Monday, 31 May 2010

Israel - Don't mess with us!

This lone nation state created out of the mess of World War Two has now survived for nigh on sixty years purely by its ability to defend itself. It is surrounded on all sides by people who would wipe their population of the face of the earth at the first opportunity.

They have given ground time after time in the hope of living in peace. They live under constant bombardment from missiles launched upon their civilian population by Palestinian guerilla groups. Make no mistake the Israelis could, in next to no time, wipe them out but they would then face world condemnation from countries who need Arab oil.

I know nothing about Middle East politics but I do know right from wrong. I can see a country trying to defend its people from inevitable extermination and a country maintaining a vendetta out of spite. The message is however, mess with us and you had better mean it because we will defend ourselves with everything that we have.

I have no brief in the hatred which pervades both sides but I know one thing...if the Palestinians would accept the inevitable then a lot of lives would be saved. In the meantime don't mess with the Israelies because they have too much to lose!

Friday, 28 May 2010

The CPS ... useless!

Can anyone ever remember a more pointless exercise than the recent case of the two 10year olds being found guilty of the rape of an 8 year old? Why on earth did this case ever come to court? They are all children for heaven's sake! Children do silly things and they do not understand responsibilty. These two kids have now been found guilty of an adult offence which is nonsensical!

Is it not typical of the politically correct CPS that they brought this case into court? They are brilliant at cases which waste public money because most of them have been recruited by NoLab to do just that! They are really ripe for a cull from the Cameron/Clegg mafia. In fact they must be really up there with the BBC for the really sharp thrust from the Cameron/Clegg courtship.

Hang on to your hats you people who were recruited by Common Purpose because I just believe that your world is about to come crumbling down! I am still worrying that the Cameron/Clegg courtship will not push on through but something tells me that they mean business. I suspect that these two public schoolboys are about to rip apart the NoLab agenda and realign our politics.

For thirteen really miserable years we have been subjected to rule by the state. We bowed our heads to the EU and to people like Alistair Campbell who unelected was given a position which terrified most of us. Time to dismantle this communist state rule and I really think that the coalition mean it!

Mind you I still want people like Gorgon Brown, Tony Bliar, Darling, Straw, Harman, the Milibands, Campbell et al brought before a court of law and held accountable for their actions. They have been responsible for the rape of a nation. They have imposed upon a really tolerant nation a set of rules which have ruined us. Most of the English population have stood back and watched the usurption of our country. We never expected that we would lose our country to a Labour party.

I suspect that in the annals of our history we will praise the Cameron/Clegg coalition as the saviours of our country. I Pray and Hope that that they will destroy everything remotely connected with the NoLab Project which has all but destroyed us and in that I hope that this will signal the end of so called socialism in this country!

The Leadership of the NoLab party is an irrevelance. We are sick of all of them. They are gone, dead, an abomination! Time to move forward snd undo all their nonsense. Time to take back our country. The newcomers who have sneaked in under the radar and I know some of them should really exploit their position. We will welcome those people who will contribute to the economy but ... you really must embrace our culture as well. If we beat socialism then our next major problem will be the Muslim Culture. That is for another time.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Labour Politicians...Shameless!

I cannot believe how the mainstream media continue to embrace NoLab politicians now that they know the extent of their profligacy. Day after day they are invited onto the BBC chat shows and treated with professional decency! My God they have tried to ruin us all! They have been part of a plan to wreck our whole society! They have even tried to sexualise our kids long before they they are ready!

They have encouraged young girls to produce kids so that they can financially gain from their irresponsibility. They have corrupted our society to such an extent that it may take years to reverse their idealogical disruption.

They have also encouraged a 'WIMP' society where anyone can claim anything and be supported. We are today all victims of stress and need to be 'assessed'. We have immigrants living off the hog of the land even though they have never paid a penny in taxes. They sponge off us left right and centre but I really hope that their days are numbered.

And still the Yvette Coopers, the Ed Balls, the Millibands, Andy Burnham, unbelievably Alistair Darling and so on regularly appear on TV declaring their opinions! (Expletive deleted out of respect for my daughter!)but... in the name of heaven (is that OK?) these people have collectively engaged in the absolute destruction of everything that we hold dear. They should be arrested and charged with dereliction of duty!

These people have a lot to answer for and should be held to account.

UPDATE: Alistair Campbell the arch architect of the NoLab disaster is tonight being given free reign to expound the ridiculous policies of the NoLab government. He was probably responsible for the Iraq war which has recently been rejected by both Ed Balls and Ed Milliband and still, STILL... this villain is allowed to appear on Newsnight! This illustrates the bias of the BBC. The Coalition should really get stuck into them!

