Friday, 26 February 2010

David Cameron

The Tories are wondering why they only have a single figure lead in the upcoming election polls. Well today the lead letter in the Daily Mail written by a former Tory MP in the Thatcher years explained why. It encapulated everything that I feel about David Cameron and so I make no apology for quoting from it.

"....revelations of Cameron's stealth plan to ignore local constituency views and impose gays, immigrants and all-women shortlists if he can get away with it. In addition there is his rejection of grammar schools, his U-turn on the Lisbon Treaty, his continuing weasel words on all matters European and his metro-liberalism

He expresses no policy or initiative to restore common sense to political correctness in areas such as health and safety, child protection and freedom of association. He makes no effort to defend Christian values."

The letter continued at length but this is what concerns me. Cameron has never mentioned the disbanding of Common Purpose the mystery body that seems to recruit all the government's political lackeys. He continually tries to impose his views on the party in general and the more I look at him the more he is morphing into Tony Blair.

This country has had enough of spin, lies and deceit. Anyone supporting the evil EU, as Cameron does, must realise that the British public want a referendum. Actually sod the referendum, most of us want to get back to common sense and that means outright rejection of the sick EU nonsense.

So Mr Cameron that is why you now only have a single figure election poll lead. You have been rumbled by the thinking public. You might even let Gordon Brown back in again unless you return to traditional Conservative values. You have been warned!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Bullying Argument!

Anyone looking at Gordon Brown and looking at his advisors, his history, his mates and his character will recognise a bully. Anyone who has had any dealing with Trade Unions will know all about bullying. Anyone looking at the character of Gordon Brown knows exactly what he has done and who he is.

He is the arch bully, the person who was never elected to the position of Prime Minister because nobody dared to oppose him. He employed a personal staff of people like Damien McBride, Charlie Whelan and 'Dolly' Galloway just to smeer any opposition. People like David Miliband thought that they could challenge him but then realised that they could be threatened.

The bottom line is that Gorgon Brown has bullied and threatened his way to unelected power so don't expect any difference of policy. He is a very, very, dreadful person and his whole backgound is bullying because that is the NoLab way. They bullied their way to power so do not be surprised that this paramount bully dragged a mere secretary off her chair!

The Local Government scandal ...

We all pay such high Council Tax that it is beyond comprehension that almost every council in the land cannot afford to fund what the taxpayers need. We desperately need care homes for the elderly, education for the kids, libraries, decent roads and hygienic, organised waste collection. The list continues and yet we are continually informed that Councils cannot afford almost anything.

The question I ask is Why? If they are competent financially then any council can fund the essential services unless...someone is taking too much out of the system. That is the crux of the matter. Somebody is taking too much out of the system and they are almost all Chief Officer and Councillors!

The salaries and expenses of local councillors and chief officers has gone through the roof in recent years. It would appear that, like everything else, under NoLab we throw huge amounts of money at the problems that we have but nobody monitors what happens to the money.

This is the scandal. Councillors and Chief Officers are taking far, far, too much out of the limited pot and the next government has to curb their excesses. The scandal is once again that Westmonster has been exposed for their greed and the next government has to expose the Local Government 'troughers' just like Heather Brooks exposed the Westmonsters!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Staffordshire Hospital

Yesterday my mother broke her hip! She is 93 and in recent weeks we have spent a lot of time visiting her in hospital following her first fall. That first fall broke a small pelvic bone but this one is much more significant. We will just have to wait and see but in modern Britain every visit for us is now a 26 mile return trip and today we had a 35 minute wait in a queue to enter the Leicester Royal Infirmary car park. Anyone who lives in Leicestershire is probably aware of the terrors of Havelock Street!

Despite this when we arrived in the hospital my mother received good treatment. The LRI, as it known locally, is actually very high tech. One has to learn to use the lifts, the toilets and almost everything else! Even so it is a good hospital which appears to contrast sharply with the Stafford hospital which has done so much harm to so many.

In the case of the hospital in Stafford as usual this government and Common Purpose continue to excuse, protect, camouflage and obfuscate the dreadful events which have killed so many people in this horrific hospital. The government continue, in their usual manner, to deny that their targets were responsible for the deaths of the patients. Inevitably the cover up is making the original crimes even worse but the pressure is building.

So many people died due to the incompetence of the Common Purpose appointees that it has become a major scandal. There is now a pressure group demanding answers which I doubt if this government can provide. The problem for the government is that they have squandered so much public money on their various quangos, trusts and committees that when things go wrong like they did at Stafford people start asking serious questions.

There are so many questions linked to the perforamnce of this Staffordshire Hospital that everyone linked to it must answer questions. Not just the management, but the Nurses Union, the matrons, the sisters, the administrators but most of all Andy Burnham who apparently signed this hospital off as being competent at one stage.

If ever there was a need for an open, public enquiry this is the example but typically the government is on the cover up trail. This is purely down to the existence of Common Purpose because the normal person in the street does not understand what has happened.

Common Purpose was born to recruit and encourage handpicked, vulnerable, young people who would without prejudice slavishly carry out the NoLab doctrine ensuring that their targets would be met. This means that young, inexperienced people who suddenly would find themselves in positions of high power and high salary which would ensure their loyalty.

Just one problem... most of them have little experience and little knowledge. Thus we are continually being faced with deaths because the people who could have prevented those deaths have been corrupted and used to protect a political ideal.

