Saturday, 24 October 2009

Parking outside the House!

Our struggle to confront the local street wardens who continue to ticket householders who park on a strip of tarmac they have used for 25 years continues. Yesterday my daughter and I met with MP Andy Reed and his aide Ian Selby and were given a fair hearing.

Yesterday I also received E-Mails from our local councillors and they are all being really supportive. This is a battle against 'Jobsworth' council officials who believe that can bully us into submission. We now have the support of two Borough Councillors, a County Councillor and our MP.

The problem is that if they fail then we know that any election is useless because if Councillors are overruled by officials then, even though there are legal precedents,then why do we vote?

If we succeed however, then I will write to the 'Loughborough Echo' and give credit where credit is due. I am now hopeful.

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