The Revolution Continues!

There seems to be little doubt now that this Coaliltion have really big ideas to change our society which has been ravished by thirteen years of socialist manipulation. The lower class estates which traditionally should have been the first areas to be assisted by a Labour government have been left to rot. In some cases generations have been allowed to sponge off the state and the single mother scandal has blighted our society.

Now, listening to Iain Duncan-Smith this morning, plans are being layed to reform the benefits system and get people back to work. On the surface they are going to be pretty ruthless which is what we need. There have always been bright young people on these estates even if their parents were poor but in recent years there has been little effort to encourage them to fulfill their potential.

I think that we have probably lost a generation of poor kids who may live to curse the Blair/Brown years but if the coalition can bring back discipline into the classroom and then follow up by bringing back the joy of real achievement the kids may begin to view the world through different eyes. Then follow up with only the genuinely academic kids taking the higher education route and the rest being properly trained.

They would then possibly realise that there is another route through life other than through the eyes of drugs and booze. The past thirteen years have been appalling for our society. The marxists have really done huge damage and not only to our economy...they have destroyed the British way of life. They have almost reduced us to our knees.

They politicised the Police, the Civil Service, the Classrooms and the NHS. They interfered in all walks of our life and in doing so spent vast sums of taxpayers money. Already even in my local area NoLab projects are being cancelled one after the other. I am beginning to feel liberated. I do hope that nothing destroys this feel good factor because hell we have needed it for far too long!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Cable Resigns.,.. who Next?

So Vince Cable has resigned from the government and the right wing Tories are realigning themselves probably to oppose David Cameron. This must be wonderful news to the NoLab Miliband brothers! We have a country reeling from the utterly preposterous policies of a thirteen year old socialist government who have without shame wrecked our economy.

Now I repeat again and again we are in deep doodoo! Gorgon and Alistair Darling have intentionally sold their country down the river. We now have a coalition government trying to repair what is almost an impossible task! They have bloody done us in...we are close to being Greece thanks to our 'prudent' PM and his puppet Chancellor.

So is now the time for Vince Cable to bail out? Why has he done it? This appears to me to be petty politics which is unworthy of him. To pull the country out of the mire
bequeathed to us by the NoLab Party we need unity and commitment. For politicians to back off for purely political or personal reasons is a failure of reasoning.

Sorry Vince but you have let us all down. Get out and don't reappear because you are clearly a loser in a game of such importance! We MUST repair our country and we cannot allow any other consideration to deter us from the massive task ahead of the coalition. Above all the people who have committed the economic destruction of our country should never be forgiven.

Please never ever forget that the NoLab Cabinet collectively tried to bring the country down. They are all responsible for our problems. If Vince Cable wants to resign they so be it...his best chance of influence lay with Nick Clegg and now he has blown it. We must focus on our major problem and if any individual cannot see that then they should resign. The people therefore accept your resignation Vince waltz on into the sunset.

UPDATE: As Ray points out in the comments section I got this wrong! I misread the report so I have to apologise to Vince Cable but I'm quite pleased to be wrong because I think he has a lot to offer. However the rest of the sentiment remains because we must keep on course to repair the economic damage. Tks for putting me straight Ray.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Our huge Debt! (again)

I have been off line for 48 hours following a change to my internet provider. Not everything went smoothly but thanks to my son in law I am now back in contact with the world. 'Mister Seanee' you are a star!

I cannot believe how quickly everything changes in just a couple of days and as I leap around my favourite bloggers I begin to feel that I have been absent for days. The reason for this is of course that events are moving so swiftly as the new coalition attempts to reverse 13 years of NoLab misrule.

One of the papers recently literally printed our mountain of debt and then demonstrated just how miniscule the initial coalition cuts would mean. Six billion pounds worth of cuts barely makes a dent in what we actually owe. The profligacy of the Nolab government under Gordon Brown is beyond belief! None of the politicians who served in Brown's Cabinet can escape the blame for this economic disaster.

They have collectively spent money which the nation did not have! They knew it but continued to spend without conscience and without shame. They have left this country in the worst mess ever and the person most to blame is that monster Gorgon Brown. His reputation for 'prudence' and financial acumen should now be a black joke in the annals of our political history. I still suggest that he should be arrested and questioned as to his motives for intentionally destroying the economy of a modern Europan nation because he did this with relish.

Then we have Alistair Darling who as Chancellor has preened himself constantly at the despatch box fully knowing that he was committing financial suicide and yet he still parades his jaundiced views as if he has any credibility left.