The Stafford Hospital embodies everything that is wrong about the New Labour Project. The Trust, the Quangos, the Committees must have known that life on the wards was hell, to the point of almost murder, but for their own ends they ignored the plight of the patients.

This sums up the New Labour Project!

More apologies but no resignations!

Nottinghamshire police have long been under the spotlight for under achievement and incompetence. They are led by Chief Constable Julia Hodson who in police uniform looks like someone's granny and is obviously a product of the Common Purpose school of politically correct appointees. This woman in anybody's language is hardly a 'copper'. Her force has continually been criticised for poor performance.

Today she appeared in public in full uniform (what a travesty) apologising for the fact that her police force, despite knowing the danger that John and Joan Stirland faced from a local crime boss, failed to protect them!

I have had enough of these abject apologies from incompetent public officials long after the event has occurred. What we need are resignations! All of these incompetent Common Purpose appointees think that all they have to do is appear in public, apologise and continue as normal.

When people are being murdered that is insufficient!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Alliance for Democracy

The determination of the mainstream media and the BBC to perpetuate the Punch and Judy politics of Westmonster will never be more emphasised by the emergence of a new political grouping in this country. The Alliance for Democracy was formed last year and is currently preparing to fight the next election.

This Alliance is a grouping of four fringe parties in an attempt to pull the country out of the mess that our major political parties have left us in. The four parties are The EnglishDemocrate, The Jury Team, The Christian Party and Veritas. Their policies address the major problems of our time, Europe, Immigration and the economy. Unlike our major parties who don't seem to have a clue they have set clear guidelines about the future.

They are currently searching for prospective candidates and I just hope that they recruit sufficient to make an impact. This is the initiative that so many of us have been searching for and it merits our support. This is probably why I have seen nothing of this in the MSM.

I just have one reservation. There is no mention of who is behind them, who are the people with such foresight. I do like to know who I am climbing into bed with!

Monday, 22 February 2010

The mentally ill dog handler ...

I have rarely heard of a more shocking case than that of PC Mark Johnson who apparently left his two dogs to suffer immeasurably for seven hours because he became distracted by paperwork.

If PC Johnson was so 'stressed out' as he claims, what on earth was he doing in charge of two animals? What were his bosses thinking of allowing him to come to work in that condition? How come nobody saw these animals in seven hours? Nottinghamshire Constabulary have an awful reputation and have already been under investigation but this takes the cake.

This is a police dog handler who has spent the whole of his shift doing paper work instead of protecting the public with his two dogs. According to the medical report he wasn't fit for duty but to be in such s state so that you leave two animals for seven hours without food or water enclosed in a car in thirty degrees of heat...well that is so sick it is unimaginable.

No doubt he will be 'protected' and get some meaningless punishment but I know what I would like to do with the prat! He is definitely not fit for purpose...any purpose!!

5th March 2010

Actually this is the date that my wife and I are flying to Malaga in the search for some warmth but there are other interesting events about to clash.

Gorgon Brown, he of the violent temper, is going to lie, sorry give evidence, to the Chilcott Enquiry on the same day that the 'mobilized' English Defence League is descending on London!

Seems like an intersting confrontation but I suspect the PM will be smuggled through a side door cowering out of sight of the public and protected by more members of the Met than we ever knew about.

I wonder how many arrests on this day?

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The English Defence League

Little did I know when compiling my last post that a significant event had happened which to my knowledge has not been reported anywhere in the mainstream media. The leaders of the English Defence League were arrested by police on their way to a a peaceful static meeting in Edinburgh. They were joining Scottish Defence League leaders to protest about the continuing Islamification of Britain,

Now I have no idea who these people are but at long last someone has moved onto the streets. Today their media people have issued a call for mobilisation to support the leadership when they have to appear on bail at Sheffield. These leaders had their houses raided by armed police and computer equipment seized! This is like living in a country which resembles a cross between East Germany and Zimbabwe. When did this country become a police state and what are the politicians in Westmonster doing about it?

From what I have heard of the EDL they plan to protest peacefully. There may however come a time when, if the police continue this heavy handed approach to people who do not agree with Gorgon Brown, that it could turn nasty. If it does then I believe that once the indigenous people have a flag to rally around they will rally like hell. There is a huge amount of frustration and anger in this country and there are a lot of able bodied young people out of work.

The next planned meetings for the EDL will take place in Luton and London on 5th March. I don't think that it is any coincidence that Luton is being targeted. I do not want to see my country fighting a civil war and I am much too old to join in with anything else other than my spirit but...let's face it Westmonster has encouraged a violent response and now so have the police.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

What makes you mad enough to react?

I was just thinking this afternoon about the reaction of the average Englishman to the loss of his actual freedom. Not so much of his freedom but the lack of freedom for his children and grandchildren. Over the years we have accepted all the government nonsense uncomplainingly with such subservience that our children and grandchildren have been horrendously punished.

Look at my darling girls...because my generation was not prepared to challenge authority and face down the idiots who have been allowed to change the face of the country they cannot play outside of their house. They cannot go alone to play areas. We dare not let them paddle in the local brook. They have absolutely no freedom whatsoever and then we complain that they become obese!

The reason that our kids are obese is that Gorgon Brown and his cohorts have systematically destroyed their freedom to roam. We have failed completely to make our streets safe and that is the worst indictment of NoLab and their followers.

So I come back to the original question... when are YOU going to react? Who is left to organise for example a march on Downing Street by pensioners? If a million pensioners were organised to march on London and bring the capital to a halt it would concentrate the minds of the government. What could the gestapo do to the pensioners? How would they cope with the pictures around the world of the little old ladies getting batoned by the bully boys.

