Thursday, 25 September 2008

Governments and Banks

So now we have seen the unedifying spectre of George Bush pleading on American television for the public to understand why it will be necessary for them to bail out the bankers in order to protect the western financial system which they have all but wrecked.

If they do decide on this course of action it is high time that a new set of rules were put into practice to protect the public from the banks.

In this country the taxpayer owns Northern Rock and apparently it is not the end of the problem. When we had a proper Labour party with proper values they would never have stood by and watched the bankers award themselves obscene bonuses simply for doing their jobs. It has encouraged them to take ridiculous risks in order to boost profits and earn these bonuses. Consequently it has all come down on everyone's head, crippled the housing market and ruined a lot of lives.

If NoLab had been acting like a proper government instead of cosying up to the city and allowing these scandalous malpractices to continue then we wouldn't have the situation which exists today.

What concerns me is that the people who have caused the problem are probably going to keep their money and sail into the sunset in their luxury yachts leaving the taxpayer to pick up the bill and their hard up staff to scramble for any remaining jobs.

Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling have blamed the global problems for their inability to run the economy but they must have seen this coming because the personal debt in this country had reached epidemic proportions. Youngsters leaving university had been encouraged, nay almost forced, into five figure debts long before they tried to get jobs. They were led to believe that all would be fine and that running up a debt was 'normal'.

Young couples were encouraged into huge debt in order to get onto the housing market but that too was sensible because property would always be a good investment. If you couldn't manage your debt there were companies who would repackage it, you had equity in your house and you could draw on your pension before you retired. Nothing was impossible so keep borrowing.

Now it is all coming home to roost. The people who set the rules are scarpering and the government is doing nothing to stop them. Well I am waiting for our deadly duo to draw up a new set of rules to govern the finance houses of this country. If they are using taxpayer's money to prop the banks up then it must be under a strict new set of regulations which should protect the taxpayer. Banks must be made to act in a responsible manner and at last we have got them on the run. The point is will we see it?

I am not holding my breath because so far they have spluttered and swallowed hard but nothing has been announced. It won't be long before the spivs and crooks will be back in charge again because our politicians are also spivs and crooks. We live in shocking times and we still have more time left if we ever get another election in this country. I strongly suspect that Gordon has plans to ban an election when the time comes of the grounds of National Security or some other pretext. He will never fight an election!

PS This will be my last post for a week as I am off to Spain to see friends. It will be interesting to see how the Spanish live under the European banner.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Gordon Brown

So that was it? That was Gordon Brown's vision for the country. That was a really successful conference speech by our resident PM. They stood up and clapped until their hands bled but what did he say and what did he address? In my opinion it was pure rhetoric and soundbyte but nothing about the things which would really change our society.

Did he address immigration, crime, justice, health, the armed services or education? No not a bloody word! Has he any ideas about limiting immigration? How many new prisons will he build? Has he addressed the problems concerning the Metropolitan Police with their racist Black Police Officer's Association, the link between Keith Vaz and his allegedly dodgy cohorts? Will he investigate the people destroying out children's education? Has he yet visited a wounded or maimed serviceman?

All we heard was a speech written by scriptwriters emphasising his concern for the poor. This the same poor who NoLab have totally deserted in the past ten years. While the bankers and the quango/trust leaders have prospered the poor have floundered to such an extent that a sub culture has been bred which threatens us all. This in a country which purports to be a leading western democracy.

The children from these families are clearly out of control. Teenagers, most of them black, are being murdered on our streets every week. The police appear to be helpless and are we surprised? We have a Met Police chief embroiled in a murder of a Brazilian 'terrorist' and other very senior officers either suspended or engaged in sueing their own force for 'racism'. All of these people have been appointed by NoLab or the committees who are dominated by NoLab supporters. The organisation 'Common Purpose' has a lot to answer for. Did Gordon Brown address this problem? No of course he didn't he just blamed the problems of this country on the world's finance markets.

NoLab have systematically dismantled famiily life in this country. They have given every advantage to the feckless, lawless and reckless. At the same time they have attacked the law abiding taxpayers to such an extent that they have lost faith in their local councillors, their police force and above all their MPs.

Gordon thinks that his shiny stunt of bringing his wife onto the stage in front of adoring and dependent Labour supporters will blind the electorate. He is in denial. He is hated by the public that he never meets and he has misjudged the mood of the electorate. The Westminster village tends to be ignorant of what 'real' people (the electorate) really feel.

They will, once again, be reminded by the voters from Glenrothes! NoLab are toast because they are in denial and they have nobody to replace a hopeless PM! Beware however, because the alternative may not be any better. We need a new electoral system but then what do I know?