This abject NoLab leadership are now fighting like ferrets in a sack for the leadership of an utterly discredited party. I just hope that the coalition are given sufficient time to reverse the culture of this country and get us back on track. If we don't grant them this opportunity then we may regret it bitterly. If we allow them a chance then NoLab may already be as dead as East Germany and the Soviet Union. It may never matter which Milliband wins the NoLab leadership.

Friday, 21 May 2010

The Coalition

I have to admit that I believe that the coalition is in trouble from the right wing of the Conservative Party. This was of course bound to happen and I believe that David Cameron has already factored that into his programme. He has challenged them openly very early on into his tenure and won but...he has now created a powerful opposition from within.

I don't know what to think because I am by nature a right winger and yet I am intrigued by the messages emanating from the coalition. Somebody somewhere has been listening to the public. No I don't mean Ed Balls who must be deaf in both ears but I do hope that the right wing guys will give this coalition a chance. Gordon Brown once said that he cancelled an election so that we could see his vision of the future and then demonstrated that he had no vision of the future apart from the bankruptcy of the country.

I am watching with interest what the coalition is advocating. They seem to have their finger on the pulse. Let's give them a chance but we are all watching with interest and in some cases intent!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Football and the World Cup!

I think that it is about time to lighten up this blog! We have a World Cup coming our way and so I want to begin a World Cup diary which anyone can contribute to. Come on guys (and girls) let's have some fun and swop a few ideas.

To start with I believe that England has an outside chance of winning. I know that the mainstream media always talk up our chances but we must be realistic. There are many fine teams but this time we have a leader, we have a professional guy who knows how to form a squad and create the atmosphere required to win a major tournament.

Fabio Capello knows that he has a chance of immortality. If he wins the World Cup for England then he will be regarded as a saint because it has alluded us ever since 1966. Could we eventually see Sir Fabio or even Lord Capello! I know...let's get real so let's get real.

Gareth Barry is unlikely to play a part which in my opinion is a shame. He is the cornerstone of our team and is irreplaceable apart from Ledley King who has chronic knee problems. Everyone knows how good Ledley is and now just perhaps he will be allowed to prove it. If Gareth cannot play then just perhaps Ledley will fulfill the role.

This is the crucial position defending in front of the back four. Tomorrow let me talk about the strikers because that is also crucial. In the days to come I really want to discuss every participant and then predict the winner!!!

Nick Clegg

Today Nick Clegg made a ground breaking public speech promising to sweep away much of the legislation brought in by NoLab to almost enslave the public. It is the biggest shake up of political life which we have ever had in my lifetime. At the moment it is hard to take it all in because we have been so hard pressed to breath let alone think in a free manner. Now he promises that in many ways we could be the architects of our own existence.

Of course the two faced Shadow Home Secretary Alan Johnson, one of the architects of the NoLab marxist rule, immediately described it as a 'Liberal party obsession'. In the same breath he suggested that we were not in a surveillance state which is laughable considering the lengths that some councils were going to to spy on their citizens.

At long last the views of the entirely predictable Johnson and his mates are irrelevant. I could also say that about the Labour leadership contest. Frankly who cares who wins? The tyrannical Ed Balls is still spinning as he entered the Miliband contest. His suggestion that 'they should start to listen to the public' is a bit rich coming from a guy who wouldn't recognise the truth if it forced his teeth down his throat. In my opinion he epitomises the term 'evil'. I hope that he wins because he is just what they need to fail for decades to come.

In the meantime I can dream that my grandaughters never live through a decade like the last one and one day they will be able to play outside like I did as a child.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Human Rights!

The Human Rights legislation which Tony Blair imposed on us and is the brainchild of the European Union has just been exposed as absolute nonsense. A known terrorist operative is being released back into the community because Human Rights legislation dictates that we cannot deport him because we have no known assurances from Pakistan that he will not be tortured.

What on earth... we have ladies having jars of marmite confiscated at airports under the counter terrorist regulations and our judges are releasing known perpetrators of terrorist acts. We have a new government which has promised a new freedom and apparently Theresa May, our new Home Secretary, has described this judgement as 'disappointing'. Dis..a.. bloody..ppointing!! We elected you to change this nonsense Theresa so get a grip!

I keep telling you that socialism, whether it be soft, modern or rabid is not the answer to our problems. David Cameron once promised to rescind the Human Rights Act but then NoLab once promised a referendum on the European Union. We need a right wing grouping to challenge the modern socialism which has engulfed us. Sorry folks we have a new coalition socialist government but fundamentally nothing will change.

Sleazy Labours Peers!