We need a 'Grey Army' because we have the time, we have the responsibilty, the intelligence, the organisation and the desire. Just think if the bankers cannot even get to their banks? If the government cannot even cross London? If our ladies sat knitting in the middle of Westminster Bridge?

Oops I have just fallen asleep and woken up...I just had the most extraordinary dream! You will never guess what it was about..if you contact me I will tell you but you will probably be very bored! Bring your knitting!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Have we really gone mad?

Peter Blake was such a dangerous criminal that someone decided that he should have a trial without jurors. The threat was so great that the so called justice system decided to dispense with a jury so that witnesses would not be threatened! This sounds like a Jack Straw ploy to jigger up the justice system...but read on.

Peter Blake was given bail!! This so dangerous criminal, so dangerous that he could not be trialled by jury was given bail. What the bloody hell is happening to our country? Then can you believe, he was allowed to wander around the court area to such an extent that he walks away from his own trial!

Can you really believe that this is the depths to which we have descended? The walkout of Peter Blake exposes the total lack of credibility of our justice system. Really can you credit that anything run by Jack Straw could be so feeble? Well of course we can. He has always had an agenda which contradicts everything that the British people believe in. Jack Straw is so bad that he has to have an agenda which is anti British. He is probably the modern day equivalent of Kim Philby or Guy Burgess.

The problem is that he is the Justice Minister when he should be the lack of Justice Minister. How will he explain away the disapperance of Peter Blake? Simple he won't, he won't even address it because nobody will question him. Our politicians are all in the same boat. I am afraid that unless we the public are prepared to descend on London,take control of our future and throw Brown, Straw and all the other crooks into the Thames then we will just get more of this utter nonsense.

Local Government...what CAN we afford?

As this pathetically incompetent government staggers like a drunken man towards an election that that they are being forced to hold local government councils all over the country are cutting back on services.

Even though council tax continues to rocket plans are being made ready here in the East Midlands to sack thousands of staff. Every other public service is being scaled down particularly care for the elderly. Roads are desperately in need of repair and everywhere one looks there is sign of town centre decay.

We are paying the price of a decade of politically correct nonsense where non-jobs with nebulous titles were created to give NoLab supporters overpaid, overhyped positions which have wrecked the local government economy all over Britain. Heads of Department were allowed to fix their own going rate and weak kneed councillors have allowed them to do it. This has led to County Councils like Leicestershire employing at least nine individuals on better pay than the Prime Minister!

Then just prior to the election NoLab come out with a soundbyte 'Protecting Front Line Services'. Now these people have thought up some howlers in their time but how can they claim that they will protect front line services when they have spent over a decade ruining them!

Local authorities have got to rid themselves of the troughers, the non-jobs and the petty politics. This will be essential by whoever succeeds NoLab. Mind you the electorate is in such a state of confusion that we might just get them back again. I don't really think that I could stand seeing Gordon the Moron back in Downing Street. It is my worst nightmare!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Derby County

I have refrained from blogging about my beloved Football team because quite frankly I was beginning to doubt Nigel Clough and his management team. I must admit when they lost 1-4 at home to Scunthorpe United I really lost it. I knew that we had an horrendous injury list but hell ... Scunthorpe United home ...bloody 1-4 that could not be excused.

You must remember that Derby County fans have had a very rough time of late. Ever since we binned Billy Davies for Paul Jewell we have been in serious decline. We were getting stuffed by minnows who had nothing like the fanbase that Derby County enjoy. It was unacceptable to any Derby fan and I must admit that I doubted Nigel and his team.

Suddenly there are shades of his Dad. He has raided the lower leagues for his players. They are finding their feet at a higher level and I am sure that Nigel is also finding his feet. Suddenly the Rams are emerging once again. Some of the early signings who appeared to be bad buys are proving their worth.

We paid serious money for Shaun Barker from Blackpool and now he is looking like a real player. I had never heard of him when we signed him but then I had never heard of Roy McFarland when Nigel's Dad signed him from Tranmere. Last year Jake Buxton was playing for Burton Albion and now he is looking like a Championship player.

I am not a fan of loan signings but Nigel is using the system to good effect.He has brought in players who would normally cost us a lot of money. Proven players like Nicky Hunt and Michael Tonge have turned the team around. The whole point of this post is that someone is doing a great scouting job for Derby County.

The other point that I would like to make is that the playing staff appear to be happy. Rob Hulse and Kris Commons has been the target for predators and even though they have been struggling at the wrong end of the Championshhip table they have remained faithful. I think that they know something!

I am beginning to believe that the Rams are once again on the rise and of course the rise will be exciting! I met my wife the year that Brian Clough began his quest for glory. I have to admit that we were, the modern parlance is 'snogging', at her flat when the BBC news announced that Derby had knocked Everton out of the then League Cup!! I nearly swallowed her and she thought it was passion! Please don't tell her that my first love (Derby County) had priority! After all we have now been married for 41 years and we have a wonderful family thanks to Brian Clough!!

That was tongue in cheek (well yeah) as I am sure you would expect but suddenly the Rams have taken off and they are playing like madmen. This has always been a family club but suddenly we are reemerging and when we have turned the corner then we are dangerous.

Derby County are a Premiership club. Everyone knows it and it is only a matter of time.

Hollie a 'D' Notice!

