my sanity could be questioned by friends and family.  Most recently however I have discovered blogs with more courage than I so I intend to direct you towards them. 

Firstly read 'The Tap' particularly the article by John Kaminski, his comments on Harvard University were particularly illuminating because I came to that conclusion some time back.  Then pop over to  'Aangirfan' because he has lots to say about the links between child cruelty and the authorities.  A lot of this is based in the city of Coventry which some time ago I discovered was one of the cities used by Common Purpose to recruit young people. 

You will have to do a lot of reading and to clear your mind of mainstream media garbage but it may open eyes.  One thing is clear if the honest citizen does not awake and take control of his/her local councils then civilisation in the UK will follow on to what is currently happening in the States.  It is only a matter of time!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Oh Godfrey! How Could You?

UKIP are on the march!  They are attracting members from across the broad spectrum of British politics.  They are appealing to people from all walks of life who know that the mainstream parties have been corrupted by a New World Order who buy their politicians and then use them to distort the order of the world.

There is still a huge amount of common sense from the elderly in the UK.  So many of us realize that Nigel Farage has seen a gap in the market and is leading the country towards a sensible economy. We cannot continue borrowing huge sums of money and then fling it at the EU and the ridiculous Foreign Aid agenda.

In order to change this aberration voters in the UK need UKIP.  I do not know how Nigel Farage and his cohorts have escaped the clutches of a power which seems to have the power to bribe almost anyone but so far they seem Kosha!

So far so good. UKIP have had a really good annual conference which has actually put Nick Clegg and David Cameron to shame because it was well attended and enthusiastic. Then came Godfrey Bloom!

We all know that we are frustrated by the politically correct agenda of the New World Order but Godfrey fell completely into the trap. He reacted exactly how the media wanted him to react. They goaded him and he fell for it. He is therefore not suitable for future high office.

Not only did he let himself down he let the party down. Did he not realise that he gave the mainstream media their headline story? When a party is fighting to change the history of a  country did he not realise that the media had targeted him as a loose cannon?

No wonder that Nigel Farage was incandescent with rage.  He has to fight all manner of attacks and then one of his principal allies gives the mainstream media a coup! Was he on drugs? What was he playing at? Godfrey Bloom should be consigned to the political scrap heap where he belongs.  It is so sad and SO irritating.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Liberal Democrats!

I have barely watched the LibDem conference because frankly I think that they are irrelevant.  They got the reputation of being the 'sandal wearing' party until they got into government.  Since however, they squeezed themselves into government they have been cruelly exposed.

Far, far too many of them have been caught out by sleazy exposures which give me personally a really uncomfortable feeling. 
Now don't get me wrong because I am well aware that so many people who stand for election have 'dark' sides. Politicians from all parties have been uncovered as being greedy and inept but somehow the LibDems top them all.

No sooner had Nick climbed into bed with 'Dave' than David Laws was outed as being a closet gay and forced to resign.  Good old Charlie Kennedy had a problem with alcohol. Lord Rennard apparently enjoys groping ladies although that is still being 'debated'. Paddy Ashdown was caught cheating on his wife.

Then we have Chris Huhne who nearly gained the leadership of the party when he was a happily married man (well he campaigned that he was).  In previous years they covered up the sleaze of Cyril Smith which appears to have led onto Mike Hancock who is currently being investigated by Portsmouth Council about his liking for young girls.

It goes on and on and yet today Nick Clegg who is a europhile par excellence and cares not a jot for this country lied in his previous election manifesto when he campaigned for students and then reneged on his promises.  There is more so much more and yet the BBC gives them a prominence that is nonsensical.  In the meantime UKIP are having a conference which will probably not be covered.

In a recent poll it was recorded that UKIP are on target to win the European elections next year with a vote of 30%. The LibDems will not get anywhere near 9% (I am being generous). The BBC however refuses to acknowledge that UKIP has advanced onto the major political scene! After listening to the posturing of Nick Clegg today I just laugh!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Why is the Royal Mail being Privatised?