It is incredible just how many of the peers who 'inherited' their peerages under New Labour have turned out to be mired in sleaze. One after the other has been outed as being incredibly unprinicipled. Maybe there was more to the cash for peerages scam than the police could uncover but whatever far too many have been subsequently caught out.

We all know about Mandelsson and the former speaker Michael Martin and rumour has it that John Prescott of all people is about to accept a peerage after railing against the House of Lords for decades. Oh well finally the last of his principlpes is swept aside. Then we have the Kinnocks who if gossip is true made a packet out of their joint roles in the European Union.

Then there was Lord Taylor who was caught selling his principles alongside another Labour peer Lord Truscott. Also mired in that business were Lords Snape and Moonie and that is before we get to the women! Baroness Uddin was caught up in the second homes scandal and Baroness Scotland employing illegal immigrants and not following her own rules!

On and on it goes until the latest sleazebag Lord Triesmann is caught having an affair with a person decades younger than him and trying to impress her with lies. What utterly amazes me is that knowing his name was going to be splashed all over the Mail on Sunday the very next day he takes his wife to the Cup Final and sits next to Prince William in full view of the world! No wonder Lady Triesmann had a face like a smacked bum! There sure is no fool like an old fool but it is a pity that so many of them have been allowed to prosper from the public purse.

This Labour crowd are so dreadfully unprincipled that it never ceases to amazes me that they ever poll a vote. But then they did introduce the postal vote which the Electoral Commission never challenges. Even that is not surprising since the Electoral Commission is stuffed full of NoLab stooges and is led by a queen quangocrat.

We get what we deserve. I am sure that my old Dad is spinning in his grave!

The Purple Rally

On Saturday 15th May more than a thousand people assembled outside Downing Street to hand in a 54000 strong petition from the 'Takeback Parliament' protest group who are demanding Proportional Representation. I have only just discovered that this protest took place.

These people have adopted the colour purple to represent their cause and purple banners were tied to the Downing Street railings in protest aginst the current unfair first past the post voting system. The significance of this protest was missed by most of the public because the mainstream media starved them of the oxygen of publicity. They must be quite concerned because this was a legitimate and good humoured meeting which appears to be a credit to those who are stirring a minor rebellion.

What impressed me the most was that so many of the gathering were articulate young people determined not to be ignored. Uniting behind the colour purple which is linked back to the suffragettes is a simple and effective banner. I have long said that if the youngsters of this country could find a flag to rally around then there could be a problem for the Political Class. After all it is the young people who have been denied an effective education and it is they who are going to be saddled with the huge debt caused by the incompetence of Gordon Brown and the cowardice of his Cabinet.

I will watch the progress of this movement with great interest,

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Economy yet again!

I still cannot believe that the new coalition are still playing politics with our economy. The LibCon coalition insist that they will sort out the problem but the media continually report that they are not even scratching the surface. Cuts to public services of £6 billion is a fleabite when we owe trillions.

None of them will own up to the fact that until we get out of the European Union and start using our contribution money for the benefit of the Taxpayer we will never become solvent as a nation. They will not admit that the bribes (Foreign Aid) that we hand out to wealthy nations like China and India must also cease. Our influence on the world stage is now minimal. No matter how our politicians posture NoLab has reduced our world influence to a joke.

It is only by addressing the really BIG money excesses that we will ever bring our economy under control. Neither can we continue to play a leading part in the Afghan war. This war is either a problem for the whole of the European Union or it is not worth the sacrifice of British soldiers alone. If we are part of the EU then we play an equal part. I want to see soldiers from all the EU states stand up besides our lads and take the hits.

It is my contention that we would soon discover how important the Afghan War is to the EU once the British Army was pulled out of the front line. These are really important matters because I believe that while we align ourselves with the EU the EU is unwilling to align with the UK. They really want our money but then they do not support us!

It is time that the politicians address the real issues. Punishing the public for the sins of Gordon Brown is not sufficient. We must radically address our entire fiscal responsibilities. Good old Gorgon has actually overegged his ambitions. He apparently with the help of his cabinet and some public servants have overcommitted to such an extent that we can no longer play a leading role in world politics. As far as I am concerned so be it. It is time that we pull up the drawbridge and let the world get on with their silly game.

According to the national balance sheets bequeathed to us courtesy of Gorgon we have very little alternative.

The Economy

I have been blogging about the state of the economy since the early months of 2008 when I began to question the competence of Gordon Brown as a financial manager and thereafter I also questioned his integrity. I have posted 34 times continually warning about his profligacy with public money. I have quoted many other blogs and financial authorities all warning that Gordon Brown was pursuing the policies of Robert Mugabe and would ruin the country.