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Nick Clegg

I normally find the LibDems an irrelevance. I have long thought that any party that can ignore a talented performer like Vince Cable and vote in a glossy copycat of David Cameron need their heads examining.

On top of that, the copycat Nick Clegg, was woefully caught short when he blurted out that he thought the government pension was 'about' thirty quid a week. Now I don't mind him being a few quid out but that was a shocking gap in his knowledge. So you get the picture I am no fan of Nick Clegg so imagine my surprise to see this prat give a bloody good speech at the LibDem conference today.

He ended up by claiming that the LibDems are probably the only party with a social conscience in today's political climate. Now that bit could be true because NoLab under Gordon Brown are so far up their own backsides that any claim to a social conscience would be laughed out of any court in the land.

They have also announced that the LibDems are going to phone loadsa voters with a recorded message by Nick Clegg asking for their opinions on the priorities of the next LibDem government. Well I have been sat by the phone all evening but he hasn't rung me! Come to think of it nobody ever asks me my opinion. I hear about all these MORI polls and the other political polls but nobody ever asks me.

Who do they ask? Who are the privileged people who speak for the rest of us? Apparently a poll will tell us tomorrow that 52% of the electorate will vote Conservative at the next election which is quite sensational.

Anyhow back to Nick Clegg, I don't really like him. I must admit however that he addressed much of what I wanted to hear in his speech today. It was quite impressive and I admire his scriptwriter. He touched on points that are important which made me sit up.

So he hasn't rung and now I have to deal with the anti climax. What can I do? Well I will let him know now what I want from the LibDems.

We MUST come out of Europe. This in my opinion and I will stick by it until I die.
If we go into Europe then we the public must decide and as we have never had a vote on the modern Europe then it is not valid. The very fact that Gordon Brown is scared to give us a referendum says it all for me. Ireland have voted negatively and yet the so called powers that be refuse to accept the 'No' vote. This is totally undemocratic but what is democracy in the new 'Europe'. The political class are creating a monster which we should all reject. Mr Clegg you will get a lot of votes if you promote a "let's question Europe policy" instead of slavishly following what all your mates want.

In my opinion the education of my three granddaughters is paramount. The destruction of the education system to the point that the grading (when it happens)is suspect. Someone must get a grip of education, reintroduce standards and stop the stupidity that every year grades must rise. Please, please, bin the education idiots and give the power back to the teachers.

Crime and Punishment I will leave until tomorrow because it is getting late and I need to think about it.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Abbey National

It is disconcerting, to say the least, to see major financial institutions like Lehmans in the USA collapsing like a pack of cards. This was the fourth largest bank in America and yet they had fouled up so badly that they are now bankrupt. Who could possibly be that incompetent? Who could make such poor decisions that they could lose their employer billions of dollars? How can a bank's internal checks be so poor that nobody picks up on the danger?

Remember that guy Nick Leason who brought down his bank because he was not monitored properly? Remember Northern Rock who are costing the public millions? What the hell is going on with our High St banks and building societies?

I ask the question because I received a statement this morning in the post from good old Abbey National! Remember my posts months ago when I recorded that I had opened a current account with them but after their blatant lies my wife and I decided to close the account and revert to the NatWest! Remember when I blogged that the first thing they do is 'lend' you £1000 so that they can charge you interest because they do not inform give your income providers that you have changed accounts?

Well I have written to them, I have telephoned them and I have physically visited the branch with my wife so that we can close this account. We stood at the counter and signed all the forms and were assured that this account had now been closed. Today we received a statement telling us that we are still being charged on an account that is now defunct! It is incomprehensible that we cannot close this account. These banks are so criminally inefficient that it is hardly surprising thaT that they are collapsing all over the place.

Greed has replaced good business practice. Two years ago they were throwing money at anyone who would sign for a credit card and now they won't support the most honest of applicants for financial assistance. Consequently the Housing Market is on the point of collapse because very few people can negotiate a mortgage.

Now this is why most of the electorate have lost faith in government. They have allowed nonsense to supercede prudence. They have allowed the financial institutions to cheat the public at every opportunity. They promise us everything and when they gamble our money away on the Stock Exchange they respond with a shoulder shrug! Whoops! Sorry folks we can't fulfill our promises but tough shit because nobody can make us pay you what we owe you! It is happening everywhere and there is no legislation which will force them to be accountable for their folly.

If Good old Gordon had any balls at all he would bring them into line now but hell that is why we all loathe him. He is a coward who could not face anyone down. He built his reputation on allowing the Bank of England to control interest rates and look what is happening. The rates are rising almost uncontrollably.