Like most people I assumed that the government selling off Royal Mail was simply another attempt to profit from their public limited company.  Royal Mail have been losing profit in recent years because the EU has allowed private companies to cream off profitable areas whereas the Royal Mail has to provide a service for the whole of the country.

Then I discovered the European Union Postal Services Directive which as usual is the real reason that the government is having to sell off the Royal Mail.  Most of us suspect that privatising the Royal Mail will lead to a reduction of the service to the public even though in recent years it is a fraction of the efficiency of yesteryear.

Bit by bit the EU is attacking everything that we hold dear.  Every expensive 'white elephant'  hoist on us emanates from the socialist group of non-elected commissars from Brussels (HS2 for example).
If you want to learn more about how they operate and force us into what they call 'modernisation' then this guy explains it better than I can.

I just wish that our politicians would come clean once in a while!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


The title is not original.  I borrowed it from Captain Ranty who despite rumours still exists!  Syriasly are the politicians really beginning to get the message?  Have the Russians really stitched up that idiot Obama?  

I watched today in parliament when Cameron once again toyed with his opponent.  Ed Miliband reminds me of Barack Obama because they are both clueless when it comes to serious issues. However they have so much in common because neither gained their prominence by ability but rather more their ability to serve masters who remain out of the public attention.

However, David Cameron also falls into that category.  He would have willingly taken us into yet another war had his minions totally cocked up their numbers.  Thankfully we are now out of the Syrian equation (I think) and even Obama and Kerry have been outflanked by the Russians.

That is really not a bad result.  The reason is that there is still absolutely no proof that the chemical weapon attack came from the Syrian government! It is just like Saddam Hussein had rockets that would reach the UK in 45 minutes! 

Now we have the problem that an army of Al Quaeda fanatics from all across the globe are operating in Syria and Cameron and Obama want us to support them!  This is nonsense and most of us know it. The public on both sides of the pond do not want engagement in Syria.  There are copious videos demonstrating the brutality of the 'Free Syrian Army' so why did Cameron and Hague want us to get involved?

The bottom line is that they are not in business to represent the public. They have their own game to play and like, in poker, with this Syrian question they have all overplayed their hand.  We all now know that they are serving the masters that have allowed them to be elected.

We must rid ourselves of this corrupt cartel.  They have betrayed the public. They are operating at  their own level and they all agree on the level.  We only have one man who is opposing this corruption and that is not healthy. Nigel Farage is just as vulnerable as any other individual but surely it is time that we brought back government to this country? 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Get Rid of Them All...with NO Pay Offs!

This BBC scandal is unedifying.  They don't respect the public purse and they should no longer have access to it.  The line up of public villains facing the House of Commons Select Committee, many of whom have previously lied to the politicians, was for the BBC, a watershed.  I tell you what. if you want to learn about Chris Patten read any political motivated book starting with the 'Alan Clarke Diaries'.

Clearly the people at the top have been outed as being cash crazy. Their pay offs for failure have been outrageous! They have tried to cover them up and the HR Director Lucy Adams clearly lied to the Select Committee on her last visit!

In my opinion the BBC should be broken up.  It has become quasi political and therefore inaccurate.  When the BBC can be accused of inaccuracy, because of a political bias, then it is no longer fit for purpose.  This organisation has lost its way and as such should no longer command public money.  I am really surprised that a Conservative government has not inquired into  this but then this Conservative government is no longer conservative and their Liberal partners are no longer liberal...Hey Ho!

Enough is enough!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Meet Judge Jeanine Pirro!

Some time ago I discovered Judge Jeanine Pirro who appears in America on Fox News and has the habit of slaughtering the policies of President Obama.  She talks fact as opposed to politics and clearly enjoys putting the record straight particularly where the misdemeanors of her President are concerned.

Subsequently she has built up quite a following on YouTube because she refuses to accept the lies she reads in the mainstream media and checks things out.  The fact that she is also intelligent and articulate does not harm her case either.

This is her latest rant at the incompetence emanating from the Obama administration and it is little wonder that the American public are not backing his jaundiced view on the situation in Syria.  I still fear that this man could start something that he won't be able to stop.  I also wonder how this man got a second term in office based upon his 'hopey' 'changey' rhetoric!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

This is Tribal Warfare!