A little over a year ago our debt was estimated at £1.5 trillion and yet today people are talking about £4 trillion. This is now far beyond the bounds of incompetence it is outright criminal. It is government without a vestige of responsibility which surely has to be questioned in a court of law? We cannot allow these politicians just to walk away from the mess which they have clearly initiated.

Every day there are further reports that Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling spent money and then hid it 'off balance'. In other words the new coalition government are finding skeletons in cupboards which have been deliberately concealed from the public balance sheets. This has apparently been done with the connivance of public servants. If this is true then I would expect a stream of cases paraded before the judiciary which should merit long jail sentences. After all can there be any more sinister crimes than intentionally ruining a national economy?

There has to be a way of forcing Gordon Brown into the dock and making him face what he has done to us all and then more importantly asking him why he did it? The second question is just as important as the first because in my opinion the skeletons in the cupboard are not all financial!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The choice is Socialism or er...more Socialism!

I was euphoric when Gordon Brown was finally prised out of Downing Street even though, now that I have had the chance to reflect, I do not know if I am too confident of the future. I am still mindful that all the political leaders support the Socialist European Union who still cannot submit their accounts to an audit.

Everytime I see David Cameron it is like watching the early days of Tony Blair. Listening to him on the Politics Show this morning he sounded like a socialist. He spoke about his New Conservative Party and a shiver went down my spine. In the very early days of this blog I coined the term 'NoLab' for the New Labour Party because none of their policies connected vaguely to the traditional socialist values.

I hope that I will not have to use the term 'NoCon' to describe the Cameron Conservative party because at the moment there seems to be nothing vaguely Tebbitt about the direction in which he is travelling. He has almost welcomed Clegg into the coalition to ditch any remaining items of right wing policy. He did not twig that the lack of policies deemed by him to be right wing probably cost him his overall majority.

So the choice we had in this election has turned about to be rabid socialism, modern socialism or soft socialism. Any other mind set should not apply. I am beginning to smell a plot but let's face it if they tackle our problems and we begin to see some headway from the mess that rabid socialism left us in then I would have to accept that the coalition is working.

Having said that, now that the dust is settling, I can see nothing but problems ahead for the Cameron/Clegg coalition because many of the grass roots activists are appauled about this liaison. The two leaders might get on but their parties don't so they have much work to do to make it work.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

HM Revenue and Customs

A few days ago I received a letter from HM Revenue and Customs asking me to complete a tax return on line. Yesterday I received another letter this time from Leicester requesting me to do the same. So in accordance with their wishes and in the hope that I might get a rebate I went on line to complete a self assessment. Imagine to my surprise that I could not complete the assessment because I had to register.

As I attempted to register I was informed that I needed an activation pin number which they would issue but it might take up to a week before it arrived! I could not believe it because on the two letters that I received I discovered that I had a name, a date of birth, a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR), a National Insurance Number, an Employer's Reference Number, a Pension Reference Number, PAYE Reference,a User ID, a password, a Tax Office Reference and now I need an Activation PIN!! The mind absolutely boggles!

My final question is why does it take up to a week to issue?

UPDATE: Today I received another letter this time from Government Gateway enclosing my User ID which I already knew! This is where the government wastes so much money. Still no Activation Pin though.

A Good Start

Isn't it refreshing to see two people committed to creating a new style of politics and then immediately announcing policies which the public actually want. It is really innovative to cut the pay of ministers because it signals that the leadership wants to lead the way and recognise that we must all tighten our belts.

Then Teresa May (Home Secretary) appears on the lunchtime news and announces that police will soon be back on the streets! I must admit that I have never known why police officers couldn't record their evidence/notes which could then be processed professionally by competent word processors back at the office. In this way any police officer with literacy weaknesses would not be burdened with written reports.

Looking down the list of Cabinet Ministers all I can see are competent politicians many of whom have business experience. Comparing them to the NoLab crowd of professional politicians with nothing other than dogma and prejudice to guide them I have a renewed hope for the future of our country.

I sincerely hope that we have seen the end of Mandelsson, Brown, Balls, Campbell et al. If I ever begin to forget the past nightmare decade I will at least have this blog as a record. Perhaps in years to come my ancestors will not believe what we have been through as a nation. I liken it to what the country may have thought at the end of the Second World War. A huge relief!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The long last!

Phew...for one terrible moment I feared the worst but at last it would appear that they are sorting out a deal and NoLab are no more. Hopefully we will now begin a new era in politics and the nightmares of the Blair/Brown regimes will sink into oblivion.