This case is generating momentum in the Blogosphere probably because it is so utterly shocking. Twenty names are now in the public arena and what is extraordinary is that they all appear to be senior ranking people most of them in public life. What I also find revolting is that there are so many women involved.

The legal aide for Hollie and Anne Greig who was arrested in Aberdeen, Robert Green, has now had his case of Breach of the Peace' heard 'In Camera'. That seems a bit over the top even though it was clearly a trumped up charge as he had actually not left his B&B so why not hold the case in public? I now read that the whole scenario has had a 'D' Notice placed on it so that it cannot be discussed by the mainstream media. Now I always thought that the purpose of a 'D' Notice was to protect matters of National Security.

It would appear that someone somewhere is panicking and by their very actions are implicating a cover up. If I was on the list that I read and had been accused of these utterly heinous crimes then the last thing I would want is a 'D' Notice slapped on me. I would be screaming blue murder that I was innocent and demanding an enquiry but then I am not a Scottish Sheriff.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Next Election

What do we do? Who can we trust? Politics in the home of democracy has descended to an all time low. Every political party has been exposed to allegations of corruption and every day more and more sleaze emerges. It would appear that once you have become a member of the Political Class then you are exempt from the normal standards demanded by the law.

It would now appear that the law has been corrupted, the police have been corrupted, politics have been corrupted and there is actually nothing in which we can place our trust. Once you have been identified as being open to bribery, open to corruption and plain greedy then you join the ranks of the untouchable (Commom Purpose will do that). Once you have souled your soul to the devil then you will prosper and be protected no matter what you do.

The mainstream politicians, the mainstream press, the European Union and in particular the rogues of Westmonster are perpetuating the corruption in society. They have introduced the endemic corruption of our democratic way of life. They have intentionally welcomed an alien Muslim population into our Christian society in order to destabalise our society. It is quite extraordinary how complacent we are in this country.

We have allowed people to invade this country without a shot being fired. We have committed our brave lads to a war which frankly is unwinnable. Everyone admits that this war could continue for ever and it will always tie up our troops. Nice one... that means the British army cannot ever get involved in any form of protection for the people who need their protection/support.

What has happened to us? I tell you what has happened to us... we became complacent. We trusted our politicians. We ignored the warnings and now we have to live with the consequences of our apathy. We must now realise that our traditional views of our democratic system can no longer be trusted. If you value the future of our grandchildren then you MUST examine what is happening in this country. PLEASE forget the traditional parties because they are all in this together. We have one election to save our traditional way of life.

If we fail this one last chance then we will never get another one. The dice are stacked against us. Corruption in this country is so endemic, so paramount, almost so reversable that this may be the last election in this country to hold an honest election. I even think that we may already be in the hands of a corrupt election. We must all be aware that the officials in charge of the next election will be hand picked (they will fear for their overpaid jobs) and so there is a clear opportunity to fix results.

Time will tell but I did warn you!

Hollie Greig

The'Old Holborn' blog broke a story today which really needs airing. It is extremely sensitive and Old Holborn has already been threatened with an injunction which I believe he is ignoring. The case involves a young Downs syndrome girl who apparently was systematically sexually abused by her father and brother from an early age.

The details of this case are now all over the Internet. It blew up because an English journalist, Robert Green, took up the case on behalf of Hollie and her mother Ann but when he visited Aberdeen (the scene of the alleged abuse) he was arrested by local police and accused of Breach of the Peace. He has apparently since been released on bail but under stringent conditions.

However, the real scandal of this case is the lack of action from the Grampian police, the Grampian Legal Departments and the Grampian Social Services. In addition this case has been referred all the way up to Alex Salmond (Leader of the Scottish Parliament) and has been greeted with a wall of silence.

The reason for this could well be that when Hollie's mother Ann initially discovered the extent of the abuse on her daughter; Hollie told her that she had been abused by 14 others and named them. It would appear that amongst them were very prominent members of Aberdeenshire society including members of the police, the Political Class and the legal and social service authorities.

I do not have time to review the whole rotten process so I recommend you google it. I detect an unholy scandal emerging because it would appear that the Grampian police will go to huge lengths to suppress any review of this case. My final thought is that surely there is an honest MP somewhere at Holyrood or Westmonster who will take this case up and demand answers? Who is scared of what?

Monday, 15 February 2010

Will the collapse of the Euro end the EU?

Reading between the lines the Euro is in trouble mainly thanks to the antics of the Greeks. It also has problems with the Portuguese, the Italians, the Spanish and the Irish but what did they expect? Most of these countries decided to enter the eurozone in order to operate at the expense of the French, Germans and the British. The problem is that the British government have sunk so much money into this socialist inspired conglomorate that we probably cannot bail out the Greeks. After all we have wars to fight, immigrants to reward and public servants to compensate!

If the euro collapses then what happens to the EU? Can it continue to operate when the common currency is valueless? In my opinion it will continue because it has been the brainchild of the bankers and the press barons. Our national sovereignty has long since disappeared but for some reason Gordon was allowed to retain the pound.

Something is wrong here because everything else has been imposed on us so why have people like the Rothschilds allowed us to keep the pound? Don't possibly believe that this was Gordon's decision. This man has long since sold his soul to the devil! Maybe the pound is a fallback position if the euro fails. I don't know but I suspect everything and I have good reason.

Politics in the UK is at an all time low. Most of us will never again vote for the Westmonster three because they do not represent us. I am currently disenfranchised because I cannot guarantee that my constituency will field a viable candidate. If someone does oppose the 'big three' then I may not agree with them but I will be forced to vote for them. Friends however remind me that if we don't vote Tory then the horrendous NoLab crew could get back in!