Nobody can dismiss the situation in Syria as being anything other than a humanitarian disaster.  The number of displaced people is growing every day but the level of atrocity is unimaginable.  As usual our mainstream media is only feeding us the one line that they want you to believe.

The official line is that President Assad is using chemical weapons to slaughter his own people.  We should therefore side with the rebels and give them modern weaponry so that they can win the war. Simple innit!?

The problem is that we do not yet know who comprises this 'rebel' force.  Well we have heard the official version so maybe you would like to see the truth.  I found this clip on YouTube after part of it was shown on SKY TV.  It is extremely graphic but it does illustrate the level of depravity which the 'rebel' forces can stoop to.

Now when you have seen it perhaps you should ask yourself why does Cameron and Hague want to arm these butchers further?  How can my own MP Nicky Morgan, who I am told is a decent person,  want to support this kind of savagery?

This is clearly tribal warfare and as such it has been going on for centuries.  We cannot understand it and therefore we should keep our noses out.  I do have to search to bring a balanced picture to this conflict but thank heavens some of our MPs voted for common sense.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

So Much American Bullshit!

Bathaina Shabaan
Look we live in dangerous times!  I am now an old man but I can still read history and I can recognize how a reckless disregard for history can bring about a full blown war.  If we read the history of one particular family then you can see how history repeats itself!

Remember it was the matriarch of this particular family who said that 'there would be no wars if my sons did not want them'.  Obama and Kerry are consistently being exposed.  Tonight I watched Bathaina Shabaan on Sky TV as she defended her country passionately and persuasively.  She is one of President Assad's principle advisers but just remember Syria is not a bunch of ragheads with balloons on sticks!

Syria has a mighty war machine.  They are fighting against what appears to be an Al Qaeda attack on their country so why are we, the western world, supporting a terrorist organisation?  Somebody is playing a really duplicitous game but you know what I always say.  Money talks!

Who provided the money for the Libyan rebels to unseat Colonel Ghadaffi? Who armed the rebels in Syria? Who is trying desperately to destabilize the Middle East? Why are all of our leading politicians and our mainstream media ignoring any evidence which is contrary to a sort of plan.  Remember all of these outlets are controlled by the same people.  The print media, the TV, the radio have all combined to give you one aspect of a situation.

At the moment we are sleepwalking into a war scenario but nobody seems to believe it! Who cares money talks!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Syria an Explanation of the Chemical Weapons Attack?

Anyone who past this way before will know that I do not believe or trust most of the mainstream politicians whether they be British, American or European.  Most of them once in power ignore the wishes of the public and just seem hell bent on leading their respective countries to disaster whether it be economic or military.

I have consistently believed that it would be monstrous for President Assad of Syria to challenge the 'red line' set by Obama because he had no need to.  He can beat the so called 'rebels' with one hand tied behind his back!

So who did expose the Syrian people to chemical warfare and where did the weapons come from? I have been searching for a credible explanation and perhaps I have found one.  This seems a logical explanation because so many tragedies are 'accidents'.

If this is true does it not ruin the credibility of Obama, John Kerry, David Cameron and William Hague?  They have never had any proof about who released the devastating materials on the unsuspecting Syrian public who are of course the victims of this world power struggle.

The farce that was played out in Westmonster last week proved to me that none of them give a damn about the Syrian people.  Their brief is to ensure that Assad is toppled so that somebody can open a Central Bank in Syria and bleed the country dry!

I realise that this is a provocative and extreme opinion but someone is trying to destabilize the Middle East and so many prominent politicians are all falling into line.  Money talks!

This Speaks Volumes!

It needs no further comment from me!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Cameron and Hague!

Now I thought that the House of Commons had an often used tradition that if the principle people behind an ill advised proposal lost the vote then they should in all decency resign? While I was away enjoying the sun kissed beaches of the Isle of Harris David Cameron and William Hague lost the most important proposal to have gone through parliament since the days of 'Butcher' Blair!