Until we get some common sense at national levels I wonder what I personally can do? Do I take out legal action against a multinational corporation (licensed to cheat the public) over a couple of quid that I do not owe them or do I let it build until it is a serious amount? Can anyone advise me?

There is only one message - DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THE HIGH STREET BANKS!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Last Night of the Proms

I am watching the climax of the Proms on BBC and do I not just detect a last defiant voice from the backbone of our nation. How long before it is banned as a dangerous threat to Europe and the Political Class. There is a tear in the eye!

Leadership Challenge

So now it has begun! At long last the MPs who are going to lose their seats are beginning to revolt. More and more appear to be joining the campaign to challenge Gordon Brown's leadership. It has to happen!

They have nothing to lose because NoLab is dead in the water and somewhere in the background are Tony and Cherie just loving every moment of his demise.

What I cannot understand is why they are not all challenging him. What has he got that keeps them in line? Perhaps it is the fact that there is absolutely no heir apparent in sight. It is either Gordon or nobody and that is a very sad fate for the NoLab party.

The Metropolitan Police

I cannot comprehend the mess that is being brought on the reputation of the Metropolitan Police by the people at the top of the Black Police Officer's Association. Some very dirty infighting is going on and it has got to stop. I have no idea what the actions of Commander Dizaei and Assistant Commissioner Ghaffur are meant to achieve but the damage that they are creating is beyond belief.

They appear to have an agenda which involves the destruction of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Iain Blair. Now don't get me wrong I believe that he deserves everything he gets because he is part of the political class and is in no way a policeman. His conduct in the past has severely damaged the Met and in my opinion he is a poor leader but frankly this is no way to get rid of him.

I think that someone should step in, suspend the lot of them, investigate what has been happening and if necessary fire the lot. Then this ridiculous Black Police Officer's Association, which is blatantly racist and inappropriate in this so called modern, multicultural, country, should be disbanded. It is an affront to all things decent.

There is something very rotten indeed about this particular barrel of apples and it is about time that those in power got involved and stopped leaving it to the reporters from newspapers like The Daily Mail to uncover the smell surrounding these top coppers and their links to dodgy lawyers and dodgy politicians.

Once again government is failing the public but are we surprised?

We won a game!

Today is the day that Derby County have at last won a football match in the league. I am just recording it because for us fans it has been a long time being the butt of footballing humour. Now this club can begin to get some respectability back.

It was close until a young Dutch lad emerged as a substitute at half time. He is on loan for the season from Arsenal and he changed the game. His name is Nacer Barasite and he is eighteen years old. He will one day become a big star and once he finds his feet in this league then he will scare the wits out of the rest!

Stand by for the fireworks folks because young Mr Barasite is going places and I think we should just tag along and enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Unions and NoLab

At long last and it has been a long time the Trade Unions are wakening up to the fact that their Labour Party was hijacked by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in 1996. It has taken twelve long years and at last the penny has dropped that they have been betrayed. You see the only people currently supporting the political class are the unions.

I simply do not believe that working class people, who are those being represented by the unions, want a political class who will rip them off. The taxes of the public are being used to prop up a group of people who have refused us a referendum on Europe, have abused the parliamentary expenses system and cannot be trusted on any current issue.

Have you noticed how the NoLab politicians have developed an ability to ignore any questions which they believe can expose them? Even at Prime Minister's Questions Time the PM evades every question asked of him. At every opportunity they evade the crucial question. They simply refuse to be accountable and they smirk continually because they know that they will be protected by those who are secretly funding them.

The Trade Unions are those groups who openly fund this political class. According to the television tonight their representatives are despairing at the ineptitude of Alistair Darling and his boss Gordon Brown. For months now there have been no proposals/ideas/policies/suggestions or any coherent discussion on how the working class, those people who NoLab have always represented, can survive in these difficult times.

Why I ask myself? Well it is quite simple the Political Class care nothing for the Working Class and it is high time that the Unions woke up to this fact. If they do not then they too have been hijacked and all those union subscriptions are worthless. Perhaps the Trade Unions are part of the Political Class because I can think of no other reason that they continue to fund a party once called the Labour Party.

I ask all union members to look very closely at their representatives because frankly I wouldn't trust them. They are part of the problem because socialists always betray their background once they smell the power of real money! There is no better example than John Prescott.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Credit Crunch

Is there anybody left in this country be it in the government or in the financial system who is going to help some of the poor devils who are losing their properties or help the elderly during the winter?