I cannot believe that and so I will vote with my conscience. I just hope that we all do!

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Oh my gawd here I go again! Today the BNP have been forced to admit non whites into their ranks and so according to Nick Griffin they can no longer be called racists. I am sorry Nick but you were forced into this position when you should have realised that very many of our second and third generation immigrants actually agree with your manifesto!

In this modern world the colour of one's skin has frankly little relevance and now the BNP has been forced to admit poeple who have a different ethnicity from the original indigenous population we may now get a challenge to Nick Griffin's leadership. You see the BNP have, believe it or not, the same values as many of the people that they have traditionally tried to exclude.

Many of the original so called ethnic minorities came to the UK fully believing in the Queen and country and have never understood the impact of the EU. These original non white immigrants are as horrified as we are about the impact of the NoLab and its slavish obsession with the EU. They, like us, have not welcomed the Somalis, the Afghans the Iragis, the Iranians, the Algerians, the....well mass immigration was a creation of NoLab and they have objected to it as much as we have objected to it.

The problem has been that the British National Party has excluded them until today! Now they can join! I wonder how many of them will have the courage to apply. My bet is that someone will say b*****cks I will try and unite them. This could be a watershed in modern politics.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Back to the BNP?

Jeff Randall has written a brilliant article on what Gordon Brown has not done for Britain since NoLab arrived in power. He has stripped away all the nonsense and backed up his arguments with statistics from all around the world. He writes for the Daily Telegraph and the online version has so far attracted 389 comments.

Unlike those who attach themselves to the likes of Guido Fawkes these comments are well constructed, do not contain bad language and mirror what the educated public are angry about. Some of the names that Gordon Brown has earned by his actions are downright genius.

It is clear that most of us believe that David Cameron is somehow, somewhere linked to Gordon Brown. He is passing up open goal after open goal and seems content to sit and allow Brown to pour scorn on his party. His imposition of blonde bimbos from London onto constituency parties instead of the best candidates is also causing concern. This is also very NoLab and why the hell the constituency parties are not rebelling is a mystery to me.

Comment after comment on Randall's article referred to the alliance of all three Westmonster parties when it came to the prevention of a referendum on the EU. Many of us believe that this is the crucial political issue of modern times. UKIP are dismissed by many as being too light weight to affect change so what have we got left?

I come back to the BNP that I covered extensively during the local elections last year. I have always had reservations about their leadership but unlike many of the critics I keep an eye on their website. I hold my hands up about the race issues. The beliefs of the leadership are frankly outmoded and out of place in this modern world. We can't turn the clock back. However, their policies on immigration, education, health, the EU and almost everything else are also my beliefs.

Immigrants must earn the right to equal status with the indigenous population. we must ensure that the mass immigration does not affect our children and the NHS. We must have a fair system and I have yet to see anyone in Westmonster implementing it.

So what is everyone scared of? Frankly We know what Nick Griffin believes but I for one do not know what David Cameron believes. Could Nick Griffin ever do more damage than Gordon Brown? I don't think so. I know that I am banging my head against a brick wall but for people who have lost all faith in Westmonster and the EU like me it could still end up the ONLY alternative which is a helluva indictment of the state of our political system.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Is it all unravelling?

The Euro is in trouble because many of the countries who joined the EU did it out of desperation. Many of their people were told that when they joined the EU the UK would provide them with pensions. In Spain where my mate lives I see motorways being built in rural areas courtesy of our money.

So the governments of countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and have decided that they will spend like hell because the EU, in the shape of countries like the UK, France and Germany would pick up the bill! Now is the reckoning and thankfully we are not part of the Euro. I cannot believe that Gordon Brown kept us out of this scandal.

Everything that this man has done has been detrimental to this country and yet he kept us out of the Euro! That I do not understand because Gorgon Brown is an arch villain. Perhaps he thought that this would be one step too far for the British people. He has never shown any courage when the going got tough and perhaps he flinched when faced with a genuine challenge.

Nevertheless we are well out of it unless Gordon flinches one more time and backs up Germany and France when they have to bail out the weaker countries! His record indicates that he will throw British money at any project which is destined to fail. Our PM is not our friend and never will be.

The great benefit is that Germany and France are now being really exposed to the great EU fraud. Their citizens will not want to bail out these weak governments. The EU is a political fraud! It always has been because it is a Socialist scandal. Thankfully it is all unravelling and we are at present not involved. Do not believe for a moment that this government will not throw our money at the Greeks! They will do it because Gordon hates us trust me!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Public Sector...bloated or what?

It has been reported that Birmingham is to lay off huge numbers from their public sector in order to save money. I suspect that other councils will follow. Local government will probably have to follow given that Central government has gone bust and cannot afford to pass public money down to the public.

Gordon Brown will never admit it but he must rein in public spending. He has obviously starved the public sector of real money whilst investing heavily on his spin doctors,special advisors, trusts, committees, quangos and men in grey suits. This is the real scandal of the public sector.

Birmingham is probably going to sack people at the lower clerical end, the very people who need their jobs. They should be sacking the overpaid lackeys who clog up the system but do not contribute to it.

While I am at come someone like Commander Desaei, the crook who was so over promoted that he abused his position in the police and has subsequently been jailed can claim a pension pot of a million pounds. Who actually voted for public servants to receive such bloated pension payouts. It is disgraceful! The chief officers of the local government sector have been granted by NoLab vastly inflated salaries and pensions.

