Sunday, 9 February 2014

What Has Happened to Common Sense?

We live in precarious times.  We are under attack from extreme weather which will always challenge our government.  If they are competent and well organised then clearly we will have no complaints. If however they have been incompetent and profligate then bad weather will be the first indicator.

So if you have invited, allowed or demanded that millions of foreign immigrants invade your country without a second thought about how you will cope with them then surely housing will be a priority? So what did they do?  They built on the flood plains, particularly in the very attractive south-west and now we have oodles of problems.

We also have a vital rail link to the south west which passes through Dawlish.  This link is so important that it had to be protected.  So who thought that such an important rail link would be destroyed by bloody weather? They are prepared to spend huge sums of money on a High Speed Railway but then fail to protect links that we depend on!

You would think that with thousands losing their homes and businesses that PM's Question Time would concentrate on solutions to the crisis but no they were more interested in the lack of women on the government's front bench.  Ths sight of them going apoplexic at this non event was distasteful to say the least.  Where is common sense when you need it?

We all know that this unusual weather is unpredictable but if a government is competent then we should fear nothing


Anonymous said...

Ha, still alive and kicking here in 1963 Bryboy, not a bad era to be in at all, and you can stick the modern world with its imbecilic bloody PC priorities where the sun doesn't bloody shine.

As for the housing crisis, keep that sand soft there's a chap so we can all bury our collective heads in the stuff.
Pints, Quarts, Bottle, and Don't Bleedin Fit spring to mind.

Keep bashing your head against the wall, its the only way any of the bastards will make any sense if you're as dazed as they must be.

Oh and keep smiling and paying your taxes, we've got to find £11billion to bribe a few foreigners with this year, again, doncha know.

The country's about buggered mate, and buggered if i know where its going to end, i do know it isn't going to be easy or pretty.



bryboy said...

You make me smile Judd and in these days that takes a lot of doing!How Westmonster can seriously debate smoking whilst children are in a car beggars belief! We are being distracted from reality. Bankers are committing suicide in unprecedented numbers. I don't know what is going on but it has nothing to do with smoking in front of kids! Tks for your interest.