I fully understand that many of the people in trouble have overcommitted themselves and probably through greed of foolishness did not do their sums right but was it all their fault? The financial industry have recklessly been throwing money at people for the past decade. They have exercised no restraint whatsoever and much of the credit crunch is down to the handling of their foray into the American sub-prime market.

The government must also accept their share of the blame because they must have realised that there was a problem but sat on their hands until Northern Rock collapsed. In addition their interest rate strategy is failing and they have allowed the oil companies to milk the electorate without exercising any restraint on them.

So the upshot of all this mismanagemsnt is that once again the public have to pay the price of incompetence. It is those who cannot afford it who will suffer. I know that the government grant the elderly a fuel allowance but already it is not worth what it was at the start of the year. Inflation running at 10% may not mean too much to those MPs who have access to public money to fund Sky TV and their John Lewis purchases but to pensioners on fixed incomes it is a nightmare!

What I cannot understand is the compulsory purchases of so many properties. What can these banks and building societies gain from taking a house from a family? Surely rescue packages are better than repossession? What is the government doing about it? Where are the bright ideas? Are there no quangos, trusts, committees or councils who could direct the people in trouble into finding a better path or are they just there to protect government policy?

This is what I find so distasteful about NoLab. When the going really gets tough they never get going. Well I hope they have the answer during the winter because when it really gets cold people will begin to die so Gordon now is the time to reveal your big plan. Now is the time to show why you wanted to be Prime Minister. The stage is yours!!

Ed Balls

If anyone reads my ramblings on a regular basis it will not take too long before they realise that I haven't got much time for Andrew Marr's political programme on a Sunday morning. For weeks he has had all the NoLab leaders on giving them valuable air space to say absolutely nothing. I reckon that since the support for NoLab has collapsed he has probably interviewed the whole cabinet and none of them have had anything remotely intelligent to add to the demise that the party has made for itself.

Normally Marr feeds them simple questions and then allows them to waffle along repeating themselves ad nauseum for as long as they like. Today however he had Ed Balls on the show. Now I don't know about Andrew Marr but Balls could irritate the most mild mannered. He is a patronising prat who is currently messing up the Education for kids in this country.

Maybe he annoyed Marr too because all of a sudden the host with the least began to get tough. He actually interrupted the waffle and began to ask him what big ideas the party had to turn the economy around. Now remember when Jack Straw was asked the same question he hinted that they had big plans but he couldn't let us know about them. Balls mentioned a couple of insignificant measures which didn't impress Marr and then he said that there big plan would be to attack the Tories more!

This really got Marr going and he caught Balls on the hop by stating that the main message appeared to be 'steady as she sinks'. Balls repeated himself again and again in the manner that all these NoLab people have when they cannot think of any thing new to add. It is frightening that this crowd have so long left to cling onto their expenses and privileges and nothing further to contribute to the country.

I am still waiting for Gordon Brown's 'vision of the future' The reason that he cancelled the 'phantom' election but the one item that is missing from all of them is 'vision'.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Andy Murray

I am not a tennis fan really. I like all sports but for some reason tennis does not appeal to me. I actually then draw a line because the progress of any British tennis player does interest me!

Over my years of watching sport and in particular tennis we have come up short for about 40 years! Ever since Virginia Wade won at Wimbledon in 1977 we have never had anyone with a champion's mentality. For years we watched Tim Henman, Greg Rusedski and before them people like Roger Taylor but now we have a player with a champion's mentality.

Andy Murray is a fouled mouthed brat! He has grown up in a sport where only the tough survive. Watching tennis is like watching the gunfight at the OK Coral. The weak go the the wall and this boy is not weak. He is the real deal so hang on and enjoy the ride because one day Andy Murray will win Wimbledon. That is a really big call but I think that he is that good.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Kathryn Blair

There is a sensational story breaking on the BLOGs at the moment which frankly illustrates absolutely the power of the press barons and the freedom of the blogs. Apparently way back in 2004 Kathryn Blair allegedly attempted suicide and as we all know she is the daughter of Tony Blair and Cherie Booth.

Hell! He was the PM and that is possibly why he resigned and allowed the idiot Brown into office. The mainstream media (MSM)knew all about this and they chose to ignore it which absolutely demonstrates the power of the press.

This story was repressed on the orders of who? Well we don't need to know the answer but we can all hazard a guess. My thoughts are actually with the poor girl. I can fully understand that, given the frailties of her parents, she should feel unwanted, unloved or even ignored!

However now we all know! If you are important enough, if you are squalid enough, if you care more about your reputation than your troubled daughter then you can quash any story you want as long as you have a direct line to the 'Big Man'.

Nuff said!!