Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Global Warming Scam

At long last the scientific world is waking up to the global warming scam and is replying with actual scientific reasoning and data which contradicts all the nonsense being pushed at us by the MSM (mainstream media).

This blog has been in the doldrums for a while because frankly I was despondent. I appeared to be repeating myself endlessly and yet Gordon the Moron and his dodgy crew continue to pillage the country unopposed. Our wealth is being flushed down the toilet as he continually concentrates on any policy which will destroy the country he supposedly leads.

A couple of days ago I was steered to a blog entitled 'Sort of Political' whose author appears to be Canadian. On 22 December he tackled the Global Warming scam big time. I wish I knew how to post a link but just Google 'sortofpolitical' and learn the truth behind all this nonsense. It has a four part 'Youtube' feature on Professor Bob Carter an Australian scientist who 'torpedoes' the Global Warming scam with alacrity. I warn you it will cost you some time because the research is extensive but if you wade through the evidence then you will laugh at the Global Warming scam forevermore.

So then why are all the major western powers climbing on the bandwagon and what was Copenhagen all about? As usual it appears to be about finance and the bankers. They are planning a major financial killing built around the sale of carbon credits. This is the bit that my limited intelligence and knowledge cannot grasp but there are plenty who will grasp it and so Al Gore and his merry band of climate conspirators have been rumbled.

The people who torpedoed the Copenhagen bun fight should earn our undying gratitude because they may have saved the taxpayer huge sums of money. I get the feeling that an awful lot of time and effort has been invested in this attempt to mislead the public and so it will not be easily destroyed. The effort has been made by the very people who control world finance and world media.

I sometimes get the feeling that corruption is endemic in the banking industry, the media and the political class. Wherever we look these days we see sleeze where people in power are inevitably trying to feather nests with public money. It is really quite disturbing mainly because honest men appear to have disappeared in this country. I hope that I am wrong but sometimes I get the impression that the blogosphere is the last refuge of the honest man.


Anonymous said...


I would be very scared if I lived in England. Google Lord Monckton .

I'll say no more.


bryboy said...

England is a total mess Lyle! We have a houseful of dishonest politicians and a mainstream media (including the BBC) which is as corrupt as hell. Every vestige of our lives has been corrupted by this New Labour Marxist government.It will take years to undo their duplicity and I doubt that any of our mainstream parties have the political will to do what is necessary. I am still reading up on Lord Monckton... thanks for the steer and give me time!

bryboy said...

I knew of Lord Monckton, Lyle but did not realise what a stand he had made. It is typical of our mainstream media who rail against any individual who opposes the views of the political class. I think that we have won the climate control battle now but what is next? The marxist left will find something else to distract us from their failed policies. Yemen perhaps?