Somehow the country mustered up sufficient MPs to reject intervention in Syria.  The proposal by the PM and the Foreign Secretary was clearly flawed and surely we should now inquire how they came to their conclusions?

The British people are sick of war! We have been constantly at war ever since Blair came into power and yet Cameron and Hague want more!  What is driving them on? Who is driving them on?

President Putin has challenged the UK and the USA to produce their evidence of chemical attacks on the Syrian people by the Assad regime to the UN. It will never happen! I would almost guarantee that there is NO evidence.  So why are these powerful politicians insisting, without any concrete evidence, (remember Blair's WMD farce) to take this nation into yet another war?

Parliament has rejected the motion by Cameron and Hague to take this country to war. SURELY, even in this day and age, that means resignation? Why have they not resigned? How can they remain in place when their catastrophic platform, not endorsed by the British public, has been rejected?

The public must now ask what is driving our leading politicians into a position that they cannot defend? They have paraded for months in the mainstream media proclaiming a lie as a certainty when as far as I can see there is no evidence and yet they recall Parliament to vote on an unsubstantiated issue.  They are becoming increasingly more desperate to unseat Assad but they know that the Syrian President has some serious weaponry and will probably bite back.

I am becoming increasingly impressed by the stance of Andrew Bridgen MP who is a true Conservative.  He opposes almost everything that Cameron supports. He seems to intuitively know that David Cameron has lost the plot and is following orders from someone other than the British public.

The British have rejected the lies so the French have stepped up to the plate.  That is how it should be in this invidious attempt to unseat yet another Middle Eastern leader. This is not our problem and we should cease allowing the British Army to be used as a mercenary force for any passing banker to call upon.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Holidays - The Western Isles (Part 2)

Horgabost Isle of Harris
Well I arrived back from my 'wild' camping holiday on the Western Isles in the early hours of this morning.  It was probably at least a day early but I had my reasons.  You see when you load up your car with all the means to go camping it does help if you don't lose your car keys!

When I discovered the loss I was pitched at a wild camping site at a place called Horgabost on the western coast of the Isle of Harris.  In reality it is about as remote from civilisation as any place in the UK! In the distance there were the odd cottage probably owned by Hebrides hermits but the nearest small store was at least 10 miles away.

It is beautiful as you can see when the sun shines but this is the Outer Hebrides and my first night under canvas was spent listening to the wind tearing at the tent and the rain battering away trying to get at me.  Fortunately I took a tip from the professionals and placed rocks on my guide ropes.  Nae bother Jimmy!

At this point I must pay tribute to the AA! If you are camping or disappearing into the Ullu then full cover should be mandatory.  Fortunately when the keys disappeared (and I refuse to tell anyone how they disappeared) my car was unlocked so I could still load everything back into the car before I was recovered by Callum who arrived all the way from Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis.

Callum took me to the Laxdale camp site in Stornaway where I was introduced to Kenny a local locksmith (Scotlock) who assured me that he could replicate my car key and he could. It took him over 24 hours because he also works for the Council and the Police who require him for emergencies. I did not realise the technology that goes into our car keys in this modern age but Kenny knew and by yesterday I was queued up at Stornaway Harbour fourth in line for an emergency berth to Ullapool!  

I left Ullapool yesterday at 5.30pm and via, Inverness, Fort William and Crianrannich I arrived on the M74 at 11pm.  I slept for 2 hours at the Bothwell Service Station and then arrived home at 6am this morning.  It was the drive of my life!  I challenge anyone to replicate it and I am  71 years of age.

It sounds like a disaster but it was a wonderful challenge.  It is all to easy to think 'old' and this has given me a new lease of life. I was way out of my comfort zone (in more ways than one) but I am so glad that I took on the challenge.  The camping fraternity are brilliant. I do not understand how the huge gap between them and 'Westmonster' can exist? 

It was Kenny who told me that Cameron had lost the vote on Syria as he deciphered the complexities of my car key and he watched in wonder as I did a strange wee dance around my tent! More of that later...!

PS  What did we do before the mobile phone and a public thanks to my wife and daughter for their back up.  They thought I was crazy and now they know that they were correct!!!