The recovery now begins and I suspect that we all know that NoLab and Brown in particular has left us in an horrific mess. In the next few years we must continue to remember who caused the debacle and why. I hope that David Cameron hits the ground running and starts dismantling the NoLab party machine which has been installed in every nook and cranny of the public services.

More than anything we must get the British society back on track again. We must tighten up the moral codes, get discpline back into schools and start making the workshy earn their benefits. Society needs to be repaired so that our large estates are given some hope for the future.

Perhaps the Labour Party will also stop their utterly unprincipled behaviour and now concentrate on helping the people who still provide their core support. They would be well advised not to let Ed Balls anywhere near their leadership race.

However back to David Cameron because he has a great chance to emerge as an inspirational leader heaven help us because we need one! Today is a landmark in our history. This is the day to begin to put the Great back into Britain!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Vote Clegg get Brown...?

On 19 April I posted an item entitled 'Vote Clegg get Brown' and although it hasn't yet been announced it would appear that my prediction is about to be realised. Although Gorgon has announced that he is stepping down he will once again occupy Number 10 even though he has never been elected to the position of PM. This occupancy could fulfill his ambition to achieve the ruination of the country.

It is also the end of democracy in this country because if a party can win over 300 seats and fail to form a government what is the point of it all? Nick Clegg has spoken about honesty in politics and then succumbs to what must be the grubbiest little stitch up in the history of parliament.

The LibDem voters who were seduced by Clegg's rhetoric must now know that they have been duped. Here is a professional politician who has little in the way of ethics and has entered into a deal with unelected politicians like Mandelsson and Alistair Campbell.

I will await further proceedings before I go further but if what I suspect is happening actually transpires then there has to be consequences.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

At last a sensible decision!

As my much more famous brother would exclaim, 'I don't believe it'! After thirteen years of nonsensical political decisions today I hear that Alistair Darling has told the EU that we will not meet any cost towards propping up the Euro! I should think not too but after years of throwing money at this corrupt organisation I am amazed that we have at last refused. Perhaps this is the first sign that Gorgon is no longer in charge.

Many of the blogs are predicting that Gorgon will go very shortly leaving a battle to take his place. If these Labour twerps elect Ed Balls to succeed his boss then they deserve everything that they get. They really need someone fresh, someone who will not remind the electorate of this painful era where the Labour party lost its moral compass. Most of the leading players under both Blair and Brown have shown dreadful weakness and a collective lack of ideas and imagination which has led to the country spiralling down almost every league table measuring education, welfare and health.

I just hope that the Cameron/Clegg talks will produce some cohesion but I do believe that Cameron should already be ensconced in Number Ten. He won the election and even though he didn't get a working majority he had sufficient to allow him to begin to unravel the web of intrigue set up by NoLab.

I look forward to the disbanding of the quangocrats, the firing of the NoLab Special Advisors and a return to an impartial Civil Service. I also look forward to police back on the beat and a justice system which punishes the guilty, protects the innocent and supports the victim. I just hope that we are not disappointed but it has been so bad for so long surely something sensible will occur....SOON!

UPDATE: It appears that my optimism was misplaced and we have been told that we must contribute to the Greek rescue! I really should have known better. Hopefully this will be the last act of treachery and that the new Chancellor will tell the EU that it is their Euro and therefore their rescue package!

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Well what's done is done but I'm not sure that the deals behind closed doors is very democratic. It is typical of the Political Class to ignore the electorate but I am (so far) pleased that Nick Clegg has turned his back on Gorgon. I still find it unbelievable that he is hanging on until the last possible moment to vacate Downing Street. Surely somone has told him that he lost the election with probably Labour's lowest share of the vote in modern times.

This despite the postal vote travesty and the rejigging of boundaries to suit the NoLab cause. They pulled every stroke in the book and despite the support of benefit seekers, the immigrants, the quangocrats and the 'I can't be bothered to think about it brigade' were still sunk pretty adequately.

I personally think that David Cameron should just get on with it. I cannot see how two vastly different parties can really find common ground unless they are prepared to sell their supporters down the river. Still at least it would appear that Gorgon is now out of the picture hopefully for good. His tenure in Downing Street, in my opinion, marks the lowest point in British political history.

I believe that we may never recover socially even though we are such a rich nation that we should recover financially. There has been so much wastage under NoLab that it should not be too difficult to trim budgets without really affecting front line services although we still do not know just how big a mess Gorgon made of the economy.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Exit polls!

Today I voted with my wife and my 93 year old mother. The local polling station was buzzing. People were descending on our polling station by their dozens. On the threshold of our particular voting school there stood one and only one old lady who did not approach any of us.