I have blogged this before but how can nine chief officers in Leicestershire take out over a million pounds of taxpayer's money before a penny has been spent. It is ruinous and they are not worth it. The people that we need are the professionals not the government lackeys. This is the challenge to David Cameron. If only he would stand up at Question Time and announce that he would get rid of the non-contributors and invest the savings in services to the public.

Why do we never get these proposals from the Tories? Is it because they want the same lackeys to get the EU message over? We actually need midwives, good social workers, decent teachers, firefighters and above all real policemen but what the public needs is being denied because we are spending on the non contributors.
The Tories should really address this issue but they don't and that is why I suspect their motives.

It is obviously time to cull the public sector but cull the right people and spare those who need their jobs.

The Great Westminster Robbery (continued)

I find it difficult to believe that the Clerk who looks after the expenses claimed by members of the House of Lords (Michael Pownall) has discovered reasons to permit them to waltz off with vast sums of money by declaring houses outside of London as their primary residence.

There have been comments on some of the most influential blogs that really illustrate that these peers, most of them NoLab peers you won't be surprised to learn, have been shamefully lying to their faithful clerk. An anonymous comment has 'outed' Lord Colwyn by announcing that he has been a lucrative dental practice in Wimpole Street and has lived close by for 40 years or so. He has apparently only bought his primary residence in the Cotswolds quite recently.

Surely, surely that has to be investigated? If it isn't the public confidence in the peers, most of whom were created by NoLab to shake up the House of Lords, will vanish altogether. It is nauseating!

PM's Question Time a waste of time...

I have blogged it before but after watching Gordon Brown's performance at PM's Question Time I almost threw things at the screen. Week after week he is allowed to blatantly electioneer when he should be answering questions put to him by the opposition.

The Speaker spent the whole time shouting at people who were shouting at each other. What a disgrace to democracy! If he had an ounce of courage he would demand that Brown answered a question. If he won't answer a question the what is the point of it all?

By allowing Brown to have a free rein after Cameron has finished his permitted number of questions it brings the House into disrepute. Cameron is at a major disadvantage which is beginning to make him look very weak indeed. If he had an ounce of courage then he would begin next weeks proceedings by warning Brown that if he doesn't adhere to the spirit of the weekly Punch and Judy contest then the opposition will walk out.

That way the first time that Brown ducks a question (in other words the first question) and rants on about the Tories having no policies Cameron should just stand up, face the Speaker and just leave. His party should be primed to follow him and leave Gordon to face empty benches.

I think that would have a huge impact around the world and would mark Gordon out as an unstable and unsuitable Prime Minister. Of course he won't because the LabConLib grouping are all in the same Westmonster club. It is a nice thought though.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Family is good....

Viewing the opinions of people it seems clear that 'family is good' has got to be the election slogan. It is clear that David Cameron has alienated many conservatives who do not
want him as their leader. After all being Conservative actually means being conservative! Strange that so many conservative supporters cannot align themselves with David Cameron.

The problem is that David Cameron is so similar to Tony Blair. He is a smooth operator who is a good orator and frankly his ambitions are very similar. They are both huge supporters of the European Union which makes him a suspect. A natural Conservative supporter cannot contemplate the European Union because it is a socialist organisation.

The fact that David Cameron is standing as a leader of a Conservative party and supporter of the European Union is contradictory. He has been bought by the EU and the public are not that stupid. Everyone knows that Cameron is not genuine. He is a stooge who has been bought and paid for. The genuine conservative realises what has happened. Similarly the genuine Labour supporter also realises that he/she has been short changed because NoLab has abandoned their traditional support.

The commissioners who run the EU, people like Cathy Ashton, are unelected. The elected EU MPs have really no power. They cost us £38 million per day but they have no power. The only power brokers in the EU are the commissioners and I would bet a pound to a pinch of salt that they are all committed socialists. Moscow has been moved to Brussels and we all know it but not everybody recognises it.

The ugly fact that we must all contemplate is that the only political party who will represent the views of the British public in general are the BNP. It has come to that! I personally feel that Nick Griffin should be replaced because he is such a repulsive leader (even though he is very courageous). It is time for the BNP to unearth a charismatic candidate who would wow the electorate ... but have they got one?

Heh if they find one then the next election could be sensational. If one high profile character has the courage to emerge from the shadows he/she could end up as Prime Minister because we all all looking for a saviour! We need to leave both the EU and Afghanistan because we cannot afford the drain on our resources.

If we left the bankers to run the world then we could concentrate on our own people.
Think what we would have if we did not bother about the rest of the world. Our days of colonisation have long since gone. We should pull the drawbridge up and say sod 'em all. We have so much going for us that we don't need the crap that surrounds us!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Ali Desaei

At long last justice has caught up with arch villain Commander Ali Desaei after he was jailed for four years this afternoon. It has always amazed me that the officers at the top of the Black Police Officers Association were the very people who illustrated that we shouldn't have a Black Police Officers Association. Its very existence is contrary to all the tenets of British society.

If only half the stories about Commander Desaei, that have been printed in the mainstream media about this officer were true, then this prison sentence is long overdue.

Now the Home Office should be looking into the Black Police Officers Association and disbanding it because it is not and never should have been necessary. If there has been injustices against black police officers then they should be dealt with in exactly the same way as injustices against white police officers.

The arrest and detention of Desaei should act as a watershed and bring to an end any favouring of police officers of the grounds of the colour of their skin.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

How low can they sink?