How can the pollsters then claim that there is an exit poll? There was no exit poll at our polling station. We are apparently a key marginal but not one candidate has decided to visit my family. We are not worthy but we will remember who can be bothereed and who can't.

I suspect that all tbree of us voted differently so how can the exit polls reflect our votes. The action will soon begin. Fingers crossed!!!

My hopes for this evening....

My overriding hope tonight is that some of the troughers who have disgraced Parliament will be humiliated. I also want to see most of the NoLab cabinet unseated because they have done so much to ruin the country prinicipally by not having the guts to front up to Gorgon Brown as he was ruining the country.

I would also like to see a small 'ginger group' of anti EU MPs elected to keep the main parties on their toes. Most of all though I hope that David Cameron is 'straight'. I hope that the aspirations that he has voiced for the country during the election campaign will be maintained and implemented. I hope that he will disband the EU funded quangos and dismantle the NoLab target based directions for our public services.

We must return to solid principles in areas like education, policing and health. The influence of Common Purpose must be curbed. Sanity must return to public services. Make no mistake some of these people are well entrenched and Cameron has a huge job but if he means his election promises then we could see a return to the type of England that many of today's youngsters have never envisaged. You never know some of them may get out to play on their own!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I am still swithering because I so desperately want an end to this NoLab cabal who have done so much to endanger our country. My vote boils down to the direct I trust David Cameron? I have to say Michael Gove really impressed me this morning on TV because at long last they addressed the question of the quangos. Why has Cameron not addressed this question before because this is the wastage which can be cut from the economy and it is huge?

When I first began this blog I stated categorically that we could not sustain the expense of the Common Purpose recruited public servants who were creaming off huge amounts of our economy but were unnecessary. Many of them were of course funded by the money laundering operation whereby British taxes go to Europe and then are turned round to fund Socialist supporting quangos.

This huge waste of taxpayers money must be stopped! Is David Cameron the man to do it? Can he turn the country around? Is he trustworthy? Can I really vote Tory when they have previously let us all down?

Perhaps they are the only party who can repel Gordon and his socialist nonsense but I really do not want a return to the 1990ties Toryism which did so much damage. I am terrified that if I give my vote to the Conservative party I will rue the next five years.

I have decided that the most important aspect of this next election is to get rid of Gordon Brown! He and his hated cabinet must go and whether I like it or not I have to trust David Cameron even though my instinct is to vote BNP. Perhaps the Tories don't want me and perhaps the BNP need me... I will not know until I enter that booth!!

I am watching Newsnight and so many feel the same way! We all want an end to the EU but we need to get rid of Brown and that is the priority. Frankly another 5 years of Brown would be a catastrophe and most of is know it. I honestly believe that even though the NoLab government have engineered the constituency borders, increased
the postal vote and lied about almost everything..the electorate recognise that they do not represent us the people.

Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

How do the Pollsters Operate?

I have never understood how the pollsters actually operate. We have seen interview after interview on the News programmes where so many people still admit that they don't know even at this late stage how they will vote on Thursday. Thursday is only two days away and yet the pollsters have been declaring their wisdom for weeks now.

So very many people are still deciding to take a punt but the 'Others' column in most polls remains at a miserable 10%. We have a huge population disillusioned by mainstream politics and yet only 10% confess that they will vote for a fringe party.

It is possibly just wishful thinking but just supposing that the great British public are to put it bluntly a lot more pissed off than the Political Class realise. Just think if thousands are still deciding not to vote for the Cameron/Clegg/Brown Europhile bandwagon but are keeping their powder dry until they actually vote.

What if the pollsters are wrong? What if there is a huge public backlash to their arrogance? As this election build up continues in its boring meandering way we are treated like idiots. The namecalling, the Punch and Judy tit for tat backbiting continues as it always has done. The only difference is that Nick Clegg has joined in but he is now acting just like the other two.

Have you noticed how UKIP, The English Democrats, The Democratic Alliance, the BNP and any other anti EU party have been ignored just as if they don't exist. But inconveniently for the Westmonster Three they do exist and they provide an alternative to the mainstream politics which frankly have ruined this country.

I have a dream! I dream that we kick the big three into touch and get a parliament that we deserve. It will probably remain a dream but we can all hope. We need change but it will never be provided by the Westmonster parties because they have too much to lose.

Postal Voting increases corruption!

Not so long ago I blogged that the increase in postal voting would tempt those engaged in vote rigging to widen their horizons. Now comes news that In Tower Hamlets in particular there has been a huge last minute increase in Bangladeshi postal voters! How the hell these people have been allowed a vote in a British election escapes me but it is no coincidence that they are almost all from Bangladesh and they all vote Labour!