We had Alistair Campbell on the Andrew Marr show this morning trying to appear upset. I think that he now realises that nobody believes a word that he says but he must now continue to follow his chosen path. The Chilcott Enquiry has not done a great deal but it has exposed him and Tony Blair for what they are.

The one thing that did interest me was that he was back on board the NoLab bandwagon for the election. Brown has had to bring him back and I wondered what headline catching stunt Campbell would pull to woo the voters back to Gordon. I already knew that he had arranged for Gordon to go on the Piers Morgan gig (Morgan for some unaccountable reason is a fan).

Then I read today that Piers got the PM onto very personal issues which made him weep (the PM that is!). Now I can think of very few more repulsive sights than a weeping Gordon Brown. Apparently Piers even had Sarah Brown crying in the audience! I tell you what Alistair Campbell is some sadistic performer. What a nauseous stunt!

Gordon Brown is one of the most manipulative performers of his generation. His whole life has been built around his ability to connive, bully, plot and outwit political opponents. If he had a soul he long since lost it and that is why I cannot view this as anything other than yet another political performance prior to the election. It is however a very low form of politics. Any normal, sane, individual who does not depend on NoLab for his/her living or who does not require a benefit cheque or who is just grateful for our non existant immigration laws will never vote for this horrendous PM.

To bring into public, their private grief in order to gain votes, is probably as low as any of them can get. It is however typical Campbell and should be viewed as such. Yuck!!!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Endemic Corruption!

The wife of Robin Cook wrote a poignant article in the Mail on Sunday today praising her ex-husband even though he left her for a younger model. He was of course the only member of the government who had the guts to resign in the face of the Blair onslaught which led us tio the war in Iraq.

He then tragically died from a heart attack just when we needed him. It has become quite clear now that we have,during the past 12 years been in the hands of political villains. This has been created by the malign European Union and has been extended by NoLab to encompass everything that we hold dear. It has recently been reported that the EU is a financial disaster despite us pouring all our resources into it.

You see the socialists, the ideologists, those who only concentrate on politics as opposed to business and practicalities, have usurped the EU. They are now able to distribute our wealth to those countries who are frankly useless. It is an attempt to impoverish western Europe. Somebody is playing silly games with our society and people like the utterly ridiculous Harriet Harman is doing their bidding.

We must clear out this worthless rubbish at the next election. As I have blogged continually for the past two years the England that we have so complacently accepted as being inviolate has been invaded and conquered! We have given up our freedom, the freedom which our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought so hard to retain has been given away by Gordon Brown and the public have accepted it without a whimper.

No marches, no demonstrations, no protests not a bullet fired in protest. This gutless, useless, neutered generation just drop their knickers and pretend that Gorgon Brown is a decent man. This so called, son of the manse, has habitually corrupted government to such an extent that he almost makes Blair look good.

However between them they have brought a level of corruption which has pervaded the whole country for years. Everywhere at all levels we have endemic corruption brought about by the NoLab plan to rule everything everywhere. They set out to recruit incompetent loyalists who would accept heaps of money to deliver their message
and destroy the country.

Consequently we now have corruption to such an extent that I will not be able to trust our next election. The postal voting system introduced by Prescott is open to abuse and how can those that are newly arrived manage to qualify for our election process. It mystifies me how can someone from Somalia can vote for a system which they do not understand!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Leicestershire Partnership Trust

I have no idea what Leicestershire Partnership Trust does and who belongs to it but it is typically NoLab and no doubt all the people who are involved have been vetted by organisations like Common Purpose so that none of them will rock the boat. In other words they are party loyalists who ensure that government edicts are implemented.

So when the most vulnerable in our society require attention and protection they actually don't give a stuff because that is how they got their jobs! Why should they because they have already sold their soul to the devil.

Joanne Butler who lived in Earl Shilton was very vulnerable and was murdered by a neighbour despite repeated calls for assistance. She was abandoned by the Leicestershire Partnership Trust and the police. Once again the Leicestershire police are totally culpable because they think that they can ignore calls from the vulnerable. They don't care and neither does the Leicestershire Partnership Trust because nobody will hold them to account and they know it.

Once again this is a disgraceful case where the very vulnerable, those people who are this category and need the Police to protect them have been abandoned.

It is a scandal! Leicestershire Partnership Trust is a scandal! It does not affect me because I can look after myself. I do not have physical or mental problems (YET!)but if you are unable to fend for yourself then you will be abandoned by both the police and the NHS trust. I will be OK because I can fend for myself and I have a strong family who will look after me but that is not the question.

The question is that when this poor person was desperate for assistance, so desperate that she was heard screaming down the phone, nobody helped her. She was desperate and she was murdered so what does that tell us about our political system today? The police refused to attend because she was not important. If that call had been from Keith Vaz then we all know the response

This has to be addressed! The lowest of the low, those people who desperately need the assisatnce of government and the police, not the criminal, not the streetwise, but the really poor, the most vulnerable in our society have been abandoned by the very people who were elected to protect them!

This is NoLab in know the party of the people! The Labour party whioh was formed by Keir Hardie to represent the working class and ended up with Gordon Brown and the body of Joanne Butler. If he had any shame he would drink the whisky and point the pistol but we all know that he has no shame. Gordon Brown has fulfilled his personal ambitions and we have all paid for it.

Who can we trust today...?

There was a discussion on The Daily Politics this lunchtime which focused on those MPs who have abused their expenses system (most of them!). During the discussion it was opined that if people lose faith in government (If?) and don't trust the bankers then the country could face a problematic future.

It made me think because it is true that the public in general almost despise most MPs. We cannot trust a banking system where personal greed has replaced moral suthority. Here in Leicestershire the police authority has just been financially capped and rarely responds to cries of help from the public.

This is coupled with the justice system which regularly rewards the criminal fraternity and punishes the victims. The CPS appears to have its own sense of values which tend to be political rather than practical. Take the one case of Pete Doherty who has so many convictions for drug related offences and yet never seems to come close to a prison!

I must admit that once again here in Leicestershire the NHS appears to cope quite well but for almost ten years now people have been dying in shocking conditions at hospitals elsewhere. Similarly the teaching profession has had to bow to the weight of government intervention and the tales linked to student finance are farcical.

Care homes are closing every day, highways display huge holes following the recent snow, motorways are routinely jammed because the cost of rail travel is ridiculous, we are humiliated at airports, illegal immigration continues unabated and nobody tackles the huge cost of benefit Britain.

The mentally ill roam the streets where they are free to kill and maim and gangs of kids are poised everywhere on our defenceless street ready to pounce on anyone who objects to their coarse behaviour. Yes I know I have banged on too much but then we come back to the original question...who can we trust?

I read a comment on a blog today where the author said that he/she would have to hold their nose as they voted Tory just because we had to get rid of Gordon Brown.
That may be true but I have yet to hear the Tories answer to any of the above problems. If they have plans to change the face of Britain I hope they tell us before the election.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Secret Account

The NoLab politicians are normally as slippery as eels but Peter Watts who was formerly the secretary of the NoLab party has actually invaded the private space of Gordon Brown. It would appear, according to the book written by Peter Watts, that Gordon Brown had a private fund for his own personal use which he has never declared.

Now he has questions to answer. It would appear that he did have a fund for his personal use. I think that the walls are closing in on Gordon Brown. He has always been a deeply political animal who has his own agenda. He was clearly unsuitable for the job of Prime Minister but continued to plot against Tony Blair with the help of his former marxist syupporters so that this unacceptable man gained the highest office in the land thanks to Tony Blair.

Gordon Brown has presided over the most inglorious period in our political history. He is actually useless but the real problem is the ineptitude of the backbench MPs who sit every day in parliament and never challenge this total incompetent. My own MP is one of them!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Electoral Reform

Are there no lengths that NoLab will sink to to insult the electorate. After two full terms in office they have waited until the last possible minute to introduce electoral reform. They must be desperate or corrupt.

Anyone supporting anything that this moribund collection of political thieves introduce must be totally deluded. They will do anything to influence the next election and this is their last desperate throw of the dice. Please do not be distracted...these current politicians have let us all down and should be binned.

Climate Control

I am currently watching Newsnight and the squirming of the climate control guru. The blogosphere are unearthing the truth about this massive public fraud. If you visit the 'Old Holborn' blog you will begin to understand the interest of the BBC and the link to their pension fund. Somebody has conveniently just pulled the plug on the Kirsty Wark interview. I am not surprised the poor guy could not defend the indefensible.

It would appear that a huge scam is unravelling in front of our eyes. This is not just a little scam it is HUGE and the Political Class has been exposed to their duplicity because their data has been manufactured but my question always is why?

Why did they do it? What do they have to gain? Have none of them heard about King Canute? Why did our bankrupt government sign up to squandering billions of public money on a myth. Something is really rotten but are we really surprised?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Education Cuts!

Well at last we are seeing some common sense in our education system. The Blair Project of pushing unsuitable candidates into university education by reducing standards and making higher education accessible to youngsters who were patently unsuitable for it.

Of course it also kept them off the unemployment register for a few years but what the hell! NoLab have never supported the young. They have contributed to the demise of young people by reducing standards of education and thus forcing many of them into the benefit system. The much vaunted British education system has been systematically wrecked by a marxist cartel who have, brick by brick, dismantled what was once such a good system that kids who lived in Council houses had an opportunity to go to Oxford and Cambridge.

When I was educated I sat the 11+ which successfully separated the academic from the practical. The academic then set out on a course which would equip them for office work/university and the practical headed for the plumbing, mechanical and building jobs.

In the nineteen seventies the 'leftie/trendy' educationalists decided that they knew best and what was once a successful education system has ever since been wrecked. Today we have kids who are so ignorant that all they can do is blot out their pain with drugs and booze. We have now had 12 years of NoLab rule and nothing has changed! Nothing has been done to even try and reverse the change which destroys young lives.

What worries me is that I have heard nothing from the Tories to reverse the trend. Education should be a priority...Tony Blair said it but of course he never meant it like he never meant anything. If we don't try and educate kids from the lowest echelons of society then they don't stand any chance of getting out of the gutter. Some of them are capable and should be given the chance. I came from a council estate but my grammar school education (even though I didn't fulfil my potential) has made me employable throughout my life.

Our Education system is an indictment on our society. Today the children of married or committed parents often have a huge advantage over the single parent kids. It has to change. It is unfair that kids with supportive parents who have access to computers like my little ones should have an advantage over kids who cannot access the technical aids of the modern world.

Ed Balls has done absolutely nothing to address this problem. Frankly he is a monster who has to be removed from office even though that is another point. I want to hear from the Tories on education. We must bring back the old style grammar schools. The people who rightly are not academic can then train for the practical jobs that they are suitable for. The Blair Project of university education for 50% of our kids was ridiculous like so, so many of his beliefs!