Reporters attempting to follow up leads have discovered that only a fraction of those registered live in the properties that they are registered to and one reporter was even beaten up for his troubles. What on earth the Electoral Commission is doing allowing this state of affairs? It is clear that the election in Tower Hamlets should be suspended until the register of postal voters is scrutinised. If evidence of corruption is uncovered then all concerned should face legal proceedings and that includes party agents.

I strongly suspect that the NoLab inspired increase in postal voting was introduced for only one reason and that was to give tham an edge. Wherever there has been a last minute increase in these postal votes then the register must be inspected. The NoLab leadership are becoming increasingly desperate to find a way back into power and I personally don't put anything past them. I suspect that this may become a huge issue before all the results have been counted.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Three days to go...who do I vote for?

I never ever thought that I would have this problem. I am very clear that I want us out of Europe which is my most sincere thought but hold on it is probably more important to get rid of Gordon Brown. Ideally I would like a party which would give me the choice but the ones that do have little chance of making a serious dent in the stranglehold that the Westmonster parties seem to have on the electorate.

The electorate in this country have been conditioned that only the three main parties matter. This conditioning comes by way of the mainstream media owned by billionaires who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. If smaller or more radical parties emerge then they are savaged by the media or more importantly starved of publicity. Take the BNP they are slaughtered at every turn particularly by the BBC to such an extent that the public rarely get to hear what they actually stand for. It is only when one stops to read their election leaflets that I personally discovered that they want the same as I do!

The BNP are actually the only party hell bent on trying to assist the most vulnerable of our society. They actually want to put British people first and stop the immigration bonanza. They are of course immediately labelled bigots and racists exactly in the same way that Gordon Brown labelled Gillian Duffy a bigot when she questioned the rise in immigration.

UKIP also want to remove us from the EU but I still think that they are a one trick pony. They do however have a better chance of gathering floating voters in most constituencies than the BNP who will probably only threaten the big three in areas which have suffered the most because of mass immigration.

My most desperate wish is to see the end of Gordon Brown and his rabid cabinet and I suppose only the Tories can realistically achieve that but I could not bring myself to vote Conservative because I remember how desperate we were to see the end of them the last time.

I also remember how nearly every MP in the three Westmonster parties took advantage of the expenses scandal and I must admit I vowed then never to vote for any of them again. So I must stick to my guns and leave the fate of Gordon Brown to the common sense of the electorate (I even hear that the good people of Kirkcaldy are not pleased with him as he continually takes them for granted).

So that has to be that...I will now have to see if any of our fringe candidates have a local connection or like many of the big three have been hoist onto local constituency parties by the Westmonster crowd because somebody owes somebody a favour. You see this is the type of politics that I hate.

I wonder just how many of the floating voters are wrestling with the same problem? Do we get rid of Brown or do we follow our conscience? Three days to go and still not sure!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Sociopaths

On Friday the admirable Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn wrote an article suggesting that Gordon Brown was a sociopath which is a pretty damning accusation for a serving British Prime Minister. What in effect he is suggesting is that our PM has serious psychological problems and therefore is not fit to lead the country (have we heard that somewhere before?)

Now frankly I had no idea what the profile of a sociopath was so I googled it and I was amazed because what came up as Littlejohn suggested was a ringer for everything reported about Gordon Brown. You know, superficial charm, manipulative, pathologocal lying, lack of remorse of shame, outraged by insignificant events (Gillian Duffy) but unmoved by events which would hurt others (Iraq).

Lack of empathy with people and prone to bouts of rage and violence. Great contrast between leader's lifestyle and those of his supporters who are pressured into gifts and donations. Seeks situations where their tyrrannical behaviour will be tolerated, condoned, and admired,

Can lie convincingly even to the point of defeating lie detector tests. Yipes what else will I discover? A grandiose sense of 'self'. Feels entitled to things as their 'right'. Need for stimulation, living on the edge in the spotlight. Is this anyone that you know or recognise?

Well in conclusion, I believe that Littlejohn is bang on the money but... what about Tony Blair? He fits almost everything apart from the violence. He also had other traits in his early life which suggests that he led a transient lifestyle and let's face it he does not give a damn about his decision to invade Iraq.

The huge question that remains is that has the UK been in the hands of people not capable of rational thought? Have our leaders actually been psychologically flawed and what about their followers? When immigration has reached record levels, when our kids cannot leave the safety of their homes without parental control, when the police never venture onto the streets to help the public, when the NHS has huge problems with filth, when... well any of us could go on and on.

For thirteen years have we been ruled by Sociopaths... I tell you what it certainly feels like it!!